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Big Brother 15 – Monday Updates


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It’s a fairly big Monday in the Big Brother house, and I’ll be here to take you through your work day!  I was finally able to squeeze in last nights episode of Breaking Bad, and I realized I watch the feeds too much.  During the episode, I thought to myself ‘When the season is over, Hank is going to watch the series and be shocked’.. oh wait, they’re not in the BB house, and Hank isn’t Helen.  It’s Helen who is going to be a bit shocked when watching the season, and the shock will mostly be directed at her Chicago buddy, Andy.

I’m going to take you right into it because Aaryn is still wondering who she should nominate today, though Spencer made that decision easier…

9:30pm – Aaryn is in the HoH room chatting with Elissa about the situation today.  She is still considering putting Amanda on the block, but won’t if she doesn’t have the votes to get  her out.  With GM and Elissa being the only ‘sure things’, she hinted it to Spencer and apparently it didn’t go well.  Aaryn said that Spencer would rather go on the block as a replacement nominee rather than vote for Amanda.  Keep in mind, I don’t know if this is true, it could be something Amanda told Aaryn to say, but if true… wow.  I’m going to see if I can dig up that conversation, but either way wouldn’t really shock me at this point.

9:42pm – Elissa about Amanda – “It’s Amanda’s game and we’re all just living in it”.. hey, that’s my line! .. Aaryn called to the DR, conversation broken up

9:50pm – Elissa and Helen in the bathroom talking about the possibilities next week if Helen wins HoH.  Possibly putting Amanda vs McCrae on the block

10:15pm – Conversations have stopped, Aaryn in the DR and some sleeping.  Helen and Elissa roaming around the house.

10:45pm – Feeds down for the PoV ceremony. 

11:15pm – Feeds back up. Results soon

I'm a pawn again!
I’m a pawn again!

Results are in….

Spencer is on the block in place of Elissa

11:20pm – Elissa and Helen are in the HoH bathroom telling him the truth.  America is rooting for Helen/Elissa this season and Andy could either be the hero or villain this season.  Andy insists he is voting for Helen to stay, but he’s been saying that all week.

Andy is in a tight spot.  He has Aaryn bashing Amanda (whether legit or not), while Helen is basically crying in his ear.  She is also trying small bully tactics by pointing out how many comps Aaryn, Elissa and Helen have won versus Amanda and McCrae.

11:27pm – After about 10 minutes of drilling him, Andy snaps back saying he’s pretty pissed that he’s the only one being questioned.

The girls taking the personal route about Spencer to Andy.  Mentioning how his gf’s friends and family don’t like him and don’t want him around.  He’s a shady guy, etc.

11:35pm – A huge Amanda bash session in the Hoh bathroom featuring Aaryn, Elissa, Helen and GinaMarie.  Andy is sitting by just listening.

11:44pm – Helen dropping hints that the DR was pushing Jessie to get Amanda out.  She keeps referring to how she’s the ‘good guy’ and Amanda is the ‘bad guy’.  A lot of the stuff she’s saying sounds like she’s picking up a lot of clues from those DR sessions.

11:53pm – The meeting is breaking up.  It should be interesting to see how Andy reacts

11:56pm – GinaMarie finally realized that she didn’t actually have a deal with McCrae and could have put him up during her HoH. Took long enough

12:15pm – Andy still up in the HoH room with Elissa, GM and Aaryn.  I am dying to see how Aaryn and Andy handle this now.

12:25pm – Andy leaves and Elissa basically says that she didn’t feel comfortable talking in front of Andy.  Aaryn says if it gets back to Amanda, they’ll know who the rat is.

Elissa then leaves and Aaryn instantly tells GM how she’ll NEVER trust Elissa in the game.  She also recommends GM think about voting for Helen so even if Andy does flip, it will be exposed and Aaryn/GM can keep in good graces with the jury.  Aaryn just isn’t sure who to trust at this point.

12:30pm – Had a phone call so I’m off on the time stamps, but now Aaryn and GM are in the HoH bashing Spencer, bashing Amanda, bashing McCrae, etc.  Aaryn wants to play her own game but is still unsure what to do this week.  She is nervous about going against Amanda.

1:00pm  – It appears Andy is still on Team McCranda and will likely vote out Helen.  He thinks Amanda would do what he suggests (not put GM up), but reality is Amanda will do what Amanda wants to do.

1:10pm – Andy points out the double standard with Helen.  During her bash session, she said the ‘good guys have to win’ and the ‘bullies have to go home’, yet throughout the conversation she was basically bullying Andy into voting their way.

The talk has broken up and i’m going to step away for a few minutes!


5:00pm – Back from errands, had to get grocery shopping out of the way.  Right now McCrae is outside, Amanda is inside brushing his teeth, no real game talk.  I’m going to flashback a bit to see if I missed anything

5:45pm – Bad time to come back I guess, literally nothing happening.  Although one note, I notice that they keep going to fish whenever Aaryn talks about her parents.  I wonder if they didn’t sign the release and that’s why she receives no letters.

6:10pm – Feeds cut to Amanda and Aaryn in the HoH room talking about the current situation

6:20pm – Aaryn talking to Amanda about her relationship with McCrae.  She’s going along how ‘cute’ they are together… just hours after her and GM bashed them.

6:35pm – Helen and Elissa are now pounding on McCrae about marrying the wrong woman, etc.  Helen is terrible at this game.  You don’t hint to someone that marrying their bf/gf is a nightmare.  He’s going to run right to Amanda and tell her that, plus resent Helen for this.  I’d *hate* advice like that if I were in the game.

7:00pm – I have been listening to Helen babble non stop to McCrae for the past 30 minutes.  She’s talking to a wall.  The only replies she’s getting from him are ‘yup, yup, yup’.  It doesn’t help she’s basically warning him from marrying Amanda and also threatening the Brenchal Army will be pissed.  Yes, Helen hates bullies.

7:15pm – McCrae is in the kitchen re-telling the situation to Amanda.  He is telling her all the ridiculous things like the Brenchal Army would be after him, he would be against moms, good guys, etc.

7:30pm – McCrae mentions how Elissa keeps talking about her friends (in production) calling McCrae a puppy dog, etc.  I think it’s hilarious people still think there is a conspiracy theory for Amanda considering Elissa is buddy-buddy with the DR.

Alright, I’m going to hit the sack early tonight.  Still plenty of week left.  Plenty of time for Helen to secure her exit from the game.

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  1. Comments (46)

    It will be funny if they get amanda out
    And she wins the comp to go back in

    • Comments (1)

      Amanda win something. Now that was funny.

      • Comments (407)

        Here’s hoping Aaryn does put Amanda up, but it would just be our luck that Amanda WOULD win for the first time and come back in.

      • Comments (64)

        That would be awful but fun to watch her get booted out a second time. This jury member returning has kept me optimistic. There is little fight left in these people. New energy will hopefully shake it up. I’m rooting for Candice or Jessie. Jessie is the only one that seems to be on to Andy’s double spying. So that would be fun.

        With a new pissed off member rentering, maybe people will hide behind that member to make certain moves that they were too afraid to make before. Jessie would go after a big fish. I hope Candice wouldn’t waste it on Spencer or GM but instead on Mcranda. I don’t care for Judd’s strategy because he was sipping on the Amanda juice too when he was there.

        Hopefully they compared notes in the jury house and come rejuvenated to clean house.

      • Comments (48)

        It is my understanding that they have been sequestered so I don’t think they will have a chance to compaare notes before the competition to come back in.

      • Comments (610)

        well, if that happened, then I think I would be more inclined to believe the rumor that she’s been pre-chosen to win the whole game!

      • Comments (14)

        I am thinking the same thing now. The year Rachael won I said that the whole season, and the story is now repeating with Amanda, why will no one take her out. I really hope that Elissa is hoh this week she will be the only one that will make a most, besides a returning house guest.

      • Comments (286)

        Big difference when Rachel won she was challenged and won Vetos and HOHs so she earned her win not Amanda she just sleeps everywhere and lets everyone else do the work.Good tactic but unfortunately she could taint her win by her actions as a bully and down right lack of morals.

      • Comments (20)

        I’m inclined to believe that Amanda has already been chosen as the winner. I will continue to think so until I am proven wrong. Worst season yet! It upsets me so much to see CBS and Big Brother allow the racist remarks, the bullying and gross language to continue!! I watch BBAD on Slice and there is no censorship at all. Some of these people are so disgusting….they seem to forget that there are cameras and microphones on them! Their families must be so proud!!!

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)


    • Comments (64)

      Aaryn, if you really want to live up to your “beast” moniker, take Amanda out! Shake off Amanda’s spell and actually use your HOH to make a bold move. Please! Helen has worked with Aaryn from early on when no one wanted to. It makes so much sense to split up the duo (Amanda and McC). Votes=GM, Elissa and Spencer, that should be enough. If there’s a tie, Aaryn breaks it. Dang folks.

    • Comments (1162)

      Production would have to provide garlic and wooden stakes
      to the remaining HGs.
      : )

  2. Comments (624)

    She won’t put Amanda up…she’ll have the “blood on her hands” weak ass excuse. This whole season has just been blah.

    • Comments (233)

      Surely Aaryn knows her alliance is really OneAM, and she is not the A. Time to play, but will she actually see it? Probably not. And what is up with Spencer? He really prefers to stay on the block? Holy moly.

      • Comments (624)

        Who knows? I’m so sick of Amanda’s cockiness…time for a reality check.

      • Comments (86)

        I cant stand her dr sessions. Who am I sending home this week? I want to punch her in the face!!!!

  3. Comments (14)

    I really do not think spencer would say that, he is the swing vote and will do what he is told as long as it is not him on the block. If they do not get amanda out now they have seeled the game for Amanda to win, which has to be the worst winner yet, even worst then how bbc 1 won.

  4. Comments (27)

    I am hoping that they finally see the light!!! and send Amanda packing then it will be a game change!!!

  5. Comments (682)

    Aaryn is screwed either way now that Amanda is on to her so she may as well put Amanda up and tell the house to duke it out.

  6. Comments (11)

    They should do a twist next season were they cast 10 to 16 year olds

  7. Comments (453)

    HMMM…..Aaryn called to DR around 9:42, is production telling her to not put up Amanda.

    • Comments (407)

      Peggi, I just read on jokers blog that at 10:47AM — Trivia. POV meeting. Elissa was called to DR before feeds went to trivia. Makes you wonder why they are constantly calling someone to DR, especially since we know Elissa is planning to take herself off.

      • Comments (453)

        They did the same thing a few weeks ago too, can’t remember who was on the block that week or who was going to be the lucky pawn.

      • Comments (60)

        And has anyone noticed that we have seen very little of these multitudes of DR sessions they get called in for? Until the last episode on tv we have seen very little DR yet while watching BBAD thats all you hear is.people being called to the DR!!

        Most of it seems to be internal msgs from production to players…….I miss the funny DR sessions thats where we are supposed to get to see their ” real ” personas !!

      • Comments (158)

        Probably because this cast is boring so very little of their diary room talking is useable on TV.

      • Comments (60)

        Helen told Andy that America will say he is a bad person if he doesnt side with her and she was asked how she knew and she said ” you know…they did ” so now Andy thinks America will think he is a bad person if he doesnt stick with Helen…….I think its crappy of her to say that as well as if you love me you wont vote for me….but back to the ” they told me ” is this what we can assume is goin kn in the nonstop DR sessions we never see…..who else would know or say America thought that?

      • Comments (1162)

        How do you think Aaryn found out that outside of the House, she is being
        called a racist? She’s commented on that several times.
        Production may not have told her any explicit facts but she
        got their message.
        And even after being warned – she just didn’t care and continued
        with her hateful comments.

      • Comments (158)

        Well on TV they occasionally air the DR-talk of the POV winner saying what they plan to do. Given how often house-guests change their mind, it makes sense to call the POV-winner and nominees to the DR right before the ceremony to get their pre-ceremony reaction/plan.

      • Comments (21)

        That’s what I thought.. People are reading too much into the Dr sessions

    • Comments (110)

      True because production has every thing to do with this show which it is not fair this is suppose to be a game it is not like Survior or Amazing
      Race which they play fair they are not told to do anything just play the
      game the way you suppose to play a game and not letting production tell
      who not to put up somebody that not a fair game.

  8. Comments (7)

    I would love love love to see Aaryn make a huge move and put Amanda on the block. Not that I am anti Amanda or team Helen but the drama that would ensue would be great to watch. However, I really think she will just put Spencer up.
    On a side note I feel sorry for Helens therapist when she finds out Andy has betrayed her all season. Can you imagine the years of listening to her rehash how sad she is he betrayed her???

    • Comments (407)

      Wondering, I just read on another blog where Helen said Andy was a rat. It’s a shame she didn’t realize this until she was on the block.

      • Comments (64)

        That’s good news though! Andy’s seemingly flawless social strategy is being challenged. First Jessie realized it, and now Helen. Hopefully this leads to some excitement.

      • Comments (407)

        We can only hope Didi. I think the houseguests are starting to see a little ray of light. Amanda and McCrae seem to be fighting a lot more, too. Maybe he’s finally waking up.

      • Comments (151)

        Or, they’ve just been in that house for all that time, bored out of their minds. I wouldn’t be able to handle the boredom and prob be on edge all the time, kinda like the house guests now!

      • Comments (682)

        It took Aaryn telling Helen that Andy was reporting everything everyone says. Helen is in denial but I think she’s finally seeing the light.

      • Comments (64)

        Andy is turning out to be a pivotal player. I’m surprised how much trust he’s garnered from everyone. He may be a weasel but that’s quite a gift this far in. I hope he gets found out now that Aaryn clued Helen in. Hopefully she can see his deception and push to overthrow Mcranda. I wanna see a throw down.

      • Comments (1)

        She even didn’t realize until he ran to Amanda telling her plans TWICE!

    • Comments (48)

      I’m going to feel sorry for Helen watching the beginning and seeing aaryn for what she really was at the time, a really ‘mean girl’…if aaryn doesn’t try and backdoor amanda, they might as well quit now and hand McRanda the money because they’re going to be final 2 :/

    • Comments (357)

      She had a meltdown when Howie lied about the moving company. She might need to be committed when she finds out about Andy!

      • Comments (1162)

        Helen is almost 100% certain that Andy will vote her out.

        Andy’s the one who will have a meltdown after he evicts her.
        He is such a Wuss!

      • Comments (20)

        Yeah, are we tired of seeing Andy cry his way to the end yet? If he taught my class I’d demand my monies back and go to a real college….maybe clown school….anywhere else where you could believe your professor was telling you the truth.

  9. Comments (6)

    cmon aaryn, step up-up! Will do you good, there will be more on your side than you can ever imagine, at least you wont go home now and another of the other clan will stay behind you, just do it, do it!!!!

  10. Comments (1092)

    Spencer is such an idiot. At this point of the game alliances are key. He sees how powerful Amanda and McCrae are, so it is obvious he cannot win as it stands now.

    He should make a final two with Aaryn, agree to put up Amanda.

    If Aaryn; Spencer ;GM; Helen, and Elissa worked together for a couple of weeks, they can pick off 2am.

    • Comments (64)

      Yes! Yes! I agree 100%! Take your power back! They have the numbers. Why can’t they see that? Take Andy out and maybe folks could develop strategy without it getting back to MCranda.

    • Comments (624)

      If the HG are too stupid to figure that out on their own, perhaps production could spoon feed them that info? Perhaps steer the show into something more interesting?

  11. Comments (14)

    please please stop this group think madness…
    sorry for yelling…

  12. Comments (140)

    I can’t see Spencer telling Aaryn he would rather go up as a pawn over putting Amanda up as a target… Spencer has NEVER liked going up as a pawn, and Spencer doesn’t even like Amanda. What would his fear be? Amanda’s wrath? The whole point in putting her up would be to get her out, so she wouldn’t be there to bitch to everyone about it after (unless she won the comp and returned – har har).

    I don’t understand how EVERYONE _cannot_ see, that getting Amanda out is good for their game! The duo of Mcranda is just too solid, no one stands a chance because Amanda and Mc will bring the other to final two.

    If they don’t use this opportunity to get Amanda out this week, I really do see her going through to the end, because even if she get’s put up at some point, there’s so few votes left, that they wouldn’t have enough to get her out. Mc and Andy will probably never flip on her.

    • Comments (682)

      I don’t think Aaryn had the chance to talk to Spencer directly. When Andy talked to him about Amanda going up Spencer said he would vote evict Helen. But that doesn’t mean he actually would, just something he told the rat I’m sure because he knew it would get back to Amanda.

    • Comments (832)

      Some of the HG’s claim to be such BB fans & think they are experts on how the game is played. Yet, they seem to have forgotten basic BB 101 – break up the couples! As soon as they saw how tight McCranda had gotten they should have struck then. Especially when Amanda was handed to them on a silver platter when America was MVP (and not once, but twice)! They aren’t very saavy players for being such experts!

  13. Comments (28)

    i just think amandas coming for aaryn next… she better watch out.. i say then get out andy the rat. start evening up things and make it interesting around here. everyone is like whatever amanda wants.. come on ppl, think for yourselves.. its only time until they gun for you.. so you pull the trigger first and hopefully the house will be behind you. mccare needs to cut the cord… he needs to play for himself and not carry the old ball and chain.

    • Comments (60)

      I think Helen and Amanda should go who would all the lemmings follow then and Andy wouldnt be able to weasle from camp to camp……I wonder who has lied more between Helen and Amanda sometimes a well placed lie is worse then snarkiness : )

      • Comments (60)

        Sorry meant to add that I do not condone in any way the horrible things Amanda has said
        ….just saying how interesting it would be if both alpha females were removed from the scenario ( and a little tired of Helen blowing fake sunshine up everyones ass)

  14. Comments (682)

    Are the feeds down for POV? Half the house was still sleeping. I wonder if it’s a Zingbot visit.

  15. Comments (7)

    The sad thing is I really don’t see Amanda being with MC after this show. He would be so miserable she would make him change who he is to be with her. Sorry to say but I also think that if he happens to get to the end and win she would stay long enough to spend that money and move on to someone her family thinks is worthy of her.

    • Comments (14)

      I agree…reason #2013 why I think she should go NOW and sulk in jury so Mc can clear his head and get in the game…but yadada “the house”…(is killing me, btw)

    • Comments (624)

      Oh yeah, he could say goodbye to that money. Instead, he could invest that money into a haircut and new wardrobe, get a college education, and he could land some much more desireable women. Like that will ever happen….

  16. Comments (1162)

    IF Amanda wins BB, she will tell everyone on the outside that she never
    meant any of the horrific things she said inside of the House. She was
    only playing the game.
    The truth will win out – let the YouTube videos roll….forever and ever!!!

    Apparently Helen is going to tell McCrae that he looks like a beaten down wimp
    kowtowing to Amanda’s game play. What are his friends and family going to
    say to him after they stop laughing at him?
    Helen’s desperate but who knows – McCrae’s ego just might kick in.

    • Comments (158)

      This isn’t really going to be a threat to McCrae. His response will be “Doesn’t matter, had lots of sex”.

      Really that’s not going to affect him. He’s riding the Amanda-train, literally and figuratively, right to a chance at $500K and he barely has to be awake more than an hour a day. From McCrae’s perspective, even if she leaves him after the season (which she will), there is no downside to any of this for him.

      • Comments (1288)

        The whole summer was one heck of a ride with a helluva tip at the end.

      • Comments (158)

        Exactly, in the absolute worse case scenario, he got an expense-free summer of sex and sleep. Know many 20-somethings who are going to call that a bad summer?

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree with you, however the countless internet photoshopped pictures of him and
        Amanda ( Soooo Funny!!!) along with the barrage of bloggers comments and articles describing him
        as a beaten, pathetic, whipped dog will make him the Biggest Joke around
        for a long, long time……..unless he is the BB15 Winner.

  17. Comments (7)

    shouldn’t the timestamps be a.m. not p.m. ?

  18. Comments (162)

    Put up a Amanda and surprise the house. Then let Elissa win and put up Aryan and McCrae………..then back door Andy if one wins POV

  19. Comments (357)

    I wonder if Helen sitting awkwardly with the group like Jessie wondering, “Where did I go wrong? Maybe I should have listened to Jessie? But it just didn’t seem like the right time back then. Karma is a b%$ch and once AGAIN, someone just got B%$ch-Slapped! Fix your face Helen, you just gave Jessie the best gift in the house by seeing you walk through the jury house door. Classic!

  20. Comments (15)

    i don’t get why everyone is soo scared to put up amanda and mccrae?

    I cant wait to Aaryon to hopefully be put up next by one of them!!

    • Comments (2)

      While I completely understand what you mean, I can see why they haven’t yet. For the most part, Amanda is very confident and a bit of a bully. If anyone dares to go against anything she wants, she blows up on them. She’s a ticking time bomb and they’re all avoiding the fuse. Anyone who does set her off is punished by being sent home or shunned. And she and McCrae are so tight that he would go after anyone who went after Amanda, and vice versa. Getting one of them out would be the BIGGEST move of this game so far.

  21. Comments (7)

    Helen dug her own grave.. How does it feel Helen?? You showed no mercy to Jessie, Candice, Judd, or Howard. Now it’s your turn to feel the pain.

    • Comments (64)

      You are so right. Those are people she should have worked with. They all wanted Amanda out, minus Judd. All the people you mentioned approached Helen about taking Amanda out. Shame. She was on the freakin block. Seems simple.

  22. Comments (302)

    How stupid of Amanda & McCrae to stay in bed while Helen is weaving a major guilt trip on Andy, Aaryn & GM. Spinning it just like any political hack would do she may have just talked them into booting Spencer and setting their sites on McCranda next week. Of course there’s still a lot of week left here and the man sitting in the catbirds seat is Andy. Personally I think he’d be much smarter to stick with the 3AM alliance with the more unlikeable cast members but Aaryn busting his weasel cover may make it hard for him to get votes too.

    • Comments (1162)

      Andy said he is a “Mama’s Boy,” so Helen should attempt
      to guilt him by stressing how disappointed his mother must be
      for her son to have so little integrity and lack of spine.

      Helen had better come prepared with 5 boxes of Kleenex!!!!

      • Comments (651)

        MM that’s step one. Remind him that they’ve had a F2 alliance for almost the whole show and he’s willing to throw that away to get into the F4?

        Step two is asking him if he really wants Chicago’s Gay Community to see him as Demanda’s b*tch?

        Combine the two and he may just come around.

  23. Comments (453)

    Can’t expect much from a bunch of wusses who still live at home with mommy and daddy.

  24. Comments (28)

    Its the hail to the V….. He wont give in… Mccare is at her beck n call.. Mccare pull ur head out yo a$$ …Hes a big floater…

  25. just another fan
    Comments (48)

    Helen has made huge headway in the house and if she is out this week, I am actually hoping she comes back in. She is the most informed and the best strategist of the jury folk. And depending who HOH is, McCranda could be the next 2 out the door.

    • Comments (610)

      ooh, ‘if’ Helen ends up in jury, you know she’s gonna spill all the details, so how will Amanda deal with that when it gets to final 2 or 3? Could be quite interesting.

  26. Comments (1162)

    LOL –
    Andy crying that he is the only one being picked on.
    What a Wuss!!!

    • Comments (624)

      He’s a gossip hound. Worse than Betty Rubble at keeping a secret.

      • Comments (1288)

        Why do you disrespect his gameplay and call it gossip? He doesn’t just repeat everything, he controls the direction and amount of info. With McCranda he has be in an alliance since like day 4 or 5, his Heloser connection has come after that. McCranda does hear most everything, Helen [cause Eloser really isn’t in this game] gets a very select diet of info. Lastly he doesn’t share his Aaryan F2 discussions with either of those. So clearly he is not a gossip.

      • Comments (1288)

        Gee look at all those thumbs down, guess the Brenchel army is mad at me like they will be at Andy and McCrae. I think Spencer actually got something right: “How much of a f’ing loser are you to be in the Brenchel army”.

      • Comments (64)

        I did not appreciate Andy’s strategy at first but it is proving to be essential/influential to everybody’s game. It kept him under the radar and no one bites their tongue when he’s around, which makes him privy to most – if not, ALL- conversations. Gossip is useless. But he is like a spy gathering intelligence. My only issue is I wish he chose to share his intelligence to Helen’s army earlier in the game instead of bowing down to Mcranda. I don’t understand being loyal to a couple who is romantically involved. Andy will always be the third wheel.

  27. Comments (651)

    Oh No!! Demanda’s yappy, ankle biting rat dog has to pick a side this week. What will rat dog do?

  28. Comments (178)

    Unless CBS has a reason for keeping Helen in the competition, I think she is evicted on Thursday night. Just when you think her doses of Adderall have finally kicked in and Aaryn is listening to logic (and not false promises), she basically tells GinaMarie to go ahead and vote the way “the house” a/k/a The Red Queen wants. Stoolie the Toad is lying through his teeth when he says he’ll vote to keep Helen and so, the only vote to save Helen would be from Elissa, and maybe not even Elissa if The Red Queen or McCrae have threatened her. Of course, there is the possibility that Helen might be the person from the “jury” who wins an opportunity to come back into the house.

    Aaryn made a big mistake in not following through and putting The Red Queen up against Helen as a replacement nominee. Even though she wouldn’t have had the votes she needed to evict The Red Queen, the mere fact she even considered putting her on the block has now made her a SUPREME target in The Red Queen’s eyes. If the next HOH is won by anyone other than GinaMarie, you can count on Aaryn going up on the block opposite GinaMarie. Why? Because The Red Queen demands it! Buh-bye, Aaryn. You wasted your good game skills being a puppet to The Red Queen.

  29. Comments (42)

    Now no looking back for Aaryn for going against Amanda else she will be out next week like Helen…she shd have thght before putting Spencer up on the block.

    • Comments (1)

      “It’s what the house wants”, everyone assumes it’s one of the HGs but maybe it is BB themselves. Since the show has been a complete flop this season this is the only way for them to boost the ratings here on these different websites. Yes, I finally posted to one of them and it will be my only post. I’m so disappointed in BB this season. I can’t even think of a moment that made me laugh. This show is history for me. I no longer want to be a part of the racism, bullying and constant vulgar language and repulsive comments on the show. It amazes me that CBS not to mention the FCC would allow this type of behavior to be publicly broadcast. What a shame! There used to be fun on this show.

  30. Comments (302)

    I would love to see all the current houseguest continue to bash each other 24-7 and become so paranoid that the member in the jury room that gets back in the game becomes the pivotal swing vote. It would be sweet if they had to all kiss up to Candice/Jessie/Judd and get a taste of what they dished out this whole game. I would love to see Helen and Amanda bash each other into mutually assured destruction this week.

  31. Comments (412)

    Aaryn came outside when Helen and elissa were in the hot tub and said something about David abs then Helen acted all surprised. Does anyone know what they were taking about?

  32. Comments (23)

    Aaryn said to Elissa, “Even if you go on the block, you are not the target.” But, apparently, every one of these people are so self-centered they can’t bother to listen when someone else talks. Obviously, in Big Brother, you can’t trust anything that is said, but Elissa didn’t even seem to comprehend that Aaryn said that. She didn’t say anything to Helen, such as, “I was told I wasn’t the target.”

    Helen has been someone I’ve liked because at least she’s been some competition to McCrae and Amanda, but Helen’s recent self-assured cockiness that she would never be a target this week has annoyed me. Then her “breakdown” in the HoH room pushed me over the edge. “I’ve carried Elissa as far as I can… how can she not want to go to jury and vote for me??” I understood why the other HGs were annoyed. These were idiotic statements on Helen’s part.

    Helen’s bubbly-kiss-butt-happy-clappy stuff has always been a tad over done. Still, something about her seemed smart. Not so much anymore. She’s losing it. She’s swallowed everyone’s promises/alliances without questioning them? And she claims to be a fan of this game?! Not only that, she works in politics? Come on, Helen! Where’s your head? She’s going to be so embarrassed when she watches the episodes.

    Much as I hate to admit it, Amanda is probably playing the best game in the house. She’s evil, heartless, conniving and she’s a disgusting person. In America, we reward such people with $500k (and powerful congressional positions). That said, I would love to see McCrae win this season and never speak to Amanda again.

    • Comments (302)

      While it doesn’t work on everyone you can see how starved for compliments Aaryn is as Helen pours it on making Aaryn seem like a combination of Wonder Woman & Mother Theresa. Of course Aaryn buys it because everyone should think she is wonderful and the only reason they don’t is because they’re jealous. Aaryn thinks Helen is a wonderful person because Helen tells Aaron how wonderful she is.

      • Comments (60)

        That is exactly right about Helen and Aaryn……Helen compliments her and I am cringing on the other side of the tv its so fake and Aaryn gets this look on her face like she has been told she won the lottery!!!

    • Comments (832)

      I am trying really hard to find someone I want to win. I was a big Helen fan to begin with but she’s gotten so full of herself. I would rather have her go farther than McCranda but not looking too good. Helen is so good at giving advice but doesn’t seem to take any of that advice.

    • Comments (20)

      Love, love this post! In fact it’s helping me with my feelings of self loathing for watching this train wreck of a show.

  33. Comments (1)

    do we have any word on what the HG were talking about in the hot tub last night – about David? Anyone?

    • Comments (453)

      Aaryn told them that when a teenager, David threw a dirt clod at a friend and he ended up blind and his parents sued Davids’ and they were financially ruined.

  34. Comments (49)

    Hey Steve, what a crazy scenario…Spencer on a lucky streak. Let’s see Thursday they vote out Spencer and he wins the challenge and stays in the game. Then he wins HOH, what a week we would have with the 3 power houses Hn/El, Am/Mc, and An/Gm all kissing up to Sp/Andy for the noms and pov choises.

    You have to admit that this would be the true flip of the house and probablly make for the most interresting week of this whole season so far.

  35. Comments (17)

    About Amanda
    Does anyone know about or have been to this website? It talks about Amanda being 38 not 28 and being married. Does anyone have anything to say or add to this. Or do you know anything about the website being legit or not?

    • Comments (1)

      I’ve been there and it sounds legit to me. Amanda looks 38.

      • Comments (11)

        33 maybe but she does not look 38. If she is 38, being a b**** must be the answer for youthfulness.

    • Comments (407)

      Larry, this has been on this blog before and I do not believe it to be true. If you google Amanda Zuckerman 2008 you will find videos showing her middle name to be Amanda Joy Zuckerman not Amanda Jane Zuckerman. You will see that she worked for CBS at that time. My heart really goes out to that poor lady with the same first and last name as Amanda on BB.

  36. Comments (18)

    So it appears Helen will be leaving. So what? She was stupid for getting rid of players who weren’t a threat (such as Jessie) before getting rid of a major threat in Amanda. Especially after America handed Amanda to her on a silver platter. What an idiot. Hopefully Amanda will get the boot next week!

  37. Comments (11)

    Larry CBS usually does background checks and I’m sure u would need a birth certificate so I bet it’s just rumors

  38. Comments (28)

    well to be honest amanda looks more like 38 than 28.. just saying… and the things she says on the bbad and the feeds… omg…. do people really want to no that she needs monostat{ yeast infection cream} seriously ppl have some cooth…

    • Comments (151)

      Yeast infections suck.

    • Comments (610)

      she does look much older than 28, older and ‘used’. And she could have quietly asked for monistat during a DR session…but she isn’t known for modesty or good manners

    • Comments (357)

      I thought the same thing j & b? She does NOT look like she is in her 20s….AT ALL! Another HG who makes me cringe when she opens her mouth! SMH

    • Comments (60)

      Whatever age she is she is soooooo inclined to ” over share ” its crazy I was watching BBAD a day or so ago and everyone was in the washroom for some odd reason and she was lotioning up and without batting her eye she dropped her pants knowing full well she was on camera because she Looked Right At It when she did it and started lotioning up thoses areas….the hilarious part was watching the look on Spencer and Andys faces it was like she was telling them the secret to the universe they got so intent !! Shy she isn’t

    • Comments (26)

      Eh that’s what smoking will do to you. It’s sad because I think she’s actually a pretty girl (on the outside….) but she does look a lot older up close.

  39. Comments (46)


    I know this is irrelevant to this post
    But I just found out that I live 10 minutes away from amandas house

    And at least once a week i drive by her comunity on my way to work

  40. Comments (96)

    I don’t condone any of GM’s hateful remarks, but after watching last nights episode, I kind of feel sorry for her. It seems like she is battling a lot of inner demons and I hope she gets the help she needs after the show. Again, I don’t agree with her hateful remarks, but this was just an observation I made.

    • Comments (453)

      I agree with you KiKi45, she really needs in depth help, and I do feel bad for her. It was heart wrenching to hear her tell Aaryn that she wants her to be her maid of honor in hers and Nick’s wedding.

      • Comments (357)

        All jokes aside…GM has missed a pivotal moment in her life. Somewhere during her growing pains, she missed a step and is stuck at that point. Somewhere, someone in her past has hurt her deeply. I don’t think that she was lacking attention, but not all attention….is good attention. She is stuck at one point in her past that did the most damage to her….so now she has regressed. She is a 32 year old woman, who thinks, acts, and reacts to things like a teenager would (Go back to her HOH room reveal among other things).
        After watching BBAD and reading some of these posts. I may have jumped the gun when I said that she is too old not to know what her hateful comments mean to people (loosely). Somewhere along the line, reality ceased to exist for her.
        Now….would I vote for her to win BB? Absolutely not! Would I want to hang out with her? Never gonna happen! But somewhere deep in my heart (REALLY deep). I can’t help but feel sorry for her. And I truly hope she seeks proper counseling when she gets out.
        Most Medical professionals would agree with me when I say. The fact that she created a deep relationship/engagement AFTER she met someone 21 days before he was evicted, never kissed him, or had a deep conversation with? Shows her instability and insecurity.
        Yes, this is a game, I get it! But when this game is over, GM will have alot to answer for and alot of new demons to deal with. Bulimia/Anorexia is more than just a struggle with body image. It’s a struggle with finding your place in the world.
        A marriage that will never happen, unless it’s a Bravo reality show (love bravo) AND they can get Nick to sign on, is a warning sign to the jackass BB psychiatrist that she has a problem with the differences between fantasy and reality.
        Wake up BB! No wait……BB production is waiting for the nervous breakdown….wait for it (good for the ratings).
        Sorry people, I know that some may not agree with this. But the racist comments from her about other races insinuating that we/us/them are 2nd class citizens? Still makes me take a deep breath and count to 10.
        But at the end of the day, I am human and I can’t help but feel for her. There, my glass house has cracks, but it’s still standing!

      • Comments (20)

        I, too, believe there are problems there that extend beyond just being from NY, whatever that means. Thoughtful post and one the network should keep in mind for next time. NO MORE broken people, it is to painful to watch. When watching a person who has less than a firm grasp on reality is entertainment, we have a problem in our culture.
        Players like Jessie and Helen know who and where they are, they played the game and will play again. People like GM are not aware of how they are being exposed and exploited for entertainment. That is messed up!

      • Comments (610)

        Well said and I agree with you. Aside from the racist stuff she’s spouted (which is not excusable or acceptable), I see her as emotionally fragile. I do feel sorry for her because once she gets out of the house and finds out she’s lost her job that could send her over the edge. How will CBS feel if she commits suicide due to the backlash from the show?

    • Comments (357)

      She is toooooo old to not what know what her hateful comments mean to people. I’m from NY too….no excuse1 She can’t keep throwing up the “I;m from NY, you know how we talk! I call BS!!!!

  41. Comments (610)

    Ugh, just read some stuff on jokerupdates & it sounds like most, if not all, the HG “know” or “have a feeling” that a returning evicted HG will be coming back into the game. What’s up with that? Does DR tell them these things? What happened to ‘expect the unexpected’? I would much rather see them totally blindsided when the returning HG shows up!

    • Comments (1092)

      The unexpected would have been that all four jury members go back into the house, and have a new competition for the whole house with the winner getting hoh, and the bottom four going immediately to jury. That would shake everything up. Although the show is fun to watch, it is becoming too predictable.

    • Comments (28)


      • Comments (832)

        This whole season has be predictable. CBS needs to rethink their “expect the unexpected” tagline.

    • Comments (78)

      I agree
      The DR should not reveal future events that are forthcoming in the house.
      Expect the unexpected is BB rule of thumb but is not being carried our by DR/production.

    • Comments (357)

      DR tells them EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

      • Comments (60)

        So now Helen is gotten McCrae in cockpit and has told him that ” Amanda is not being portrayed well in this game to America you don’t want to be part of that”……….how does Helen have that bit of info? Has she been told GM etc aren’t as well or do they pick and choose what info they share with HG? Does.that not give Helen an unfair advantage knowing that info?

        Again…not sticking up for anyone or condoning bad behavior but if info is leaked to a HG it should be given to them all!

      • Comments (610)

        I agree!

      • Comments (357)

        CBS nor BB are stupid. Well….maybe just a little. They are WELL aware of how America feels about the controversy surrounding Amanda as the pre-chosen winner. They know that America at one point believes that she was getting inside info through the DR. What better way to tame that wild beast, than to start giving little hints to some, if not all of the HGs?

  42. Comments (20)

    Amanda knew exactly what to look for when she began this game, a boy who was not as well educated, a boy who wasn’t that cute and a boy who didn’t get how she was going to use him. She couldn’t win this without a shield and blanket to hide under and McCrae fit the bill! Anyone one of those girls could wreck Amanda game by pointing out how insecure she is about her weight, or how she smothers people with her wants and needs. They could ask McCrae how he likes being rode into the ground by his “girlfriend” or they could ask Amanda what it is like to be the pants wearer in her relationships and do they all end badly when the boy finds a girl more his size and age and dumps her…lucky I don’t play those kind of games but it is easy to see both these players as weak and lazy in life, work and relationships. The house should have booted them long ago. They all have some growing up to do. Wish one of them would grow some and get the job done! These guys are killing the show for a lot of us.

  43. Comments (83)

    OMG! If they decide to keep Helen, I will cry, she just has to go, that will a big big mistake if they do, she will probaly win HOH, then go after Amanda and Aaryn, don’t get me wrong, I want them gone, but she needs to go now.

  44. Comments (34)

    Who ever return’s in the house thursday will be put on the block no matter what. I really think judd’s the one comming back but lol nothing’s gonna change, :-/ the queen will stay the queen,& if Helen goes that’s a rap just give Amanda her money now because, i just don’t see anybody else stepping to Mcranda Ellisa maybe :-ooooo no i don’t think so she’s to soft & her game sucks plus without mvp she’s not a treat anymore to Amanda so yo just enjoy the rest of the show, i think people should stop expecting big moves from them because during all season long Amanda’s been making all the big move’s so, just sit back relax and watch her work her magic by getting rid of everybody she want’s in the house, to bad that those people are to stupid to hummmmm i don’t no ??? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT MAYBE lol i’m use to it now so HEY WTF …. :-/ 🙂 KiCK THERE ASS AMANDA & SEE YOU AT THE ALL STAR GAME’S 😛 (can’t believe i’m saying this 😮

  45. Comments (34)

    You no what 1 more thing seriously, i think Mc should marry Amanda if she are he win’s BB15 i mean why the hell not that’s a hell of a story to tell your children & its just cool you no like Dick & Danielle accept that this season is the Bad version of it are something lol

  46. Comments (41)

    During last night’s BBAD, they came back from commercial to mid-conversation between Aaryn, Helen, and Elissa at the hot tub. They were talking about David and some horrible thing that happened in his past. Does anyone know anything about this?

  47. Comments (357)

    Hey Stevebeans….I went on another bloggers website to see what she was saying (taking notes ONLY Stevie…LOL). I noticed something interesting on there and I wonder if you could add this to your website. She had a search topic, member, date, etc button. I followed a few people on there and it made it easier for members to reply back to comments. Is that something we could do on here? Those of us on here appreciate your input, time, and money spent to keep this site going. I get MUCH more out of this site than spending money on live feeds. My payday is your payday! Thanks for the hard work that you do….it doesn’t go unnoticed! (0-: ***SIDENOTE*** Can anybody tell me how to get the app for smiley/sad faces?

    • Comments (768)

      No app required nqb, just hit colon then right bracket for 🙂 and hit colon and left bracket for 🙁 on the other hand hit semi-colon and right bracket for 😉

  48. Comments (302)

    I just love it when Helen gets mad that Amanda sucking up to Aaryn just to win a vote. WTF Helen? What do you think you do with everyone in the house? It’s like Helen feels she’s the only one that should be allowed to lie and manipulate … everyone else is phony. Just as she condemned Howard for lying about the Moving Company while she lied to every single player that got voted off. Can’t wait to hear her interview with Julie Chen I’m sure she won’t admit to any game mistakes – she’ll blame others who don’t understand the game that did her in.

    • Comments (768)

      Helen’s arrogance got in her own way. She thought she could take out Amanda at any point in the game rather than seizing on the opportunity to get her out two weeks in a row. She should have struck while she had the chance. The stupidest move in the game so far.

  49. Comments (768)

    “Although one note, I notice that they keep going to fish whenever Aaryn talks about her parents. I wonder if they didn’t sign the release and that’s why she receives no letters.”

    Beans, there was a moment this week that Aaryn was in her HOH and I think it was GM who picked up one of her photos and questioned Aaryn about it and Aaryn made the point that the way production had framed the photo, her father was cut off from view on the photo by the frame. GM asked if her parents had signed the release and Aaryn confirmed that they had. I have a feeling that when things went south for Aaryn early in the show, her parents may have rescinded their release and that’s why even after 4 HOH wins, we have yet to see anything from either of Aaryn’s parents.

    • Comments (166)

      I bet you are right..they have had soo much backlash from their daughter being a disgrace to the family & the state of Texas that there is NO WAY in hell they are going to show their own faces on t.v!!

  50. Comments (875)

    GM is the “most” delusional HG that has ever been on Big Brother! From her pretend relationship with Nick, to Candice being a “rat.” GM can not see the forest for the trees. Gina Marie, Andy is the biggest “Rat” to ever roam the hallways of the BB House!

  51. Comments (1162)

    “Kudos to ‘Whatever’ for his/her following post – lol
    Diary Room: Helen, there is a rat in the House.

    Helen: I haven’t seen one.

    Diary Room: He has red hair.

    Helen: Clowney?

    • Comments (20)

      okay that made me laugh! need one after watching the lemmings jump off the cliff Andy built, one by one….what a waste of my summer, I could have been fishing.

  52. Comments (18)

    OMG Aaryn is so beautiful and amazing. I want to make her my future wife!!! 🙂

    • Comments (1162)


    • Comments (18)

      What’s with the thumbs down, so what she made mistakes, it’s not like anybody on here hasn’t made any mistakes of their own. I’m sorry that I find a beautiful and competitive girl attractive.

      • Comments (357)

        This may seem a bit harsh to you Jazz but, Mistakes….really? WOW! A “mistake” is when you did something wrong and you “learn” from it. You don’t keep making the same “mistakes” over and over and over again! That kinda pushes into the habit category.
        However, I do agree with you that Aaryn is an attractive and competitive girl. BUT “beautiful, she is not”. REAL beauty comes from within. It shines the moment they interact with you. An attractive woman is one who can get your attention, but a beautiful woman is one who will keep your attention. Sorry…I don’t see the things that Aaryn did AND continues to do in that house as someone who has made mistakes. My definition of what she did/does is called “CHARACTER”!

      • Comments (12)

        My goodness, that was well said!

      • Comments (166)

        Jazz,you think Aaryn is beautiful?!! What about her ANNOYING as hell freakin VOICE!!!!!!! Could you actually stand to hear it everyday?!!

    • Comments (624)

      Even with those funky drawn on eyebrows? EWW

    • Comments (20)

      That really made me laugh! It’s like they say “pretty is as pretty does” and we all know she has shown her inner self. You like scary movies, too?

  53. Comments (1)

    I love Aaryn too. so I guess we’ll see who gets her!!! 😉

  54. Comments (832)

    On BBAD poor Amanda is feeling sorry for herself. She’s so upset because Helen said she’s a bad person… I think Amanda needs to remember she’s the Queen of talking about other HG’s & she’s said some pretty nasty things about people. She can dish it out but sure can’t take it. Oh sweet mother of God, let’s hurry up & get to the finale so we can put this season to rest. I would like to be a fly on the wall after the season wraps to see how the HG’s react to all the negativity about this season!

    • Comments (20)

      Yes! Truer words can’t be said about Amanda, “she can dish it out, but she can’t take it”. YOU WIN! Don’t you really dislike people like that?
      Insecure, nasty, mean spirited attention seeker defines Amanda to a tee. And how many times have we sat the couch and said exactly what you said about fly on the wall when this sorry mess is over.

      The end can’t come soon enough for us.

  55. Comments (143)

    Aaryan is possibly one of the worst players in BB history, 4 hohs, and none of them matter and she sended home all people who weren’t going to win.

    Then you have all the houseguest on AD talking about someone coming back ever since julie announced it. Why is production telling them every twist before it happens?

    It is also clear that the game is rigged in a new way for Amanda. Appearantly she is on adderal, and all these quizzes are suppose to work in her favour because it allows you a great deal of concentration and memory. Another HG who is on Adderal is… surprise surprise, Arayan, I guess anyone could win 4 hohs about memory if they were doping, like anyone could hit 600 home runs if they were on enough peds.

  56. Comments (1288)

    15 out of the 16 players in the house aren’t going to win, does that make it pointless to evict any of them? A week is successful as long as you send home someone not in your alliance. Early on strong players outside 3AM {David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin} fell but then as the numbers went down it switched to those who were unpredictable and uncontrollable {Howard, Candice, Judd and Jessie}. Each and every one very necessary.

    Now 3AM is taking out the strongest of the survivors – Helen. Next week is also very well covered as far as they really know. If one of them wins HoH no problem. If GM wins Aaryan will influence her, if Spencer wins McCrae and Andy will have his ear. The only bump id Elissa winning and then it will require someone in 3AM to win the veto.

    Now what they aren’t sure about is the returnee. If they win HoH the targets will vary. Helen would go McCranda, Candice most likely Aaryan and GM. Judd and Jessie are harder to anticipate. But as long as only one of 3AM is on the block they will have the votes to protect them.

  57. Comments (1162)

    An exhausted Helen took her Pity Party to bed early on, then Amanda the Witch’s
    self-pitying turned on…..again. Ugh!
    Endless hateful comments and BORING, BORING ……$HIT!
    What an entertaining group.

    Can BB15 be saved?
    No……unless the ANTS WIN!!!!

  58. Comments (3)

    Why are the house guests not realizing that Amanda and McC are NOT going to take anyone but themselves to the final 2? Everyone keeps talking about the final 4 and final 3, well the only one that actually matters is FINAL 1!! Lol!!! They all need to get out of “Sponge Amanda Square Pants” butt, vote her out and play their own game to win. Am I right or wrong or did they change Big Brother this season to, “Give someone else $500k that hasn’t won anything all season then cries because she can’t win. Not to mention, SHE’S A BULLY!”

    • Comments (143)

      I can only assume the DR. The dR has lots of influence. If they tell you someone is a threat or do you think so and so is a threat thats all these hgs think about. They do not realize how hard it will be to break up a pair like that. Just look at BB Canada. It does appear rigged

  59. Comments (1162)

    Question of the Day:

    Who are the Biggest Losers?
    Answer – Big Brother Fans

  60. Comments (80)

    Does Helen dig graves for a living? Because she’s doing a damn good job at digging her own.

  61. Comments (3)

    Doesn’t Aaryn look a little bit l like. Michelle Obama. In the face.look. at the bone structure

  62. Comments (79)

    The problem this season isn’t just the disgusting morals but the lack of intelligence. When they cast people they should be evaluating their IQ to make sure they’re going to be aggressive and make smart moves during the season. These people are just complete and total morons.

  63. Comments (166)

    Not only is BB15 going to go down as the most hated & racist season EVER but does anyone else agree with me on they are the most disgusting & annoying HG to watch with all their nervous ticks they have now developed:

    Aaryn–The most ANNOYING voice EVER on t.v
    Andy–Stop taking 22 sips of your drink in a 10 second time period
    Spencer–shave the beard its gross when your food gets in it!!
    McGross–Could we PLEASE not be subjected to him biting his fingernails the WHOLE time!!
    Meanmanda–How come every time she’s doing her DR convo, she talks out of the side of her mouth, what is that?!!
    GM–The loud outburst have got to stop!!
    Helen–doesn’t matter she’s gone
    Elissa–You never hear her cussing, she’s always sweet & laughing & somehow has pushed through all the CRAP..Still TEAM ELISSA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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