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Big Brother 15 – 3AM Is Not Safe This Week

Could Aaryn be heading to jury this week?
Could Aaryn be heading to jury this week?

Judd is back, Elissa is HoH, and Amanda is in full panic mode.  Just 24 hours ago, the house was firmly under the iron fist of Amanda (and McCrae, if he counts), and now the rest of the season is completely wide open.  The only thing that remains the same is Andy’s floater-rat status is still intact.  He was able to make a two week deal with Elissa last night, and is in no risk of leaving this week even though Helen said Andy is the main reason she left.   Could Andy actually win this thing?  I still say no, but I have a strong feeling he’ll at least be in the final 3.

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Who will be the target of Elissabot this week?  Right now her number one target is the girl she’s pretty much hated since day 1… our lovely minority Aaryn.  Yes, I say minority because that’s what she calls herself.  (flashback to 12:48am) Aaryn says she’s the only minority left because she’s the only one with natural blonde hair and blue eyes.  Look at the image above, that’s what I look like whenever I hear the comments some of these houseguests make.

How will Elissa get Aaryn out?  Her early plan is to put one of the strongest players in the house up against her, so that decreases Aaryn’s chances of winning veto.  The player?  McCrae!  Naturally this plan did not sit well with McCrae and Amanda because when either of them are on the block, they’re only a handful of votes away from walking out the door.  McCrae was working Elissa hard to put GM up in his place, and the best he can come up with is that if not, GM could win PoV and remove Aaryn.  If Elissabot is functioning properly, that should actually be the ideal situation, so then Amanda can take Aaryn’s spot on the block and the power couple will be split up.

I am beginning to think that is the best possible move she can make this week.  Sure, some will say target Amanda asap, and they do have a point, but Aaryn is the one with 4 HoH’s under her ‘minority’ belt.  The only competition Amanda can win at this point is a laying in bed challenge.  Sure, if Aaryn or GM win PoV and remove Aaryn, then you can target Amanda, but I completely understand Elissabot’s reasoning for her target this week right now.

I’m going to be a bit busy today, which is frustrating since I expect the feeds to finally be entertaining.  I should be back and ready to blog no later than 4pm est, but the house will probably barely be waking up by then anyway.   Until then, I leave you with a poll…

PS – The conspiracy theories are getting silly.  Amanda was indeed sprayed with water numerous times, and Helen was not pushed by production.  Elissa has been the one given special treatment at times (occasional warm shower, comforter in HN room, rumored food and phone calls in DR, etc).  If production is favoring anyone, it’s Elissa. That being said, I still don’t think the game is rigged for anyone.

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  1. Comments (1)

    How does McRae have any nails left I bet he’s chewed them down to the quick

    • Comments (624)

      I bet he smells like a mixture of dirty ashtray and that old old couch of Grandma’s that nobody wants to sit on.

      • Comments (682)

        Hopefully I’m right about this and McStinky won’t have any nails left by next week.

        Aaryn made a comment earlier but I don’t have the time stamp. She said something like “don’t worry about me I know what I’m doing so when I act sad let me be”. If I’m right then Elissa is planning on back dooring Demanda. If all goes well McStinky and Aaryn will be nominated. Aaryn will be taken off the block by Aaryn, Gina or Elissa (and possibly Andy) and Demanda goes in her place. If for some reason Demanda wins veto (unlikely) and takes McStinky off the block Andy or Spencer will go home. And I know Elissa made a deal with Andy but she seems like the type who would go back on that deal after what he did to Helen.

      • Comments (6)

        Who was she saying this to Rita? I sure hope Your right,

      • Comments (682)

        After hearing Elissa talking to GM just now I doubt she is going to work with Aaryn. But it’s still a win win situation as long as there are 2 members of 3AM up I’ll be happy.
        I’m not sure who she said it too but it was last night. It was probably right after Elissa won and they kept putting the fish up every 30 seconds so I didn’t go back and try to find it. I hate those fish.

      • Comments (224)

        Of course she would, she broke her 2 week deal with Nick when he got evicted.

    • Comments (195)

      Not only is it disgusting watching him chew his nails but then when he is not doing that he has some type of plastic or paper to chew on. Last night he had a piece of plastic or something and was rubbing it all over his face and then putting it in his mouth!!!

      He dresses like a teenager with the stupid hat sideways and his clothes are strange. Very immature for his age. And I am absolutely sure that if Amanda had met him in the outside world she would not give him a second glance. Although they are made for each other.

      Do you not think he looks like a little old man or a troll with his hood up that you would find sleeping under a bridge. And I know someone else mentioned this before and I agree he has a creepy resemblance to Charles Manson. I don’t like to bash but he is a little disturbing and gross. Plus he was sooo bashing Elissa the other day saying how he can not stand her and calling her the c word and that she has to go home and of course Andy and Spencer were agreeing. He can be just as mean bashing as the others…just doesn’t vocalize it as much.

      On a side note. You guys that don’t have live feeds are going to love this. While watching a couple nights ago Amanda was in the kitchen and said she has a relative that is severely autistic. Oh boy I am sure her relatives are lovin her now and I bet you a dollar they did not think of it as a joke. My mouth dropped to the floor. Having a child with special needs there is not one person in my family that would ever ever make fun of children with Down Syndrome or say like Amanda did about autism that someone is acting like that and mimic the disability. This women is the bottom of the barrel. And if I found out one of my family members did say something like she did…..never would talk to them again and I am hoping that is what her relatives do plus give her a piece of their minds! UGH….she is horrific!

      • Comments (6)

        Ellisa is Not getting special treatments from production. She has to try to get Amanda back doored or she’s leaving soon. What’s with Elliasbot nickname? She’s the only one their besides Judd who has any class or intedgrety.

      • Comments (1)

        Elissa will be there until the end with Amanda. I think Elissa is the predetermined winner but Amanda is her biggest foe and keeping her around until the end for a show down between the two would be a real rating grabber. All that stuff that came out about Amanda being friends with a producer was thrown out there as a smoke screen to cover that they are really favoring Elissa. The game is rigged. They have a pre-determined winner and that person is Elissa.

      • Comments (166)

        Sambella, you are absolutely right..he is soo GROSS..all he does is freakin lay around & chew his nails..NO GUMPTION what so ever..I mean do something other than laying with your Queen Whore..go outside during the day & get a lil sun on your face, work out, walk around the yard, or maybe wash your filthy hair(I’m sure Meanmanda would do it for you if you asked her to).

        And its obvious that Meanmanda is an equal opportunity bitch to any & everyone(she has no remorse or filter).

      • Comments (1)

        He doesn’t just chew his nails but also chews the skin on his fingers too. When Amanda asked if he liked the taste of his own blood and he said yes, I wanted to vomit. I don’t what is worse…watching him chew his nails and fingers or watching Spencer constantly picking his nose and sticking his hand into his pants to adjust his crotch…he does that and then sticks his fingers in his nose, picks it and then flicks whatever he finds anywhere he pleases after he studies it. last week when he was hanging out in the HOH room with Aa
        ryn and the gang is constantly flicked his nose pickings all over the couch and floor.

      • Comments (7)

        Wow! I missed THAT! What a horrible thing to do is to make fun of ANYONE!! I’m still not over the remark GM made about Candice’s mother not even wanting her. She was adopted, & that is something very personal, but to say a thing like that is SO mean, & I could NEVER get MAD enough to insult or hurt anyone that bad, even if I didn’t like them. These are some of the MEANEST girls to play this game I have ever seen. IF I was their mother I would be SO ashamed!

    • Comments (7)

      Elissa should put Aaryn and Mcrae on the block. If anyone on her side wins POV, then backdoor Amanda.

      Amanda needs to do before anyone else. Then Aaryn, McRae, Andy….

      Final Three: Spencer, Judd, Elissa… Hopefully Elissa or Judd will win it all.

  2. Comments (51)

    everyone’s scattering for safety. lol.

    • Comments (1446)

      Not really.
      I had high hopes for Elissa’s HOH this week. You know, avenge Helen, target Andy(like she said she would a few nights ago), get out the real power in the house(McCranda). But within a few hours of her HOH win, she’s making a deal with the rat(Andy) and getting advice from McCranda on how to get out Aaryn.
      Everything Helen told her before she left went right out of Elissa’s empty head. She has a personal vendetta against Aaryn and that’s that. Aaryn and GM were trying to save Helen in the end and it was ANDY who wouldn’t go along with the plan.
      Elissa once again proved to me how vapid and clueless she really is – it only took McCranda and Andy a few hours to take control of Elissa.

      • Comments (228)

        I think that Elissa is just letting them let out steam and pretend that she is listening to them. She has her mind set on McPussy and Aaryn

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree.

      • Comments (1446)

        Andy(Helen’s “good friend”) could have saved her this week – he ratted everything she told him back to McCranda. Elissa follows this by making a two week deal w/”the rat.” Elissa even told him that he(Andy) would be her target if Helen went home. What happened to that empty promise? Andy should be on the block next to Amanda. Would love to see him sweat it out.
        We’ll see who’s right on Thursday. If Elissa manages to get out McCrae or Amanda, I will be surprised. Happy, but surprised.

      • Comments (1162)

        IMO, Elissa is lying to Andy. Karma.

      • Comments (407)

        MM, I just read on the “other” blog that Andy walked into the HOH room while GM and Elissa were talking and said “Can I come in?” Elissa told him NO, we’re talking. Andy said, “Oh, OK that’s fine” and left and shut the door. Way to go Elissa!! That’s probably one of the only conversations he did not get to listen to and run back to McCrae and Amanda with all the details.

      • Comments (233)

        Helen blew up her own game due to her big ego, not Elissa. The remaining hg’s will flip the house again next week probably, and Elissa will be in trouble again. She might as well do what she wants. She will never please the haters on here, no matter what she does.

      • just another fan
        Comments (48)

        Aaryn was NOT trying to save Helen. She put her up and at the eleventh hour when Andy and GM talked about switching their votes, Aaryn shut it down.

  3. Comments (316)

    I hope Elissa pushes to get Aaryn. She wins a lot of comps and is mean spirited. Time to see her go.

    • Comments (75)

      She may win but she let Amanda tell her who to put up. Amanda needs to go so people can start playing their own games!

      • Comments (224)

        Exactly! If Amanda were already out, then fine, make it a personal vendetta HOH. Regardless of how much she wins, no one will forget Aaryn’s behavior the first couple weeks and unless she’s sitting next to Amanda, no one will vote for Aaryn in the finals, so getting her out now is a blown opportunity to prevent a Mcranda finale.

      • Comments (302)

        A lot apparently have forgotten Aaryn’s behavior since the first couple of weeks. I’m totally with Stevebeans. Aaryn much more dangerous than Amanda at competitions. Despite playing like dipsticks they all must be very aware now of the power McCranda weilds together and anyone but Andy likely to try to split them up. Take out Aaryn and feed your bloodlust for this racist bigot.

      • Comments (378)

        …apparently YOU people have more heart than brainz!! Lmao

      • Comments (378)

        …and ONE of your thumbs up was unintended 😀 I meant ot hit reply 😛

      • Comments (832)

        I wish the reply button wasn’t so close to thumbs up. I too have hit thumbs up when I wanted reply. But, if that’s the worst thing in my life right now, things aren’t too bad!! lol!

      • ThanksbutNoThanks
        Comments (302)

        JUst like to have my competitions racist free.

      • Comments (224)

        They haven’t forgotten, or the wine argument never would have happened. They are just using her bad behavior as an insurance policy to win in the end against her.

      • Comments (228)

        Aaryn is a stonger player for HOH than Amanda. You can almost guantee that Amanda sucks at any competition. She’s only good at lying in bed w/McPussy

      • Comments (1162)

        We’re seeing another one of Amanda’s talents ……..crying.

      • Comments (832)

        Sorry, both the thumb up & down was caused by me & my “thumbs.” I was trying to hit reply to say, it’s too bad they can’t make a comp that incorporates crying. Then we’d see Amanda & Andy battle it out!

      • Comments (14)

        may the yogi forces be with Elissa. if she’s been “steeling” her mind her noms are reallllly good, imho…McManda,the enforcer? i agree can NOT win comps. YES getting rid of Aaryn first is a real gamers move…
        so tickled by this!! sorry for yelling :0

  4. Comments (162)

    Cant wait to see Elissa shake up the house with her noms…….and blow Amanda and McCrae out of the waters. I don’t like Aaryn either so which ever way it does will be a great game changer.

  5. Comments (80)

    I’m only hoping that Aaryn wins HOH ONLY BECAUSE Elissa told Amanda to her face that if Aaryn wins, she (Amanda) will go up in her spot.

  6. Comments (528)

    She might as well put up Amanda and McCrae to make a point (you know, THAT IT’S ACTUALLY AN OPTION) and if one of them gets Veto’d off back door Aaryn.

    • Comments (624)

      I’m sure Elissa will have none of the “that’s what the house wants” kinda crap! FINALLY someone ready to make a big move.

      • Comments (224)

        If that were true, then she would have voted the way she wanted the last few weeks and not given us any of this “I sadly, sadly, sadly vote to evict my friend _____”.

      • Comments (80)

        I agree but I feel like she was doing what was best for her game at the time. She openly voiced her opinions about not wanting certain HG’s to go home, so if she was the only one to not vote a certain way, everyone else would know it was her and she would be a prime target. Still, no excuse but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

      • Comments (228)

        I think production when she is in the DR will help her solidify her decision.

  7. Comments (226)

    Please please Elissa, stick to your guns!! If I were her I’d be like this is my hoh room-all of you out!!!

    • Comments (407)

      She did just that at 3:35am. Told them out, she had a headache!

      • Comments (228)

        So glad she didn’t let McPussy and Amanda lay in her bed…

      • Comments (407)

        I saw a picture earlier with Amanda laying in the HOH bed and it said Amanda was snuggling with her new BFF. I was disappointed in Elissa letting her even get in the bed. I tried to find the picture again but couldn’t .

  8. Comments (2)

    Pizzaboy is chewing on nails that aren’t there!

  9. Comments (1)

    The whole “Elissabot” nickname in this article made me roll my eyes. Relying on a nickname like Nancy Grace and mistaking that for wit or humor is just obnoxious. Last time I click on a link from some self-promoter on twitter

    • Comments (140)

      I said this yesterday about the nicknames people are using in their comments and I got a bunch of down votes and someones said “calm down Demanda” >.<

  10. ThanksForTheUpdates
    Comments (2)

    I really would like your “blog” so much more if you stayed mutual towards all the house guests. It’s one thing to go on your personal Twitter or “blog” and give opinions about “Elissabot” or any other houseguest, but you’re supposed to be a host on this site and give us updates, not try and pursued us into liking or not liking a certain houseguest. You don’t see Julie Chen going on Big Brother when it’s a live show, and saying bad things about house guests to make the audience not like them. You’re supposed to let the audience decide for themselves.

    I like that you take time to update this for us, then again I would be able to do that too if I had no life, but I think you should stay mutual for the audience to make their own judgement decisions.

    • Comments (60)

      Its neutral not mutual. Like who ever you like or dislike is really going to matter or change the game. If you have time to read his blogs than maybe you need to get a life to. I will make my own judgement regardless what a bloggers opinion is.

      • ThanksForTheUpdates
        Comments (2)

        Who the fuck are you? “Mommy”? You can’t let Steve reply himself? Lmfao

        Lame ass.

      • ThanksbutNoThanks
        Comments (302)

        This isn’t the New York Times. If you want a straight recap of the action go read some tired play-by-play. There are plenty of other sites that would welcome your “mutual” lame ass while you paint by the numbers. A blog doesn’t have to follow a journalistic code and most of us appreciate stevebeans observations and thoughts on what he just saw. Think how much more entertaining Big Brother would be if Julie Chen did that.

      • Comments (1076)

        Stay “mutual”. How hysterical is that? Thganksfortheupdates, are you GM’s sister?

    • Comments (407)

      This “blog” has been making jokes about every houseguest since BB13. I remain unbiased in that sense because nobody is off-limits. I try real hard not to play favorites when I blog.

      While I appreciate you comparing me to Julie Chen, you do understand that she is the host of the show, and gets paid very handsomely do so, right? I am a blogger who recaps the ridiculous and sometimes absurd moments in the BB house.

      I don’t mean to sound like a dick, but if you want a blog that does nothing but report word for word what’s going in the house without any personality to it, there are a few out there for you.

      I’m not going to change my style because the self-proclaimed Big Brother royalty is in the house this season.

      • Comments (624)

        Keep it the way it is, Beans. No complaints here.

      • Comments (407)

        (note – I am not going to name the other blogs, because I don’t mean to sound like I’m bashing them. One is actually a very good blog that updates often and does very well for itself. I often check that blog myself if I missed updates. Different styles work for different people)

      • Comments (401)

        Pretty sure I know who you mean. Yours and hers are the best

      • Comments (487)

        Hey Steve — I like your commentary. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it real. Julie is paid to fake it and ask the stupid questions.

      • Comments (1092)

        Yeah, she is kind of like a hooker.

      • Comments (80)

        so wrong, but i laughed so good lol

      • Comments (48)

        Steve, you do a great job for us. You are much appreciated! I, for one, appreciate not having to wait several days to find out what is going on in the BB house. My husband is on Hospice and I don’t have the luxury of the live feeds, etc. Keep up the good work, Steve!

      • Comments (832)

        As far as I can tell, you can pretty much say what you like on your blog. Like you said, you’re not pulling a pulling a paycheck from this. I do appreciate the fact that this site keeps things civil. Some of the things that are out there regarding these HG’s is so distasteful & downright evil. At the end of the day, this is for fun & so what if you don’t remain “mutual!” Thanks for all the updates & “fun” you’re providing. I for one appreciate your site. People, if you don’t like this site, don’t come back!

      • Comments (60)

        Good Job keep up the good work. As for GM’s sister in the above reply. not even worth commenting on

    • Comments (77)

      Hey, Steve has an opinion too just like you and I. Wht is the difference in giving your opinion and Steve’s opinion.

    • Comments (158)

      Ooooh, how dare stevebeans not fall in line with the hero worship from Rachel’s delusional fans.

    • Comments (1076)

      “stay mutual”. Now THAT is hysterical…….

    • Comments (34)

      Hey…..Thanksfortheupdates…….how much money have you donated to steve??? When you start helping him keep this blog going financially, then you can maybe help decide how and when and what he posts. For now, how about sit back, read and stop trying to dictate what he posts on the Blog HE created!!!!!!

  11. Comments (25)

    I love the fact that she got no candy in her HOH basket, just a bunch of healthy foods. Everyone is like “where’s the candy!” LOL

  12. Comments (46)

    Put up, aryan and amanda.
    Whoever comes out, replace with mccrae.

    Good game!

    • Comments (624)

      That’s a good pick. But I do like just a big F you to McCranda and put both of them up from the get go. Elissa should test the waters today and see if Aryan’s ready to abandon the 3AM and get on her team…if not, by all means put her up with Amanda. But I’d hate to have Aaryn voted out and here we are with Amanda and McCrea still.

    • Comments (60)

      Only problem is if Mcrae plays and wins veto and removed amanda. Put up Amanda and Mcrae and if one of them wins veto replace with Aaryn. Aaryn and Mcrae have potential to win the veto. Amanda’s winning streak speaks for itself.

      • Comments (624)

        If MC pulls Amanda off with POV, then just vote off MC. Amanda will go crazy and get herself evicted.

    • Comments (46)

      Sorry, get the anaconda and cobra out now! If one of them wins the veto, then
      throw the blonde water moccasin in the mix. The back biting will be amazing!
      There’s nothing like a good snake fight as long as you are on high ground!

  13. Comments (624)

    I say put up Amanda and McCrea, but put up ANDY as a replacement if POV is used. I’d trust Aaryn before I trust Andy, even if she has targeted Elissa before. Andy’s too blindly loyal to 3AM.

    • Comments (77)

      I agree Big Papi. Even with the change in regime he is still running back and telling everything. I think he has made it a point to get warm and fuzzy with the current regime first though. He hopes to protect himself first and then Amanda and McCrae.

      • Comments (624)

        Andy tries too hard to have everyone like him, and it’s killing his game. They need to change the subject when he comes snooping in the room.

      • Comments (77)

        I would love to see the houseguests bait him. Tell his some off-the-wall stuff and see how fast it spreads in the house. I bet it wouldn’t take 30 minutes for it to come back.

    • Comments (42)

      I agree Andy needs to be nominated more than Aaryn..Aaryn has always been willing to work with Elissa..

      • Comments (6)

        I recall a week or so ago Aaryn saying something about never trusting or working with Elissa in the game even though she wanted to work with Helen… or am I crazy?

      • Comments (487)

        No your not crazy. That is what Aaryn said. That was before Elissa won the POV. Oops.

    • Comments (5)

      Isn’t Andy the only one who has NEVER been on the block now??

  14. Comments (487)

    The look on Amanda’s face last night was of sheer panic. Oops, Judd back in and Elissa is the HoH. Since Elissa knows that Andy is the rat use him to keep feeding information to Amanda and McCrae. This will keep Amanda confused and off balance since she doesn’t have her Xanax to calm her down. This week will be the worst for Amanda because if McCrae is on the block next to Aaryn or herself, the POV is very important and one more thing she can’t control.

  15. Comments (412)

    Amanda has been using Aaryn as her little puppet for too long. I really want to see Amanda leave, but if that’s not possible, Aaryn would be second best. We all know Amanda has a low chance of winning anything.

  16. Comments (16)

    I personally would put up andy and mccrea and back door amanda or even if amanda sticks around if you take mccrea and andy away from her she doesnt have any ground to stand on since she can’t win anything for herself

    • Comments (651)

      Elissa told GM that Aaryn is the pawn so if Aaryn goes out Elissa will turn GM loose on them and GM hates Demanda because Aaryn is always listening to her instead of GM–Mean Girl Jealously dynamic. If McMinute goes then Demanda can’t control Spencer or Judd anymore and since McMinute has been the whisper in Demanda’s ear teaching her strategy AND the only one who could calm her down, if he goes she goes crazy at everyone. Combine that with her meds script re-fill has run out so she’s down to the last of it and she can’t win anything–she’s toast next week.

      As far as Andy goes, Elissa already told him she can’t trust him and he’s told everyone that she’s not listening to him so now he has to play his own game and not Demanda’s–he’ll vote her without a second thought.

  17. Comments (407)

    OMG….GM is driving me nuts on BBAD with her bro and dude talk and that hyena laugh of hers and she never shuts up once she starts talking! I would love to see her go but there’s SO many that I would love to see evicted before her. I would hate to be in Elissa’s shoes right now…which one do you pick to go first??

  18. Comments (135)

    Aaryn’s a natural blonde?! Since when?? Brown roots and brown eyebrows do not a natural blonde make.

  19. Comments (3)

    Steve Beans,thank you for the wonderful job you do,your blog is my favorite because you are a fan of the game.Anybody upset over the Elissabot remark needs to grow up.You could have been real honest and called her a ‘Stepford wife’.

    • Comments (158)

      You obviously didn’t get your marching orders from the Brenchel army. Rachel is hereby to be referred to as God, and Elissa is to be referred to as Jesus.

      No criticism of either is tolerated.

  20. Comments (1)

    Are the conspiracy theories coming from houseguests or from the public?

  21. Comments (34)

    Dude like ok so what was the point of gettting Howard & Candice out lol Helen is so dumb man she screwed up the game for all of us black people lol :-/ she had her hand on all those eviction’s ( howard, Candice) just to make herself safe in the house & now what ….. she even threw Elissa under the bus :-/ and said to Candice after the Racist comment’s of Aaryn & gina marie that she would kick out all the people that said racist comment’s about her 🙁 at the End Helen you played a terrible game this season Helen is part of the minority black yellow brown you no she’s not white so why in the the Hell would you kick out all the pepole that can hepl you advance and give you there vote in the game ??? Tou screw us big time just cuz Howard told you a little lie when you’ve been lying on season. :-/ Bad Bad Bad season for yo Hele the only one i have hope on now is Ellisabot go get theme girl you can do it nake some deals lie snitch do whatever it takes to win your the only savior for us dont let us down where with you 😉

  22. Comments (34)

    Help / you / all / you / make

    • Comments (13)

      I think he’s ^^^ Howard’s speech writer

      • Comments (34)

        lol not funny

      • Comments (34)

        You don’t u derstand what i said cuz your white same thing for howard you guys didn’t understand him for that reason 2 so don’t call me howard speech righter not cool

      • Comments (34)

        Its writer not righter and this comment has nothing to do with race it has to do with proper English.

      • Comments (158)

        No we don’t understand you because you apparently can’t use the english language properly. The rules of grammar and spelling are there for a reason, to facilitate communication and avoid confusion. There is no racial bias in them.

      • Comments (228)

        HUH!!!! Again, say whaaa!

      • Comments (407)

        Dice, you are so wrong in trying to tell us “white folks” what we understand or don’t understand. To be truthful, I understood Howard more than I understand what Judd is saying.

      • Comments (624)

        haha I don’t think he understands *us*. lol

  23. Comments (162)

    If I was Elissa I wouldn’t tell any of them who I was going to put up and let them all sweat it out.

  24. Comments (1092)

    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for your take on the conspiracy theories. It does get a little frustrating to think that some think this is rigged. With the exception why did they get rid of the third nominee, nothing seems wrong.

    P.s. I usually scroll down the posts on my phone, and my stupid fat fingers keep on hitting the Report Comment buttons. Sorry for the extra work !

  25. Comments (22)

    I have been rooting for Elissa for a long time. I am hoping I have been correct about her and that she doesn’t let me down now. I think she is one smart cookie and has been quietly watching, listening, and learning what is really going on in the house and who is who. If so, she will nominate Amanda, or back door her. She is the only one of this group who has the guts to do what she wants and not “do what the house wants”. At least I am crossing my fingers that she does what no one else should have done a long time ago.

  26. Comments (162)

    I think Im pulling for Elissa or Spencer just cause he is from Conway, Arkansas, and not because he has made a big move or anything……..Just get Amanda out for starters and then move down the line……gosh I wish she could put up three McCrae, Aaryn and Andy, then back door Amanda if one of those win..

  27. Comments (22)

    You can tell that few people on this blog could play this game. All of you that want Amanda gone are crazy. If you were in the game, would you not want to sit beside Amanda in the final two and win because no one would vote for her to win. Look at it from a players point of view not your personal feelings.

    • Comments (22)

      And you also dont have to worry about her winning any comps.

    • Comments (75)

      I disagree I think Amanda will win. Everyone knows she is behind every move in this house. She doesn’t have to win. Everyone is doing everything she wants. I am not a Amanda fan but if she gets to the end I hope she wins. I think people will see she played a great game even if they don’t like her. They aren’t going to give theoney to someone who just floated through the game.

      • Comments (401)

        I bet Helen would vote for her.

      • Comments (1092)

        That’s right. Real players who respect the game have no problem voting for the one that masterminded the evictions. That is true sportsmanship at its best.

      • Comments (832)

        I to beieve Amanda will win if she makes it to the end. Jurors would look at her as playing a good game by being the mastermind. A juror may see it as if he/she wasn’t able to win they at least want to have lost to someone who was playing the game & not floating along.

    • Comments (162)

      Its people like that who win….She has let everyone else get their hands dirty for her and she is sitting back looking pretty when it comes time to vote for the winner.

    • Comments (528)

      No way I’d want to be sitting next to Amanda. F she makes it to the final two she’s winning the game. I guarantee you that.

  28. Comments (111)

    I hope whoever voted GinaMarie and Spencer on that poll never go into the Big Brother house.

  29. Comments (34)

    This seaso of Big Brother just made all you white people look bad cuz now we no what tour thinking deep down inside well some of you not all of you 🙂 i can’t wait for next season more Minority please CBS YOU’VE LEARN YOUR LEASON

  30. Comments (12)

    If they don’t get that Amanda out of that house!!!!!!!!!!!!! These house guest play with emotion and not game. Don’t Ellisa see that she has to break that power couple. If she don’t she deserves to loose. She will be handing the game over to them. Who knows when she will get this opportunity again. Then go for that rat Andy. Yes she wins competions but now it is your time to be the queen. With Amanda gone who will she turn to?

    • Comments (487)

      I think that Elissa knows what needs to be done. I also think that Elissa has the guts to do what Helen wouldn’t: break-up McCrae and Amanda. Amanda is not worried about next week. When she make her decision known we will have a glimpse into her thinking. One way or the other MC, Amanda or Aaryn is going to the Jury House next Thursday.

  31. Comments (118)

    Happy happy joy joy, the dark Amanda cloud over the house is slowly moving away

  32. Comments (453)

    Been waiting two months to see the highlight of the season, (so far), last night when McCrae and Amanda had to beg to stay and not be put up, and Elissa just say “then fight for veto”. Priceless

  33. Comments (17)

    Elissa was interesting to watch last night. I liked how she stood strong against both Amanda when she told her McCrae was going on the block. I thought Amanda was going to have a heart attack. Also when McCrea vomited all the reasons that he had to stay off the block so she could count on his, Amanda and Andy’s votes to evict Aaryn.
    However unless she is playing a deeper game than I think she can,(like planning to replace Aaryn with Amanda) she did not listen to Helen and understand why she took her to the HOH room to meet with Aaryn and GM before she left telling her she had a better chance to win aligning herself with them. Remember that Aaryn can win and GM can play strong, so with them possibly winning the next HOH they can eliminate the remainder of Mcranda’s tag team. Judd is smart to tell all that he is starting fresh since he needs time to get a feel of the remaining houseguests and he can’t forget that everyone voted for him to go out and he is a long time fan that would remember when the house did not vote as a block like they have all year.

    • Comments (143)

      I fairly good comment overall but here is where I disagree. Helen was not a good player, her advice was no good. She is a player who
      1. Let Amanda use her to eliminate her own allies and amanda’s enemies like howard, candice, jessie and kaitlyn
      2. Turned on people who actually would have helped her like spencer
      3. It looks like Elissa is expecting Aaryan to win the veto and in turn put up Amanda or Andy and watch the fireworks. This is the best move.
      4. If she put up say McCrae and Andy then what if Amanda wins veto? It doesn’t matter how you arrange it to get out 1 of the 3 out you can’t put them all up. The worst case scenario is mccrae winning veto and aarya stuck up there and lacking the votes to evict one of andy, mccrae or amanda, but then aaryan is still gone.

  34. Comments (2)

    When is the nomination ceremony?

  35. Comments (768)

    I want to see how Elissa reacts when she walks into her HOH room and finds Amanda and McCrae on her bed, under the sheets, with their filthy clothes on!

    • Comments (407)

      If they were in my bed (YUCK) I would rather they have their filthy clothes on than their nasty naked bodies on my sheets doing their horizontal tango!

  36. Comments (8)

    A lot of thougths…now I’m convinced that is better to see Aaryin gone, ’cause she is the one that wins HOH’S and do the dirty job. And then, next week, hopefully, Amanda is gone.

  37. Comments (2)

    When does the nomination ceremony take place ?

  38. Comments (1)

    What is with all the Amanda haters, she is the only one who is really playing the game. Is it not commendable that she is able to control the game socially without winning comps? The rest of the people in the house have minds of there own and if they choose to follow what Amanda tells them isn’t that their problem? Have people forgotten how horrible Elyssa and Arryn were in the beginning? How about the floaters….Spencer, Judd, and Andy, what have they done in the game? I think Amanda is really smart and quite witty unlike Helen who wanted to be everyone’s friend and teach life lessons….this is a game, lets play!!!

    • Comments (407)

      I don’t think we will ever forget how horrible Aaryn has been in this game, but would you please fill me in on what Elissa did that was so horrible?

  39. Comments (82)

    Aaaahhhh…..its soooo great to see that Amanda is being talked game with by Elissa. Elissa is strongly targeting Aaryn, and as long as Aaryn is still on the block after POV, she is gone. Amanda will most likely escape another week that she should be gone…..because her game play is impeccable. Crying, bullying, garbage cans, and all the nasty names she is called blah blah blah….she is by far, the best player in the game. GOOOOOO AMANDA! Keep running that house week after week. BB15 OWNED by Amanda! BOOM! (rack up the dislikes haters) hahahaha

    • Comments (487)

      Sorry Kurtis, I think that Elissa is playing Amanda like a violin. Tell her what she needs to hear then kick her A$$ on Saturday when she puts her on the block.

      • Comments (82)

        I don’t think so, I could be wrong…but Elissa seems VERY transparent in her intentions. She will backdoor Amanda if it comes to it, but I think thats only if Aaryn comes off the block. We will see though.

    • Comments (1)

      currently 1 dislike. these “haters” are really goin crazy!

  40. Comments (8)

    Andy is disgusting…. How could be proud about his game? A rat game…

  41. Comments (624)

    Perhaps it is a good idea to put up MC and Aaryn up first. Then if POV is used, now they can backdoor the Kosher Queen.

  42. Comments (195)

    I have a funny feeling that it would be in the girls best interest to get out McCrae. If Amanda goes I think now with Judd back in the game the guys are going to align.

  43. Comments (166)

    There’s one thing we know for certain & that is that 3 A.M will now be 2 A.M after this week, so thank goodness for that…No matter which 2 she puts up, if one of them win POV & take their self off whoever the replacement will be will still be one of the 3 A.M…I want Meanmanda & Aaryn out!! So let’s watch them all squirm & freak out when they are now nominated & lets see who wins POV & panic mode sets in realizing they are not safe & out the door!!

  44. Comments (1162)

    Elissa and GM talking in the HOH, when Andy opens the door
    and asks to come in.

    Elissa said, “No!”


    Poor Andy the Rat!

  45. Comments (74)

    All that talk about a hand behind Helen gave me nightmares like literally. I never dream about BB but I did last night.

    I like how determined Elissa is. I always thought the Reily one girl target fixation was a flaw in their DNA. But I really think it’s for the best because obviously Amanda will never win anything aside from her mustache growing contest. They always say couples start to resemble each other!

    People’s comments on Elissa-bot or she’s not that smart makes me laugh because she’s everything but that! The little hamster on the wheel runs just fine in her head. People thought Einstein was an idiot because of the way he behaved LOL

    I got high blood pressure watching Mcman-da try to sweet talk Elissa. Yeah yeah you can put up Spencer with Aaryn. ‘Elissa: I’m not putting him up at all I’d put you up first’ SILENCE. Yeah Yeah you can put up GM. Mccrae’s fidgety demeaner was hilarious. She nominates AAryn and Mccrae LOL and he wins veto Elissa can replace him with Amanda. Oh how sweeeeet that would be!

    I was thinking if Elissa can’t figure that out herself Production can plant that seed in her head lol. And her “phone calls” she is supposedly getting can be from Rachel telling her to BURN THAT BITCH DOWN!

    Team Elissa ~snickers~

    I wonder if they’re doing Pandora’s Box this week? It could be Elissa opens it and wins something super awesome and the house guest have to spend the entire day with Rachel in lockdown hahahaha. ‘nobody comes between me and that door!’

    I don’t think BB is rigged but I do think they throw favors in for america’s favorites you know? I think if America didn’t tweak that goofy guy with the nipple rings game I don’t think Evel Dick or Dani had a chance. Or Jeff getting that coupe de ville ~obviously that’s not the name LOL~

  46. Comments (20)

    I really, really hope Elissa goes for Amanda. I think getting Aaryn out would kind of be a waste. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly, STRONGLY, dislike her and in no way agree with her actions, but right now she is less of a threat to Elissa. Go, Elissa, go! Do what you think is best and not what anybody else in the house says.

  47. Comments (19)

    ets talk best moves for elissa. no brainer. NOMs i expect nothing short of Amanda/Mccrae. if one of them wins veto, you put up andy. ideally, you vote to evict Mccrae. reason is. without Mccrae, amanda is going to implode. she hasnt demonstrated the ability to win anything so you can always pick her off later. i doubt she has the skills to win a veto if her BB life depended on it. Mccrae on the other hand is well liked and a threat in competitions. you take him out, amanda might make herself so hated you could take her to the final 2 and win. remember, this years housguests suck so bad normally i would say taking a strategist like amanda to the final 2 is a bad play, but this year you got a bunch of newbies will play AND VOTE on emotion and not strategy. you need 3 votes to evict. you got spencer/Judd. either have to convince GM or Aaryn for the 3rd vote. im thinking elissa should form a secret deal with aaryn. it would be one no one expects because they hate each other. only elissa should eventually backdoor Aaryn in a couple weeks assuming she gets another HOH.

  48. Comments (15)

    The challenge Amanda has been able win this season his to keep her boyfriend. In the house

  49. Comments (1288)

    I have to wonder if all of Elissa’s machinations are really targeting McCrae. Elissa and Helen from the start have had a deep seated fear of the male members in the house. They consistently mentioned an all guys alliance like The Brigade and said they wanted an all female final – all hail the mighty V. This would also do to isolate Amanda and maybe get her on board to take out the rest of the guys.

    That is why Howard was evicted and Spencer always portrayed as some scary, untrustworthy threat to be eliminated later. It is like they have a fear of the penis even if an all guys alliance never reared its ugly head. The Moving Company was all male really by chance, if Aaryan or Kaitlin had been in the room instead of just the guys it probably would have been a mixed gender group.

    If McCrae does go up and later comes down it will be interesting to see if she does put up Amanda or if she moves the target to Spencer/Judd/Andy to avoid sending a female out of the house.

  50. Comments (1288)

    One other thought, wouldn’t it be funny if an opened Pandora’s Box unleashed a Diamond Veto this week.

  51. Comments (143)

    Where I come from they have saying and it translates roughly to this:

    “You have to get close to a vermin to smash it”

    I hope that is what Elissa is doing. Her plan to put up McCrae and Aaryan are the best plan. If Amanda wins and saves McCrae then Aaryan or Andy go, if McCrae wins Amanda or Aaryan goes, if AAryan saves herself or gm saves her, then amanda goes up against mccrae, it is really the most desirable outcome.

    Now I wanted Amanda and McCrae to go up next to each other, BUT I want Elissa to win, and she might not win by getting out amanda right now, it’d be better to keep Amanda and get out McCrae or Andy because they can actually win next week and are loyal to a teeth. Judd and Aaryan are just as likely to gun for Amanda, Elissa has no allies, she can’t just go straight for the head of a big group. Knock of Andy or McCrae now, let Judd and Aaryan take out amanda and Elissa should tell arrayan how amanda wants her gone.

  52. Comments (30)

    Elissa can’t get her head in the game until the Texas blonde-shell is OUT; two pretty girls just don’t play well together..period! I’m hoping for noms to be Blondie and McNasty. Hate to say it, but Mc & Man were convincing E to put up Spencer instead of Mc late last night…E even made Spencer swear to leave her alone for 2 weeks if he was the pawn…surely she will rethink this deal. On another note, I saw the video clip of a stagehand or production asst. ‘s HAND clearly push on Helen’s right foot one second before she fell!! It was on another BB blog site! You MUSTsee this to believe it….love,love,love the show…have no favorites this year….I just wish Judd would speak CLEARLY!!…can’t hear 95% of what he says….and I’m from Arkansas…**face palm**on Spencer’s sex talk.

  53. Comments (35)

    GM has potential to redeem herself I think after hearing her heart to heart with Elise…I think she got into the wrong group and it brought out the worst in her in the beginning…I think her racist remarks are from ignorance, where as Aaryn and Amanda behavior is thought out, spiteful and cruel. I think GM will learn from this experience and will honestly grow from it and will apologize to Candice..I think she is seeing the light.

  54. Comments (1)

    I have loved big brother forever, this season’s guest makes my stomach ache. gina marie and her twin A. should walk a mile in Howard’s and Candice’s shoes. That fat cow Amanda and her bitcccccch man is have a huge ego to try and tell people what to do. In the end its a game. You don’t have to play fair, but i miss the days of /evil dick and mike boogie and doctor will. They need to comeback and really show these people how to play the game without the unneccessary name calling.

  55. Comments (1)

    Its fitting that Elissa wins HOH for having the most balls. Finally having fun watching.

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