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Big Brother 15 – MVP Revealed; Meltdown Aftermath


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This is not much of a surprise, but for the 3rd time in a row, Elissa has been named Big Brother MVP. Look, this is nothing against Elissa at all, as I have no grudges against her, Rachel or really anyone.  With that said, the MVP twist is becoming silly, especially after this last week.  Helen and Amanda absolutely busted their butts to change the outcome of the week, while Elissa did a fraction of the work, but they didn’t win MVP?  I don’t understand it.


I’m not going to bash Big Brother, the producers or anything like that.  The twist was a pretty decent idea, and has made for some excitement so far this season, but it was just poorly implemented.  A basic rule should have been no back to back MVP’s, just like HoH.  Another could have been a ‘top 5’ option selected by the producers, but I know that would have just created a big stir with BB conspiracy theorists.

As far as the MVP nominee, it’s pretty clear from watching the feeds that Jeremy is the target and he’ll either be MVP pick or a backdoor option.  Aaryn is an alternative, but Jeremy is the guy this week.

Moving on, the blowup last night has resulted in a lot of apologies tonight.  Howard and Spencer are going around the house on an ‘I’m sorry’ tour, sitting down with nearly everyone and shedding tears while confessing their sins of playing the game. Lying about having a side alliance was such an awful thing that it resulted in tears from Helen, Andy and many more… really?  Am I watching Big Brother here?

What happened to owning up to your strategies?  There was nothing wrong with Moving Company, and nothing wrong with keeping it from Helen, Candice and the rest of the house.  Keeping a secret alliance a secret is kind of the key part of it.  Those who are getting upset from it are clearly either playing it up for more power, or have never seen this show before.  You can’t tell me that Helen, Aaryn, Jessie and others went into this game thinking they can trust everything everyone says.

I think what the house is going through is still shock from last night, and they don’t know how to handle it. The tension was bubbling for a week or so, and it finally blew up and splattered like spaghetti sauce all over a clean kitchen.   Right now the house is still looking around a bit stunned from the mess, and starting to get ready for the long cleaning process.  The question I have is, will they try cooking again, or will they order a pizza?

We will find out over the next few days which course the house will take.  I hope they keep trying to cook because nothing makes for a good Big Brother season like some nice tasty tension and drama to go around!

Did I carry my metaphor too long?   Anyway, veto competition sounds like it will be held tomorrow, I think Elissa has to make her decision tonight, and I’ll be back giving you updates as soon as I hear them!  The house appears to be turning in early tonight, so I think I will too.

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  1. Comments (51)

    MVP Elissa get her order: get Howard out.

  2. Comments (286)

    Hoping they stick to the plan of getting rid of the “Evil Empire” and than back to the game.Or put Jeremy up,if he wins takes himself off put up GM scare the evilness out of the three girls.Hey if the three go up watch them tear each other up.

    • Comments (216)

      She should put up GM and try to backdoor Jeremy. The other 3 have collectively won zero competitions (except for the one Aary[a]n worked with Jeremy, where they clearly cheated). This isn’t a close question. You try to keep Jerk out of the POV competition. Best cahnce to get J out of the house and, absolute worse case scenario, J gets to play the veto, wins, and takes Kaitlin off the block and Aary[a]n or GM goes home.

      If J leaves, GM, Aary[a]n, and Kaitlin are sitting ducks.

      • Comments (216)

        Wrote that before I realized she nominated Spencer. I guess I can see the logic, but I’d have put GM up there. Can’t quite understand why she thinks Spencer will have a better chance of winning the POV than Howard, but I’m not in the house and don’t have the feeds.

  3. HoustonTransplant
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  4. Comments (1)

    Anyone else hear Helen saying how production was influencing her to NOT nominate Howard?? Thanks Big Brother. You were clearly selling Aaryns racist/homophobic comments for publicity. We all knew that you must be playing a part in who wins veto by playing it to their advantages. We kinda figured “Americas Vote” was really bull*it”. But really? You have to play a role in who is nominated to? I guess this really is Big Brother…you can control what we see and hear and never let us know what’s going behind the scenes cuz if we knew the truth we might have a different opinion.

  5. Comments (169)

    Starting to seem like this MVP thing is more of an albatross around Elissa’s neck than it is a reward… Amanda is LIVID that Elissa didn’t put up Howard, she put up Spencer. She’s now saying that Elissa must have a deal with Howard… I swear, these people… They have a good solid thing going on, and Amanda is going to screw it up if she doesn’t stop. I’d be questioning why they want Howard up so bad? I know it’s because Amanda and McCrae want him out, but if I was Helen and company, I’d be wondering what the difference is between the two (How/Spenc)? After all, Jeremy is SUPPOSE to be the target this week… At least Elissa stood up for herself and said they were using her,and that was ok, but they weren’t going to pressure her into doing something she didn’t feel comfortable with. Howard didn’t need to go up. He came clean to Helen about his vote, and that’s all Helen wanted from him. Howard and Candice have gone through freaking HELL in that house especially since Thursday… I’m proud that Elissa didn’t give in to pressure and actually nominated who she wanted. As I said, what does it matter, anyway? Jeremy is supposedly the target, so there you go. Amanda is making a mountain out of a molehill and she’s going to end up screwing up all the hard work they’ve put in. I like the girl but she’s got to calm the crap down at times. Anyway, just my two cents.

    • Comments (51)

      Howard names came up because he continuously lies to Helen face all day. if you’re watching live feeds, Howard keeps denying he vote Elissa, then came clean. But denies part of the moving company although Helen already knew. No matter how much Helen asked for the truth Howard lie and lie. Finally Howard knowing Helen prob know the truth he came clean. After confirming to everybody that Helen already knew about the moving company and how the votes went up. The continuous lying and denying is so pathetic with him asking for the Lord’s forgiveness!

      • Comments (24)

        Yeah that’s so insane, because he’s the only one in the house that lies! The house is full of racist bigots, but the only thing bothering you is Howard’s lies, you do know it’s a game right? At least he’s asking for forgiveness unlike the racist bigot’s who believe they can do no wrong.

    • Comments (216)

      I’m not sure why she nominated Spencer, but it’s hard to see how the MVP is weighing Elissa down. Without it, she’d already be out of the house.

    • Comments (53)

      They need to cut amanda she using elissa and helen and playing both side i explain about her evil plot more in my post a little more down

    • Comments (178)

      I have to admit, I was divided about their putting Howard up. Part of me wants him to stay, if only as a safeguard for Candice because if Candice is left undefended and unprotected, GinaMarie, Aaryn and Kaitlyn will continue to taunt her. They know they can push her buttons and they’re trying to do so in order to get her thrown out of the house. Had they placed Howard on the block, he certainly would have been capable of winning the POV and taking himself off, leaving open the option of backdooring Jeremy. His being up for eviction purely would have been to send a message to him that Helen and her team didn’t appreciate his lies and deception to them. Apparently, they’re sending that message to Spencer by having the MVP nominate him. I’d like to see Spencer sent packing from the house; but I really think Jeremy, Aaryn and GinaMarie need to go before him. The house knows how sneaky and manipulative Spencer is and will probably vote him out, thus leaving Kaitlin and Aaryn in the house to continue their dirty work.

  6. Comments (2)

    MVP Elissa Vote Spencer.

    conspiracy theories anyone: (from live feeds)

    12:35:50am Cam 3-4 HOH Amanda and Helen Amanda: “why do you guys keep saying that production swayed you to not get rid of Howard” feeds cut*** (Elissa and Helen both said tonight that they got the feel “The Show” was trying to keep Howard safe)

    • Comments (216)

      Maybe the show is, but the show is doing Helen’s and Elissa’s work for them. Spending this week paying back a petty feud rather than trying to snuff out Team Ignorance would be very, very short-sided.

  7. Comments (1)

    Thanks, Blogger, for working nonstop to keep us in the know.

  8. Comments (1162)

    True, there is nothing wrong with keeping secret alliances, however this BB began
    with tyrannical-like forces at work, which, IMO, changed the dynamics of the game.
    It was a Good vs Evil situation and Helen’s sense of betrayal from Howard and Spencer
    is/was a huge emotional hit.
    Howard gets that which is why he wants to be the one to tell Candice what he
    and Spencer did………..

    IMO, the BB house air is clearing up and the real BB Game, the one most fans
    support, is about to begin.

  9. Comments (1)

    Elissa should’ve not said a word about getting MVP this time. No one would know…and it would cause quite a stir amongst the house guests as to who had it. That would be fun to watch! Especially since they are so sure she will get it. I really don’t understand why she keeps getting it…she is not even doing half the work. I agree with Beans, they should’ve added a rule of no back to backs.
    P.S. Thanks for all the great updates!!

    • Comments (216)

      The same reason Mark Sanford and Marion Barry keep winning elections: name recognition. Also, there are always competing justifications for picking a “true” MVP. You could certainl make a case for Helen or Amanda. That means people voting for a “true” MVP (who are probaly out numbered by the people who vote based on name recognition anyway) would have split their votes. See also, e.g., U.S. Presidential Elections 2000, 1912.

    • Comments (43)

      i think its good shs keeps getting mvp. since the minute everyone confirmed who she was she wasnt given a fair shot. suddenly the mean girls hated her for no reason other than she was rachels sister and thats totally not fair. its the least we can do for her to at least be able to make one move each week. i do think it would have been more dramatic if they had started the season saying there would be no back to back mvps but imo she would have gotten it every other week anyway and helen would probably gotten it on the off weeks.

      • Comments (216)

        I’m not sure what “fair” has to do with it. She’s only IN the house because she’s Rachel’s sister. Is that “fair” to the thousands of people who tried out?

        (I’m glad it’s giving her a chance to take out Team Ignorance, and I’ve warmed to her if only because I despise Aaryan and Jeremy. But let’s not go crazy. It’s “unfair” she got a shot to begin with–fairness doesn’t mean a whole lot in BB.)

      • Comments (22)

        Because she is Rachel’s sister….really, I don’t think so. Others got picked when casting personel happened into their place of business and said, “we need you” and to hell with all the legitimate people who sent audition tapes and went through extensive interviews and call backs for more interviews. And you think that is okay too??

      • Comments (6)

        she is there because of her sister but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be able to play or have EQUAL chance to do so. Was she a target first couple of weeks? Yes. Is she still a target? Nope so why should be given a power when she isn’t playing the best game?

      • Comments (216)

        I said the whole system has nothing to do with fairness.

      • Comments (2)

        Others are only IN the house because they looked a certain way and didnt even know what BIG BROTHER was

      • Comments (111)

        Is your username named after the Justin Timberlake song? c:

  10. Comments (83)

    I think Jerkemy can be controled, so I think now would be the best time to get the racist big mouth Aaryn out that girl is such a bitch, she does not deserve to play this game, u should not be worrying about Howard or even Spencer, when u got ppl like GM, Aaryn, Jerkemy in the house.

    • Comments (178)

      Veronica, Jeremy is going through the motions of “getting along” at the moment in order to keep the target off of himself; but as soon as the power in the house switches over to his side again (and assuming that GinaMarie, Kaitlyn and Spencer remain in the house), watch how fast he goes back to being his nasty, bullying self again. He might also be able to pull Amanda and McCrae back over to his side as they seem to go back and forth between whomever has the power. Despite her good social game, I think Helen will be in danger of being eliminated if that side of the house regains power because she has proven to be a very strong player. I seriously doubt that Elissa is on their radar at the moment now that they realize they have bigger fish to fry.

    • Comments (3)

      I think they should carry Aaryn to the bottom 3 or far enough and make her think she has a chance. Throw her out when the right time comes and remind her of her actions. Everyone already doesn’t like her so she is not a threat. This maybe a good game play and focus on getting the guys out first.

  11. Comments (15)

    I think nominating Spencer was the biggest mistake, she should have nominated GM in hopes of backdooring Jeremy, a sixth person will be selected to play Veto if that person wins the nominations will remain the same the other side can campaign for votes and Spencer can be going home. Spencer voted to keep her in i don’t get why!!

  12. Comments (10)

    I want Aaryn OUT!!!! I don’t want another week of her in the house!!!!! I can’t stand her!!!!

  13. Comments (23)

    I really don’t get the nom 3 and won’t get it.Why Spencer?More feuds?No logic at all!

  14. Comments (6)

    Maybe having a hand in who goes on the block is BB way to get out Aaryn since they are getting so much pressure to take her off the show. If so, good. I for one can’t wait to see her leave! Howard is just playing the game and is the only one in the house that is bothered morally by having to lie, and even asking forgiveness after doing so. I hope he wins it all! I like Amanda but she is running a big double standard. She’s the one who said to Aaryn get over it its BB and people lie! Shes also saying that Howard has Candice so that’s 2 votes which poses a threat. Isn’t the same thing true with Jer/Kat and her and MC? Just get out Aaryn and focus on team ignorance!

  15. Comments (768)

    Helen was crying in a fit of tears in the HOH as Howard was confessing what had been happening because she felt sooooo betrayed…. yet I didn’t notice her confessing that she had approached Aaryn and tried to convince her to be in a two woman alliance with her and that they could work together.

  16. Comments (53)

    i really can’t stand amanda she is dead set on getting howard out this week because she knows she can easily get in jeremy and aaryn’s heads when they are the biggest threat to everyone and the worst 2 people in the house and she doesn’t even care about elissa helen andy candice jess or judd she’s just using them all while trying to make side deals with the next side of the house she’s most likely gonna turn on helen elissa and candice once spencers out and ether make a deal with jeremy or get him booted so her poppet could be the strongest guy her over all plan because elissa helen and candice dont stand a chance with howard or spencer nor aaryn kaitie and gm without jeremy i hope the house finds her out and boots her next week and it so shameful how mccrae is just her little lap dog poppet i wouldn’t be surprised if she was just using him too she does have a boyfriend at home watching if howard goes up and doesn’t win veto he going home because she and her poppet alone with andy and her brain washed flunkies (jess and judd) and lets not forget about jeremy and gm who will vote that way to so even if elissa andd helen want aaryn gone she’ll stab them in the back if they let her get out howard and spencer then not shortly after we will hear congrats to amanda on winning big brother 15 (plus she is the least prettiest girl in the house a(MAN)duh is a fitting name sorry for the cheap shot but just saying) and told putting elissa in the house conflicts with starting the mvp this week

  17. Comments (53)

    im glad the light is being shed on the corruption of puting elissa in the same season as they started the mvp vote and the that fact that i stated about howard and spencer just playing the game and its no different from helen trying to work secretively with aaryn its big brother they need to snap out of it because if they let amanda get out howard and spence helen and elissa loses the votes and any chance of winning because andy with amanda so is judd and mccrae ok but jeremy gona go with the numbers and if hes gone so who they got one the next side no guys well what about the numbers no they won’t have that at best it will be helen elissa aaryn candice gm easy pickings AMANDA NEEDS TO GOT GO shes a posion to the house

  18. Comments (15)

    i just finished reading on a website that Jeremy didn’t get picked for the veto comp. GM and Candice did lets hope Spencer gets off the block and Jeremy goes on and the 3 of them can battle!! hopefully one of them goes home this week.. they don’t deserve to be there

  19. Comments (53)

    True or false the live feed makes you feel that thru. was the hoh have not and nom sunday veto and wensday live eviction beacause sundays get boring i already know everything and a good idea of whos going home spoilers are the best lol

  20. Comments (53)

    Funniest live feed moment today BB: Andy stop singing lol
    he didn’t even say anything while jeremy and aaryn were singing

  21. Comments (111)

    The popcorn is getting burnt! Better refrigerate that pizza for the night before the dolphin gets it at the stroke of midnight! (Carrying on the metaphor)

  22. Comments (1)

    Spencer betrayed his alliance. Helen likes loyalty and honesty. Howard was loyal to his alliance to the end and fessed up about voting against Elissa when he could have stuck with his story and maintained plausible deniability. Helen is trying to get allies and thinks Howard will be more trustworthy. Why she took it upon herself to go after either instead of an easier target is beyond me.

  23. Comments (1)

    Elissa put up Spencer

  24. Comments (233)

    The sick, violent comments I heard Spencer making on the long YouTube video scared the crap out of me. So I’m fine with him sweating it out on the block. Who cares that he voted to keep Elissa, she didn’t even need that vote. I’d like to see Aaryn out next, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have a double eviction and get both Aaryn & Jeremy out the same night? Amanda is definitely a tough player, and it was great how she stook up for Elissa and outed all the hypocracy between Aaryn and team, but of course that venom will turn on someone else later on. Amanda’s made quite a few shameful comments herself, so it’s really hard to feel positive about her.

  25. Comments (231)

    All I know is that it is grrrreat to watch those slugs hide out for a change and lick their wounds with worry. They know that they don’t have the numbers to do squat and for me this is going to be a wonderful week. Unless of course something hideous happens 🙂

  26. Comments (6)

    I do agree with ya, Steve on the MVP becoming a joke after this week. It could have been a good twist if the show had not had used it in the right context.
    Elissa made herself scarce yesterday; I guess wanting Helen to make her decision then got upset because no one came to find Elissa to discuss gameplay / plan with her, I wanted to yell at the computer screen last night “If you want to be included, you have to engage the players; Get up and be social and you would be in the know” instead she blamed not having enough time to make a good decision and not wanting anyone to be mad at her when she did. This was at the same time taking full credit for getting David and Nick out the door. What show has she been on? She participated in helping get them out because of MVP but that was about it. Please America: STOP VOTING FOR ELISSA FOR MVP. She can’t handle it and it will only get worse.

  27. Comments (528)

    I happen to think Spencer is a grade A douchebag but why did Elissa put him up? He didn’t vote for her to go out and he’s kissing their assets now to try and get away from the MC…even if he is a pawn, why not make it GM? Just to have all those dicks up there.

    Anywho, I assume Jerkamy is boned considering SOMEONE is going to get Veto and it’s almost a given its going to be used no matter who gets it so unless Jerkamy plays that game and wins (god forbid) he’s out. Which is great. Freaking hate that guy.

  28. Comments (48)

    I think it will be easier to get Aaryn out next week. If Kaitlan or Aaryn win the POV they will take themselves off the block. Helen can then put up Jeremy. If Jeremy is voted out then that breaks up that double vote. If Spencer wins he can remove himself and Elisa can put up Jeremy. If Candice wins she can save Spencer and Jeremy can go up. If GM wins POV she will save Aaryn or Kaitlan. Jeremy can then be put up by Helen. All in all it seems the perfect week to get rid of Jeremy. Then focus can be put on getting Aaryn out. Next Amanda and McCrae. That is 2 votes that also need to be split.
    Boy, it is so easy to play when you are not in the house.

  29. Comments (195)

    Seems a lot of people have already forgotten how Spencer had acted earlier on. Loving Hitler but most of all his disrespect for women when he said you know when a women says no she really means yes. Despicable man in my eyes. So out of the ignorance team Jerkemy, Aaryn and Spencer are at the top for me to go home but don’t get me wrong want the rest to go too.
    Anyone wondering if Julie Chen is fast at work preparing the questions for the live show. I know the producers I am sure give her the questions but I so hope she goes to them and says this is what I would like to say…..especially if Aaryn is evicted this week.

  30. Comments (24)

    The live feeds have been down for a very long time, I wonder if they’ve called a meeting with the HG and decided to get rid of Aaryn/GM/Spencer, replace them with the knuckleheads who were evicted and not have an eviction on thursdays epi and just play the HOH comp.

  31. Comments (2)

    kaitlyn won pov lol

  32. Comments (453)

    Damn, Kaitin won, damn damn damn.

  33. Comments (124)

    Kaitlin wins and she’s stupid enough to not take herself off the block to save her guy…yuk! But it doesn’t matter because then they can still get off either Aryan or Spencer and they’ll be one less ignorant fool in the house!

  34. Comments (123)

    Oh Yeah!!!… Bye Bye RingWorm Boy !!!… 🙂

    stevebeans…what happened?, no Updates?… Shame but i know u needed a day off… 🙂

  35. Comments (123)

    oops sorry…i didnt see ur new thread, lol… 🙂

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