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Big Brother 15 – Live Double Eviction Thread

bb15-ginamarie-hohroom (1)The summer of ‘the fix’ is about to come to an end tonight in the Big Brother house.  Early in the season, some anonymous person on facebook posted a status that they had first hand info that Amanda is friends with the producer of Big Brother, and the entire summer was rigged in her favor to win.

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Yes, all those competitions she didn’t win, the MVP twist that put her on the block like three times, and all the edits that showed her in a completely awful light.  It was very clear she had so much pull in the Big Brother house that the other houseguests should have just forfeited the game.  I don’t mean to sound sarcastic, but it was almost hilarious how many conspiracy theories were out there this year.   Note for next summer, just read this blog and ignore any links in the comment section.

If something crazy happens where production steps in and they give Amanda a special veto power tonight, ignore everything I just said.

With 10 minutes to go, let me say real quick..

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Live Updates….

6:00pm – And we’re off!

6:05pm – Time to go through the highlights from the last few days.  I wonder if they’ll be able to squeeze in the fight from last night.

6:10pm – I’d love to see Spencer go home simply because people volunteering to go on the block should go home.  Pawns are usually the first killed off.. unless they’re the pawns that just kind of sit around all game with almost no purpose.

Anyway, Julie announces this is the 500th episode, and announces the double eviction (which they already knew).  I like how Julie tried to sound sneaky but the house pretty much expected it all week long.

Quick votes:

Judd – Amanda
McCrae – Spencer
Elissa – Spencer
Andy – Amanda

It’s a tie…  GinaMarie will be the tiebreaker…

GinaMarie wearing Nick’s hat (crazy), tells Amanda to ‘get to steppin’ and evicts Amanda from the house.

Andy tries to play it off like he voted for Amanda, trying to pretend shocked.  Amanda saw right through it and said ‘I thought I could trust you’ and he said ‘Amanda, you can!’  (She can’t)

6:20pm – During the exit messages, Andy does admit that he voted her out and admits his alliance.  He said he didn’t come this far to finish 3rd.  Considering the entire jury is friendly with Andy, I have a feeling he’s going to finish 3rd regardless (unless he wins his way into the final 2).  There is no chance anyone in that house is going to voluntarily take Andy to the final 2 unless they want to lose.

6:25pm – Like expected, the HoH competition is one where they run to a pit, search for 2 dog bones.. .let’s hope someone doesn’t throw the bone out of the pit (Jeff).

McCrae wins HoH!

6:30pm – Nominations begin….

GinaMarie and Elissa have been nominated.  (good job, dummy.  Elissa was on your side)

6:40pm – PoV time… Everyone is playing

It’s the maze one where player has to move a toy car through the maze.. another recycled comp

The winner of the PoV – JUDD

6:50pm – Veto results:  Judd doesn’t use the veto.

Eviction Results:

Andy – Elissa
Spencer – Elissa
Judd – Elissa

Elissa has been evicted 3-0

6:55pm – Elissa talking to Julie tells her she thinks McCrae flipped on Amanda.  Julie looked at her like she was crazy.  Apparently Andy is a good actor and will probably win the game

6:58pm – Eviction episode Wednesday and Thursday this week.  HoH competition will be played later.

What we learned tonight:

– Elissa is dumb (seriously, McCrae voted out Amanda?)
– McCrae is dumb (he can’t see Andy’s shadiness)
– Andy is a good actor (he’s going to win BB15 if he can get to F2)

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  1. Comments (3)

    “If something crazy happens where production steps in and they give Amanda a special veto power tonight, ignore everything I just said.” = hilarious.

    Thanks for always taking the time to keep us up to date. I love reading your posts.

    • Comments (28)

      Thank God Elissa is gone – now maybe this site can get back to talking game.
      It had turned into a social “let’s all worship at the alter of Elissa blog.”
      And going after those who dared disagree…
      Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (2826)

        This is what happens when you sell your soul, or barter your wedding ring, to the Devil.

      • Comments (28)

        Amen to that!

      • Comments (2)

        Elissa would have gone anyway, even if she hadn’t flipped. They were all against her.

      • Comments (26)

        I think the same thing, she had more TO lose if she didn’t go along with Amanda and McCrae. She wasn’t part of any alliance. If Andy voted to keep Amanda, Elissa would have been safe, if McCrae wasn’t fooled by Andy saying “you can trust me” to Amanda when she left, Elissa would have been safe. But, this is how the game goes, trust no one, everyone lies, and that’s how you get ahead.

      • Comments (226)

        Or (directed to the producers): try and manipulate the game so who wecwantbto stay in stays in.

      • Comments (226)

        Oops, mean who we want to stay in!

  2. Comments (30)

    FINALLY !!!!! it’s heeeeere!!!!! waited all week for this right chere… lol buh bye AMANDA !!!! (or so i hope)

    • Comments (682)

      I’m looking forward to Julie’s interview with Amanda. Please don’t let me down BB!

      • Comments (46)

        Julie’s interview was so weak! It was so anticlimatic! Let’s hope the duke it out is on for
        the second eviction!

      • Comments (682)

        Maybe Amanda does have friends in production. At least she’s gone and now she has to wait a week to see her boyfriend.

      • Comments (12)

        Wow. CBS/Julie REALLY let us down! Why was she so nice to Amanda and so mean to Aaryn??? To quote Amanda…”It doesn’t make sense”! Amanda obviously WAS favored by CBS…I hope Aaryn’s mom sues CBS for being so obviously biased!

      • Comments (28)

        You are absolutely right!! Why didn’t Julie read back a few of Amanda’s quotes to her…especially the ones about raping and killing fellow HG’s.
        Something smells rotten here…

      • Comments (453)

        Maybe for the fear that she would flip and attack Julie

  3. Comments (7)

    There might not be any fix, but it sure looks like production tries their hardest to manipulate the outcome. Not sure I want to watch a show like that. Will have to think real hard next year about following this.

  4. Comments (7)

    Yes, thats correct! Ive learned just to read this blog and not listen to conspiracy theorists and odd ball rumors. Its funny how often this blog really does get it right…and also shows a nice humorous touch to everything too

  5. Comments (13)

    Please tell me why Elissa voted to keep Amanda

  6. Comments (79)


    • Comments (74)

      McCrae too…. He’s next. Unless, of course, the boys decide to get together against ‘the Queen’.

      • Comments (23)

        Just read on another site that the four boys were talking about sticking together to final four. GM is doomed next week unless she wins HOH. Did she really think they’d keep a girl??? No sense…

      • Comments (12)

        The dumbest, ugliest and craziest of the 8 girls is the only one left…unbelievable! The 4 ugliest of the guys, too…shame.

  7. Comments (13)

    Elissa what were you thinking making a deal with them. Dumb move

    • Comments (16)

      But it wasn’t a dumb move. The 4 exterminators would NEVER have kept Elissa over each other. She was the odd one out. On Elissa’s part having a bigger target in the house to survive the next week is ALWAYS the smarter move. (Basically why Aaryn was in the house so long.. Amanda took her under her wing)

      Its bb 101. Elissa made a great game decision, just sucks that Andy didn’t pull through.

      Note: When someone is on the block and in distress for votes (and especially an arch enemy) then yeah, Amanda would have kept her promise..

      Looks like Mcc just won the HOH.. I wonder who he will put up??

  8. Comments (10)

    Amanda is gone. Next up Mcgross and Rat Boy

  9. Comments (46)


  10. Comments (110)

    She gone she gone happy days are here again now they need to get rid of McCrea or Rat Dog.

  11. Comments (41)

    Seriously… Julie’s interview with Amanda stunk it up! She totally annihilated Aaryn and she doesn’t bring up any of Amanda’s comments… talk about biased!!!

    • Comments (10)

      I agree! I was like where are the quotes from Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior! Unbelieveable. But I don’t agree with the game rigged for her. I mean she did leave tonight. But is it only me where I think Amanda said much worse things than Aaryn

  12. Comments (1)

    Ok why the heck did Elissa vote for Spencer?!

  13. Comments (23)

    I can’t believe that until he admitted it, Amanda still didn’t see through Andy the rat. Guess she’s not that smart after all. Bye! Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

  14. Comments (682)

    Happy to see Amanda interviewed but not happy with how tame Julie was. Oh well.

  15. Comments (9)

    I’m just going to say that Elissa probably knew Amanda didn’t have the numbers to stay and she knew that, so by her taped goodbye and her saying, she probably secured another vote for her in the event she makes F2. Just saying

    • Comments (10)

      Seems possible… But I don’t know if Elissa’s that smart.

      Lol, I’m still a die hard Elissa fan!

      • Comments (46)

        I was rooting for Elissa too! But after what Mcstoopid did, she’s history. Who knows–– that might have been the last pimp slap left secretly behind by Amanda. Mcstoopid better win everything in his path from now on, or he will be joining Anaconda in the jury house next week.

    • Comments (1)

      She made a deal with Amanda, and gave her wedding ring as collateral. That’s why she voted Spencer.

      • Comments (28)

        And when you make a deal w/the devil you pay the consequences!!!
        BYE, BYE ELISSA!!!
        Best night on BB this season 😀
        TEAM ANDY!!!

      • Comments (28)

        Give me all the thumbs downs you want..
        I’m still laughing because she’s gone.
        Yeeee Hawwww!!

      • Comments (90)

        Oh crap, did it again!…..Sorry Steve, nothing to report…….just bad eyesight and fat sausages for fingers. (Yeah, I’m a real beauty… Please dear Beans, please have that “report comment” button moved further to the right. Thank you and hope all is working out well with your family.

      • Comments (4)

        I didn’t give you thumbs up or down. I’m glad she’s gone too but Team Andy. Ewwwwwww 🙂

      • Comments (1162)

        No Surprise, you’re a Fan of Rat Andy.
        No doubt, you cheer him on every time he lies, curses
        and says one of his favorite words, C**t.


  16. Comments (5)

    I bet McC was the only one who had the bones. Elissa probably only had one, Judd had one so it didn’t seem fixed, then neither Andy or spencer even had one there to find.

  17. Comments (7)

    I don’t live with hate in my heart but I really dislike Julie Chen soooo much right now. She totally gave Amanda a pass on her ugly behavior. This just proves that Aaryn is going to be the sole scape goat for all the trash talking in the house. I am sooo sickened by Julie Chen. I will forever dislike her!!!!!!!!!! Julie is just as bad as Amanda, Ginamarie, Spensor & Aaryn. In that order~

    • Comments (1)

      I’m done. I can’t believe I have spent this much time following this show via all of the websites and the live feeds. I also can’t believe they had that many racists in the house at one time. Unbelievable CBS.

    • Comments (207)

      Janet C. No one is as bad as Aaryn and GM because of their racist mouths! Now Amanda is bad but she comes in third compared to them two. I dont like Amanda at all but the things Aaryn and GM discussed me with the things they said. I dont care how sheltered they are theres no excuse for that racist crap.They kndw they were on tv too. So i will never say Amanda was worse than them two because she didnt come close!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (3)

        Amanda KNEW racist statements when she heard them, not sure the other two really understood what they were saying was racist. Amanda had no competition in bullying dept. Amanda #1 BULLY.

      • Comments (6)

        Seriously!!! The other 2 didn’t understand what they were saying!!! Give me a break. GM the girl with the worst lonnng Island accent and god for Saken slang comments she came up with knew exactly what they were saying. And when GM started bashing Elissa kid she def knew what she was saying. When you bring an innocent kid into it that’s crossing a line in my book. Her mother brought her up wrong and that says a lot. I hope her mother is ashamed of her daughter and how she is playing this game. I know I would be. Yea Amanda had her times but nothing like that.

  18. Comments (36)

    I think it would have been way 2 obvious if production intevened at this point. I also think Julie was way to easy with Amanda on her exit interview. WTH Julie Chen ???!!!

  19. Comments (10)

    Elissa voted to save your disgusting girlfriend! Andy is the real rat! Oh come on McRea

  20. weneedabigmovebycbs
    Comments (21)

    McCrae is dumb azz

  21. Comments (23)

    Really McCrae?!?!?

  22. Comments (682)

    It looks like Amanda and Elissa can exchange their jewelry back tonight! lol

  23. Comments (2)

    Go Elissa get that veto and then Andy can go on the block.

  24. Comments (6)

    Mcrea is such a dumb A$$, putting Elissa up on the block after she voted to save Amanda and this is how he repays her. I hope she gets herself off and then gets HOH next time and puts his a$$ up!!! What a jerk!!!!

  25. Comments (195)

    I am surprised nobody is talking about how Amanda just got a pass from Julie when Aaryn got racked over the coals. Both of these women are disgusting and Julie should of read some of the horrifying statements Amanda has made. This is very upsetting.

    Also, when Elissa was HOH I posted that they should vote out Andy as I had a funny feeling the boys will form an alliance and sure enough McCrae wins and both girls are on the block.

    • Comments (207)

      I will be more surprised ifvGM gets a pass from Julie.

      • Comments (1)

        I’m sure she will get a pass. BB has never aired GM’s offensive remarks so I really don’t see Julie bringing it up.

      • Comments (7)

        ZERO respect for Julie. In my book, she’s no better than Amanda, Ginamarie, Spensor & Aaryn. I can’t believe I wasted my summer free time on this crap. I’ll never watch BB again. FOR REAL!

  26. Comments (124)

    These people are clueless…

  27. weneedabigmovebycbs
    Comments (21)

    go Elissa in POV

  28. Comments (378)

    Wooohoooooo McCrea!!!! Kick that bitch Elissa da f××k out on her plastic azz 😀 lol

  29. Comments (46)

    GO JUDD!!!!!!!!

    Win the pov

  30. weneedabigmovebycbs
    Comments (21)

    good bye Elissa

  31. Comments (13)

    I honestly don’t feel bad for Elissa she made the deal with Amanda and Mcrae and Mcrae would think that Elissa lied because he thinks Andy is on their side but he is not. So it’s kind of Elissa’s fault that she is on the block

    • Comments (207)

      Jordan it was not Elissas fault she was on the block. THINK! She made a deal with Amanda to stay safe longer! It did not work out because one-Andy could not be trusted again! Two-McCraes stupid butt didnt realize Andy stabbed them in the back and went hiding behind everyone. If McCrae would have pulled his head out of Amandas butt long enough he might have seen the signs that Andy was hanging with the other floaters!

      • Comments (224)

        Even if he did see it, there wouldn’t have been anything they could do about it. His only option to save himself for 1 more week is to say, “Hey I got rid of Elissa and didn’t come after you guys. How bout that all guys alliance we’ve been talking about?”

  32. Comments (5)

    C U Elissa.

  33. Comments (682)

    So we should see Elissa leave now (I hope) and McCrae cannot play for HOH. I

  34. Comments (12)

    And now we are down to the morons of the house. I can finally get some sleep now. No need to watch what happens next. Bye Elissa. 🙁

    • Comments (226)

      No kidding. CBS must be besides themselves. Stupid guys alliance!

    • Comments (195)

      I feel exactly the same. I will watch finale night but I just can not stomach one more night of listening to these people bash Elissa and then of course GM has to bring Candice up. But the Elissa personal bashing and constantly calling her the C word is just too much. There are just a bunch of 5yr olds in the house now which to me is not entertainment and GM if you do not win HOH you are next to go. And I am so sad that Judd has turned into what he has. I was so hoping he was with Elissa and just going along with the other guys…but nope he is just as bad with the trash talking and the free flying C word. Sad sad sad.

      • Comments (207)

        I agree with you Sambella. Judd and Elissa were my picks from the beginning. Well i liked Helen alot. Judd is making me dislike him. He is a follower and not sticking up for himself. If i was in the house with GM knowing the racial comments shes made….i would have took the first opportunity to get her out.I would have grab Elissa and Mcrae and threatened Andy and the rest would be history! But history shows if you give Judd a title like exterminators, then he does what you want. Lol

    • Comments (302)

      TeamGetAmandaOut – I’m begging you to change your name to TeamGetAndyOut – Your JuJu is my only hope.
      Welcome to Andy & the 4 idiots. I now look forward to McCrae getting bounced for being such a bonehead and putting up Elissa … Now he has no one to play for HOH so goodbye dumbass. Andy is obviously smarter than the rest of the house combined. They freakin’ buy everything he says hook, line & sinker. Enjoy getting picked off pinheads. I concur with TeamGetAmandaOut – I just don’t care to watch the rest of this sorry bunch compete. Andy is probably the only one worthy of winning but I can’t stand that back stabbing rat bastard. I can’t believe I’ve invested this much time in this pitiful cast.

      • Comments (12)

        NoRatsAllowed…I will! Sad ass day for BB. We definitely won’t forget the 500th episode. This episode should be crowned “Grand Floaters and Fools Can Win BB!”

      • Comments (302)

        Ain’t that the truth!

    • Comments (90)

      Yeah, the Duhhh-Squad.

  35. Comments (55)

    I am DONE with BB15. Don’t care who wins they all suck

  36. Comments (8)

    A dont wanna see a lot of fucking floters in final four IM DONE WITH THIS SHOW if Ellisa leave the house NO ONE DESERVES TO WIN NO ONE

  37. Comments (36)

    Bye Elissa

  38. Comments (30)

    I’m depressed. Judd is an a…… I hope all the MICE get burned by the RAT . Obvious goal…no women allowed!

  39. Comments (14)

    Andy shoulda been the replacement nom….Rats!!!

  40. Comments (16)

    Wow.. And I officially have no reason to watch anymore :/

    Never have I ever seen a house full of floaters -____-

  41. Comments (13)

    Well looks like I’m going for Judd

  42. Comments (88)

    Well I’m done see you all next year

  43. Comments (5)

    Wish Moonves would evict his wife as host.

  44. Comments (55)

    Thank God I’ll get my sleep now….no more BBAD

  45. Comments (226)

    Why didn’t Elissa out Andy just now!!!!!!!!!

  46. Comments (682)

    It was a very productive day in the BB house!

  47. Comments (2)


    I’m officially done for the season. NOT ONE of these vile individuals deserves to win.

  48. Comments (10)

    Is there even a point to watch this show now? Jessie and Elissa are gone… I don’t want ANY of these pople (except Judd possibly) to win the money. Lets look at these poeple carefully.

    Why he doesnt deserve the $: He made some pretty nasty comments. And, he was investigated by the police

    why shouldn’t win the $:

    He’s a RAT

    She’s a racist!


    We never got to see him develop because he was so attached to Amanda. Now he’ll be gone by next week.


    I liked him then he got associated with the Exterminators(probably a good move just can’t stand the alliance members) Then the stuff with Jessie, :/ oh whatever.

  49. weneedabigmovebycbs
    Comments (21)

    I am done, Now I can watch series finale of Burn Notice next Thursday @ 9 pm

  50. Comments (6)

    Man when Mccrae won HOH I was really looking forward to him and Elissa vs the exterminators until the end.

    • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (195)

        Agree. Thought for sure he would of put up Andy especially after Amanda said to him after she left…thought I could trust you. None of these people have a brain in their head. Even if someone told them right to their face they would go the other way!

      • Comments (16)

        Yes! What were Elissa/McC thinking?!

        When Amanda said to Andy, “I thought I could trust you”.. I thought for sure Andy was outted.. Then McC wins and puts up Elissa (what?).. Then I thought why didn’t Elissa go to McC and explain herself? That she kept her promise. Well the interview w Julie explains it all.. She thought McC flipped.. Mess!!

        In the end.. We have to give Andy his props. He is a great Actor/liar and played his type of game. The jury favors him, and he just might have it. We can’t get mad at him for his sneaking tactics, because its a game!! He’s not my favorite, but it looks like he has this.. Especially with the lack of brain power in the house -____-

    • Comments (302)

      Exactly safehavens. It would have continued to be interesting because if McCrae would have been smart and put Andy & Judd up … I think Elissa would have had a decent shot at the next HOH and maybe the could have swung one of the remaining pinheads to their side. Now we’ll have another boring week unanimous vote out of McCrae. Andy the rat will run around the house trying to make sure none of the rest of them get together to talk strategy as he uses his Jedi Rat Mind tricks to convince the Exterm-idiots that he’s the best partner to take to the finals.

  51. Comments (43)

    When will they do the next HoH comp??

    • Comments (110)

      Sunday Night when they will play for HOH.

      • Comments (43)

        Thanks Sharon, but I am assuming they will play the HoH before the show Sunday. I just wasn’t sure how soon they would play it since they did a lot tonight.. Usually, it is played before Sunday so they get everything tonight for Sunday’s show!! Thank You though 🙂

  52. Comments (5)

    God help us if these Gen Y fools represent the future of this Country.

    • Comments (12)

      I know. Pretty darn sad.

      I was on Team Judd when he came back. But he turned into a rat as well when he started hanging with Andy and Spencer again. If GM had not revealed her racist true color and befriended the witch from Texas (ie. Aaryn), she would probably be my pick due to the Amanda eviction. It was fun seeing her get at Amanda though.

      Now that Amanda knows Andy voted against her, I am sure she is going to hammer the rest of the jury to not vote for him. Helen figured him out too. He did Aaryn no favors when she was on the block; thus, breaking up 3AM. So, if Judd can make it F2 with Andy, he will be win BB15.

      If Rat Andy wins, that would be a darn shame.

  53. Comments (2)

    I think we all need to applaud McCrae here for making this dumb move. How the hell do you believe Andy of all people?

    • Comments (16)

      We all also have to remember that we see everything. The house guests don’t. When one’s back is against the wall they see, think and hear what they want. McC undeniably trusts Andy and couldn’t see past that.

  54. Comments (8)

    Worst season EVER EVER EVER

  55. Comments (2)

    If Andy or spencer win bb I will stop watching this show. Those two floaters can suck it

  56. Comments (9)

    well my season just ended. nothing but jugheads left

  57. Comments (74)

    That’s it! I don’t care who wins anymore.

  58. weneedabigmovebycbs
    Comments (21)

    broncos/ravens is on now, at least that is real

  59. Comments (453)

    Looks like the secret alliance has been revealed, can you just imagine how bad the house is going to look and stink? Who wants to call the health department??

  60. Comments (124)

    Sadly this is my last BB episode. I’m DONE

  61. Comments (17)

    Hate Andy…if he wins we riot!

  62. Comments (36)

    Cause she still doesn’t get it !! She really thinks McCRAE voted 2 evict Amanda, WOW !! I guess her light never turns on. Yikes !!

  63. Comments (87)

    that double eviction was tough- no one gets a chance to sort things out.. McCrea thought Elissa did not vote for Spencer I think.. its obvious. Judd is a total dudd.. the whole remaining house is.. no one to root for at this point….McCrea is next to go..he blew that hoh

  64. Comments (46)

    Y are people calling the remaining players floaters?????

    They all had their shares of wins………
    They all had a good social game

    Spencer is weak and all but he played safe and befriended who he needed

    Floater is a person who sticks by a strong player and gets carried

    • Comments (55)

      And that’s exactly what that dirt bag did

      • Comments (378)

        Oops didnt mean REPORT ….anywho…

        U ppl are so blind….as a hetero older male from the industrial side (the providers), Spencer had the odds stacked against him. As most of the house consist of ppl from the fringe of our culture (the shiftless moochers of our society) he did the best he could with what he had to deal with….he won a trip cuz he was safe n didnt need veto. And already made some good money that Most of would bitch about cuz thats what lil helpless babies do. Lmao so in finishing…youre all S T U P I D and Spencers still in the running HA!!


        😀 lmfao at you

      • Comments (4)

        I don’t want Spencer to win and I don’t believe we are all stupid but I do agree with you that he worked with the hand he was dealt. He is likely the only person in the house with a normal get your hands dirty kind of job. Except maybe Judd. Not sure what he does for a living. Spencer has said some gross inappropriate things for sure. They all have I think. Even if they didn’t personally say it, they were in the room laughing at the comments. (McRae and Andy) Who cares who wins. This season was so boring it became almost white noise.

    • Comments (207)

      A2dg the rest are floaters! They all stood by strong players. They never moved a chest piece on their own. Unless they got lucky enough to win a hoh and finally decided to do something at the end.

  65. Comments (7)


    • Comments (401)

      My video went out (stupid Comcast.). What did Julie do?

      • Comments (293)

        Julie gave Amanda a pass. She briefly mentioned how Amanda was mean to Elissa and she said a few things about Amanda being a bully. Julie asked Amanda if she was a bully outside the house and asked about her showmance with McCrae. The interview was nothing like the interrogation Julie gave Aaryn.

      • Comments (378)

        Glad you’re waking up to the hypocrisy of the left 🙂

      • Comments (7)

        Totally gave Amanda a pass on her ugly behavior. I guess Julie just wants Aaryn to take all the heat for all the crap in the house. Aaryn was wrong and got called out on her behavior. Julie never brought up anything with Amanda except she bullied a little. . .

    • Comments (35)

      I was waiting for her to bust out the list of famous Amanda quotes.. Still waiting!

  66. Comments (12)

    So now Andy has the best game in this house…what has this season come to?

  67. Comments (79)

    Elissa is so stupid! Hahahaha

    • Comments (79)

      Oh, and Julie Chen sucks. She shouldn’t even be a janitor at CBS let alone a host.

      • Comments (378)

        Ya right on!! Elissa is retarded….and, haters, look up tje definition if ya disagree lol …and as far as the righteous leftwing hack Julie ….welll in da words of ICP …f**k her!!! Lmao GO GUYS GO!!!

      • Comments (2)

        Spend a lot of time by yourself “me”? I can just imagine you sitting in a basement with your phone…sad little person with no life that includes family or friends…grow a pair, and behave like a civilized human being. Sick of your weak, cheap, begging for attention foul mouth and lame insults.

        Steve, get this guy and his limp member off or at least tell him or her to cool his sorry excuse at “shock” comments…there are others who do it better and have more class.

      • Comments (32)

        Julie is Married to Les Moonvies, President CEO of CBS!

  68. Comments (29)

    I wished McCrae had put up Gina and Spencer (he went with the boys what a surprise) He will be gone next unless he wins veto. Once he is gone I done care who wins. Gina Marie you got lucky he did not put up one of your bug zappers. It will look good on you when they guys kick you to the curb…better win HOH’s and vetos.

  69. weneedabigmovebycbs
    Comments (21)

    McCrae next one out, Elissa as new HOH was his only chance, dumb azz

  70. Comments (9)

    I can’t believe that McCrae put his only surviving ally on the block. I honestly thought he was smarter than that. The rest of the cast is so detestable. I really wanted Andy to pay the piper.

    • Comments (875)

      He is the one who wanted the All Boy Alliance, but he will probably be the next one out the door, if he doesn’t win POV!

    • Comments (293)

      He doubted Andy when he and Elissa discussed the Elissa/Amanda alliance, but Amanda convinced him to trust Andy. However, when she was leaving the house, her telling Andy she thought she could trust him was a tip to McCrae that Andy couldn’t be trusted. But McCrae didn’t get catch on.

  71. Comments (41)

    Does anyone know how to cancel your live feeds? This is the first year through CBS and I can’t find the info anywhere to cancel. There is no point watching these disgusting morons for another 2 weeks IMO!!

    • Comments (401)

      I think you paid once for the entire season. Not sure you’ll get anything back if you cancel.

      • Comments (41)

        Thanks, I just wasn’t sure if I’d keep getting billed monthly because of some fine print 🙂 I don’t want my money back – wish I could get the endless hours I wasted watching this season hoping someone decent would make it to the end back!

      • Comments (35)

        I believe it’s $9.99 per month, but I haven’t looked in to how to cancel it yet.

      • Comments (11)

        Yes it is 9.99 per month.. Tell them you want a refund for September. They should comply.

  72. Comments (875)

    With Elissa gone, this is how I feel about the rest of the Big Brother 15 season, -_- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    • Comments (9)

      What was it about Elissa’s game play that you think so highly of? I’m just asking. I thought McCrae was brilliantly shielding himself with Amanda for the entire game. Not to mention, he got a lot of fringe benefits. I really don’t understand rooting for people on the flimsy basis of being related to someone who was a previous contestant…or the equally reprehensible basis that you think they share your “values (puke”) This is a game~not a wholesomeness contest.

      • Comments (28)

        Spot on Mercury!
        They are “fans” of Elissa and they were before they even saw he play the game.
        If they met her, or Rachel, in real life they would probably pee their pants like a 13 yr old at a Bieber concert.

      • Comments (378)

        Elissatardz are soooooooooo pathetic 😛 lol

  73. Comments (1)

    I agree worst season ever, now time to crown the altimate floater. ANDY.

  74. Comments (27)

    goodbye McStupid your next!

    • Comments (41)

      Come on people, remember McCrea didnt know about the exterminators. He didnt know they were not going to vote out Gm. He should have believed Amanda and not believed Andy. He should have put up Gm and Andy……then Judd and Spencer would have had to vote out one of there own.

  75. Comments (1)

    Noticed something *strange* during the Veto comp. tonight. Camera showed Judd looking over his shoulder… almost like he was getting directions from someone off camera, then SUDDENLY he pulls ahead and wins the veto. Did anyone-else notice that? Seems awfully fishy to me…

  76. Comments (1)

    I wanted Elisa to stay and McCray to go; McCray might win the whole game. Stupid Judd! Idiot!

    • Comments (401)

      How could Judd have fixed this? Even if he’d taken Elissa off, McCrae wasn’t going anywhere. He was HOH.

      • Comments (293)

        Correct! Judd had to save the Exterminators. He had an alliance with Elissa but she kept complaining about him cursing at her even though it was to keep the other house guests from knowing he and Elissa had an alliance. However, his primary loyalty was to the Exterminators.

  77. Comments (401)

    I love Big Brother! And I wonder how many of you who are “done” with the season will be back here commenting tomorrow.

    • Comments (12)

      If the fans on this site comment tomorrow, it won’t be about anything that happens on the live feeds tonight. It will be about the disgust with the season. BB15 has been like a bad ass hangover.

      If you think that anyone left in the house is going to be entertaining, then you deserve to pay for the live feeds and waste your money.

  78. Comments (111)

    McCrae is D U M B

  79. Comments (21)

    Done w big brother!! McRae next if he don’t win hoh and I really don’t care to see any of the rest gross mouth people win!!!

  80. weneedabigmovebycbs
    Comments (21)

    McCrae blew any chance of Amanda and him sharing 500k, she will bitch slap him when she sees how he played his HOH, Welcome to the jury house next week McCrae

  81. Comments (43)

    1. Why was Elissa so shiny? She was since the afternoon. Did she put on an exfoliating peel and forget to remove it?

    2. More importantly – she thought McCrae flipped? Seriously? She had suspected Andy being a rat all along so why would that be her first reaction? From watching the live feeds she comes off as somewhat smart. Tonight? Not so much…but I have no idea why she would lie about it or start being sneaky…hm….

  82. Comments (6)

    I cannot believe this! I watched every season and this one was pathetic and CBS is to blame. I cannot believe you put a disclaimer before each show airing but will allow racist remarks to still be aired. Regardless, CBS has some responsibility to this pathetic season. I am signing off and refuse to watch CBS support this behavior. WOW, why stoop so low for ratings. Thank you Julie Chen for that beautiful exit interview you gave Elissa. YOU ARE SO UNFAIR!!!

  83. Comments (8)

    Obvious now and always that Amanda had the brains….. McCrae soooooooo stupid….. Wish Judd would have flipped…. If Spencer ends up in Final 2, I’ll be soooo mad!!! McCrae next, then GM, then Spencer…. Andy and Judd final 2!!! Judd wins because McCranda won’t forgive Andy…. Dunbar move on Andy’s part to admit betrayal in exit tape… Just lost him 4 votes!!! McCranda and Helen and Elissa!!

  84. Comments (17)

    Andy admitted to Amanda that he voted against her. That was stupid on his part and I think it might cost him the game.

    • Comments (293)

      I agree. As I stated before, he should have let her think it was McCrae. If not, he should have admitted nothing. He may have given the jury yet another vote against him from a moral standpoint. Or they might vote for him for lying so convincingly.

  85. Comments (6)

    Awkward silence pricesless when Elissa told JC that McCrae backstabbed AMANDA. I bet those dishes will start to stack up now, Elissa and Helen were the only one’s I ever say doing them. Finally…I could not stand how SLOWWWWW Elissa spoke and a valley girl accent to boot.

    • Comments (43)

      I know – I always saw her as being so calculated, which would explain her affected voice. I wonder if she knew how she was coming off as fake 24/7. Which is smart if you’re playing a game, but if she’s like that IRL…AAAH.

    • Comments (30)

      Ooooohhhh Mmmmmmyyyy Gooooooosssh…..ummmm hmmmm…liiiike my faaace waaas sooo ooiillyy thaaat I waaas bliiindeeed the whooole tiiiime…..ummmm hmmm…Oooh Mmmyy Goosh…

    • Comments (90)

      Geeeez,….let’s see….squirming in the chair, nervous hand wringing and arm rubbing, blindingly shiny face, shoulder shrugging, incomplete sentences, questioned the loyalty of McNasty to his “Queen”, exit interview with responses that made no sense…..WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON WITH ELISSA?????? What was that about? The rate of speed at which she speaks makes me crazy!! And the nasal-like toddler voice just sends me over the ede. Smh. She seems like a lovely woman and I wish she could have gone a bit further than ome of the remaining house guests. Doesn’t really matter. But what will be interesting is the dynamic she and Amanda will have in the JH. I hope they show us some of the coverage.

  86. Comments (2)

    So can McCrea compete in this current hoh competition?????

  87. Comments (7)

    That awkward moment when you realize GinaMarie is the last remaining female and she…umm…outplayed?( …more like outlasted) players such as Jessie, Helen, Amanda and Elissa

  88. Comments (3)

    The problem is now that there is no one left remotely interesting to watch. Sure you hated Amanda or Elissa, but it’s like a car accident. You just have to look. Now it’s a big yawn fest. I imagine to keep the show interesting they’ll have to spend more time showing what’s going on in the Jury House. That should be explosive.

    • Comments (12)

      To outlast the snooze fest that is about to go down, I would not be surprised if we finally get a Pandora’s Box this week. Julie said that the house would get a visit from a former BB winner. So, we’ll see. They’ll need a Diamond Power of Veto, a Pandora’s Box and bring back Zingbot to save the last days of this poor ass season.

  89. Comments (98)

    What a huge mistake putting up Ellisa. He’s probably done. Did Ellisa really think Mc would vote out Amanda?

  90. Comments (110)

    You might not like what I am about to say if you are a fan you are suppose to stick by Big Brothers no mater what, its like being a fan for your favorite sports team
    I really don’t care if you don’t watch the show anymore but I will to see
    Rat Dog or McCrea leave the house next and the ones that don’t want to watch the show anymore good bye, to me you are not a fan of the show look it up
    to see what a fan is.

  91. Comments (22)

    What happened to this being the season of no floaters? And mcrae is fukin dumb…. but ofc this should surprise no one he’s in his mid twenties and delivers pizza for a living. Watching mccrae on my tv makes my insides twist with embarrassment for the kid, he’s a freaky human being. Anyways this whole season was a huge letdown and with Elissa being eliminated there really isn’t any good competitors left to root for. I had my hopes up for this season expecting great competitors and all the floaters to end up evicted but yeah complete opposite happened.

    Spencer – ew. If he still has a girlfriend after she’s seen the things he’s said/ done on tv ill be surprised. And he honestly hasn’t done shit this season except be a pawn for almost every eviction.

    Andy – first off he needs to gain like 5-10 lbs he’s extremely boney and I’m worried for his health. Honestly Andy did a good job playing both sides of the house but he hasn’t made any bold moves and in my eyes has played the game like a coward.

    Judd – out of everyone left in the house I dislike him the least but he’s given out his word to so many people throughout the game and is a huge floater. Whoever has HOH he always strikes up a deal with them and I don’t respect that in this game and honestly him and Andy are playing a similar game.

    Ginamarie – if ginamarie wasn’t a racist small minded girl I would be rooting for her right now however she’s an ignorant person and I can’t root for someone so cold. However if she does end up winning lets all pray that she uses some of the money to pay for an English class so she can learn how to speak proper fuckin English.. Or at the very least a dictionary

    Mccrae – mccrae? Oh I meant Amanda’s shadow. First off if he wins the first thing he needs is a haircut. Ok so mccrae deffinetly has won every time he needed too ( hence the last pov and hoh ) but other then that the only thing he was focused on this entire game was his showmance.

    -sigh I wish nick, Howard, Candice, Jessie, and Elissa were final 5 those in my opinion were the best game players but also good human beings as well

    • Comments (226)

      Bet CBS is regretting changing/stoppingthe MVP element since it was put in place to reduce floating (or should I say bloating??). Urgh

      • Comments (22)

        Lots of viewers were complaining it was unfair because all the Rachel fans would vote for Elissa and it wasn’t America voting for who was playing the best game. But also the MVP twist was the thing getting most of the bigger threats out (david, nick, jeremy) and leaving the floaters in the game. It was being used to get threats out without getting the blood directly on there hands although everyone kinda knew it was Elissa

    • Comments (11)

      I could not agree with you more. There all a bunch of floaters. I personally wish they would have another twist, and let everyone have a chance to get back in the house. Come on big brother this is the worst BIG Brother 15..I hope next year is better. If I watch it next year.

  92. Comments (30)

    Okay……Howdy Doody did a great acting job with his shocked HOME ALONE hands- on-cheeks expression….even fooled Amanda, Elissa, and McCrea…..I guess he deserves to be in F2 after that performance.

    • Comments (90)

      OMG! That’s it! You’re spot on Murphy. I couldn’t figure it out before, but Andy looks just like Howdy Doody!!! He also looks like that Christmas elf you see on shelves. LMBO….and yes, *cracking up*, he did do that ‘Home Alone’ aftershave move. Haa, haa!

  93. Comments (1)

    You guys are so inconsistent.
    You’re annoyed with Amanda controlling the house.
    “It’s rigged! It’s rigged! This is my last season ever.”

    Then your player goes home.

    “BB you suck! I’m done watching. I don’t like the house guests.”

    Do you want it to be rigged or not? Come on.

    I haven’t felt attached to anyone this season. The issue was mediocre casting this season. (They need to forget about having their “Token” personalities and cast all superfans.)

    I guess my point is pick your reason to whine and stick to it. That is all.

  94. Comments (4)

    I don’t care who wins this anymore. I don’t care one iota about any of the people who are left. I could give two shites about what will happen to their lives after BB. I am however, pi$$ed as FUK that Julie Chen did not interview Amanda in the same fashion as Aaryn. Her I hate asians rant in the HOH room should have been enough, never mind her atrocious behavior the rest of the time she was in the house. Julie Chen’s weak and I mean weak question about Amanda being perceived as a bully was pathetic. I am not defending Aaryn. Don’t think that. But holy fukity fukk. I wonder is she will be “enraged” tomorrow on the talk when discussing Amanda’s exit. Shame on you CBS and shame on you Julie Chen. Why is everyone so afraid of Amanda. She’s getting her meds. Jeez.

  95. Comments (30)

    Hell…..I even bought champagne to celebrate Amanda’s glorious departure and grilling interview by Julie!!!!! ….I’m sippin’ but I feel cheated by the uneventful interview…… Boo JC!!

  96. Comments (5)

    I think the rumor about CBS getting rid of Amanda was true and she signed a release only if they didn’t bad mouth her. Everybody played their part and they waited two weeks until things quieted down.

  97. Comments (90)

    Have been doin the happy dance since Amanda & Elissa both went to jury!

    • Comments (378)

      Now if we can get rid of jersey whore and carrot the bottom I can laff n laff till next season 😀 lol jersey whore n carrot the bottom 😀

      • Comments (426)

        Assuming you mean Andy as ‘carrot the bottom’, I agree. But don’t think Spencer or McCrea deserve to win anything either. So Go Judd! But have to admit, just like most reality shows I watch, I am usually disgusted with those that make it to the end.

  98. Comments (143)

    Seriously Julie, nothing to the most racist person in the house? Yes Aaryan was the original big racist, but over time she shut her mouth and Amanda became number 1 in the biggest racist and homophobe category. She definetly got preferential treatment. I mean Amanda said I hate asians, it doesn’t get more racist than that. I also think she made lots of anti puerto rican comments because she knows Elissa son’s daddy is puerto rican (after all who the hell choses to hate a country of like 5 million people of whom no one was in the house). This was so weak, Julie let her get away with it and one has to believe it was a production call to not cast her in a bad light. Frankly they should have aired her I hate asians comment right before she was evicted so everyone could boo her. Then Julie should have berated her and asked why do you hate me, what did I ever do to you and can you explain to America why you hate all asians, even the ones who go fight wars and die to protect your freedoms from terrorist who’d surely kill you on the account of being a jew woman and all? One has to believe it was production protecting her.

  99. Comments (1)

    Spencer got HOH

  100. Comments (11)


  101. Comments (35)

    Spencer won HOH. Oye!

    Not sure what the competition was, as the feeds were down, but Andy went out first, then Judd, then GM.

  102. Comments (610)

    Well it was kinda fitting that a rare, huge thunder & lightning storm was going on here while we watched Amanda get evicted tonight…

  103. Comments (24)

    First, Elissa is not a moron, She made a move based on her game, Anyone who would have taken Amanda to the end would have won, they all dislike her, and what really bothers me is not it looks like McCray is thinking that Elissas vote was not for spencer, and les…. There floats Andy By, but I will say this he has played a great switch back and fourth Game. Needs to go into acting… now that Elissa is gone, I don’t care who wins. just going to watch for the fun of it, but GM , Yeah maybe….

    • Comments (1)

      No, Elissa is a moron. And it has nothing to do with voting for amanda. She just is. Maybe the worst social game in the history of the game. She would have been gone week 1 with out the gaay MVP twist.

  104. Comments (29)

    Gina Marie acts like she did all the big moves what a joke. How hard is it to put up people the whole house wants out. Get steppin girl what a totally classless act. I can’t wait to see the guys kick her to the curb.I didn’t think Spencer could be anymore disgusting than he has been but I was wrong. You would think these people would be happy and talking about how great it was to be left in the house but nope, swimming in the gutter with the fink is all they seem to know

  105. Comments (1)

    You guys are acting like amanda…….
    Last man standing wins
    Floater or bad player, thats big brother for yall,
    If a player wins that means he beat everybody else to victory
    It doesnt matter how, only one goal in this game make to the final 2(and be social to win the votes)
    Play it how it goes week by week……..

    BB15 sucked overall only the last 2 weeks were good the rest was REALLY BAD

  106. Comments (135)

    I disliked Andy’s game (though he actually has been playing) until last night in his goodbye message to Amanda when he fessed up to voting her out and stating that he wasn’t coming in 3rd to a power couple. He earned my respect.

  107. Comments (1)

    It’s hard to believe how many truly low-IQ no-class people seem to be accepted in BB this year. I’m glad I’ve read these comments because I didn’t know how Andy was speaking about the females (C-word) which only solidifies my dislike of him. Why Julie didn’t hammer Amanda is a good question; I’ve purposely taped the first two new episodes of The Talk to see if she explains herself. Really all she had to do was show a tape of Amanda bawling her eyes out about being picked on, then showing her rants of name-calling. Most immature person in the entire house, really, or the least stable, for sure. No matter, I’m sure the public will be reminding all the individuals of how shi**y they were in the house; just depends on the level of narcissism if they absorb any concrete advice or watch their own tapes and flinch. I was not a fan of Elissa for Rachel (who I disliked intensely) but because she was the only one who seemed to be intractable in the face of peer pressure unlike those mindless lemmings around her – she voted to keep Helen and, when faced with a choice of companions, avoided the outspoken racists and crazies.

  108. Comments (29)

    i have been calling spencer yukon corneleas (from Rudoph the red nose reindeer)all season but I feel bad now that I have insulted yukon lol. Seriously though why is he so disgusting what’s wrong with him

  109. Comments (2)

    Was Elissa’s ring to pieces? While talking to Julie she has on her wedding ring that Amanda “had in her bag.”

  110. Comments (1)

    I am soon glad Amanda & Elissa are gone, now just Andy & Mccrae have to go. Elissa is a IDIOT! she was already talking about being on Survivor and didn’t even know how the game was played. The way she was, I guess she thought they put the players up in 4 star hotels or something. I’d love to see her going for days without a bath, trying to start a fire, eating, rice, & using the woods for a bathroom. She’d last maybe 1/2 a day LOL. Next she’ll try to follow Rachel on amazing race.tat will not be her style either. It won’t be classy enough for her either. All her extensions may come out by the end of that show. She needs to stick with what she does, whatever that is, in Concord, NC.

  111. Comments (2)

    Why so much people hates Elisa? At least she wasn’t racist. She avoided alot of fights. She was there for Candace when she needed a friend. I wish that MC didn’t make that move.

  112. Comments (2)

    I wanted Helen or Elisa to win the whole thing. Yes I was team Elisa but dumb ass MC voted her out. Now his ass gonna go home and I don’t want any of these other racist floaters win the game but I am a die hard fan so I am gonna see this to the end.

  113. Comments (11)

    Okay so Andy is head of household. Mcrae and spencer on the block isn’t there a double eviction?

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