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Big Brother 15 – Will Aaryn Go Out With A Bang?

August 27, 2013 | 195 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

bb15-aaryn-hoh-againWith eviction looming and a huge hill to climb, Aaryn is still fighting for her chance to stay in the Big Brother house.  Despite handing over the majority of her HoH decisions this season, now when she needs help the most, she is facing a cold shoulder in Amanda.  To be fair to Amanda, Andy has been more loyal to them all season, but it has to be painful to do the dirty work and then get thrown out like trash.

In a desperate move to save herself, Aaryn went to the HoH room yesterday to talk to Elissa and was shot down pretty bad.  It was almost embarrassing and uncomfortable to watch, but I like that sort of stuff.  Elissa was having none of that apology and all but told her she was wasting her time talking about it. Aaryn kept trying, but finally Elissa said she’d ‘think’ about it which was good enough for Aaryn (she won’t think about it).

The houseguests were speculating whether or not she would turn into Hurricane Aaryn and when the eye of her storm was going to hit the house.  Two weeks ago around this time, Hurricane Jessie made landfall, but I don’t think Hurricane Aaryn will be nearly as dramatic.

On the battle of personal attacks, Amanda and Elissa had a relatively quiet night compared to the previous one, and at one point even sat down for a long discussion that finished with a hug.  That is good to see because the personal stuff was getting old, quick. Amanda can be the next Evil Dick all she wants, but to keep mentioning Elissa’s husband and step-kids was low, even for her.  To make matters worse, Amanda decided to have a pity party when she realized nobody else was stooping to that level, so she was the only one being looked at as ‘the bitch’.  Look, if you’re going to emulate Dick Donate, do it right…  don’t be a major bitch one second and then cry because you’re looking like a bitch.

Elissa also tried to have a long conversation with McCrae about not hating each other after the game, and that went about as well as expected (damn, Elissa had a busy day).  While trying to get his point across that Elissa appears condescending and snobby at times (whether she tries to or not), McCrae just basically fluttered out a bunch of “I don’t know’s”.  Elissa countered nearly every point McCrae tried to make by mentioning how she’s a mother and a wife, and that’s all she wants to be.  How that was relevant is unknown, but McCrae couldn’t find out.  What we got out of that 45 minute conversation is that McCrae is a horrible speaker and doesn’t appear to know anything, while Elissa is a mother and a wife.  It was about 45 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back basically.

The new alliance ‘The Exterminators” remained together for the second straight day, and chatted briefly whenever they could.  With Andy likely staying this week, the alliance of Judd, Andy, Spencer and GM give them all the power they need to easily split up Amanda and McCrae.  In fact, they’re already talking about who should go first out of the two.  Judd is leaning toward McCrae, but that’s still a little time away. They need to win HoH first, which should be a chore between that group.

Overall, the week has been fairly entertaining compared to prior weeks, but I’m still holding out hope for more fun. McCrae still thinks something big could happen before the eviction, even as early as today, so I’ll keep you informed in my Tuesday Update thread which will come out around noon est.

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