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Big Brother 15 – Live Eviction Updates!

August 29, 2013 | 170 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Is Amanda hugging Aaryn, or choking her?

A player has come back into the game, we’re going to have nearly half of the jury members in sequester by the end of the night, and minutes in the house feel like hours… ahh yes, we’re officially on the home stretch of the Big Brother 15 season.

Tonight’s HoH competition is easily the most important of the season for Amanda and McCrae, but they don’t even realize it yet.  The entire house is sick of Amanda, and everyone also wants to split up the last power duo of the game.  If they’re not aware of the target that’s on their back, it’s because it’s so huge they don’t even realize it’s a target.

In a pretty surprising vote this afternoon, a surprising 42% of the voters think Andy is going home.  I’m going to just guess that those 42% are first time viewers to my prediction thread and don’t realize how badass I am when it comes to that (watch Andy get blindsided in a last minute switch).

I know you’re tired of hearing me babble, I’ve been doing it all season, so I’ll throw out a few plugs and then start the live blogging….


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Live Updates:

6:00pm – The show begins!  Likely going to start with the recap of the last few days.  I’m sure it will be brief.  If they can come up with 10 minutes of highlights from the past few days, I’ll be impressed.

6:05pm – Since some people are forced to watch football, I’ll give you a few more updates than normal.   Right now they’re showing highlights of Andy’s reaction to being on the block.  We’re also getting more crazy Amanda clips

6:08pm – Andy to the DR – ‘Amanda’s behavior to Elissa is appalling and it scares me since I’m on the block’.

6:11pm – They are showing Amanda work the jury vote from Aaryn.  She is hugging her (photo above) to console her about the upcoming eviction.

6:12pm – Aaryn revealing her alliances this season to Spencer/Judd.  (flashback from the week, not live)  Spencer tells the DR he needs Andy for his game.  I am suddenly craving a donut (or is it doughnut outside of New England?) for some reason.

6:14pm – (flashback) The clip from Aaryn and Spencer having a little fight.  Aaryn threw him under the bus to Amanda and he is denying it.

Random thought… Amanda/McCrae voting out Aaryn this week will be the downfall of their game this season.  If they could have had GM with them, they should have voted out Andy.. but they don’t know Andy is swaying.

6:16pm – Heading to commercial, Julie announces that the bottom 2 of the HoH competition are going to be punished.  Game changing twist?  No.  They will have to wear a chicken or bunny suit for 48 hours.. weak.

6:20pm – Dan (bb15) is sitting down with Julie Chen to talk about the game.  He said she is being mean, but you have to be credit, she’s one of the few people actually playing the game.  He is right.  Dan also said ‘if you’re going to be a villain, own it’ (I agree as well)

Dan said he’s a huge fan of Judd.  He’s coming back in with a target, so he’s rooting for him.

He also said basically showmances are dumb for the game.  It clouds their vision in the game.  He also said Amanda and McCrae won’t be together a month after the season ends (I agree with him on all points… we’re soulmates)

6:23pm – Checking in with the games biggest showmances… Brendon and Rachel first. Danielle and Dominic are up next, they’re married now.  They weren’t really a showmance in the house, especially since he was there for like 2 weeks.  Jeff and Jordan are then interviewed.

Pretty lame time killing segment.   Off to commercial

6:30pm – Time to talk with the house.  Julie welcomes Judd back to the game.  She then congratulates Amanda on winning her first comp, then brings up the taunting of Elissa.  Amanda said she apologized and moved on.  Elissa said she said game related things, but Amanda took it to another level.

Julie then tells the house the front bedroom is a mess and showed them a picture.  The contestants really have been sloppy.  Spencer thanks Julie for finally asking him a question, it’s only been 10 weeks.  Everyone laughs.

Live Voting:

Judd – Aaryn
Amanda – Aaryn
McCrae – Aaryn
Spencer – Aaryn
GinaMarie – Aaryn  (crying)

Like I posted earlier, another unanimous vote.  Aaryn is gone

6:40pm – Julie tells Aaryn she’s out, and time for the interview…  (she disclaims that because she’s a member of the jury, she won’t be able to give her any feedback from the outside world)

Aaryn receives an applause, a few boos

Julie – You got your hands dirty for McCranda, why did they choose Andy

Aaryn – He’s loyal to them because they’ve been together longer

Julie – Early in the game, you said harsh things.  Racist things… how you respond?

Aaryn – Being southern, it’s a stereotype.  I have been taken out of context and I didn’t mean to come off racist.  I want to apologize

Julie – We want to remind you that you’re being recorded 24/7.

Julie then quotes 3 nasty things (one about Candice in the dark, Helen make rice, and Andy gay)… Aaryn looks shocked

Aaryn – This hurts me, I am shocked.  I never meant it hurtful.

Julie – Any final thoughts?

Aaryn – No.. I feel horrible.  In Texas, we joke, I didn’t mean anything.  I don’t want to be seen like that person.

Julie – When you go home and watch the 70 days in the house, you may have a different perspective of things and I hope it changes you (along those lines, don’t remember exact wording)

Well then, that interview was a pretty big one.  Aaryn probably feels extremely tiny right now.  Had a HUGE reality check because of the quotes Julie brought up.  She was still in denial about the racist comments.  She’s going to have a rough night tonight.

6:50pm – Well then, now to follow that interview (first time I actually transcribed one).  HoH competition time..  It’s an easter theme, the house has to reach into a cage, navigate an egg through a fence and bring it to the basket.  First to a dozen eggs wins… looks like this one will carry over.  I’ll start a new thread shortly

6:55pm – Julie announces a surprise competition (luxury comp?), and double eviction next week.


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