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Big Brother 15 – Friday Updates

Amanda is eating her sorrows away
Amanda is eating her sorrows away

Ahh, finally back from my errands.  I am a little annoyed that I had to do them today considering it was likely the first day of actual interesting feeds in about a month and a half, but I didn’t want to leave my step daughter stranded an hour and a half away.  Now I can settle in and watch the feeds!

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Based on a quick glance of the feeds throughout the day, it appears Elissa’s still sticking with her original plan of McCrae and Aaryn up on the block.  I’m not sure how I feel about the plan, but I know I don’t hate it.  Looking through the robotic eyes of Elissa, Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae have to go, what really matters is the order.  Elissa has decided that Aaryn is the bigger threat, and physically she is.

When you factor in a jury member walking away from the competition yelling “f**k you, Amanda” (Jessie did it), it may not be the worst thing in the world to be sitting next to her in the final 2.

Anyway, with that said, let me do quick plugs then start my late afternoon updates…

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2:30pm – Amanda is laying in bed (big surprise) saying how defeated she feels and how she doesn’t want to get out of bed.  What was her excuse the other 60+ days she stayed in bed all day?

2:45pm – Spencer, Andy, Judd, Amanda, and McCrae sitting around the bedroom having a conversation about things Judd missed over the past few weeks.  Andy is re-telling his experience of watching himself get body checked by Elissa last night on live TV

3:00pm – Weird, Andy was downstairs chatting, and when I switched feeds back and forth, I came back to Andy in the HoH room talking to Elissa.  I don’t know if there are two Andy’s, the feeds are messing up, or I missed Andy slip out.

Indoor lockdown is over, Andy and Elissa go outside to see if anything was changed out there.  Apparently production added a canopy

3:05pm – Elissa is chatting with GM about keeping each other safe.  Who would have thought GM and Elissa as a side alliance?

3:35pm – GM and Aaryn in the kitchen chatting, Elissa was called to the DR, possible nominations soon.  Not sure yet.

Scratch that, Elissa joins the two in the kitchen, no nominations yet

4:30pm – Went to get a coffee, sorry for the delay.  No noms yet, Aaryn is outside talking to Judd about possible nominations, while Andy is shmoozing Elissa inside

4:38pm – Judd finally gets some time with Elissa to talk about the plans.  Elissa feels they’re the same as neither of them have someone in the house.  A possible side alliance between Judd, Elissa and GM could be forming.  What a weird combo.

4:50pm – The talk is done, Judd heads outside to talk with Aaryn, GM and Spencer.   Everyone is patiently waiting for nominations

Spencer takes the opportunity to go upstairs for a one on one with Elissa

5:15pm – Feeds on trivia, Nomination time!

6:18pm – Feeds back up…. Nominations shortly….

Aaryn and McCrae have been nominated for eviction

6:30pm – Amanda has taken her spot on the bed and hosting a two person pity party for the nomination results.  She’s already pulling the ‘I can’t believe GinaMarie is going to be here longer than me’ line… the same thing Helen said about Spencer all week.   Sometimes it pays to float

(keep checking back for updates!)

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  1. Comments (6)

    Big Brother producers are probably sighing of relief after these (good) turn of events.

    • Comments (1)

      That makes perfect sense if Amanda is her target. Problem is that she wants Aaryn so badly that she cant see how working with her would be a lot more beneficial to her long term game. She is thinking WAY TOO short term.

  2. Comments (191)

    After the way Amanda told Elissa last week that Helen was going home how can she not see the threat Amanda is to her. It should be Amanda and Aaryn going on the block with McIdiot going up if one of them wins the veto

    • Comments (48)

      I get the impression from reading Jokersupdate, that this was what Helen and Elissa planned, to make amanda think it’s only mccrae on the block and using aaryn as a pawn….hoping someone will win POV and she can backdoor amanda, hopefully that’s what she’s up to….I’m glad that mccrae is pissed there’s no changing her mind, after all, when was the last time HE was on the block and oh yeah, did he forget how he backstabbed her during HIS HOH?

      • Comments (768)

        I agree with you Tam. Even if Elissa manages to get either McCrae or Amanda out, the other one will be pretty much neutralized. Elissa is well aware of Andy and the fact that he scampers back to Amanda and McCrae with every bit of information he can find, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets put up if the other two don’t work out. Amanda and McCrae would be hobbled without their source of information.

    • Comments (624)

      But on the other hand, not putting Amanda up makes sense also. Say someone uses POV on a (soon to be) present nominee, now you can put up Amanda and vote her onion crotch outta there!

  3. Comments (18)

    Aaryn might have a chance of winning PoV, if she does I’m hoping she puts Amanda up. If she put Andy up in Aaryn’s place that would be pretty good, too. Amanda should learn how it feels to have one of her biggest allies leave the house (Mcrae).

  4. Comments (178)

    Well, I finally succumbed and ordered the live feeds for the next month. I just have to see what type of logic is going on in Elissa’s head right now. I tuned in just in time to see The Red Queen’s “Pity Party” taking place with The Red Queen holding court in her room. Naturally, Judd is right back in the fold. One of her servants, Stoolie the Toad, even brought her food to eat in bed at her request. I noticed that McCrae’s food dish and The Red Queen’s dish were placed on the bedside table. I wonder which servant will be tasked with bringing them into the kitchen and washing them?

    Reality check, Stoolie. America is watching the show and thinking, “That bitch (Stoolie) got on?” We know why The Red Queen is on the show; but we’re really bewildered as to why Stoolie was selected.

    What a boring bunch of people in that house!

    • Comments (624)

      If I were Amanda, I wouldn’t want someone else bringing my food to me. Has anyone watched the movie Waiting…?

    • Comments (2)

      Who the hell is stoolie??!?

      • Comments (178)

        “Stoolie the Toad” is my name for Andy. I’ve been referring to Andy by that name in posts for quite a while now. He reminds me of a toad because he dresses a lot in green and he’s a “stoolie”–running back and forth giving away the confidences of other houseguests. Call him what you will. My name for Andy is “Stoolie the Toad”.

  5. Comments (19)

    still dont get why she put aaryn up. yes aaryn is strong but you can work with her. elissa should have formed a secret alliance with aaryn.. andy is the real rat.. noms should be amanda/mccrae if one of them win veto then replace with any. does anyone have details of the supposed 2 week deal elissa made with any and what it entails? because letting him coast for a couple weeks while playing both sides and being well liked by everyone is a dangerous proposition. Plus you look a the fact that he has proven he can win a comp or two. bad move. should nom mccrae/amanda. if the noms stay the same after veto, kick mccrae. if one of them wins and takes themselves off, then u put up andy. only if andy wins veto and uses it on one of them, then you put up aaryn but kick out the remaining member of mccrae/amanda.

    • Comments (19)

      typo. if amanda/mccrae one of them wins you replace with andy. secret alliance between elissa and andy should be until the final 3. but elissa should try and get aaryn out at final 4 or so.

      • Comments (86)

        Elissa did try to work with Aaryn. Aaryn went and told Demanda that she was being bullied by El and Hellen.

      • Comments (1288)

        Well then again bullying isn’t really working with her is it? Elissa somehow thought that insulting Aaryan’s game would win her over but it didn’t, go figure.

        Now she has her on the block with hopes she stays in the house, hope that works out for her.

    • Comments (624)

      Give Aaryn a taste of her own medicine. Let her feel what it’s like to be on the block, unsure if she’s the target or not.

    • Comments (651)

      Elissa knows what she’s doing. She has GM because GM is over McManda and Elissa talk with her–asked her what she thought and strategy. GM said nobody ever talks strategy with her they just tell her what to do. She is also jealous of Demanda making Aaryn do her dirty work. Elissa told her Aaryn will never be able to play her own game until Amanda is gone.

      Then Aaryn came in begging not to be put up. Elissa said she knew that Aaryn was Demanda’s puppet and she couldn’t believe anything she said. Elissa told her to play hard for the POV and if she comes down off the block and doesn’t lie to her or come after her next week they can work together to get to the end. I repeat Aaryn was BEGGING Elissa!!

      Elissa understands the Mean Girl dynamic and knows how to play Aaryn and GM against Demanda not by believing them but by making them earn it.

      Andy tried to come in the room when Elissa was talking to GM and asked to come in and Elissa said “No we’re talking”. If Elissa didn’t make it clear enough before that she doesn’t trust Andy, he knows it now. When they did talk she told him she’s not going to tell him everything so he just better choose if he’s going to stay with McManda. She also told him that if one of the Noms comes down the replacement will be the person who didn’t fight like hell to win–even if it’s a $10,000 prize.

      McCrea kept trying to say how they kept her safe all this time blah blah blah. He said if he’s on the block even as a pawn she was putting him at risk. She told him they had put her at risk week after week.

      So McMinute and Aaryn go up. Aaryn has to prove herself. Elissa can pick Demanda to be the POV host so she can’t play. So when one of them comes down Demanda goes up and everyone has shown whose side they are on…

      • Comments (5)

        You said it in a nut shell…………

      • Comments (2)

        the players are picked first then the hoh picks the host.So amanda could still get picked to play.

      • Comments (651)

        My bad. But it would still work because even if a freak of nature happens and Demanda wins POV then Andy can go up and her last minion is gone. But this POV would be Aaryn vs Demanda so who do you think would win?

      • Comments (1288)

        If Andy and Aaryan end up together, why would anyone keep Aaryan over Andy?

      • Comments (18)

        Hoh doesn’t pick the POV host until after names are drawn to play in the comp. Only then do they chose the host from the remaining houseguests.

      • Comments (26)

        Can Elissa choose Amanda as the host so she can’t play, really??? I always thought players were chosen randomly from a bag, and then the host/hostess is chosen.

  6. Comments (4)

    I’m not an Elissa fan by any means but based on the smile on her face while discussing who would be the replacement NOM if Aaryn wins I’m praying that Elissa is planning to back door Demanda

  7. Comments (24)

    I’d like to see Andy and Mccrae on the block and Amanda back doored. I guess i see ur point on Aaryn winning more but shes not liked by many on the jury. Amanda needs to go so she doesn’t get control back thats my 2 cents. thanks for keeping me updated!! Also so thrilled Elissa won hoh!!! only thing that coulda made it a tad more interesting had Helen won back in but i did think judd deserved it more!

    • Comments (5)

      All through Helen was liked by most of the house guess, I felt that she did not have a snow ball chance to win. Her winning strike was 0 to 0.
      She had blinders on when it came to the house guess. She played a more social game and wanted to be the mother of the house.
      And I might add, in several post, the house guess in the past would make dinner and seem to gather around the table and talked. this bunch stay’s in bed you don’t see them out side much and they don’t seem to have much interaction with each other, other in the bedroom. I don’t know where the dug up this bunch but I’m sure the picken’s are slim.

      • Comments (24)

        by no way do i think helen could of won i was just saying woulda made for more fights from my opinion. if there not careful a floater is gonna win this year. i think that would make this season if spencer wins lol

  8. Comments (17)

    Based on that linebackers neckroll shes got forming in the pic, she has been feeling sorrow for weeks…

  9. Comments (23)

    I was not happy that Judd was the one evicted house guest that came back into the house, I trust him about as far as I can throw him. If he could only see that they want him out asap, he wouldn’t be bringing them food & be @ their beck and call!!! I just don’t get Amanda why is she moping around, she acts like she is the one going on the block!!! Just because her boy toy is going up she is all miserable??? She acts like they are both going on the block!!! I am just praying that Elissa is planning on backdooring Amanda as much as she hates Arryn, she needs to put aside her personal feelings right now!!! Now is the time to strike while the iron is HOT!!!

  10. Comments (19)

    all of you who want amanda gone are just amateurs and not thinking straight. you do not exhibit the advanced level of thinking THAT I DO. you take out mccrae first. amanda is all bark and no bite. without mccrae she can make commands and order people all she wants, but what has she won to be able to enforce any of it? exactly. nothing. she is not particularly well liked, and has no resume of wins to back it up either (unlike aaryn), so combine that with her further implosion after mccrae is gone and she is alone, will make her an ideal candidate to take to the final 2. all of you who want amanda gone are playing on emotion and are as useless as candace when she said the first person she would target if she got back in was GM. typical stupid response for the fat “NOT FABULOUS” candace who gained too much weight from her beauty pageant days.

    • Comments (17)

      Could you please teach us ol’ Wise One???

      • Comments (316)

        Too funny cballz !

      • Comments (19)

        i dont see how my intellectual superiority over cballz and the rest of you is funny for u guys. maybe for me yes, but for u, not so much. im a chess player, you emotion players are simply playing checkers.

      • Comments (17)

        Oh no! Will, do not misinterpret my words as sarcastic.
        Please, I beg of you… Show us the way!!

      • Comments (5)

        I have to agree with all you have said so far Will. First, this has been the worst of house guess ever. None of them can use there heads and have The red Queen running the house and telling every HOH who to put up for eviction.
        Not one of them have the B__l’s to select there own people to evict. As far as Amanda threatening Elissa, I would have told her a thing or too. Your right, it’s a game and it should be all for one and none for all. You need to take care of #1 first.

      • Comments (1092)

        Ahhh, but nothing beats cheskers !

    • Comments (4)

      I actually want Demanda, Aryan Nation, Andy and McCrae out of that house. All of them are threats for different reasons. While I agree with you that Demanda hasn’t won anything, she still some how has a way of getting out who she wants each week. With that being said, if Demanda stays this week Elissa will probably go next week (unless Elissa wins veto). I love to watch Demanda sulk but I think her time needs to end.

      • Comments (453)

        I agree, Amanda hasn’t won anything but the fear she has unleashed on the house, “agree with me or suffer my foul, hateful, self worth breaking mouth”.

    • Comments (453)

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion, right or wrong.

    • Comments (768)

      Strangely enough, I actually have to agree with the first part of what he says. If McRae goes Amanda’s game goes. She latched onto him for a reason.

    • Comments (624)

      Gather around, cubs. Papa bear’s got a story to tell…

    • Comments (302)

      I think you are on the money Willthethrill. Plus this show will be much more entertaining watching Amanda lose it after McCrae is gone. McCrae has constantly been schooling Amanda to tone down her behavior. Without him the loose cannon will continue to sink her own ship … the perfect person to have in the final 3 because you know she can’t win anything. Then you take her to the final 2 and start counting your money. Some people just can’t see the forest through the trees.

      • Comments (195)

        And like I said in a previous post. I think it is really possible that if Amanda goes than the boys will form a guys alliance. I think McCrae would be the best one to vote out this week.

    • Comments (1)

      If Aaryn stays and McCrae is kicked out, then Aaryn will still have Amanda, Andy, and Spencer. That just doesn’t sound like advanced thinking to me.

    • Comments (293)

      Amanda needs to go before some twist saves her.

  11. Comments (19)

    i already did if u read my posts. they are always filled with amazing insight straight from the master. at this point of the game like i said a million times before, you dont play with emotion. you think who u can beat in the final 2.

    • Comments (293)

      Wouldn’t it be great to learn McCrae has been playing Amanda all along (like she’s been playing him)? Helen asking him to put Amanda on the block could signify that Helen sensed something. Com’on McCrae, sacrifice your Queen! Checkmating your opponent–winning the game–is worth it.

  12. Comments (22)

    That pic (above) of The Red Queen on her throne (the bed) is perfect and should be used for all promo’s for BB 15. This “women” NEVER GETS OUT OF BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s disgusting. Her boy toy is no better. DISGUSTING!!!! I can’t watch the late night program any more because when I see them I want to vomit. BB 15 is going to go down as the laziest bunch ever

    • Comments (768)

      And the biggest bunch of slobs too. I’ve never so many clothes laying on the floor in my life!

      • Comments (1162)

        Last night Judd said, he had forgotten how filthy the House is.
        Later he asked about the stains on his bed sheets and was told – Old Period Stains.
        Welcome back, Judd!


      • Comments (1162)

        Just finished fast-forwarding last night’s BBAD and saw exactly what
        you’re talking about.

        Amanda & McCrae’s Bedroom – While the entire room was messy, the
        MOAT of dropped clothing and trash bags surrounding their bed –
        What Pigs!!!!

      • Comments (768)

        Judd needed a shirt to go to the DR so he picked one out of a pile on the floor near McCrae and Amanda’s bed. Then later when he took it off he just threw it back on the same pile of clothes again! lol Too funny!

  13. Comments (5)

    Amanda yes is horrible at comps but she can manipulate everyone somehow. Andy is like the biggest child, going around he said, she said, stuff.I hope that elissa really does have a better plan, hope springs eternal.

  14. Comments (17)

    Elissa is still not out of the woods with her selections unless she had planned for this. Look at it this way, by putting McCrea up with Aaryn, she forces McCrea to make a major decision, AND show the other houseguests more of her game.
    1. If he uses the veto on himself, he exposes his “red queen”
    2. Even as Elissa has said she wants the nominations to stay the same, if he does not use it on himself, that would make the whole house suspicious and create even more problems and expose him to the “VOTE”. She could use his fear of using the veto to exit the block against him.
    3. Amanda would go nuts.
    4. Not using it could flip the house against him if Elissa claims that this is what the HOH/house wants and the lemmings follow.
    5. Elissa may be hoping for him to use it so she can put Amanda up and get her out.
    6. There will be a H… of a scramble for votes.
    7. She also does not lose as; if Aaryn wins it then she can put Amanda up and have both McCrea and Amanda up so one goes out.
    Maybe I am just hoping this is how it happens.

    • Comments (1446)

      I was thinking the same thing. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Amanda or McCrae were on the block and one of them won the veto and the only way to save themselves was to have the other put up on the block??
      Amanda takes herself down, McCrae goes up – McCrae takes himself down, Amanda goes up…bwhahahaha!
      It would be EXACTLY the same thing that happened to Jeremy and Kaitlin -and McCranda was sooooo giddy about it at the time. Karma’s a bitch 🙂

  15. Comments (1162)

    McCrae telling Elissa that if he leaves Amanda will go nuts inside of the House.
    So, what’s new?

    The fact is if McCrae got voted out, Amanda would be threatening him.
    She has been known to show a little jealousy now and then and her imagination
    of what could happen in the Jury House between McCrae and Jessie!!!!!!
    It’s great just thinking about mind games hitting Amanda every which way.

  16. Comments (16)

    so, has Elissa named the nominations yet? i don’t have the live feeds … 🙁

  17. Comments (651)

    Just had a thought. McMinute said he doesn’t know what Demanda would do if he goes home this week. Everyone knows she would go insane (and she’s run out of meds). Do you think she would self-evict?

  18. Comments (651)

    If they really want to make Demanda crazy=if McMinute goes home they can set up Demanda to eavesdrop and hear how McMinute “will finally get to spend time with Jessie which he has been wanting to do since the beginning” and how “the jury house is so luxurious that McMinute and Jessie will have plenty places to hide away together”.

    Okay tell me the truth. Does thinking about how to drive Demanda insane make me a Mean Girl? I need to know if I’m going to the Dark Side…

  19. Comments (7)

    Honestly, I’m kind of surprised that nothing is being done to try to get Amanda’s prescription refilled/renewed. If Amanda honestly needs it for psychiatric reasons, it could be physically and/or mentally harmful to her as her body detoxes and her emotions go (even more) out of control. I could just see Amanda attempting to sue the hell out of CBS if she had a mental break down as a result of the combination of detoxing from needed psychiatric medications and the stress of the game. Then again, if Amanda really needed the Xanax so badly, why didn’t she make sure that she would have enough refills on her prescription to last her for the entire length of the show?

    • Comments (651)

      Demanda is on adderall. Very different from Xanax. It’s for ADD/ADHD. It’s speed which is why she and Aaryn want to take it about an hour before comps. BB has caught on and now they’ve pushed the comps to times where the effect is minimal.

      • Comments (1162)

        The other night she said she was taking Xanax.

        It may be one of the controlled medicines where a physician can
        only prescribe 3 refills at a time. Some physicians would ask to see
        their patient before renewing an Rx, however Amanda’s doctor only
        has to turn on BBAD to see how much of a mess she is .
        Then again, whatever medicine she is on doesn’t seem to be working for her……….

      • Comments (226)

        I was wondering th same thing-caught the Xanax post. How is that ok?

    • Comments (875)

      True Rachel…Everybody, & his Uncle knows how mentally stressful, anxiety riddled, and what a mind game Big Brother is. Why on earth would the powers that be cast someone with all of the above Mental Problems???

      I hope that BB would go the extra 100 to cast individuals that do not have such issues going forward after this season. Even Aaryn said that Amanda prescription for Adderall (60 mg.) is very high Aaryn takes 30 mg. And someone like GM, with her issues should have never been cast.

      Never b4 on Big Brother have I seen so many of the cast members have mental disorders, and being medicated in such high numbers.

      • Comments (18)

        I was thinking the same thing. Surely there must be contestants out there who aren’t so medicated. Let’s face it though.. have of the country is over medicated.

        College kids take Adderall to help them study. I’m sure Amanda and Aaryn just got some dr to prescribe them. I highly doubt they really need them.

        But I’ve been complaining about this years casting for awhile. CBS really got lazy with this crew. And you’d think with some of these HG’s taking all this speed they wouldn’t be lying around in bed all day and would actually be entertaining. They all seem like such losers yet they talk about how America must love them, etc.

      • Comments (875)

        Seesh…From all of the thumbs down on this thread, I can see that the D-Man-duh Bra-Gade is in full force tonight!

    • Comments (138)

      She can’t sue CBS bc CBS isn’t holding her against her will. If Demanda wants her meds, she can self-evict.

    • Comments (293)

      They probably figured out she uses them for weight loss.

  20. Comments (231)

    I’m thinking Elissa really does want Aaryan out for the reasons she states plus Aa wins comps for the Mcnastys. Or, Aaryan wins the veto and Elissa can BD Amanda as a secondary plan. Either way, the beast is severely wounded.

  21. Comments (875)

    Judd confirmed what I thought…Candice did “not” want to come back into the Big Brother House. Most likely due to the treatment she got from Aaryn, & GM the last time she was in there.

    That totally explains why Candice jumped off her stand, right after Helen did.

  22. Comments (875)

    Andy, the “Rat” is on his toes today…Every time Elissa is have a Private talk with each HG about nominations, he pops in! And even has the GALL to ask, “can I come in?” Ugh…get rid of this dude to, Andy is a McCrae/Amanda enabler also!

  23. Comments (6)

    I think she wants to back door Amanda. She will but up Aaryn and McCrae, thinking Aaryn has the best chance of winning the power of veto and pulling herself down and then she will put up Amanda. This is one time I will be hoping that Aaryn wins. I can’t wait for Aayrn to get the boot but I want Amanda out more.

  24. Comments (651)

    I have to say I am soooo happy that finally we have a game. Will Elissa or won’t she? What is her thinking? Does she have a backup plan? Is she going to backdoor someone?

    This is why we watch BB and what has been missing all season.

  25. Comments (6)

    I’d go McRae and Andy, then any one comes off Amanda is up. Andy on the block will be pure panic for him, he will lose it and tell all. Finally some one playing.

  26. Comments (83)

    Amanda is gonna have to be bounced out of the house if she continues to eat, Elissa will be sorry if she keeps Amanda, if she would work with Aaryn they could take out McCranda, Amanda may not be winning challenges, but she is winning the game, cause they are scared of her for some reason, if they would all ban together they could take contol of that house.

  27. Comments (8)

    I liked Amanda in the beginning. Andy as well. Now I can’t stand them.

  28. Comments (34)

    I really hope Aaryn goes home and i hope this is the last week & last year that we see that girl in Big Brother.Elissa should really try to make sure everything goes according to plan but my question is who’s going to be the one to evict Amanda ?? Judd maybe 🙂 are Andy even 😮 who knows right now anything can happened

    • Comments (1288)

      Elissa may control the nominations but she is not going to be able to stack the vote as has been done in previous weeks. With the herd thinned all will vote for the betterment of their own end game. They will all say whatever Elissa wants to hear and then remember she thinks they are peasants later.

      Elissa has no power beyond the veto ceremony and replacement nominee. After that I expect the house to revert to their pre-HoH attitude towards Elissa. With Helen gone there is no one to cover Elissa’s back and everyone knows she will be the house pawn or target next week.

      • Comments (651)

        Elissa has Judd and she is getting GM on her side. Andy has become a non-factor so Spencer will most likely work with them.

  29. Comments (82)

    Hmmmm…..Elissa sure seems to be targeting Aaryn. But, it makes NO sense not to put up GM with her, as GM will pull her down if she wins POV. Its looking a little bit like she is planning to backdoor Amanda. And if she somehow is unsuccessful, McCrae is out the door. But, Aaryn is a much bigger threat in the longrun, then Amanda. She is great at comps, and honestly might be Elissas only competition in comps. The rest of them can’t seem to win a thing. Problem is, that Elissa made herself a big target to McCrae and Amanda if they both end up staying…by putting McCrae in harms way. And likewise, if Aaryn stays…she is her target as well. I am not sure of Elissas mindset, I don’t think she thought this out very clearly. Either put up both Amanda and McCrae or GM and Aaryn, and only piss off one alliance, not both. This is the beginning of the end for Elissa I think. Bad move.

  30. Comments (1076)

    Why is Elissa only cultivating a friendship with GM? She can’t compete for HOH next week and GM certainly is not going to get it. Her gung ho week of truth is making her the biggest target in the house. I hope she enjoys her week as HOH because she is soon going to join her girlfriend Helen in the jury house. Her strategy is extremely short sighted. Her tribute to Helen only has a seven day shelf life.

  31. Comments (17)

    You’re assuming that she wants to remain in the house. She may want this one time to show others that she isn’t just a floater which her sister hates. Also depending on how things work out she may have others that may bail her out if she is put on the block next week. Also she may not if one of her “friends” wins HOH. Will be harder if McCrae stays and he has Andy, Judd is a ?? Spencer may or may not go that route but he also may see the handwriting on the wall against McCrae. These last 2 might swing over to GM and Aaryn.

  32. Comments (651)

    Watching BBAD and this is the first time I’ve seen Andy just sitting down eating and not running around the house with his drink weaseling his way into conversations to Rat Dog run back to Demanda. He knows Elissa is watching him.

  33. Comments (86)

    If Amanda wins pov she is going to tell Elissa “NOBODY GETS BETWEEN ME AND MY MAN” I would put money on that bet.

  34. Comments (407)

    Just read on jokers that Amanda tells McCrae “I knew one of the guys throwing the balls yesterday.” Then of course it switched to fish. She told him a minute later “By the way McCrae, I forgot to tell you I knew someone behind the wall yesterday.” Then she was told not to talk about production. Kind of makes you wonder if some of the rumors might have a little truth to them.

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