Well, 0-1 for the Sox. Not a good start. Whatever.

Back to Big Brother, where the real game is. Alex is in the process of doing her Monte-like interviews with each houseguest, but in reality it’s just to see what they’re thinking because we already know what Alex is going to do. Barring something major, Shane and Danielle should be going up, and based on chat, Monte may be with them as the 3rd nom. Alex is just taking this time to chat with people, get more in their heads, and do what an HoH should be doing.


Man, why couldn’t Shelby, Alex, Morgan, and Whitney have played BB18 over Nicole, Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette?  It certainly would have made that season a shitton more interesting, and while we’re at it, swap Danielle with Z because Zakiyah was useless as well.  Oh well, BB18 mercifully ended, and now we’re dealing with a good cast that nobody is watching.

Maybe they’ll learn from this and cast better next summer – probably not.

I don’t know how much I’m blogging tonight, but I have a little bit in me, so I’m going to jump right in…


  • 8:50pm – Alex just finished up talking with Danielle and Shane.
    • As soon as they left the room, she did a bunch of camtalk.  First, they’re definitely going up. She doesn’t trust either of them, and wants to break up the showmance early (smart)
    • She thinks Neeley is in a good spot in the house right now, and she’s also right about that.
    • Monte is screwed, and that surprises her a little, though she should have been able to see that one. Scott is playing all sides of the house and everyone knows it, so it’s only a matter of time until he’s exposed. He can’t play possum like Ian and Steve this season or he’s going home. He needs to win I’d say one of the next 3 HoH competitions, or he’ll probably become the #1 target after the bigger threats are gone
    • She wants to work with Jason, but still doesn’t know if she can trust him.
  • Meanwhile, Shane, Jason, and Danielle meet in the London room
    • They’re retelling the conversation to Jason
    • jason
    • Jason is telling them that they’re safe because it’s too big of a move this early in the season.  Jason the pro apparently told Alex that, but she’s ignoring his ‘advice’
    • Jason – “America loves the showmances, they love you two”.  Yes, this is the guy who thinks Alex will listen to his advice.
  • 9:15pm – While Jason and crew were talking, Morgan and Monte were in the bathroom area talking when Justin came in and got butt naked before going into the shower.
    • This pissed Monte off and is calling him sexist to Morgan in another room.  Only a matter of time before a blowup here
  • Keep in mind, this was minutes after he was in the bedroom with the trio above and someone (Shane?) mentioned how Whitney may be into him. So Justin goes off on a rant about her lips and how he’d love to shove it in there, etc.  He’s kind of a douche.  They may be from the same place, but he’s the anti-Victor
    • Monte is in the kitchen with Morgan re-telling the story to Shelby who says it’s indecent exposure and can be arrested.  She’s the lawyer, so maybe she’s right? Kind of hard to charge someone with that when everyone is on 24/7 feeds
    • Shelby goes into the workout room alone and is so mad she begins crying. Whitney comes in and she tells her about it
    • shelby-upset
  • 9:30pm – Monte and Morgan are upstairs retelling the Justin thing
    • Monte keeps saying if this wasn’t a TV show, he would have knocked Justin out
    • Monte keeps calling it sexist.. It’s a lot of words, but Monte needs to understand sexism lol.  Creepy, perverted, douchey, etc, etc
  • 10:05pm – Now that the naked stuff is over with, tuning in to Alex talking to Kryssie
    • Kryssie is telling her the obvious choice is Shelby but it’s understandable why she’d want to keep her
  • 10:25pm – Oh boy, the plastics are in the HoH room (without Whitney) and Alex is telling them how Kryssie hinted that Whitney was in an alliance with her (Kryssie)
    • Shelby mentions how she told Whitney about the Justin thing and didn’t even get a reaction
    • Whitney joins and after some small talk, they confront her about Kryssie and Whitney denies it
    • Meanwhile, Monte runs into the room all excited because he thinks Shane and Danielle made a deal with Monte to vote their way if they are safe this week
    • Monte is trying to assure that Shane/Danielle want Kryssie out (Monte is so gullible)
    • whitney-talking
    • Whitney is trying to shoot down Monte’s plan and saying Shane/Danielle needs to be split up
    • The girls keep trying to reason with Monte that Shane/Danielle are aligned with the house
  • 10:40pm – Whitney goes back to the Kryssie situation. She’s concerned about her name being tossed in there
    • Whitney says she has made it clear who she’s aligned with.  Hopefully Alex doesn’t believe Kryssie