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Big Brother 15 – What A Difference A Day Makes

July 11, 2013 | 47 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


It’s been a pretty wild week in the Big Brother 15 house, and it appears that won’t stop any time soon.  Watching the live feeds throughout the week, one thing was pretty certain… Elissa was going home.  Bloggers were certain, the house was fairly certain, and Elissa seemed like she knew it. Then a strange thing happened, Amanda remembered she was still in the game and didn’t want to lose the power of a weekly MVP on her side.  She went to work, and tonight may be the second blindside in consecutive weeks (which is about 2 blindsides more than we’ve seen on the past 5 seasons of Survivor combined..  I kid, Survivor.. I kid.. sort of)

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This cast certainly has earned a lot of the negative press going around.  Nobody is going to deny that Aaryn, GinaMarie, and friends have said some pretty lousy things, but hopefully that will soon be a thing of the past.  One thing that isn’t going around is that this is the most active (and entertaining) Big Brother cast we’ve had in a few seasons now. With no veterans in the house, people are actually playing the game and not accepting they’re just lambs to the slaughter like most newbies did the past 2 years.

With all the negativity the show has received, I had to just point out one of the positives of the season.

Back to the reason I’m gushing over this…. Amanda and McCrae have been staying up very late hours constantly discussing the options in the house.  McCrae is torn between his loyalty to the ‘Moving Company’ and loyalty to his ‘showmance’.  She wants to evict Nick because Elissa is a great weapon for that side of the house, while Moving Company wants Elissa gone because they think one of them would win MVP with her out of the house.   It’s a big power struggle over MVP, and both sides badly want it in their favor.  It’s certainly a twist that has worked well for gameplay, even though it hasn’t really gone to the ‘Most Valuable’, but it’s working nonetheless.

Jessie seemed like a lock to vote the way of Aaryn and crew, which basically would have nullified any blindside discussion at all.  They would have had their 6 votes and Elissa would be gone.  The problem is, while Jeremy walked around threatening people to vote his way, the rest took a more gentle approach, and it seems to be working so far.  They told Jessie that she’s basically a lock for jury with them, and that will guarantee a few extra thousand dollars this summer at a minimum.  Staying in jury house means they will earn their 1k / week until the end of the season, while leaving prior to jury means no more money. That may sound like nothing to former winners like Jordan, Boogie, Dan, etc…  but when you’re a poor college student, even making jury is a nice chunk of change (yet another reason to keep casting newbies instead of veterans – unless it’s all-star).

With Jessie on board, that pretty much leaves the swing vote to McCrae, who will have to decide between friends and a girl.  No matter which direction he goes in, it’s going to be a pretty messy night for him, which is why signing up for the live feeds should be worth it.

I will write my prediction thread and more a little later, but had to recap the last day or so. It’s going to be an interesting day/night, so stay tuned!

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