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Big Brother 15 – What A Difference A Day Makes

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It’s been a pretty wild week in the Big Brother 15 house, and it appears that won’t stop any time soon.  Watching the live feeds throughout the week, one thing was pretty certain… Elissa was going home.  Bloggers were certain, the house was fairly certain, and Elissa seemed like she knew it. Then a strange thing happened, Amanda remembered she was still in the game and didn’t want to lose the power of a weekly MVP on her side.  She went to work, and tonight may be the second blindside in consecutive weeks (which is about 2 blindsides more than we’ve seen on the past 5 seasons of Survivor combined..  I kid, Survivor.. I kid.. sort of)

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This cast certainly has earned a lot of the negative press going around.  Nobody is going to deny that Aaryn, GinaMarie, and friends have said some pretty lousy things, but hopefully that will soon be a thing of the past.  One thing that isn’t going around is that this is the most active (and entertaining) Big Brother cast we’ve had in a few seasons now. With no veterans in the house, people are actually playing the game and not accepting they’re just lambs to the slaughter like most newbies did the past 2 years.

With all the negativity the show has received, I had to just point out one of the positives of the season.

Back to the reason I’m gushing over this…. Amanda and McCrae have been staying up very late hours constantly discussing the options in the house.  McCrae is torn between his loyalty to the ‘Moving Company’ and loyalty to his ‘showmance’.  She wants to evict Nick because Elissa is a great weapon for that side of the house, while Moving Company wants Elissa gone because they think one of them would win MVP with her out of the house.   It’s a big power struggle over MVP, and both sides badly want it in their favor.  It’s certainly a twist that has worked well for gameplay, even though it hasn’t really gone to the ‘Most Valuable’, but it’s working nonetheless.

Jessie seemed like a lock to vote the way of Aaryn and crew, which basically would have nullified any blindside discussion at all.  They would have had their 6 votes and Elissa would be gone.  The problem is, while Jeremy walked around threatening people to vote his way, the rest took a more gentle approach, and it seems to be working so far.  They told Jessie that she’s basically a lock for jury with them, and that will guarantee a few extra thousand dollars this summer at a minimum.  Staying in jury house means they will earn their 1k / week until the end of the season, while leaving prior to jury means no more money. That may sound like nothing to former winners like Jordan, Boogie, Dan, etc…  but when you’re a poor college student, even making jury is a nice chunk of change (yet another reason to keep casting newbies instead of veterans – unless it’s all-star).

With Jessie on board, that pretty much leaves the swing vote to McCrae, who will have to decide between friends and a girl.  No matter which direction he goes in, it’s going to be a pretty messy night for him, which is why signing up for the live feeds should be worth it.

I will write my prediction thread and more a little later, but had to recap the last day or so. It’s going to be an interesting day/night, so stay tuned!


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  1. Comments (10)

    I hope the MC loses its first member, they are so cocky and think they run it all.. the girls in the house need to unite and get some of the guys out..

  2. Comments (316)

    I really want Nick to go home. I’m also looking forward to finding out who will be the new HOH! Tonight should be an interesting show. Do you thing it will be an Endurance comp?

  3. Comments (231)

    Last night after BBAD, mcC threw in with Amanda. Whether or not he he is lying, we will see. Judd appears to have secured Jessie’s vote. Judd was the hero yesterday by going around and getting everyone together to fight to keep E and vote out nick. I’m exhausted!

  4. Comments (453)

    Howard has now joined the list of those needing to be evicted. He described in detail and said lots of money to be made with dog fighting.

  5. Comments (96)

    I’m really hoping Elissa stays and no one is flip flopping. I think it will really come down to Macrae and Jessie’s vote. I hope Jessie sees how horrible the other side treats her. They don’t really speak to her unless they want something from her. Hopefully Jerkmy doesn’t have a chance to manipulate her before the vote.

  6. Comments (528)

    How much do you want to bet the BB producers aware having an influence on the votes (once again) because they desperately want Americas Sweetheat Elissa to stay in the house? We’ve seen this before and we’ve seen previous houseguests mention they were pressured in the DR to vote a certain way. Whenever I see flip flopping to this degree I can’t help but suspect the show is is being directed a certain way.

    • Comments (20)

      You know this is production rigging BB again. I agree that these house guests are awful but when all the bad guys are gone watching BB is going to be like watching paint dry because these players are awful. If any of these players had a brain in their heads they would keep Aaryn or Jeremy until final two because you would be assured of the half a million. No jury member would vote for Jeremy or Aaryn to win. Like I said it will be like watching paint dry. We root for the good guys to win but watching the bad guys is what makes it interesting to watch.

      • Comments (16)

        I agree! Helen even mentioned that in last nights episode.

      • Comments (143)

        I disagree, jeremy and aaryan are going to win alot and if they make it to the final they will win it will be a frank type situation, you have to be an idiot to take someone so strong to the final.

  7. Comments (137)

    expect the unexpected!!

  8. Comments (5)

    I am confused to why everybody likes Elissa??

  9. Comments (137)

    reading on other sites (sorry beans) but it looks like the vote is going to be one we all might like. They are saying that they have the 6 votes needed to keep Elissa. McCrae, Amanda, Jessie, Judd, Candace, and Andy!! I hope things stays true and Elissa is kept in the house. Sorry to see Nick go, but that is the way the game is played. House is going to be so upset if this happens and cant wait to watch it this evening.

  10. Comments (12)


    Who am I voting for has taken up a lot of my thoughts when reading the blogs and watching the feeds. I have gone from full support of a couple of HG to what was I thinking in a matter of a few days.
    Just some thoughts:

    Helen: she initially had my support but then live feeds showed her secret agreement with Aaryn as a alliance.

    Howard: he is the MC with Jeremy but still thought he may turn on him but then he sat with Aaryn and basically let her off the hook for the racial comments….

    Amanda: in a final four alliance with McCrae/Jer/Aaryn. Would she break it? probably not because she knows she would come out smelling like a rose compared to Jeremy or Aaryn.

    Who’s left:
    Judd: Judd hates Spencer, so I give him props for that. He also has no alliance to keep the AarynNation safe.

    Candice: She had been in zero alliances but she did hookup with Howard so not sure if I can trust she will play the game for her or for him….

    Andy: I like him, I do but he ‘seems’ weak at times. Will he have the gumption to stand up to AarynNation? But I believe he likes GM.. What is up with that???

    If Elissa isn’t voted out, I still don’t think she should get MVP… If Nick isn’t voted out, I don’t consider him a good candidate along with Jeremy, Spencer, GM, Aaryn.

    Who are voting for?

    • Comments (21)

      Elissa isn’t get my vote for MVP either.

      I think I am going to vote for Candice. She said yesterday that she would be Aaryn up and I believe her so she will get my online votes tonight.

    • Comments (1)

      If McCrea flips then I think he should get MVP. My next vote would be Judd and then Helen. Those two are playing a lot more game than they get credit for.

    • Comments (226)

      Remember that HG also “commit” to alliances just to preserve themselves. Doesn’t mean they actually mean it or won’t vote in another direction then lie about it!

    • Comments (15)

      No Helen did that because Aaryn is HOH. She is just playing the game and no mention to put up anyone. She
      is loyal to Elissa but she also has to play the game in case Elissa leaves. I like Elissa but she is not trying hoping she will just try to play even if as she has stated not interested about winning or the money. I like her to stay and hoping she does. i am hoping that their alliance stays solid but who knows.

    • Comments (15)

      Helen she is playing game the conversation with Aaryn is strategic move because Aaryn is HOH. She is an alliance and loyal especially to Elissa. She was the only one that comforted Elissa in the first week when everyone was against Elissa. I will vote for Helen but if Judd or Candace won also good.

      • Comments (21)

        Helen’s first interaction with Aaryn was before she was HOH so I think Helen is sneaky. I guess we’ll see if Elissa is saved and gets MVP AGAIN and somehow Helen talks her out of Aaryn on the block or if Helen gets MVP or HOH and doesn’t put up Aaryn.

      • Comments (15)

        No she is not her move are strategic you will see. she is working very hard to keep Elissa even if Elissa does not seem to care. She has to play the game and put her position in case Elissa leaves.

    • Comments (137)

      Agree!! We need to have someone else be BBMVP. Hard to decide, but if it wasnt for Amanda and Judd, Elissa would not stay in the house (if that happens tonight). We should consider those points as well.

    • Comments (231)

      Elissa if not voted out and Judd because of he rallied everyone to get the E vote. He is a leader.

  11. Comments (1)

    don’t forget 1k a week for jury is not bad but it’s also a freaking paid vacation…..I’d love to live in a mansion on the beach for up to a month

    • Comments (21)

      That is my feeling on why Aaryn needs to go next week. WHO will most likely put her on the block as MVP is the HOH doesn’t.

      Aaryn doesn’t deserve to sit in the jury house, laying by the pool getting paid. (neither does GM, Jeremy or Spencer but Aaryn is #1 on that list)

      • Comments (137)

        True Kiki, but we only have a couple of weeks left until jury starts. We need to weed out the worst ones and get them out of the house. Aaryn and Jeremy need to be the next ones out the door. Sad to say but I think GM is just a follower (the new floater). Spencer seems to be the lesser of the two evils and that is not saying much. If we had a double eviction, we could get rid of them all.

  12. Comments (316)

    Evel Dick tormented the house and yet he won. Sometimes the bad people do get victory. Maybe Aaryn will win this season. Just saying…..

    • Comments (16)

      But I didn’t ‘hate’ Evil Dick. I loved to hate him, lol

    • Comments (528)

      Dick was another houseguest that had a lot of help from BB producers. He should have been ejected several times for his behaviour and instead OTHER people were punished while he got off scot-free over and over.

    • Comments (143)

      Dick was a fan favourite, that is why he was brought back, he was liked even though he argued with jenn and his daughter, he also had nick and his daughter on his side. Dick or Danielle had to win every week just not to go home for like 6 weeks.

  13. Comments (191)

    It’s not that I want to see Nick get evicted but it’s his own fault. Elissa gave him the chance to work with her or get nominated. He should have lied.

  14. Comments (1)

    If Nick goes home, I stop watching this season. He’s the most interesting person on the show. The rest of the people are basically immature animals.

    • Comments (528)

      Interesting? How is he interesting?

      • Comments (1276)

        That’s my questions, how so? Sure, he seems to be gaming, but intereseting? The most interesting thing about him is how he apparantly doesn’t understand that if you are trying to play both sides, when someone comes to you and says, if you won’t work with me, I’ll put you up, and he wasn’t smart enough to say OK, even if he didn’t mean it? Not a great player, not even close.

  15. Comments (96)

    Is it horrible of me that I am salivating at the idea of watching an ep

  16. Comments (15)

    What would rock this house is if Elissa stays and win both HOH and MVP OR anyone on their alliance WOW just a thought.

    • Comments (1276)

      That would be AWESOME!!! She would go straight to putting up Aaryn, Kaitlin, and might not put up Jerk since he got Veto last time, but she’ll go with whoever is left that they have figured out is working with Jerk, prob spencer.
      Then, when anyone other then one of those get Veto, she’ll try to pull down Kaitlin and put up Jerk. What a great day that would be 🙂

  17. Comments (96)

    Sorry I hit post by mistake! Is it horrible if me that I’m salivating at the idea of watching Team Mean have an epic meltdown if Nick goes home?

  18. Comments (1162)

    McCrae’s Choices –
    The Wrath of The Moving Company, et al.
    The Wrath of AMANDA!!!!


  19. Comments (2)

    Dan and Nick are two completely different players. Give Dan some credit and stop comparing him to a glorified CEO Of the Floater brigade just because he bare a fleeting resemblance to BB legend.

  20. Comments (36)

    I don’t see Elissa as not playing the game. I think the best strategy in this case was the one used. Lay low and let her allies quietly campaign for her.
    Can you imagine the chaos the house would have endured if Elissa tried to campaign for herself with people who are hateful and openly hostile to her watching? The threats would have started agian and some people ( Jessie, for instance) might have been intimidated to not go agianst the bullies.
    I think if Elissa stays and doesn’t continue to get the MVP as a sympathy or house punishment vote, we may see a different kind of player.
    At least that’s what I hope for. Can’t wait to watch BB and BBAD tonight. Almost time.
    Love this blog btw.

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