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Big Brother 15 – King Judd Has Some Tough Decisions Ahead


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The Goof Troop took control of the HoH this week, although if it were up to Judd, that wouldn’t have happened.  He tried to throw the final tiebreaking question, but apparently McCrae and Kaitlin were worse guessers than he is.  He seemed ok with it until Julie dropped the ‘expect the unexpected’ line before signing off, and this resulted in a lot of panic and speculation throughout the night.  They know a twist is coming, they just don’t know what… yet


Who will be walking out that door on Thursday night is a tricky question, as is who will even be nominated.  There was a lot of discussion on that last night with Judd, Amanda and crew, but so far they have not really reached a conclusive first two.  Right now it seems like two of the three mean girls, but Judd has promised Aaryn he wouldn’t put her up, which will make him a liar if he does. The overall goal still seems to get Howard out this week, so the plan is to do a backdoor attempt while thinking they still have full control over the MVP.  Little do they realize, the twist is that America is now just voting for the 3rd nominee instead of an MVP.

I’ve been trying to figure out why they changed it, and it came down to 4 reasons (with my % of being accurate)

1. They had this planned all along – 20%
2. They forgot to prevent back to back MVP winners, and didn’t want Elissa to keep winning – 50%
3. They are going to keep letting us vote for Aaryn as the 3rd nominee until she’s out – 20%
4. This has the chance for some extreme drama when the mvp nom is someone random (because Aaryn may already be up), which creates a lot of drama in the house – 10%

I know a lot of people are going to pick #3, but I just don’t see it.  Aaryn is very hated in the house, was recently nominated and the game is still super early.  I have no doubt it would be a PR nightmare if she actually won the game, but I don’t see that happening at all.  I’d be willing to bet BB also sees it, so keeping her around a few more weeks for ratings isn’t a bad idea.  My best guess is they just didn’t think about Elissa locking it down every week, especially considering she’s done next to nothing in the house.

Anyway, my fan broke last night, it’s 100 degrees here, and thanks to your donations over the past few days, I can run out and get a new one!  You guys are life savers, as it was a miserable sleep last night.  Also, havenot competition is going on, which made me think of this poll….

3:00pm – Judd is making the rounds with the mean girls because he’s still struggling on his decision on nominations.  The MVP twist has him confused, he is at the point where he wants to put up Aaryn so he has control over that nomination.  This means the MVP will be powerless to deal with Aaryn, and he (Judd) can try to get his new buddy off the block if he wins PoV.

Note, confirmed two have-nots so far.  Spencer and Andy.  Rumors of a few others.  Will put up top when I confirm other 2

3:30pm – Judd to the DR, nominations are likely soon.  Right now it seems Aaryn and Kaitlin will be on the block, but that can change over a tear or two by Helen

5:17pm – Trivia for the nomination ceremony.   When they called Judd into the DR about an  hour ago, I thought nominations were going to be soon, I guess I was wrong.  Oh well, when feeds come back up, I will let you know who is nominated!

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  1. Margaret Rogers
    Comments (1)

    Wouldn’t it be great if BB didn’t tell the houseguests that America was this weeks MVP, it would cause some very watchable drama with everyone wondering who put up the third person!

    • Comments (48)

      It’s worth a reality check for Aaryn to see how America sees her. Because of this, when it is all said and done, I think Aaryn needs to know that America decided this week. Since Aaryn’s into the blame shifting game big time, she’ll probably blame it on editing! Jus’

      • Comments (14)

        Didn’t Julie say that the person with the second largest votes would be put up if America’s first choice was already on the “block”? I wonder if they will tell the person that they were second choice by the MVP because first choice was already nominated?

  2. Comments (453)

    Great Job! Like the H/N in header, and why is Jeremy’s picture not grey?

  3. Comments (1)

    It is really hard to enjoy this season’s Big Brother with so many bigoted comments made by many people. Amanda included. BB15 Bigotry Supercut

  4. Comments (22)

    it doesn’t take a cynic to understand that cbs would like to have their cake and eat it too. disclaimers and julie’s indignation over here; blockbuster ratings over here.

    all great dramas have great villains, and girl is villain-icious. further, she’s not much of a threat to go terribly deep into the game. i think it’s a fair point that kaitlin has a better set of tools and represents a greater danger to the other players.

    personally, i’d just like to see evil barbie’s face when she hears that america has put her up. in fact i’m psyched for it.

    • Comments (231)

      I agree Vicki. It would be priceless! The next three slugs to go should be Spenser, Gm and Kaitlin because of their horrible behavior. I love that America gets to pick a nominee and it makes me feel somewhat a part of the house. I don’t see Judd putting up Aaryan bc they all assume Elissa will get MVP and put up Aa. The eviction votes should be interesting. Amanda wants Judd to put up Elissa, so Judd told E and said that he won’t and gave E a hug. So much for alliances this season!!!

  5. Comments (25)

    Ok I think it will go down like this. I think Judd is putting Aaryn and Kaitlin up. He just told GM she won’t go up. I think they are going to try and convince Elissa to do it although she is not MVP. CBS wants good ratings. Amanda is going up. Talk all you want about how great her game is, I have been looking at people’s opinions of her and she is really not that well liked. This will create a huge rift because she will be convinced it is Elissa. With her trying to bully Elissa into putting Howard up and Elissa essentially giving her the finger, this would create insanity in the house.

    • Comments (768)

      After Amanda dished out that iconic smackdown to Kaitlen and Aaryn last week when they were picking on Jessie, I became one of her biggest fans. The thing that has put me off about her is her obsession to get Howard out when there are 3 other undesirable people who should go first. Sure they don’t pose a major threat, but I think people are just sick and tired of seeing them and want them gone. I have to wonder if Amanda’s ulterior motive in wanting Howard gone (and then Spencer) is because she wants to eliminate every guy in the house? Eliminating Aaryn, Kaitlen and Gina Marie would create more balance in the house.

    • Comments (71)

      bully Elissa into putting Howard up? Uh, that’s playing the game. Elissa is a nice gal and all – but it seems she has an unfair fan base established before BB started. – I don’t understand Elissa – nice girl – but kinda wishy washy. I don’t get her game and she confuses me with most of her comments – kinda stiff – and robotic – if she’s a good player – why say that Amanda is “bullying” her – a good player wouldn’t be bullied – with that said I like Elissa but I don’t think she’s playing a good game. Her sister was Great but Elissa is kinda hard to understand? Just saying. Go Amanda!

  6. Comments (48)

    Why is Judd so worried about pleasing Aaryn? Until this past week it was as though she wasn’t aware that he was in the house. She never had anything to do with him before. Now all of a sudden she is his best buddy and he has the power (HOH).
    I would like to see Aaryn go this week, then GM and then Kaitlin. However, out of the three, Kaitlin seems to have game. She could make things interesting.

  7. Comments (83)

    I think Judd should put up Aaryn and Kaitlin, and let America put up psycho GinaMarie, atleast one mean bitch would go home

  8. Comments (111)

    I don’t understand why a lot of people dislike Amanda. At this point she is my favorite. Amanda is in a really good spot and is playing the game. I love how when Amanda asked Judd why he wanted a girl home and he said “there would be 8 girls and 4 guys”, she responded with “So what?”. #TEAMAMANDA

    • Comments (71)

      Yeah Amanda!!! She’s playing a Great Game! She doesn’t have the pre-game advantage that Elissa has. I understand and relate to Amanda a lot better than Elissa. Elissa seems stiff, plastic, robot-like and scripted with her game. I think Amanda tells it like it is and is REAL! Elissa’s sister was a Great Player but I feel that Elissa isn’t doing as well as Rachel. Elissa seems like a nice person and all but I don’t understand her game and why she’s on BB? Go Amanda!

  9. Anti-ignorance Fan
    Comments (16)

    I think Amanda is a great player. I also think Judd is an idiot if he really falls for Aaryn’s b.s.!

  10. Comments (6)

    what is really odd is Judd’s protection of GM. He all but made sure she wasn’t a target today. Aaryn is bad but GM is equally bad IMO. GM was the one that made the N*word insurance comment and her mocking of black ppl “Do you want my black to come out” last Thursday so I am shocked that she is getting a free pass by a lot of viewers and media.

    GM should suffer the same fate in the media as Aaryn. Which once faces it first, I could care less as long as it is soon.

  11. Comments (74)

    I don’t really have a favorite this year but I still think it’s an interesting season. I think Aaryn should have been evicted not only to see the audience reaction but I think Jeremy could have made a more entertaining houseguest because he’s a douche and it was FUNNY watching him kiss ass toward the end. The pseudo love affair between Kaitlin and Jeremy was giving me a headache but I think over time maybe they would have turn on each other lol. Is it me or is these Houseguest desperate for companionship or has every year been this way? It’s like now everyone wants to be a Jordon and Jeff or LOL Rachel and Brendon LOL It’s a little disappointing that no one gets Elissa’s sarcasm. She’s actually really funny and awkward.

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