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Big Brother 15 – Andy Has To Stop Being The Nice Guy

Yes Andy, come to the dark side
Yes Andy, come to the dark side

8:00pm Update – Big Brother is delayed a few minutes due to golf.  CBS will never figure out that sports run late, but luckily it only happens once in awhile to Big Brother. It’s much worse for The Amazing Race!

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As I said below, not much happened in the house today, it’s dead.  Not much strategy, and everyone hanging out for the PoV meeting tomorrow which we’ll find out that Andy won’t use it and Jessie will go home this week. Snoozer.   

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Ok, I’m done with my 8:00pm update, now you can continue to read the thread from earlier this morning regarding potential strategy options…


After winning the PoV last night, Andy has the ability to finally make a huge move in the game and get rid of one of the power people this season.  From listening to him talk about it with Aaryn, it sounds like we’ll watch Jessie walk through the door this Thursday as America lets out a collective groan.

Andy said he wants to sit back and let Helen and Amanda duke it out because he likes them both and doesn’t want either of them mad at him.  There you have it, folks.. that is how Andy lost half a million dollars.   It’s sad because with Andy playing without a spine and Jessie walking out the door, the options of rooting for someone get smaller and smaller.  I’d like to root for Elissa, but she is her sister’s most hated type of player, a huge floater.  When she actually realizes she’s in the house, maybe I can root for her to win, but I hate seeing people do nothing all summer and make it to the end (Porsche, Adam, etc).

On the bright side, there is a very huge chance that one of the jury members comes back in the game, and if they do (Judd, Judd, Judd!), that will give us someone to pull for.  Speaking of Judd, I had a dream he was still in the house and someone else got evicted. As they were leaving, they were cussing out Judd for being the MVP and backdooring them, while Judd sat there not knowing what he was talking about.  I think that’s a sign Judd needs to come back in the house to get a fair shake.  The MVP twist killed him because Amanda simply didn’t want to believe that America would be nominating her, so she blamed Judd.

McCrae is aware that Judd could re-enter the house (flashback to 10:25pm or so) as he suggests the first 4 people in jury could square off, or return with a vote from America.  Because of this twist, he wants to get out Elissa asap so America will vote her back in over Judd, and he’s 100% correct that would happen.  That is exactly why I suggested Andy blindside McCrae this week instead of Amanda because he’s not only the physical threat of that alliance, he is very aware of the game. Amanda is definitely a threat, but she uses more bully tactics that are wearing thin on the house.  When little Jessie is not even scared of Amanda any more, it shows where she’ll be in the house alone.

While living with Amanda may be a nightmare after McCrae leaves, that would be a win-win because it would not only create drama, but pretty much prevent her from winning any jury votes should she make the final 2.   McCrae remaining in the house would remain crafty and adapt to the situation, kind of like Aaryn did without Jeremy. The girl who was supposed to go home on day 35 can easily make it to the top 7 or even top 5 now.  Now add some likability to that person, and you have McCrae.

Anyway, I suspect it to be a very slow day in the house.  The veto ceremony isn’t until tomorrow, so unless Big Brother throws in some random surprise, there should be a whole lot of nothing going on today.  I may take this opportunity to pop out and run some errands for a bit, but I’ll have an update before the show tonight.

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  1. Comments (624)

    It’s got to get to the point when one of the HG decide enough of this popular vote on what the “house” decides. The house consists of Amanda and Helen. Start with busting up McManda.

    • Comments (624)

      Oh and meaning taking McCrea out first. Let Amanda have a meltdown afterward and fall on her own sword.

      • Comments (302)

        A good meltdown would sure beat watching paint dry. Wow is this cast full of themselves. Helen has already called it the strongest big brother house in the games history(that’s comedy gold) but her latest quote kills me “the people that schemed are gone.” Yes! The center of the Universe is Helen. The ejected House Guest are “Liars & Schemers” but Helen just gently fibs and politely chats about the future of contestants. Andy pipes in that he has only lied to people not loyal to them. Yes Lord strike down the liars and schemers like Howard & Nick who dared form an early alliance that didn’t have Helen & Andy on the throne. They are blasphemous corruptors of the word of Big Brother.

    • on-a-low-BS-diet........
      Comments (53)

      What a boring BB season this has been.

      A few observations:

      Amanda: please STFU. I cant stand another minute of that big. LOUD MOUTHED Orange ape lumbering around the house. Also I’m wondering if she was born a woman and if her name is a clue: (A-Man…….DUH)
      Aaryn: what in the world is happening to your eyebrows????
      jessie: I agree with the other houseguests. You look like Richar Gere
      My question is are u pregnant?? What’s up w the big belly?
      Helen: it is big brother NOT big mother. Stop trying to be the den mother and just play your game. And for crying out loud stop jumping up and down. You look crazy as hell
      ELISSA : STOP taking everything so personally. The world does not revolve around you. Stop staring at yourself in the mirror. Are you checking to see what a floater. Looks like??? Why do you resemble a reptile yo me? Lizardy……
      Mccrae: I hope you jump off the Amanda train esp after this game ends. RUN man. No really. Run like you are on fire………….

  2. Comments (1)

    I’m highly annoyed at how boring and predictable this season has become. As much as everyone bitches about “Oh production manipulates it so much!”, this is the exact situation where they need to poke a sleeping bear and make something, anything worth watching happen.

    • BB Superfan without the BS
      Comments (56)

      I only continue to watch this show to see what production will do next to save Amanda. She is not going anywhere. Remember she is a predetermined winner and the sleeping bear will continue to sleep. I hope that Allison Grodner saved her pennies!

      • Comments (27)

        How has production “saved” Amanda?! They haven’t had a competition she’s good at. They can’t brain wash the other house guests nor tell them not to target her. She’s obviously not privy to additional information or the MVP or she wouldn’t have cut loose her most powerful ally. Its astounding how every season certain fans hate a player and go above and beyond to convince themselves CBS is rigging the game for said player. CBS knows who is hated, who is loved and would be fools to go out of their way to purposely tick off their viewers. They’ve been on the air for 70 years and have had 15 seasons of this show; I bet they know what they’re doing.

      • Comments (5)

        Its not predetermined, but Amanda did lie on her Bio. She’s 38 not 28. She’s also married, so don’t ask me about the showmance thing. Her and her husband must have had a plan of their own. GM and aaryn have both been fired from their jobs, of course they don’t know it yet. Spencer is actually being investigated. I for one love this season.

      • Comments (16)

        Do you have any proof that Amanda is A) married and B) 38? I’ve heard it said that she had a boyfriend, but never that she was married.

        As for her being the predetermined winner…that’s a rumor supposedly started by a former CBS employee, but again there is absolutely no evidence of this being true. It was most likely started by some Internet troll.

        Amanda will not win this season. Bet on it.

      • Comments (55)

        If Amanda wins I feel people will stop watching Big Brother altogether. I know I will.

    • Comments (226)

      Totally agree with this being a time when BB (I.e: production) needs to step in and stir the pot. Suggestions:
      –ask them all about the tandem voting in their DR sessions…get the paranoia going again
      –pandoras box (but that’ll probably be saved to bring back a jury member)
      –tell them about the MVP/3rd nom being ‘Merica – so they know Amanda would be Americas target and if they are the HG to get her out that could win favor with the jury!
      Oh, to dream…

  3. Comments (343)

    Yes, cutting McCrae is the right strategic move. Amanda would be a lost bull in a china store….everyone would soon hate her (even more). However, it won’t happen. BB15 Summer of the Stupid.

    • Comments (71)

      I like Andy, but omg he sucks at this game! I think he will be the last person to do Amanda’s bidding, even after McCrae decides to play the game only for himself. Pathetic.

      • Comments (71)

        Sorry Jimbo, that wasn’t directed at you, I just left my comment in the wrong place. 🙂

    • Comments (14)

      Why does Xandy and jimbo have any thumbs down?! They’re completely right! It’s basically what stevebeans said up top in a nutshell!

      • Comments (71)

        Apparently there are actually still seven or eight Amanda fans left on the planet. LMFAO
        I guess they don’t watch feeds or follow the live feed updates!

      • Comments (79)

        What I want to know is why do so many people thumbs down everything Midwest Middie says?

      • Comments (79)

        Oh wait, I think I see why right below this. lol

      • Comments (286)

        Just some haters out there who like to hit thumbs down because they thinks it funny ,ignore em.

      • Comments (1162)


        : D

      • Comments (41)

        I watch BBAD every night and I am still an Amanda supporter. Your remark was an insult to any who like her, whether there are 7, 8, or a million of us. I find Amanda to be the best PLAYER of the “game” this season. I also liked Richard Hatch, winner of the first season of Survivor because HE was the best player. The “credo” of Survivor is “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast,” and he did all of those things. So far, in BB15, Amanda seems to best at the first two (outwitting, outplaying). Only time will tell if she is the one to “outlast” the others.

      • Comments (407)

        Lynelle, I guess the rest of us just don’t want to support a person that has been a bully, racist and is downright nasty. She has has sex on national tv, shown her double whatever they are with nothing but bandaids on them, worn underwear with everything hanging out (which seems to be more and more) and made comments about nearly every other houseguest. Just to mention a few: called Andy a queer, faggedy Andy and fairy. Said she wanted to kill Candice with a butter knife or stab her with tweezers. When Candice borrowed her tweezers she said she hoped she fell on them and put one of her eyes out. Said she would like to knock Jessie’s teeth out and force oral sex on her. Also that she would like to cut Jessie’s throat and rape her limp body. She called Howard a “black mamba” and “dark knight.” Said his would taste like cocoa or watermelon. Said Helen’s private parts probably taste like egg rolls or wonton soup. Said Elissa talks like she has f….ing autism and called her retarded. She has used the term retard several times. Her Dad has deleted his twitter account as a result of the backlash against her. She is no longer employed at Prudential Realty. So, is this reason enough for MOST people to not want to support her or should we go on because there’s plenty more.

      • Comments (407)

        Oh, I forgot poor old Richard Hatch. He ran around nude on Survivor, and if I was a man and equipped with his junk, I would have kept it hidden. And don’t forget, he also did time for being a tax evader. Wow, girl, you support the top of the line don’t you?

      • Comments (58)

        JoJo, Could be she’s such a big supporter because she shares the same thoughts,opinions,and attitudes of Amanda and Richard H… I’m just sayin 🙂

      • Comments (58)

        And very eloquently said JoJo… I totally agree with you

      • Comments (195)

        Very Very well said jojo. If I could I would give you 50 thumbs up!

      • Comments (768)

        Sambella, you’re back!

      • Comments (407)

        Thanks Sambella. I appreciate that. Sometimes you just have to let it all out.

      • Comments (195)

        Hi Rob, Yes finally. I came down with a flu bug and now my little darling is getting it. We have a big appointment with her surgeon at Sick Kids on Wed so need to get her feeling better. But while we have been resting I have been checking in and reading everyone’s great posts. Have the lap top in bed with us lol. But have to say I just can not stomach watching the live feeds and it doesn’t have anything to do with having the flu. It is just sickening watching Amanda and McCrae. Also really tired seeing them always in the HOH bed. It is a very sad year for us BB fans. Thank goodness we have Steve’s site!

      • Comments (768)

        Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. I’ve missed your posts. I hear you with the live feeds… I cancelled mine. From the number of thumbs up it looks like more that I missed your posts!! 🙂

      • Comments (9)

        This is a sad article about Amanda
        The first is Amanda Zuckerman. As stated previously her bio is not the truth. We have done our research carefully. We are convinced that our information is absolutely correct. First Amanda Zuckerman is not 28 years old. She is 38 years old. She was born in January of 1975. She is also not single. She is married to Jonathan Klarsfeld. That also adds a layer of immorality to the show due to her showmance with McCrae. No one would really be so humiliated for money would they….? She and her husband own a realty company she does not just work for one. He also works at an animal hospital as a veterinarian.


      • Comments (195)

        Aww that is so sweet Rob…thank you. I have to tell you…you put a smile on my face a few times this week and a few laugh out loud chuckles. Always enjoy reading your posts too. Especially your great sense of humour!

      • Comments (110)

        SO TRUE.

      • Comments (110)


      • Comments (48)

        Lynelle, I use to like Amanda in the beginning until her mouth got the best of her. Follow this link and see if you still see Amanda as you do now. I just checked out one of the links to the BB blogs. OMGoodness! You have got to read this for yourself. Who could make up this stuff? BB15 HGs are more disgusting than I have given them credit for – how could things get any worse? Follow this link and read for yourself:

      • Comments (651)

        I read this and have been asking can anyone else confirm this info on Amanda. They say they researched her on LinkedIn and other sites and say she is 38 years old and is married (among other things). Normally I don’t believe things from sites I don’t know and wouldn’t believe CBS/BB would try hide all the stuff but this season has me questioning them.

      • Comments (407)

        Jackie, I believe this site has incorrect information on Amanda. I checked white pages in Delray Beach, Florida and Amanda Joy Zuckerman is listed and her age is 28. There is also an Amanda Jane Zuckerman and her age is 38. I know from checking other sites that Amanda’s middle name is Joy. The site also says Amanda is married and her husband is a veterinarian and I do not believe that to be true. I really feel sorry for Amanda Jane Zuckerman. I would hate to have that name and I am sure it will probably cause her problems in the future.

      • Comments (3)

        You’re wrong. As a member of that site I know that the info is correct. It has been very thoroughly researched. Look at this following post and explain it all away if you can. The father and sister’s names. The work and school histories being the same. The father’s address and the 38 year old Amanda’s being the same.

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        @ Michelle Dijardin. Can you please use a disclaimer before you post other websites? Hahahaha. That screen shot scared the bugger out of me! They have closed the website and posted a page where they now have to reverify the information because of demeaning comments.

      • Comments (3)

        That site is very much up and running there is nothing wrong with it.

      • Comments (55)

        Amanda has out bullied every one. Helen over feeds egos.

      • Comments (768)

        It’s someone who has nothing better to do. They’ve been doing it to various people for the last week or so. Yesterday it was Midwest Middie’s turn. And now I’m sure they’ll do it to me. Oh well, I guess if you don’t have a life, you can always amuse yourself by giving everyone a thumbs down.

      • Comments (624)

        Hey they get a crack at me too! lol

      • Comments (1446)

        Me, too! I think I know we all know who it is – ignore and it will go away…

      • Comments (1446)

        Within 30 seconds of a post, I got a thumbs down. Ohhh no!! Someone didn’t like hearing the truth yesterday and she is pouting big time!!

      • Comments (453)

        lol think the same way.

      • Comments (768)

        I was reading posts on the last thread and only noticed Beans has posted this one when I was exiting. I popped on and Big Papi already had 15 thumbs down for something he had just posted??? WTF? Yesterday Midwest Middie had over 25 on several posts they posted and I’ve never seen him/her say one offensive thing to anyone on here ever!

      • Comments (768)

        Are you going to make me go back and figure out who it was?

      • Comments (150)

        you are wrong. I am still reading the comments but I am not participating. I thought u were right about what u said to me. I am not a bad person. I am here for the first time today. I’ve been at a brunch all morning. I am not petty. I swear it is not me. And, how can I give anyone six or seven thumbs down? Please play nice. I feel bad enough as it is.

      • Comments (624)

        Yeah I’m feeling the love. haha I’m good either way. I enjoy reading everyone’s comments on the show.

      • Comments (1446)

        @cnoodleman…welcome back. Glad you gained some insight and perspective.
        Let’s stick to what’s relevant in the BB house and not in our own homes…deal??

      • Comments (150)

        @Jannie – Thank you for your gracious welcoming back. But, on a whole I feel that the group is very mean, almost as mean as the horrible individuals that inhabit the BB house. Most of the comments made about the people in the house are just as mean spirited as the houseguests themselves. I see more calls for revenge then enlightenment. I have spent my life being kind and generous to others and in return have received it back tenfold in my own life. As terrible as the houseguests are they are still human beings. Peggi laughed when you spoke of my “pouting” as if she enjoyed my hurt feelings. I do not wish to be one of the villagers carrying pitchforks and burning stakes to avenge unfounded wrongs by people I cannot personally help. Please allow me to distance myself without any assumptions of how I am feeling. I have been called many names that I am proud to own up to but “boorish” was never one of them. Maybe all the thumbs down you are all receiving is by people, not unlike myself, who feel they cannot connect with your “clique”. In closing I ask only that you have some compassion for the sinners in the BB house because they are going to pay a heavy price for their 15 minutes of fame and I wouldn’t wish the nightmare they will all soon be living on any one. Thank you again and be well.

      • Comments (302)

        cnoodleman – I really enjoy reading everyone’s point of view on this site. I’ve been clobbered a few times with the thumbs down(you’re most likely to get it if you say anything negative about Elissa) and actually have had a few posters change my mind with incisive commentary.
        I wish you’d overlook that and participate. Many of us probably get a little nasty because of what we perceive as injustice in the BB House. Some of us are sick of the predictable game play. Some of the Houseguest just annoy us and this is a great place to vent. But I agree they have no idea the price they will pay for 15 minutes of fame. I think many people probably think they’ll get what they deserve. What disturbs me is that I’ve seen a post on this site that directs you to another blogger who gives out personal information and addresses of the most offensive players including work and home information. There are just too many crazy people out there and while public disdain may be the price they deserve to pay fear for their life shouldn’t be. We’ve already heard of threats to the players families and harassing calls to their workplace while they’ve been playing … no doubt a lot more coming when they get out. The racism needs to addressed, but cnoodleman, don’t let your compassion be silenced by a few negative comments. Stand up and be counted.

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        OK people from what she said, I think that cnoodleman finally got it. It’s time to move on and leave her alone. No one deserves to be berated for this long. I sincerely apologize for my part in this cdoodle. The dumb things that you say on here pisses many of people off. But we live in the land of the free and you should not be assaulted for your opinions. So forgive me for all the nasty things that I have said back to you. BB15 has enough alpha females to last a lifetime. All that I ask is for you to take out the personal rubbish and talk about the BB game. Don’t stop contributing to this. Your opinion counts and I hate to see you feel defeated. Best wishes! Does anybody know how to turn off the alerts when something new is posted? New feature from my internet carrier and it’s driving me bonkers.

      • Comments (302)

        BB Superfan without the BS – I always love your stuff. I hope my comment didn’t suggest otherwise. I also don’t want anyone to think I’m berating them. I agree time to move on. I just don’t like people to be scared off by a few thumbs down. I haven’t been following the cnoodleman saga so I don’t know what has been said .. I think it’s probably just time for me to go back to ragging about the Houseguest.

      • Comments (768)

        I think cnoodleman could have helped his/her cause if they had only ever posted on here with one user name. Starting out with lloydA then santiagoN, then feltso gudinya hasn’t helped your credibility. You may have duped other people, but not me.

      • Comments (1162)

        Jannie, I’m not condoning what cnoodleman has posted, but
        I truly don’t believe she is the Rapid Thumbs Downer.
        regarding Rob’s comment about cnoodleman having had
        3 profiles…..that’s news to me and in that case does
        raise questions. Why would anyone bother with having
        more than one profile? Nutty!!!
        IMO, Post your opinions under one moniker – and
        be done with it.

      • Comments (768)

        If anyone needs proof, just scroll back to the blog titled Big Brother Day 15 on July 30. Read the post dated July 31 at 10:15 p.m. by feltso gudinya. That was their third name on here. On Aug. 2 he started posting as cnoodleman.

      • Comments (1162)

        IMO, cnoodleman is definitely NOT the Rapid Thumbs Downer.
        No Way!!!

      • Comments (1446)

        “You missed the point entirely, once again.”
        “You have been so wrong all season.”
        “Please, all of you, do yourselves a favor and take a course in reading comprehension.”
        “I have been nice to teachers that I wanted to slap silly…”
        “if you want to see I could easily slash your ego to bits with a few choice words.”

        These are statements all posted by cnoodleman in the last few days. And now she wants to play the victim that she is being bullied and the rest of us are so mean…please.
        My last piece of advice on this subject:
        Don’t dish it out and then cry “victim.” We’re not all as stupid as you think we are.

        Now back to BB talk 🙂

      • Comments (768)

        That’s pretty much on par with the other three profiles this person has had since early July.

      • Comments (302)

        Wow Jannie – I guess I haven’t kept up with the feeds like I normally do. I missed most of those comments. There certainly seems to be some snobbery from those quotes. I think I’m just going to bow out of this conversation because I do agree that if you dish it out .. better be ready to take it.

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        @ Doug… absolutely not. Your comment was spot on! It seems the reply/re-reply button has been inactivated. Perhaps my demon computer is getting back at me for the auto correct comment. Bummer! That’s why it fell under your comment? I am thrilled to be home now and i have started to watch BB tonight. I am not happy with what I am watching. Gina Marie is a complete and utter fool. She cannot control her nasty mouth or behavior. What a complete tool she is!

      • Comments (1162)

        Some of the Thumbs down are simply from those disagreeing with
        a posted opinion, however when the numbers reach double digits, especially for totally
        non-offensive posts & most agreeing with another poster, it is like GinaMarie’s
        Insanity. lol
        Someone has a lot of time on their hands and little to say about BB15.

        I did go back and may have figured out the who. After I disagreed with
        one person’s comment, they never posted again. My reply wasn’t offensive.
        In fact, I wasn’t the only one to respond to the poster’s comment, however I
        did say more than the other person.

        IF my assumption is incorrect then it has to be that
        : D

        BTW – Every Thumbs Down is another hit for Steve’s Blog, which is a “Good Thing.”

      • Comments (48)

        Midwest, do not worry about the thumbs down situation. At least your comments are giving someone something to do. They must have a very uneventful and boring life if they get off on hitting the thumbs-down so much.

      • Comments (90)

        @Midwest Maddie……”BAD TRAVELING THUMBS DOWN GANG”…..LMBO!!! 😀

      • Comments (14)

        Rob, this has nothing to do with nothing, but your avatar looks like he’s twerking, lol, I just had to say it 🙂 — Let the thumbs-downing commence!

      • Comments (768)

        lmao okay, what’s twerking? I always thought of a frog taking a dump when I look at it!! lol

      • Comments (14)

        Basically you put your hands are on your knees and you “pop your booty” and you twist/jerk your hips- Twerking!

        Lol, but a frog taking a dump is probably more accurate…

        I wish I could see stevebean’s face when he reads this thread 😀

      • Comments (768)

        LMAO!! I always got a kick out of the Walk Like and Egyptian’ one!

      • Comments (195)

        omgosh see there you go again…making me lmao!!!

      • Comments (151)

        Ever think they just disagree with your opinion? Why flatter yourself over this. People DO have better things to do. Come on, just accept that people have differing opinion’s and they express it using thumbs down.

    • just another fan
      Comments (48)

      If I were in the house I would put out Amanda before McCrae. I know it is not as smart strategically, but man alive, a week with Amanda on the rampage or a week with a sullen and jaded McCrae – for my own sanity, which would be a struggle on the best of days in that house, I would consistently vote out the loud and annoying people.

      • Comments (16)

        I don’t understand why people think getting rid of McCrae first is the smart move strategically. Yeah, he’s probably the better player, but he won’t be vindictive if you eliminate Amanda first. He might be afraid you’re after him too, but he could be swayed.

        Amanda, on the other hand, will not rest until you’re evicted. You don’t want that, especially when she has the 2nd most power in the House.

  4. Comments (453)

    They all have mush brains and are waiting for the yellow brick road, hence, “down the road not time now to get out mcmanda”.

  5. Comments (9)

    Does anyone read jokers update for bb the three mean girls aaryn amanda and gm were all making fun of people of color they even did there hair up in braids and bashed candice howard and rappers these girls need to be held accountable when they get out and cbs too they are doing ten times more racist things then paula deen could ever have thought of

    • Comments (12)

      I just read that and, once again can’t believe how racist and just plain MEAN Aryn, GM and Amanda are. How long is CBS going to put up with this?

    • BB Superfan without the BS
      Comments (56)

      Dont worry about the rubbish coming out of their mouths. Payday will come in spades when they leave the house and enter back into the real world! Wait for it….

      • Comments (407)

        BB, here’s hoping when they do go out in the real world and start job hunting….the interviewer is a person of color! They should then inform them…Oh guess what?? I watched you on Big Brother. I would love to see their faces then.

      • Comments (90)

        As a person of color, I totally concur with what you just said.

      • Comments (1)

        Here is a thought…..reality tv, life after big brother

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        wait for it….

    • Comments (58)

      Yea I like Jokersupdate…minute by minute what they’re saying and doing.

  6. Comments (624)

    I can’t stand Amanda and McCrea. Whenever I see them on BBAD, I fast forward. He’s a slob loser, and she’s a bossy bitch.

    • Comments (140)

      Spot on.

      • Comments (624)

        But thumbs down! haha

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        You just need to leave it alone. They do it to everyone. No one is immune to it. Continue to post how you feel and ignore the shit coming out of their mouths! My favorites for this game is surprisingly the only 2 people in the jury. Maybe there is some game play after all.

    • Comments (651)

      Yesterday she told him he needs to shower because it had been two days. They had sex and bl**jobs and she’s on the rag during that funk time. Right after that she starts cleaning his ear wax. Then he starts picking a scab on his knee and licks his blood and chews his nails. SERIOUSLY?

      Amanda’s mother must be so proud she raised such a Skank.

      • Comments (1446)

        Yeah, last night they were in Andy’s HOH bed picking scabs and biting fingernails. Oh, and Amanda was pulling out her eyelashes, too.
        This game must really be getting stressful – they are all developing nervous tics – have you seen Helen’s nose twitch??

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        Ok so i’m HOH this week. But I will not show or say “Who wants to see my HOH room until you (CBS) burns that bed first ad geta new one. IMO the Hgs will be mortified that they slept or sat on that bed after watching this season. McCraes future of delivery pizza boy may be over after this. Whether he wins the money or not. i wouldnt even answer my door if I looked through the peephole and saw him holding my pizza.

      • Comments (1446)

        Hahahahahahaha! Pizza boy DNA is everywhere!

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        I hope he didnt endorse his employers because they are about to lose alot of endorsements and orders. I wish I saved the first episode! Bummer!

      • Comments (274)

        SERIOUSLY! I’m getting stressed out hearing about it. I can’t watch it anymore, I get embarrased for them!

      • Comments (77)

        Maybe Helen’s nose is twitching because she is around that crew that does not shower.

      • Comments (453)

        They are two nasty people, I wouldn’t allow them on my bedding with all their nasty habits. I am waiting for Elissa to have enough and speak up against all of the nasty remarks that is spewed out of the mean girls and mccraes mouths.

      • just another fan
        Comments (48)

        I agree. Elissa is the polar opposite of her brash and mouthy sister. Some people I admire for game play and some for ther ethics – Elissa is one of those people with good ethics that gives me hope.

      • Comments (22)

        I agree. Compared to the others Elissa is a class act. Has not said one racist/homophobic/ugly remark. She even gets up and leaves the area where this stuff is happening. You can see the displeasure and disgust in her face every time.

    • Comments (407)

      Big Papi, I agree. I was just watching BBAD from last night and guess where Amanda and McCrae were? In the HOH bed eating Andy’s food. Andy meanwhile was downstairs playing a game and they were right at home in the bed (as usual.) It’s a shame they can’t win HOH (although I hope they don’t) so they can legitimately claim the room and food.

      • Comments (624)

        Not to mention when they skank up the HoH bathtub, when McCrea takes his weekly bath. I think even saying weekly is a stretch.

  7. Comments (3)

    This is, by far, the worst season yet. Season 9 pales to this. It’s time to replace Allison Godhog and Robyn Kass. They have ruined my favorite show and don’t deserve to earn a living (and I assume a quite handsome living) on this show. The cast is the absolutely worst ever. The racism, sexism and homophobia have gotten ridiculous. The cheating is also ridiculous. I know production runs the house from the DR-leading people to do what they want. Production also thinks we are stupid and don’t see what they are doing. I would hate to see BB off the air, but it isn’t worth watching now. I’ll have to wait for Amazing Race and Survivor. No more Big Brother 15 for me. The whole show sucks.

    • BB Superfan without the BS
      Comments (56)

      I guess many people in America share your opinion. That is why the ratings continue to drop. This Blog has much more action than the damn game. We have more game play than the Hgs do! Get rid of the witches and maybe the game play can start!

    • Comments (875)

      ^STAMP! Please. please, please replace Allison Grodner, since she has taken over as Producer of Big Brother the show has become soooooooo predictable. We all can almost figure out who is “her Fave” is, every season there is some sort of manipulation of the BB staff in the DR, and we can see who she is rigging the show for. This is so disappointing for us fans of BB.

  8. Comments (1288)

    Why should Andy screw up his game to satisfy “bored” viewers? He has ticked off two competition wins and can exit the week without anyone thinking he needs to go next. He currently sits with two power couples who will draw fire away from him. When they turn on each other they will each be looking for his support allowing him to choose which to go with.

    Making the “Big Move” would immediately target Andy for turning on a long term alliance and have the floaters thinking he is untrustworthy. Plus with the perverse nature of Big Brother karma it might motivate the remaining abandoned partner to actually win another HoH. Does he really want to see an Amanda HoH right after he back-doored McCrae?

    Going by performance Aaryn and her racist ass has to be the odds on favorite for the next HoH. Andy is better served by standing pat and letting the floater bloodletting continue. Down the road will get here, it just takes time. If you are bored, go read a book.

    • Comments (1288)

      My better half has pointed out I did not consider a “Big Move” that would be safe for him. First he would have to get Spencer to agree to a lie, not hard right? Call El/He/Mc/Am together and have Spencer tell them that Aaryan wants him to join her and target Andy next week to move up the totem pole with the power couples. Andy calls in his HoH prerogative to insist Aaryan goes immediately. So a long shot, but it could be done and would take out this season’s competition beast.

      But I still won’t blame Andy if he sticks to script and moves closer to the end with the couples. It’s up to him to continue performing well in comps.

    • Comments (407)

      Andy can certainly do that, and probably has a chance to make final 3 with that strategy. The problem is, by sitting back and letting Helen and Amanda/McCrae fight it out, there will be a winner out of that fight. The winner will likely win Big Brother and Andy will finish 2nd or 3rd.

      Don’t get me wrong, Andy could luck himself into a final 2 with GinaMarie and win 500k without a problem, but if I were in the game, I’d rather force the hand than wait for luck. I know it’s easier said on the outside, however.

      • Comments (1446)

        I think Andy could win against Helen or Amanda. HG’s would be hurt by Helen because she was SO personally nice(and then apparently stabbed them in the back). And Andy could argue that Amanda rode McCrae’s coattails and never won a comp.
        It’s not popular, but at least Andy is thinking about the end game – he has to get rid of Jessie, Spencer, Elissa, and McCrae to win the money. I think he could beat Aaryn, GM, and Amanda. The question is – does Aaryn and Amanda want to take Andy?? He could be seen a threat because he had a good social game.
        OMG – could you imagine Aaryn and Amanda in the final two?? America would riot in the streets – giving 500k to an obnoxious, rude, spoiled bigot?? Yikes!!

      • Comments (286)

        Don’t think Andy could win against Amanda or Helen simply because everyone see those two playing and manipulating like they should be playing and Andy has done……. His game play or anyone else in the house in non existing compared to Helen and Amanda.

      • Comments (1446)

        Alot of factors would determine if Andy could win against Amanda or Helen. I think his gameplay is on par with them, he just is sneakier and keeps a lot to himself.
        Depends on how articulate he would be in his final speech to the jury. I think they would feel personally betrayed by Helen and offended by Amanda…who knows what the jury would do? They don’t seem to be too bright 🙂

      • Comments (875)

        OMG, ACK, YUCK, UGH….If this Season of Big Brother rewards Gina Marie, Aaryn, or Amanda with being F2’s on Finale Night, I am truly done with BB.

        I am in the court of opinion that racist, sexist comments, against people of color, women, or gay people should not be tolerated on BB. All contestants should be forewarned, “That You Will Be Expelled From The Show for making derogatory comments about race, or gender.”

        I am pretty sure that Howard & Candice did not sign up for BB to be humiliated by the likes of GM, Aaryn, & Amanda with bigoted remarks. Note, I would have included “Helen” but she told Aaryn that she didn’t Aaryn made any racist remarks towards her, or Candice, & Howard…smh.

    • Comments (71)

      It isn’t about bored viewers, it’s about getting a deranged, untrustworthy player out of the game. Andy is nuts if he thinks he’s really any less disposable than Judd was. Just wait, Amanda will be obsessing about how “shady” (God I’m sick of the HGs’ limited vocabulary!) Andy is before long. Last night she started going nuts about any possibility Jessie might stay instead of Spencer because Andy is having second thoughts. Watch her turn that into “Andy is out to get me!”

      Andy is a fool for being a lapdog. Look at where Judd is.

    • Comments (216)

      I’m a big fan of the “let the game come to you” method, but the other side of that is that when it in fact comes to you, you have to take it.

      • Comments (1276)

        Agreed Faust. Sometimes they play the game too hard too soon. But this house is driving me nuts. They keep waiting to make a big move. Are they going to wait and make a big move when they are in Jury? It just doesn’t make any since.
        Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think if Andy got HOH he’d go after McDemanda, he’s been trained so well by them to run back, do as they say and obey their orders. But something has got to give. That being said, while Helen thinks she’s running the house, and keeps saying she is, everytime I try to see Helen do anything that Amanda doesn’t agree with, she fails. So I think Helen has a lot less game play and deserves a lot less credit then we give her credit for. She’s basically just Amanda’s aide, if Demanda gets behind move, then Helen can be the one who spreads it.
        One of these days, a houseguest or a HOH is going to get fed up and tell them all to F-Off. I’d love to see one of them get the balls to put up say Amanda and Helen, and backdoor one of them if they got veto, with McCrae. I can dream…

    • Comments (7)

      Andy is a snitch. He might be sitting pretty on the HoH seat now, but once he has served his purpose to the power couples, he won’t be needed. And should they find out that he snitched to the other side, he won’t be staying long anyway. He doesn’t want to make any BIG moves and thinks that his alliance will protect him in the long run but newsflash, this is the LONG RUN and they are looking out for themselves. Andy should start doing the same and thinking about what his chances are like to even getting in the final two spot. Cuz right now they are slim and the power couple of McRanda needs to be broken up or nobody in that house will stand much of a chance. They are gonna continue to use the floaters to pick each other off with convictions of getting to the final two, three, or four. But then what then, are they gonna start playing for themselves if they get there. they should have been playing for themselves all along so they can get there a whole lot easier. see its not the floaters who will prevent you from getting there its the power couples who’s game play is sick that will prevent you. I think Andy with his I wanna be nice to everyone play both sides spiel is gonna realize too late that he should have taken Helen’s advice and split McRanda up. Pretty soon they are gonna be so powerful, if they aren’t already, that no one will stand a chance without making a so called BIG move. Take a risk Andy and stop being such a pussy!

  9. Comments (231)

    I’m trying to get as much enjoyment as possible out of this season as possible n this week will be hard. Right now I’m shrugging my shoulders and sighing so I’m going to enjoy my 4yr old granddaughter today! 🙂

  10. Comments (57)

    It must be official. Andy has got to be the worst player in BB history. He’s done nothing so far, and worse, plans to do nothing in the future. Where did these players get the idea that votes have to be unanimous? When did they all drop their own personal gameplay for “whatever the house wants?” The house is Amanda and Helen and as soon as they figure that out, they can play their own game.

    I also think someone is coming back, but I hope to God it’s not Judd. His gameplay was just as bad as Andy’s and he deserved to get booted for refusing to make any moves as well.

    I’m rooting for Jessie cause she at least had the intent and desire to flip the house… a plan that idiot Andy passed on.

  11. Comments (13)

    i read or follow dani d on twitter. she was the one person the other year of the house vote that is disgusted by this “what the house wants” season. you would think that El, who is rachel’s sister would have some balls to do something. but she is a floater. 100% floater. i hope rachel gives her an earful on how aweful a player she really is. this season is soooo boring. i cant wait for them to get out of the house and see how boring their season was. they keep running around on how this going to be the best season. yawn. zzzz….i cant even watch the live feeds now cause i just cant stand to watch any of them. i hope they bring someone back who has balls and shake the house up. not this what the house wants. sad that they are going to give someone 500k and they didnt earn it.

    • Comments (160)

      This house has truly become one-sided. They’re all just picking at each other at this point.

      I’m still kinda shocked that Aaryn and GM is still in the game.

      • Comments (875)

        @Kathy…I’m not surprised GM, Aaryn, or Amanda are still in the game. If you’re sitting next to one of them on Finale Night, you “know” that nobody is going to vote for them to win the Game of BB. Why, due to their ugly behavior during the game! But one of them will still win $50,000.00!

  12. Comments (1092)

    If that is truly his plan, then he deserves to lose, and it will be enjoyable to watch him leave the house.

    He has the numbers to feel secure to the final four if he holds true to the new alliance, so their is no reason not to back-door Helen, as she is the strongest non-alliance player.

    Having said that, maybe the strategy is to play nice so the jury don’t have a favorite, then eleminate the power players by rwason that there are no weak players left. It is boring, but they are not playing for our entertainment. They are playing for some pretty good prize money, so too bad for us if we don’t like it.

  13. BB Superfan without the BS
    Comments (56)

    I have a question to BB or CBS? Can we see switch to the Jury house now? Because I think that it has a bit more drama than this shit your giving us now. By the way, can you do something about the damn fish? I think I see more of them than I do of the HGs. Its a tad bit too late to switch to fish now because we already know nasty and disgusting things are happening when we see that! My most liked network has become my most hated network. Why didnt ABC pick up Under the Dome?

    • Comments (624)

      So true. I always thought making the live feeds free would generate more buzz and that way anyone can log in just for a quick peek. Next thing you know, twice as many viewers are tuning in to the network show as they slowly get hooked. But I guess they are more concerned about making a few extra bucks by charging. Again, this is just low budget summer filler until the main shows get started again in the fall. Regardless, CBS could do more with this show.

      A show I’m waiting for is the new Dallas. Could have sworn last season started in the summer.

  14. Comments (83)

    Andy will not make a big move, cause he is a spineless little €€€#*,Jessie was the only one willing to make a big move, and now she will probaly leave thursday, these are the worst players in BB history, you go into that house to try and win a half million $, and your gonna let someone tell u what to do, I think america should play a bigger part in the game.

  15. Comments (79)

    They should vote out Mcrea’s ear wax.

  16. Comments (2)

    *cough* spineless *cough*

  17. Comments (1162)

    Take another look at Aaryn’s photo, above.

    After seeing that photo, a comment from another blog posed the question:
    “Did Aaryn steal Kaitlin’s eyebrows?”

  18. Comments (111)

    I would rather have Candice come back than Judd. Imagine the fights between her and GM

  19. Comments (1162)

    Nick Uhas – Actor?

    Joker’s Updates –
    Post in BB Media –

    Nick on show, “Dates From Hell.”

    On the video, it sure looks like him.
    : )
    Oh, the irony ………..

  20. Comments (610)

    Spencer seems kinda creepy, even more so with his child porn “jokes” and now his comments about Jessie’s body. Is he a perv or what?

  21. Comments (32)

    It really is funny to me how clear and obvious the smart play would be. But then the people in the house keep playing off of emotions instead of common sense. (Let’s take Candice out – she is sleeping WAY too much!)

    Andy should use his POV, put Amanda or Helen up with plans to backdoor them outta there, and let the whole house know it is game time. But no….instead he will take out a weaker player with no alliances who is very little threat and can be taken out anytime.

    I sincerely hope that the pays a visit to this blog in a few months as he looks back at his opportunity and (perhaps) realizes that he had the single best opportunity to make a HUGE game move and didn’t capitalize on it. Just one more initial towards writing “A-M-A-N-D-A” on that half-a-mil check.

    But on the bright side Andy will at least leave the house knowing he has made lifelong friends who will gladly invite him over to their mansion and may even offer him a job as their butler. So all isn’t that bad – maybe he IS thinking about his future!

  22. Comments (1162)

    12:06 PM BBT – Today

    A line from another BB Blog –
    Andy & Helen having a discussion.

    “Helen says McC has given them the ‘green light’ to get Amanda out.”

    Can someone with the Live Feeds verify that comment?
    If true – Will Andy keep this to himself or run to Amanda?

    • Comments (30)

      That would appear to be true. Andy seemed relieved that they have that option, but I didn’t see the conversation where McCrae said that.

    • Comments (226)

      Do you think Helen is making that up? Have we seen her and McCrae alone chatting, ever?

    • Comments (682)

      Helen DID say that.

      Amanda came up with a plan to have McCrae and Andy form a phony final 3 with Helen. This is supposed to keep Helen from putting up McCranda together on the block if she wins HOH. I don’t know if Helen fell for it or if she’s on to the (IMO) stupid plan and she’s just playing along until after the Veto ceremony.
      I did not actually see the discussion with McCrae, Andy and Helen.

      • Comments (30)

        Yeah, I don’t think that Helen would lie about what McCrae said. She doesn’t seem to play that way.

        It makes more sense that Amanda concocted a plan to keep herself safe. I would like to believe that McCrae came to his senses to remove himself from McCranda, but it seems more likely that Amanda is pulling the strings.

      • Comments (651)

        If Amanda came up with that plan (she did volunteer to go up if Jessie or Spencer won POV) she thinks that no one would vote for her.

        If Amanda went up do you guys thinks Helen, et al would let this opportunity pass and NOT vote her out. My brain says she would go but I don’t see anyone in the house using their brain right now.

    • Comments (48)

      Midwest, I saw the same thing. I wish I could back up and get the entire conversation. All I could see was that line.

  23. Comments (4)

    Year of the racist and boring.

  24. Comments (58)

    Well Well Well,,, On the live feed a few mins ago Helen told Andy that McCrap as given them “the green light” to get rid of Amanda…. Hmmm Now lets see how they decide to do this….

    • Comments (96)

      Is this true?

    • Comments (21)

      This is probably Amandas scheme to align Mc & Helen so they never get put up together… It won’t happen regardless.. Andy is likely in on it & telling Amanda as we speak

      • Comments (220)

        I hope McC tries to backdoor Amanda! I hope Andy uses his veto to put her up. I don’t care if Helen is lying…if it works. Oh, there would still be hope for this season. Crossing my fingers!

      • Comments (21)

        Oh don’t get me wrong lol I am hoping that it happens but just don’t think it will happen especially given who is hoh

      • Comments (240)

        Imagine the look on Amandas face if she puts herself up as a pawn and gets voted out

      • Comments (1162)

        : D

      • Comments (610)

        JD, I’d much prefer to actually see the look on Amanda’s face when she’s voted out as a “pawn”, rather than imagine it. That would be so priceless!

  25. Comments (21)

    I hope Jessie at least wins America’s player.. She is the only one trying to play in my opinion. Or let her get evicted and hopefully the twist will throw her right back in after noms!

    • Comments (1)

      She does seem like a sweet person in real life.

    • Comments (651)

      Candice had been telling them all along. She figured out the Moving Company and she’s seen every move they made. She even told Judd that if she goes he was next. For that alone I would give it to her.

      • Comments (220)

        I really did not like how Candice was treated in this game. The house just sat back and did not defend her. I could understand why she just tossed up her hands and wanted out. After seeing what happened during the live eviction in between commercials, it must have been tougher than we knew for her living in there.

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree with you.
        So far, Candice will be getting my vote for America’s Favorite.
        She’ll be delighted and viewers will get to see the “looks” on the
        Mean Girls faces. Priceless!!!
        Actually the Win for Candice would give the Mean Girls a glimpse
        of what they’ll be facing in short order. Karma!

      • Comments (610)

        I agree too Middie. And it’s been kinda funny to watch/read how the mean girls are sizing up who will get America’s Favorite…certainly not one of them, that’s for sure!

      • Comments (357)


    • Comments (233)

      The way Jessie stood up to the mean girls over and over really amazed me. She seemed kind of soft and sweet, but she was definitely awesome in those arguments.

  26. Comments (78)

    I think CBS needs to take BB back a few years when they had to do comp’s for their food. You never had a HOH select the have or have nots, that was also another comp. It appears CBS is showing less & less of the comp’s too.
    Finally, what’s up with the “butter” not being provided. Never noticed that either. I do enjoy the show simply because it is mindless entertainment.

  27. Comments (48)

    I just checked out one of the links to the BB blogs. OMGoodness! You have got to read this for yourself. Who could make up this stuff? BB15 HGs are more disgusting than I have given them credit for – how could things get any worse? Follow this link and read for yourself:

    • Comments (1162)

      BB15 HGs are in for rude awakenings when they leave the game, however
      it is frightening to see so much personal info online.

      IMO, CBS/BB didn’t do enough to stop the in-house bullying. IF continued after
      being giving warnings from BB Production, HGs should have been expelled
      from the game.

      And what has CBS done to stop the recruitment of HGs from staff recommendations
      when it comes from personal situations such as meeting in a Strip Club or ties
      with agents?

      CBS/BB needs to take responsibility for their part in this mess
      and clean up BB Games Rules and Policies, across the board.

  28. Comments (274)

    Well if what was said is true, here’s my 2cents. McCrea wants Amanda gone. He tried getting her away from him by not showering, blowing his nose, cleaning his ears and he even stopped wiping his butt! Alas, she made him shower,picks his ears and nose and licks his @$$, so now he is seriously wanting her out!

  29. Comments (4)

    Big Brother could give Andy the Pandora’s box and if he open’s let it be a re-set button for the HOH competition. Basically sending no-one home this week. Or the Re-set button could still be HOH Competition again but another fast forward and letting the new HOH put 2 new noms up and have the pov and then live eviction still on Thursday.

  30. Comments (7)

    It’s all fun and games Spencer, you big weirdo, until you get sent home and this happens!

  31. Comments (80)

    And with this POV win, I have completely given up on this season. So disapointed 🙁

  32. Comments (453)

    @cnoodleman, I was not laughing at your hurt feelings. I laughed at what Jannie said about instantly having thumbs down on her posts. I have noticed that quite a few posts instantly have a thumbs down, mine included and why get angry over it, might as well laugh and not have the stress. Everyone has the right to their opinion and not everyone will agree. Stop and think about the thumbs down, seems to be only when certain house guests are mentioned and some of the horrible things they have said and done to others is commented on, and lately, like others have said, certain posters comments are getting high numbers on the thumbs down even when they agree with Stevebeans and are stating exactly what has happened on the show. If my post hurt your feelings I apologize, as it was not my intention to hurt your feelings or anyone elses, again I was only laughing at the mention of the thumbs down comment.

  33. Comments (57)

    The consensus is that the season is pretty much on a downward spiral with no signs of picking up. Hopefully they step in the same way they did when BBMVP was going to Elissa every day. If they do something drastic, they might be able to salvage the season. I say let producers do what the players refuse to do… Flip the house and bring back two players!

  34. Comments (8)

    Ok on tonight’s episode I noticed Amanda wearing what looked Ike a nicotine patch and the previews had Jessie crying for a cigarette. Did I miss something? Have they removed their right to smoke?

    • Comments (1288)

      They can only smoke on the deck area in the backyard and that is sometimes locked down for extended periods of time. They have access to patches to feed the nicotine fiend during those times.

  35. Comments (7)

    Live feed update…McCrae telling Andy that he can’t trust Amanda!

    • Comments (1092)

      Wow! That is a huge turn of events. It is a good move by him, but way too soon.

      • Comments (651)

        If McCrea is going to backdoor Amanda this IS the time to do it. It still gives him time to game play and gets her out of his way. He’s afraid the monster he helped create will turn on him. She’s definitely messing up his game now.

      • Comments (1162)

        Maybe he, also, figured out she is really 38 years old…….lol

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        Bloody hell…wait for it!

    • Comments (1092)

      The reason why I say too soon, is that McCrae knows someone is coming back to the house. If Amanda leaves and comes back, she will start a new alliance, and go after Andy and McCrae.

      • Comments (220)

        You may be right, but he should take the chance now. Speculating about people coming back can cripple his chance to make a bold move. I remember the season Rachel Riley won, Kalia and those other dumb newbies kept passing up the chance to vote her out for fear she would return, and she won!

        McC should give Amanda a good backdooring this Thursday. It would be the move worth watching this awful season.

      • Comments (1092)

        True, they shouldn’t play scared.

        The look on Amanda’s face would be priceless.

      • Comments (651)

        If she did come back she would be even more bat crap crazy and everyone would do whatever they needed to get her out FAST. If he has any chance of separating from her she has to do it now not ok ok next week ok ok

      • Comments (80)

        True, but I think that if/when a jury member comes back, it’s either going to be America’s vote, or the jury HG’s will have to play a comp to get back in. And we all know Amanda can’t win sh*t lol

    • Comments (1162)


      Thanks for the update.

    • Comments (1162)

      Does this mean the BB15 Wedding is off?


  36. Comments (1092)

    Good recap show tonight. I liked how they showed the other camera views that weren’t broadcast during the live show.

    Also, the biggest bit of info was Helen finally starting to realise that Andy doesn’t have her back. If Amanda doesn’t get backdoored this week, then Helen will know that there is a final three deal.

    If Amanda does get back doored, then it will be McCraes biggest move. Helen will think that Andy is with her.

    After this weeks eviction, it will finally get to the cutthroat point of the game.

    • Comments (220)

      I almost did not watch tonight’s show because of my boredom but I am glad I did. It turned out to change my mind about Helen. While I still do not agree with her choices, based on what she knows, (not from us viewers’ standpoint) she uses her skills to manipulate better than anyone else.

      Also, as much as I dislike players who do nothing all season, I must say it is a skill to be in Andy’s position this long.

      With that said, this is the last week Andy can ride both sides. Eventually Helen, Andy, Amanda will all have to face off. I am hoping tuning in will be worth it because my patience is wearing thin this season. Tonight’s episode has given me a glimmer of hope. Plus, I’m waiting for another twist this Thursday.

      I hope Candice comes back.

      • Comments (90)

        Unfortunately Didi I have to agree with you on both points. Helen irritates the hell out of me! I just want to put a muzzle and straight jacket on her so we don’t have to be subjected to her incessant fake babble and butt kissing and the fake hugs and “endearing & consoling” pep talks. Arrrrggggg!!!

        As for Andy….that boy has some mad floating skills! Lol. He’s everywhere absorbing every nugget of info. His “don’t upset the balance” approach to floating has served him well. Boring for us viewers but good for his longevity in the game, especially with this particular group of HGs.

      • Comments (302)

        I’m with you Didi & Vee – Ditto on being annoyed by Helen … watching her launch herself onto every HOH winner the moment they win with her fake joyful screams and praise with way over the top butt kissery. But she can manipulate these dodo’s into making them think what’s good for Helen is good for them. Amanda uses manipulation by fear tactic which is great for awhile until she needs their votes.
        Andy annoys the hell out of me too but there is something to be said about a guy who can float under the radar to the end. Most don’t think takes any skill at all but I’d disagree. He has to match Helen in butts kissed and make every player that gets voted out feel like Andy was helpless to stop it and wanted them to stay. He’d be dangerous to go up against for the $500k. The one segment I don’t want to miss is if Andy is responsible for Helen getting the boot … Can we get a close-up Mr. DeMille.

  37. Comments (111)

    How ironic would it be if Aaryn won America’s Favorite Houseguest?

  38. Comments (651)

    Ok ok McCrea was telling Andy about his ex back home that he still has feelings for–Jessica. And he’s also talking about the final 3 with Andy, McCrea and Helen and how may be the time to get Amanda out.

    Could it be?!?! Now that would be worth watching.

  39. Comments (110)


  40. Comments (357)

    Wow guyz! I’m a BigBrotherJunkie! I thought that I could shut it down and stay off this website. WRONG,, I’m addicted! I allowed my personal life to affect my BigBrotherJunkie life. Baby Mama Drama is NOTHING compared to Baby Daddy Drama! Read the post on my thread and agree with all of you. Right or wrong, keep it classy and focus on the game. With that said, I’m ready for whatever (thumbs up or thumbs down) Got my head back into the game and can’t wait to share theories, conspiracies, and thoughts on here. Tonight’s game was crazy! So now we salute and comfort Amanda for being a f&^king loser on every challenge? Really? BTW…the comments on this blog is unbelievable! Can’t wait for Stevie to post a new blog so we can all start over. SMH

  41. Comments (143)

    I am now watching season 2, I forgot everything but that Will won and took a peanut jar over an important HOH that screwed over Nicole. I am sorry, I cannot watch this, maybe in 2 weeks after they vote out everyone they might actually have a show

  42. Comments (1162)

    Amanda asked McCrae if he thinks she might have to change her telephone number
    after BB is over?????
    Telephone number, address, hair color, profession, etc., etc., etc..

    I believe the end result of Andy’s conversations with Helen =
    Helen being played.
    Andy is in with Amanda and McCrae – 100%.

    And the BB Wedding is on for sometime today. Ugh!!!

  43. Comments (1)

    I have to defend Elissa for being a floater only because if she is even friendly towards someone, Aaryn blows up and runs around the house saying that Elissa is planning something, etc. I don’t blame her one bit for laying low at this point.

  44. Comments (80)

    too explicit :/

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