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Big Brother 15 – Live Finale Thread

May 7, 2014 | 138 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Here we are.. we have made it!  Countless hours of watching live feeds, analyzing the show, and typing thousands and thousands of words to recap what went on this season.  It all comes down to GinaMarie, Andy and Spencer… excited?  I know, try to contain yourselves, we’ll get through this.

Sure, the final 3 is up there with the least likable final 3 in Big Brother history, but at least we get to know that Spencer thinks this is what America was rooting for.  Enjoy that thought as he heads home tomorrow to realize how little America wanted ‘the exterminators’ in the end.  Other cast members like Aaryn and GinaMarie will learn they have lost their jobs, though GM may have at least $50k to go home with.  If you are a fan of theirs, don’t worry… within a few months, ‘racism-gate’ will be long forgotten and they’ll both have jobs again.

Before the show begins, my final plugs….

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That’s all I really have!  I don’t want to plug my donate link because you guys have been phenomenal this season, and tomorrow I will be diving head first into my backed up homework, so I probably don’t deserve donations after tonight!  It’s been a fun season, and you have all made it fantastic!  I hope to see you all back next season…

Rambling out of the way, time for some updates….

4:45pm – Still a few hours away.  Survivor is on in 15 minutes but I don’t plan on watching that tonight.  Maybe I’ll DVR it and blog it.

6:30pm – Survivor is just over which means it’s Big Brother time!!!  The person who went home tonight is … just kidding, I don’t know, I will watch Survivor tomorrow.

6:35pm – Here we go, it’s on now. Highlights of the ‘epic’ 30 minute endurance challenge.

6:45pm – Time for Andy and Spencer to square off in part 2.  This competition took a long time, yet Andy still destroyed Spencer.  The houseguests had to climb a wall and arrange houseguests in order of eviction.

6:52pm – Clip of Dr Will talking to the jury, and the jury members still arguing with Amanda.

7:00pm – Will had a long talk with the jury members about who should win. Each player had a valid reason they can win, even Spencer.

7:05pm – Final HoH Round!

Most out of 8 questions…

Question 1 – Both correct
Question 2 – Both wrong
Question 3 – Andy correct, up 2-1
Question 4 – Both correct, Andy still up 3-2
Question 5 – Andy correct, up 4-2
Question 6 – GinaMarie correct, Andy up 4-3
Question 7 – Both wrong, Andy up 4-3
Question 8 – Both correct, Andy wins 5-4

Andy is the final HoH

7:15pm – Andy is time to pick the eviction.  He chooses Spencer to leave the house.

[polldaddy poll=7408120]

7:20pm – Time for the jury to come out on stage. McCrae got all dressed up, he’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Amanda asks GM her biggest game move aside putting Amanda up.  GinaMarie says that her biggest move was getting Amanda out

Elissa asks the same question to Andy.  He said he aligned with Amanda and McCrae and he was the house snitch.

Helen asks GM the biggest obstacle in the game.  She said having Nick (??)

McCrae asks Andy about being a bitter jury member. Why should they vote for him.  Andy said he only threatened to be a bitter jury member to avoid being in jury.

Candice asks GM why they should give her the money.  GM blames Nick leaving and the shock of it.

Jessie asks Andy why he lied to so many people.  Andy – It’s because I’m a coward and it would have broke my heart.. especially to Jessie.

Spencer to Andy .. you just cost me a lot of money, why should I give you money?   Andy – Because I’m so loyal and I promised her on night 1

7:30pm – Final plea from Andy and GM.  Not much, just Andy pumping himself and his game up, while GinaMarie apologizing mostly.

Votes (for who to win)

Candice – Andy
Jessie – Andy
Helen – Andy
Aaryn – GinaMarie
Amanda – Andy
Elissa – Andy
Judd – GinaMarie
McCrae – Andy
Spencer – Andy

7:45pm – Julie reveals to Amanda that the MVP was America for the last 3 weeks.

Howard mentions the racist comments and the camera shows Aaryn.  Julie tells the house that the comments made national headlines.  Spencer asks if he said anything and Julie said ‘we don’t have enough time for that’ .. ouch

Andy wins Big Brother 15

GinaMarie looks happier as she rushed into Nick’s arms.

Time for America’s Vote….

Top 3.. Judd, Elissa and Howard….

Elissa wins!  She acts surprised…. sure

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