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BBOT Thursday Night Feeds



Well, 0-1 for the Sox. Not a good start. Whatever.

Back to Big Brother, where the real game is. Alex is in the process of doing her Monte-like interviews with each houseguest, but in reality it’s just to see what they’re thinking because we already know what Alex is going to do. Barring something major, Shane and Danielle should be going up, and based on chat, Monte may be with them as the 3rd nom. Alex is just taking this time to chat with people, get more in their heads, and do what an HoH should be doing.

Man, why couldn’t Shelby, Alex, Morgan, and Whitney have played BB18 over Nicole, Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette?  It certainly would have made that season a shitton more interesting, and while we’re at it, swap Danielle with Z because Zakiyah was useless as well.  Oh well, BB18 mercifully ended, and now we’re dealing with a good cast that nobody is watching.


Maybe they’ll learn from this and cast better next summer – probably not.

I don’t know how much I’m blogging tonight, but I have a little bit in me, so I’m going to jump right in…


  • 8:50pm – Alex just finished up talking with Danielle and Shane.
    • As soon as they left the room, she did a bunch of camtalk.  First, they’re definitely going up. She doesn’t trust either of them, and wants to break up the showmance early (smart)
    • She thinks Neeley is in a good spot in the house right now, and she’s also right about that.
    • Monte is screwed, and that surprises her a little, though she should have been able to see that one. Scott is playing all sides of the house and everyone knows it, so it’s only a matter of time until he’s exposed. He can’t play possum like Ian and Steve this season or he’s going home. He needs to win I’d say one of the next 3 HoH competitions, or he’ll probably become the #1 target after the bigger threats are gone
    • She wants to work with Jason, but still doesn’t know if she can trust him.
  • Meanwhile, Shane, Jason, and Danielle meet in the London room
    • They’re retelling the conversation to Jason
    • jason
    • Jason is telling them that they’re safe because it’s too big of a move this early in the season.  Jason the pro apparently told Alex that, but she’s ignoring his ‘advice’
    • Jason – “America loves the showmances, they love you two”.  Yes, this is the guy who thinks Alex will listen to his advice.
  • 9:15pm – While Jason and crew were talking, Morgan and Monte were in the bathroom area talking when Justin came in and got butt naked before going into the shower.
    • This pissed Monte off and is calling him sexist to Morgan in another room.  Only a matter of time before a blowup here
  • Keep in mind, this was minutes after he was in the bedroom with the trio above and someone (Shane?) mentioned how Whitney may be into him. So Justin goes off on a rant about her lips and how he’d love to shove it in there, etc.  He’s kind of a douche.  They may be from the same place, but he’s the anti-Victor
    • Monte is in the kitchen with Morgan re-telling the story to Shelby who says it’s indecent exposure and can be arrested.  She’s the lawyer, so maybe she’s right? Kind of hard to charge someone with that when everyone is on 24/7 feeds
    • Shelby goes into the workout room alone and is so mad she begins crying. Whitney comes in and she tells her about it
    • shelby-upset
  • 9:30pm – Monte and Morgan are upstairs retelling the Justin thing
    • Monte keeps saying if this wasn’t a TV show, he would have knocked Justin out
    • Monte keeps calling it sexist.. It’s a lot of words, but Monte needs to understand sexism lol.  Creepy, perverted, douchey, etc, etc
  • 10:05pm – Now that the naked stuff is over with, tuning in to Alex talking to Kryssie
    • Kryssie is telling her the obvious choice is Shelby but it’s understandable why she’d want to keep her
  • 10:25pm – Oh boy, the plastics are in the HoH room (without Whitney) and Alex is telling them how Kryssie hinted that Whitney was in an alliance with her (Kryssie)
    • Shelby mentions how she told Whitney about the Justin thing and didn’t even get a reaction
    • Whitney joins and after some small talk, they confront her about Kryssie and Whitney denies it
    • Meanwhile, Monte runs into the room all excited because he thinks Shane and Danielle made a deal with Monte to vote their way if they are safe this week
    • Monte is trying to assure that Shane/Danielle want Kryssie out (Monte is so gullible)
    • whitney-talking
    • Whitney is trying to shoot down Monte’s plan and saying Shane/Danielle needs to be split up
    • The girls keep trying to reason with Monte that Shane/Danielle are aligned with the house
  • 10:40pm – Whitney goes back to the Kryssie situation. She’s concerned about her name being tossed in there
    • Whitney says she has made it clear who she’s aligned with.  Hopefully Alex doesn’t believe Kryssie

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  1. caRyn

    Monte may leave this week leaving the pythons in the house. The Plastics refer to themselves as Monty’s Pythons. I think Monty will be the third nom. Jason, Shane and Danielle are asking America to put Monte up as the third nom.

  2. caRyn

    9:16 pm (PT) Monte tells Morgan that Justin is a useless classless piece of ****.

  3. Helen

    Krissy has just spent the last 20 minutes throwing Shelby under the bus….belching every 2 minutes

    • caRyn

      Kryssie is nonstop talking. Alex is yawning.

    • stevebeans

      I can’t take listening to much of Kryssie this season. She is so fake and clearly just there to promote her band.

      • Mell

        Maybe Alex should yank that flower out of Krissi’s hair and shove it in her mouth…maybe she isn’t wearing it now since it isn’t a ceremony or special occasion.

      • And she’s such a know-it-all too. She’s always lecturing people in the house about how reality TV works and her convoluted theories about the casting process for BBOTT, and she always talks as if she knows it for a fact. I have no clue why she feels she’s such an expert on this topic. Between her and Monte I’d think I’d have to demand some ear plugs if I were one of the HGs.

    • She is such a cow just what I want to see for my money a big fat pig burping every 5 minutes

    • Shivani33

      Between her burps and her long-winded love of farting and talking about farting, Kryssie is far from appetizing. Maybe she can’t stand herself or just doesn’t care (?) It will be quite a relief to see the last of her vulgarity.

  4. Mell

    Monte told the Justin/flashing story to Alex but he left out that Justin was getting into the shower. Justin did drop his boxers, then cupped his hand over himself and stepped into the shower. Morganhad her back to him but saw because she was facing the mirror. Monte also had his back to Justin. Monte also said that Justin only did it to them and they were the only ones in the bathroom. This isn’t true either. I beleive Danielle was at the other mirror where the sink is fixing her hair and Nrely was sitrying on that cool wooden lounge/bench thing. Neeley was the only one facing him. Monte told it as if it was an intentional FU to Monte because he hangs out with Morgan and that he “whipped it out” to Morgan
    Justin has done this several times before. He is obviously very carefree about this kind of thing and his entire attitude shows that. He also isnt the 1st HG to do this. This has happened with women in the bathroom before and hes done it when he’s in there alone. Its just the stupid way he gets into the shower. (The women have cracked up when he’s done it) Monte didn’t flip out then with his high level of respect for women. Monte is the same guy who has called Danielle a “little bitch” several times for no other reason that she flipped the votes. He gave that reason himself. I’m not interpreting that.
    Shelby was so upset over it tonight that she cried but she only heard about it after from Monte. She wasn’t even in there. I believe she was also one of the people laughing really hard when she was in there for it the other day. This is stupid and its Monte’s attempt to get Alex to do what he wants and put up Justin.
    Big deal, Monte saw a di*k…he is a di*k!

    • Helen

      He is an idiot!! Listening to him trying to control his “harem” is making me sick!! Bye bye Monte

    • caRyn

      Monte is doing everything he can to get Justin out of the house. We have heard it for over 24 hours constant now. This is a great excuse to use to get the hg to vote against Justin.

    • Exactly Mell, you hit the nail on the head. All this fake outrage is so transparent and it’s really pissing me off. Justin walked in and made it clear that he was about to get into the shower (Monte even asked him if he was about to shower again). If they were so sensitive about the possibility of seeing a nude man then they could’ve easily walked out or turned away until he was safely concealed in the shower. Monte is totally misrepresenting what happened and pretending to be so offended because he just wants Justin gone. I’m so over Monte and I will be doing everything in my power to help get him out of the house and make his life miserable while he’s still there (i.e. Have Nots). I can’t wait to see the stupid look on his face when he finds out he’s America’s nominee.

      • im sure Monte was an athlete and they walk around with no clothes on in the locker room and shower with each other. He just doesn’t like Justin and is whinning to whoever will listen and acting just like those petty girls about Danielle. Why would Shelby be crying about what Justin did when she wasn’t even in the bathroom? I don’t like that fake little girl.

    • BBBonbon62

      Monte, Monte, Monte everyone is bored of your ego. Your talk about Justin’s “strip tease” is laughable. We all watched and I am sure most of us saw a man dropping his towel, covering his frontal area and stepping into the shower. Your back was turned and your plastic gf only spotted him because of the mirror she is always gazing into to. Please do us all a favor and self evict.

      And for those feeders who also seem so offended DONT WATCH. Save yourself $6 a month and watch some game shows.

    • caRyn

      Monte makes everything about him. He kept repeating the story to hg and continued to ask Morgan if she was ok. He is victim and hero.

  5. Shivani33

    Monte isn’t doing too well. What with his evaluation of himself as being so discerning and full of knowledge, I don’t think he sees America nominating him. And he doesn’t notice that Alex, Morgan, Shelby and Whitney are letting him think that he’s in charge and hooting about his ego trip almost as soon as he leaves their presence. He’s been a drama queen tonight about Justin and really is twisting things in a nasty way. I’m not saying that Justin is a bed of innocent roses, but he wasn’t exposing himself as he got into the shower, either. It’s all too clear that Monte wants Justin gone, but Monte isn’t making smart choices in how he goes about it.

  6. Justin needs to be thrown out of the game he is not only expose himself but has tried several times showing his private package to the girls. When did this become allowed? CBS 8 – kick him off the game. This guy trash should not be allowed to participate in this game I don’t care if it is over the top. Production I know this is a low-budget Big Brother but really stepped the rules up I’m sure there is something in the rule book about exposing yourself two others. The Croods stuff he says to the cameras about what he do with his girlfriend is ridiculous. He is shouted out several times he wants his girlfriend to sit on his face and eat her p###y. Absolutely disgusting. Kick him out of the game

    • Mell

      It’s always been allowed. People have stripped down and ran around the yard and house before. It’s nothing new. Caleb stalking Amber in bb16 was way more disturbing than a guy who won’t take his underwear off AFTER he steps into the shower.

    • Mell

      Alex got busted for cheating in the hoh comp and they didn’t DQ her but you want Justin kicked out for being naked for a few seconds?

  7. Sorry CBS I’m canceling my subscription. I’m not paying 999 month to see this jackass Justin expose themselves sexually to the girls and other cast member.

    • Well cancel because he didn’t expose himself he was getting into the shower and he covered himself and let everyone in the bathroom know he was taking a shower. So before when the idiots undressed and ran through the backyard and house naked i guess you were okay with that? I am guessing this is some kind of double standard here and it makes me wonder why is that really?

  8. BBBonbon62

    Riddle me this…we are offended by Justin’s backside but we call a woman a big fat pig. Smh at that logic.

    • Bastosko

      Totally agree with you. SOMEBODY has issues, and how is dropping your boxers, covering your junk and immediately stepping into the shower “exposing themselves sexually”? More like someone used to a gym environment and simple visit to DR and have BB say, “Dude, strip in the stall before you shower” is all it would take. I am more disgusted by the “big fat pig” and “cow” comment than anything Justin has said. Me thinks this board has a new troll.

    • When I first saw this post I wondered why would you connect the two statements, and then I looked. It is the the same person……CRAZY! I completely agree with you. Downgrade another woman in one breath, and be offended by a man getting in the shower in an another, oh and his statements about women. Well hers was pretty crude too, no better. Makes no sense to me! Yes, they are on camera 24/7, but come on people that’s the SHARED bathroom, why the F are so many people in there just hanging out? As for CBS , how in the world can they dictate every stinkin move these HGs make? Where would the entertainment be in that. Hello! That’s why it’s called a reality show ! That’s why they had to put up a freakin disclaimer. People are absolutely rediculous! I’m SMH too girl!

    • Mell

      Loving the Batman reference!

  9. Mell

    When Monte told the ladies last night that he would be the leader of their group, I laughed so hard. It reminds me of kids when there around 5 years old and decide to play a game. It doesn’t matter what game they’re playing, there’s always one kid in the group that keeps saying over and over “I’ll go first, I’ll go first, hey I’m going first!”

    Alex nailed it last night when she said that Monte hates being in a group of all girls. The women say they can’t handle him saying “alpha male” much longer. The sisters surprised me a little last night. They have had tunnel vision all week wanting Danielle out and it seemed personal to me. Last night, they both seem to prefer Shane leave (which is smarter for their game if they want to keep Monte) but they don’t think they have the votes to get Shane out. I don’t like having sisters in the house but I do like the way they are playing. If we weren’t sure before, Alex’s comments are confirming that Morgan is not that nice of a girl in real life and is probably very shallow. Alex seems almost shocked but everyone thinks she’s nice.

    I think this would have been a great season to have no involvement from viewers because most of these people seem to be playing on their own anyway. However, since production hasn’t changed, I guess it’s good we have a little power to hopefully balance that out. Krissi told Jason last night that she got some new insight and saw things in a different way. She said that probably never would have happened if she hadn’t been “asked certain questions in the DR.”

    I still don’t care for Whitney but I was happy to see her stand up to Monte regarding noms. I could tell she was uncomfortable and didn’t want to but she held her own.

    Regardless of who I like or don’t like or who’s on top and who’s on the bottom each week, I’m enjoying watching most of these women play. Even when they seemed to want Danielle out last week because they didn’t care for her and said they didn’t connect with her, we weren’t having to deal with comments about what a bitch she is and that she’s ugly. (crap like last season) There were a few snide comments but they are locked in a house with a bunch of people they don’t connect with so I can give everyone a little slack. (Shelby is another story but she slams everyone.) Monte is the only person in the “girls group” that I’ve heard attack Danielle’s looks.

    Surprisingly, I don’t hate Scotts game yet. Yes, he’s been a rat but he’s been playing and if he can regain Alex’s trust, he may be there for a while. Playing both sides isn’t a bad move. He just didn’t do it well enough so now he will be forced the show which side he’s really on a lot sooner than he probably wanted to. Once he shows that loyalty he could get that trust back.

  10. Mell

    Bases on multiple polls I’ve read:
    Care pkg- Krissi, Jason or Shelby
    Have nots- Monte and Whitney The 3rd choice is all over the map. Scott and Morgan appear to be getting mentioned alot.
    3rd Nomination- Monte or Morgan

    • Helen

      I am actually hoping for krissy to get it. I can’t stand her but I think it will be a throwaway giving it to her because she is probably going to use it to make sure Jason is safe and he actually already is……..

      • Mell

        Helen, That’s why I voted for her! I knew if she got it, Monte wouldn’t benefit from it so she was just a safe choice. I’m assuming whoever gets made safe, can’t be the third nominee and I’m really hoping that’s Monte to knock him down a peg or two.

      • Helen

        lol Mell. Save us!! Do you realize that we are going to have to listen to krissy give day long speeches (in between burps and farts) on how and why America gave HER the care package? Gonna be a long ass week!

      • caRyn

        I split my care package votes between Kryssie and Neeley. When you stated above, Mell, that Kryssie got some insight in her DR sessions that tells me maybe she will receive the first one.

      • Mell

        Helen, Yes! That was the one huge downside to this plan.

  11. Who cancels a subscription over nudity? People I wish didn’t watch the show lol

  12. I have been thinking the same thing, SteveBeans! This is the season they should have put on tv! People are at least a little knowledgeable and they are actually playing! I’m loving this season! Well, with the exception of Monte. Ughhhh, I can not stand to listen to him. Are we voting him for our nominee? Please? I’ll be so glad when he’s gone!

  13. Helen

    I love that the viewers have more involvement in the show but at the same time I also feel that it is hindering gameplay. This is going to be the second week in a row where the HOH has no control over who is evicted. And in fact neither person they nominate will go anywhere. The viewers will put up Monte and he will go (not saying that is necessarily bad news) but I just think it kinda makes it feel like why bother with an HOH? WE are the HOH!

    • caRyn

      The hg have said it doesn’t matter if they are HOH because it will all change. They said they didn’t know why they were putting so much effort in trying to decide. I like being involved with this OTT and I want to see how it plays out this season. The hg are human pawns. We act and they react to our decisions. I like hearing how they think we think.

      • Mell

        I do too. We do have alot of involvement but we didn’t give Danielle the power to change the votes. They can’t blame us because they did have the votes to get Krissi out- morgan, shelby, whitney, alex, scott and shane. It would have been 6-4 (with our vote) If Shane was a lost cause and had flippex, it would have been 5-5 and Monte would have the tiebreaker. They need to worry about their math skills more than our vote.

      • Helen

        No. that was because Scott flipped on them!! They really have no one to blame but him

      • caRyn

        Scott said he was voting with the house and if Shane votes for Cornbread he was going to vote for Cornbread too.
        Before that when it was just Danielle and Jason OTB, Scott told Jason he wasn’t going to vote for Danielle which meant he was going to vote Jason out.

  14. caRyn

    I had no idea there was going to be so much game play talk and sometimes the talks are at the same time in different rooms. It is difficult to keep up and I love it. Before when I watched BBAD I would fast forward most of it. I went from zero to 180 from BBAD to feeds. When I was watching Survivor Wednesday night I was having a hard time remembering who was who and what happened the week before with them. Fall season prime time has started back and I like most of the new shows. Rough life with so many options.

  15. caRyn

    Have Not today at 2 pm (PT).

    • Helen

      I am for sure voting Monte and Whitney but I think I am going to throw in maybe krissy to have not!! Don’t want her head to get too big it might produce more gas

      • Mell

        She would annoy the hell out of them. I don’t know if that’s a stragegic move but I sure do like it! Lol

        On second thought, it may even be stragegic because last night Alex and Morgan started to get a little paranoid over Whitney and Krissi hanging out.

      • AIO_7

        ” Don’t want her head to get too big it might produce more gas”

        I think Slop causes them gas too. Careful what you wish for.

      • Helen

        Lmao AIO7. I don’t got to sleep in there with them…………
        Plus it would confuse all of them. Hmmm America sends her care package then puts her on slop? I think I may have a twisted mind

      • Shivani33

        @Helen I’ve been voting for this Monte/Kryssie have-not combo consistently. I don’t understand how come so many people want Whitney in there too. She is stoic and being a have-not is unlikely to affect her. I’ve wanted another loose cannon in there, such as Shelby – to spike the drama potential. Or Scott, who seems pretty uncomfortable with Kryssie as an individual.

        I’ve always loved Beavis and Butthead and can’t remember seeing anyone ever before who looks as much like good ol’ Butthead as Scott. At our house, we’ve given Scott a nickname: Scutthead. He really plays like a walking, talking head, and he “scutts” around every united front like a classic interloper. It’s about time for some game news right now. Yahoo!

      • Helen

        Awesome shivani. I felt like I was the only one who wants to stir this up a bit. Putting all 3 of the same alliance in for have nots is rather dull IMO

  16. Renee

    I find it interested that Monte is so offended by Justin getting nude, when he was the one that said on one of the first feed nights that he may just have to bring out the Full Monty before this was over. I cringed as he said it. I’m sure it wouldn’t be a big as his ego is.

  17. Mell

    They are so worried about not having the votes to get Shane out but I think the Plastics have more potential for that than Danielle. ( that’s as of this moment but we know 2 hours from now the house may be totally different)

    Assuming Krissi gets care package, she makes Jason or Justin safe, and Monte is otb, (A lot of assumptions) Alex can stick with her plan to put up Shane and Danielle. If they want Danielle out, I see Neeley being the most crucial vote. I think it would be easier to get Neeley to vote out Shane than it would to vote out Danielle.
    If Monte is the 3rd nom and pulls himself down, they don’t need Neeley to get out Danielle tho.

    I’m not going to be heartbroken if Whitney is the 3rd nom. If Alex and Morgan are starting to doubt her a little, that could make them even more paranoid.

    • Helen

      I agree Mell. Alex has got a good game and she needs to stop with the second guessing and stick with her original plan. It makes the most sense strategy wise for her game. I’m afraid she’s going to back down though and would not surprise me to see her put up Shelby.

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