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Big Brother 15 – Amanda Angry, Amanda Smash!


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It seems the best drama in the Big Brother house comes after eviction night.  It makes sense, all the plotted, scheming and worrying is gone, and now you have to start all over again.  As people know, I had a lot of family drama this week (which caused me to be late today), so I pretty much crashed right after the live show.  Doesn’t matter, the big drama happened after I normally would have been sawing logs anyway.



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Flashback to 12:30am on camera 1 to see Amanda railing into Jessie.  Apparently Jessie was upset she wasn’t invited to the BBQ that Helen won during the HoH competition last night.  Amanda tried to explain to her (in a way only Amanda can) that Helen was a bit upset that Jessie tried to flip the house this past week.  Reality is, she didn’t, Jessie has been one of the biggest floaters this season and has just listened to every offer that has come across the table.  Not once did I get the impression she was actually going to do something other than what the majority wanted.

Amanda then rushes to re-tell the story to Helen, Elissa and Candice, bashing Jessie some more.  Helen explains that the reality is, she gave the 3 slots to Aaryn for what she did last week (by basically giving away her HoH), Elissa because they’re close friends, and GM for whatever reason.  GM is just happy with her hair dye, so she declined and said the house can compete for that slot.   Elissa then mentions she thinks Jessie is just upset because Aaryn and Judd have been flirting (did I call it, or did I call it?), and that’s probably more of the reality.

This is when Candice jumps in with some speech about how she wanted Howie to stay, and fireworks round 2 begin  (flashback to around 12:33am).  Candice is upset because she was just trying to keep Howie in the house, but by doing so it would have flipped the power which Amanda didn’t like.  “What power?  Who’s on top?” Helen tried to ask, while both of them (Helen/Amanda) are pretending they don’t have a stranglehold on the house right now.   Note, count how many times Amanda says ‘keep it real with Candy’, which was Candice’s stupid segment during the fake ‘View’ segment.

As the argument gets even more heated, Amanda goes off on how Howard said to her what she claimed the other day *,  but she tried to protect him over the girls who have been loyal to her all season.  In this sense it’s kind of true, Candice did get googly eyes at Howard and pretty much threw her game out the window.

* – Howard allegedly whispered to Amanda that when they get out of the house he’s going to f**k the shit out of her

Now, Flashback to 1:55am, and don’t worry about the video.  Apparently an intern was in control during that shift and couldn’t get the right cameras going so we basically just got audio of another fight between Amanda and Jessie.

This fight got VERY heated with Amanda repeated telling Jessie to go f**k herself, screaming about Jessie trying to steal guys.  Jessie brings up the Amanda’s boyfriend card (she had a boyfriend coming into the house), while Amanda just continues to rail into her “close your legs, you slut”.  At this point, I want to pick Jessie up and take her away, I feel terrible for her.  Look, she’s a big flirt, but she’s the only unmarried girl in the house who didn’t hook up with anyone.  I cannot understand why people keep saying these horrible things to her, because she tried to flirt with good looking guys?   Wow.

To her credit, Jessie did stick up for herself against a very aggressive Amanda, but in the end, this benefits a few people:  Spencer, Aaryn, GinaMarie.   The targets on their backs are almost gone, and should be gone as long as they shut up and keep winning competitions.

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  1. Comments (5)

    Dear lord, I really hope GM nominates or at least backdoors Amanda this week. I really did like Amanda at first, but in the past few weeks I’m starting to realize what a hag she really is…

    • Comments (22)

      I cannot agree with you more, I really liked her… even yesterday LOL. But obviously I was blinded by the power she had over the house, I have a feeling we will see her on the other side of the door next week and I can’t say I don’t mind at this point. I don’t understand why the people playing this game have to be so annoying this season!

    • Comments (1446)

      Sadly, it’s not going to happen. I don’t think anyone will be bold enough to go up against the super witch. GM will nominate Candice and Jessie, America will nomiate Amanda, and Candice will go home and Amanda will get 0 votes again.
      I dislike everyone in that house right now. Helen giving Aaryn a spot at the BBQ “because she kept her word last week?” I could just throw up. The most annoying, backstabbing, two facd players will go to the final four…Amanda, McCrae, Helen and Aaryn.

      And did you catch what Amanda said to Howard in her good bye message?? She couldn’t have been more cold hearted. She said that she thought he was “manipulative and had taken the game to a personal level.” Really? Pot meet kettle…

  2. just another fan
    Comments (48)

    Getting into an argument with Amanda is a losing battle because her level of venom is higher than most. Howard stayed quiet, Jessie stood up for herself – I can respect both choices, but in the end this ball full of anger and meanness is going to get the last word every time.

    • Comments (286)

      Amanda rehearses what she is going to say than she pounces.When she went after Spencer she was sitting outside just plotting and Spencer enters and says “Hi whats up ” enter Tony Soprano,”I know what your trying to do” Spencer laughs and says what. She attacks.And she does it with no one outside to hear so whats Spencer going to do? It will all be hear say and everyone already
      stands behind Amanda so….

      • Comments (140)

        What pissed me off about THAT particular conversation was when Spencer finally got fed up and said shut up Amanda, and she goes all victim, omg I’m a woman and you told me to shut up. What does her vagina have to do with anything? Trust me, Spencer has said a lot worse and he was quite kind to her in that moment. I hate when women play the woman card as if you can’t be told to shut up, even when you’re being a completely unruly bitch.

        She needs out. I dislike her as a person, appreciate how she’s managed to have everyone in the house cowering at her (her threats should be empty since she never wins anything for herself but her minions give her power and they just haven’t realized THEY are why THEY are scared of her), but I just want to see how the house reacts to her departure. I want to see some people squirm and be lost (Andy) and I want to some people sink or swim (Mc).

      • Comments (768)

        As I mentioned in the last thread, she had no Plan B with Spencer. When he rejected her pandering and said he wasn’t going to ‘be her bitch’ she was totally caught off guard and had to play the ‘victim’ card. Guess she wasn’t used to not being able to con people with her bullying.

      • Comments (1276)

        She pulled out the victim card and said he was being a bully. But when Jessie said to her that she was a bully, Amanda blew up at her tell her that she was going to make her a shirt that said “victim”. I can’t stand Amanda anymore. The nerve of her to tell Jessie to “shut her legs” and something to the extent of “everyone being in her mouth” what a bitch! She’s the one who’s acting slutty on tv. Not Jessie. I like Jessie WAY more now. She has more backbone the most of that house. She’s the ONLY one who has really said what everyone else things to Amanda.

  3. Comments (13)

    With Thursday being a double eviction we may be able to get rid of Amanda and maybe the house can give her the same going away speech she gave Howard last night

  4. Comments (2)

    I feel that even though Jessie hss been floating by, a lot of them this season, she should not be harrassed by big bully Amanda! Her and Helen both need to be on the block, maybe then they would be nicer! I sure hope GM makes a bold move, she has Aaryn, Jessie and Spencer in her corner.

  5. Comments (96)

    I wonder what GM would do if she found out it was Amanda who was the leader in getting Nick out.

  6. Comments (4)

    I would love to see Mcrae and Amanda get their own reality t.v. show! Amanda is a great actress!

  7. Comments (768)

    I got a real chuckle and then had to shake my head while listening to GM read her letter from home in the HOH room. Someone had written, Congratulations!!!!! and when she read it she said ‘Congratulations…with a bunch of expiration points’!!!! <– expiration points

    • Comments (22)

      This made my day!!! <– expiration points LOL

    • Comments (1446)

      OMG when she went on and on about her tiara – you would have thought she was crowned Miss America. It’s a lame pagaent, she should get a college degree and learn proper English to get a little self esteem.
      And what’s up with the letter from one of her friends? No famly member wanted to contact her after she had been gone for 7 weeks?? Maybe they are all embarrassed by her bigotry and stupid behavior.

  8. Comments (286)

    Wow used to think Helen was a good girl when did she cross over?

    • Comments (768)

      The week she won HOH. I liked her up until that point too. Since then…. not so much.

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (651)

        Right there with you Rob. If Helen had not moved to the dark side, all these horrible people would be gone and we would have a game instead of the mess they have now.

      • Comments (140)

        As soon as she said “this is the peoples’ HoH” I facepalmed and knew it was downhill from there.

      • Comments (768)

        She lost me when she was browbeating Howard and then guaranteed Kaitlen’s safety for the following week? That’s pretty arrogant thinking.

      • Comments (140)

        I don’t understand why everyone (Helen in particular) is still so butt hurt about The Moving Company. They claim to be fans but if they were, surely to god they’d know there’s going to be alliances and *gasp* sometimes you won’t be part of them! To be so emotionally damaged to find out someone lied to you in BIG BROTHER is just ridiculous.

        And people act like Mc wasn’t also part of it, which kills me to no end.

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (1446)

        Yeah, it seems Helen can forgive everyone(um, Aaryn) but Howard and Spencer for something that happened in the first week of the game.
        I’m sure that pizza boy and super witch will not take Helen and Andy to the end – they are too likeable by the other houseguests. I CAN’T WAIT to see the looks on thir faces when they send them out the door!!

      • Comments (1)

        It’s because McC was too busy getting handjobs to do anything productive. Because he pussied out and spilled to his fuck buddy *fiance* about the alliance he’s been forgiven.

        Amanda needs to go so he can play his own game. I don’t get what Aaryn and GM have against Candice when Helen and Amanda have been running the house and got both of their precious boytoys out. Those two need to smarten up.

      • Comments (228)

        she sounds like a ‘liberal’. I know she is involved with politics as a democrat. I miss the days when the HOH would make the power move as if it was their HOH not the houses.

      • Comments (1446)

        Why bring politics into this? Not cool.

  9. Comments (18)

    Ok, question. I have been TEAM AMANDA since day 1 as I have felt she is the only one playing the game by controling HOH/VETOS without actually winning stuff. But the more weeks that pass by, the more I am falling off that wagon. Ok, what about this. What if they backdoor McCrae instead? This is her ROCK. He is the only one that tells her to shut up and has anyone noticed she is the 1st to have tears (like the stripping session or when Andy told her last week spencer was trying to flip the house on her). She immediately gets upset and runs to…Yup, McCrae. So for me, I think it would be a great week if they got McCrea out, then we have to see her cry to someone else who doesn’t care and is there to win money like she is and really think about how many slutty things (humping Mccrae in HOH) and racist comments she has made after telling Aaryn she’s a horrible person a few weeks ago. She is quickly taking the name for herself. At this point, I have no idea who to route for. But don’t get me wrong, I LOVE big brother!!!!!!!! And this season has kept me on my toes, that’s for sure! I hope this week shakes some things up, get rid of Amanda, Aaryn, or even better yet, McCrae! What’s Amanda gonna do then??????????????

    • Comments (22)

      I was team Amanda till about five minutes ago… I think the fog has finally lifted and I can see clearly.

      • Comments (651)

        Joey just remember the truest way to see the real person is when they are under stress. They stop thinking about putting up a front and show who they really are. I’m glad you’ve finally seen the true Demanda.

    • Comments (651)

      For McCrea to be put up GM would have to grow a brain. Maybe on the 2nd eviction both Amanda and McCrea depending on who wins that HoH. The best we can hope for while GM is HoH is vote Demanda MVP again.

    • Comments (140)

      Then Candice could tell her Amanda is just upset from a personal standpoint and that she needs to get over it and play an individual game.

      That’s pretty much what Amanda told her…

    • Comments (226)

      I think you nailed it, Lauren. I was on team Amanda at the beginning, now she is just playing any card, dirty or sweet but at the same time can dish it out but can’t take it. Getting McCrae out (even though I like him and at the beginning saw him as a strong contender to win) could crumble her and expose all of her double talk!

    • Comments (160)

      I don’t think McCrae has created enough drama for the house to hate him and evict him. Although, you’re correct observation.

    • Comments (228)

      There is a good chance that Aaryn will be nominated as the third nominee. She’s still not well liked either

  10. Comments (9)

    Howard says that he only told Amanda that she was hot and they should hang out after the show. Howard’s version of what was said is corroborated by a few who have heard the live feed. IMO – Amanda simply exaggerated/lied about what Howard said and uses the lie to her strategic advantage, i.e. the only times she has brought it up is to (1) feed the group rationalization for getting rid of Howard, (2) to hurt or manipulate Candice’s feelings (she used the lie to hurt/manipulate Candice during their heated argument with each other last night), or (3) to gain sympathy from McCrae. Ask yourself – why is it that she only brings it up when it is advantageous to do so, i.e. when she wants to persuade someone to do/feel something? If she really felt threatened, why didn’t she make a big stink about it on a group level, i.e. confront Howard in front of everyone? Why did she wait until after Howard left to tell Candice for the first time? (Remember – when Amanda was spreading the lie about Howard to everyone in the house, she also told them to NOT tell Candice because she didn’t want the info to hurt Candice’s feelings., but then only after Howard is evicted and unable to defend himself against her lie, she then tells Candice during their heated argument with each other, thereby intentionally trying to manipulate Candice’s feelings.)

  11. Comments (27)

    I hate when people act like Amanda ..She needs to get off her high horse!! The arrogance this woman shows is horrible!! When the noms where sitting on their seats, I notice she was the only one not dress the way everyone does when they leave the show or are nom on eviction day, I know she was so sure she was staying but that really bother me…I am voting 10 votes for Amanda and 10 for Helen with my cell phone!! I hope Amanda goes home she makes me sick!!

  12. Comments (17)

    I’m still giggling from when Aaryn mentioned to Helen (I think) that she thought GM would be voted Americas favorite player! Seriously?! That statement alone shows how much the players in the house have NO IDEA as to what’s really going on…

    • Comments (1162)

      Agree. lol

      Wait until these fools find out exactly what the majority of BB Fans really think about them.

      • Comments (651)

        MM I just can’t believe that Demanda, Aaryn, and Spencer don’t realize that this will follow them FOREVER. From now on if you Google their names the clips will come up. We know Demanda wants her own reality show but who would risk producing it? Who would risk insuring it? Spencer will never be able to get a job working around women. And Aaryn and GM–well that’s a no brainer.
        They’ll be famous and reported on just not they way they envisioned.

      • Comments (240)

        Very true. That is when THE REAL REALITY show will begin! There’s where you will see drama and no house mates to hide behind.

  13. Comments (45)

    Amanda is a b*tch. Sorry for the language but if Gm nominates spencer and jesse i guarantee amanda will be the third nominee. Wth does helen keep talkin bout jury. Hello your there to win the game

  14. Comments (191)

    Everyone talks about getting rid of the floaters (Jessie & Andy)yet everyone wants to get rid of the person playing the hardest. You can’t have it both ways.

  15. Comments (610)

    I love the green color of her skin in this picture…can you send it to CBS and have them post it (prominently) in the House?!

  16. Comments (1)

    Watching the edited production of BB15 and one would think Amanda Zuckerman as smart and funny. However, the live feeds show what a vampire squid she really is. Not much different than the Federal Reserve, Hollywood, Congress, Dept. of Education, and Department of Homeland Security. As bad as this season is this could be the one chance to wake-up the coach potatoes to what’s going on in America.

  17. Comments (9)

    Let’s stipulate to the following: (1) America will likely vote Amanda to be the 3rd nominee and if Amanda wins POV, then Aaryn will likely replace her as the 2nd highest vote getter, and (2) Either Candice, Jessie and/or Spencer will be GM’s initial 2 nominees (even if one of GM’s initial 2 nominees wins the POV, GM will replace him/her with the remaining un-nominated HG). Therefore, the ONLY way Amanda or Aaryn can be evicted is if the following scenario occurs: (1) Helen and Elisa decide to make a move on Amanda or Aaryn, i.e. Helen/Elisa joins with the un-nominated HG (either Candice, Jessie or Spencer) as a 3-person voting-block to go against the “McCrae/Andy and Amanda or Aaryn” 3-person voting-block, AND, (2) Helen and Elisa convince Judd to join their 3-person voting-block to vote out Amanda or Aaryn. Here’s why I don’t think this will ever happen: First – Helen and Elisa probably won’t make a move because (a) Helen incorrectly believes she is tighter with Andy than she actually is, i.e. Helen doesn’t know that she is 4th or even 5th (Aaryn could be 4th) in the pecking order of the Amanda/McCrae/Andy alliance, and (b) Helen incorrectly believes that she is tighter with Aaryn than she actually is, i.e. Aaryn prefers being 4th in the pecking order with the Amanda/McCrae/Andy alliance rather than making any moves against them. Second, even if Helen and Elisa miraculously decide to make a move on Amanda or Aaryn, they still have the almost impossible task of convincing Judd to vote with them to get rid of Amanda or Aaryn, i.e. (a) although Judd may be inclined to vote out Amanda because he believes he is tighter with Helen than he is with Amanda and Amanda is a threat to his game, Judd will be extremely hesitant to take the risk because he incorrectly believes that he is tighter with McCrae/Andy than he actually is and Judd will probably not want to upset his relationship with McCrae by going against Amanda, and (b) Judd will not be inclined to vote out Aaryn because he incorrectly believes that he is tighter with Aaryn than he actually is, i.e. Aaryn prefers being 4th in the pecking order with the Amanda/McCrae/Andy alliance rather than making any moves against them.

    • Comments (71)

      Judd is playing to stack the jury. He knows either Amanda or McCrae has to go, so it might not be as hard as you think to flip him this week.

      • Comments (768)

        As much as I’ve liked Judd at some point, I don’t think he has the balls to go against the grain. He was HOH and wouldn’t even assert his rights to use his HOH room! Cuckold comes to mind.

  18. Comments (226)

    Can anyone out there tell me what the differences were with Dr Wil and Boogies evil-ness in past seasons that is different than this year? I wasn’t watching BB back then and a friend of mine says this years evil is different, but can’t seem to explain it…? Thanks!

    • Comments (768)

      Sorry to butt in JAF…my take on the difference in the two seasons is that Boogie and Will were devious-funny. ie. the diary room sessions that are funny to this day…. gring gring! Whereas some of the people this season are just plain mean, vindictive, bullies who seek to wreak vengeance on anyone who opposes them.

    • Comments (25)

      Those guys were better at not losing sight of the fact that they were being watched, that they were playing a game, AND they wanted to entertain an audience AND there was a goal – Dr. Will particularly was always playing the game and entertaining the tv audience. Boogie did lose his cool a few times, was mean and nasty a few times, and therefor not as big a favorite as Will. Will also would state to the rest of the HG that he was going to lie, that he was going to do this or that – up front and sure of himself, but in a smarter, more controlled and goal-oriented way than Jeremy

    • Comments (71)

      It wasn’t PERSONAL with them. Amanda takes everything to a personal level, even with the “I wish she would stab her eyes out on the tweezers and die” (paraphrased), among other death wishes and damnations. Boogie and Dr. Will never acted like that. There’s playing the game, and then there’s just being hateful.

      • Comments (768)

        Okay Rose and Beth, you guys did a better job of explaining it than I did! lol Rose, you’re right…it was done in an ‘entertaining’ fashion. Something that is sadly lacking this season.

  19. just another fan
    Comments (48)

    They were manipulative whereas Amanda is that but she is also very spiteful and makes personal attacks. Also, those guys were always on the outside as targets so it was fun to cheer for the underdog, whereas Amanda seems to be a fixture in the HOH room even though she has never earned it.

    • Comments (226)

      hmmm, thanks for the info. Yeah, I don’t get the Amanda in the HOH thing…if I were HOH I would be like, this is my room…OUT! Its exhausting that the HG’s are constantly doing gameplay. No other season (that I have watched) have I really felt like it seems obvious that production is manipulating the house events. I’d rather not think that…ignorance is bliss I guess!

  20. Comments (1)

    Well it is very true then that CBS is covering up that it is rigged for Amanda to win she has been a bully and to accuse someone of saying something that is not true is so low while she is every night having sex with her boy toy Mcreepy who is so blind by her, even in a fight he don’t stand up for her so he just hiding behind her putting the bigger target on Amanda, Jessie said nothing but the truth last night good for u girl, I hope Amanda leves so she can face America just like the other one Arron.

    • Comments (25)

      I believe that Mc will not hesitate to cut A loose when he thinks that is the better move for him. He is playing a game, even though he might be enjoying her.

  21. Comments (3)

    I actually voted via text.. I can’t believe I missed this show all these years! Great BB community! Btw… Voted for Amanda!!! She needs to go. 🙂

    • Comments (1162)

      IMO, Amanda’s nationally televised “counseling” of Aaryn about her bigotry and racist remarks appears
      to be a set-up by a staffer guiding Amanda through the BB show.

      Let’s face it – she never cared about Aaryn’s racism or any outside backlash toward Aaryn.

      How could she when Amanda is like Aaryn or worse?

      • Comments (3)

        So agree with your statement!

      • Comments (407)

        Midwest I totally agree with you. Aaryn’s racist comments and actions show stupidity and immaturity, but Amanda’s are downright scary. She is actually wishing harm or even death on someone. I wish CBS would put some of her actions and statements on the BB show so people would know just what a maniac she is. This is what is making me believe the “rumors” that they have her destined to win are really true.

  22. Comments (10)

    Someone needs to grow a pair of twigs and berries and put Amanda AND Mcrae up. Then Aaryn or Helen would be third nominee and you’d have to get out one of them! Sure its BB suicide but, they’re strong players get them out!

  23. Comments (453)

    The adderall (sp) needs to disappear and then we can see how they respond to each other. If they are all adhd then my pit bull wears a tutu! Does anyone else wonder just how they treat people on the outside that disagrees with them?

  24. Comments (1276)

    Helen is sooooo full of herself. The bad part of the argument with Amanda and Jessie, Helen kept trying to put her 2 cents in, and neither Amanda or Jessie even piad attention to her. That is other than Jessie asking her why she was bringing up the BBQ now.
    Then Helen proceeds to head in the house moaning and yelling about how she’s been nothing but nice to Jessie, and how dare she. I can’t stand her anymore. At this point, put up Amanda, replace her with Helen. We’ll deal with Aaryn later.

  25. Comments (35)

    Here’s my opinion:

    First off, Amanda needs to avoid alcohol. It’s not her friend. She should probably be tapered off of the Adderall as well. IF (giant IF here) Amanda does have some form of adult ADD/ADHD this is NOT the right medication for her. She’s acting just like Lindsay Lohan was. She (Amanda) quite possibly has other mental health issues that can be scary if untreated/exacerbated by the Adderall and/or alcohol. And when I say scary I mean for herself as well as others around her. For the safety of the house, I hope her behavior doesn’t escalate.

    There was more I wanted to say, but got distracted with BBAD and forgot. Sorry. I just hope what I was able to say makes sense.

  26. Comments (1)

    Be Gone Wicked Witch (Amanda) Be GONE FOREVER!

  27. Comments (1)

    Amanda is a for real bully. I really would like to see her gone. Aryn needs to go too. I cannot tolerate racism. Isn’t it funny that BB is posting a disclaimer for the first time……..

    . This is my first post so pardon my living in the past a bit.

  28. Comments (1)

    Wow!!! Where did they get Amanda at? 15 seasons and she is hateful, nasty to everyone that don’t buckle down for her. I do believe this is the last year for me to watch this after 15 seasons….out of all the united states this is the type of person you pick for Big brother, time for me to watch any other show. What a shame!!!

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