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Big Brother 15 – Amanda Angry, Amanda Smash!

August 2, 2013 | 86 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


It seems the best drama in the Big Brother house comes after eviction night.  It makes sense, all the plotted, scheming and worrying is gone, and now you have to start all over again.  As people know, I had a lot of family drama this week (which caused me to be late today), so I pretty much crashed right after the live show.  Doesn’t matter, the big drama happened after I normally would have been sawing logs anyway.



Watch the drama on the flashback feature
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Flashback to 12:30am on camera 1 to see Amanda railing into Jessie.  Apparently Jessie was upset she wasn’t invited to the BBQ that Helen won during the HoH competition last night.  Amanda tried to explain to her (in a way only Amanda can) that Helen was a bit upset that Jessie tried to flip the house this past week.  Reality is, she didn’t, Jessie has been one of the biggest floaters this season and has just listened to every offer that has come across the table.  Not once did I get the impression she was actually going to do something other than what the majority wanted.

Amanda then rushes to re-tell the story to Helen, Elissa and Candice, bashing Jessie some more.  Helen explains that the reality is, she gave the 3 slots to Aaryn for what she did last week (by basically giving away her HoH), Elissa because they’re close friends, and GM for whatever reason.  GM is just happy with her hair dye, so she declined and said the house can compete for that slot.   Elissa then mentions she thinks Jessie is just upset because Aaryn and Judd have been flirting (did I call it, or did I call it?), and that’s probably more of the reality.

This is when Candice jumps in with some speech about how she wanted Howie to stay, and fireworks round 2 begin  (flashback to around 12:33am).  Candice is upset because she was just trying to keep Howie in the house, but by doing so it would have flipped the power which Amanda didn’t like.  “What power?  Who’s on top?” Helen tried to ask, while both of them (Helen/Amanda) are pretending they don’t have a stranglehold on the house right now.   Note, count how many times Amanda says ‘keep it real with Candy’, which was Candice’s stupid segment during the fake ‘View’ segment.

As the argument gets even more heated, Amanda goes off on how Howard said to her what she claimed the other day *,  but she tried to protect him over the girls who have been loyal to her all season.  In this sense it’s kind of true, Candice did get googly eyes at Howard and pretty much threw her game out the window.

* – Howard allegedly whispered to Amanda that when they get out of the house he’s going to f**k the shit out of her

Now, Flashback to 1:55am, and don’t worry about the video.  Apparently an intern was in control during that shift and couldn’t get the right cameras going so we basically just got audio of another fight between Amanda and Jessie.

This fight got VERY heated with Amanda repeated telling Jessie to go f**k herself, screaming about Jessie trying to steal guys.  Jessie brings up the Amanda’s boyfriend card (she had a boyfriend coming into the house), while Amanda just continues to rail into her “close your legs, you slut”.  At this point, I want to pick Jessie up and take her away, I feel terrible for her.  Look, she’s a big flirt, but she’s the only unmarried girl in the house who didn’t hook up with anyone.  I cannot understand why people keep saying these horrible things to her, because she tried to flirt with good looking guys?   Wow.

To her credit, Jessie did stick up for herself against a very aggressive Amanda, but in the end, this benefits a few people:  Spencer, Aaryn, GinaMarie.   The targets on their backs are almost gone, and should be gone as long as they shut up and keep winning competitions.

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