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Big Brother 15 – The Final HoH Round Is Set



Round 2 of the final HoH competition was played last night, and from what I hear it took quite a long time.  It was a timed competition where Andy and Spencer had an hour to climb something and arrange things based on the order of evicted houseguests.  I didn’t watch much of the feeds yesterday because I took a much needed day off from blogging about the house.  It doesn’t hurt that every time I log on the feeds, I hear GinaMarie chatting away and want to jab a screwdriver in my ear. Anyway, the final competition was Andy versus Spencer, and I’ll let you take a wild guess who won this….

Yes, by an extremely tight margin of about 15 minutes, Andy destroyed Spencer and is headed to the final round of the HoH against GinaMarie.  This final 2 comes as a surprise to just about nobody as Spencer’s only shot at winning would have been a beard growing challenge.  This doesn’t mean Spencer is out of the final 2, it just means his fate is completely in the hands of either GinaMarie or Andy at this point.  If either of them have a brain, they’d take Spencer, but as of right now they’re ‘promising’ to take one another regardless of who wins the final challenge.

With that said, it’s not a surprise that they’re promising each other a spot in the final 2.  I’d like to think both have the intention of taking Spencer while promising deals in the event they do lose, but nothing would surprise me at this point.  All 3 of them have basically lucked their way into the final 3 by being the weakest and lowest priority target of their respective alliances.  Some may call them floaters, I just call them weak players who sat on the sidelines while the strong ones killed each other (that could also be considered a smart strategy?).


Enough about those 3, I want to mention some sad news.  If you were watching this season, you’d know that former houseguest Britney Haynes had a baby recently as Julie announced it to the house.  Sadly, Britney revealed that her baby (Tilly) was diagnosed with cancer.  There really aren’t very many words for this other than it really sucks and I hope the best for Britney, her family, and especially Tilly.  There is a hashtag going around twitter #prayfortilly if you want to show your support and send positive vibes their way.

Back to the house briefly, I’m not really sure how much I’ll be reporting this week as it’s generally the slowest period in the house and this final 3 is probably the least interesting trio possible.  I’d like to get another update or two in before the finale, but school has also started and I also need to start re-focusing on my other blog Teen Mom Junkies (there is a lot of train wreck to catch up on there).

PS – For those wondering, test results came back for my father and we got good news!  Yay!  Thank you for your kind words during my brief absence.

PPS – I think next season I’m going to require a log-in to comment, this way I can have better control over banning (should someone need it), among another things.


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    While I really think somehow Andy will wiggle his elf butt into the final 2 I’m pulling for GM at this point she may be crazy obnoxious but at least she did win some stuff this season so she’s not a total floater like the other’s and I hope the closely all female jury will give it to her and not the RAT!

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      I want to make it clear that I don’t want any of them to win but someone has to.

      I believe GM will win the final HOH and get rid of Andy which will guarantee a win for GM. If that happens I will trow up.

      Thanks stevebeans for another great season!

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        the only floater hear is you jumping on everyone else I hate the final 3 band wagon lets see

        Candice 0 hoh 0 pov
        Jessie 0 hoh 0 pov
        Helen 1 hoh 0 pov
        Aaryn 4 hoh 2 pov
        Amanda 0 hoh 1 pov
        Elissa 2 hoh 2 pov 3 mvp I think…
        Judd 1 hoh 0 pov
        McCrae 2 hoh 2 pov
        Spencer 1 hoh 300 donut’s
        GM 2 hoh 2 pov
        Andy 2 hoh 2 pov

        so ya GM AND andy ARE REAL FLOATERS

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        weak ones! Nothing major

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        Facts on paper mean nothing to you?

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        Ha, facts, noone looks at the facts silly, they hear gossip and dribble, and jump on bandwagons of hate, just because humans would rather hate than praise, if this social experiment has taught us anything it is that. It should also show that lots of people cant take a joke, and that racism is alive and well.

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        Judd had 1 MVP during the double eviction, not that it matter though.

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        you have to admit , Aaryn’s 4 HOH helped to keep GM safe

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        except that the last three only won (most of their HOH’s or POV’s) when nearly everyone else was out of the house, so there was not much competition anyway. So yeah, floaters they are…especially Spencer, biggest floater of all! If a winner must be picked from these unfortunate three, GM is the only one who truly qualifies as a game player. Not that I want her to win, but she is the lesser of three evils at this time.

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        The best part is, a bunch of you don’t realize what the real problem with this season was. Hint she won a veto to keep her man in the game. If the house hadnt been retarded and gotten out amanda week 3, i would say players like howard and jeremy would still be in the house, at least 1 of them

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        hhahahaa @ the 300 donuts. Spencer only own something when damn near everyone else was gone….lol

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        Not hard to win when your only comp is 3 floaters.

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        well thankful it is not about your wins alone but also social game, wits, smarts, strategy, and game plan and sometimes sheer luck, deception, lies and favoritism. Being selected over the one who was voted out.. like a rat that avoids the traps set to get rid of the germy vormit. Crooks with evil in their hearts just may win sometimes..OR so it seems..”a fool and his money are soon departed”. How well we see the nature of these players when game isn’t at stake or matters they still are found being hateful lazy and mean when its not even necessary. He him it smiles ANDY fits the Passive floater definition to me..

        ((The passive competitive strategy involves losing most (sometimes all) competitions in attempt to appear unthreatening. Sometimes, House Guests employing the Passive strategy may even throw the competitions that have no effect on the outcome of the game (eg luxury and food competitions).

        LIKE GinaM..
        A Passive player will typically choose a Snake, Floater, or Collaborator social strategy. Several House Guests have used this strategy, {{If selecting the Collaborator social strategy, the House Guest will attempt join an alliance and help that alliance make it as far as possible into the game. They will go along with the alliance Leader’s decisions, or the overall alliance’s decision in the case of Leader-less groups. The Collaborators goal is to keep their alliance intact, while simultaneously not appearing as a great of a thread as the Leader. Many House Guests have employed this strategy,}} credits..”what is a floater!”

        CROOKS WIN SOME BATTLES but not all…avoiding being evicted doesn’t make you a great individual…winning a few games doesn’t prove your a champ. Nor have what makes you a decent caring soul…just my lil opinions..

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        I really HATE these 3 but I rather havwe GM win than the RAT or

        the PERV. Hope she does NOT take ANDY the RAT to the final

        somehow this RAT will pull out a WIN. GM is the less evil of the

        EVIL 3 so hopefully she wins.

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        I hate terrorism.. I am willing to forgive the HG’s.

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      Gm has 2 HoH’s, 1 veto, Andy has 2 HoH’s and 2 veto’s, I may be wrong about that, but I think I am right. Are you just floating with the majority who think andy sucks because he knew when to use others as a meat shield?

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        i am wrong, gm has 2 hoh’s and 0 vetos.

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        It is easier to win competitions later in the game– someone HAS to win, even if they suck. Of course some one who went further in the game will likely have more wins to tally

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        and won week 7, not really late, mid game. And we are talking about andy and GM, as in the original post. who are both still in the game. The people who care about your anti andy camp, are elsewhere, go bother them.

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        You may speak for ur self You…there’s plenty of anti-Andy fans still on this website. No need to be so rude!

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        Shoot i hit report comment by accident – sorry!!

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        i was saying elsewhere on the board, no need for him to be on my comment especially when I am putting up facts which you all are ignoring out of spite

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        I hit report comment on Kate’s post not yours. That’s why I replied to Kate.

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        Sorry You, I misunderstood – you weren’t replying to me at all. Got the threads mixed up.

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        Personally, its not about how he played the game. Its about he’s attitude and remarks towards certain people in the house and unnecessary threats of suicide.

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        And his remarks will have effects on the jury, or they wont. again, jury will decide. people need to stop hating so much and enjoy the game. really hasnt been as boring as everyone makes it out to be. there was some good drama, good laughs

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        It’s called hyperbole.

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        exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.
        synonyms: exaggeration, overstatement, magnification, embroidery, embellishment, excess, overkill, rhetoric;

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        But there was hardly anyone left in the house when they won their comps .

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      Its hard to define the word floater to me. I consider a floater, someone you keep in the game that you feel indifferent about, and keep them to make your game easier in competitions. Andy was kept in the game because his houseguests felt trust in him. It helped that he won competitions along the way.
      Judd, and Nick tried to play that same game, in which he befriends everyone possible. But people saw through it in both of them. However, its astounding no one gave a glare at Andy, so clearly he did something right.

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        Well said Klonoa, Im glad a few people can admit, that although he had faults like the rest, Andy played a really solid game, personally I really hope Andy wins.

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        Down vote me more please, if Andy wins these down votes will be little drops of satisfaction. Hell even if he loses to GM (im 99% positive spencer has no shot) these down votes still make me laugh. Why complain about the outcome, you cant change it. Just stop watching if youre that sore. Or do you just get off on being big people behind your computer screens with your threats and hate.

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        Candice saw through him. Jessie saw through him. Elissa saw through him. Helen kept him safe until he put a knife in her back.

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        Candace couldn’t trust anyone in the house, so it was natural to see Andy like the rest of them. Of course Jessie was suspicious, Andy nominated her. Elissa thought Andy voted with Amanda, and McCrae didn’t. Helen kept no one safe, except for Elissa.

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        Actually McCrea said in DR he knew Andy voted her out, he just felt it was a better move to go “with the house” and get Elissa out. He realized later it was a poor move.

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        That whole “go with what the house wants” thing really bugged me this year. NO ONE was willing to go against the majority decision, not even to stir up some drama and paranoia – not that there wasn’t plenty of paranoia already…but still! I guess all those typer of players (I can see Jeremy or Nick doing it) got voted out early.

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        I thought that was kinda lame to hear them say ‘I’m voting with what the house wants.’ This made the game so uninteresting.

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        Despite that, McCrae still thought he can trust Andy.

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      I tried to thumbs up but it won’t let me :/

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      There once was a woman named Jill
      Who swallowed an exploding pill
      They found her vagina
      In North Carolina
      And her tits in a tree in Brazil

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        we dont need any of that

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        What, humor. These women slander me every chance they get. I say fuck you and fuck them. Would it be more doctor like if I said it in latin?

      • Avatar

        This is exactly how I envision a respected head doctor would speak. U R a joke!

      • Avatar

        I am not working here. And, my patients find me mildly amusing. Ever hear s bunch of doctors or lawyers shoot the shit after a couple of drinks. We are human beings. And that limerick is damned good, so in my nicest professional opinion, fuck off and grow up. Only Dr. Welby was on duty 24 hours a day you idiot.

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      Yes, go Spence….go away!!!!

      • Avatar

        Spencer is going to the F2 and will win 50 thou just because he is easiest to beat. What is wrong with this picture? Major flaw in how the rules are set up.

      • Avatar

        What about when Russell shoulda won survivor??

        …btw sorry if talking to u brings u greif lmao

        …one man one vote is flawed when not everyone pulls their own weight 😉 jus sayn

      • Avatar

        I like talking to you. You’re a little confused about what a fascist is, but underneath all the BS you are a smart person. And remember, uneducated people can only bring grief or smug complacency upon themselves. But, Shirley did not deserve to be called stupid. Have some respect. More people will listen to you. Maybe not here, but definitely in intellectual circles…LOL…

      • Avatar

        And, Russell had no social game so the winner deserved to win.

      • Avatar

        I disagree with you on that – Russell deserved that win. His partner didn’t do much other than talk to people while he found idols and busted his butt in competitions. And a social game doesn’t always deserve the win. Daniele Donato had a better social and competition game than Evel Dick, but you could argue that his anti-social game won him that money – and he deserved every penny imo.

      • Avatar

        Stop it ima blush 😀

        Ya well same to you 😀 lol
        Again, hope it dont bring u too much grief chatn with me.

        Oh n dont think im on to you with that “kill em with kindness” bullshit lmao

      • Avatar

        only an attitude of ignorance would say that kindness is bullshit…obviously kindness is not something you practice in your life, not unlike the horrendous house guests this season. Very sad statement, it says a lot about your mentality.

      • Avatar

        Yeah SuzyQ, right. For the past week or so I’ve been trying to allude to ME that I know there’s some intellect residing in that grey matter. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Spencer is a piece of Shit. The biggest piece of crap I have

        seen since I changed my sons diaper.

      • Avatar

        But he comes out smelling like a rose. You are charming. Can I sign your dance card?

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    First things first.

    Steve I’m so glad to hear about test results for your father. We know you have been dealing with a lot this season both as our blogger and personally. Let Dad know we send him our best.

    Second is Britney and her beautiful daughter Tilly. Whether we personally believe in prayer or positive thoughts Britney, her husband, family and Tilly has ours.

    And Steve I would welcome a log in.

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    Hey Beans,

    Thanks again for all your hard work this season. It’s made my BB experience a lot more enjoyable to have your insights and to be able to participate in the comment boards where we can all share our own unique take on the game.

    As for the final three, as much as I hate to say it, I’m thinking Andy has played the best game (I know, he’s a ‘rat’, etc, etc. All three of them have completely pissed me off, Andy just played the best game consistently in my mind.).

    Either way it goes, like any Junkie, I’m stuck in this train wreck of a show till the end.

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    BB fact: the winner of part 1 has won the final HoH nine times out of 13… Can GM beat Andy? I hope so and I want him to place third so his head explodes on live TV!

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    stevebeans, thanks for all your hard work and enjoyable blogs!

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    Below is an excellent summation of “floaters.” Fortunately, I was able to find it online to avoid having to type it myself. Floaters are any or all of the following:

    1. not a part of a group; aren’t deemed a threat but their safety is always in danger;
    2. part of a group and [that] group is deemed a threat but [the floaters’ safety isn’t in danger;
    3. befriends those in power; [always moves on to the next person in power]; this can cause danger for [the person in power’s] safety or pleas from others for their vote for safety;
    4. doesn’t do anything in the game but seems to coast through the season until they are found to be useless or its the endgame;
    5. lays low, throws competitions and votes with majority

    Now floater can be sometimes used as a negative connotation but being a floater can also have positive connotation.


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    The worst season ever starts it’s final descent into boredom and craptastic goodness…good riddance and R.I.P you foul beast.

    On another note…my thoughts go out to Britney and her family. I always kind of liked Britney as a HG and I wish the best for her baby.

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    Not one of those 3 deserve to win anything but therapy, but I would choose GM over the other 2, I can’t stand looking at or listening to Andy, him and Spencer are vile, disgusting excuse for human beings, I hope Andy looses his job, for all the nasty things he said,the things they said about Julie Chen and her husband should of automaticaly got them sent packing.

    • Avatar

      Les should join Julie and confront those 2 boobs about what they said. Andy will turn red and cry and blame spencer for it…

    • Avatar

      Julie Chen deserves shit talk.

      Why are you defending an obvious psychotic person who laughed and joked at a man having his penis cut off?

      Search for “the talk cut off penis”

      If you see Julie as a normal civilized person of society after that, then clearly you’re a crazy person too.

    • Avatar

      My hope is GM to win Andy played the best gamethat puts him 1 up on GM but i want to see him cry at the end, Spencer is a pig, and GM made the Ballsiest move with her clear vision of what going on which puts her 2 up on Andy. 2-1 GM wins see vote as 5-4 or 6-3 GM

      Just a thought anyone think producers knew the personalities of these scumbags ahead of time and put them on the show on purpose lol lol the Lord of the Flies syndrome the animalistic instincts of man come out in extreme circumstances.

      • Avatar

        I don’t see how people say that Andy played a good game. He was basically Shelly. Ride someone’s coat tails, win nothing, do whatever you can to stay safe while not making any big moves and when the people that brought to to the end are about to get you to the final 3 like they promised you screw them over. Now compare that to Ian, who manipulated people into voting others out, while not being a total asshat.

        He did anything to say safe while not effecting the game as a whole. He was basically Shelly.

    • Avatar

      What did they say about Julie Chan and her husband?

    • Avatar

      Wishing people into positions of poverty (losing ones job) is a terrible thing to say. None of them killed anyone.

    • Avatar

      I hope you lose your job because you think your opinion matters. Gee I guess neither of us will get our wish today.

      • Avatar

        I am going to fire myself first thing tomorrow morning! I am very obliging when it comes to pleasing others..LOL.. No offense, but I wouldn’t wish that on any one just because they said something stupid. If I went around the my office firing everyone who said something stupid, or ever made an off color remark, I would end up with an empty office. Life is much more complicated then the people here seem to think it is.

      • Avatar

        And I think my opinion does matter, otherwise my friends and family wouldn’t be calling me all the time. I give excellent advice and am also the peacemaker in my family. Don’t be jealous of others talents. Utilize them for their strengths, and help them in areas you are strong. It’s called life.

      • Avatar

        Do you really believe that?

      • Avatar

        Is your boss fake to?

      • Avatar

        Natedogg You are now my favorite BB fan!

    • Avatar

      Actually Andy HAS lost his job. His college tweeted that he’s no longer employed by them. Basically the batshit crazy Brenchel losers were harassing them about the things he said about Elissa.

    • Avatar

      andy did lose his job.

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    My thoughts and prayers go out to Btitney and her family, may God give them the strength they need to get thru this most difficult time.

    • Avatar

      Lmfao watching U ppl race to xpress sympathy to an idol of a t.v show when theres plenty of suffering we all walk past everyday. .. youre all such fucking phoney bastards 🙂
      Bootlicking idol worshipers!!!


      • Avatar

        People are watching you….”me”…you are not looking good.

      • Avatar

        Really??? Im being watched? 😀 sweet! Ima change ma drawers n comb my hair 😛 how do I look now with this bow tie?? 😉 lol

      • Avatar

        You are ruthless. You are not wrong, but you are ruthless. It’s called a defense mechanism. In order not to be overwhelmed and feel useless the mind shuts out most of the atrocities around us so we can maintain an equilibrium. Then we tend to overreact to someone like Brittany and her baby because we can be sympathetic without really giving anything of ourselves. People don’t want this human weakness slapped in their faces. You are too much. You should hire yourself out as someone who can clear out a dinner party in 5 minutes so the hosts can finally go to bed.

      • Avatar

        Damn….youre on to Me 🙂

        I have been brought in to break ppl up before lol worked every time 🙂
        Glad your hear to clearify …although I think I did alright there but still appreciate 🙂

      • Avatar

        Suz, that last line about clearing a dinner party is hilarious!!! 🙂

      • Avatar

        People are going to hate you. I am officially Osama Bin Laden Jr. on this blog.

      • Avatar

        I think we encourage ME and give him the attention he seeks everytime we reply to any comment he makes.

      • Avatar

        ME, you are a trip! Lol. You are by far my favorite rant-miester.(sp?) The depths and passion of your vulgarity and prose are very entertaining and interesting. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Thx …but watch out, u might get hit with punches for it. Im glad u see the humor ….taking u at your word….I honestly lol every single lol n lmao cept my ass dont fall off.
        Now get off back woman, I got tardz to crap on!!! 😀 lol

      • Avatar

        Haa, haa,…it’s all good. Thumbs up or down don’t define me. Mwahahahaha……..!

      • Avatar

        Being a therapist, I think he needs therapy…..LOL…he is entertaining, but his break of linear thought and going off on tangents is a bad precursor to mental health problems. I would give him my email address and try to get him some local help for his condition but this is a dangerous crowd and I am scared of torch and pitchfork wielding villagers.

      • Avatar

        A therapist eh??
        That xplains you elitist tone 😉 …im guessing u spent too much time sucking your mommas tits n thats how u ended up in a field of the pathetcally feminized. Id offer to take u out and “man u up” but I dont think it’ll help.

        Fuck Julie Chen lol

      • Avatar

        I was a formula baby. No breast at all. Maybe that’s the root of my superior attitude. I still resent the lack of mothers milk…

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    Thanks Stevebeans for all you have done on this blog and happy to hear of the good news for your family!

    Can’t say I am happy Andy won the 2nd round, but he has been playing the game the whole time so only time will tell. I hope next year is all stars so we can see some gameplay that doesn’t bow to the “house.”

    I also would welcome a sign in. I know this season had a lot to complain about but sometimes the comments here got a bit out of hand, personal and way off game topic. Sometimes we were no better than the behaviors of the HG’s we were complaining about.

    That being said, I did enjoy the commraderies and insight of everyone’s opinion and looking forward to next season!

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    Why, GinaMarie, Why? Cry, Andy, Cry. Bye, Spencer, Bye.

  12. Avatar

    Considering the choices left I am going to have to go with GM to win. She is tougher than Andy and Spencer put together. She has had an injury just about every week and stitches from the super hero game and kept playing. Got the stitches in the Diary room! And with her bad knee, back, wrist, and whatever else she still bet Andy and Spencer in round one.

    Now on to America’s Player, it looks like Elissa will win and I do not know why. To me she acted like a spoiled brat! The producers treated her different than the rest of the cast like she was a celebrity or something. When she was a have not she got food no one else got and hot showers and other things. She was always threatening to go home instead of the jury house and If she had a problem she would run to the Diary room to complain. I did feel sorry for her when Amanda was attacking her but not enough to vote for her!

    • Avatar

      People like whom they like and dislike whom they dislike based on their preferences. You are entitled to your opinion about America’s favorite just as other people are entitled to theirs.
      Some people say Elissa will win because she has Brenchel’s Army–oh, well. Those who don’t like it, can start their own army. Although I doubt Brenchel’s army has so many members that it alone will account for all the votes Elissa receives.

      • Avatar

        Youre sooooo stupid!!! 🙂 lol

      • Avatar

        Shirley is far from stupid. How could you say something like that to a woman who has been giving nothing but calm, fair and reasoned commentary all along? I try to understand you and then you go and say something terrible to a nice person. Save the nasty remarks to the overdramatic lunatics who deserve it. For your own sense of self, I suggest you apologize to Shirley.

      • Avatar


        Sorry for calling u stupid Shirley 🙂

      • Avatar

        I’m uncertain the smiley faces and the lol, Me, but I’ll accept your apology.

      • Avatar

        Thank you, suzyq and thumbs-uppers.

      • Avatar

        Awwwwww, y’all are so cute! And ‘ME’….you actually apologized to someone bcuz SuzyQ scolded you? Wow, I’m proud of you. And Suz, you’re in a good mood today. 🙂 Cool. Hope you two wild-n-crazies come back for BB16. Your posts have been funny, scary, nasty, vulgar, hilarious, thought provoking and interesting to say the least. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Oh no!!! Thought provoking? ?? Quick Steve shut it down now the influence is gaining ground! !!! 😛 lol

      • Avatar

        need a life, these guys are wasting theirs…

      • Avatar

        Sizzors says I am wasting my life. I am happy to say I am enjoying every “wasted” minute of it. Jealous much. I bought 32 large candles at Yankee Candles BOGO sale. That’s 16 X 27.99 plus tax, Free Shipping. Then I bought 4 bags at “Rag & Bone” at $ 995 apiece plus tax, also no shipping. Then, because I can I bought an entire set of Cuisinart cookware 1/2 price at crate and barrel and I didn’t even need them, but it was such a good buy that I just had too. And, I can do similar shopping anytime I want because my MBA required field has provided me with a very comfortable income my entire adult life. And, I’m the “poor one” in the family. So think twice before you open your mouth and tell any one that they have a wasted life. What a mean and stupid thing to say. Kiss my two state, two home upper-middle class ass.

      • Avatar

        @Veeee – I always start out in a good mood. Then, amazingly, some mean spirited person gets annoyed by my good mood and feels the need to say something stupid. People seem to be very jealous of success here. Just because I don’t have to make a fool of myself on TV to earn 50 grand doesn’t mean I can’t feel for those who do.

      • Avatar

        Jekyll and Hyde…SuzyQ and ME. Just sayin

      • Avatar

        sq-you talk to much and say to little…really! You are the poster child of bad manners and poor taste! Money does not make you anything and spending it at Crate and barrel proves my point. Why would any one care about your fantasies of grandeur? Get a life please, when some one speaks so highly of themselves we all know to look down, just to see what is crawling around with them. Wouldn’t want to get any on my shoes.

      • Avatar

        @Veee = I have spent almost 30 years of my life giving people the space to forgive themselves and others on a professional basis. Since I was a child it is the only career I was interested in. While my friends dreamed of being astronauts and firemen, policemen and princesses, surgeons and lawyers, my only wish was to grow up and make people love themselves and others. I was constantly lecturing my two much older battling brothers to get along and appreciate each other. I don’t believe in public therapy, but when “me” was shown what he had done wrong in a constructive way I gave him the space for him to apologize to Shirley. I am an expert at this. As you can see, I can perform my duties, or in the vernacular, put my money where my mouth is. I cannot, of course, reveal my true identity here, but even so I have been greeted with such hostility here it is almost unbelievable. Because everyone is hidden here, I can only hope that all of the hate and meanness here is only because people who are normally more compassionate are venting anonymously what they would never say in their “real lives”. I wish you all the best, a healthy mind and a healthy heart.

      • Avatar

        @ Kate – It’s Jekyll and Hyde because I am a psychologist and “Me” needs one.
        @ sizzors – What can I say. You bring out the devil in me. You are trying so hard to convince yourself that my life isn’t everything I say it is you are busting. I know your type. You are so jealous you can taste the bile rising in the back of your throat. Why did you jump so quickly at the bait if I don’t irk you? You couldn’t get through to “Me” with all your hateful comments, yet I was able to get him to apologize to Shirley with my professional expertise. The feces you are smelling is coming from your rotting soul. It’s not too late for you to stop being a hater, but unfortunately the odds are not in your favor. What I forgot to tell you was the shopping I have been doing is for my enormous holiday gift list for our friends, family, and professional associates. Is that a blood vessel I see bulging on your forehead. Oh well. And, I am sure if you wrote a paragraph of thought as long as I can you would forget what you were saying somewhere in the middle of it. Those who can do, those who can’t disparage HG’s on a television show. Can you feel the love baby? Guess where I’m going this weekend. It would kill you.

      • Avatar

        At first I thought ME was the dominant personality, but I’ve since changed my mind to SuzyQ. SQ please call your therapist and get some help you’re out of control.

      • Avatar

        SQ, you just keep on being you because the staff would have to call for more meds if you change you story…again. We here, have had more fun poking at your make believe “on line persona” and consider it proof there is no intelligent life in Florida.

        Rant on!

      • Avatar

        So how many names do you have here?Btw you are so full of ↓ check your drawers old man.You talk yourself up a bunch.Do you lack the family jewels or something?

    • Avatar

      How does anyone who wasn’t in the house know for sure how differently Elissa was supposedly treated by the producers?
      To Steve, glad to hear the good news about your father. Thanks for a great blog.
      To Britney, may God heal your precious baby.

    • Avatar

      Elissa didn’t act like a brat! She was a target from the beginning. She stayed in there a long time with a target on her back. She was bullied and taunted and stood there with a smile. She said a few thing to her abuser but i believe she should have let them have it! She acted like a lady and she acted like a lady.

    • Avatar

      What did you see her eat? Or was this word of mouth?

  13. Avatar

    Steve glad to hear the good news about your dad. My God Bless Brittany & her family.

    • Avatar

      Obviously “God” has not blessed Brittany & her family. Are you saying God gave Brittany’s daughter cancer? You God people are ridiculous.

      • Avatar

        Well why don’t you just run around your employers office logging in to every computer with all you fake names and play with each other then.

      • Avatar

        This season on BB was horrific, but it’s still very entertaining in here. Trying to see just how many people can one single person pretend to be…
        I think my personal fav part is the obvious intentional misspellings.
        So many people in here called her out on it –but she stays ‘in character’. It’s interesting in its way I guess…
        —But then again I guess it’s the kind of dedication a person needs to Become a fake Dr in the first place…….

      • Avatar

        A woman named Jill was referred to our practice today. I passed her on to one of the partners. Then I laughed for a while.

      • Avatar

        Was it a hysterical laugh with foam dripping from your mouth?

  14. Avatar

    Stevebeans, Glad all is well with your family. A sign in log sounds great.

  15. Avatar

    Thanks stevebeans!!

  16. Avatar

    First and foremost, I wish the best to Britney and her family and hope little Tilly can pull through this.

    As of the F3, some day Andy played the best game, but what I don’t understand is why he is so afraid to make a move? I understand he was best friends with everybody (lol), why not make a big move to gain respect? He went after two complete non threats, and it just didn’t make any sense.

    I’m hoping he places third. That happening and his reaction to Elissa winning America’s Favorite would be perfection!

    • Avatar

      If Elissa wins Americas Player Spencer the perv said he would pull

      his pants down and shit on the stage and Andy the rat said he

      would Kill himself, TWO GOOD REASONS I voted for Elissa.

      • Avatar

        So if Andy the Creep wins BB 15 by Default and then Elissa wins
        Fan Favorite, Andy the Creep is going to kill himself.
        What an ending to BB15!
        However, we have to remember that Andy the Creep isn’t
        known for keeping his word.

      • Avatar

        That would be wilder than that weakass Canaduh BB finale attempt at being shocking….

        Elissa wins AFP …then Julie’s eyes widen, knowing her career bout to be summed up ina nice tight spiral swirl, as Spencer rises drops trou and lays a deuce on the stage…..

        Wonder if that shit-eater Elissa can resist chowing down before the cameras go to test pattern?? 😉 lmao

  17. Avatar

    Well I guess BB Canada is starting to look a whole lot better now we had instant evections, secret missions, and even a talking moose all BB US had was a failed mvp twist. I would take Glitter Gary and even Gillian as a final two over the three left in the house now any day maybe CBS can convince “THE SHIELD” to join the US cast next year and show you how to play the game with respect and dignity or even emmet he has more honor in his little finger than the whole US cast combined it really was a sad display this year I for one am not going to even watch the finale none of those three deserve half a million they should just give it all to cancer research for Brittney

    • Avatar

      ROB What a great idea! Give the money to Tilly for her hospital bills! Britney your baby girl is in my prayers. SteveBeans glad your dad is ok. You have done a great job this season.

      • Avatar

        In every other civilized nation in the world Brittany’s baby would be taken care of by all of her fellow countrymen and she wouldn’t need thousands and thousands of dollars just to stay alive. Shame on America and all the tea-party morons.

      • Avatar

        Hate to agree but the tea party has been taking over by big government dildos so …..go libertarian 😀

    • Avatar

      BB Canada is a great show.

      BB15 USA is a horrific show.

    • Avatar

      Supposedly CBS/BB has the right to not reward the full amount of the
      prize winnings – donating some of the money to any worthy cause would
      be, IMO, an excellent idea.

    • Avatar

      Yeah. I imagine they’ll have a different twist this time (since contestants will now be aware of the moose) maybe a talking beaver, lol. But they kept it interesting. I was a little bored because, well, the polite thing – whenever it looked like a good row was about to start someone would jump in and tell everyone to be nice and they would! And I was like, hell naw, FIGHT! FIGHT! But after BB 15 I’ll take decent, boring Canadians any day over these morally reprehensible Americans.

  18. Avatar

    So, here we are down to the final three. How will it play out?

    Andy wins HoH and he will axe GM. He will win $500k.

    GM wins HoH and she will axe Andy. She will win $500k.

    The only certainty at this point is that Spencer should receive the runner-up paycheck. Neither Andy nor GM is stupid enough to take the other to finals. Which assures Spencer second place overall – for doing very little throughout the season other than making some really stupid comments.

    Some other things that are certain at this point:
    Andy is no longer employed as a part time instructor. Apparently lying isn’t acceptable in the eyes of his (former) bosses.
    Aaryn is no longer a contracted model. Apparently racism is not acceptable to those who contracted her.
    GM is no longer a pageant coordinator. Apparently racism again isn’t acceptable.
    Spencer is going to be investigated further and may be arrested. Apparently law enforcement officials watch the show and take some comments seriously.
    Amanda is no longer going to be able to sell real estate. Apparently buying a house from someone who has clearly shown mental instabilities isn’t a good idea.

    And overall CBS is going to have some serious explaining to do after this fiasco of a season.

  19. Avatar

    Perhaps Julie Chen and CBS/BB will give BB Fans a GREAT show, which
    goes beyond having only A Creepy BB15 Winner by Default. Here’s hoping ……….
    Julie Chen on Finale Night –

    “Congratulations to BB15’s 3 Finalists. Before we begin the Final Comp, I’d like to say
    a few words to you. My husband, Les Moonves, the President of CBS, and I don’t have
    the time to watch all of the Live Feeds nor read all of the comments posted on
    Big Brother Blogs, however we, have staff who do both for us. Our staffers have kept
    us updated throughout the show.
    Why do you look surprised?
    BB15 has been a total surprise for us and BB Fans and not a good one. The disappointment regarding the
    HGs behavior, words and actions, has not only disheartened us but will have real consequences
    for many of the HGs once they leave the BBH.”

    “Tonight we will see the conclusion of BB15 – however keep the words,
    “Expect the Unexpected” in mind. You might be surprised at what happens.”

    “Good Luck, HGs.
    Let’s begin the show.”

    • Avatar

      Expect the unexpected and Julie rips up the checks for the winner and second place and favorite player

      • Avatar

        ….AND favorite player!!!! 😉 I can just see the Elissatardz losing their minds over that lol

      • Avatar

        I’m hoping for some of their winnings, not the total amount, going to a charity or
        good cause.
        Is there a “Think Before You Speak Foundation?”

      • Avatar

        How about a portion of their winnings going to Candice? Wouldn’t that just frost their cake & be poetic justice for all their racist remarks against her?!

      • Avatar

        Ya…maybe Candice could buy herself a spine in chinatown or something
        😛 lol

      • Avatar

        I saw on twitter someone said something about doing a write in for AFP, and voting for Britney Haynes. I say just give her daughter the entire $575,000, use it to beat the cancer then the rest to put her through college!

      • Avatar

        People auditioned for the show to win the prize. As long as they honored the contract and complied with the rules of the game, the winners should get their money.
        If CBS finds a loophole to keep from giving it to the winners, CBS can give it to whomever. However, to give it to Britney’s family specifically would be an insult to millions of other cancer victims who need money.

      • Avatar

        OMG!!!!!! I see now I was horribly wrong and im truely sorry for insulting you. Wish every post was as intelligent as yours was jus then 🙁 《《my shame face

      • Avatar

        I told you Shirley was cool. She is a critical thinker. I bet Shirley has a lot of friends. Smart people are hard to come by. Speaking of smart people, where is Jannie this weekend?

      • Jannie

        I’m here!!
        Spent the day at a beautiful outdoor wedding of two of my favorite guys(legalized here last month). They have been together 17 yrs. Gay guys do the most fabulous parties!! 🙂
        Glad to hear that Andy won part two – who do you REALLY think he’ll take if he wins?? I’m thinking Spencer…

      • Avatar

        Yes, I agree he will take Spencer. The haters were out in full force today. I missed you. They think that I am all of us that get along without the insincere butt kissing. I plugged sizzors right in today. I was able to get “Me” to apologize to Shirley and I think their heads exploded. Glad you had a great time. We have many gay friends and professional associates who have enriched our lives in so many ways. Have a great week.

      • Avatar

        As a cancer survivor, and the daughter of a cancer survivor, I fail to see how helping someone with cancer is an insult. It would have been great to have been given the money to cover my medical bills instead of paying them for the rest of my life. If Big Brother can spare a family, any family, that burden, I say “hell yeah!”

        By the way, from what I understand, a lot of the HGs didn’t follow the rules.

      • Avatar

        I said, “to give it to Britney’s family SPECIFICALLY would be an insult to MILLIONS OF OTHER cancer victims who need money.

        It is commendable for you not to feel disrespected CrazyCraeCrae.

        Regarding, “By the way, from what I understand, a lot of the HGs didn’t follow the rules.”

        What’s your point?

    • Avatar

      This would be fantastic. The top prize could be $1 and a thanks for playin loser.

  20. Avatar

    *Rather than just having a login how about you have to use your Facebook/Google+ profile to login? This way there is accountability for what you say and you are more easily identified.
    In the meantime I think everyone should simply disregard the comments that ” ME” makes altogether as it’s been established we don’t respect their opinions. Simply don’t reply or acknowledge them.

    • stevebeans

      I was wondering about the facebook option but I think that may go overboard. Comments are good with some anonymity because of how carefree facebook is with sharing info, so a registration to this site may be a happy medium.

      • Avatar

        Will it eliminate the trolls???

      • Avatar

        Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are not a troll. Just a narrow minded, provincial simpleton who soils their undies every time an opinion different than yours throws your entire world off kilter. You can dish it out but you can’t take it. Leave my dog Toto alone.

      • Avatar

        Me, suzyQ, whatever else you’re calling yourself today … Get a grip.

      • Avatar

        you are the troll I was referring to, nice of you to rename your dog “me”.

      • Avatar

        I’ve read your hateful remarks about the HG’s. You can’t fool me. You are filled with bile and contempt for your fellow human beings. “Me” is emotionally unbalanced. What is your excuse?

      • Avatar

        You are buckling under the pressure and you seem to be having a very difficult time handling rejection. Why are you trying so hard to prove yourself? It’s just a t.v. show after all, and we all love it. You should give Dr.Drew a call. Looks like you need to talk. Who knows, you could have your own show with all your friends from here.

      • Avatar

        Lmfao zzzziiinnnnnnnnngg!!!


      • Avatar

        Hey stevebeans…will you allow all the hateful names the HG’s have been called under your new system?. Calling people whores, and low lifes and pigs and rat bastards, will all that be allowed? Most of the people who are so gung ho for a login have referred to the HG’s with the most vile terms imaginable. No one here wants to admit their own culpability in what goes on here. They even say I am posting under different names when you have to know that I am not “Me”, yet you have said nothing. Maybe if you had been better at patrolling the overdramatic illiterate few it would not have gotten so out of control. This is your blog, why didn’t you step up to the plate and admonish these people from the onset of all this?

      • Avatar

        Whatever you say ‘me’.

      • Avatar

        You call the posters names so maybe don’t preach, dear.

      • Avatar

        suzyq, PLEASE!!!

      • Avatar

        Not everyone has a facebook account so please choose another option.

    • Avatar

      I agree with you Ash..just don’t respond AT ALL bcuz “ME” along with his/her other MANY pretend names is only trying to get a big reaction out of everyone on this site with a bunch of gibberish..like they say BAD attention to someone like that,is in their mind still attention, which they are obviously starving for..now here come the expirations..LOL!!!!!!!!!!

      • Avatar

        On Annette’s best day she does not have the brain ability that you do. Just remember, this moron thinks that we are the same person. We already have the upper hand because we know better. We will always know better. People with no introspection are unable to experience shame. She’s the loser buddy, not you. You were a big enough person to apologize to Shirley when you realized you made a mistake. People like Annette will never admit they are wrong. People with no growth capacity are never wrong.

      • Avatar

        Why don’t you write a book to stevebeans about yourself! Most of the people on this site are voicing their disgust over the vile actions of the houseguest. Maybe when they come out of the house and see the reaction people has had over what they have one….well, maybe they will change. And if i owned a business i would not want them to work for me either.But the things sq and me say to us sometimes is for no reason most of the time. Because we take a stand against them disgusting people in the house doesn’t make us just like them. Yes i said DISGUSTING! Can you think of another true word to call the final 3?

      • Avatar

        spoken by one who practices what he/she preaches! SQ, what do you use to get the dirt stains out of your clothes?

      • Avatar

        Bipolar much???

        😛 lol
        Julie Chen was drunk on Wed show

      • Avatar

        And you claim to dislike Elissa for treating the other houseguests with contemps? Pot, meet kettle.

      • Avatar

        it is true… you can’t have a battle of wits with an unarmed person

      • Avatar

        I never heard that before. Did you make that up all by yourself? You might be a genius. You should have yourself tested. For many things. Just start with your head.

      • Avatar

        what exactly is the point of your meaningless post SQ?

      • Avatar

        Half a league, half a league, half a league, go the six hundred. Into the valley of death………

      • Avatar

        @Annette – You are one of the delusional paranoids I was talking about. How dare you assume that many different posters here are the same person. Well, if that is the case then I think that you are Jill and NancyW and Jackie and 1234nqb and every other asshole that just repeats the same bullshit under different names. In case it is too confusing for you I am the one who told you what your name Annette means. You are not gracious. You are an assuming idiot.

      • Avatar

        I said now, watch what you say, now we’re calling you a radical, a liberal, fanatical, criminal
        Won’t you sign up your name, we’d like to feel you’re acceptable, respectable, presentable, a vegetable

      • Avatar

        Dan you are “daman. Always a pleasure. I love people who use their brains for something besides righteous indignation.

      • Avatar

        She speaks with personal knowledge, you know. No one smarter than sq, just ask her. What a piece of work.

      • Avatar

        I know many people who are a smart or are smarter then myself. You are not one of them. I have no trouble corresponding with the smarter people here. And of course I speak from personal knowledge. That’s what people with life experience do.

      • Avatar

        Hey leave me out of it Suzyq!

      • Avatar

        “How dare you assume that many different posters here are the same person.”-
        Suzyq+etc…etc…you yourself admitted to having multiple personas! You became soooo defensive when another poster pinned you for creating the personality ‘ME’. You threw a tantrum over it.
        Pot meet kettle.
        Funny too because ever since Steve said he would require a sign in you have exploded tonight in your rage! All of your make believe names are all nicely knit together with the same tone.
        You’re quite frightened, calling people names shows lack of control. We must keep you up all night fretting over how people see right through you and your games. Sorry to have rained on your sad parade. Maybe next year…OH SNAP! There won’t be one for you next year.Game Over!

      • Avatar

        I haven’t exploded. I have no rage. And, you are a drama queen. I don’t react to things as you do. I have accepted the HG’s for the people they are. You are a poor johnny one note. And I sleep very well thank you. I am turning in right after devious maids. Thanks to you and your gaggle of geese for proving what happens when hate and ignorance run rampant. Adios Ms. Bernhardt.

      • Avatar

        Come to think of it, I should really thank you. I might not have grown as close to some very smart people here, (OK and “Me”) If you didn’t accuse us all of being the same person. We laugh at you. You get mad at me. Who is having a healthier time?

      • Avatar

        It would be nice if WE could ‘not accept’ the HGs in peace. I wish you peace too. You need it.

      • Avatar

        Try some yoga.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for the rage ‘me’.

      • Avatar

        ‘Me’ is young and Canadian and I think male. suzyq is mean in a different way and I think a woman. If they ARE the same person, they need a serious diagnosis. I do believe that suzyq has more than one personality on this site though. I’m just not sure she’s ‘me’…. (just my opinion)

      • Avatar

        I’ve noticed 3 or 4 ‘personalities’…

      • Avatar

        Yeah it gets mad.Lol kinda runs him/herself in circles chasing their tail.it’s a huge hypocrite.

      • Avatar

        Every one here has noticed your rage sq/me! As soon as Steve mentioned cutting the trolls you began to show yourself. As for name calling, it is a TV show that is designed to cause emotional responses…your reactions were just self serving and nasty! Showing what you are exposes you as the troll you are. So I will ask again “Why are you so angry?” “Why do you hate and fear others?” “Why do you post such hate on a blog for a TV show?” Lots of questions…no answers….no intelligent life where you live.

      • Avatar

        My Love is of a birth as rare
        As ’tis for object strange and high:
        It was begotten by Despair
        Upon Impossibility.

        Magnanimous Despair alone
        Could show me so divine a thing,
        Where feeble Hope could ne’er have flown
        But vainly flapped its Tinsel wing.

        And yet I quickly might arrive
        Where my extended soul is fixt,
        But Fate does iron wedges drive,
        And always crowds itself betwixt.

        For Fate with jealous eye does see
        Two perfect Loves; nor lets them close:
        Their union would her ruin be,
        And her tyrannic power depose.

        And therefore her decrees of steel
        Us as the distant Poles have placed,
        (Though Love’s whole World on us doth wheel)
        Not by themselves to be embraced.

        Unless the giddy Heaven fall,
        And Earth some new convulsion tear;
        And, us to join, the World should all
        Be cramped into a planisphere.

        As lines so Loves oblique may well
        Themselves in every angle greet:
        But ours so truly parallel,
        Though infinite can never meet.

        Therefore the Love which us doth bind,
        But Fate so enviously debars,
        Is the conjunction of the Mind,
        And opposition of the Stars.

      • Avatar

        dang I missed this.I will now ignore the crazy(s).

  21. Avatar

    I have the feeling who ever wins the next round takes Spencer to final 2. I will root for GM to it over Andy and expect Elissa to win favorite HG. I really hope they switch up the last comp. not just questions which becomes boring.

    • Avatar

      U moronz deserve Andy and Spencer in da F2 😛 jus sayn lol

    • Avatar

      IF the show format stays with questions for the Final Comp, CBS/BB
      should make the questions interesting?

      Who used the hateful “C” word the most often?

      Who was described as being drunk while working?

      Which HG’s children were discussed in an abusive manner?

      How often were physical threats against other HGs verbalized?

      Who was described as having a safe job due to sleeping with the boss?

      Etc. Etc.

      • Avatar

        1. GM
        2. that drunk gold digger Julie Chen
        3. That idiot Elissa’s
        4. By Amanda, offen
        5. That hosebag Julie Chen!!!
        Woohooo im HOH with a perfect score!!!
        😀 Les Moonves likes em young lol

      • Avatar

        Your “C**T Calculator” is off – Andy the Rat “wins” that one.
        His mother must be sooooooo proud of him.

      • Avatar

        Don’t forget comments about people with special needs. For example, remember Jessie’s dream: In the dream, everyone was wearing super hero costumes & dancing. Jessie’s friend was dancing with her “retarded” brother. Aaryn interrupted Jessie and asked, “Wait, as in Downs Syndrome?” Jessie said yes and started giggling. So did Aaryn, but she tried to cover her laugh by putting her head down.

      • Avatar

        I missed that one. Is no one unscathed this year? Maybe there is something in the AC like legionnaires disease?

      • Avatar

        It was back in July.

      • Avatar

        LOL…that’s funny. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Not in this town pardner!

      • Avatar

        @Veee – Watch out. Jill and Annette and the rest of the coven will accuse us of being the same person. You can lose your identity in a flash with this crowd.

  22. Avatar

    “ME”, you are full of BS! “lower our standards” “whats made our civilization strong”? What are you smoking?

    You have mocked others, practiced bigoted speech, degraded honest emotions, used words of hate towards others and you want us to believe you have the higher moral ground? You have crawled lower than any thing I’ve read here by far.

    Get a job that lets you truly feel like you are making a change, and helping others. Leave these people alone and help yourself, for you surely need to make some changes….No one has died and made you Judge and Jury. We all will answer for our own actions when the time comes. You need to worry about yourself.

    • Avatar

      Gawd are you a retard!!! Tell ya what, my best hater, tell me “specifically” what I said , in my statement that is so far out of whack and ill leave this site 😉 thank gawd too cuz u ppl are fucking stupid lol…. be specific shithead…vague not allowed!!!


    • Avatar

      @sizzors…Me makes some good points but is very immature. You hit the nail on the head. Great post. That’s why I left you off the list of assumers. You are much smarter then they are. Thanks.

      • Avatar

        You know what they say about assuming? So “Me”, this ol bitch is looking forward to tomorrow and all the days after, as far as the eye can see! You are just going to have to live with people who think you are a waste of all the good this world can offer. You are just to busy “screaming” hate to see the truth. YOU make your reality by looking only for the worse…I’ll just keep trying to make it better. Go to sleep

      • Avatar

        I was trying too. This seems to be an intelligent person whose slightly scattered. Let’s be nice. We really don’t know who we are talking to. A 12 year old girl killed herself this week because of crap like this. We are adults. We should know better.

      • Avatar

        You should start with yourself! Seems all should look back at your rants and consider your choice of words. Doesn’t take much to get you cussing like a sailor. Preach to your mirror and leave your attempts at “sucking up” at the door. We are not buying any cheap crap from the likes of “you or me”.

      • Avatar

        A child said, What is the grass? fetching it to me with full
        How could I answer the child?. . . .I do not know what it
        is any more than he.

        I guess it must be the flag of my disposition, out of hopeful
        green stuff woven.

        Or I guess it is the handkerchief of the Lord,
        A scented gift and remembrancer designedly dropped,
        Bearing the owner’s name someway in the corners, that we
        may see and remark, and say Whose?

        Or I guess the grass is itself a child. . . .the produced babe
        of the vegetation.

        Or I guess it is a uniform hieroglyphic,
        And it means, Sprouting alike in broad zones and narrow
        Growing among black folks as among white,
        Kanuck, Tuckahoe, Congressman, Cuff, I give them the
        same, I receive them the same.

        And now it seems to me the beautiful uncut hair of graves.

        Tenderly will I use you curling grass,
        It may be you transpire from the breasts of young men,
        It may be if I had known them I would have loved them;
        It may be you are from old people and from women, and
        from offspring taken soon out of their mother’s laps,
        And here you are the mother’s laps.

        This grass is very dark to be from the white heads of old
        Darker than the colorless beards of old men,
        Dark to come from under the faint red roofs of mouths.

        O I perceive after all so many uttering tongues!
        And I perceive they do not come from the roofs of mouths
        for nothing.

        I wish I could translate the hints about the dead young men
        and women,
        And the hints about old men and mothers, and the offspring
        taken soon out of their laps.

        What do you think has become of the young and old men?
        What do you think has become of the women and

        They are alive and well somewhere;
        The smallest sprouts show there is really no death,
        And if ever there was it led forward life, and does not wait
        at the end to arrest it,
        And ceased the moment life appeared.

        All goes onward and outward. . . .and nothing collapses,
        And to die is different from what any one supposed, and

      • Avatar

        That happened about 20 miles from me, sad sad sad. I got my car washed at a fundraiser for her funeral. And 15 girls being questioned by police over the cyberbullying that led to it – so many lives damaged by hate.

      • Avatar

        So true.

        Bullying of any kind is despicable behavior.
        There are real consequences and, IMO, BB15
        is a prime example of why CBS/BB should
        take a stand against all of the HGs who
        participated in the bullying, which includes
        doing it, saying nothing to stop it and/or sitting back
        and laughing about it.

        24/7 Live Feeds brought BB Bullying to the public
        and the network needs to own up to that.
        Aaryn wasn’t the only HG. It is time to clean house.

        What are the consequences of doing nothing and
        rewarding $$$$ for this kind of behavior?

      • Avatar

        Oh no bullying is sooooo bad…we must stop the planet today and let all sissys, losers, and the shamelessly awkward dictate to us how we should move forward ……er …hang on a second. Taking marching orders from the fragile of our species IS suicide moronz.. im willing to break a few sorry eggs 😀 lmao

      • Avatar

        I do not see the three as being the same. Two are real life and the other is a voluntary game competing for a large cash prize. There are going to be disagreements in the BB house and trying to say “no bullying” would make the game unplayable. At one point or another every houseguest has been accused of being a bully. But how we conduct ourselves in real life and this board are quite different from the game and from each other.

      • Avatar

        See, You are right there with the pack. I thought so. I thought you wanted to be left out of it. Your one of those who egg on from the sidelines. Hey, you might be a floater type of hater….LOL…..

      • Avatar

        Im applauding sizzors telling you to look at yourself. I wanted you to keep me out of your rant about me being someone else. I thought you were smart!

      • Avatar

        Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age
        The child is grown, and puts away childish things.
        Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies.

        Nobody that matters, that is. Distant relatives of course
        Die, whom one never has seen or has seen for an hour,
        And they gave one candy in a pink-and-green stripéd bag, or a jack-knife,
        And went away, and cannot really be said to have lived at all.

        And cats die. They lie on the floor and lash their tails,
        And their reticent fur is suddenly all in motion
        With fleas that one never knew were there,
        Polished and brown, knowing all there is to know,
        Trekking off into the living world.
        You fetch a shoe-box, but it’s much too small, because she won’t curl up now:
        So you find a bigger box, and bury her in the yard, and weep.
        But you do not wake up a month from then, two months
        A year from then, two years, in the middle of the night
        And weep, with your knuckles in your mouth, and say Oh, God! Oh, God!
        Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies that matters,
        —mothers and fathers don’t die.

        And if you have said, “For heaven’s sake, must you always be kissing a person?”
        Or, “I do wish to gracious you’d stop tapping on the window with your thimble!”
        Tomorrow, or even the day after tomorrow if you’re busy having fun,
        Is plenty of time to say, “I’m sorry, mother.”

        To be grown up is to sit at the table with people who have died,
        who neither listen nor speak;
        Who do not drink their tea, though they always said
        Tea was such a comfort.

        Run down into the cellar and bring up the last jar of raspberries;
        they are not tempted.
        Flatter them, ask them what was it they said exactly
        That time, to the bishop, or to the overseer, or to Mrs. Mason;
        They are not taken in.
        Shout at them, get red in the face, rise,
        Drag them up out of their chairs by their stiff shoulders and shake
        them and yell at them;
        They are not startled, they are not even embarrassed; they slide
        back into their chairs.

        Your tea is cold now.
        You drink it standing up,
        And leave the house.

  23. Avatar

    Steve,I absolutely love the idea of log-in for BB16..Britney our prayers go out to you & your family & baby Tilly during this tough time.

    I’m so annoyed at the final 3.. like I said yesterday I’m only watching the finale to see what happens with the HG & if there is any response from Julie Chen or the audience..I hope she plays the clips live to them of their ongoing racist remarks & they have to try to wiggle & figure out how to defend their remarks & actions..its really hard to believe that one of them will win $500,000!

  24. Avatar

    don’t forget what Spencer said he would do if Elissa won Americas player,
    “pull his pants down and s*** on the stage” What a proud moment it would be for his family.

  25. Avatar

    What about a 3 way tie for GM, Andy and Spencer? The three of them split the funds??

  26. Avatar

    PLEASE!! as stated before, no thumbs up or down for “ME” if we ignore him and don’t comment on his/her posts, maybe he/she will go away.

    • Avatar

      “Maybe” lol

      SteveBeanz is a fascist!!!

      • Avatar

        Mussolini was a fascist. Hitler was a fascist. Franco was a fascist. Please look up the word fascist. Calling someone a fascist is a very serious accusation.

      • Avatar

        I did….theres a picture of Steve n Julie 😉 jus kidding lol

      • Avatar

        Thanks for calming down.

      • Avatar

        Dont thank me…according to u, you did it…. finger your own asshole for a change im good for now…n dont worry your stroking felt great 😉 I came twice lmao

        Souvenirs anyone??? 😛

      • Avatar

        Half a league, half a league,
        Half a league onward,
        All in the valley of Death
        Rode the six hundred.
        “Forward, the Light Brigade!
        Charge for the guns!” he said:
        Into the valley of Death
        Rode the six hundred.

        “Forward, the Light Brigade!”
        Was there a man dismay’d?
        Not tho’ the soldier knew
        Some one had blunder’d:
        Theirs not to make reply,
        Theirs not to reason why,
        Theirs but to do and die:
        Into the valley of Death
        Rode the six hundred.

        Cannon to right of them,
        Cannon to left of them,
        Cannon in front of them
        Volley’d and thunder’d;
        Storm’d at with shot and shell,
        Boldly they rode and well,
        Into the jaws of Death,
        Into the mouth of Hell
        Rode the six hundred.

        Flash’d all their sabres bare,
        Flash’d as they turn’d in air
        Sabring the gunners there,
        Charging an army, while
        All the world wonder’d:
        Plunged in the battery-smoke
        Right thro’ the line they broke;
        Cossack and Russian
        Reel’d from the sabre-stroke
        Shatter’d and sunder’d.
        Then they rode back, but not
        Not the six hundred.

        Cannon to right of them,
        Cannon to left of them,
        Cannon behind them
        Volley’d and thunder’d;
        Storm’d at with shot and shell,
        While horse and hero fell,
        They that had fought so well
        Came thro’ the jaws of Death,
        Back from the mouth of Hell,
        All that was left of them,
        Left of six hundred.

        When can their glory fade?
        O the wild charge they made!
        All the world wonder’d.
        Honor the charge they made!
        Honor the Light Brigade,
        Noble six hundred!

  27. Avatar

    Steve, thank you for a an informative BB15 season. This was the first time I followed a blog, and your blog rocks.
    I am happy to hear that your Father is doing well.
    Thank you.

  28. Avatar

    My prayers go out to Brittany and her baby first and foremost. As for the poster who thinks Julie Chen being 20 years younger than her husband – I saw where Patrick Stewart is 73 and just married a 35 year old. The old coot could be her grandfather. At least Les would only qualify as her very young father. And they may really love each other. Think they’ve been together for awhile.

  29. Avatar

    Steve, I think the log in idea is great! I would also suggest, as others have, moving the “report comment” link. I can’t tell you how many times I have accidentally hit it when trying to hit the thumbs down on my iPad, it doesn’t seem to be an issue on the computer. And also, I am happy to hear you plan to do some TM updating….I have been waiting! The person updating it in your place does a pretty good job writing wise, but two stories in a month?! There is soooo much to write about!!
    I also wanted to share this link I found on Jun’s blog for baby Tilly. It’s a donation link.

  30. Avatar

    at least gm and andy now can battle it out who wins the big price.
    i didnt like a lot of what was said or overall behavior this season. but i think in the grand scheme of things all 3 of them (or the ones that left before) are not bad individuals.
    all of them deserve the money, especially if you think about that little social experiment gone wrong, that cbs got them into this season, and its impact on their real lifes.
    it s not totally their fault. they were put in these situations,and that at least partly forced them to take part in some ugly things.
    Just think about other social/psychological experiments, like the stanford prison experiment or stuff like that. ultimatly cbs is responsible for what happens in the house.
    let’s not bash these players individually, because this is more than “just a game” -like everyone says-, production should have stepped in immediatly, when lines were crossed very early in this game.
    so go gm,andy and spencer!

  31. Avatar

    Steve, thank you. I would have stopped watching Big Brother very early this season, but have not since finding this blog. This has kept me around for what has been a lackluster season, and I have enjoyed coming here to find out what you’ve said about the house, your predictions, etc. I have truly enjoyed keeping up with this and like your style, all the way around. I, too, would welcome a log-in next season.

  32. Avatar

    stevebeans, yes, you should add some way of being able to block the people on here who have done their best to ruin this site. No one could comment without being slammed with personal insults. This season of disgusting houseguests and internet trolls brought out the worst in a lot of people. Glad to see the show ending, and I don’t care who wins. P.S. Very glad to hear the medical tests turned out to be good news.

    • Avatar

      When im gone, and all your attentions turn inward on eachother, you’ll all see what I see 🙂 HOMOZ!!!

      • Avatar

        Oh No “ME/Suezq I finally get it..how many times did you send in tapes & try out for BB..AWWW what happened they didn’t even give you a call, someone with all your greatness didn’t even get a chance..you once again got passed over for something!! That’s why you hate the players & host & everyone on the site who loves the BB game..don’t be so upset spewing all the time CBS/BB did you a favor bcuz with your stinky attitude you would have been the HG voted out first!!

      • Avatar

        Awwwww u went out on a limb and failed miserably 🙂 lol

        ….take a guess what im doing now shit-4-brainz?? 😉 …it rhymes with rapping on cardz 😀 lmao

      • Avatar

        @Annette – I don’t hate the HG’s or the host or any of the people who blog here. If you actually paid attention to what I have been saying you can never once find me critical of any of the HG’s except Elissa, who treated the other HG’s with contempt. I have been critical of you because you are not perceptive and assume things that are not true. “Me” is his own person. And, you have spewed poisonous remarks about the HG’s for weeks now. If you deny it you are also a liar. How sad for you. Also, I would rather spend a torturous hour with you over cocktails then be seen on a reality TV show. It seems like something I would not enjoy.

      • Avatar

        You mean I won’t be seeing you on “My Big Redneck Wedding” this year?

      • Avatar

        DanDaMan-Good on you!

      • Avatar

        Oh suzyq and I get along famously, we bonded over our loathing of Elissa’s game, or rather lack thereof. I am sure the absurdity of my comment will elicit at least a wry smile from the very intuitive suzyq. I do not think suzyq and Me are alters though, now Me and You on the other hand might be related. I do enjoy most Me’s posts though, they are a little like doing a cryptoquote but usually do have redeeming value.

      • Avatar

        hey dan…how much you want to bet that sizzors is missing a few teeth? She thought your remark was a slam. I thought it was spot on hilarious. You can always judge intelligence by the persons recognition of irony and sarcasm. Your comment sailed about 6 feet over her head.

      • Avatar

        Naw, he just made me smile! He has charm, something sq is lacking.

      • Avatar

        The ME puzzle has finallly been solved. Green is the color for envy

    • Avatar

      If thou must love me, let it be for nought
      Except for love’s sake only. Do not say,
      “I love her for her smile—her look—her way
      Of speaking gently,—for a trick of thought
      That falls in well with mine, and certes brought
      A sense of pleasant ease on such a day”—
      For these things in themselves, Belovèd, may
      Be changed, or change for thee—and love, so wrought,
      May be unwrought so. Neither love me for
      Thine own dear pity’s wiping my cheeks dry:
      A creature might forget to weep, who bore
      Thy comfort long, and lose thy love thereby!
      But love me for love’s sake, that evermore
      Thou mayst love on, through love’s eternity.

  33. Avatar

    Yo stevo!

    Enjoyed all the greatness you bring to the table, look forward to next season as well.

    You’ve done a great job with the pop up adds by the way.
    Just please don’t ever put video pop up adds on here or I might just have to kill myself…kidding

    But in all honestly your a big brother spoiler hero!

    • stevebeans

      Have you been seeing any pop-up adds? I had the facebook thing earlier in the season, but you shouldn’t see any others. Let me know if you do.

      No, never any pop-up videos. I’m not a huge fan of ads myself, so I sacrifice potential revenue for a cleaner site.

  34. Avatar

    Beans why not just delete the nut? “POOF”

  35. Avatar

    I think I’ll play like a HG & go take a nap; zzzzzzz

  36. Avatar

    I am trying to understand what you are saying but I am having a hard time. Just when I think I got it, I get lost. Are you saying that by lowering standards (passing everyone in school, eliminating competition in school sports, equating feminine and masculine abilities as equal) we are weakening our society? If you are I understand your point, but disagree. Too many people in our society had been treated as second class citizens for far too long. By recognizing the civil rights of all our citizens I believe we strengthen the fabric of our society. When you call Julie Chen a fascist, is this because she represents a society that is run for the benefit of corporations over the rights of its citizen? I think that is a bit harsh. The entire entertainment media is controlled by corporate conglomerates that represents fascist over democratic republic interests. It s almost impossible to work in the entertainment industry without selling out to the state. And, please disregard this paranoid idiot Jill. She believes about 5 or 6 of us are the same person because we disagree with her delusional dramatic histrionics. Maybe it’s your “unusual” syntax that is confusing me. Please advise…..

    • Avatar

      Yes you understand my point but i disagree that the fabric is strengthened by catering to every losers needs by stripping strenght from the strong in our society. Sure there will be those who can n want to help and they AND I do so at my discretion. .. however when you bring up the republic…it has been saturated with weakness thus the demands of the whole is jaded in favor of those dragging the cream down ….like having Colby, Ethan or Tom etc.. carrying weaker players sand bags in the group chase for a TEAM immunity …get the flaw?? 🙂

      • Avatar

        You sound like Ayn Rand. Your philosophy would be sound if everyone in need was indeed a reprobate or “loser” as you call them. But, I have lived a long life and not everyone in need is in need because of their own actions. Not every one has the same capabilities. I was a good student. I was born with certain talents that have allowed me to be very successful in life. What about those who are not so fortunate to have innate abilities and two loving, nurturing parents that provided the safe environment for healthy growth? What about the mentally ill? What about those born into poverty or alcoholism? What about those who have been mistreated and constantly let down by loved ones and society. Your outlook that favors the “uber man” reeks of fascism, yet you call others fascists. You want to breed a master race of perfection that lacks a scintilla of compassion. You need to explore the true meaning of fascism because you are a proponent of that disgusting philosophy. That is why you are so misunderstood because your words are in constant conflict with your opinions.

      • Avatar

        So when I mention helping at my discretion. …u just glazed over it???
        ….ok lets try this… is a facsist a facsist to the ppl who support the point of view of the facsist?? See u think you got it right cuz u disagree with my overview of what a great civilization would be..but I know that a facsist is a person that uses power to surpress opposition and criticism. Your prolly a socialist (jus guessin)and u cant see the fascist nature of whatyou support over those who disagree. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Why only at your discretion? You cannot decide for all. I am not a socialist because when the talented are not rewarded for their achievements, people tend not to do their best, and that is not to the peoples advantage. I just can’t be as callous to the suffering of others as you can. Maybe you can understand this. For every child in my country that I stand by and allow to have a poor education, it just might be that child who turns to violent crime that could hurt you or your family . And the definition of fascism is a corporate run state where business interest comes before its citizenry.

      • Avatar

        Thats a corporate fascist. ..then there are tyrannical fascists. Didnt yoir higher education teach u anything but how to milk the emotional fargile???

        Julie Chen blows for advancement!! 😀 lol

      • Avatar

        Wow, that was an excellent comment Suzy’s.

      • Avatar

        Referring to suzyq’s any rand post

  37. Avatar

    Steve, thank for this blog, you have done a great job this season of Big Brother keeping us updated. Godspeed to your Dad also.

    My thoughts & prayers go out the Britney’s Family, and especially her Baby, Tilly…Godspeed, Health, & Healing to her.

    Steve please add an “IGNORE BUTTON” while you’re at it when you update your “log in” for this website…That would be, Awesome.

  38. Avatar

    So what will happen on tonights show? Are they supposed to talk about houseguests over a meal?

  39. Avatar

    My goodness people!

    • Avatar

      This is what happens on every blog because there are no intelligence requirements to participate; so it always descends to the lowest common denominator. That’s life with the scared, delusional and paranoid. WE are also brought here together by a silly TV show.

  40. Avatar

    I hope Dr. Will adds something interesting to the show.

  41. Avatar

    4:04 PM BB Voice says it’s hot outside and don’t forget your sunscreen. Andy says the sun isn’t out anymore. BB: You’ve got to be kidding me

    Another fine example of Rat Dog’s stupidity. You would think a fair skinned redhead would know the dangers of being outside without sunscreen.

    National Cancer Institute
    Estimated new cases and deaths from melanoma in the United States in 2013:
    New cases: 76,690
    Deaths: 9,480

    Sorry for the rant but after just finding out that Britney’s newborn was diagnosed with cancer and this grown, educated adult ignores the fact that he is at high risk just upsets me.

  42. Avatar

    4:30 PM BB Announces – “you’re the reason we can’t have nice things” HG ask why?

    So I guess production has had enough of this season as well.

    • Avatar

      I would hate to be production. God bless them for dealing with all the idiots inside the house.

      • Avatar

        If one were to tally the epigraphic advice given to young poets in our contemporary academic environment, my bet would be that two quotations will have been spoken more than any others: Ezra Pound’s “go in fear of abstractions…the natural object is always the adequate symbol,” and William Carlos Williams’s “no ideas but in things.” This bias toward the materiality, not of language, but rather of the world as represented in language, is lodged so deeply in the poetic psyche that a poem laden with abstractions can almost be considered a de facto failure. “Grief, justice, and joy?” I can still hear my first college poetry professor grouse, “You just can’t put such words in a poem.” Indeed, one can see his point; the poem that attempts to constrain the reader’s interpretive vicissitudes by forcing the reader to feel “grief,” “justice,” or “joy,” is less interesting, certainly less empowering, than the poem that depicts the specificity of a situation from which we can derive our own ideas on how and what to feel.

        Certainly our relative lateness, historically speaking, has insured that we are privy to the contingency of all abstract ideals, and such concepts rendered in language are not constant through time but rather changeable, forever in medias res, and thus nebulous. Take “love,” a word of all circumference and no center, containing innumerable, even diametrically opposed, forms and gestures, thereby lacking a pivot upon which a reader can fasten understanding. Mention an “oriole” or a “pair of soiled briefs” and there’s no such confusion as to the referent. Yet ultimately, the wisdom that places materiality on top of a poetic hierarchy and abstraction at its bottom, the breed of thinking which doubtlessly has strengthened the verse of many poets, nonetheless has become a kind of dogma that stifles poetic expression and repels us from exploring a crucial escarpment upon the peaks of Mount Parnassus.

        I’ve been thinking lately about the necessity of abstraction in poetry because of the fragmentary lyric “For Hans Carossa” by Rainer Maria Rilke. Translated by Stephen Mitchell, it begins: “Losing too is still ours; and even forgetting / still has a shape in the kingdom of transformation.” From the first word onwards, we’re given a slew of abstractions, the amorphous act of “forgetting” given a shape, not geometric or even graspable, but inhabiting the airy “kingdom of forgetting.” The lyric continues, “When something’s let go of, it circles; and though we are rarely the center / of the circle, it draws around us its unbroken, marvelous curve.” I like this poem immensely, beginning with the notion that the process over which we have the least control—loss—is perhaps the only thing we can be said truly to possess, in part because nothing is ever truly lost, but recurs in a transformed form to haunt us with its spectral presence. Think of the people whose lives we have rubbed up against, even briefly, and how some modicum of their influence remains; how a detail from the future can remind us of a person from the past; how in fact we are in a kind of orbit around the people, places, and ideas that we once held so close and have since let go of, and that at any given moment we are approaching perihelion or aphelion with respect to these past selves. Yet to grade this lyric with the tools given us by the culture of workshop, we would have to judge it a failure. The content is airy, abstract, and impossible to pin down in any concrete detail. The scope is vague and over-general (“when something’s let go of”) and the rhetoric coercive (“marvelous”). In fact, I would argue, were this poem to show up in a college workshop, not known to have been authored by Rilke, it would be garroted and bathed in red ink by student and professor alike.

        Certainly part of our distrust of abstraction is a reaction to the cliché-ridden spate of personifications offered to us by various Victorian poets. After hundreds of such lines as, Lord Alfred Tennyson’s “Let Love clasp Grief lest both be drowned,” and Alexander Pope’s “Or Envy holds a whole week’s war with Sense,” it’s not surprising that modern poets would occupy the opposite extreme. Also, to take an analogy from the world of visual representation, modernity is characterized by a movement towards greater and greater concreteness. Idealized, over-burnished frescoes of the Virgin Mary and Renaissance perspective paintings eventually give way to Manet’s Olympia and Cézanne’s impressionist landscapes, which in turn give way to Cubism and Dada, until finally, Pollock is dripping paint, Rothko is producing luminous panels of color, and Ad Reinhardt is painting canvases black. The entire trajectory can be seen as gradually foregrounding the material from which a painting is composed and gradually diminishing its content, until eventually the content becomes the material, or, in the words of cultural critic Marshall McLuhan, “the medium is the message.”

        This impulse toward materiality, strengthened by the ascension of science and the decline of religion, is felt in poetry as well, where the poet is taught that the wilderness of inner life needs, as T. S. Eliot put it, “objective correlatives,” in order to appear in the body of the poem. This is not, incidentally, the true working out of the formula posited by visual artists. It is only the school of language poetry that seems interested in unmooring words from contexts and foregrounding the materiality of language as language. The lyric poet is taught to look to the particulars of life in the vast world, finding details that are emblematic of the emotion she wishes to convey, never using a Latinate word when an Anglo-Saxon one will suffice. The vocabulary that has cachet for the poet, she is told, are those words which are closest to the body—bone, blood, rib, stone—compact, muscular nouns with none of the vagueness and amorphousness of abstraction. But if such advice were to be taken literally, the English language would be without some of its most memorable poets. Wallace Stevens, Hart Crane, and Emily Dickinson come to mind as writers who unswervingly rely on the language of abstraction to fulfill their poetic endeavors.

        A counter-example can be found in William Carlos Williams’s poem, “The Locust Tree in Flower,” a thirteen-word, thirteen-line poem, itself a revision of a twenty-four line poem, which offers us the very opposite of abstraction. Williams, in this poem and elsewhere, seeks the concrete world with such fervency that he wills himself out of the poem, erasing the distinction between observer and observed. Like any good Taoist, he wishes for nature to speak for herself, and certainly his technique mimics the subtle speed and resurgence with which spring reanimates life outdoors. Even the very shape of the poem on the page resembles a tree poking its trunk from the ground. Ultimately, though, a vision of the world reduced to such compressed and even banal descriptors (“green,” “old,” “bright,” “sweet”) cannot work as art in its highest sense. It presumes too much: that the author has distilled some essence of the locust tree that other language could not adequately convey; that the reader, through contemplating those thirteen words, is able to fill in the blanks and reproduce the kind of feeling that Williams had when he wrote the poem; that subjectivity can, in any real sense, be circumvented, even in a haiku-like verse form. In the end, any claim to “objective” reality, or to things as they are, reveals Williams’ narcissistic hope of grafting himself to the tangible, mineral world, thereby giving his words the permanence and durability of objects. Yet the scope of poetry is potentially much broader. Elsewhere, in Paterson, Williams has written, “I am aware of the stream / that has no language, coursing / beneath the quiet heaven of / your eyes / which has no speech,”—but if not the poet to capture those streams and coursings in speech, then whom?

  43. Avatar

    is there a way for us here in the US to watch Big Brother Canada 2 when it comes out?

  44. Avatar

    Ok so let me just say this is the first season I’ve used this site. Idk who runs this site but you are horrible a blogger. All you do is complain, COMPLAIN, and ask for money. You are extremely lazy with ur so called much needed breaks. We come here for Big Brother NOT ur personal life drama. Go ahead and thumbs me down. You all know you were thinking the same thing!!! I hope my comment gets approved.

    • Avatar

      With any luck maybe you’ll never return to this site as you find it so lacking. God speed!

      • Avatar

        “I want to live.…I say/ Do what you are going to do, and I will tell about it.” –Sharon Olds

        I grew up gay in a fundamentalist Christian family. I started writing poetry to survive. A part of me twinges at that statement, even now, with a sort of embarrassment for sounding corny, for saying something that lacks irony or sarcasm. Perhaps in the current poetry climate where cleverness and self-conscious language play seem to be increasingly revered, I would go so far as to say that there’s a new sort of “closet” I’ve found myself hiding in: one where I admit that poetry really does matter to me on a very personal level, a level of survival.

        One of the first contemporary poems I ever read was “I Go Back to May 1937” by Sharon Olds. I remember being struck with the idea that a poem could let its writer enter the past, even witness a past which he or she wasn’t a part. It’s a fairly common device, I soon found, but something inside me shifted the first time I encountered it. I believe at that moment I started imagining the vast possibilities of poetic expression: if poetry could allow a person to enter the past with the choice of drastically altering history, then could poetry also predict a future? Could poetry address injustice? Could poetry be the precise language of representation for the inexpressible body? Could the very act of “telling” allow a person to live? Could I–gay, closeted, and utterly miserable–find a way to live? The answer, I realized, was: Yes. Poetry, I discovered, had that kind of power.

        I now look at “I Go Back to May 1937” as an ars poetica, and I’m fascinated with the moment when Olds’ narrator picks the parents up “and bang(s) them together/ at the hips.” In that moment, the narrator is not only participating in making her very “physical” body by initiating (furiously) a sexual act between her parents, but she is also constructing a “body” of poetics. The narrator in that moment refuses the role of disembodied observer and chooses, instead, to be an active agent in sculpting her own story. This act, followed by the announcement, “I will tell about it,” links the body to language—introducing a hands-on poetry, a poetry of decision, of accountability, a poetry of both physical and artistic necessity.

        So why now, years later, after feeling such power from a single poem, do I feel pressure from peers to remove the narrative “I” from my poems? Why am I encouraged to remove the narrator’s intensely personal details? Why can’t “I” be imagined on the page? Is the reader afraid to be gay for a little while (to be black for a little while, to be a woman)? Of course, everything goes out of fashion; trends, by definition, shift. But isn’t there something inherently disturbing about disenfranchising the disenfranchised? I’m not saying that any or all poetry should be narrative, or that all gay writers should or do tell their stories in poetry. But if we’re going to embrace the sonnet and praise the villanelle, then shouldn’t we also celebrate the narrative “I”? I’m concerned about the voice that says: Take the “I” out. Whose voice is this, really? Perhaps I resist it because it feels dangerously similar to the voice I recognize from childhood: the fundamentalist voice of fear and doubt, the voice that eradicates the body and the self, the voice of conformity that renders the individual speechless, invisible.

        Olds’ narrator chooses the body, the story, her own life. And so do I. As a gay person, I don’t believe I have the luxury of removing “me” from my poems. And, frankly, I’m tired of worrying about being relegated to the margins of contemporary poetry for writing about the body, for writing with emotion, or for using the narrative “I.” Recently I saw a news article about a politician in Alabama who is introducing a bill to the legislature with the hopes of removing all public funding from libraries and universities that have books with gay or bisexual characters in them or that promote homosexuality as a valid lifestyle. My first thought was: This is absurd. Just because we aren’t talked about doesn’t mean that we don’t exist. Then it occurred to me: If we aren’t talked about, do we really exist?


        Google +0



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    worst season ever
    worst house guests ever

    I don’t think any of the 3 deserve to win but I dislike GM on a personal level so for that reason…. either of the other 2 losers I hope win.

  46. Avatar

    I have watched Big Brother UK and Big Brother AUS and I think the best solution for this mess might be to do what the other two Big Brothers are doing.Let the public vote.This would put a whole new spin on Big Brother US.The house guests nominate HG for eviction and let America vote who they want to save.No more of this float to the end.To me it makes a much better game.I feel if Big Brother US would have been that way this year none of the final 3 would be there now.It forces the houseguests to earn their spot in the final and not just coast by being the token pawn or the most hated HGs’ in Big Brother US history.

    • Avatar

      They used that formula during season one of BB-US, “America” repeatedly voted out the trouble-makers and I vaguely recall that there were allegations of one of the houseguests towns using a businesses phones to place their vote calls (I think you had to pay per vote or something, please excuse my faulty memory it was many years ago!)

      I do agree that I would like to see CBS shake things up and bring that aspect back to the show for next year. Do away with the head-of-household for the season and keep the veto, but let viewers vote for the replacement nominee (similar to this year’s MVP.) I think the show needs to get revitalized – this season may have done some horrible damage to the franchise.

      • Avatar

        I am a First season BB nut yes America did vote it cost 50cents a call and not many people would call so Chicken George’s Wife organized town to call like hell ( think maybe only 50,000 calls total nation wide) and vote to get Britiney out since she was one of the strongest in the house and most liked player in the country and so Brit got evicted. PS Britney was one of the Front runners at the time for Reggis and Kathy= Kathys replacement. The problem being not enough votes so a small group could control the game unlike UK that had if im not wrong anywhere from 3-9million votes. Same .50cents a call there so why wouldnt USA do that
        Problem came when some heard about it they flew an airplane over the compound with banner message for guests about what George wife did warning them
        but you know how brains work in seclusion all kinds of ideas came about and so CHicken George tried to get everyone left in the house including himself to walk out of the house since thats was the theory BB wanted them to do, but of course that didnt happen ( the show would have ended right there) so i think they planted something in George mind then told the rest not to follow George about all leaving) Thus getting rid of CH G a couple weeks later, and so the big change to BB happened with new setup like it is today in starting in yr2. The show would have failed if it wasnt for that change and since has been very successfull. Now with internet maybe that could change some but maybe not who knows how many votes MVP got BB is popular but not Like UK which is 100xtimes more Popular there.

  47. Avatar

    Thanks Steve for your hard work and great news about your father. Personally, I won’t be back if you don’t find a way to screen comments or find a way to limit the comments of those who think they’re so brilliant as to have a response for every single comment.
    Wait for it….

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    Tonight’s boring and dishonest BB Show was not worth anyone’s time.
    “ME’s” nonstop comments are one and the same.

    I agree with the suggestion made by others – Ignore “ME.”

    • Avatar

      “But whatever realm of reality we seek
      out, we find it is woven of fictions.”—Robert Duncan

      I dislike manifestoes except when absolutely necessary—as when dire historical or political conditions make them critical to the survival of a particular marginalized group or viewpoint—and thus I especially dislike them when they’re about poetry.

      Too often one finds oneself in the middle of a kind of demitasse Fountainhead of poetics, a vaguely post-adolescent over-throwing of a previous generation’s values that reads like it’s been written by someone who once wore black, hung out at the mall, and, like, smoked!

      Reading such an aesthetic manifesto, one feels bound by a kind of horrified politesse: one must nod, and appear to agree in order to avoid being summarily castigated. Meanwhile the Person in Black rages on, blowing the smoke of a clove cigarette in one’s face, and one weathers a growing ennui (a word that comes only in the presence of such a manifesto).

      It is the tedious noise “tradition” makes, the literary manifesto. Specifically, it’s the familiar (and predictable) historical noise of one aesthetic supplanting another; a jockeying, vaguely patriarchal music (something about fathers and sons, “the anxiety of influence,” etc, etc.) that has about its character something of the refrain of the missionary hymn, and thus as its goal a kind of obnoxious conversion effect: Make it new! Follow me!

      I tire easily of the invidious schoolyard hierarchy the manifesto sets up (you’re either for us or against us, shirts vs. skins), and it’s no accident young men (as part of fledgling aesthetic movements) seem to excel at these exercises, the way they gloried in armpit farts during elementary school. Ezra Pound, for example, was apparently adept at this noise. (See: Imagism, Vorticism, etc.)


      And before you think I’m wearing the binding undergarments of the killjoy: yes, I am being broadly didactic, and of course there are exceptions to my acid exasperation.

      I do find myself attracted and sympathetic to certain singular autodidacts whose intelligence, manic charm and poetic brilliance help me look beyond the outlandish demands of their obviously outsized personalities. And I especially love autodidacts whose passionate and (seemingly) misplaced energies cause them stigma within, and rejection by, the very communities their works are so engaged with. I love those manifesto writers who engendered no canonical aesthetic movements, have few followers, and with whom the noise of tradition seems to pause, or stop: the reader can hear their poetry so much more clearly for the silence that follows them.

      Case in point: Robert Duncan.

      Though he got a prime spot in Donald Allen’s seminal 1960 anthology The New American Poetry; though he taught at several institutions—Black Mountain College and New College of California—during crucial aesthetic flowerings; though his influence towered over and flourished in the San Francisco Bay Area for many decades; though his influence is clear in the early work of poets as various as John Wieners (Ace of Pentacles) and Joanne Kyger (The Tapestry and the Web); it’s clear that, with pointed exceptions, his is a poetics that has remained on the outskirts of current aesthetic conversations, and seems to have all but disappeared among the current youngest generation of poets.

      Even poet, scholar and Duncan devotee Peter O’Leary admits, in his excellent study Gnostic Contagion: Robert Duncan and the Poetry of Illness, that, though “many poets have engaged Duncan’s influence in their writing…none of them could be adequately called ‘a poet under the sign of Robert Duncan'” except Nathaniel Mackey, whose engagement with an African muthos beautifully expands Duncan’s Judeo-Christian purview. In the latter chapters of his study, O’Leary traces Duncan’s continuing influence on the mythopoetic imagination of Mackey, and Mackey himself has written gorgeously and generously, in his elegant volume of essays Discrepant Engagement, of Duncan’s poetics and its impact on his own work.

      And there are, of course, important colleagues upon whom Duncan had considerable influence, such as Denise Levertov, with whom he corresponded about poetry, poetics, and, most disastrously, politics. The sequence of their letters reads as half Romance and half a literary version of Godzilla vs. Mothra: the product of the relationship between two of recent poetry’s most staunch autodidacts. Even the reader who adores Duncan can’t read the sequence without cringing in embarrassment or without feeling enormously apologetic about Levertov’s bearing the brunt of Duncan’s clumsy handling of his ungainly ego: one particular manifesto-like letter is upwards of twenty pages.

      But why has Duncan’s influence faded among the twenty- to thirty-somethings of American poetry? Is it because, like many West Coast writers, he suffers from a lack of attention from canonizing critical forces of the East? Is it because he’s both an openly gay writer and an experimental poet, evading easy critical categorizations in an age obsessed with both identity- and aesthetic-based factions? Is it because “open field” or “Black Mountain” or “San Francisco Renaissance” poetry is rarely taught in MFA programs? Or is it, as some have speculated, because of the sixteen years between the publication of Bending the Bow (1968) and Ground Work: Before the War (1984), a span of time in which his silence caused his influence outside of the San Francisco Bay Area to disappear?

      One could respond “Yes” to all these questions, and I think one might be right. However, it’s likely there’s a larger pattern behind this lack of influence. A fragment of this pattern can be found, I think, in Duncan’s quasi-manifesto, The Truth & Life of Myth, first published in both limited and trade editions in 1968, and reprinted in New Direction’s 1985 collection of Duncan’s prose, Fictive Certainties, though not, strangely, in their 1995 A Selected Prose.

      If for many Moderns, literary tradition was a ruin that stimulated a sense of loss contiguous with the continuous political catastrophes of the early-to-mid 20th century, then for Postmoderns, tradition could be loosely characterized as interlocking linguistic systems continuous with personal alienation from, and an antagonism by, the realm of contemporary global socio-political and economic strife. Perhaps the main difference lies in the attitude with which each generation approaches “the real”: in mourning and with longing, or with mounting suspicion and aggression.
      The Truth & Life of Myth clearly chooses neither of these attitudes, though Duncan’s ideas might at times be said to possess characteristics of both. He does claim rather craftily that “I do not mistrust reality any more than I trust it: I seek it with an ardor that leads as it misleads” (67). However, Duncan’s allegiances can be most clearly found in his own words:

      The very word “Romantic” is, in literary and social criticism today, pejorative. But it is in the Romantic vein—to which I see my own work as clearly belonging—that the two worlds…mythological vision and folklorish phantasy, are wedded in a phantasmagoria…the spiritual romance (38).

      In a poetic culture where the reigning forces of recent tradition are Language writing and “Official Verse Culture,” Duncan’s nomenclature for his aesthetic vision—the “mythological poet”—seems grossly out of step, as does his claim that “The surety of the myth for the poet has such force that it operates as a primary reality in itself, having volition” (21). In our times, where Duncan writes “myth,” we might write “language” or “identity” or “experience,” depending on our aesthetic bent, and thus his absolute devotion to the idea that myth “command[s] the design of the poem” perhaps explains why, formally, he has few inheritors aside from Mackey (21).

      Habitually mixing the languages of Platonism, revealed religion and Romantic trope, referring casually to authors as diverse as Homer, Milton, Blake, H.D., and Jung, Duncan is a poet who can claim, without irony, “Idea, for me, is not something I have but something that comes to me or appears to me; as in Plato, a thing seen” (29), and I think it’s Duncan’s lack of irony about his vocation as well as the possibilities and functions of both imagination and language, that makes him most vulnerable to our postmodern distrust.

      For he is, primarily, a religious poet—a comparative rarity among contemporary poets—who bypasses a purely Romantic reliance on “Imagination” to draw a direct correlative between divinity and formal experimentation: “The Divine Will in Poetry is Creative,” he writes, “and its inspiration never single-minded or strait, but creates a field of meanings,” a statement that gives a radically religious gloss to the idea of page as field, as well as to the title of his 1960 volume The Opening of the Field (68). Duncan argues not just for a religious sense of the poem, but that “It is the very idea that there is a miraculous grace ever about us, a mystery of person, that our modern critic refuses to allow” (35). Not much has changed, in that respect, since 1968.

      And perhaps it is in contemporary “religious” poets of formal experiment as diverse as Nathaniel Mackey, Brenda Hillman and, most recently, D. A. Powell, that we witness not merely how history, imagination or myth make clear to us what Duncan calls “the scene revealed of what cannot be revealed,” but how, as Duncan writes, “The heightened sense of myth versus history charges the poem with a moving counterpoint between what we see and what we do not see” (49). This vision, of course, depends on a belief in a world beyond the one seen, and it is in this belief where Duncan parts most clearly from mainstream postmodernity. Of the realms of reality available to us in poetry, however, it is perhaps true that Duncan’s is one of the most beautifully conceived and executed, a place where we “take seriously what seems to most men the one ground surely not to be taken seriously” (71).


      Work Cited

      Peter O’Leary. Gnostic Cantagion: Robert Duncan and the Poetry of Illness (Middletown: Wesleyan University Press, 200) p. 174.

      Robert Duncan. The Truth & Life of Myth: An Essay in Essential Autobiography (Fremont, MI: The Sumac Press, 1968).

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    A whovian plug here. But for those of you would watch Doctor who you may remember this, and for those who dont you may want to see this episode for kicks. There was a marathon on Space today and saw the “badwolf” episode, the last episode of season one of the new series.

    In it they had a clip of Big brother 3000 and something. The reason I was sickly laugh: when you got eliminated (by voters at home not guest, which is way better, glass house) you weren’t just eliminated from the house you were eliminated from “life”. i wonder how BB15 players would have played if they were on that season lol.

      • Avatar

        There once was a fellow McSweeny
        Who spilled some gin on his weenie
        Just to be couth
        He added vermouth
        Then slipped his girlfriend a martini

        There once was a man Robin Hood
        Who lived in a Knottingham wood
        He learned how to f**k
        from old Friar Tuck
        And made Marion whenever he could

        There once was a fellow O’Doole
        Who found little red spots on his tool
        His Doctor a cynic
        said Get out of me clinic,
        And wipe off that lipstick you fool!

        A pirate, history relates
        Was scuffling with some of his mates
        When he slipped on a cutlass
        Which rendered him nutless
        And practically useless on dates

        There once was a woman named Jill
        Who swallowed an exploding pill
        They found her vagina
        In North Carolina
        And her tits in a tree in Brazil

        There once was a plumber from Lee
        Who was plumbing his girl by the sea
        She said Stop your plumbing,
        There’s somebody coming!
        Said the plumber still plumbing… It’s me!

        A right twisted wench from Caprees-ed
        Orgasmed each time that she sneez-ed
        To the druggist she went
        And laid down her last cent
        Said, “A barrel of snuff, if you pleas-ed.”

        On the moors Kelly walked in a daze
        There she’d bark at the moon and the haze
        Still her friends weren’t concerned
        For by now they had learned
        Once a month she would go through this phase.
        (author’s note to the ladies: “She was a
        werewolf. Now is it funny?”)

        A randy marsupial named Reeves
        Spent some time with the whores ‘tween their knees
        When they’d asked him for money
        He’d say “Listen honey
        A koala eats bushes and leaves.”

        Now down in the valley of Shneel
        Lived a woman who loved to reveal
        With her curtains well drawn
        Standing bare as a fawn
        She’d do this really neat trick with an eel

        Now this right old man was a sick ‘un
        He had a dozen hen ripe for the pickin’
        He’d chase ’em around
        With his trousers pulled down
        And he’d say “Whatsa matter, you chicken?”

        A new farmer’s helper named Kull
        Accidentally was milking a bull
        The farmer said, “Boy yer dumb,
        You done milked the wrong one!”
        Said the boy, “But me whole bucket’s full.”

        Twas a crazy old man called O’Keef
        Who caused local farmers much grief
        To their cows he would run
        Cut their legs off for fun
        And say “Look, I’ve invented ground beef!”

        There once was a man from Madrass
        Whose balls were made out of brass
        When he’d bang ’em together
        They’d play stormy weather
        And lightning would shoot out of his ass

        There once was a man from Havana
        Screwed a girl on a player piano
        At the height of their fever
        Her ass hit the lever
        And Yes he has no banana…

        There once was a man from East Kent
        Whose tool was so long that it bent
        To save her some trouble
        He folded it double
        And instead of coming…he went

        There once was a man from Bonaire
        Who was doing his wife on the stair
        When the banister broke
        He doubled his stroke
        And finished her off in midair

        On a knoll a young maiden named Molly
        Her innocence lost through young folly
        His name was Sing Chum
        And too soon he did cum
        And all he could say was “I’m solly!”

        A bear taking a dump asked a rabbit
        “Does shit stick to your fur as a habit?”
        “Of course not,” said the hare,
        “It’s really quite rare!”
        So the bear wiped his ass with the rabbit.

        There was a young tease from Mount Chesser
        Who’d smile as the men would assess her
        So flirtatious was she
        Inviting them home to tea
        Then allowing not one to undress her

        To his friend, Ned said, rather blue,
        “My wife Edith just told me we’re through,
        For she says I’m too fat.”
        And his friend told him that,
        “You can’t have your cake and Edith, too.”

        There once was a girl named Tristan
        Whose beer that she ordered was was pissed in
        She said “I don’t think,”
        As she spit out her drink,
        “On the menu that this one was listed.”

        Said a fool whose mind was quite miniscule
        As his ignorance reached a new pinnacle
        “I don’t believe in astrology
        It’s my ideology
        But I’m a Leo and Leo’s are cynical.

        I had me a wench from East Broint
        Who bade me her skin to anoint
        The girl had arthritis
        And so I decided
        She wouldn’t mind one more stiff joint.

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    ashamed to be watching

    Thank you Steven for all of your hard work ! I am very happy to hear that your father is doing better . I would Welcome a log in system ,but I am not sure if I would like it linked to my FB ( only because I am a very private person and do not share a lot on FB ), but have no problem with my IP address being tracked if I get out of line block me ! I do believe we should be accountable for our actions .Once again Thank you .

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    Well, I leave you kids alone for a few hours and look you!!….haha…..All of you to your rooms for some time-out! Besides that…I’ve enjoyed tonight’s BB episode— their best/worst memories of each hg…..dang commercials interrupted the best stories!

  52. Avatar

    Andy will be another Dan if he goes to F2. He will get one and only one vote, which is either GM or Spencer’s vote.

  53. Avatar

    Thanks for the cool blogs Stevie

  54. Avatar

    wow, after watching this I lost respect for Judd, Helen and Jessie. I knew of Spencer, Aaryn, Amanda, GM, Kaitlyn, Jeremy, David, Howard, McCrae and Andy’sssssss vile & shady comments but missed some of the insight on this video compilation. I think “cast the first stone” should be the theme for next year!

  55. Avatar

    This is the first time I have watched BB US, I come from Spain and its very very different there. The HGs are nominated in the house but voted out by the public, and there can be up to 5 nominated…its a lot more exciting because the public has a lot more say in how things go. Although they cannot control who is nominated of course. And there is no jury, either, just the audience..I really didnt like this season I dont like the finalists and I am disappointed at the outcome now. Just watching because I have invested this much time already 🙁

    • Avatar

      If the public votes, the house guests would be very careful about what they say and do, and especially in the USA, the winner would only have to be a “good person.” What’s the fun in that?

      • Avatar

        No its not like that at all! The thing is they forget about the cameras and the great part is that the HGs who are nominated get sent off and then the ones who are not evicted (can be 5 nominated but only 1 leaves) come back. Its always great to see who comes back and the reactions of the HGs who are desperately trying to get rid of someone if that someone comes back…of course, they can always nominate whoever they want, so the “best” of the “worst” (according to the audience) comes back. So if America’s worst nightmare never gets nominated they can never be evicted…so I guess Andy would still be there lol and of course so would Elissa and a few others…

      • Avatar

        Ah…That makes it more frantic, which is always fun.

    • Avatar

      Scroll up a few message to my comment about why USA doesnt do it that way
      Just not enough people vote. A small group can control the game so this change was made to do it USA way.

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    Hey stevebeans,
    It’s time to begin a new thread and hide this “Me” & “suzyq” thread
    in your archives. Please.
    : )

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    The world is filled with low class humans such as ME, who believes the world revolves around them and are not happy unless they are making others miserable. The more you acknowledge ME’s bad behaviour, the more ME will do it, that is what this low class type of human thrives on, which means, ME will love this post because it is all about ME (as they like it) and it carries a negative tone (which is like an addiction to ME).
    I know it is hard to ignore such ignorance, but the more you respond, the more ME loves it. Ignore every single thing this person says and soon, when ME no longer gets a reaction, they will get bored and move on to a site where people will respond (as ME likes) to the negativity. Don’t feed the fire and it will burn itself out!

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    No matter how this season has turned out I still hope they have more big brother seasons and think they should have a wheel of punishment when the contestants cross the line in the way they act. Big brother can be the judge of it and announce to the player they have crossed the line and have to go spin the wheel and see what their punishment is.
    I think it would add excitement if a player did but it really would help the players to keep more under control.

  59. Avatar

    STEVEBEANS!!!! Why aren’t you banning these people?? God, they’re (if its indeed more than one) clogging up all the post forums with this idiocy. Jesus Christ.

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      Why hasn’t stevebeans put up a new thread? Period.
      You can time cooking a 3 minute egg waiting for this page to download.

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      A man and his wife go to their honeymoon hotel for their 25th anniversary. As the couple reflected on that magical evening 25 years ago, the wife asked the husband, “When you first saw my naked body in front of you, what was going through your mind?”

      The husband replied, “All I wanted to do was to fuck your brains out, and suck your tits dry.”

      Then, as the wife undressed, she asked, “What are you thinking now?”

      He replied, “It looks as if I did a pretty good job.”


      As an airplane is about to crash, a female passenger jumps up frantically and announces, “If I’m going to die, I want to die feeling like a woman.”

      She removes all her clothing and asks, “Is there someone on this plane who is man enough to make me feel like a woman?”

      A man stands up, removes his shirt and says, “Here, iron this!”.


      One morning a woman was walking out of her front door, when she notices a strange little man at the bottom of her garden.

      “You’re a goblin,” she says, “I caught you and you owe me three wishes!”. So the goblin replies “OK, you caught me fair and square, what’s your first wish?”. The woman stops and thinks for a second, “I want a huge mansion to live in.”, goblins replies “OK, you’ve got it.”. Woman again thinks it over, “My second wish is a Mercedes.” “OK, you’ve got that too.” “My last wish is a million dollars!”. The goblin then says “OK, you’ve got it. But to make your wishes come true you have to have sex all night with me.” “OK then, if that’s what it takes…”

      Next morning the little man wakes the woman up.

      “Tell me,” says the man, “how old are you?” “I’m 27”, she replies

      “Fuck me”, says the man, “27 and you still believe in goblins”


      The newlyweds are in their honeymoon room and the groom decides to let the bride know where she stands right from the start of the marriage.

      He proceeds to take off his trousers and throw them at her. He says, “Put those on.”

      The bride replies, “I can’t wear your trousers.”

      He replies, “And don’t forget that! I will always wear the pants in the family!”

      The bride takes off her knickers and throws them at him with the same request, “Try those on!”

      He replies,”I can’t get into your knickers!”

      “And you never bloody will if you don’t change your attitude.”


      How are women and tornadoes alike?

      They both moan like hell when they come, and take the house when they leave.


      There was an elderly man who wanted to make his younger wife pregnant. So, he went to the doctor to have a sperm count done. The doctor told him to take a specimen cup home, fill it, and bring it back the next day. The elderly man came back the next day and the specimen cup was empty and the lid was on it. Doctor: What was the problem? Elderly man: Well, you I tried with my right hand…nothing. So, I tried with my left hand…nothing. My wife tried with her right hand…nothing. Her left hand…nothing. Her mouth…nothing. Then my wife’s friend tried. Right hand, left hand, mouth….still nothing. Doctor: Wait a minute. You mean your wife’s friend too?! Elderly man: Yeah, and we still couldn’t get the lid off of the specimen cup.


      A guy walks into a sperm donor bank wearing a ski mask and holding a gun. He goes up to the nurse and demands her to open the sperm bank vault. She says “But sir, its just a sperm bank!”, “I don’t care, open it now!!!” he replies. So she opens the door to the vault and inside are all the sperm samples. The guy says “Take one of those sperm samples and drink it!”, she looks at him “BUT, they are sperm samples???” , “DO IT!”. So the nurse sucks it back. “That one there, drink that one as well.”, so the nurse drinks that one as well. Finally after 4 samples the man takes off his ski mask and says, “See honey – its not that hard.”


      There are four kinds of sex :

      HOUSE SEX – When you are newly married and have sex all over the house in every room.

      BEDROOM SEX – After you have been married for a while, you only have sex in the bedroom.

      HALL SEX – After you’ve been married for many, many years you just pass each other in the hall and say “FUCK YOU”

      COURTROOM SEX – When your wife and her lawyer fuck you in the divorce court in front of many people for every penny you’ve got.


      This beautiful woman one day walks into a doctors office and the doctor is bowled over by how stunningly awesome she is. All his professionallism goes right out the window…

      He tells her to take her pants, she does, and he starts rubbing her thighs.

      “Do you know what I am doing?” asks the doctor?

      “Yes, checking for abnormalities.” she replies.

      He tells her to take off her shirt and bra, she takes them off. The doctor begins rubbing her breasts and asks, “Do you know what I am doing now?”, she replies, “Yes, checking for cancer.”

      Finally, he tells her to take off her panties, lays her on the table, gets on top of her and starts having sex with her. He says to her, “Do you know what I am doing now?”

      She replies, “Yes, getting herpies – thats why I am here!”


      This couple were in bed getting busy when the girl places the guys hand onto her pussy. “Put your finger in me…” she asks him. So he does without hesitation, as she starts moaning. “Put two fingers in…”, she says. So in goes another one. She’s really starting to get worked up when she says, “Put your whole hand in!”. The guy’s like, “Ok!”. So he has his entire hand in, when she says moaning aloud “Put both your hands inside of me!!!”. So the guy puts both of his hands in! “Now clap your hands…” commands the girl. “I can’t”, says the guy. The girl looks at him and says “See, I told you I had a tight pussy!”.


      A dog, a cat, and a penis are sitting around a camp fire one night. The dog says, “My life sucks, my master makes me do my business on a fire hydrent!”. The cat says, “I don’t think so, my master makes me do my business in a box of cat litter.” The penis outraged, says “At least your master doesn’t put a bag over your head and make you do push ups until you throw up!”


      A man and a woman started to have sex in the middle of a dark forest. After about 15 minutes of it, the man finally gets up and says, “Damn, I wish I had a flashlight!”. The woman says, “Me too, you’ve been eating grass for the past ten minutes!”


      A couple just got married and on the night of their honeymoon before passionate love, the wife tells the husband, “Please be gentile, I’m still a virgin.” The husband being shocked, replied, “How’s this possible? You’ve been married three times before.” The wife responds, “Well, my first husband was a gynecologist and all he wanted to do was look at it. My second husband was a psychiatrist and all he wanted to do was talk about it. Finally, my third husband was a stamp collector and all he wanted to do was…oh, do I miss him!”


      On their first night together, a newlywed couple go to change. The new bride comes out of the bathroom showered and wearing a beautiful robe. The proud husband says, “My dear, we are married now, you can open your robe.” The beautiful young woman opens her robe, and he is astonished.”Oh, oh, aaaahhh,” he exclaims, “My God you are so beautiful, let me take your picture. Puzzled she asks, “My picture?” He answers, “Yes my dear, so I can carry your beauty next to my heart forever”.

      She smiles and he takes her picture, and then he heads into the bathroom to shower. He comes out wearing his robe and the new wife asks, “Why do you wear a robe? We are married now.” At that the man opens his robe and she exclaims, “oh, OH, OH MY, let me get a picture”. He beams and asks why and she answers, “So I can get it enlarged!”


      John just graduated from clinical psychology and opens his first office. After some successful advertising he is astounded to have nearly 300 people wanting to be in group therapy. John decides to rent a big hall and invite the entire group. To break the ice, and to get the therapy started, John decides to ask a show of hands how often the attendees had sex. He first asks for a show of hands of all the people who had sex almost every night. A modest number of hands were raised. He then asks, how many had sex once a week? This time a larger number of hands were raised. John then asks how many had sex once or twice a month? Again a few hands were raised. After John polled his group several more times he noticed one guy sitting off to the side with this huge beaming grin on his face. John noticed that the guy never raised his hand, so he asked him how often he had sex. The guy said, �Once a year!� To John’s dismay, he responds, �Why are you so happy getting sex only once a year?� The grinning guy responds, “Tonight�s the night!”


      Three guys go to a ski lodge, and there aren’t enough rooms, so they have to share a bed. In the middle of the night, the guy on the right wakes up and says, “I had this wild, vivid dream of getting a hand job!” The guy on the left wakes up, and unbelievably, he’s had the same dream, too. Then the guy in the middle wakes up and says, “That’s funny, I dreamed I was skiing!”


      One day Mr. Smith, the president of a large corporation, called his vice-president, Dave, into his office and said, “We’re making some cutbacks, so either Jack or Barbara will have to be laid off.” Dave looked at Mr. Smith and said, “Barbara is my best worker, but Jack has a wife and three kids. I don’t know whom to fire.”

      The next morning Dave waited for his employees to arrive. Barbara was the first to come in, so Dave said, “Barbara, I’ve got a problem. You see, I’ve got to lay you or Jack off and I don’t know what to do?” Barbara replied, “You’d better jack off. I’ve got a headache.”

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    OMG, did no one watch BBAD last night, making up stuff about other contestants. Spencer making comments about Elisa getting expelled in grade 5 (10 yrs. old) he just can’t get off child porn. Andy saying how all the girls and some of the guys gave him bj’s, these people need to be sued.. GM had some pretty bad things to say too, between her F— , this and F— that,and eating, had to turn it off.. Please give this money to Brittney’s daughter 🙁

    • Avatar

      Construction worker on the 5th floor of a building needed a handsaw. So he spots another worker on the ground floor and yells down to him, but he can’t hear him. So the worker on the 5th floor tries sign language.

      He pointed to his eye meaning “I”, pointed to his knee meaning “need”, then moved his hand back and forth in a hand saw motion. The man on the ground floor nods his head, pulls down his pants, whips out his chop and starts masturbating.

      The worker on 5th floor gets so pissed off he runs down to the ground floor and says, “What the fuck is your problem!!! I said I needed a hand saw!”.

      The other guy says, “I knew that! I was just trying to tell you – I’m coming!”


      One day an at home wife is alone and the doorbell rings.

      She opens it to a guy, “Hi, is Tony home?”

      The wife replies, “No, he went to the store, but you can wait here if you want.”

      So they sit down and after a while of silence the friend says “You know Sara, you have the greatest breasts I have ever seen. I’d give you a hundred buck just to see one.”

      Sara thinks about it for a second and figures, what the hell – a hundred bucks! She opens her robe and shows one to him for a few seconds. He promptly thanks her and throws a hundred bucks on the table. They sit there a while longer and guy then says “That was so amazing I’ve got to see both of them. I’ll give you another 100 dollars if I could just see the both of them together.”

      Sara amazed by the offer sits and thinks a bit about it and thinks, heck, why not? So she opens her robe and gives Chris a nice long chance to cop a look.

      A while later Tony arrives back home from the store. The wife goes up to him, “You know, your friend Chris came over.”

      Tony thinks about it for a second and says, “Well did he drop off the 200 bucks he owes me?”


      A kindergarten teacher one day is trying to explain to her class the definition of the word “definitely” to them. To make sure the students have a good understanding of the word, she asks them to use it in a sentence. The first student raised his hand and said “The sky is definitely blue”. The teacher said, “Well, that isn’t entirely correct, because sometimes it’s gray and cloudy”.

      Another student says, “Grass is definitely green.” The teacher again replies “If grass doesn’t get enough water it turns brown, so that isn’t really correct either.”

      Another student raises his hand and asks the teacher “Do farts have lumps?” The teacher looked at him and said “No…But that isn’t really a question you want to ask in class discussion.” So the student replies, “Then I definitely shit my pants.”


      Wife : “I dreamt they were auctioning off dicks. The big ones went for ten dollars and the thick ones went for twenty dollars.”

      Husband : “How about the ones like mine?”

      Wife : “Those they gave away.”

      Husband : “I had a dream too…I dreamt they were auctioning off cunts. The pretty ones went for a thousand dollars, and the little tight ones went for two thousand.”

      Wife : “And how much for the ones like mine?”

      Husband : “That’s where they held the auction.”


      The queen of England was visiting one of Canada’s top hospitals, and during her tour of the floors she passed a room where a male patient was masturbating.

      “Oh my god!”, said the Queen, “That’s disgraceful, what is the meaning of this???”

      The doctor leading the tour explains, “I’m sorry your ladyship, this man has a very serious condition where the testicles rapidly fill with semen. If he doesn’t do that five times a day, they would explode and he would most likely die instantly.”

      “Oh, I am sorry” said the Queen.

      On the next floor they passed a room where a young nurse was giving a patient a blow job.

      “Oh my God”, said the Queen, “What’s happening in there?”

      The Doctor replied, “Same problem, better health plan.”


      A little boy and his grandfather are raking leaves in the yard. The little boy sees an earthworm trying to get back into its hole. He says, “Grandpa, I bet I can put that worm back in that hole.” The grandfather replies, “I’ll bet you five dollars you can’t. It’s too wiggly and limp to put back in that little hole.”

      The little boy runs into the house and comes back out with a can of hair spray. He sprays the worm until it is straight and stiff as a board. The boy then proceeds to put the worm back into the hole. The grandfather hands the little boy five dollars, grabs the hair spray and runs into the house.

      Thirty minutes later the grandfather comes back out and hands the boy another five dollars. The little boy says, “Grandpa, you already gave me five dollars.” The grandfather replies, “I know. That’s from your Grandma.”


      Dirty Little Matt is sitting in the back of math class, obviously not paying any attention, when the teacher calls his name.

      “Yeah teach?” he replies.

      “If there are three ducks on a fence and you shoot one of them with a shotgun, how many are left?” asks the teacher.

      Matt answers “Well, teach, if I shoot one of them with a shotgun, the loud noise is gonna make them all fly off.”

      “No, Matt, there will be two left if you shoot one with a shotgun, but I like the way you’re thinking.” the teacher responds.

      “Well, teach, I’ve got a question for you… There are 3 women that come out of an ice-cream parlor, one is biting her ice-cream cone, one is licking it, and one is sucking on it. Which one is married?”

      The teacher, a little taken back by the question answers, “Well, uh, gee Matt, I guess the one that’s sucking on the ice cream.”

      Matt replies “No teach, the one that has the wedding ring on her finger, but I like the way you’re thinking!”


      A woman posts an ad in the news paper that looks like this…

      ‘Looking for man with these qualifications; won’t beat me up; or run away from me and is great in bed.’

      She got lots of phone calls replying to her ad but met someone perfect at her door one day. The man she met said, “Hi, I’m Bob. I have no arms so I won’t beat you up and no legs so I won’t run away.”

      So the lady says, “What makes you think you are great in bed?”

      Bob replies, “I rang the door bell didn’t I?”


      Three sisters wanted to get married, but their parents couldn’t afford it so they had all of them on the same day. They also couldn’t afford to go on a honeymoon so they all stayed home with their new hubbies. That night the mother got up because she couldn’t sleep.

      When she went past her oldest daughter’s room she heard screaming. Then she went to her second daughters room and she heard laughing. Then she went to her youngest daughter’s room and she couldn’t hear anything.

      The next morning when the men left the mother asked her oldest daughter, “Why were you screaming last night?” The daughter replied “Mom you always told me if something hurt I should scream.”

      “That’s true.” She looked at her second daughter. “Why were you laughing so much last night?”

      The daughter replied “Mom you always said that if something tickled you should laugh.”

      “That’s also true.” Then the mother looked at her youngest daughter. “Why was it so quiet in your room last night?”

      The youngest daughter replied “Mom you always told me I should never talk with my mouth full.”


      A depressed young woman was so desperate that she decided to end her life by throwing herself into the ocean. When she went down to the docks, a handsome young sailor noticed her tears, took pity on her, and said, “Look, you’ve got a lot to live for. I’m off to Europe in the morning, and if you like, I can stow you away on my ship. I’ll take good care of you and bring you food every day.” Moving closer, he slipped his arm around her shoulder and added, “I’ll keep you happy, and you’ll keep me happy.”

      The girl nodded yes, after all, what did she have to lose? That night, the sailor brought her aboard and hid her in a lifeboat. From then on, every night he brought her three sandwiches and a piece of fruit, and they made passionate love until dawn.

      Three weeks later, during a routine search, she was discovered by the captain. ‘What are you doing here?’ the captain asked. She got up off the ground and explained, “I have an arrangement with one of the sailors. He’s taking me to Europe, and he’s screwing me.”

      The captain looked at her, “He sure is lady, this is the Staten Island Ferry.’


      A boy is at school and he hears the older kids talking about pussy, and their bitch. The boy confused by this goes to his mother. “Mom”, the boy asks, “What’s a pussy?”

      The mother being startled by this thinks quick and finds the closest dictionary and opens it up to a picture of a cat and says “Son, that is a pussy.” the son then asks “What’s a bitch?” The mother again thinking quickly opens to a picture of a dog and says “Son, this is a bitch.”

      The son walks away still confused, and sees his father watching television. The son walks up to his father and says “Dad, what’s a pussy?” The father doesn’t want to miss the baseball game so he quickly whips out his Penthouse magazine to the centerfold, grabs a marker and draws a circle around the vagina and says “Son, this is a pussy!”

      The son, now starting to understand what the older boys are talking about asks “Then, what is a bitch?”

      The dad replies, “That’s everything outside the circle!”


      One Christmas Eve, Santa Claus comes down the chimney and is startled by a beautiful 19 year old blonde. She said “Santa, will you stay with me?”, Santa replied, “Ho Ho Ho gotta go, gotta go, gotta deliver these toys to good girls and boys.”

      So she took off her night gown, wearing only a bra and panties, she asked “Santa, now will you stay with me?”

      “Ho Ho Ho gotta go, gotta go, gotta deliver these toys to gook girls and boys.”

      She takes off everything and says “Santa, now will you stay with me?”

      Santa replies “Gotta stay, gotta stay, can’t get up the chimney with my dick this way!”


      A woman and her little boy were walking through a park in New York and they pass two squirrels having sex. The little boy asks his mom, “Mommy, mommy, what are they doing?” The lady responded, “They’re making a sandwich.” Then they pass two dogs having sex and the little boy again asks what they were doing. His mother again replied they were making a sandwich. A couple of days later the little boy walks in on his mother and father and said “Mommy, Daddy, you must be making a sandwich because, Mommy has mayonnaise all over her mouth!!!”


      This guy wakes up out of a deep sleep and, feeling real horny, nudges his wife awake and asks, “Why don’t we get it on, eh?” She replies, “I have an appointment at the gynecologist tomorrow and you know I don’t like to make love the night before.” So the husband agrees and rolled back over and started to go back to sleep.

      A few minutes later, he nudges his wife again and asks, “You don’t by any chance have a dentist’s appointment tomorrow, do you?”


      Two five year old boys are standing at the toilet to pee. One says, “Your thing doesn’t have any skin on it!”.

      “I’ve been circumcised.”, the other replied.

      “What’s that mean?”

      “It means they cut the skin off the end.”

      “How old were you when it was cut off?”

      “My mom said I was two days old.”

      “Did it hurt?”, the kid asked inquiringly.

      “You bet it hurt, I didn’t walk for a year!”


      A teacher was wrapping up class, and started talking about tomorrow’s final exam. He said there would be no excuses for not showing up tomorrow, barring a dire medical condition or an immediate family member’s death. One smart ass, male student said, “What about extreme sexual exhaustion?”, and the whole classroom burst into laughter.

      After the laughter had subsided, the teacher glared at the student, and said, “Not an excuse, you can use your other hand to write.”


      A woman is in the delivery room giving birth, the doctor tells her to push. She does and the baby’s head pops out. The doctor says, “Oh! Your baby has slanted eyes.” To which she replies “Yeah I heard them Chinese men were pretty good, so I decided to give them a try.�

      The doctor shrugs it off and tells her to push again. This time the baby’s body comes out. “Holy Shit, your baby has a white body,” the doctor says. “Yeah I heard them white men were pretty good so I decided to give them a try,” she said.

      The doctor shrugs it off again and tells her to push again and that will be it. So she does and the legs come out. “Holy Shit! Your baby has black legs,” the doctor said. “Yeah I heard them black men were pretty good so I decided to give them a try,” she said.

      So the doctor shrugs it off again and ties the umbilical cord and slaps the baby on the ass, it starts to cry. The doctor turns to the woman and asks, “How are you going to deal with a baby who has slanted eyes, white body, and black legs?” The woman replies “I’m just glad it didn’t bark!”

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    Hayden on survivor

    I wish Andy would of start thinking for himself he should of kept mccrae but no Andy the rat listen to Spencer and GM I would of had Helen or elissa to win or maybe Amanda I don’t like Andy GM or spencer

  62. Avatar

    This is a BB blog.
    Take ur scented candles, crate and barrel cookware, your strings and ceiling wax and other fancy stuff….and divide it all between all your imaginary friends. Set out tea cups and make a little tea party in your yard. You can spout ALL your very important and learned opinions to them.
    No one else cares what you think. — You can put that in your 995.00 free shipping purse and take it to the bank “dr”
    Thank you.

    • Avatar

      Aw, gosh darnit, If all the humble folk can talk about their lives why can’t I. You seem to know yankee candles are scented, so you can’t be too much of a yokel. Why can’t you just enjoy yourself. I thought maybe you all regular people would like to rub elbows with your betters once in a wile. Or, as my old uncle Philo used to say. “Fuck them if they can’t take a joke”. That Philo was such a card. Fell overboard in terrible yachting incident.

  63. Avatar

    I feel that last night BB episode was a waste of an hour of TV time. I sure hope the final show is better. I still do not want Andy to win. I think he is very immature and a very mean vile person. When the season started I actually liked him and was hoping for him to go far but not anymore. He showed his true colours. I never cared for Spencer. I thought he was lazy. GM is very crude and not much of a lady. Just my opinion on the final three.
    Thanks to Steve for the blog. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your postings and I also enjoyed the majority of the comments.

  64. Avatar

    Here’s a question: who’s the worst of the F3 you want win?

  65. Avatar

    You camt let the public vote thats how we got here……..
    …the part of public that watches reality t.v is small… and most of that group is screwed up….and most of them vote the same screwed up way…so as you all get mad at CBS and casting ppl…its a result of years of fact and info gathering…and the info concludes…us ppl watch so much nonsense. .that they jus feed the beast whit going with what sells…I give you BB15

    🙂 retardz

  66. Avatar

    Andy was funny last night he was asking who or what this or that one was, like who was the biggest AH and so he volunteered Jerremy i started laughing yelling at the TV no you you AH. Backstabbing SOB.

  67. Avatar

    BB tried something new this yr with MVP (it failed) but they should have learned from BB First season, small groups can control the game outside. This is not UK that has millions of votes this is USA thats why season 1 was changed from vote out by US voting to the present form of game, by useing MVP it caused an unblanced game where some the more interesting people made and early exit. I would have liked to see Howard and Nick stay around longer they were very interesting people, and the first 5 people were some of the strongest that played.

  68. Avatar


    Not a spoiler…just someone’s thought about how an Andy win could bring something positive to this season.

    • Avatar

      Obviously this person has not been watching BBAD, Sunday night for sure! Things Andy and Spencer said, should get those men sued by other house guests. I can’t believe anything can save this season especially Andy or Spencer. Don’t get me wrong, GM’s mouth is not much better, but she should be a clear winner in the final 3. I so wish the jury house could see BBAD, they would probably walk out without any money, rather than vote for any of them.

  69. Avatar

    GOT BIG BROTHER?!!..UMM hello, this is a site for a reality show called Big Brother Junkies, incase you have forgotten this isn’t spew your problems & whatever is rattling around in that twisted head… which lets be honest here…I wonder if McCrae is still in a showmance with Amanda or is he waiting until the show is over to part ways? Also, I cant imagine what Nick is thinking at this point!

  70. Avatar

    Yesssss, please update TMJ, we are stuck with TMT and TRTMT, they both suck!

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