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Big Brother 15 – Monday Updates

August 19, 2013 | 194 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans



It’s a fairly big Monday in the Big Brother house, and I’ll be here to take you through your work day!  I was finally able to squeeze in last nights episode of Breaking Bad, and I realized I watch the feeds too much.  During the episode, I thought to myself ‘When the season is over, Hank is going to watch the series and be shocked’.. oh wait, they’re not in the BB house, and Hank isn’t Helen.  It’s Helen who is going to be a bit shocked when watching the season, and the shock will mostly be directed at her Chicago buddy, Andy.

I’m going to take you right into it because Aaryn is still wondering who she should nominate today, though Spencer made that decision easier…

9:30pm – Aaryn is in the HoH room chatting with Elissa about the situation today.  She is still considering putting Amanda on the block, but won’t if she doesn’t have the votes to get  her out.  With GM and Elissa being the only ‘sure things’, she hinted it to Spencer and apparently it didn’t go well.  Aaryn said that Spencer would rather go on the block as a replacement nominee rather than vote for Amanda.  Keep in mind, I don’t know if this is true, it could be something Amanda told Aaryn to say, but if true… wow.  I’m going to see if I can dig up that conversation, but either way wouldn’t really shock me at this point.

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9:42pm – Elissa about Amanda – “It’s Amanda’s game and we’re all just living in it”.. hey, that’s my line! .. Aaryn called to the DR, conversation broken up

9:50pm – Elissa and Helen in the bathroom talking about the possibilities next week if Helen wins HoH.  Possibly putting Amanda vs McCrae on the block

10:15pm – Conversations have stopped, Aaryn in the DR and some sleeping.  Helen and Elissa roaming around the house.

10:45pm – Feeds down for the PoV ceremony. 

11:15pm – Feeds back up. Results soon

I'm a pawn again!

I’m a pawn again!

Results are in….

Spencer is on the block in place of Elissa

11:20pm – Elissa and Helen are in the HoH bathroom telling him the truth.  America is rooting for Helen/Elissa this season and Andy could either be the hero or villain this season.  Andy insists he is voting for Helen to stay, but he’s been saying that all week.

Andy is in a tight spot.  He has Aaryn bashing Amanda (whether legit or not), while Helen is basically crying in his ear.  She is also trying small bully tactics by pointing out how many comps Aaryn, Elissa and Helen have won versus Amanda and McCrae.

11:27pm – After about 10 minutes of drilling him, Andy snaps back saying he’s pretty pissed that he’s the only one being questioned.

The girls taking the personal route about Spencer to Andy.  Mentioning how his gf’s friends and family don’t like him and don’t want him around.  He’s a shady guy, etc.


11:35pm – A huge Amanda bash session in the Hoh bathroom featuring Aaryn, Elissa, Helen and GinaMarie.  Andy is sitting by just listening.

11:44pm – Helen dropping hints that the DR was pushing Jessie to get Amanda out.  She keeps referring to how she’s the ‘good guy’ and Amanda is the ‘bad guy’.  A lot of the stuff she’s saying sounds like she’s picking up a lot of clues from those DR sessions.

11:53pm – The meeting is breaking up.  It should be interesting to see how Andy reacts

11:56pm – GinaMarie finally realized that she didn’t actually have a deal with McCrae and could have put him up during her HoH. Took long enough

12:15pm – Andy still up in the HoH room with Elissa, GM and Aaryn.  I am dying to see how Aaryn and Andy handle this now.

12:25pm – Andy leaves and Elissa basically says that she didn’t feel comfortable talking in front of Andy.  Aaryn says if it gets back to Amanda, they’ll know who the rat is.

Elissa then leaves and Aaryn instantly tells GM how she’ll NEVER trust Elissa in the game.  She also recommends GM think about voting for Helen so even if Andy does flip, it will be exposed and Aaryn/GM can keep in good graces with the jury.  Aaryn just isn’t sure who to trust at this point.

12:30pm – Had a phone call so I’m off on the time stamps, but now Aaryn and GM are in the HoH bashing Spencer, bashing Amanda, bashing McCrae, etc.  Aaryn wants to play her own game but is still unsure what to do this week.  She is nervous about going against Amanda.

1:00pm  – It appears Andy is still on Team McCranda and will likely vote out Helen.  He thinks Amanda would do what he suggests (not put GM up), but reality is Amanda will do what Amanda wants to do.

1:10pm – Andy points out the double standard with Helen.  During her bash session, she said the ‘good guys have to win’ and the ‘bullies have to go home’, yet throughout the conversation she was basically bullying Andy into voting their way.

The talk has broken up and i’m going to step away for a few minutes!


5:00pm – Back from errands, had to get grocery shopping out of the way.  Right now McCrae is outside, Amanda is inside brushing his teeth, no real game talk.  I’m going to flashback a bit to see if I missed anything

5:45pm – Bad time to come back I guess, literally nothing happening.  Although one note, I notice that they keep going to fish whenever Aaryn talks about her parents.  I wonder if they didn’t sign the release and that’s why she receives no letters.

6:10pm – Feeds cut to Amanda and Aaryn in the HoH room talking about the current situation

6:20pm – Aaryn talking to Amanda about her relationship with McCrae.  She’s going along how ‘cute’ they are together… just hours after her and GM bashed them.

6:35pm – Helen and Elissa are now pounding on McCrae about marrying the wrong woman, etc.  Helen is terrible at this game.  You don’t hint to someone that marrying their bf/gf is a nightmare.  He’s going to run right to Amanda and tell her that, plus resent Helen for this.  I’d *hate* advice like that if I were in the game.

7:00pm – I have been listening to Helen babble non stop to McCrae for the past 30 minutes.  She’s talking to a wall.  The only replies she’s getting from him are ‘yup, yup, yup’.  It doesn’t help she’s basically warning him from marrying Amanda and also threatening the Brenchal Army will be pissed.  Yes, Helen hates bullies.

7:15pm – McCrae is in the kitchen re-telling the situation to Amanda.  He is telling her all the ridiculous things like the Brenchal Army would be after him, he would be against moms, good guys, etc.

7:30pm – McCrae mentions how Elissa keeps talking about her friends (in production) calling McCrae a puppy dog, etc.  I think it’s hilarious people still think there is a conspiracy theory for Amanda considering Elissa is buddy-buddy with the DR.

Alright, I’m going to hit the sack early tonight.  Still plenty of week left.  Plenty of time for Helen to secure her exit from the game.

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