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Big Brother 15 – The Hangover

July 21, 2013 | 44 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


It’s the morning after The Amanda Show where she got a bit tipsy and tried to give McCrae a good time for his birthday.  You know what this means, people in the house pretending they’re offended so they have an excuse to vote her off as soon as they can.


If you missed the craziness, flashback to around midnight last night and watch Spencer/Howard hold down McCrae while Amanda came in wearing a bathing suit and gave him 24 spankings.  It was pretty funny to watch, and everyone (minus Elissa, and those punished) was having a good time with it.  Before you wonder, during the veto competition, Judd was forced to stay in solitary confinement overnight, while Helen was put on a strict 8pm curfew where she had to go to bed. (not sure how long that will last).

Update/spoilers for CBS viewers:  You’re reading this because you just watched the Sunday night episode of Big Brother and want spoilers.  Here is the summary:  Judd on HoH, nominated Kaitlin/Aaryn.  Elissa was the MVP nominee, but she won veto.  During the veto competition, it was a reward/punishment comp.  Judd got solitary confinement for a day, Helen got an 8pm curfew for 2 days, McCrae won $5k.

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Anyway, Helen, Jessie and Spencer were in the hammock today chatting about last night, and since Helen is older and mature, obviously she’s not so into the wild antics of Amanda.  I don’t blame her, she appears to have grown up with a different crowd of people and that’s understandable.  She’s in a house full of 20somethings and also understands things like that will happen.

The funny part was watching Spencer act like Amanda’s behavior is awful, her ‘cussing’ is too much and her parents are probably embarrassed watching the feeds. Yes, the same Spencer who swears every other word and has said some really raunchy things is suddenly offended by the way Amanda acts.

Jessie, well she actually surprises me more and more each day (in a good way).  While the others were saying Amanda is killing any chance of a career, blah blah, Jessie used a little common sense and realized there are jobs out there for outspoken funny girls (she even used Chelsea Handler as an example).  Then she went on to say how Spencer should watch out in the future because holding someone down while they were spanked could have resulted in punishment had McCrae been bothered by it.

Whenever she talks, she sounds like she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on around her, but the actual words she uses are sometimes surprising.  She’s grown up quite a bit in the past month, and has a chance to go pretty deep into the game as long as she continues on this path.

Anyway, it’s a boring Sunday so I’ll be updating this thread with stuff happening in the house.  Check back here and there for updates…

12:30pm – Candice going through the night, and actually said that Amanda’s act wasn’t at all distasteful.  Then took the time to talk about Aaryn and how her real behavior came out last night.  Aaryn did do a bunch of the “I told you so” talk, but that’s about it.

12:45pm – Andy has joined the girls to chat, and despite Candice saying Amanda, she then goes on to say how Aaryn needs to leave the house.   Aaryn has been a horrible person, but it is an absolute rookie mistake to send her home.

12:57pm – Elissa pulls Helen aside to talk about the MVP.  She is pretty certain that Howard won MVP this week.  It’s pretty funny how obsessed Elissa is with the MVP this week.  It must be a huge shot to her ego not being picked, even though she likely would have been picked had they not changed the twist.

1:09pm – It’s time for another Amanda bash session, this time between Candice and Elissa.   I think I liked Elissa more when she was never on the feeds.

1:35pm – Andy may have finally figured out the MVP twist.  He thinks America voted for like Jeremy, Aaryn and such, but since they are nominated or gone, Elissa was 4th.


Helen leaves and Elissa leaves to join Amanda and McCrae.   Elissa quickly addresses the elephant in the room about Amanda’s feelings last night.  Amanda admits she was drunk and probably defended herself because of that.   She tried to hide herself in the bathroom, but when the girls found out how upset Amanda was, they did take the opportunity to bash Elissa.  This part is true.

Elissa continues to try and get info from Amanda, and she is succeeding.  Amanda spills basically everything that happened in the bathroom last night including Aaryn repeating “I’m glad it wasn’t just me” (who Elissa treated poorly)


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