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Big Brother 15 – Live Finale Thread

Here we are.. we have made it!  Countless hours of watching live feeds, analyzing the show, and typing thousands and thousands of words to recap what went on this season.  It all comes down to GinaMarie, Andy and Spencer… excited?  I know, try to contain yourselves, we’ll get through this.


Sure, the final 3 is up there with the least likable final 3 in Big Brother history, but at least we get to know that Spencer thinks this is what America was rooting for.  Enjoy that thought as he heads home tomorrow to realize how little America wanted ‘the exterminators’ in the end.  Other cast members like Aaryn and GinaMarie will learn they have lost their jobs, though GM may have at least $50k to go home with.  If you are a fan of theirs, don’t worry… within a few months, ‘racism-gate’ will be long forgotten and they’ll both have jobs again.

Before the show begins, my final plugs….

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That’s all I really have!  I don’t want to plug my donate link because you guys have been phenomenal this season, and tomorrow I will be diving head first into my backed up homework, so I probably don’t deserve donations after tonight!  It’s been a fun season, and you have all made it fantastic!  I hope to see you all back next season…

Rambling out of the way, time for some updates….


4:45pm – Still a few hours away.  Survivor is on in 15 minutes but I don’t plan on watching that tonight.  Maybe I’ll DVR it and blog it.

6:30pm – Survivor is just over which means it’s Big Brother time!!!  The person who went home tonight is … just kidding, I don’t know, I will watch Survivor tomorrow.

6:35pm – Here we go, it’s on now. Highlights of the ‘epic’ 30 minute endurance challenge.

6:45pm – Time for Andy and Spencer to square off in part 2.  This competition took a long time, yet Andy still destroyed Spencer.  The houseguests had to climb a wall and arrange houseguests in order of eviction.


6:52pm – Clip of Dr Will talking to the jury, and the jury members still arguing with Amanda.

7:00pm – Will had a long talk with the jury members about who should win. Each player had a valid reason they can win, even Spencer.

7:05pm – Final HoH Round!

Most out of 8 questions…


Question 1 – Both correct
Question 2 – Both wrong
Question 3 – Andy correct, up 2-1
Question 4 – Both correct, Andy still up 3-2
Question 5 – Andy correct, up 4-2
Question 6 – GinaMarie correct, Andy up 4-3
Question 7 – Both wrong, Andy up 4-3
Question 8 – Both correct, Andy wins 5-4

Andy is the final HoH

7:15pm – Andy is time to pick the eviction.  He chooses Spencer to leave the house.

7:20pm – Time for the jury to come out on stage. McCrae got all dressed up, he’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Amanda asks GM her biggest game move aside putting Amanda up.  GinaMarie says that her biggest move was getting Amanda out


Elissa asks the same question to Andy.  He said he aligned with Amanda and McCrae and he was the house snitch.

Helen asks GM the biggest obstacle in the game.  She said having Nick (??)

McCrae asks Andy about being a bitter jury member. Why should they vote for him.  Andy said he only threatened to be a bitter jury member to avoid being in jury.

Candice asks GM why they should give her the money.  GM blames Nick leaving and the shock of it.


Jessie asks Andy why he lied to so many people.  Andy – It’s because I’m a coward and it would have broke my heart.. especially to Jessie.

Spencer to Andy .. you just cost me a lot of money, why should I give you money?   Andy – Because I’m so loyal and I promised her on night 1

7:30pm – Final plea from Andy and GM.  Not much, just Andy pumping himself and his game up, while GinaMarie apologizing mostly.

Votes (for who to win)


Candice – Andy
Jessie – Andy
Helen – Andy
Aaryn – GinaMarie
Amanda – Andy
Elissa – Andy
Judd – GinaMarie
McCrae – Andy
Spencer – Andy

7:45pm – Julie reveals to Amanda that the MVP was America for the last 3 weeks.

Howard mentions the racist comments and the camera shows Aaryn.  Julie tells the house that the comments made national headlines.  Spencer asks if he said anything and Julie said ‘we don’t have enough time for that’ .. ouch

Andy wins Big Brother 15

GinaMarie looks happier as she rushed into Nick’s arms.

Time for America’s Vote….


Top 3.. Judd, Elissa and Howard….

Elissa wins!  She acts surprised…. sure


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  1. Avatar

    YES!!! Please blog Survivor! I just found Big Brother this summer, and I love it! Your blog is part of my Big Brother experience. I will be back for sure. I just started watching Big Brother, but I’ve been watching Survivor for years. I have always just watched it solo without having an internet community to enjoy it with. I would love to read your insights on Survivor as well.

  2. Avatar

    I’m looking forward to what the jury has to say. That is the only reason I am watching. I am not rooting for any of these people.

    • Jannie

      Did anyone else notice the “coldness” between Amanda and McCrae last night? At the very end, when they were all on stage, he was on the very left w/Spencer and Andy and she was on the far right, with Elissa and Helen.
      Geez…is the romance already over?? What a shock!! 😀

    • Avatar

      Yeah i was lookin forward to what jury members would say too but no one really went after them…i thought spence might as he looked mighty pissed ( and just why did we not get to see final eviction? )
      I doubt it ever occurred to him he would not be picked by Andy.

      On that note…I doubt very much that Andy made a final two deal with GM while standing outside the house in the beginning ( outside the house meant not on camera therefore we could not verify) there was never a single mention throughout game of any allegiance to GM ….i think it was thought up last minute to make him look honorable……he also tried to take credit for every eviction in the house while not giving any thanks to the ones that DID the dirty work and carried his sorry ass thru the game….i thought that would have lost him so many votes yet it didnt.

      I just wish one of the HG that left before jury had of outed him and whatever hanky panky was goin on between spencer and gm…he couldnt stop tickling and hugging her and andy even asked them ” where were you when Judd caught u guys ? ) and GM said ” here there and everywhere ” and laughed.

      Andy is in trouble.after everyone watches the season….and i was sad to see mccrae sitting so far from Amanda and at the end he was just standing all alone! He must be goin to use Spencers excuse of ” I have a girl back home i didnt mention and want to try to make it work ” to get out of going to Florida i think he is just scared it will be a shame if they dont stay together after telling her she was ” his queen ” and all!! And Julie didnt ask them anything about are they still together.

      Julie barely asked any questions and that is usually the best part that and jury asking….julie also never went after aaryn again which i totally expected….perhaps she has redeemed herself she and Candace are besties now afterall. And who goes and wins Americas Fav ? Elissa…I was so hoping it would be Mccrae….he sure got the bad end of the stick!

  3. Avatar

    Thank you so much for all the blogging you have done this summer! I have looked at different BB sites and yours is by far the best! Can’t wait to follow you again next summer!

    And I too will be watching for just the jury, oh and see Elissa or Candice win Fan Favorite : )

  4. Avatar

    Love the analysis Steveie … U never fail to prove your a sore loser.
    U deserve what u get 😉

    GO GM
    GO ANDY!!!
    ….U guys outplayed all them losers in the jury house. 😀 lol

  5. Avatar

    Thanks stevebeans for all your hard work this season, you made it possible for me to enjoy this awful season of BB; too bad the F3 are not the dream team we were wishing for. thanks also to all the drama queens/kings on this blog – much better summer read than any new book.

    Go Spencer! IMO he is the most offensive of all three so will need more $$ to keep himself off the street while he looks for a new job. Although since Marilyn is a figment of his imagination, more likely he will spend all his $ on….

    • Avatar

      hahaha! good post! I am pulling for GM because Spencer is a pig and Andy is a rat and I figure GM can use the money to buy counseling sessions when her imaginary boyfriend of 2 weeks breaks her heart.

  6. Avatar

    Thank you stevebeans. You have done a good job.

  7. Avatar

    stevebeans, thank you SO much for your blog. And for requiring a login 🙂

    Although this was a crazy season and it was fun to watch – and frustrating at times, I’m so glad after this next hour and a half I get my life back. Whew!

  8. Avatar

    No matter how hard I try I just don’t like any of these 3. Ironically the two men compete like girls and the woman competes like one of the boys.

  9. Avatar

    I heard on the news today that all three finalists have lost their jobs. GM for using the N word, Spencer for praising Hitler and Andy for abiding the racial slurs…. so they all need the money now, no matter who wins and frankly I don’t care who wins at this point.

    • kecker

      Andy didn’t “lose” his job. He was an adjunct professor which means he’s on a semester-by-semester basis. The fact that he’s not available for the Fall semester means he’s not currently employed by the college.

      And notice that’s all the college said in their tweet, that he’s not currently employed by them. They said nothing about him being fired.

      More than likely he’ll find employment again next semester. For a public speaking professor which is all about getting an listener to understand and embrace your viewpoint, winning Big Brother is a HUGE resume booster.

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  11. Avatar

    Hope Elissa wins fan favorite!

  12. Avatar

    After watching the three finalists tonight- you can see they all like each other I think- Spencer seems to be genuine and polite with GM…
    Who knows why they did and said what they did during the season, but I think they are good peeps in their own ways.

    • Jannie

      ANDY WINS!!!!
      ANDY WINS!!!!

      GM just couldn’t handle the questions in the end. Interesting to hear McCrae say that he was going to cut Amanda at some point. And that Aaryn and Candice buried the hatchet – nice to hear.
      And what do you think will become of GM and Nick??
      Wish it was 2 hours so they could have had a little more cast time after the votes were read.

  13. Avatar

    Can we pretend that this season never happen and start over in the New Season.

    • Avatar

      No. Whether you like it or not Andy is the winner of BB15. He played a masterful game from day one and with the last HoH win he is tied for the most HoH wins in a single season. His moves all season long were purposeful and only once was he not directly involved in the eviction. Andy is FABULOUS, deal with it.

      • Avatar

        Dandaman, I was in agreement until this: “Andy is FABULOUS.”
        His game play was better than the rest of the house guests, but as a personality, he is no better than they are and not one of them is fabulous (lower case or all capitals).

  14. Avatar


  15. Rita

    My guess is GM wins with as LEAST 5 votes. We’ll see.

    • Avatar

      GM’s answers are so bad though, she is not speaking to well to the questions..Andy is kinda nailing it.

      • Rita

        I know.

        This is who I thought GM had:

        But after the questions I’m not so sure. They seemed to enjoy listening to Andy.

      • Avatar

        Andy had pretty good replies to all the questions. The live finale is good that it shows it more definitely as a game

      • Avatar

        and Gm with the constant Nick excuse, really blew it for her I think

      • Avatar

        Rita,,,I’d be shocked if Eilessa and Spencer voted for her

      • Rita

        Both have reasons to be angry at Andy. These are not “normal” HGs so I thought they would vote with emotion. Elissa’s comment while putting in her key makes me think she voted for Andy.

      • Avatar

        I hope there’s security there to protect Nick from GM.

      • Avatar

        Nick seemed to enjoy the affection from GM.

      • Avatar

        I think her problem is processing what the question is and how to answer it. It was ackward listening to her.

      • Avatar

        I dont think Andy nailed anything….he took full credit for every eviction and never once thanked the people who did the dirty work for him and carried his sorry ass to a point where he felt he could control a few people……and trying to say u are honorable because suddenly you made a final two deal standing outside the house before goin in with GM is just hogwash….there was never any allegiance shown to her until the very end. When all the HG see the season he is in trouble….and he really showed how nasty he could be in the last two wks…..i wish they had shown the last eviction to see the look on Spencers face…there was nowhere in his ego that said he was not going to be in fjnal two!

    • Avatar

      my fav part of this comment was the at least 5 votes. considering there were 9 votes, she literally couldnt win with less than 5 votes lol, also it was another denial post which makes me chuckle

  16. Mello_One

    I knew Andy would win the final HOH, because he is good with questions regarding Big Brother. Now the question is who will Andy take to the F2…GM, or Spencer. Andy knows that GM can come out winning the Grand prize of $500.000, so I’m thinking Andy might take Spencer to the F2. 🙁

  17. Avatar

    This show is not the excitement i wanted to see. Boring!

  18. Avatar

    GM should take the $50 and invest in her education.

  19. Avatar

    Go Andy! Good luck man!

  20. Avatar


  21. Avatar

    im not shocked that andy won because he had better answers than gm and he played a way better game than gm. im actually shocked that gm got 2 votes i thought she would only get aaryns vote.

  22. Avatar

    As atrocious as this season was, I am still sad to see it end. Partially because it is going to be a long wait for BB16, but mostly because I feel a little cheated. The controversy surrounding this season and the HGs behavior robbed us of some of the fun this season. Instead of it being about actual gameplay and game drama (don’t get me wrong, it had its drama, but for entirely different reasons), it was more of a summer long bash session, both by HGs inside the big brother house and its audience.
    I hope the cast of BB16 is less vile, more interesting, and each member will have at least a little root value.

  23. Avatar

    GinaMarie’s answers are what killed her chances…. Now where can I find some interviews with these houseguests?

    • Avatar

      Lol, I guess andy knew she was truly inarticulate, she couldn’t even answer straightforward simple questions. The real surprise to me was judd voted for her given she voted him out. That being said when Amanda asked her what was your moves before putting me up and out she mumbled, said, well, uhmm uhmm, likke, like, my big move was putting you out. The jury may have been bitter initially, but I guess when you are so dumb you cannot put together a simple sentence like I socialized with everyone, you deserve to lose, o well. $50,000 is more than gm will probably ever make again and she is going to need it because she isn’t pretty, isn’t smart, and isn’t getting any younger. O yes and she has no job.

      • Avatar

        no need to be a rude jackass, im tired of saying this to people.

      • Avatar

        I understood what she meant. She was saying that once she had a strategy, that strategy was to get Amanda out. That was her plan before the formation of the Exterminators. Her single-mindedness paid off. If you can do only one thing, do it well.
        Being unable to express herself well, doesn’t mean she isn’t smart. She isn’t articulate. A lot of stupid people can speak well.

  24. Avatar

    People need to stop thinking GMs answers had anything to do with it. They might have swayed, hmmm, noone, again everyong loved andy, except judd who was super sore they chose gm over him

    • Avatar

      thats true everyone loved andy but i think judd voted for gm just because she got out amanda

      • Avatar

        no it was deff because he was sore at andy and spencer, go back and watch his eviction and then chat with julie, he was very serious about not voting for either of them

    • Avatar

      That’s true, dang it. My fave part was when Andy admitted lying to everyone the week they were on the block, so they wouldn’t blow up his game prior to being evicted. 2nd fave was when he said he’d been loyal to GM the whole time. So he showed scheming/lying/loyalty the core qualities needed in BB. The guy convinced me he played BB better than GM; however, I think he probably should have lost because of the shorts and bow tie. I almost always root for the gay man, but Andy made it difficult this year with the awful things that came out of his mouth for really no reason at all.

  25. Avatar

    I am just glad it is over I enjoyed some of your comments some comments no
    and I think the person knows who I am talking about ME AND SUZYQ I am glad
    that I don’t have to read your comments until next year. Great job Stevebeans I will always liked your comments. GOOD BYE FOR NOW you all have
    a great rest of the year see you next summer I hope the next Big Brothers
    will be better then this one.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for the shout out. Do you realize that none of your postings this season contained words with more than two syllables? How could I even be cross with you? I suggest you might want to spend the next nine months improving you vocabulary; and I sincerely mean this in the nicest possible way. I find extremely unwise to take criticism from the uneducated.

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  27. Avatar

    I really wish we could have seen the reactions on the faces of the house guests that lost their jobs over their comments. That’s a big evil of me but oh well.

  28. Avatar

    Lol i just checked the poll, soooo many people were in denial tonight, it was obvious, that andy would win, i really am shocked at the hate some of you have. Backstabbing is a legitimate strategy, its risky though. Andy played such a great social game, that even those he backstabbed, loved him. He said some awful things behind backs, mostly about ellisa, my guess is that all the rachel / ellisa fans are super sore that he won. That has to be where the numbers of votes for gm came from, cause honestly, what did gm do, other than put up mcranda, which she did knowing they had the votes no matter what.

  29. Avatar

    ME, you are so ignorant. Stevebeans rocks and its a lot of work to update this blog, have a personal life at the same time. I had to work tonight, don’t have a PVR so the posts for tonight I needed to rely on. BB Canada auditions are now so should be good hopefully when it airs, going to give season 2 a chance. Thank u Stevebeans for all that you do. Andy not my fave choice to win but vs GM he was the better choice IMO. Piece to all, this biatch is ordering a pizza and relaxing.

  30. Lou Lou

    Best moment of the whole night….. when Elissa was named, “American’s Favorite”…. seeing the look on Andy’s face!!!! Wonder what Spencer whispered in his ear????

    • Avatar

      “See Andy I told you the idiots from the Brenchel Army would vote that waste of space as AFP, she’ll probably lose the check and just forget about it.”

    • Avatar

      She was only the favorite because of rachels fans, and the super rediculous part about that is, she is pretty much nothing, NOTHING like rachel. Rachel could win comps, had a social game, and had a personality. Elissa spent a great deal of time doing … nothing, her hoh was spent secluded in her room, and while amanda was a total bitch during that, there is no excuse for hiding like that. she didnt really start trying till the very end, when she tried to work with amanda. She also really fucked herself when she tried to hide her relation to rachel. production giving her help was also bs i felt, shame on bb for that shit.

      • Avatar

        idk- they all spent a lot of time doing nothing- I think there were other things ppl were considering when voting.. I think your “rachel army” thing is a bit to simplistic. Viewers had sympathy for her I believe, due to the many tyraid’s Amanda directed at her and then the really bad remarks the hg threw her way..

      • Avatar

        Had sympathy for Elissa why exactly? When she freaked out so bad she got to call her husband and possibly learn things to advance her in the game? When she was given a duvet while she slept in Have Not room and no one else did? OR was it when she tried to self evict three times? That alone should have had her disqualified from being eligible for Americas Fav…..she even threatened to leave jury!!

        There were people in the game that worked their ass off that deserved it and that does not include Elissa!

      • Avatar

        Why did viewers have sympathy for Elissa? Did you not watch the entire season?
        How exactly do you have privy to all these details about the inner-workings of the show?
        And- she was having a conversation with another HG about jury- she never threatened leaving – you are so dramatic.

  31. Avatar

    All in all a very satisfactory finish. Andy won out and was by far the more deserving. Work kept me away from the show live and I just finished it off the DVR. Sad there was little in the way of exit interviews. I wonder if TMZ has anything up yet.

  32. Avatar

    Happy Andy won tonight. He was the best player. A little sad he didn’t let Spencer have second place.

  33. Avatar

    I wish when Howard was talking about the racial comments he had mentioned that 2 people had lost there jobs. Aaryn would definitely have known she was one. I’m also very glad Amanda didn’t win (I can’t stand her, but..) because of that false rumor about the show being fixed. I’m very glad she was evicted or I know I would have forever wondered and not trusted the show ever again. Now I do trust it.
    This IMO was one of the least favorite summers. Andy did play the best game but quite frankly it was a horrendous show this year, just a bunch of duds & bullies. I will still watch next summer, they can’t all be amazing. I liked the MVP twist and maybe without a relative of another player in the house that would have played out differently. I just wasn’t impressed with this season. Until summer 2014 fellow BigBrotherJunkies enjoy !!!#BBFAN

  34. Avatar

    Did you hear that groan from the audience when Andy evicted Spencer?
    I was hoping for GM to go out #3.
    Oh, well, at least she didn’t get the top prize.

    (Run, Nick, ruuuuun!)

  35. Avatar

    Some of Andy’s fans at a viewing party in Chicago:

  36. Avatar

    Can someone put up a link for Jeffs Backyard Interviews? Ican’t seem to pull it up. TY

  37. Avatar

    Okay this is what I’ve heard today on a podcast.

    Andy is saying he only stood by while others said bad things but he didn’t say anything bad or personal about people. He denied calling the jury “biracial robots”. Oh Andy do you still not understand 24/7 live feeds? I’m sure Elissa’s husband and Brendon will explain it to you at the finale party if you have the guts to show up and explain what you said about her children.

    He also said he met Amanda’s brother. I think that he was the only family member that came to the show for Amanda. And that she was already on a plane back to FL 1st thing this morning. Guess no finale party for Amanda.

    GM is very upset about being fired and apologizing in her GM way. She said her parents were disappointed and told her they raised her better than that. And she will give Nick back his hat on their date. No word if she has been invited to the finale party and if so if she will go.

    Spencer just kept saying he made a lot of bad jokes but they were just jokes and that his union is fighting for him to keep his job. I don’t even know if Spencer will get an invite to the finale party as it was announced that “some” of the cast would be invited.

    From Jeff’s interviews we know Howard is on his way to Canada for a gig of some sort and he just finished filming The Bold and the Beautiful.

    Today is Candice’s 30th birthday so a shout out to Candice.

    Oh and if you missed Jeff’s interview with Aaryn when he asked her about being fired she said that the agency wasn’t very good anyway and she has 6 interviews lined up. So I guess that high priced PR firm has been working hard. Now if they can just get her to smile and keep her mouth shut it may be okay. I mean you’re about to interview with 6 agencies and you trash the one that fired you for your racial slurs and comments.

    So far everyone that I’ve heard speak about their behavior/comments have fallen back on things being taken out of context. I guess they still don’t understand the concept of 24/7 Live Feeds.

  38. Avatar

    This is on Union Pacific’s website:

    Sept. 18, 2013
    Prior to Spencer Clawson being allowed to return from his Leave of Absence to active duty with Union Pacific Railroad, a formal investigation will be held under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement to determine the facts involving Mr. Clawson’s behavior on the Big Brother television show and online live feed. Based on the results of the investigation, Union Pacific will determine the appropriate action regarding Mr. Clawson’s employment status.

    I think they will concern themselves less with his vile comments and more with him saying he smokes pot while on the job or his “side business”. And he better hope when the cops went through his house they didn’t find any illegal substance or paraphernalia.

    We’ll just have to wait and see.

  39. Avatar

    Im Nikki. Long time viewer, first time commenter. I have a question.

    If Im not mistaken, isn’t the application period usually sometime early in the year? Since BB is taking applications now, does that mean a winter season of BB???? I sure hope Im right!

  40. Avatar

    Well, just watched. I know it was a controversial season, but I was still pretty into it and am sad to see it end. I just hope that all involved can learn from their experience and realize what is and is not appropriate to say or do. I still believe that the HGs are generally good people, that used poor judgement and not so tasteful jokes too often. In the end these are human beings that outside of the house, now have to deal with reading such terrible things about themselves that many on other blogs/websites have said. HORRIBLE things, if any of you have read. I commend Steve, and the users of this site for keeping it more less classy. While many on here expressed dislike for different HGs, most did not make terrible personal attacks on these people. Good luck to all the HGs, I hope they all succeed in their future endeavors. See you all back for BB16!

  41. Avatar

    So did Spencer’s gf Marilyn actually attend the finale?

  42. Avatar

    I have wondered all season about spencers girl…he said she was ” matronly ” but the outdated pics in his HOH room looked like he was alot younger ….better pic of him and Murdoch! I dont know what she will think of him chasing GM around the house and tickling her etc.

  43. Avatar

    I’m really glad they are coming back with another season of Big Brother. At times I had my doubts. I’ll see all of you “Junkies” next year!

  44. Painter1

    See you all next season!! Thx for the fun,laughs,and other ideas that had everyone talking.Great job SteveBeans !!!!!

  45. Avatar

    Apparently Aaryan did not get the news of her firing from her parents PR flacks first:


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