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Big Brother 15 – When The Camera’s Away, The Houseguests Will Play


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The week of lounging around the house continues as Candice has pretty much accepted her fate and is just kind of hoping other houseguests like Helen campaign for her.  It’s not happening, so the week has been more about what happens after tonight than leading up to eviction.

Everyone is pretty much aware it’s going to be a double eviction, and if you missed my reason why, it’s because they gave them a thing to practice and told everyone to practice, including GM.  Typically the HoH doesn’t need to worry about the next HoH competition, which showed them the practice thing was either for a veto or a 2nd HoH.  That only happens in a double eviction week, so they’ll act surprised tonight, but they’ll know.

In other news, the feeds went dark for about 90 minutes last night as the houseguests had a midway party.  That is pretty normal, but the surprising part is what happened when the feeds came back up.  If you flashback to 8:30pm, the feeds come back up with Amanda talking to Aaryn about kissing Judd during the party.  Amanda mentioned how he just made out with Jessie the other night, and asked if Aaryn knew about that.  She didn’t, but said she doesn’t like him ‘in that way’ anyway, and it was just a small kiss.  Don’t worry, we know what way you like Judd, it’s the ‘I need a male partner in the game and I’m running out of options’ way.

That wasn’t the only hooking up during the party, apparently.  Shortly after that conversation, Amanda walked away and said she had to go put baby powder on her ‘hoohaah’ to freshen it up and she ‘needs to teach that boy some things’.  In other words, they took advantage of no cameras watching, jumped in a bed and did the horizontal shuffle… but that’s speculation.

Anyway, the real drama is what’s going to happen tonight.  Julie Chen showed a picture of the ‘reset’ button hinting there will be something new tonight, and to ‘expecttheunexpected’, in addition, we’re going to have two people sent to jury by the end of the night.   I’m not exactly sure what the twist could be and why it would need a ‘reset’ button, but I’m going to go with BigBrotherNetwork’s theory that it will have something to do with the MVP.  My early guess is a tad different than his, in that houseguests will have the option to ‘reset’ the game without an MVP, but I’m not sure how that would work with the double eviction.

I am heading out for a bit today as it’s my girlfriend’s vacation week and she is not a fan of me sitting in a basement blogging all day during our 3 warm weeks a year up in New England.  While out, I am probably going to be thinking about the reset button all day and trying to figure out exactly what to expect tonight.  When I come home, I’ll give you my predictions on who is going home (Candice), and some other stuff.


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  1. Comments (45)

    Tonight’s a double eviction, candice is going home but im rooting for Jesse to win HOH and put up Amanda and Mcrae.I hope a lot of drama occurs, but i wonder what there going to do about the MVP, are we going to vote on something?

  2. Comments (1)

    I think for the double eviction (for the 2nd one) they will do away with the MVP. So whomever that HOH after that 2nd eviction is, will have the option of resetting back to 3 nominees.

  3. Comments (46)

    I think Judd should take Aaryn over his knee, pull her panties down and spank her bum until it is red and sore for trying to use him like that. since her lat boyfriend was an “ass pirate” I think she may enjoy it more then him though

  4. Comments (10)

    Honestly, the Bad Girls need a big bar of soap for their potty mouths! They are so bad right now b/c one of their own is up for eviction. Don’t theyrealize they are on camera and televised? And, Amanda is such a nag with McRae! I hope she leaves, along with, perhaps, GM for the double eviction. Once McRae is on his own, he coud be a serious contender for the prize! I hope Mc Crae realizes that his future is not with Amanda. Wow! His family can’t like Amanda from what they see. And like “like” “like”, they like, should not use that word so much!, Like!Like! Gosh!

    What a surprise it’s going to be for the girls who have lost their jobs! Boo Hoo for them! Who do they think they are, above everyone else?

    • Comments (624)

      Amanda has become so full of herself! Her arrogance clearly shows in her DR sessions. Would love to see half or all of McManda taken out to bring her down a notch or three.

      • Comments (2)

        Candice can make a big move tonight if she’s smart enough. When Julie asks her for her final words she should say “WAKE-UP PEOPLE, MAKE A

      • Comments (60)

        As the phrase careful what you ask for! Well if Candice does go first tonight (JURY). Perfeck fix for Amanda-out on the 2nd eviction (JURY#2). She hates Candice so much and cant wait to see her out of the house. Send her to Jury 1 on 1 with Candice. That should bring her som reality

      • Comments (40)

        McManda! Ha! Ha! Love it!

  5. Comments (316)

    DOUBLE EVICTION!!!! I’ll get the popcorn, what will you all bring??

  6. Comments (80)

    I am VERY EXCITED for tonight’s live double evic. (Actually I’m only excited for the 2nd part to see the drama unfold and who the next HG is that will be evicted to Jury). Maybe if we are lucky, Jessie or someone with brains regarding Amanda will win and put her and a pawn up. *Fingers crossed!* McCrae could really do without Amanda killing his game play (it’s too late, isn’t it? Lol)

    I’m just now reading more into this reset button; I can’t believe I forgot about from last year! I guess we will all see this evening.

    And as far as Aaryn and Judd; I have nothing nice to say so I wont say anything at all :X

    • Comments (624)

      I do not understand what a “reset” could entail. Reset from a season standpoint and bring all evicted HG back and calling it day one again? Or reset it from a weekly standpoint and start over with the weekly HoH competition.

      Otherwise using “reset” isn’t the best choice of word to use.

      • Comments (80)

        Haha, I’m just as confused/interested to see what this “reset” is all about as much as you are, Big Papi!

  7. Comments (118)

    there’s a lot happening tonight with only 1 hour of tv time plus commercials, wish it could be longer to see more of the bad behavior nonsense going on and the double eviction festivities, hopefully it produces big changes and shake ups like Amanda leaving, popcorn sounds good yearbooks

  8. Comments (68)

    I am so excited about tonight!!!! EXCITED to see who wins JOHNSON and if someone will have enough nerve to put up Amanda & McGrae! Amanda would go home we all know! I am sure she would put on an act in the jury house around Candice, if she does leave after her.

  9. Comments (1162)


    Perhaps America’s Vote, as MVP, will stop tonight, however we will get the opportunity
    to vote for BB15’s Winner & America’s Favorite.
    Unsure how we could get to vote for our choice for the BB 15 Winner, but hopefully it
    can be done – We Deserve It!!!!
    : D

  10. Comments (1092)

    It’s too bad that the guests get to practice for the hoh competition. It would be better if they all went into it cold.

    Now, the houseguests are aware, and have almost a full day to strategize, instead of nominating on the spot, and voting right away.

    • Comments (487)

      But they are practicing for the second HOH not the first HOH. That will probably be a trivia competition.

    • Comments (140)

      Which isn’t fair imo… I like when they’re under pressure – that’s part of the beauty of the double eviction.

      • Comments (286)

        Ya was wising the second part would have been endurance,they could not prepare for that and would have not been clued into anything.Although I know they just did one would have been a good time for one.

      • Comments (158)

        Second HOH could still be an endurance. The thing they are practicing for could be for POV.

  11. Comments (624)

    stevebeans nailed it. Seeking male partner in the game, but options running thin. Aaryn is the biggest phony in the house. Her true colors (no pun) came out earlier in the season, and now she’s trying to be the player the other HGs want her to be (or so she thinks). Amanda is a PIA, but at least she doesn’t pull punches. She can have diarrhea of the mouth. I’ll give her that much.

    • Comments (46)

      And I am sure if she (Aaryn) came over your house and dropped her pants you wouldn’t care what she has said or how many times she has flip flopped you would slip her your “big papi” over and over again. I know I would. She likes it in her ass as well. “sieg heils”

      • Comments (1446)

        Pretty sure there are some guys out there wth more scruples than you, Chet. Not all guys think only about looks – some actually think a beautiful girl with no brains/morals is a turn off. Maybe not you, but there are some good ones out there.

  12. Comments (1)

    I do not know if I watching BB or the bad girls club. All the cattiness is making not want to watch anymore. I liked Amanda at first I thought she was a game player now she is just annoying. I can see exactly why she is not married she is very jealous and has a bad case of what my aunt calls the me me’s. I can’t really put my finger on who I want to win, but after watching GM in her cone and just being plain hilarious I kind of put her as my front runner.

    • Comments (610)

      I agree Jess…what show are we really watching?! I feel like somehow the Bad Girls club morphed into BB15 or something. Certainly not the kind of stuff I would ever expect to come from CBS. MTV, yeah but not CBS.

  13. Comments (96)

    Am I the only one still holding out hope the house will flip and vote out Amanda at the last second? Where are these people’s brains??

    • Comments (624)

      I may just have to start my weekend a night early if that becomes the case!

    • Comments (60)

      Unless the next POV comes complete with a set of brass b’s. No one has the nerve to pull the trigger. And watch out the only one person who has not been in any light and lerking in the back will raise up and win the game “ANDY”

  14. Comments (1)

    I just don’t like how those ladies are treating Candice. They better keep their eyes on Helen the snake in the grass.Those remarks Aaryn and Amanda made to Candice about her race were so wrong. They both better watch their backs once leaving the house. They bold, but its some nuts out here who eyes are watching them

  15. Comments (96)

    And because of her stupidity, I hope Helen goes home tonight. Elissa and Jessie were ready to send Amanda home and of course, Helen is the one who called that plan off.

  16. Comments (2)

    I think the reset button means they are going back to their regular script before the MVP debacle was established.
    Candice should make a big move tonight and call out everyone to vote for the real threat in their game… “AMANDA”! “Otherwise, just keep playing your stupid game that will end up giving her the game and the $$$$.”

  17. Comments (49)

    I was excited about tonights double eviction until I found out it is not airing here until 3 am. I am trying to find out of BBAD is still going to air at 1am. I may actually find out everything before I even get to see the show……great production/programming from CBS again. They will probably not air the BBAD until 4 or 5 am, just in time for me to go to work. Boy it’s a good thing I tape everything, but I will be probably know everything from stevebeans or jokers before it airs here.

  18. Comments (14)

    Is anyone else tired of all the dirty/nasty stuff going on in the house this season? Jokes about child porn? Sexism, racist, homophobia? Jesus Moses!

    I’ll tell ya one thing- CBS is never casting stereotypes again. They wanted the pretty blonde ditz (Aaryn/Jordan), the jersey girl (GM/Jojo), big tanned dude (Jeremy/Enzo), the bitch (Elissa/Rachel), the cool, rad dude (David/Frank), the snake/mastermind (Nick/Dan). And then they like to throw in minorities but they always get plucked off first… (Howard, Candice/ Any other african american to step foot in that house) But really the house guests will never be the same as the year before. CBS should realize we don’t want to see the perfect beautiful ppl, we want to see average people, like us. What happened to ppl like Chicken George?

    We want the show to be watchable again, and not cringe when we see showmances like McManda (gag). They should burn those sheets after they’re done doing the do. #MyLEASTfavoriteshowmanceever!

  19. Comments (126)

    This was last seasons Reset Button twist from BB14:

    The Twist

    Julie says the houseguests have no idea that America has been voting all week about the coaches entering the game. Um, yeah, except it’s all the houseguests can talk about on the live feeds.

    Of course “America voted” to let the coaches choose to enter the game or not, but the one interesting aspect is that if they choose to enter the game, the game resets and there is no eviction tonight, everybody plays for HOH. If they choose not to, it remains the same except next week, some houseguests (plural) will enter the game. Hmmm.

    They get to vote one at a time, but it only takes one coach to say he or she will enter the game to put them all into the game. Well, duh. Of course Boogie is going to vote to enter the game. He doesn’t lose Frank AND he doesn’t care about houseguests re-entering the game because he doesn’t have any gone.

    Shockingly, Britney hits the reset button but Boogie does not. Huh. Dan hits the button, then Janelle does too. Wow, that was surprising.

    • Comments (178)

      So, Raysay, if the above holds true, there is a possibility that if the “reset button” is used tonight, it might be to give the houseguests a choice of whether or not they want to have America continue to choose the 3rd MVP. If they choose to vote to get rid of America’s vote for the 3rd MVP, the “downside” could be no elimination of any of the three people up for eviction. Each would have an opportunity to play for HOH and another POV. But didn’t Julie say something to the effect that two people would be voted out on Thursday?

      • Comments (126)

        Not sure, of course this is a different scenerio with no coaches, it could be no evictions or bring back selected HG’S

      • Comments (126)

        oops premature click. It can’t be already previous evicted HG’s because they were not sequester, but it could remove the double evictions and start a whole new HOH competition, it a wild card that’s for sure, but we probably won’t know until Julie announces live the consequences of this reset

      • Comments (126)

        Even though Julie said that two would go home and still could the HG’s could reset that, if they choose, that is probably the scenario.

  20. Comments (27)

    What really bother me about this season is that the mean girls have stayed till the end now because of jury..I also cannot believe how people lose site of what they want the minute they get HOH!!! and this season has been AMANDA’S!!! I hate the fact that she feels she can say anything and bully everyone and still stay safe from eviction!! What she did to Candice was disgusting and more so that everyone heard and not even one person came to defend Candice, and still not reason enough to send Amanda packing..I hate the fact that Candice is leaving for no reason, but just because the mean girls do not like her..The arrogance of Amanda makes me sick..I really hope that Jessie wins HOH tonight and sends Amanda packing, because she seems to be the only one with guts at this point and she knows she is becoming enemy #1 to Amanda!!

  21. Comments (2)

    So the people that would definetly put amanda up: Jessie/Spencer. The people that might: Helen/Judd/Elisa. As long as these people Jesse or Spencer wins HOH and McRae,Amanda,Andy or Helen doesnt win veto then Amanda’s gone and then everyone plays for themselves.

  22. Comments (1446)

    Yeah, it was pretty disgusting last night when Amanda/Aaryn/GM all were going after Jessie because she “dared” to spend time with Candice last night. Do they just think that everyone should ostracize Candice just because she is going home? They said that it would “make Jessie a target” to be seen with Candice – what a bunch of hateful, jr high minded, bitches. Sorry, stevebeans, I know you don’t like swearing, bt here’s no other word for these mean girls. Inevitably they will turn on each other- it’s already stating – can’t wait!!

  23. Comments (126)

    I hope the reset does not eliminate the double evictions or any evictions I wish there was a triple eviction tonight to shake this stale house up. This is the first season I can remember not having a favorite at this stage of the game. I was for Spencer because of his friendship with Howard, but his child porn comments are disgusting even in jest. Judd is the only one I would consider for $500K maybe Jesse too. Hope this is not a reset for amnesty.

    Amanda out is what I have wanted since the day she opened up her big motor-mouth. I have to admit that McCrae gains some points with me on telling Amanda to shut-up and I hope he breaks from her before he goes down with her.

  24. Comments (40)

    God only knows what is going to go down with that reset button. There are so many possibilities it is impossible for me to pin it down. But thank good ness I will be DVRing it. About a week ago on “after dark”, Helen told Elyssa that if it was a double eviction that she needed to listen to her (Helen) and Andy, and do what they say. Say what!?. Elyssa had kind of a stoic look on her face and slightly acknowledged. I think that spoke volumes to her. So I think tonight will be very interesting.

  25. Comments (35)

    I thought on the last episode where Julie said America was once again the MVP, she also said that it was the last time there’d be a MVP. Am I the only one who heard that? I could be totally wrong, but I thought that’s what she said.

  26. Comments (49)

    The previous reset button the Coaches had to give up something $10K to go into the game. Currently the HGs have nothing to give up. Since America started voting it has only effected Ellisa & Amanda, so that wouldn’t be anything to reset. There has to be a double eviction, so I think the reset would be after both evictions. They could then be told about America being the vote and they could be offered to hit the reset button to go back to having America vote for a HG to do the noms again. The issue is that they did extend the game to 90 days, however they really need more double evictions to get everyone out in the number weeks they have left. With 3 people on the block the less number of people to vote, and the more chance of ties…harder to get any doubles out.

  27. Comments (96)

    Apparently the houseguests are planning to back door Judd tonight. And guess whose leading this charge? Helen and Amanda!

  28. Comments (45)

    Do you think the think the show will be taped earlier like last week

  29. Comments (191)

    I have rooted for Amanda since the beginning because I believed she was the best player. I have changed my mind and now root for Amanda to be voted out. She has gone over the edge. Is she really oblivious on what comes out of her mouth? Even when she admits to saying something she justifies it by saying they deserve it.

    I guess I have to root for Judd.

  30. Comments (79)

    Baby powder on Amanda’s hooha? Never heard of that one. LOL

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