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Big Brother 15 – Live Head Of Household Challenge


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Update – GinaMarie won the HoH

They did not show the competitions on the live feeds, so I have no clue about the score.  I am extremely disappointed they had an HoH competition carry over but did not let us watch it.  I don’t know what to expect for the week, but I need a break.   Again, to those who bought feeds expecting to watch the challenge, I apologize.  They are still good value for the money and there is still plenty of good stuff to watch, but I feel like an idiot for pushing the link.

I’m going to go sink in a hole now


Note – If you are looking for the Aaryn exit interview (it was a good one), scroll down the first page.  It’s under my live eviction thread. 

I am going to be slammed with people looking for updates, so my server may have some issues, but stay with me.  I’ll also be updating on twitter if this site is going too slow.

If you’re just tuning in, Aaryn  has been evicted and the house is now doing a competition that carried over.  They have their feet tied together and must hop to a cage, move an egg through a maze with their finger tips, then hop back and put the egg in their basket.  The first to 12 eggs wins.   I’m going to do it similar to last week where I will update the score here….

7:15pm update – Feeds still on trivia.  Should be up soon (I hope), I will update the score the second they’re up

7:20pm update – Getting frustrated.  Feeds still not back.  Come on, CBS

7:25pm update – Nothing yet. Feeds should have been up 20 minutes ago.

7:30pm update – Still on feeds.  I dropped the link for the live feeds.  I am not sure we’ll be able to see this one play out live.  Very annoyed and sad by this

7:35pm update – GinaMarie won the HoH.   I am furious that they did not allow us to watch that after putting up a link to the live feeds.   I apologize to those who signed up thinking  you were going to see the competition.  Nobody did.   Very annoyed right now.

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      GM is the new HOH!!

      She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I hope she has the good sense to put up BOTH Amanda and McCrae – none of this backdooring BS where one can take the other off w/the Veto.

      I’m thinking Andy threw it because he was too afraid to put up McCranda.

      • Comments (120)

        THE AMANDA MCREA SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (1)

        I sure hope Amanda and Macrae lose she’s better off putting both of them up that way if one wins veto they can not take each other off.

      • Comments (1076)

        You can’t bully GM. She gives as good as she gets. This is going to be the best week so far. I’m betting Amanda ends up in the garbage pail, not just behind it.

      • Comments (302)

        That is the beautiful part about it. Whatever Amanda throws at Gina Marie … GM will come back at her times two. Gina Marie has already made it clear McCranda is the target and has asked her alliance to back her up if she gets bullied by Amanda. For the first time in the Big Brother House Andy will probably try to hide rather than stick his nose into every nook and cranny. He thinks he can still stay on the good side of McCranda while backing his new alliance. Somebody call this little weasel out.

      • Comments (4411)

        @NoRatsAllowed: Too late! Andy is up to his old tricks already. I’m watching BBAD now and Amanda started a fight with Elissa and Spencer and Andy just sat there and watched. Then when it was over Andy sat there and listened to Elissa say how tired she was of Amanda following her around and bullying her (while Spencer/Andy sat there looking scared to death that Amanda would see them sitting there). As soon as Elissa finished talking, he ran into the house and not only reported everything to Amanda, but embellished it, which really set Amanda off. Amanda was crying and telling McDirty how Elissa was so evil and she was tired of being attacked by her because she(HoRanda)is such a good, nice person and Elissa is making her look bad. Of course McStinky was sitting there telling her how she was right and they both said that Elissa has to go this week. In fact, Amanda told Elissa that she is going home this week (isn’t this GM’s HOH?). As much as I disliked Aryan, I would have been even happier to see Andy the pasty garden gnome go home.

      • Comments (293)

        If Andy is true to the Exterminators, he has to make Amanda and McCrae think he is loyal to them. Otherwise, they will not only become suspicious, but they will start bad-mouthing him. He can’t let on that he has a new alliance. Well, that’s what I hope he is thinking.

      • Comments (6)

        ok, Im calling the weasel out, he is after McCranda, keep it up guys, just now getting good to watch!

      • Comments (26)

        Andy should be the replacement nominee, he’ll still stay, but he must take one for the new “team”!

      • Comments (624)

        Huh? You’re whispering…lol. Nah…seriously good points and I look forward to watching GM get all Brooklyn on Amanda and then watch Amanda go bat shit crazy. Also, people gotta stop talking game strategy with Andy. If I were in the house, I would just tell Andy BS stories for Andy to take back to the nest and create mayhem on the other side of the house.

    • Comments (27)

      I agree totally! AWESOME! Excited about this week! Let’s see Amanda try to bully GM!!! Lol

      • Comments (120)

        AMANDA AND MCREA ARE GOING UP AND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (27)

        Amanda is really going to lose her mind this week. It may be McCrea hiding behind the trash can now!

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    • Comments (6)

      right on, go judd, go gina marie! I am still an elissa fan, so, go elissa too!!

  2. Comments (2)

    What is score?please say Mcranda isn’t doing well or Andy

  3. Comments (22)

    I shall do battle grounds while I wait LOL, Thanks Stevebeans for the updates!!

  4. Comments (46)

    TEAM GM!!!!

    Go exterminators

    • Comments (1)

      Happy to see Gina Marie win HOH. If Amanda starts dishing on her, we know she will give it right

      • Comments (118)

        Amanda is probably hiding behind a garbage can crying

      • Comments (27)

        Oh no! Don’t you know Amanda has been GM’s BFF since day one! I wonder how long it will take her to use that line this week! Haha

      • Comments (1076)

        Amanda can use every line ever used. GM has the whole house behind her. Somebody call Helen, this is finally the week.

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      • Comments (4411)

        @Squish: Nope, Amanda IMMEDIATELY started in harassing Elissa again. She also told McDirty and Spencer not to let Elissa get anywhere near GM. She wants to stick close to GM to make sure she puts Elissa up so she will go home. That “thing” shouldn’t be behind a garbage can, she should be in it.

  5. Comments (68)

    Julie Chen! I love her!!! She handled that so well. Sorry Aaryn, but the truth hurts! I recorded it and had to go back and view it again! Aaryn made the whole state of Texas look bad by saying that, “That is how we do it in Texas”. If Aaryn could have slide down into a hole in the stage i am sure she would of done that during that interview. Even the audience was booing! LOL!

    • Comments (12)

      I bet if Jessie ever sees that, she will LOVE how she was included in all of TX.

    • Comments (48)

      she looked like she was getting upset and having people boo and laugh at her, really made her more upset….long overdue but then so it the exit interview with DEMANDA and I can’t wait to see what Julie dishes up for that one!

      • Comments (118)

        Time to grow up aaryn and face the world which is a lot bigger then your little world in texas

      • Comments (30)

        And I had to LOL at the ‘smattering’ of applause she received as she walked out of the house. Hope GM follows thru with putting up Amanda & her ‘boo’ McCry……BUT…..she should corner Andy & immediately get in his face & tell him directly……that if she even SUSPECTS him of tattling to Amanda……IF…..either of them come off the block……HE’S going up. But they still need to vote out the remaining half of McCranda…Andy, I’m sure will be aware of that….He might think he’s ‘safe’ either way.

    • Comments (27)

      I’m from Tx and wanted to vomit when she said that! We looked at each other and said “What? Did she really just say “that’s how we do it in Texas?”” FYI: NO WE DO NOT! So ashamed!

      • Comments (7)

        Glad to hear that. You get a thumbs up for that!

      • Comments (487)

        I worked in Texas for 6 weeks this summer and heard/saw none of the behavior that Aaryn said was normal for Texas. Little girl has a lot to learn about respect and first impressions. She wouldn’t last a week on Bad Girls.

    • Comments (357)

      Talk about a blindside! That Texas Tornado (Aaryn) never saw that interview with Julie Chen coming. I can’t believe she tried to deny what she said! I can only imagine the people in Texas saying. Don’t represent me or the South Aaryn. Thanks, but I’m good! That was a hard interview for Julie. Although cordial and diplomatic? Her body language and peaks in tone said it all!

      • Comments (1076)

        Aaryn is the epitome of the south and Texas. I am so sick and tired of all the excuses. If you are so embarrassed having the truth shoved in your face then stop electing right wing lug nuts and tea party lunatics. Of course there are enclaves of intelligence, but the majority of you are scared of a changing America and vote your prejudices.

      • Comments (7)

        I’m so glad the South lost the Civil War. Even the democrats, which typically dominate the South, have changed. Look at how Democrats have changed from the 50s to now… They are more in tune with the reality.

    • Comments (302)

      I never thought Julie Chen would bring it like that. Kudo’s for her presenting the evidence without being mean spirited and giving Aaryn a chance to explain herself. Obviously Aaryn didn’t do a very good job of that. I am quite certain she broke down in tears as soon as she left that set. No doubt she expected a warm welcome from the audience and Julie when she stepped out that door. Thinking maybe this would be the first step to a new wonderful career in TV and got smacked upside the face with a Texas sized dose of reality.

      • Comments (4411)

        @NoRats: As much as she was crying before she left the house, I’ll bet she not only cried all the way to the jury house, but was practically catatonic by the time she got there….Oh to be a fly on the wall at the jury house!

    • Comments (2)

      She is an embarasment to Texas! “We” as she keeps saying do it or say it that way in “the south” ! She needs to speak for herself. I don’t.

    • Comments (274)

      What!?! For reals? Aaryn was called out on it!? The audience wasn’t a plant? I stopped watching the show and then it gets good…go figure, that’s my life! Is there a link where I can watch it? Thanks!

    • Comments (1)

      Did y’all notice what Aaryn did NOT say last night? I’M SORRY. Never. Not even once did she say the words. She just made excuses. I was glad to see Julie confront her – especially with the actual clips. How could Aaryn deny it after seeing and hearing the words coming out of her own mounth? And yet she did. Dumb move. Dumb girl.

  6. Comments (6)

    Thanks to you I bought the live feeds but when do we get to follow along with the competition? How does that work?

  7. Comments (1)

    This site is AWESOME. Can’t thank you enough for doing this!! I literally put on the show at 9:57, so had no idea who got evicted and now I know even more than that..

    While I thought Aaryn was just a mean spirited girl at first, I do KIND OF feel badly that she did all of Amanda’s dirty work and got sent home 🙁

    HOPE that Amanda goes home next week!! IF Andy wins HOH, though, it’s basically going to be HER hoh

  8. Comments (1)

    GOD I cannot wait to see Amanda’s exit interview if Erin got hissed, booed, and interrogated. I seriously hope Steve Willis is outside the house for Amanda. Amanda is such a sad excuse for a human. Honestly I hope she falls down a flight if stairs nothing but a racist bigot who looks like a tranny.

    • Comments (1)

      Way to go! While I think Amanda is a horrible human being, I do not think any physical harm being done is the right thing to hope for. How about hoping she realizes how bad of a person she is and changes her ways? Oh wait, no one this season is going to try and take the high road, not even the fans!

      Also, looks like a tranny? You do realize that Tranny is a derogatory term for a transgendered person, and that there is nothing wrong with looking like a transsexual, because there is nothing wrong with being a transsexual.

    • Comments (3)

      I hope amandas disgusting self is shunned at juror house when her time comes and she is sent packin. Shes just bad for tv…

    • Comments (30)

      Steve Willis? Who is he and what does he have to do with Amanda? Did I miss something good?

  9. Comments (1)

    Shame on Julie Chen for turning an entertaiment show into shaming a young,very stupid girl when she could have done it another time.Hopefully she will shame Spencer for his child porn language,which is worse.Then there is GM and her race comments.GM and Spencer called Sandyhook a conspiracy,another stupid remark,of course they are older than Aryn. Also one of the men called Amanda a Jew,sounds racist also.Julie Chen you must now go after them all which makes this not entertaiment but political correctness which should be another show. Thank you

    • Comments (1)

      They haven’t been evicted yet moron. There time will come. Julie handled it professionally so stfu.

    • Comments (1)

      Like really Julie handled that so professional and correctly. As a journalist those are the questions she needed to ask. Just because Aaryn is young doesn’t mean I’m avoiding what she says. I’m 24 and I would never fix my mouth to say such things. And you knew you were being recorded 24/7 what did you think no one was going to see it. And to the genius who said Julie handled it shamefully because she needs to be like that with GM and Spencer…well ma’am THEY ARE STILL IN THE HOUSE!!!! She confronted Jeremy and Kaitlin and as each leaves im sure she will question them all the same.

      • Comments (4411)

        @BBFan: And she didn’t even bring up the WORST stuff that Aryan said. BTW, did anyone see BBAD Wednesday night? Did you hear Amanda and Aryan discussing “Asians”, if not, PLEASE go back and watch it. They BOTH said they actually HATE Asians, and proceeded to bash them for about 5-10 minutes. I was PRAYING really hard that Julie watched it and would bring it up at the eviction. Either she didn’t see it, wasn’t told about it or is truly, truly, truly trying to take the high road. To was totally disgusting! And the night before that, GM was telling Spencer and Judd that Jessie was probably in the Jury House “eating out Candice”. I don’t know who is the biggest loser, GM or Amanda. Just when I think I MIGHT be able to like GM, she opens her mouth and all bets are off.

    • Comments (768)

      Would you have preferred that Julie just pretended it didn’t happen?

    • Comments (22)

      I agree that they should all be called out on the things they said, however I do not feel sorry for this “young, very stupid girl”. She is 22/23 and a woman, being from TX is not an excuse. She just happened to learn the hard way because she put herself out there like this. Maybe she can turn her experience around and try to educate people like her…

      • Comments (4411)

        @Joey: I doubt it. How can you correct behavior that you don’t even think is wrong. And how many times has she stated she really doesn’t care, she’s “so over it”, or its “completely stupid”. That simple thing doesn’t even know she’s S-I-M-P-L-E.

    • Comments (1)

      Are you for real? Act shameful, be shamed. Sorry but she’s a big girl who signed up to be ON CAMERA 24/7. Julie handled it perfectly.

    • Comments (21)

      That was so uncomfortable to watch and I ended up feeling more sorry for Aaryn being blindsided by all that.. That should have been left for the finale where everyone would have been called out together

      • Comments (48)

        there wouldn’t be enough time on the finale to call everyone out LOL….but I hope the returning houseguests who went home first, say some stuff to the people who were bad, mainly DEMANDA!!

      • Comments (4411)

        @Marie: No, the finale should be where they all find out they lost their jobs….but alas, don’t think that will happen on tv 🙁

    • Comments (1)

      Bravo Julie — You handled Aaryn with professionalism and I, for one, would have been disappointed had you not confronted her. Aaryn is the worst kind of racist — they don’t even realize that they are and they justify their remarks (“we kid like that in Texas”) — REALLY? None of us believe you were kidding. Racism is no joke — this is 2013 and it’s time to get smart.

      • Comments (13)

        Exit interview should be game play talk only. Everyone in that house has said something at one time or another, why just pick on her? Been a lame season for the most part, so I guess they have to do something to get ratings and to grill her about things that were said 2 months ago was not called for. Heck i dont remember stuff i said 2 months ago
        I am sure everyone has said something derogatory in their life, just don’t happen to be on live national tv. Get on with the game and hoping to see GM or Judd take it all.

      • Comments (1)

        Oh, please! You don’t think that was a part of the game? How she intimidated the black contestants with her remarks? She pretty much made the house horrible to live in for both Candice and Howard in the beginning.

        It’s been a lame season because the house is full of racists and bullies. She wasn’t “picking on her”, she’s called out pretty much everyone who’s gotten evicted. I would bet she’s going to all out everyone else too, once they have their interviews.

        “I am sure everyone has said something derogatory in their life, just don’t happen to be on live national tv.”

        WOW. You are missing the point.

    • Comments (357)

      @ Jackie Meixner, there is no doubt in my mind that they got it coming too from Julie Chen. Being young does not make you stupid nor does it excuse stupidity. I can list many of YOUNG people who would shame the OLDER people with their knowledge and wisdom….so let’s get off that young soapbox and keep it moving! FYI….Amanda started calling herself a Jew before anyone else hopped on that train! Make fun of yourself and guess what? People will follow!

    • Comments (1)

      I believe that it was right of Julie to address the issue. In no way was Aaryn being ostracized (how minorities feel everyday, may I add), Julie simply wanted an explanation out of her. In all honesty, Julie gave her the opportunity to accept fault, and make a sincere apology (if she truly felt guilty about her statements). Instead, she chose to remain ignorant towards her offensive statements, and even worse – deny them.

      This show intent is for entertainment. When a HouseGuest brings in subjects of racism or homophobia, it has NOTHING to do with the game, therefore, needs to be addressed.

      If you choose to remain ignorant to a topic like this, good luck. Unfortunately, these things still exist in our day and age, and it is sad. Thankfully, ignorance can be treated with education.

      • Comments (407)

        And did you notice one of the offensive statements Julie addressed was the one about rice? Good for you Julie!!

      • Comments (293)

        It was like watching a beauty pageant when the contestants get that one question. I noticed Aaryn didn’t give a personal apology to Julie.

    • Comments (1076)

      The truth is a kick in the ass ain’t it. Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the racist one of all……LMAO….

    • Comments (7)

      The votes tell you how people feel…. Shame on YOU, Jackie!

  10. weneedabigmovebycbs
    Comments (21)

    I hope McCrae and Andy both get sent to the jury house with the double eviction next week. It would be fun watching Amanda alone in the house.

    • Comments (12)

      Noooooo don’t leave Amanda in the house!!! She is disgusting from the scenes with Elissa and then on the BB After Dark show last night Amanda and Aaryn were saying they hate Asians…and Aaryn doesn’t think she said anything wrong! Seriously??? Wow!

    • Comments (110)

      I want Amanda out next she deserve to go next I am waiting to see what Julie has to say to her. I hope GM doesn’t not let Amanda talk her into
      putting Ellisa up instead of her and McCrea I believe she wouldn’t because
      she wants them out as much as the rest of them it is time to break up the
      showmance .

      • Comments (357)

        As much as I can’t stand the way GM portrays herself in the house. I think that she may be the only racist (one) in that house to show remorse for her words. No…she has yet to apologize, but I have a feeling that she will and she will mean it. Whereas Amanda and Aaryn will apologize for the sake of their reputations. With that said…It would shock me that Amanda would be able to get in her head. Somehow I think Amanda knows that GM is not the one to mess with! GM is no Elissa…toe to toe!

      • Comments (4411)

        @nqb: Sorry, I have to disagree with you on that one. GM will still be an unremorseful racist no matter what. She told the group one night, that she has no hard feelings against Candice, “it’s just that Candice wasn’t a nice person and was disgusting” (BTW, will someone PLEASE send these clowns the definition of “disgusting? Just about everyone in that house uses it and they are pretty much the epitome of the word), YET Candice has been gone, what, 2 weeks, and GM bashes her almost daily. That’s a real gem, that one.

      • Comments (1076)

        GM hates Amanda, and GM’s alliance can finally get rid of Amanda with no blood on their hands. GM doesn’t care if she is Lady Macbeth. She doesn’t even know who Lady Macbeth is.

      • Comments (4411)

        @Suzy: Lady Macbeth? She probably doesn’t even know who
        Dr. Suess is. I have two 7 year old nephews who are smarter and has more sense than she has.

    • Comments (4411)

      @Weneed: At this point, I don’t care which one goes, Homanda or McDirty, but I do believe that if McDirty were to go, Homanda would be completely lost and would crash and burn so fast, it would make your head spin. I can just see her head exploding now. Amanda is a bully, and one thing I learned as a child is, a bully is only a bully when they have an audience (McDirty, Andy, Spencer, etc), but put them out there by themselves and they turn into field mice. A bully is never a bully when they are alone…they need backup and once McCrae is removed from the picture and the others stop acting like they are afraid of her, she has neither power or significance.

      • Comments (77)

        n2wishun, if McCrae leaves Amanda will just attach herself to Andy and he is not strong enough to stop it. She will have him going to the final 2 with her and he knows he will win over her so I am not sure it is wise to get McCrae out first. McCrae has a better chance at winning challenges but becaues of the reason above I think Amanda needs to go first.

        Andy is such a sneak I think he would go behind the backs of his alliance and make a deal with her for F2 and his alliance would be none the wiser.

      • Comments (4411)

        @Sister: The reason I proposed McScummy go before Scumanda is because I believe he could survive in the house without her but she cannot survive there without him. She is a bully but she is not strong, she is extremely insecure. He’s the one that feeds her ego the most and props her up, which gives her a false sense of security. If he stays, he can work with the other guys, if he goes, she has no one and will crumble like a stale cracker. Even if she latches onto Andy, he can’t help her because to do so would put a target on his back from the other houseguest. If she goes first, it will be harder to get him out. If he goes first, she has no one to keep her there. I say get rid of him first, then her, then Andy, then Spencer. Even though Andy says he’s through with them, he’s still afraid of them. The first thing he did last night was run to them and report to them everything Elissa had just said AND added more to it than was actually said. Once the McScummies have been removed, Andy, the scared little pasty faced rat that he is, is left exposed and will be easier to get rid of without them telling him what to do. Elissa already knows he’s a mole and Judd and Spencer are starting to catch on. I like the idea of him not having anybody to hide behind. Just my humble opinion 🙂

  11. Comments (1)

    As if Amanda won, what a bad week this will be.

  12. Comments (1)

    Aaryn does not represent everyone in Texas and everyone in Texas does not act or behave like her. She is a freaking moron. She is in for a rude awaking when she gets back into the real world.

    • Comments (40)

      yep dr phil would rip her a new one,, read her strategy for playing the game on her bb fb page…. dr phil would say ‘how is that working for ya? and he’s a good ole Texan boy

    • Comments (1076)

      @peanut…Can any of you tell me how such a progressive and enlightened state keeps voting for right wing, anti minority, reactionary politicians. Who are these people that are hijacking your elections and voting in some of the nations worst reactionaries. Either you stand up for what you believe or you are all full of shit. Which one is it? Aren’t you proud of the people you elect. All the thumbs down in the world can’t explain away Texas’s horrible reputation when it comes to minorities and civil rights. Instead of a barrage of thumbs down don’t any of you have the balls to admit the elected representatives of Texas actually represent Texas. Shame on all of you who vote for reactionary anti progressive candidates. The world will move forward no matter how hard you try to make it go backwards. Something stinks here y’all.

      • Comments (27)

        @suzyq Really? Hmmmm. You’re going to get political on a BB site. Next you’ll want to debate religion! Of course I LOVE a good debate but this is not the forum! I prefer to know with whom I’m debating such important issues!

      • Comments (1076)

        So Aaryn’s racism and her blaming it on the south and Texas is not political. I am not the one who opened the brn door. And, everything is political!

      • Comments (22)

        @suzyq – leave politics for another day and another place. Texas is a conservative state, politically, but that does not mean that it is a racist state or that the majority of Texans are racist. Racism, even now in 2013, exists everywhere. Unfortunately, that is just the truth of the matter. I am not from Texas. I am from California, one of the most liberal states in the U.S. and I see and hear racism all the time. It is ugly wherever it raises its head. BB should have kicked out anyone who has that much hatred streaming from their mouths in the first place, but they did not do the right thing. BUT – this forum is not the place to bring up politics or religion! Let’s just give our opinions on the game.

      • Comments (233)

        I live in a ‘conservative’ state where my liberal views and votes are outnumbered by 70%of the votes. It sucks, so we seriously may move when we retire. However, the reason it’s so windy here is that Texas SUCKS . 🙂

      • Comments (1076)

        I think the game is racist and political. You like that one.

      • Comments (80)

        EXCUSE ME SUZYQ this is a BIG BROTHER forum NOT A POLITICAL DISCUSSION FORUM. I am from Texas and guess what?? I AM NOT RACIST. And for your information, Houston has a heavy population of minorities ranging from African Americans all the way to Asians. Not everyone who lives here is racist homophobe hating Caucasian riding a horse to work/school. Please take your pointless comments elsewhere. This is a forum for Big Brother, not your left winged ignorant remarks.

      • Comments (1076)

        Fuck you and have a nice day.

      • Comments (4411)

        @Suzy: “Fuck you and have a nice day”….hmmmm, I see you’re just as classy as Amanda. Oh well, hope you have a cherry of a day too 🙂

      • Comments (293)

        Suzyq, not 100% of Texans voted (vote) as you describe, nor does every elected Texan representative fit the description you give.
        Are you saying Aaryn is representative of every Texan, that she is racist, therefore every Texan is racist?
        Or, are you saying, she is only joking when she makes racist comments, so every Texan is only joking when he or she makes racist comments?
        Elected officials in Texas do not speak for everyone in Texas. Voters in Texas do not speak for everyone in Texas. Aaryn does not speak for everyone in Texas.

      • Comments (1076)

        No. Just the majority.

      • Comments (293)

        Thank you. Opinions can be perceived as facts if they do not include qualifiers such as “the majority,” “most,” “many”, etc.

      • Comments (4411)

        @Suzy: Scumanda, DiSpencer, and GinaMarie (haven’t thought of a nickname for her yet) are not from Texas, what’s their excuse?

      • Comments (12)

        This is BB…not politics!

  13. Comments (2)

    Show is rigged. Google search “Big Brother 15 rigged”. Amanda is friends with the executive producer. She was picked from the start to win and Elissa is there as a distraction.

    • Comments (1288)

      CBS thanks you for spreading their viral marketing campaign for Big Brother. On the night before the finale they will deliver the definitive proof promised and it will be that they were behind the false flag rumor the whole time. Expect the unexpected, even America was caught up in a twist. It sure did get people interested in the show, maybe they will give you a t-shirt or something.

      • Comments (2)

        A t-shirt would be nice.

      • Comments (124)

        Perhaps a nice dunce hat to wear with your new tee would be good too!

      • Comments (1076)

        I always like a nice pair of socks.

      • Comments (293)

        CBS/BB is scurrying around trying to see how they can make sure Amanda doesn’t win now that everyone knows how “connected” she is to the network and the show. I thought contestants on these types of shows couldn’t be related to or friends with staff members. Maybe Amanda is reading the rule book so much because she looking for loopholes.

  14. Comments (1288)

    No updates anywhere, sigh.

    • Comments (40)

      GM won, and hopefully she sticks to the exterminators and puts up Amanda and mccrae,, hopefully even though andy is in that alliance,, he will tell them before noms,, that would make mccranda go wild and maybe instead of double eviction she’ll get thrown out.. but one will go then for double eviction hopefully the other will go… oh i’d hate to be in the jury house next week.

      • Comments (407)

        Almost immediately after GM won Andy says to McCrae, “If I’m being honest I’m afraid maybe one of you might go up.” Didn’t take him very long to run to what I believe is still his true alliance..McCranda.

      • Comments (302)

        Andy also running to Judd concerned about what will happen to him next week if Elissa wins HOH. Thank Goodness Judd shut him down and said we’ll worry about that next week. Amanda’s abuse probably cost Elissa because while she was hold up in the HOH Andy, Judd, Spencer & GM were forming a new alliance in the back yard. Andy has to be a part of every group larger than two people for fear they might bond without him. I can’t stand the weasel but give him credit for sticking his nose into everything. Amazing only Elissa seems to realize that in this house.

      • ThisBBCastIsAHotMess
        Comments (4)

        I think Ellisa was smart to stay in her HOH room when Amanda was on her viscous attack. It does no one any good to subject themselves to trash. If you stick around, you could probably end up in the trash too by doing something just as stupid. Ellisa is a grown, married woman and mother. You don’t keep trash. You throw it away.

      • Comments (4411)

        @Jojo: You would think that just coming off the block, Andy the Rat Face boy would know better, but nooooo, he couldn’t wait to start running stories to McCranda tonight, about Elissa. He not only reported everything she said, but added a little yeast to it. What’s so funny, was only 24 hours ago he was running around the house like the cornered rat he is, looking like he was going to cry because he had floated all through the game without being put up (did he think he was exempt just because he was a snitch?). I don’t know who I want gone the most, RatFink, McCruddy, or Demanda.

  15. Comments (11)

    PLEASE CBS put the live feeds back on! Go GM, Spencer, Andy, and JUDD! I really hope Amanda and McCrae don’t win. So SICK of Amanda – she is a poor excuse for a human being. Just sayin’

  16. Comments (1)

    Amanda has crossed the line bulling Alyssa. Think she lost it. Hopefully it will hurt her with the jury if she makes it to the end.

  17. Comments (2)

    Boy did Aaryn made us Texans look bad. I hope she moves out of the state, she has no reason to live in Texas. I cannot wait until she finds out she is unemployed. I was waiting for Aaryn to look at the crowd and start attacking them with her southern slang. Julie you did a great job.

    • Comments (1076)

      Texans make Texas look bad. Amanda is a product of her environment.

      • Comments (1076)

        Scuse me, Aaryn!. I just can’t take all the excuses when the majority of your state doesn’t even believe in evolution. You reap what you sow.

      • Comments (1076)

        Talk about Amanda being in denial. 60% of the state of Texas wont fess up to there beliefs. Are you sleepwalking when you vote. When James Byrd was tied to the back of a truck and driven around till his corpse was barely identifiable as human was that just a big old mistake? Aaryn hit the nail on the head when she call out Texas and the rest of the southern “culture” for what she said. Wasn’t it Paula Deen who said, “I is what I is”. All of a sudden you are all Atticus Finch. I am not biting.

      • Comments (1)

        Why do minorities feel they are the only people who deal with crap. Being female I have heard every degrading remark towards all my body parts! It isn’t because you are black, gay, Asian, white, female. People are jerks and say anything to hurt. Teach your children right, don’t tolerate it with your self, be kind to one another even if you don’t agree with the life style. Everyone puts up with teasing, stop making one worse than another.

    • Comments (4411)

      @In Texa: Aryan doesn’t make Texas look bad, she makes HERSELF look bad. I REFUSE to let her make me believe that the entire state is as ignorant as she is. I feel sorry for Texas, they have to be associated with her.

    • Comments (27)

      We know the truth about our great state and the people in it. They say it takes 1 off to prove a rule! Aaryn’s just plain, Throwed Off, for real and too dumb to know it!

  18. Comments (1)

    I cant even get the cbs website to load.

    • Comments (1076)

      BBAD is also not on Comcast Southern Palm Beach. Maybe Amanda killed someone in the house when she realized GM was putting her and McCrae on the block this week?

  19. Comments (1)

    GM WON!

  20. Comments (43)

    Yay!!!!! GM won!!!!

  21. Comments (6)

    Holy Dominic and Danielle are MARRIED?! That escalated quickly…

  22. Comments (8)

    This is driving me NUTTS!! And I’m kinda pissed to be honest. This is one of the biggest reasons why I PAY for live feeds. I want to be able to watch the hoh comps that last longer than the show.

  23. Comments (1)

    It’s Gina Marie.

  24. Comments (6)

    Omg not GM!!!!! Come on man!!!! And I know y’all don’t like McCranda but is loved them since week 2. Really rooting for them but no way they bothakenit through double elimination next week.

  25. Comments (12)

    GinaMarie is HOH!!!!!

  26. Comments (1)

    Twitter says gina marie won hoh.

  27. Comments (1)

    GM won HOH………………….:):):)

  28. Comments (2)

    Amanda was a host of some show before…shes not a real estate agent..theres videos of her online

    • Comments (1076)

      My brain is pouring out of my ear…..Amanda was affiliated with Pru realty office on East Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach. Since she has been on BB they have decided she might not be a good fit for their office. A real estate license is good for 34 months. If no firm will work with you the license becomes inactive after 24 months. When she lived in LA she had a minor career behind the scenes in sho biz. She had to work as a bartender (2nd job) to make ends meet. She might be crazy but she is ambitious.

  29. Comments (8)


  30. Comments (6)

    She’s done nothing since she got here and yet she’s HOH

  31. Comments (1)

    Ginamarie won !!!! I hope she doesnt put elissa up
    with the double eviction , this would be the perfect chance to get amanda and mcrea out !!

  32. Comments (1)

    I hope GM stays true and keeps Elissa and votes Mcranda OUT!!!

    • Comments (11)

      I think she will! She knows McCranda needs to LEAVE!! Plus Elissa didnn’t put her up as replacement nom!

    • Comments (4411)

      @Laray: Its hard to tell with GM. For someone who claims she hates “flip floppers”, she’s one of the biggest ones in the house. When she’s with Elissa, she tells her how much she hates McCranda and how much she likes and admires Elissa. When she’s with McCranda, she’s bashing Elissa and telling them how crazy she is. With that entire house, you never know which face you’re talking to.

  33. Comments (1)

    I don’t like Amanda but she keeps the show interesting. If it were the Andy and Spencer show, no one would watch. That being said, I am ready for Elissa to go. She is dumb as a box of hair.

    • Comments (1)

      “Dumb as a box of hair????” Rocks must be scarce around there. Go home Macranda!

    • Comments (4411)

      @Lolo: I had high hopes for Elissa, but after that fiasco last week (with not putting up McCranda), she totally blew it. I can understand her hating Aryan, but she let emotion cloud her judgement. She wanted to get rid of Aryan out of spite, which left her open to biggest threat. She should have gone after one of them and left Aryan and the other one to someone else next week. Not to mention that tonight on BBAD, she was telling GM and Spencer about the stadium that she and her husband had bought and renovated in Canada, and how she is opening her wellness center in a space in the stadium…NOT SMART! Way to REALLY put a target on your back. They are already saying how she thinks she’s better than everybody else and is rich and doesn’t need the money. Now you stand there and smugly (although she wasn’t actually bragging) tell people who have not to much money, that you “own” a stadium and have just built a putting range in your back yard. I kept screaming at the tv “shut up, shut up, shut up”, but the fool just kept on talking. Whether it was true or not, she should have kept that little tidbit to herself.

  34. Comments (1)

    GM won!!!

  35. Comments (1)

    Twitter states Gina Marie won hoh

  36. Comments (111)

    So glad GM won!!! (I’ve always secretly been a closet GM fan) Also ironically, wasn’t GM the HOH last double eviction?

  37. Comments (24)


  38. Comments (1288)

    2nd HoH for GM, she’s earning her bones. Probably McCranda going up with Eloser the replacement if either come down.

  39. Comments (1)

    GinaMarie wins!

  40. Comments (6)

    Sorry using a phone to type. I’m in love with Amanda, jealous of McCrae this season. I picked Amanda week 1 much to my wife’s chagrin. I picked Ian week 2 last year. Say what you want, I love her. That said, no way her and McCrae make it through the double eviction next week.

    • Comments (1092)


      If you are THAT infatuated with Amanda, then your wife must be something.

      Hey big Brother, if you are looking for a contestant for next year….

  41. Comments (11)

    SOOOO Happy!!! McCranda up on the BLOCK!!!

  42. Comments (2)

    I hope GM can make the big move and put both Amanda and Mc(whatever, check his man card)

    • Comments (2)

      Yes!! Anybody but McCranda!!! I hope GM puts both Amanda and McCrae up for eviction. I also hope she works with Elissa. I can’t stand Amanda. McCrae is “whipped”. Amanda is going to ruin his game. I can’t wait to see Amanda walk out the door! I don’t care what she did/does in her “real life”, she is a sorry excuse for a human being. She is just nasty! No wonder McCrae has bitten his fingers until they bled! I am happy for Dominic and Danielle.

      • Comments (4411)

        @Linda: Can you imagine Amanda in the jury house without McDirty? She will spontaneously combust!…LOL….She will have no allies there because she burned all her bridges with them. She will try to re-recruit Aryan, but even she’s on to her now.

      • Comments (25)

        I actually think that it would be funnier if McNasty was in the jury house with all those girls and Amanda was not able to make sure no one sat near him or talked to him. Her imagination running wild would be hilarious! As much as I want her out of the BB house I think it would much more delicious if he went first and she could not control what was happening. She is very self conscious. Him being in that jury house would drive her crazy(er)

  43. Comments (1)


  44. Comments (1)

    I hope and pray Amanda and McCrae go up. I think Amanda is the queen of the bullies and she is a nasty horrible person!! Please please have Amanda get evicted next week…….

  45. Comments (2)

    Woo hoo yeah GM. Please put up Amanda and McCray.

  46. Comments (1)

    Gm and Amanda already plotting putting judd and Elissa up !

  47. Comments (302)

    Is this beautiful. Of course Amanda immediately all over GM trying to tell her how proud Aaryn will be when GM gets Elissa out of the game. I have faith that GM will go after McCranda. It will be interesting if Andy tries to slip in and start mouthing Elissa just to cover his ass in case McCrae or Amanda win POV.
    OKAY … now maybe we can drop all this conspiracy crap. So many convinced that Amanda was leaving tonight after reaching a settlement to leave Big Brother. Once again, some pimply faced kid in his parents basement laughing about how his Big Brother lie took off on the internet. No doubt this week we’ll learn Amanda will be recognized as a member of a terrorist organization sent to America to continue breaking down our moral fabric through reality television.

    • Comments (302)

      I meant “Bad” mouthing Elissa …. of course he also try mouthing her but I think that is an exclusive technique that only Amanda is allowed to use on McCrae.

      • Comments (4411)

        @NoRats: “an exclusive technique that only Amanda is allowed to use on McCrae”…..eeewww, eeewww, eeewww. The very thought makes me cringe, especially by his own admission, he only brushes his teeth and bathes a “few” times a week. Even Amanda says his breath is bad and he stinks sometimes….*chills running down my spine*

    • Comments (87)

      well that is no surprise from amanda- its what she does every week- as she does not win anything- her strong-arming begins… she does not have conversations, she sits there being verbally intimidating making everyone feel like they have to answer her inquisitions instead of telling her to back off.

  48. Comments (6)

    I am so glad it was either of the mcrandas that won. That would have been a disaster! She better nominate BOTH right off the bat so that a repeat of last week does not happen. Putting up both is the only way to ensure that one goes home. If Elissa had nominated both, one of them already would have been in jury. I was not sad to see Aaryn go, but would have much preferred Amanda. Grr.

  49. Comments (286)

    GM has small fingers OF COURSE she was going to win.Now she can put up Mcranda and sit back.When Amanda cries to her GM can remind her of the other night in the kitchen,the fact they wanted Elissa to put her up
    and the fact they sent her girl home.Ahhh Karma gotta love it

    • Comments (1288)

      Absolutely. Plus Elissa will be the replacement nominee if either McCrae or Amanda win POV and GM can claim it was a backdoor plan all the time.

      • Comments (1092)

        If Amanda or McRae win pov, why not put Spencer up. He is part of the exterminators, so he would be safe, and then the power couple would be split up.

      • Comments (1288)

        But one would be left gunning for GM, putting up Elissa allows her to claim it was a backdoor plan all the way.

      • Comments (1092)

        That’a true.

        However, the following hoh comp the remainder 1 of the couple would be competing against 5 others. Odds arent in their favor anymore.

        Btw – I really appreciate your posts. You really put a lot of thought into the strategy of the game !

      • Comments (1288)

        thanks. I admit to playing to the snark but the analysis is sacred.

  50. Comments (1)

    It would be SO much fun to watch GM put up McRanda and then have McRae win POV. Then we could watch Amanda cry and try to bully him into taking her off the block instead of himself. Then when he takes himself down we can watch her cry some more until she’s voted out! Good riddance Amanda

    • Comments (6)

      That would be truly, truly, amazing. Although I would like to see them both sit up there and rot the whole time. It would be hilarious if Elissa won POV. Amanda would be so pissed. It would be funny to Watch Amanda try and grovel to Elissa to save her.

    • Comments (138)

      I’m sure she’d convince McRae to take her down bc ‘he’d stay’ against his replacement.

  51. Comments (1)

    Im glad GM won HOH bc she will put up Amanda and McCrae. I still do not want her to win BB though bc she has been racist as well. If Amanda or McCrae wins the veto then GM she put Andy up. I want Judd and Elissa at the end, with Judd winning the game.

    • Comments (18)

      I would like to see Judd and GM at the end with Judd winning it.

      • Comments (111)

        I want Elissa and GM at the end with Elissa winning 😉

      • Comments (426)

        I disagree. Elissa has been a total floater until she made a big move this week. At this point I don’t think that is enough to deserve winning. But I may change my mind depending what happens from here on.
        Spencer is a total floater and doesn’t deserve to win.
        Andy is a rat.
        Mcranda are just nasty in every way. He evidently doesn’t even bathe. No wonder he gave her a vd. There is not enough chlorine in the world to have me get in a pool or hot tub that she has been in.
        GM is a bit of a nut case (who isn’t?) with her eating disorder and her Nick ‘fatal attraction’, but I think a nice person and maybe she can use the $$ to get help.
        Go Judd!!!!!!

      • Comments (4411)

        @Colby: I agreed with your every accessment until you got to GM. A leopard will never change their spots. As I’ve said in a previous post, I could almost like GM until she opens her mouth. Mainly because she has said some of the most despicable things to and about Candice. The other night she was reading through the rule manual to see if she could “punch Candice in the face when she gets to jury”. And this remark was made AFTER Candice came back into the house for the competition and GM said everything was ok between the 2 of them. She (GM) was a loser from the beginning and will be till the end. To tell the truth, I’m hard pressed for ANY of these clowns to get the money. If they left it to America to vote, I’d vote to donate the money to charity. I swear that entire house reminds me of the Land of Misfit Toys.

      • Comments (426)

        I have to agree with you about GM and her inappropriate actions re Candice. Guess I was thinking about having to choose F2, and am just really glad that finally somebody is going to do something about Mcranda.

      • Comments (426)

        I agree.
        And I think Judd will get America’s Favorite,

      • Comments (426)

        Agreeing with Max.

      • Comments (1162)

        I think America’s Favorite is going to be a Finale Surprise, a close vote.
        In the running –

        Early onCandice figured out the where the power was inside of the BBH
        and was certainly taunted beyond belief.

        Jessie did make waves after Candice left but the tide never turned in her favor.

        Judd seems like the nicest guy in the BBH but he really hasn’t
        done much game wise……. so far.

        Elissa made a Big Move but it certainly wasn’t an unexpected one.

  52. Comments (875)

    Never, ever thought that I would say this, but….YaY GM! \o/

  53. Comments (11)

    Elissa DIDNT put GM up on the block… GM is going to put up McCranda! Let’s hope that neither Amanda or McCrae wins POV. I want Amanda to GO HOME!!

  54. Comments (9)

    GM will put Amanda and McCrae up. If one of them somehow win POV, she will replace that person with Elissa. Even then, the house will vote for the remaining McCranda.

    Also, it’s extremely likely that the remaining McCranda will be be voted out right after during the double eviction. Could be a great week.

    • Comments (11)

      SO looking forward to this week!!

    • Comments (1076)

      If McCrae ends up on the block with Elissa then Elissa will go home. Amanda, Spencer and Andy vote to keep MccCrae and Elissa gets only Judds vote (if he is brave enough to vote against the house. If Amanda is on the block w/ Elissa, Amanda goes home with McCrae voting to keep her and Andy, Judd and Spencer voting off Amanda. Finally, an interesting week.

    • Comments (4411)

      @Chris: Not necessarily (that they would vote out McCrae over Elissa). Remember, they don’t like Elissa either AND the guys really want all of the guys to go to the end and only feel that McDirty is handicapped by Amanda, but once she is removed, I think they think they can work with him, therefore making Elissa expendable.

  55. Comments (2)

    I hope Amanda and McCrey have to weat the chicken suits.

  56. Comments (453)

    Julie Chen needs to be applauded for the way she handled Aaryn, even when she sat there looking her straight in the eye and lied trying to say she never said or meant to say it and was friends with Candice. Got news for her, Candice should be saying welcome to my house of hell now boo when she walks in the door of the jury house.

    • Comments (36)

      Aaryn was SO shocked when Julie quoted some of the things she’d said! She started to stammer her answer. LOL

      • Comments (87)

        if it were not for the return of her shitty behavior again last night with amanda, I would’ve almost felt a tad bit sorry for tonight- she really has no idea whats has been going on out here and she is in for big wake up call/shock… she’s going to be crying herself to sleep for a long time when she gets home.

      • Comments (4411)

        @Alyssa: She kinda looked good with those crow feathers hangin out of her mouth huh?….LOL

  57. TeamGetAmandaOut!
    Comments (12)

    Can we really see Amanda or McCrae leave this week? Hoping GM will keep her word to Elissa. Whether you like or love Elissa, she played her own game last week and kept her word to GM.

    GM putting up McCranda together will hopefully make for a good week and I would love to see how Amanda comes at GM. GM is a bull who will strike back. But you never know with this group.

  58. Comments (1)

    Never thought I would be happy GM won HOH!

  59. Comments (11)

    Spencer just picked his nose… UGH!!

  60. Comments (12)

    GM has mentioned to Judd and possibly Spencer that she is nominating McCranda.

  61. Comments (12)

    If McRae was listening to Amanda he would have heard her saying Elissa”pushed her buttons”,isn’t that what abusers say ,before they physically abuse someone ?She also basically dared any one in the house to push her buttons . That’s not game ,that’s Amanda . Please GM ,put the showmance up together . I also don’t like to use the bully word ,but Amanda is a BULLY,but she won’t bully GM .

    • Comments (36)

      You’re right. Didn’t spot that. Sure sign of a bully, blaming the victim for their abusive behavior.

    • Comments (87)

      yea that was a surprise to hear that, I wish Julie would’ve pushed her a bit more on that topic- totally lame answer form amander…and then ending it with another threat..she’s just clueless!

  62. Comments (6)

    I wonder if Aaryn has any sense of what awaits her in the outside world after being boo’d from the audience and her interview with Julie. I doubt that she could fathom that she has been fired from her jobs, but I wonder if she knows there are going to be reprecussions for her in the real world. I would LOVE to see the look on her face when she finds out about being fired.
    Mccranda in the double evic would be so sweet!

  63. Comments (1288)

    Having GM as HoH this week will allow us to better judge her racist remarks. If they continue then she is truly damning herself, there is no one to lead her in them this week. On the other hand if the behavior subsides with Aaryan gone it might show how she was influenced by her.

  64. Comments (8)

    Best case scenario for the double elimination would be both Amanda and McRae evicted from the house. I am still rooting for Judd or Elissa…And on another note, Julie handled that interview very well. Aaryn like the rest of the house guest know that everything you say and do is viewed on live feeds. I am sure Julie will call out the other racist, perverts, psychos etc. Such a bad group of people this season.

    • Comments (14)

      I concur with one small exception…imho, GM should put up Amanda and Andy…manoman the chaos for the following week would be delish with tears and bawlin from both … then should ther be a veto comp uo goes McRae..that’s my fantasy at least ; )

      • Comments (124)

        Only problem with that is if McCranda wins veto and then Andy is up against someone new, like Ellisa and for sure Ellisa would go home. The only …I repeat..,only…way to break up McCranda is to put them up side by side on the block.

      • Comments (14)

        Ah! I see your point. Side by Side it is then…will fantasize about Aryan’s tears in the jury house…I’m flexible … lol

  65. Comments (40)

    score one for the Exterminators,,,,, yeah,, both mcnastys go up,, then if one comes down,, then they go back up in double eviction.. yeah.. Amanda must go first.

  66. Comments (1288)

    Judd and Spencer get the chicken suits. Judd is going to sound like Foghorn Leghorn, lmfao.

  67. Comments (1)

    What if Amanda goads GM into a physical altercation, and GM gets booted from the show. She does have a temper!

    Maybe CBS would just let it slide…

    • Comments (1288)

      No, physical contact is the thin red line. They would look very closely at Amanda’s provocation – they might both go.

      • Comments (4411)

        @Dan: I don’t think they both would go, only the one who actually gets physical. Remember last year, the brother of Russell (Survivor)was on BB and the first week he got booted before the 1st eviction because he got up into a houseguest face then chest bumped him. He was immediately called into the DR and wasn’t allowed back into the house.

    • Comments (453)

      I think Judd and Elissa would step in and get GM away from the psycho.

  68. Comments (1)

    In my opinion, the way Amanda acts could just be an act! We have to always keep in mind that this is a game! What she did to Elissa was annoying, but it was part of a plan for her to look bad, so Andy could try and convince Elissa that he disapproves with what she’s doing! It was a ploy, which is part of the game! I think Amanda is playing a great game, she’s just a very loud, crewed person!

    • Comments (768)

      At first glance I thought you left the ‘s’ off of crewed, but then I realized you meant crude. I agree with both.

    • Comments (87)

      hummm…. I think your definition of great must be different than mine…

    • Comments (293)

      A person playing a great game doesn’t make enemies of nearly everyone in the house. A good player thinks about how the jury will view him or her. I think finally Amanda realized this and, consequently, made a decent good-bye speech to Aaryn. But it’s too late. No one on the jury likes her–not even Aaryn. It would be interesting to see how the votes go if Amanda and Elissa are the final two!

  69. Comments (226)

    Stevebeans don’t beat up on yourself about the feeds. We all appreciate everything you do on this blog! Get some rest, you deserve it! Thank you-

  70. Comments (9)

    I don’t understand Amanda’s (and really the rest of the house’s) hatred towards Elissa. Personally, I think Elissa is a snob and has a very weak personality. However, she has never personally attacked anyone like Amanda has, and I feel most of the time she minds her own business.

    • Comments (6)

      I agree with you one hundred percent. I’ve never understood why everyone has had such a huge problem with her. Shes annoying, but nothing worse than that. I wouldn’t even call her a snob–a bit flaky maybe? She is one of the only people, if not the only one who has completely stood up against the racism in the house.
      I was always annoyed with Helen for being nice to people who were directly racist against her, and she knew it. Elissa doesn’t flip flop or bend on her morals in order to suck up to people like Helen and others do. Like her or not, we’ve got to give her that.

      • Comments (9)

        I agree with that lau lau. In my opinion, I think she probably hangs out with wealthy people outside of the show. Since most of the people left in the house are definitely not wealthy, she has trouble relating to them. Personally, I think deep down she does want to fit in, but just doesn’t have anything in common with the rest of the house guests. And Amanda definitely doesn’t make things easier for her. Snob might be the best word, but I do think that when she is dealing with GM for example, she gives you a sense that she is better than her (I’m talking specifically about their meeting in the HOH last week), and she absolutely whines too much about stupid things (she says “oh my gooodddd, my foot hurts so muuuch”, or oh my goooddd, she’s insane, all the friggin time).

      • Comments (9)

        snob might NOT be the right word I meant to say

      • Comments (1162)

        I’ll bet Amanda, coming from a family worth multi-millions, hangs
        around with more wealthy people outside of the BBH than Elissa.

    • Comments (5)

      She personally attacked Amanda. Remember when they did that ridiculous birthday thing for McC? Elissa was nothing but nasty to Amanda. That’s reason enough right there for Amanda to hate her. I’m not saying I was thrilled to watch the.. Whatever that was supposed to be.. But Elissa didn’t need to be so nasty.

      • Comments (5)

        Love the thumbs down. It makes total sense to me that people want to burn Amanda and Aaryn at stake for being racist and mean, but Elissa, who clearly has an issue with someone whos a little heavier than her, can make comments about her figure?. Since when did it become acceptable to make fun of people who own a one piece swim suit because they may not want to draw attention to their body? That was horrible and the way she continued to go on and on? Amanda is a cruel person and so is Elissa and I don’t want to see either of them win this game.

      • Comments (9)

        I’m with you, I can’t see Elissa winning, since after McCranda, she is the most hated. Honestly, I’d be happy if Judd, Spencer, or even GM won. I can’t root for Andy because he rode the McCranda train too long.

      • Comments (22)


        Why can’t people get that through their heads..

        For example calling someone a bitch is completely different from calling someone the “N” word.. It doesn’t compare!! Aaryn has said some nasty things about a lot of races. Amanda has done just the same. One cannot change the color of their skin, but they can change their weight or their attitude.

        Aaryn and Amanda are not nice girls. Elissa has said some mean remarks but she never came at someone’s ethnicity. She seemed like a snob because she clearly didn’t want to stoop to their level. She’s CLEARLY better than them. If that makes her snobby? Fine..

        Geez… I’m not an Elissa fan and I clearly don’t condone Aaryn/Amanda’s comments but as a woman of color its bothered me this season when people make it seem like Elissa’s petty comments are one the same tier as the others..

      • Comments (4411)

        @Toni: Not to mention that Elissa made fun of Amanda’s figure or lack there of, that one time. Amanda deserves that and MUCH more. Scumanda has been ranking on the other members of the house since week 1. It was about time someone put a tear in her evil eyes. If half the house started giving Scumanda what she’s been putting out, she would be devastated. She can dish it but she can’t take it. She is so cruel to everyone she targets but when things don’t go her way, she breaks out the tears and victim crap. Every night while watching BBAD, I keep hoping someone will rip her a new one. The best fight in the house was the night she called herself going after GM in the kitchen and GM challenged her and McScummy had to come and get Scumanda out of the kitchen. I was actually jumping up and down and clapping with pure and utter glee (*making the sign of the cross* ). ;-} (evil-ass grin)

      • Comments (2)

        Sorry my big thumb hit the Thumbs down button instead of Thumbs up but I give Thumbs up

      • Comments (5)

        In absolutely NO way am I saying what Amanda did is okay. What I’m saying is that if I were Amanda, and Elissa had personally attacked me, I would not like Elissa either. And all of this it doesn’t compare stuff, what Elissa did was before Amanda’s retaliation. Do I think that Amanda went to far? Absolutely. But do I believe that Amanda has a good reason to dislike Elissa? Yes. Which was my original point. And just throwing this out there, yes, it’s a low blow to take jabs at someone’s ethnicity, but its just as low a blow to call someone fat. That’s just as ugly to me because its about how they look, which is where racial attacks start. They start because someone looks different than you. And Elissa crossed a line too, maybe she didn’t insult a race, but she insulted women everywhere who wear a one piece suit. (Just to be clear, I’m not a fan of either one of these women, just pointing out that Elissa isn’t a nice person either)

      • Comments (4411)

        @Meeka: I have to disagree. I think Elissa deserved to get one in. The worst thing she did was laugh at Amanda for wearing a one piece suit, while Amanda has constantly attacked Elissa about her face(“what did you do to your face Elissa?”;”You look all botoxed up”; “why do you look different?”;”your face is a mess and those ratty ass extentions”; etc.,etc.,), not to mention the fact that she went after Elissa’s husband (“he looks like an old man, how old is he 70?”; “did you marry your father?”; “were you the mistress first or the secretary?”), then proceeded to go after her son and stepchildren. Amanda is vile, vile, vile…she has no filter, no ethics and no self respect. Attacking Elissa on a game level is one thing, but attacking her and her family on a personal level is something else. None of their families are there playing the game and should therefore be OFF limits. When Scumanda doesn’t get her way or sets her crazy sights on someone, she takes it to a personal level. Because of that fact alone, she deserves every hurtful thing she gets. Sorry, I can’t feel not one ounce of empathy/sympathy for someone as low as that.

    • Comments (87)

      weak personality? idk – she showed enormous composure when a lunatic (amanda) was having a verbal meltdown on her… I don’t know that I would have been able to stop myself from smacking her in the mug… that said a lot I think…

      • Comments (9)

        Maybe I should have said anti-social. She cannot have a normal conversation in the house. I’m sorry if I’m the only one that notices it. She just lays around, and hopefully someone brings up health and fitness to get her involved.

      • Comments (1162)

        “She just lays around …………..”

        Elissa has been seen more often cooking, doing dishes and cleaning
        up the BBH’s stinky bathroom more than anyone else in the House.

        She is, also, one of the first HGs up in the AM. When the cameras
        show her sunbathing, she has usually finished with the housekeeping and
        done her Yoga for the day. Where are the others? ……still sleeping.

      • Comments (1162)

        Also, I disagree about her being anti-social.
        She is the BBH’s hair colorist and barber…..and has fun
        conversations with the other HGs.
        Whenever the conversations turns ugly, racist and bigoted, she leaves the group, which,
        IMO, is not being anti-social nor a character flaw.

      • Comments (610)

        Well said MM!

  71. Comments (1)

    I’m glad that GM won the HOH but….if anyone wins BB this season my personal choice is Elissa. Elissa handled herself in a very classy manner and was not privy to all the evil, mean and hateful actions that took place in the house….go Elissa!!! you deserve to win.

  72. Comments (1)

    love the Website… Thanks.. Hope it is a bad week for Mcranda Can’t believe that I happy that GM won HOH

  73. Comments (2)

    I’m very confused yea Amanda and Aaron are both bullies but so is allisia ( my opinion shes ben astuck up bitch the whole time) really everyone in the house has been so why is it just that just Amanda and Aaron are being called out?

  74. Comments (4)

    Amanda is more then bully. In watching the feed the day she spend over 5 hours attaching E, not just screaming and blowing her horn that would of been a bully but game, but putting her stuff in the Toilet, attaching her child with threats of stabbing and many other horrible things that was just appalling, as someone that liked Amanda early on, I am ashamed of her play, when you take it out of the game and make in personal that is taking it a bit to far. I so want her gone then go Judd

  75. Comments (79)


  76. Comments (87)

    Hay- who has to wear the chicken suit?!

  77. Comments (1162)

    GM is the New HOH! – Ready, Aim, Evict!!!

    Amanda is hiding behind the SR trash can and McCrae is inside of the trash can.
    Andy’s standing inside of the SR doorway.

    This is the TRIO, GinaMarie needs to target and not falter for even one second.

  78. Comments (1)

    Aaryn is hot and she’s not a mud shark. nothin wrong with a white girl talkin bout them that way hell its true

  79. Comments (9)

    Gina Marie just did the best thing I have seen the whole season. Epic.

    • Comments (2)

      Tell us more

      • Comments (302)

        It was beautiful. As Amanda brow beats her into putting up Elissa and Judd … Gina Marie just shakes her head and acts like she is going along with it and hugs Amanda and turns to make a face at the camera. When Amanda leaves the room GM laughing and pointing at her HOH necklace and making gestures that McCranda are going up. Spectacular theatre.

      • Comments (1076)

        GM is a riot.

  80. Comments (11)

    Elissa regretted not putting McCrae and Amanda up for eviction. Really wanted to win the veto so that Amanda could be back doored! I hope McCrae and Amanda go home this week – double eviction!

    • Comments (293)

      Elissa has been bashed by some for not putting both up together, but as you say, Amy, (I think) she hoped to win the veto or hoped at least someone she could rely on would and Amanda would have been back doored. On the other hand, GM can put both up together because they have no allies except each other. If he’s smart, McCrae will ditch Amanda. If their showmance is solid (yeah, right), he can tell her that she is the least liked, so he should move on to the final two. I’ve said it before, “McCrae sacrifice your queen.”

  81. Comments (90)

    I’d like to see Spencer & Judd as the final two.

    Amanda can leave right now, followed by: Andy, Elyssa, GM, then Micky.
    I was a McCrae fan til he chose Amanda over his original alliance. (lovestruck idiot)

    Speaking of showmances, will they drag Nick to the finale? lol

    Would like to see Howard win the fan favorite prize money, but thanks to Rachel fans, that won’t happen. (sigh)

    • Comments (9)

      I’m with you on Judd and Spencer. Spencer is #2 only because he pretends to be close to McCranda. I think Spencer is easily the funniest in the house, he does say some inappropriate things. The whole child porn thing was blown out of proportions though, it was a bad joke but he was obviously kidding, speaking into McCrae’s microphone. I actually wouldn’t mind GM winning it either.

      After that, I hate McCranda, Andy is a snake, and while I’m sure the majority disagrees, Elissa really is hard to like, she whines too much and has trouble keeping a conversation, which is the reason she is basically alone in the house right now.

      • Comments (4411)

        @Chris: Sorry Hon, although Spencer might have a quick wit, he is also a piece of scum. Besides the child porn comment, I’ll never forget that night in the HOH room when Scumanda said she’d like to slit Jessie’s throat then pass her around and let the men rape her and Spencer said, “Oh good, and we can use the blood as a lube”. That pretty much did it for me. And let’s not forget that 95% of his comments are of some sort of crude sexual nature (who else here thinks that “Marilyn” is a blow up doll (re: Lars And The Real Girl). I’m checking the Sex Offender’s List as we speak.

      • Comments (90)

        I never heard the lube comment before, just the kiddie porn joke (on mcray’s mike, impersonating mcray).
        Judd and McRay whisper A LOT.
        Judd’s treatment of the BB women isn’t saintly.
        At least you guys caught Spencer’s voice easily.

        Most of the boys have been pretty crude this season, but without spencer, let’s just give the win to mcray.

        (Not Elyssa, because it was unfair to have her this season in the first place,IMO. Not GM, the jerseyshore wannabe. Not Andy: he is just a cowardly liar.)

  82. Comments (111)

    So apparently Amanda was talking to GM about nominating Spencer/Judd/Elissa and such, and as soon as Amanda left the room, GM looked at the camera, laughed, and said she is going up.
    LOVE IT.

  83. Comments (4)

    Did anyone else notice the guy who plays the teacher on glee im the live audience?!

  84. Comments (27)

    I’m a little late to this topic since football postponed BB but I want to say:


    She was pointed, graceful, genuine and classy during her interview with Aaryn. Aaryn was obviously blindsided by the topic, much more than her eviction, and looked like she felt as bad as one being on the business end of a racist slur.

    In the quest for a cure to the disease of racism, Julie tonight found an antibiotic

    • Comments (1162)

      Shining spotlights on racism & bigotry is, IMO, one of the best ways
      to eradicate racism & bigotry.

      • Comments (1288)

        And this is why all the cries for the immediate removal from the game were silly. Aaryan had to be allowed to run the course of her game and will now be judged on what she said and did. She has at least learned that she cannot claim they have been taken out of context.

        The entire episodes are available in living color from the BB archives. They are unedited and can easily be placed in context. She will now have a few weeks to rethink her defense. Helen could probably help at that but will she?

      • Comments (82)

        I guarantee you that the HGs know each other on another level, and will forgive each other for things said. They may not be best buddies for life, but they will get over it. Its you whiners that drag it on…and on….and on…and on and on and on and on….and……………..on.

      • Comments (1076)

        But as you can see here tonight, those in the spotlight don’t admit they deserve to be there. All of a sudden the entire state of Texas has turned into a Utopia and Aaryn is just some aberration that fell out of the sky. Just pathetic!

      • Comments (34)

        Suzy racism sucks. And your lumping everyone is Texas in one big pot is racism. You don’t like who they vote for, we get that. But saying ALL of them…. is imnsho as bad as anything else said in the house. So do you really think the minorities in Texas are just like Aryan?
        If you truly want racism to end then check your own as well.

  85. Comments (82)

    Well, looks like a floater will win BB15. With Aaryn gone and Amanda likely headed that way, BB15 has officially become the worst season ever. All of you on your righteous high horses instead of watching it for what it is……have gotten your wish. Its a game, people aren’t suppose to hug and make life long friendships (which they usually do regardless). So for us who watch the show for gameplay and competition wins etc have been robbed. Congrats you good-doers, or should I say hyprocrites that have most likely said racist comments yourself, or bullied someone at some point. All I can hope for now is another Amanda POV win, and a run to glory like Jordan somehow had that year. Amanda is BY FAR the last gameplayer that deserves to win. I said gameplayer you haters, before you call her racist, bully etc….get over it hypocrites. Ok, haters proceed with the dislikes and arguments….

    • Comments (8)

      I do agree with you that Amanda is the only one left thats actually playing a game, and it would be annoying having a floater win the game. Though currently Amanda has too much power and its getting to her head or at least the bullying side of her. It’d be awesome if the house stood up to her bullying antics to see how shed react. Or itd also be interesting to have McCrae leave the house to see how she would play it without her right-hand man. Amanda will get what coming to her when she leaves the BB house anyway. I’d want to see Amanda play strategically without the personal attacks this week.

    • Comments (407)

      Why argue? You have your opinion and we have ours. May the best hg win!

    • Comments (1)

      Amanda has been playing for second place the whole game. How is that good game play?

    • Comments (286)

      Seems with Aaryn gone and Amanda maybe on her way out Id say their gameplay has a flaw.And being a bully is one thing Evil Dick was a bully but never crossed the line as these two have,especially Amanda.

    • Comments (87)

      just because she is loud, obnoxious… and many other unflattering things does not make good gameplay… her only plan- every week- is to verbally intimidate the ppl who are in control- thats not a great plan.
      Helen made plans long term… stuck to her alliances.. all other players who makes plans lets them fall away within hours of making their alliance- I don’t see anything clever or subtle coming from amanda.. she is not smart. Even Elissa this week- she kept her cool because she knew she would not be hoh next week… thinking ahead, holding your emotions in check for the greater good of your game… better plan then being an outrageous bully.

    • Comments (2)

      Amanda is one of the most disgusting human beings I have ever seen. I agree with Dan when during his interview with Julie said that what we see with Amanda is what she is really like down deep into her core. Having said that she has for the most part been loyal to people in her alliance even if it is only to help her win. Her way of the game play has gotten her far but I hope she goes home this week. People shouldn’t be rewarded for such bad behavior.

    • Comments (2)

      Thank you very much. It’s nice to see someone here has some commonsense. You are 100% correct. This is a Game Show not a forum for political correctness. IT’S A GAME.
      All the hypocrites here are so damn self righteous and phony it makes me sick.
      My wife and I are done watching and reading this crap.

  86. Comments (8)

    I think and want Elissa and GM to the final 2

  87. Comments (8)

    Best week for GM to be HOH this entire season. Super excited for this week! With the whole house against Amanda and McCrae’s alliance (maybe not Andy), this game will get more interesting!


    It was getting annoying to see him hiding on the fence week by week. I loved how Helen’s eviction made him pick a side. He sneaks by week by week, and while that is a valid strategy, its getting frustrating to watch. If he does get put in the spotlight, its a lose-lose situation for him. Either Amanda goes gunning blazing at him, or the rest of the house loses their trust in him!

  88. Comments (610)

    How long before Amanda has another meltdown because things didn’t go her way?

  89. Comments (1)

    What the HELL is wrong with AmanDUH!!! When she’s in a bad losing position, she cries like a little spoiled brat, what have I done to you, boo hoo hoo ! What!! Then all of a sudden, if she’s in a winning position, she turns into a DEVIL!! What’s wrong with her? I hate her, as all of America does!! I can’t wait until she finds out that it was America that kept pitting her up, because she such a douche!!LOSER AMANDA!!

    • Comments (624)

      Her mother definitely enjoyed a few cocktails during her pregnancy with Amanda. Maybe even a toot or twelve if it was during the 70s era.

      • Comments (1162)

        I don’t think her family and close friends are at all surprised
        by Amanda’s behavior on BB15.
        They’ve, all, seen it before now.

  90. Comments (302)

    Amanda is absolutely the most pathetic character on Television right now and that includes reality, drama, comedy, game shows, daytime soaps, home shopping network. A complete meltdown because her bullying tactics are not working on Elissa. So now Amanda claiming to the rest of the house that it’s Elissa actually bullying her. OMG this woman has no shame. The most hilarious aspect of this is she’s following Elissa around calling Elissa a bully but getting no reaction as Elissa walks away. Then Amanda goes to the rest of the house and bust out the fake tears and claims Elissa is like a bitchy mean girl from school. She tops it off by claiming Elissa tortured and taunted Aaryn. This must have all gone on in the BB torture chamber where live cameras aren’t allowed. This would be like a cat complaining that a mouse is stalking him(only applicable in Tom & Jerry Cartoons).

    • Comments (4411)

      @NoRats: ROFL….VERY well stated. But one of the things that pisses me off is when Scumanda is making all these claims, everyone (McScummy, RatAndy, and DisSpencer) are all agreeing with her. And all while looking completely terrified, like they are scared of her.

  91. Comments (1)

    You are all whack !!!! Amanada and mcray are playing the best game . Andy is the biggest rat . right now he’s in the hih room taking smack . Just cause aaryn is out , now he turns he’s back on them .

  92. Comments (302)

    As my name proclaims I really can’t stand Andy. Tonight he tells Gina Marie when she puts up Amanda and McCrae that he needs to have a shocked reaction as if this benefits GM & their Exterminators alliance. Hello alliance members … it only benefits Andy. That way he can appear to still be on McCranda’s side while the rest are against. I wish Gina Marie would just tell McCranda that she is going to let Andy choose who goes up to test his loyalty.

    • Comments (11)

      Andy, what shock………….CRYING!

    • Comments (4411)

      @NoRats: I AM SO IN LOVE WITH YOU RIGHT NOW!…FINALLY! That’s EXACTLY what Andy wants them to see. He wants to always look innocent so no one will look his way. That’s why he was so upset and crying like the little so and so he is when they put him on the block. Even after being put up he is still trying to play both sides because the power could always shift and he wants to make sure his ass is always covered. Andy has no loyalty to any alliance really. Andy is his own alliance. He IS the biggest rat I’ve ever seen, and I think they should feed him cheese all week, accordingly.

  93. Comments (4)


  94. Comments (11)

    Start packing your BAGS AMANDA!!! You are gone and I can’t wait until you get to the JURY HOUSE and they make lunchmeat out of you. Go hide under a rock and CRY!

  95. Comments (15)

    Just got up, I am about to watch the show now, I recorded it last night, because of the game it was not on until 1:30 a.m. I can’t wait to see it!!!

  96. Comments (11)

    Start packing your BAGS Amanda. Can’t wait til you get in the JURY HOUSE and the make lunchmeat out of you. Go hide under a rock and cry!!!!!!!!

  97. Comments (9)

    A chicken suit?? A bunny suit?? This is the best the producers can come up with after the awful season they have presented so far? I think it would be hilarious if the producers put on one of their stupid “votings” and not one person voted. Ain’t gonna happen but still would be funny

  98. weneedabigmovebycbs
    Comments (21)

    I still think it is best if McCrae is evicted first, then let RatAndy be second eviction then we have a week to watch Amanda meltdown as she realizes she will be the one out next week.

    • Comments (1162)

      Amanda will go crazy thinking about McCrae being in the JH with Jessie & Aaryn.
      During the game, she’s accused both of them of wanting to take McCrae away from her.

    • Comments (624)

      If Amanda and/or MC are ever on the block, they need to vote one of them out. I know Elissa hated Aaryn, but she could have sent one of them home yesterday by putting them both on the block at the nom ceremony.

      Amanda is just complete psycho with her crazy smile and her eyes/eyebrows remind me of Don Rickles for some reason.

  99. Comments (624)

    Up in the HoH room, during last night’s BBAD, did anyone notice Amanda’s crazy looking fake sincere smile on her face? I thought she was loopy, but man she’s waaaay off the charts.

    Hopefully, GM will put up both Amanda/MC right off the bat. If one comes off with POV, vote out the one that remains.

    • Comments (1162)

      Read about it —-hopefully it will be on BBAD so I can see it later on today.

      Amanda is unraveling faster that McCrae can stop her. He will likely
      be running for cover from her, too, today. At some point, he will
      have to tell her, once again, to stop her behavior and she
      is going to SNAP! Although, they will have each other for
      comfort while being on the Block, together. Or, will he finally
      ditch her for real or just pretend?
      : )

      • Comments (624)

        I’m sure that relationship is kaput once the show is over. Even though nothing concrete is known about her realty job (speculation about her RE license status, etc.), I wonder if she will be able to find a realty company that will hire her. I know I couldn’t trust her. All I’d be thinking of is what a crazy biotch she is and that her crotch smells like hot garbage. Sorry–deep thoughts by Jack Handy…

      • Comments (4411)

        @Papi: Amanda worked for her mother’s brokerage, which is owned by Prudential (I think). As of a few weeks ago, someone on another BB site posted Amanda’s website and license. Her website has been taken down by Prudential and her license has been suspended until further notice. Whether or not she goes back and works for her mother or not probably won’t matter much. She would be a liability to any company she worked for. They would most likely be afraid that if she were to show up to show a property and the clients recognized her and heard of her shenanigans on the show, the clients would not want to work with her and therefore they would lose business. I think the old girl has put quite a few nails in her professional coffin.

  100. Comments (1)

    Put up McCranda…..send McCrae home b/c Amanda can’t/won’t win shit. Elissa win the following week and gets rid of Ratface Andy.

  101. Comments (15)

    I think GM and Elissa at the end would be great. I know GM made some really bad comments, but at least she stands her ground. I hope she makes the right choices and gets McrAndy out of the house. Go GM!!!!

  102. Comments (28)

    Please, please, please GM put McCrap and Amandass up on the block. Both of them right away! None of this one at a time so the other can take them off the block BS! Andy and Spencer are PATHETIC! I hope final 3 consists of GM, Elissa and Judd!

  103. Comments (487)

    The best way to keep Hurricane Amanda relatively calm is to play along with her delusions. I liked seeing GM helping her clean her sneakers after the competition. Andy stayed in character by running back to her like the rat that he is. If GM follows through with putting McCranda on the block, she will be totally blindsided and demoralized. Payback is a bytch little girl. Besides I think McCrae expects to be nominated, Amanda is the one with the delusions.

    Can’t wait to see her try to bully GM. Unfortunately this is when it could get physical. I hope the guys are standing by to keep them separated because GM is not afraid to get into Amanda’s face. I’m not a big GM fan but the girl has guts.

  104. Comments (10)

    McScum & Amandamouth are going on the block and I can’t wait to hear GM’s speech of why they are going up. LOL

  105. Comments (10)

    GM is probably the most fun and real person in the game. She is a little over the top but the real deal as a person. Amanda is probably the same person in real life along with McCrae which is pretty sad.

  106. Comments (293)

    Does Aaryn think Texas and the whole South, for that matter, can fit under that bus?

  107. Comments (1)

    I hope Gina Marie follows through with the plan of getting mcranda out. I hop;e she does not nominate herself

  108. Comments (60)

    Question for all of you…do you all believe Howard actually told Amanda he want to “F$&k the $hit out of her” before he left? I sure as hell don’t…why would he want to screw that nasty thing….

    • Comments (4411)

      @Martin: No, not for a minute. On another BB site (can’t remember which one) someone posted that video (might have been on YouTube). What he said was (and I can’t remember verbatim) was something to the effect that she looked real nice tonight. She smiled and said thank you as she walked off. He did however, tell Candice a story about when he was in college that he and some of his friends would go out looking for girls to “f*ck the sh*t out of”, there is a video of that too. Although miogynistic (sp), it sounds like typical college boy talk. I at least hope he’s not the same person. And I find it funny that when Howard whispered in her ear, she smiled/laughed and thanked him while walking away, yet when she conveyed the story to McScummy and the rest of the house, she said she was terrified and that that “scared the sh*t out of her”.

  109. Comments (46)

    Like i said before
    I feel very bad for mccrae!!!
    He came in one person, his game was on point!!
    Ppl had him as favorite to win, but as season when on he became blind by amanda
    And became someone else very different from who he was in the start…….

    • Comments (6)

      I see what you mean. He seems rather easy to influence, but, he’s chosen to do what he is doing. It’s like they tell kids at school, if you see someone bullying on the playground and you stand idly by, you’re a part of it. He knows that Amanda’s behaviour is wrong but he condones it by going along with it. There have also been some pretty abhorrent remarks that have come out of his mouth. I don’t feel sorry for him because I don’t think he can really be that much of a nice guy if he’s gone along with all this.

  110. Comments (86)

    I am beyond disgusted with Demanda and McNasty. Last night McNasty wanted Demanda to tell Elissa that they came all over her bed and and was pissed that she didn’t get a rash from McNasties love juices. Then Demanda said she wants McNasty to come on Elissas head. That is just wrong on so many levels. There is no limit as to how low the two of them will go. I can’t wait for them to leave bb and deal with all the wrath. They will need the FBI to put them into a protection program. DISGUSTED!!!!!

    • Comments (6)

      That is absolutely repulsive. I don’t understand these vulgar people. Im sure they don’t care what people think of them at all, but how can they act like this and say these things knowing their parents and families, employers, etc .. are watching this?
      There are definitely people in my life I dislike, and maybe even have called them a b*!#%, I’m not going to lie–I’m far from perfect, but I would never say that about someone I don’t like, even if they’ve given me valid reason.
      These people are shameful. It’s not fun to watch this behaviour. This is the worst group ever–not to mention most of their gameplay is shit. All voting together all the time, no one playing their own game, LAME!
      I really hope they pick better cast from now on.

  111. Comments (1)

    What needs to happen now is every waking moment she needs to be reminded that she is going home. She will have the worst week in the history of BB. It is time she has little of her own medicine. It will work on her so bad that she will have no chance to win the power of veto.

  112. Comments (143)

    O dis is gonna be a good week. Amanda is goping to chjimp oiut and afte thjat I hjate asian comments shje really deserves to get her ass whipped. OOOO when Julioe whipped aaryans ass Oi hjad to wonder if it was Julioe Chen or Jack Chan or Aston Kutcher because Aaryan got PUNKED. wHEN SHE tried to lie and said she never said nothjing racist, julie had the quotes, then she tried to blame being texan and southern. But Judd is southern, jeremey was a prick and was southjern, Jessie was from T€xas. I only recall her being racist and anti gay. While jeremy did make racist jopkes they were mostly at himself being part native. Its not acceptable but not anything near her racist comments. Then Arryan tried top run away and julie made her sit her ass down,. julie is my favourite player now!!! YUEAH

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