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Big Brother 15 – 3AM Is Not Safe This Week

August 23, 2013 | 183 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans
Could Aaryn be heading to jury this week?

Could Aaryn be heading to jury this week?

Judd is back, Elissa is HoH, and Amanda is in full panic mode.  Just 24 hours ago, the house was firmly under the iron fist of Amanda (and McCrae, if he counts), and now the rest of the season is completely wide open.  The only thing that remains the same is Andy’s floater-rat status is still intact.  He was able to make a two week deal with Elissa last night, and is in no risk of leaving this week even though Helen said Andy is the main reason she left.   Could Andy actually win this thing?  I still say no, but I have a strong feeling he’ll at least be in the final 3.

Who will be the target of Elissabot this week?  Right now her number one target is the girl she’s pretty much hated since day 1… our lovely minority Aaryn.  Yes, I say minority because that’s what she calls herself.  (flashback to 12:48am) Aaryn says she’s the only minority left because she’s the only one with natural blonde hair and blue eyes.  Look at the image above, that’s what I look like whenever I hear the comments some of these houseguests make.

How will Elissa get Aaryn out?  Her early plan is to put one of the strongest players in the house up against her, so that decreases Aaryn’s chances of winning veto.  The player?  McCrae!  Naturally this plan did not sit well with McCrae and Amanda because when either of them are on the block, they’re only a handful of votes away from walking out the door.  McCrae was working Elissa hard to put GM up in his place, and the best he can come up with is that if not, GM could win PoV and remove Aaryn.  If Elissabot is functioning properly, that should actually be the ideal situation, so then Amanda can take Aaryn’s spot on the block and the power couple will be split up.

I am beginning to think that is the best possible move she can make this week.  Sure, some will say target Amanda asap, and they do have a point, but Aaryn is the one with 4 HoH’s under her ‘minority’ belt.  The only competition Amanda can win at this point is a laying in bed challenge.  Sure, if Aaryn or GM win PoV and remove Aaryn, then you can target Amanda, but I completely understand Elissabot’s reasoning for her target this week right now.

I’m going to be a bit busy today, which is frustrating since I expect the feeds to finally be entertaining.  I should be back and ready to blog no later than 4pm est, but the house will probably barely be waking up by then anyway.   Until then, I leave you with a poll…

[polldaddy poll=7342146]

PS – The conspiracy theories are getting silly.  Amanda was indeed sprayed with water numerous times, and Helen was not pushed by production.  Elissa has been the one given special treatment at times (occasional warm shower, comforter in HN room, rumored food and phone calls in DR, etc).  If production is favoring anyone, it’s Elissa. That being said, I still don’t think the game is rigged for anyone.

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