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Big Brother 15 – First Night Feed Glitch, Nominees Revealed

June 27, 2013 | 2 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


When the Big Brother 15 feeds went live last night, it was met with a lot of darkness for many people, most likely all on the east coast.  Apparently there was a bug in the system that happened at midnight, and I think it was happening at each time zone struck 12.  Luckily it’s fixed, and I am able to watch the flashback feeds from last night to get somewhat of an understanding of the house over the past 6 days.

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During the CBS episode last night, we learned something about the cast members that we learn every year.  Watching them for a few minutes is nothing like seeing photos or watching an interview.  Jessie came off as an extremely insecure, yet highly arrogant person who thinks she’s the best looking girl in the house (she’s not). I tweeted that she is likely an early exit, and it was no surprise when I found out she is on the block this week.

Apparently, the all-girl alliance that was formed during the first night lasted about as long as you’d expect on a show like this.  When you throw a bunch of 20somethings in a house together for a summer, people just seem to forget about the prize money and emotions take over.  I just didn’t expect it to happen this quickly.  Jeremy, or should I call him Chief Jeremy since he embraces his Native American side (I bet he’s like 2% Native) was flirting with the best looking girl ever – Jessie, but also had eyes for someone else.  I couldn’t quite figure out who it was just yet, but I think it is Aaryn, and that set off quite a bit of cattiness from the girls over the past few days.

Candice and Jessie spilled the beans about Rachel’s sister at some point, but we didn’t get to see the shitstorm that followed.  I really wish they waited a few more days so it would have been on the feeds.  Needless to say, it was such an event that they were still talking about it last night.  I expect some highlights of this on Sunday night, CBS!   Despite the mounting tension in the house, the crew decided to put on a little fashion show for the BBAD folks, which is not really what people wanted to see last night.  We craved drama, but we got this…


Enough rambling, I’m still trying to put the pieces together from the cast being in the house for about 6 days prior to the feeds going live, so the picture will become clearer when the house wakes up and things get stirring once again.

For now, I will tell you that the nominees for the week are:

  • Candice
  • Jessie  (shocker!)

I don’t know the reasoning behind Candice, but I’m not at all shocked about Jessie. I already have a feeling she’s going home on Wednesday and I haven’t been able to watch much of the feeds yet.

In addition to the nominees, the have-nots for the week are:

  • Andy
  • Elissa
  • Helen
  • Howard
  • Judd

Not really a big deal there.  Being a have-not this early in the season is nothing.  I’m more interested to see who becomes a have-not later in the season.  That can really mess with someones head – literally (if they shave their heads).

Feel free to sign up to the live feeds, and until I gather more info on the house, I leave you with a creepy McCrae… The pizza delivery boy, and likely part time serial killer.


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