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Big Brother 15 – Live Eviction Updates!

Is Amanda hugging Aaryn, or choking her?

A player has come back into the game, we’re going to have nearly half of the jury members in sequester by the end of the night, and minutes in the house feel like hours… ahh yes, we’re officially on the home stretch of the Big Brother 15 season.

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Tonight’s HoH competition is easily the most important of the season for Amanda and McCrae, but they don’t even realize it yet.  The entire house is sick of Amanda, and everyone also wants to split up the last power duo of the game.  If they’re not aware of the target that’s on their back, it’s because it’s so huge they don’t even realize it’s a target.

In a pretty surprising vote this afternoon, a surprising 42% of the voters think Andy is going home.  I’m going to just guess that those 42% are first time viewers to my prediction thread and don’t realize how badass I am when it comes to that (watch Andy get blindsided in a last minute switch).

I know you’re tired of hearing me babble, I’ve been doing it all season, so I’ll throw out a few plugs and then start the live blogging….


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Live Updates:

6:00pm – The show begins!  Likely going to start with the recap of the last few days.  I’m sure it will be brief.  If they can come up with 10 minutes of highlights from the past few days, I’ll be impressed.

6:05pm – Since some people are forced to watch football, I’ll give you a few more updates than normal.   Right now they’re showing highlights of Andy’s reaction to being on the block.  We’re also getting more crazy Amanda clips

6:08pm – Andy to the DR – ‘Amanda’s behavior to Elissa is appalling and it scares me since I’m on the block’.

6:11pm – They are showing Amanda work the jury vote from Aaryn.  She is hugging her (photo above) to console her about the upcoming eviction.

6:12pm – Aaryn revealing her alliances this season to Spencer/Judd.  (flashback from the week, not live)  Spencer tells the DR he needs Andy for his game.  I am suddenly craving a donut (or is it doughnut outside of New England?) for some reason.

6:14pm – (flashback) The clip from Aaryn and Spencer having a little fight.  Aaryn threw him under the bus to Amanda and he is denying it.

Random thought… Amanda/McCrae voting out Aaryn this week will be the downfall of their game this season.  If they could have had GM with them, they should have voted out Andy.. but they don’t know Andy is swaying.

6:16pm – Heading to commercial, Julie announces that the bottom 2 of the HoH competition are going to be punished.  Game changing twist?  No.  They will have to wear a chicken or bunny suit for 48 hours.. weak.

6:20pm – Dan (bb15) is sitting down with Julie Chen to talk about the game.  He said she is being mean, but you have to be credit, she’s one of the few people actually playing the game.  He is right.  Dan also said ‘if you’re going to be a villain, own it’ (I agree as well)

Dan said he’s a huge fan of Judd.  He’s coming back in with a target, so he’s rooting for him.

He also said basically showmances are dumb for the game.  It clouds their vision in the game.  He also said Amanda and McCrae won’t be together a month after the season ends (I agree with him on all points… we’re soulmates)

6:23pm – Checking in with the games biggest showmances… Brendon and Rachel first. Danielle and Dominic are up next, they’re married now.  They weren’t really a showmance in the house, especially since he was there for like 2 weeks.  Jeff and Jordan are then interviewed.

Pretty lame time killing segment.   Off to commercial

6:30pm – Time to talk with the house.  Julie welcomes Judd back to the game.  She then congratulates Amanda on winning her first comp, then brings up the taunting of Elissa.  Amanda said she apologized and moved on.  Elissa said she said game related things, but Amanda took it to another level.

Julie then tells the house the front bedroom is a mess and showed them a picture.  The contestants really have been sloppy.  Spencer thanks Julie for finally asking him a question, it’s only been 10 weeks.  Everyone laughs.

Live Voting:

Judd – Aaryn
Amanda – Aaryn
McCrae – Aaryn
Spencer – Aaryn
GinaMarie – Aaryn  (crying)

Like I posted earlier, another unanimous vote.  Aaryn is gone

6:40pm – Julie tells Aaryn she’s out, and time for the interview…  (she disclaims that because she’s a member of the jury, she won’t be able to give her any feedback from the outside world)

Aaryn receives an applause, a few boos

Julie – You got your hands dirty for McCranda, why did they choose Andy

Aaryn – He’s loyal to them because they’ve been together longer

Julie – Early in the game, you said harsh things.  Racist things… how you respond?

Aaryn – Being southern, it’s a stereotype.  I have been taken out of context and I didn’t mean to come off racist.  I want to apologize

Julie – We want to remind you that you’re being recorded 24/7.

Julie then quotes 3 nasty things (one about Candice in the dark, Helen make rice, and Andy gay)… Aaryn looks shocked

Aaryn – This hurts me, I am shocked.  I never meant it hurtful.

Julie – Any final thoughts?

Aaryn – No.. I feel horrible.  In Texas, we joke, I didn’t mean anything.  I don’t want to be seen like that person.

Julie – When you go home and watch the 70 days in the house, you may have a different perspective of things and I hope it changes you (along those lines, don’t remember exact wording)

Well then, that interview was a pretty big one.  Aaryn probably feels extremely tiny right now.  Had a HUGE reality check because of the quotes Julie brought up.  She was still in denial about the racist comments.  She’s going to have a rough night tonight.

6:50pm – Well then, now to follow that interview (first time I actually transcribed one).  HoH competition time..  It’s an easter theme, the house has to reach into a cage, navigate an egg through a fence and bring it to the basket.  First to a dozen eggs wins… looks like this one will carry over.  I’ll start a new thread shortly

6:55pm – Julie announces a surprise competition (luxury comp?), and double eviction next week.


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  1. Comments (29)

    Judd should have never been evicted in the first place. Hopefully, the karma train with some intestinal fortitude will let him win this HoH!

  2. Comments (2)

    Have a football game. Hope you keep this site to date so I can keep informed.

  3. Comments (8)

    I think so many people votes for Andy going home cause a many people prefer Aaryin than Andy, who is a rat. It’s difficult to not evacuate those 2 to going home…

  4. Comments (682)

    I picked GM for the entertainment after she puts up McCranda. But I’d like to see Judd win HOH.

  5. Comments (2)

    If they were smart they’d vote out Andy and McCranda would be sitting ducks with only each other to lean on!

  6. Comments (126)

    Photo above exceeds a thousand words to describe the duplicity of this creature called Amanda, who once assure Aaryan without a doubt she was absolutely safe over Andy, most didn’t really believe it but Aaryan.

    Now after this coming stab in the back, Amanda is doing the Jury-Vote-Smooch, to tally Jury House ballots for her hopeful win of $500k as she smells the possibilities of big cash in her dreams.

    I doubt Aaryan is buying this Mafioso goodbye kiss, unless Aarayn still is stupefied by this Motor-Mouth-Moron who is more blab then feat. Bullies like Amanda fall apart if stood up to, but in a House of Whips, the She-Bull runs un-corralled and there ain’t a Cowboy insight.

    • Comments (1288)

      Amanda let Aaryan know that her alliance with Andy predates Aaryan joining them. Aaryan would not be in any danger if Eloser hadn’t backstabbed the alliance that had been carrying her through the game.

      Eloser wishes she had never aligned with Amanda. I agree, that way she would have gone home week 1 and instead of three weeks of a power going to the Most Vapid Player it might have gone to someone that was actually VALUABLE.

      • Comments (30)

        I’m not an Elyssa bandwagoner, but she was MVP 3 weeks in a row while being nominated 3 weeks in a row, and ALL her picks went home. How was that not valuable, and what would another player have done? And yes Amanda did save her the last time she was nominated, and Elissa and Helen returned the favor by not siding with Jessie and voting her out (big mistake). So I am not getting your point exactly.

  7. Comments (10)

    I hope Judd wins HOH tonight. Get rid of Amanda!

  8. Comments (226)

    Thanks for the updates, they are showing the Dallas/Houston game on TWO channels!!!

  9. Comments (1)

    Thanks for the extra updates! Im forced to watch football in Texas!

  10. Comments (10)

    Tjey are showing the Cleveland Chicago gsme here. Ugh!

  11. Comments (43)

    I’m honestly disappointed Aaryn is going home!! Maybe Andy will be blindsided!! High hopes, huh? Lol

  12. Comments (23) – check this link to see if BB is on another channel in your area if you have football.

  13. Comments (46)

    Who will GM vote for????

    Im confused, is the exteminator for real?

    • Comments (10)

      The Exterminator alliance is Judd, Spencer, Andy & GM. I don’t trust Andy though

      • Comments (46)

        Right, but are they really going to work together, or gm voting for aryn to stay? I didnt understand her.

      • Comments (1076)

        It wouldn’t have killed GM to let Aaryn get 1 vote. She might have even got some respect for loyalty instead of “I went with the house”.

  14. Comments (10)

    I hope Amanda and McCrae are in the bottom 2 of the HOH comp. Sweet justice!

  15. Comments (10)

    This group of house guests spend most of their time in the house in bed. But no one spends more time in bed than Mcranda. Disgusting!

    • Comments (1076)

      The should have arts and crafts like at camp. I would love to see them sitting around the table gluing macaroni to colored paper. Then they could hang the best ones on the fridge.

  16. Comments (682)

    Wow! Thanks Julie for talking to Amanda about her nasty attitude toward Elissa this week. I loved the look on Amanda’s face when Elissa answered.

    The feeds should be good after the show.

  17. Comments (1288)

    It’s over, bye bye Aaryan, what an excellent week for Eloser.

    • Comments (682)

      Aaryn’s finally gone. Hopefully Amanda is rattled by Julie’s question and she chokes during the HOH comp.

      • Comments (1288)

        That could happen. Or she might realize the huge target she put on herself and get the hysterical strength to win like Eloser did last week. Let’s just wait and see.

      • Comments (1288)

        Oh and McCrae is feeling the same target, those freaky long fingers are flying.

      • Comments (682)

        I figured McCrae has the advantage on this one but he should get pretty tired standing for more than 5 minutes.

      • Comments (1288)

        Maybe Amanda slipped him some of her performance enhancing drugs.

      • Comments (1076)

        I still don’t think Amanda thinks she did anything wrong. It was Elissa’s finest moment yet because she remained above the fray and gave a polite mannered answer.

  18. Comments (46)

    I hate mcrae

    He changed so much from the pizza boy he was
    It feels like hes not being himself but rather trying hard to be the alfa male of the house

  19. Comments (10)

    GinaMarie should have given Aaryn a vote

    • Comments (682)

      She couldn’t take the chance. If McCranda decided to keep Aaryn they would have had 3 votes then. Plus I’m sure GM knows Aaryn was trying to get GM on the block next to her so GM would go home.

      GM doesn’t owe Aaryn anything.

      • Comments (1076)

        It has nothing to do with owing. It would have proved that GM is a loyal person.

      • Comments (1092)

        In the exit interview, Aaryn said that she told gm to vote with the house in order to keep the target off of her back.

      • Comments (1076)

        GM just won HOH. We get to hear her speak all week. It’s like a gift from God. Now SHE has the balls to put up Mcranda. Amanda will be off the wall this week… OOoooohhhh Baby, they saved the best for the end.

      • Comments (1092)

        We can only pray.

      • Comments (1092)

        I hope she goes EVIL DICK on Amanda.

        BB would be up for an Emmy if that happened.

      • Comments (30)

        If only, but as crazy as Amanda is, she’s not stupid. She only went after Elyssa after she secured POV and knew that Mcranda was safe, and she was trying to make Elyssa the target for next week. Before that it was all tears and self pity.
        She will kiss GM’s butt so hard that GM will think she’s back home in NY sitting on her Boppy pillow. lol

  20. Comments (43)

    Wow even judd voted her out after last night. FUNNY!

  21. Comments (6)

    Uggg! I love football but would appreciate having a choice of what to watch. This should be the best live show of the season. That’s not saying much considering I have been watching the McManda sow instead if Big Brother. Please let something exciting happen tonight. Thanks stevebeans for the updates for those of us who can’t watch.

  22. Comments (46)

    Please win HoH
    And nominate mcranda

    OHMG what a week it would be!!!!!!!!!

    Ps. I dont like andy,

  23. Comments (43)

    I certainly hope someone will win HoH & turn the tables!

  24. Comments (682)

    There were more than a few Boo’s when Aaryn came out of the house.

    • Comments (55)

      There were, and I did feel bad. She is so young and as we could see was easily led. A tough life lesson hopefully she will learn from it.

      • Comments (682)

        I didn’t feels bad for her at all. There should have been more boos.

      • Comments (9)

        if you watch the feeds or read at jokers, you know she learned from her dad. in no way am i condoning her remarks but it explains alot and when she gets out of jury real life is gonna hit her hard

  25. Comments (487)

    Wow a mixed reception from the audience. I know she’s wondering why.

  26. Comments (46)



    • Comments (682)

      That was AWESOME! I am going to watch it again after the show.

      • Comments (46)

        Me too

      • Comments (86)

        GO JULIE!!!! GO JULIE!!!! did you see how fast she was blinking? LOL

      • Comments (1162)

        Aaryn was ticked off being put on the spot by Julie Chen
        on National Television.

        When Julie read a few of Aaryn’s racist/bigoted comments,
        Aaryn was thinking to herself –
        (Darn you, you B*tch! How the hell do you expect me to
        remember what I said weeks ago. I do remember what I
        said over the past 3 days…..hope she doesn’t bring up any of that!)

        Aaryn answered Julie – “Wow! I said those awful things? Gee, I never
        meant to hurt anyone and I’d hate for people to think I did. We just
        joke around about things in Texas. Really, I love everyone!”

      • Comments (118)

        Stupid is as stupid does, did you forget to expect the unexpected Aaryn?

    • Comments (6)

      Just because someone doesn’t like someone and says mean or stupid things that does not make them a racist. Too many people are quick to judge and immediately accuse of racism. I think it was completely wrong for Julie to jump on Aryn like that and accuse her of being a racist. The media has gone crazy with this especially over recent years. How many times do you see someone being called a racist if they call someone a cracker????? Does that not meet the qualification of a racist according to majority of people on this post???? but you would never say it was would you.

      Now don’t get me wrong I’m not supporting what she has said in the house they were very stupid comments but you cant classify someone as a racist for being stupid.

      • Comments (1076)

        So you are telling us that there are smart racists? I hope you realize that your critical thinking skills are somewhat lacking. Or you’re stupid. Pick one. Pick two. It doesn’t matter because ALL PREJUDICE IS BASED ON STUPIDITY.

      • Comments (6)

        I would suggest that you look up the definition of a racist and understand it. By your comment I’m not quit sure you really understand the meaning if your saying that PREJUDICE is the same thing as a RACIST.

        Neither one of them has anything to do on how intelligent one is. Some of the smartest people in the world are racist.

        So the question I have to you is how would you classify yourself for calling someone you don’t know Stupid???? Does that make you a Racist, Prejudice or just Stupid?????

      • Comments (1092)

        Technically racism falls into the category of being prejudice.

        For example, you make the decission not to like someone for the color of their skin. Yet, as you have already surmised you dont like them, you will never find out how much you have in common, and that if they were an acceptable skin color to you, you could have possibly become best of friends. You have prejudged them.

      • Comments (6)

        I like how you tried to twist them together…lol

        But seriously in your example the person is already a racist by you stating that they already don’t like individual based on the color of their skin. That would suggest that the individual doesn’t like anyone in that race because the color of their skin. So you cant be prejudice if your already a racist.

  27. Comments (6)

    Like the other house guests she has no idea how bad she has looked to the viewers. And has no idea what the viewers like

  28. Comments (10)

    So glad Julie addressed the racist comments to Aaryn. She won’t get it!

  29. Comments (46)

    That interview was the spotlight of te seasonnn

    Can i vote for julie for america’s favorite???

  30. Comments (18)

    I am certainly not an Aaryn fan but I felt sorry for her during the Julie interview.

    • Comments (46)

      No no and no

      I hope production kick her out of jury and lie saying she asked to leave

    • Comments (1076)

      I didn’t feel sorry for her. Julie was very professional.

    • Comments (18)

      Oh please don’t feel sorry for her!! Feel bad for the people that she made cry with her mean spirited racist comments. And I hope Amanda gets dragged over the coals too on her exit interview. She said some really vile disgusting things (google some of the videos they have on her remarks).

      The worst was Amanda ‘joking’ about killing Jessie and then abusing the dead body sexually. It was disgusting (and Spencer joined in.. no surprise there) and really made me wonder what sort of sick twisted mind would even think of such things, let alone blurt it out on national TV. And the fact that some of the other HG’s just stayed and giggled shows me what a bunch of spineless wimps they are.

      Never feel sorry for someone being called out for terrible behavior… applaud Julie for calling these losers out.

    • Comments (26)

      I agree. I think Julie did a good job but an interview like that should have been done in private without an audience..

  31. Comments (487)

    If that’s the way people in Texas joke, I wonder what they are like when they mean what they say.

  32. Comments (1288)

    I still think it is a canned audience of CBS employees but I think CBS was wise to designate a few to boo and laugh. If it was a general audience I am sure a few other choice words would have been yelled at Aaryan. Heck they might even had started a “Bullshiat” chant during her interview answers.

  33. Comments (6)

    Wonder what Julie will say to Amanda next week when she exits the house? I hope!

  34. Comments (10)

    WOW,Aaryn just threw the entire state of Texas under the bus. Notice how she made it all about her! Some people never learn. If there were some boos in the audience, I can’t wait for Amanda to get evicted. There will be some applause but mostly boos. lol

  35. Comments (16)


    Julie Chen went in!!

    Absolutely perfect and worth watching. Aaryn was in complete denial and actually threw the Texans under the bus. ”That’s just how us Texans are, we just say things..”

    I don’t know about you guys but a racist joke is by definition racist. Julie Chen hit it on the nail with great questions along with reading back Aaryn’s past comments. In the end she gave great insight. Very professional and the snickering/booing in the audience was the topping on the cake!!

  36. Comments (1288)

    Arrrgh, HoH finish on live feeds.

  37. Comments (10)

    Just today on the live feeds she was talking in an Asian voice again mocking Asians. I know Julie heard that and was not too pleased!

    • Comments (682)

      I heard that too. She told GM all Chinese people are good at doing nails. GM said something about Mexicans being good at doing lawns. Aaryn said she doesn’t have a lawn but gorillas take care of her yard. She refused to explain what she meant by that as she giggled about it.

  38. Comments (682)

    Now we know why they were all talking about shoes. They probably had to fit them for shoes that are stuck together.

  39. Comments (1288)

    Wow, McCrae has those freaky long fingers.

  40. Comments (43)

    Think the bunny theme is a coincidence with Aaryn being out?

  41. Comments (1092)

    Aaryn is going to be in for a rude awakening when she gets home.

    Just seeing her panick during that interview makes me wonder if she is strong enough mentally to handle her downfall.

    I sincerely wish her well.

    • Comments (5)

      I have absolutely no sympathy for her. She made her bed and now she has to lie in it.

    • Comments (26)

      Agreed. Her words are inexcusable but it can’t be easy to walk out in front of an audience on live national television after being evicted and being put on the spot like that with absolutely no warning. Especially as young as she is, it’s got to be the parents.

  42. Comments (46)

    Lets not forget julie was very offended by aryans comments
    She said so herself on her morning show

    I felt like julie went in with revenge in her eyes today.


    • Comments (682)

      Julie did a great job. I’m sure she personally wanted to say more but at least it was addressed. The fans would have gone nuts if it wasn’t brought up now.

  43. Comments (233)

    Thank you, stevebeans! Great updates.

  44. Comments (2)

    I call BS on this season’s “I’m from the south; I’m from Texas” excuse. I have lived in Texas all my life (mostly in Houston and now in Austin) and I have never heard this kind of racist talk. Aaryn is a small town, don’t-know-nothin’-’bout-nuthin’ racist. Keep our state out of your mouth!

    • Comments (1288)

      The first time I drove through Houston I stopped at a light, looked over and saw a KKK bookstore in a rundown shopping plaza. Of course when I met someone there at the airport I did see Krishnas, so you got that going for you.

      • Comments (1076)

        They aren’t racist, they just for them in the privacy of the voting booth. Stop bullshiting a bullshiter. I’ve seen the priorities of your state legislators and your Congressional delegations and your governor. Nothing to see here folks, just keep moving.

      • Comments (30)

        @ suzyq…. I totally agree with you about Texas politicions!!!! Hope women there vote in droves next election & kick their butts out of office!

      • Comments (30)

        Oops** politicians**

      • Comments (65)

        Just because someeople in a state feel a certain way, doesn’t mean everyone their does! I graduated from the same school as the TX governor and you can ask anyone in the town that I live in….he doesn’t belong there (putting it nicely). No one that I know likes him. But this is one very small town that had to watch his pompous ass grow up…he was just as arrogant back then as he is now. I don’t vote….mostly because the few times I have been able to vote, there was no good choice. All arrogant asses pushing their own agenda, ignoring what the decent people around here want! I generally like you comments suzyq…you are pretty freaking hilarious. But saying the entire state of Texas votes to put these people in office and votes for racists is like saying all of America put Obama in office, or all f America put Bush in office….it just means the majority doesn’t mean we all did.

  45. Comments (8)

    I just watched the live eviction. First time posting here. I was very pleased with the classy way Julie handled the interview with Aaron. I am disappointed that Amanda remains in the game..I would have thought with the threats she has made, she would have been sent home. CBS must be very, very tolerant of violence and the kinds of things this woman has done.

    • Comments (8)

      More people have to complain to CBS directly, she should not be allowed any money after he over the top bulling and her vile threats, isn’t against BB rules?? She’ll get hers when she finds out her own mother fired ger.. Karma is a bitch

      • Comments (8)

        I did email CBS twice. I think several others have done the same thing. I’m annoyed about the live feeds..I kept them on as my son who has Down syndrome, loves the show and he wanted to see who won. When they came up it was all over….seems that this entire season they have been off more than they’ve been on.

      • Comments (1076)

        Out of respect for myself and others, I am not touching this one with a ten foot pole.

      • Comments (1076)

        Her mother doesn’t even work in the same office that she did. Where do you people get this nonsense from. Her mom works out of the west boca office. Amanda worked out of the East Delray office right down the block from where I live.

  46. Comments (624)

    Aaryn just had the most uncomfortable moment of her life. LOVED the audience giving her the cold shoulder.

  47. Comments (1288)

    Next week double eviction, that makes it the perfect opportunity for The Exterminators to go after McCranda and get Amanda out in the space of an hour. Of course for that to best work out McCranda will need to be HoH this week and send Eloser out first, then the house could send out Amanda next right behind her. Hmmm, very nice juxtaposition, the jury house would be quite amused.

  48. Comments (875)

    O-M-G!!! There were Booo’s & there were denials of saying derogatory comments towards Candice, Helen, & Andy! This young woman is a Sociopath, & a Liar!

  49. Comments (426)

    Aaryn really needs to stop defending her inappropriate comments by saying that is how it is in Texas. I’m from Texas, and no, everybody does not think and talk like that.

  50. Comments (58)

    I agree Big Papi….. Julie was not playing with her and when Julie read some of the things Aaryn said especially the shut up and go make some rice…. Aaryn’s face was priceless!!! Just realized how America was perceiving her at that moment..I was waiting for her to cry honestly!!!!

  51. Comments (1)

    My first time posting but all of the race issues and Aaryn being evicted made me feel the need to comment. I usually hate making people feel awkward or calling them out on something. I actually change the channel on instances such as this. This is the first time I enjoyed it. I feel like anyone watching BB who thinks anything racist, homophobic or sexist that was said during this season was okay may think twice after this interview. The only reason I would want Aaryn or Amanda still on the show is because people have a tendency to forget so if they’re in jury for a couple of weeks then the viewers may be more likely to forget the visciousness (sp?) that came out of their mouths.

  52. Comments (10)

    This comp favors people with long fingers. I hope Amanda or McCrae don’t win this!

  53. Comments (58)

    Where’s Midwest Middie tonight??

  54. Comments (17)

    Thank you Julie Chen! Best part of this lackluster season! Listen, it is a life lesson but hatred and ignorance should never be tolerated!

  55. Comments (8)

    Julie is such a classy lady!! I read this blog 3x a day and this is my first time commenting…. That interview was painful to watch but the kinda pain that hurts so good!! The rice comment from an Asian to a racist… Bet Aaryn feels like shit right now!! Good!!

  56. Comments (88)

    SSYay another double eviction next week. Watch Judd goes home. That would be so funny. I think the house was stupid for keeping Andy. He is too big of a wild card if he gets head of household just go back to Amanda . I want elissa to win so bad. She is the only reason I’m watching . I think she made a good move this week took out arryn and pretty much set in motion Amanda going home so awesome. I think she can win this game I was thinking about it and I think she can win against anyone right now everyone in the jury house except arryn would vote for her .

  57. Comments (1)

    That was absolutely stupid of CBS to point those things out. Aaryn said those things yes, she will suffer for saying those things. AND YES IT WAS WRONG FOR HER TO SAY IT. She has already lost her job, probably friends, will have a long road ahead of her. So like many things in the world two wrongs dont make a right. All of you who applaud CBS for doing this is no better then Aaryn. This is the perfect reason why Racism will never go away in the world. EVERYONE should take a page out of Howards book, dont accknowledge the stupidity.

    • Comments (140)

      Ignoring racism doesn’t make it go away.

    • Comments (58)

      Hey CBS didn’t make her say these things… She did it all on her own. She’s a big girl..If she didn’t want ppl to know she talked like that then she should have chose her words a little more wisely. Seems like your saying no big deal that she talks this way in Texas and to her friends in private. She hurt herself, CBS didn’t do it.

  58. Comments (7)

    To f*cking sad Julie.
    Face the facts.
    The country is filled with racist people.
    In honor of MLK’s speach…
    in 2013 no race likes any other race.
    People walk on eggshells afraid of what
    they can or can’t say.
    I give this White All American credit
    for speaking her mind.

    F*ck off thin skin .C. pussies.

  59. Comments (7)

    2 Wongs don’t make a White!

  60. Comments (1)

    I’m the last person to defend racist comments and attitudes but I don’t think we should cast judgment on Aaryn or wish ill upon her. I think that this experience was and will continue to be an eye-opener for her and I sincerely hope that she takes some time to reflect on how the things that she says, even if she doesn’t say them maliciously, negatively affect other people, particularly minorities. If this experience causes her to change her thought processes and the way she treats and speaks of people, then I wish her the best.

  61. Comments (487)

    Who won HoH?

  62. Comments (487)

    GinaMarie won the HoH!

  63. Comments (27)

    Right on GM now put up Amanduh & Mcstupid!

  64. Comments (78)

    Funny. Everyone’s going bonkers on here. It’s just a GAME!!!

  65. Comments (1)

    Wtf? Why is Amanad hugging Aaryn? Aaryn nees to throat punch her and sat i did all your dirty work and i dont have yourvote? Douche!!!!

  66. Comments (65)

    Are you freaking kidding me? The fact that Aaryn tries to blame her racist remarks on her southern roots infuriates me to no end. As a girl from the south, Texas specifically, I can not believe those words came out of her mouth!!!!!! No one I know here in TX says the stuff she does. I think the fact she is trying to play it off as a Texas thing and a joke is more upsetting to me than the fact that she said it. Why can’t she just own up to it and either say “those things were completely wrong, I should not have said it” or “yes, I am racist” either is better than saying oh, I am from Texas and in Texas we kid about stuff….is she serious? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    With that out of the way, I am very please Julie brought this stuff up on tonight’s episode! Ever since I heard about her saying the things she did, I have been impatiently waiting to see her reaction when she finds out what America thinks of her (especially after her “any label you want to give me America, go ahead, I don’t give a sh*t” or something to that effect). While she doesn’t fully know what is waiting for her in the real world, she certainly got a nice little taste tonight! Now, for the next few weeks she gets to stress and worry about how big of a whole she dug herself. In less than a month, she will find out she has dug herself all the way through to China….I hope she likes Chinese cuisine…including the rice!
    Did anyone else notice her face turn beat red and her breathing drastically increase? I know I did!!!!!

  67. Comments (1)

    Julie’s attempt to look credible made me laugh. I just can’t ever take her seriously at all. I feel like her talk show must be awful. As for Aaryn, I’m going to get a lot of backlash for saying this but I feel bad for her. People say dumb stuff sometimes. It happens. That doesn’t make it right, but she will face the consequences of her actions. I think the stuff people are posting on here though about how thrilled they are about the fallout from this and wishing her all this misfortune is even worse than the things she said. She is a person with feelings too. I don’t even necessarily a bad person just an ignorant kid who has some growing up to do. Instead of wishing for horrible things to happen to her why don’t we wish for her to learn from this and share a better outlook with those around her.

    • Comments (23)

      There is a difference in wishing ill-will upon someone and waiting for karma to make its rounds. Actions have consequences, regardless of intent…and her behavior will certainly have backlash…how she moves forward will speak more to her character than the things she said…but she is off to a pretty poor start…blaming Candice for making her look racist, blaming her southern background for her “jokes”, claiming she didn’t remember saying them even though she walked around for weeks blaming it all on Candice. I really hope she learns and grows from this…the world needs less people saying the things she did, jokingly or not. But I fail to see why wanting to see the fall out is such a bad thing. Just like when someone commits a crime, we look forward to seeing them pay for their crime, just like when a friend puts in hundreds of overtime hours, we look forward to seeing them get that promotion.

    • Comments (143)

      bullshit you are a apologist. Its natural for humans to want to see other evil people fall. Heinrich himmler and joseph goebells had feelings, I don’t see anyone crying tears for him.

      She is ignorant but a racist. This isn’t some mistake she was the one often leading the racial shit.

  68. Comments (1)

    You left Elissa out of your poll. She’s my choice to win.

  69. Comments (1)

    I have lived in Texas all my life and I love my state.As with a lot of southern states we have more than our share of racist people like Aaryn.I don’t believe for a second in Julies interview she is sorry.What you see and hear in a heated exchange is a real persons character(Like she was in the house).She should have been evicted in week 4 or 5 but for some reason Helen decided to trust her and go against Howard and Candice.I’m glad she is finally gone.Kudos to Elissa for finally standing up to 2 racists and bullies (Amanda and Aaryn).

  70. Comments (30)

    Of the houseguests, Jesse, Jeremy, Candice, and Aaryn are from or lived in Texas. Heck, we’ll throw Amanda in there too since she went to school there for a brief time. Of those people Candice was the only one who didn’t say anything racist or was complicit in the racism in the house. Of those people, Aaryn was the only one to *not only* say racist things, but also act on her racism by consistently targeting Candice (arguing, flipping beds) and, when she had to choose have-nots for the week, chose Andy, Helen, Candice and Elissa. Basically, she chose everyone who was not in her alliance and also was an “other” in her eyes. I don’t know why she didn’t choose Howard. Possibly because he was close to her alliance members or because he’s a man? Who knows.

    So, even though many of the houseguests were from Texas and said racist things, Aaryn was the one that said *the most* racist things and then acted on her racism in a pointed and systematic way. The other people from Texas might *say* racist stuff, but they knew better than to *do* racist stuff. That’s what makes Aaryn the most despicable.

    I’ve lived in Texas for a while, but I’ve never had anyone say or do such blatantly racist things the way Aaryn has. She can’t hide behind the state of Texas for her behavior.

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