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Big Brother 15 – First Eviction Prediction Thread


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The longest week of the Big Brother season is at it’s close, and it’s time to finally evict someone from the Big Brother 15 house! McCrae has been HoH for about 12-13 days now, and the house has had plenty of ups and downs so far.  Mostly downs.  In a week full of racism and bigotry, one thing became clear through it all.  Elissa is not nearly as annoying as her sister, Rachel.  She has actually been one of the most level headed and mature players of the season so far, which tells you a lot about this current cast.


Despite winning the first MVP of the season, Elissa was nominated as a replacement nominee when Candice was removed from the block by McCrae (after he won PoV).  This move was mostly done to keep the house calm as around half the players were ready to vote out Elissa since day 2. What those players didn’t realize is the side alliances being formed to secretly evict Spicoli (aka Dave), which should be entertaining to watch for a few reasons.

First, I am not even sure he knows where he is at this point.  I don’t think Dave has ever seen an episode of Big Brother, so he probably forgot what show he was being filmed for, and won’t even know who Julie Chen is.

Secondly, it’s going to give Aaryn her first real reality check of the season.  She has been pretty confident that Elissa is going home and they have the power numbers of the house, but when she realizes it’s not true, you will be able to witness the crumbling around her first hand.   The feeds after should be pretty interesting as well.

I’m rambling and I have some stuff to do before the live episode tonight, so here are my predictions:

Votes for Dave to go home:


Votes for Jessie to go home:


Votes for Elissa to go home:


Dave should be eliminated by a vote of 7-5-0

I will create a live update thread for the show, but who do you think is going to go home tonight?

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  1. Comments (65)

    David is so dumb. Why would they let him on the show? He doesn’t know how to play and he only came for a showmance. Can’t wait to see Aaryn’s reaction when he gets evicted.

  2. Comments (191)

    If David is evicted will David realize what that means? Will they have to explain to him that he has to leave?

    The fish are smarter!

  3. Comments (1)

    Crossing my fingers that David gets evicted. He doesn’t add much except for air-headed comments and a surfer persona. At least Elissa wants to play the game and could add to the drama.

  4. Comments (7)

    Did i miss something? Everything ive seen on the feeds leads me to believe Judd is also voting to evict david. Either way David leaves but I musta missed something on Judd

  5. Comments (6)

    What happend to Jeremy voting with the moving company? Voting her out after he wiped his behind with her hat? What a loser!

  6. Comments (6)

    I hope Elissa stays, wins HOH and throws Jeremy out!

  7. Comments (1)

    Okay, here’s my opinion of the game:
    David- He’s STUPID. Not a threat. & he’s a source of petty entertainment, so logically there is no dire need to get him out this week. The “Moving company” should utilize him for his physical ability and gullible mind, they can play him like a ken doll.
    Elissa- She is NOT RACHEL! she is her own person. The HGs should give her a chance to be her own person and not automatically assume she is as much as a threat as Rachel. She would be a great person to form an alliance with because she has good social skills, however she is not that good in the physical competitions, so she has not proven to be a major threat yet.
    Jessie- She should go home. She is not doing anything for the game whatsoever besides trying to find a showmance. The point of big brother is NOT to fall in love, but to win the half million. If she is kept around with her ego, she will probably stir up a lot of un necessary drama. Also , she is a good competitor so I can see her winning a major competition and acting on her emotions rather than strategic gameplay. Bottom line in my opinion, Jessie needs to go home this week but that most likely wont happen 🙁

  8. Comments (1)

    Greatest first week in any season so far. I hoe Elissa is safe I can just see her wining hoh and saying racist better grab a life vest. Lol. Who would have thought Rachel’s sister would be so nice? I am rooting for her to win. If she’s half as good as her sister she will go far. I actually like Rachel I didn’t the fist time she played but the second time she really won me over. If you look back she was one of the most loyal people to ever play. Plus she was badass at compititions. It would be freaking awesome to see her come in the game and play with her sister.

  9. Comments (231)

    Has anybody heard about the ousting of gm and Aaryn and the Howard thing? HELP STEVEBEANS

    • Comments (1276)

      I heard them talking it about it last night. That is Aaryn and GM talking about it. They were trying to say that Jessie said that he “touched” her when they were sleeping, or in bed. I wasn’t clear as to what they meant, they were making it sound torrid, but I didn’t see Jessie acting uncomfortable, so I’m not sure if she said it or they just needed something mean to say about Howard.
      I’d love some clarification on that as well. Personally unless someone saw or knows otherwise, I think it’s bull.

  10. Comments (768)

    Looks like Gina Marie has lost her job over her comments too!

  11. Comments (231)

    I haven’t found anything on the Internet to support the claims about Howard so it’s bull. The tmz app tells one story and the show told another about gm and Aaryn (east coast at 7) so who knows?!? We will see.

    • Comments (768)

      What claims about Howard?

      • Comments (1276)

        GM and Aaryn were saying that he “touched” Jessie, but I never heard Jessie say it, and honestly I don’t think it’s true, unless someone knows something they aren’t saying. I think it’s just stupid ignorant girls making up drama to make others look bad. Again, I could be wrong, but he seems like a nice, sweet, honest and kind person, so I think it’s just bull.

      • Comments (768)

        Thanks for the info Christina!

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