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Big Brother 15 – Eviction Prediction Thread

bb15-judd-relaxingHere we are, heading into the final week of the Big Brother 15 season.  Tonight we will be down to 4 houseguests, and tomorrow night we will see the final 3.  I have to say, it’s been a busy, stressful, but still fun summer blogging this show.  There were some real heated fights, some incredibly stupid things said, and some nights where I didn’t want to sleep because so much was going on.


If you would have told me the Spencer, Judd, GinaMarie, Andy and McCrae were going to be the final 5 after the first week of the season, I’d probably say …. meh, I can see that.  Sadly, it’s not because they’re the smartest, fastest or strongest, it’s mostly because they’re regular people who can float under the radar and get pretty far.  Each one of them has a handful of competitions under their belts, but their strength was the weakness of players like Jeremy, Amanda, and Helen… (GinaMarie aside) they knew when to stop talking and pretend to be furniture in the house.

That’s not exactly the most exciting strategy, but it’s pretty damn effective.  The trick to getting far in Big Brother these days is being social enough where you can survive the first few evictions, but quiet enough where nobody really thinks of you when it’s time to vote someone out.  The key to winning Big Brother is doing what I said above, and then making some key game moves during the final 2-3 weeks of the season.  Nobody cares what you did the first 6 weeks or so because anyone remaining in the house or jury likely had a hand in helping you do whatever you did (evict the strongest players for example).   If anything, taking credit for evicting early strong players makes you look like an arrogant ass to the rest of the house (*cough* Amanda).

Anyway, I’m giving away far too much of my strategy for when I win Big Brother 16, so I’ll stop now   😉


Predictions for tonight… 

Andy – Judd
McCrae – Judd

Judd should be sent packing 2-0.  The reason is simple, despite being a pretty fierce competitor at times, GinaMarie is super banged up and is an easier person to beat when you have to.  Judd the stud will be evicted for the second time this season tonight…

Schedule this week…
(based on my best guess)

Tonight – PoV, Eviction, HoH
Tomorrow – Nominations, PoV, Eviction, the start of the 3 part final HoH and should be endurance
Sunday – Showing you clips of the first two HoH competitions
Wednesday – The 3rd part of the HoH competition, eviction, winner of Big Brother 15 is revealed

This is not a guaranteed schedule, but I’m going by what I expect.

Anyway, here is the poll for tonight…


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    casey (45 comments)

    Out of the two, I think I like Judd a bit more than GM.

  2. Avatar

    Meh, not excited about any of them to be the winner.

    • Avatar

      Meh goes double for me. As much as I found Amanda a despicable human being, I have to admit that since she was evicted, I have little to no interest in watching the show. I think the fact that Elissa was evicted right after was the deathknell for me. I don’t want any of them to win — I don’t think any of them deserve it for starters. If I had to pick one person, I would probably pick GM simply because I find her the most interesting to watch. And knowing that she lost her job, she will need the money. They should cancel the game and give the money to charity, esp. charities related to groups who were slandered during the season.

      • Avatar
        NancyW (207 comments)

        Imc GM don’t need to be paid she needs to be punished for her racist ,vulgar mouth. I could never go for her. She is disgusting along with some others. I don’t have to list them all because you all have watched the same show that i hsve watched.

  3. Avatar
    Roxane (1 comments)

    I think they need to get rid of GM before Judd. McCrae should of already been evicted for being Amandas b*tch!

  4. Avatar
    Daryl from Canada (14 comments)

    Its hailing where I live

    • Avatar
      suzyq (1076 comments)

      There’s mosquitos on the water. Fish are rising up like birds. It’s been hot for seven weeks now, oh too hot to even speak now. Did you hear what I just heard?

  5. Avatar
    Charlotte (162 comments)

    I believe Judd will go…GM may fool those guys and come out with a strong force and will to stay. I think I will just root for our Arkansan 501 guy…Spencer…Go Hogs…….

  6. Avatar
    Peggi (453 comments)

    Since these players have yet to show they have common sense, they will vote out Judd.

    • Avatar
      BB15MIA (49 comments)

      Voting for Judd to leave is a compliment, they are voting him out because they all know in a F2 with him, he would get all the Jury votes.

      Beans….thanks again for your Never Forget blog, just very sorry they couldn’t keep the comments positive on it.

      • Avatar
        Peggi (453 comments)


      • Avatar
        Peggi (453 comments)

        Cat thought she should help me! What I am trying to say is, out of the five left I think Judd should have been the winner. He stayed just under the radar and was not as bad as the others with their racist, nasty remarks of the other house guests. Feel sorry for the jury members having to decide out of the choices that they have.

      • Avatar

        Lmao 😀

      • Avatar
        suzyq (1076 comments)

        If you think that’s funny, you should go back and read all Peggi’s posts.

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    According to unconfirmed leaks, Judd is evicted and Andy wins HOH. This is a leak from an audience member, I do not know how valid it is.

  8. Avatar
    GreggBrent (18 comments)

    I would think the strategy would be to keep Judd as the other HG’s in Jury were all pissed that he came back in after being evicted and therefore probably would not vote for him at the end. jmho

  9. Avatar
    passdripple (8 comments)

    if McCrae is in the f2…he got my vote
    my favorite player………….JESSE

  10. Avatar
    Dan Donald (10 comments)

    So, part 2 of the HOH competition will also be revealed on Wednesday?

    • Avatar
      BB15MIA (49 comments)

      Part 2 of the last HOH is next Wed the finale 9/18.

    • Avatar
      BBCubby (49 comments)

      Depending on how you are asking the question….we will see the POV tonight (McCrae wins)……he takes himself off the block….Judd replaces him…..then Judd is voted out. The new HOH takes place (Andy won that). He prob makes noms tonight. Then tomorrow we get POV and eviction to bring us to final three.

  11. Avatar
    Quency (35 comments)

    I honestly believe Andy has played the best game out of everyone left in the house. And would like to hear anyone argue against that.

    • Avatar
      yearbooks (316 comments)

      As much as I don’t like Andy, I must say his stradegy got him very far into the game. He couldn’t win comps so he had to try something else and he did.

    • Avatar
      nana10 (11 comments)

      He would have had my vote too he was a good player, he fooled them all. He shouldn’t have had such a bad mouth and attitude towards other houseguests. There is no excuse for any man or women to use that kind of language about anyone. I’m appalled at his mouth especially as an educator, did he not read the bullying clause in his teachers contract??

      • Avatar
        Jackie (651 comments)

        And don’t forget he jumped on the bash Elissa’s children bandwagon. As an educator he is a disgrace.

    • kneeless
      kneeless (1343 comments)

      At this point, I’m going with Andy. Although he’s not my fav but the lesser of the ‘evils!’ Judd was my choice but with him voted out tonight, that leaves me with Andy. If Andy hadn’t trash talked everyone like he did, I could respect him more. I’m not quite sure why the HG’s thought they needed to gossip & talk about each other non stop. I realize it gets boring in the house esp when down to so few left. But this season it seemed like it turned into a contest as to who could trash talk the most, and who could drop the most F bombs doing so.

      • Avatar
        NancyW (207 comments)

        I still dont like that rat Andy! He still floated from one side to the other. But it shows you how dumb the rest of the house was for not taken notice of him and getting his rat butt out. So i guess he is the lesser of all the evils.

  12. Avatar
    Shirley (293 comments)

    Another unconfirmed rumor: Live Feeds return 9:PM ET on Wednesday and the series has been renewed for Big Brother 16.
    My opinion: The live eviction was moved to tonight to compete against X Factor. I wonder who wins.

  13. Avatar
    sunshine (40 comments)

    Why are they showing that next Wednesday when the show is over, that there is still a big brother after dark on tvgn? is that the after party? is the after party televised?

  14. Avatar
    Sadie (528 comments)

    Lets just say I can’t wait for BB Canada this fall. Cleanse my palette of this season of crap.

    • Avatar
      sunshine (40 comments)

      what channel is it on?

    • Avatar
      casey (45 comments)

      I loathed Gary and his stinky glitter. Very annoying guy!

      • Avatar
        Sadie (528 comments)

        I didn’t mind him. He could be annoying and if I had to live with him it would be too much, but I also found him to be a good player and pretty sincere in the DR…he also took what his dumbass “glitter sister” pulled on the finale better than I would have.

      • Avatar
        Alyssa (36 comments)

        He made the season more interesting to watch. He’s a great entertainer. He wasn’t my pick for win though. Although there were rumours that he, like Amanda, was the production pick. The way he JUST didn’t make it seemed a little off to me.

  15. Avatar
    marie2 (610 comments)

    When do we get to start voting for America’s Favorite?

  16. Avatar
    Canesfan (98 comments)

    I’m don’t like Andy but he played the best game considering what’s left in the house. After all he fooled Helen who could read people according to her & Amanda.

    • Avatar
      Jackie (651 comments)

      Oh please. Fooling Helen was easy because she never shut up to listen or watch.

      • Avatar
        Alyssa (36 comments)

        OMG I know! NEVER listened! People would be just about to spill the beans and she’d shut them down and try to force her opinion down their throat. SO frustrating, I was rooting for her earlier in the game, and then her game just fell apart.

  17. Avatar


  18. Avatar
    Sam juanico (6 comments)

    Didn’t like this season one bit,certainly won’t vote for a favorite .no one deserves it.the 25 grand should be used to educate this crew of misfits with issues regarding racism ,homofobia and the hate filled comments about other contestants and their family’s .they need to learn about humility and respect for them selfs and others.young and dumb and where I was raised is not an excuse.

  19. Avatar
    NancyW (207 comments)

    Well I think McCrae is the lesser of all the evils. Don’t people remember what the rest of these houseguest have said? I haven’t forgot !

    • Avatar

      McCrae was having sex with Amanda the whole time she acted the way she did for weeks. I think he is just as bad as she was. And he has done alot of bashing of the other house guest in the last week on “After Dark”, I have seen it. Really disgusting. The house guest don’t know how horrible Spencer, MaCrae ( to this degree) and Andy have been up to this point, but I’m sure Judd is going to tell them once he leaves and hits the jury house.

    • Avatar
      suzyq (1076 comments)

      I think a coffee table book of “Ginaisms: would sell very well.

  20. Avatar

    This may have been mentioned already, but was anyone able to figure out what it was that Spencer hid in the storage room when he went in to get the after dark crafts from the storage room. He took something off the table and hid it in the bin above and covered it with produce. The others didn’t see it.

  21. Avatar
    Cathy (1 comments)

    These are the most disgusting and vile people I have indirectly been around. The gross and in humane things that they say are unacceptable! GM and Spenser being the worst in the history of BB. GM is more racist then Aaryn. She said “all Chinese people look a like” the other day and said they are forgettable people as a result (she mentioned Helen and the only other Asians she knows is doing her nail. That is just the tip of the iceberg on the horrific things she says not to mention how crude and ignorant she is. I can write 10 pages on Spenser’s horrible pig like behavior and disgusting things he say about women but my stomach can’t take writing his vile words and behaviors while one finger is up his nose and the other hand down his pants. The $ should go to a great charity and these losers sent home to hopefully learn a lesson in behaving as a human being!!!

  22. Avatar

    I’m done…I can’t stand the thought of any of them winning but if McCrae goes tomorrow night, I have no desire to watch any of the other 3 get the money. Can’t stop it, but don’t have to watch it. Peace out…

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