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Big Brother 15 – Nomination And MVP Results (Updated)

Just like her sister, always nominated

If you are just tuning in after the Wednesday night live eviction show, then you probably don’t even know who won HoH.  Spoiler alert, it was Aaryn (with Jeremy playing de facto HoH).  That’s right, America’s sweetheart was able to pull out a big win when she needed it most.  I mean who doesn’t love someone so ignorant, that even after likely given notice by production about her racist remarks, she goes on to make even more last night.

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As Aaryn hung around outside, she made the remark that as Helen was evicting someone, she was going to say “No happy ending for you!“, to which her faithful oompa loompa companion (GinaMarie) followed with “just paint my nails first“.  I wish this was made up, but it’s not. Aaryn is just relentless with her ignorance and it appears she’s not going to let up any time soon.  I have been hearing a lot about wanting CBS to kick her out, but I don’t agree.  She is doing a great job at letting people be aware of some of the ignorance still on display in the country.  GinaMarie (from NY) is helping by showing it’s not an exclusive southern thing either..

Moving on, otherwise I’ll spend all summer talking about those dopes and ignoring the game.   It’s nomination day, and Team Ignorance sat in the HoH room calling everyone one by one to discuss who they’d put on the block next to Elissa if they were HoH.   Yes, despite half the house pegging off their alliance member, they’re still focused on Elissa which is playing right into the reason McCrae and crew wanted to keep her (Elissa) in the house.

Jeremy has been talking tough about their little group going after anyone in the house if Elissa is not voted out this week, but there are a few problems with that…

a) If Elissa is voted out, anyone in the house becomes a target anyway
b) Jeremy doesn’t have the numbers to toss around such threats
c) If Elissa remains, that likely means another of their alliance members are gone, and they become extremely weak

Needless to say, Jeremy is all bark and no bite, and I think the entire house knows it. Their focus on Elissa is horrible gameplay and they will soon be rewarded with a trip to meet Julie Chen, and then a very angry America.

With all that said, the nominations this week are:

Elissa and Helen


This was no surprise as they were discussing it all day with everyone in the house.  Their reasoning for Helen is they want someone who can have a chance to win PoV because they don’t want Elissa winning and taking herself off.  Terrible reasoning as there are bigger threats who have more of a chance to win PoV, but that’s Team Ignorance for you.

What are your thoughts about this nomination?

I’m going to be doing some live updating as well…


8:08pm – GinaMarie and Nick chatting in bed.  She is jealous that he looks at Kaitlin the same way he looks at her.  (yes, he looks at you both as trashy pawns on his way to $500k)

8:24pm – After a really disgusting conversation between GM and Nick, he leaves and basically tells her they can’t be seen together too much otherwise they’ll become targets (right.. wink wink), meanwhile Jessie has made her way upstairs to pretend she’s part of an alliance.

8:37pm – Kaitlin admits she didn’t even try out for Big Brother.  Never even heard of the show, but was approached in her bar and was told ‘we need you’. Skipped the entire first round of auditions.  Must be nice.


9:29pm – Camera leak to the diary room shows Elissa with the MVP card, and word is she’ll nominate Jeremy

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  1. Comments (528)

    Want to know why it’s a good idea to throw them out? Because not only would it show that they’re not going to tolerate that kind of hate speech, it would also alert the LARGE portion of the audience that has no idea this is happening to the issue. I mean, think about it: how many people are watching the live feeds and hitting the forums compared to just sitting back and taking the edited version at face value? But if a chunk of the cast – or even just one – gets ejected, they’re going to want an explanation and the ripple effect would be glorious. EVERYONE would be talking about this and not just the Internet newsies.

  2. Comments (316)

    Poor Helen!

    • Comments (18)

      It’s not like we haven’t seen a bit of bullying before.
      A’hem: BB12, BB13, BB14 (etc.)

      Even Britney from BB12 bullied Rachel, but nobody complained at all.
      Now that there is this racism going on, it’s very very VERY understandable for people to say it’s wrong, but for some people to say that bullying was never tolerated in the house and to think that it never happened is just stupid.
      I’m sorry for the little rant here. I still agree with all this racist stuff going on and how bad it is, but other people in BB have slid their way with through bullying people (Rachel and Brendan, don’t know if I said his name right)but no one has ever ranted about how bad they are.
      Like Britney, for example (even though I love her).

      • Comments (231)

        I agree, it was horrible.

      • Comments (1276)

        IMO, trying to push your way through, like Brendon, E.D. and countless others is while clasified as bullying, well is really not. Making threats like, I’m coming after you, or you’ll be my target is different than saying they should get someone stabbed, or put in the hospital. One side of it is mind games and the other is the threat of physical harm (which again, is illegal).
        Full grown adults that cry out that they are being bullied still amazes me to this day. Of course, we have all had one person, or a group of people that we’ve had some kind of confrontation with, but just because they are louder or a bit more in your face doesn’t always a bully make.
        I think people just use that word too much, and the ones that are truely bullied, like kids who end up depressed because of how bad it can get in school, are the ones that rarely use the term at all.
        Sorry, off my soap box, for now.

  3. Comments (29)

    Maybe a twist this season on “expect the unexpected” could be that at the nomination ceremony (before voting) an announcement could be made that 3 people were going to be sent home that night and replaced by 3 other people who are not publicly hating and if it continues in the house then others will be dismissed also. It sickens me to see this is still going on to the degree it is going on and that nothing is being done about it. I have read the threads and see all sides being presented and don’t have the right answer. Many smart people on these threads that have enlightened me on things I didn’t think about. I think hate is bad, publicly hating worse and yet how can we learn and become better educated if we sweep in under the rugs. I wish that CBS would act upon this so closure is made for all who feel hated by/harmed. It would show that while they are not sensoring the house guests they are not tolerating hate. I guess the line gets muddy when it is words and not action??? not a hate crime??? Time will tell.

    • Comments (316)

      That wouldn’t work. Why only 3 people? Who would get to decide which person said the most offensive thing? Too many people in the house said nasty things. They can’t just pick 3 because than the others who got to stay who said bad things would get off scott free. This is a faulty plan…

  4. Comments (29)

    Sorry, thought there were only three of them. Aaron, GM, and Jeremy. If there are more then they should go too. Hate and bulling should never be tolerated.

  5. Comments (1276)

    Hopefully Elissa or Helen will get veto, someone else will have to go up, which will probably be Jessie. While she’s annoying, I hope the cast realizes that like they see Elissa, she’s going to be a target. Or, she could even get brave, and put up her own pawn, basically anyone, if either of them win POV, she should pull down her own nom and then put up Jerkemy.
    The house has to be talking and realize he’s made the same threat to everyone, vote out Elissa or I’m coming after you… grrr. He can’t come after all of them, but if they get the chance, they should all vote against Jerkemy. The only possible vote for him to stay, could potentially be Kaitlin, but I could see Spencer and/or Nick giving him a vote, so that they could do like they did this week and lie about voting for/against him. Some people deserve to get backdoored, and, no pun intended, Jerk is one of them.

  6. Comments (2)

    I just really hope in the end Helen and Elissa stay. I’m already getting tired of watching BB but I’m so addicted I can’t stop. It just kills me to watch it with such hateful people on there, and the fact that they some how came out on top and won the HoH is ridiculous. Ugh

  7. Comments (1276)

    On a side note, I can see not kicking them out (even if I don’t agree with it) but, something should happen. If nothing else, CBS should air at least some of it on tv. It is not only wrong to edit someone like Aaryn to appear as a sweetheart, who’s showmance got nipped short (even though she basically broke up with him before it happened, for not “being a man” like jerk and standing up/fighting for her).
    I understand that airing all of it would be almost harmful, and kids watch the show and shouldn’t be seeing everything they are saying, but to not air it at all, or even address it, on tv, is wrong. It’s like covering it up for them.
    I’d be willing to bet that more than 60% of people only watch the primtime shows, and I know TONS of people who don’t even watch after dark (if for no other reason then not enough time) so they have no clue that it’s happening. It’s not right for ANYONE who is at all invested in the shows, and loyal fans should be lied to by CBS.
    If NOTHING else, Julie should shed light on it when/if they get evicted. And honestly, Aaryn is the worst out of all of them, she gives the south a bad name. She is a perfect example of what’s wrong with this country, and why these things keep being accepted by so many. It’s wrong, her family should be embaraced, her friends should act like they never knew her, and she should never get the trophy wife I’m sure she plans on being.
    On a side note, has anyone’s HOH letter had their family fussing at them, like saying “we raised you better” or “give up and come home before it gets worse”? It would be AMAZING if that happened this year!

  8. Comments (21)

    While I fine Aaryn, GM and Spencer revolting as human beings, I do not think they should be forced out of the game. Are they ignorant? yes. Are they bigots? yes!
    But having them ‘show’ their real personalities is such a better lesson in humanity and morality. All who are aware of the situation, which since it made it to mainstream media is many, many across the globe, see them as they are and not their mask that they hid behind before entering the house. They will not be able to justify themselves as easily once they are voted out and back among us. If CBS removed only them but left someone else ie. Amanda or Spencer that said just as offensive comments regarding other people, then that isn’t fair either. They would have to remove 80% of the cast to ‘clean it up’ and honestly, that wouldn’t clean it up because people are who they are.
    What I love is all the backlash in social media for those who are being so offensive. In the real world, we need to show we don’t tolerate it and the comments on Twitter, FB and fan pages just makes me happy that so many see the these twits for who they really are and BB last only a summer, the clips, FB comments and twitter comments will live on FOREVER:)

    With that being said:
    Cheating to win comps (Aaryn/Jer HOH) is completely different… that tells everyone who watched.. honest people finish last; screw the rules; play dirty and steal the win. That to me is unacceptable.

    • Comments (31)

      It’s really pissing me off that I’m not seeing a thread about a new HOH comp! If BB Canada can hold their houseguests responsible for cheating, why can’t the USA?!?!

      • Comments (169)

        This. It burns me up that they haven’t addressed this. If the bimbo and jerk hadn’t said anything about cheating (passing cups, etc) I’d say “okay, maybe there’s not enough video evidence to overturn her win… ” I could let it slide, but they admitted it…. Ugh. I get more and more disappointed in this season with each day and it saddens me. Aaryn and Jeremy are the worst, I could tolerate the show if these two leave… Though I can’t stand GM and Kaitlyn. Or Spencer… Lol. But a lot of guys out there won’t care what those girls do, they could say all the comments to Helen, Candice’s, Andy’s face and a lot of guys would still LOVE Aaryn and the others because “they’re sooooo hot”… Sureeeee it doesn’t matter at all how ugly they are on the inside, all that matters is how “hot” they look in a bikini. Ugh.

      • Comments (111)

        Well Jeremy is pretty big….-oted!

      • lynne quinsland
        Comments (3)

        the us never holds anyone accountable. for anything. oh, except paula deen.

    • Comments (231)

      Amanda was at Helen on BBAD —-it was unkind.

  9. Veronicasuehart
    Comments (83)

    They need to pull those ppl into the diary room and tell them if they continue to run there mouths they will be kicked out, and tell those 2 girls they lost there jobs for being so ignorant.

    • Comments (31)

      I don’t think the girls should be told until the minute they’re evicted!! Julie should only talk to them about what they said, and then tell them they don’t have jobs awaiting them.

  10. Comments (1276)

    So lets say they don’t kick them out. How about production calls a metting with the entire cast. Call up the ones that have made the racial remarks, they don’t even have to say who said what, if they said anything they are at the front of the room. The read the laundry list of what’s been said, by all of them.
    That way, even though they don’t get kicked out, they do get called out to the cast. Sure, let Jerk keep his Not-have-not pass. Sure, let Airhead keep her HOH. But let’s see if they can get any votes in their favor once the cast knows what kind of people they are!

    On a side note, did anyone see Aaryn actually ask “hey wait, what’s 9 times 3”????? Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Comments (316)

    CBS likes McCrae I can tell. The camera stayed on his face when there were other people in the room talking as well.

  12. Comments (96)

    My hope is that Elissa or Helen get MVP, nominate Jeremy, and the house kicks him out. The numbers are in their favor for that,

  13. Comments (96)

    I don’t get it. Why is everyone picking on Elissa? Is it just because she is Rachel’s sister? From what I have seen, she isn’t doing much to be a target. Jeremy is the bigger target since he threatening people to vote his way and he has a nasty competitive streak.
    And who is exactly allined with whom? Thanks!!

    • Comments (1276)

      There’s no telling who’s actually working together. I still can’t believe Candice voted to keep Dave in the house, since she was just saying the other night that she doesn’t understand why the girls can’t work together to get out other to get out the guys. It doesn’t make any since.
      All I know about people hating on Elissa is I hope none of them have a family member that some people don’t like. Apparantly you are your sisters keeper as far as some are concerned.
      And seriously, yes, Rachel can be annoying as all get out, her laugh is, ughhh, and she can be super immature, but she’s competitive, and all in all she’s one of the most loyal people who’s ever played the game, well and gotten anywhere in it.
      Then there is Elissa, who seems much more mature, calm, sweet, level headed but is still competitive and if anyone would give her the chance, I’m betting she’s pretty loyal too. So of why anyone dislikes her at all is just stupid, even the house. Nick pointed it out a while back, if nothing else they can test her loyalty as time goes on and in the mean time use her for the MVP nom. It is just game play. The only reason Aaryn has to dislike her is her not saying she was Rachels sister, but come on, they are the dumbies for not guessing that at first glance. And if she had walked in saying she was, they’d call it bragging, not saying it make her a liar. They would have used it against her either way. I think Aaryn really just knows that Elissa is much better looking and is much nicer than her, so she wants the competition gone.

  14. Comments (13)

    OMG!!! really, you are watching the live feeds and you have heard them say those aweful things. but ya know what….most of america says that on a daily basis. they only reason everyone is up in arms is cause you heard them say it. as for them being kicked off? it wont happen. its good live feed tv and you wil continue to watch cause you are so upset. what about amanda and her always caling someone a bitch…isnt that a terrible thing to say. .oh but wait she is a bitch right so its okay to say that. and all the bullying that has been done before on all the shows before this. thats what is part of the game. you start off liking each other and then the game, THE GAME begins. i dont know why so many people forget this is a game and they are playing for half a million dollars. you would do whatever it took to get it. and if you said you wouldnt, you are lying. cause i would lie, cheat, steal and do whatever it took to win 500k. and Rachel comes out and is like oh its terrible, its terrible…she was one of the biggest bullies out there. she was mean, and rude and said terrible things to so many people. but since elissa is her sister its okay for us to like her? i would like her better if she wasnt playing “rachels” game and had her own fans, not riding on rachel’s fans. and i was never a fan of rachel’s. and never will be. she was a whiney brat and now her sister with that annoying voice i have to listen to her. she is on the show only cause of her sister. she needs to go so i can see a real game be played. get over it america. people say mean things, always have and always will. and it will always be there.

    • Comments (1276)

      There is a huge difference between calling someone a bitch, and being a racist. There is also a huge difference between playing a game, that they are all doing, and being rotton to the core like that small hate group that is in the house. Whey anyone is acting like it’s not is beyond me, and makes no since, but someone that isn’t being discriminated against is the ONLY one that would try to defend or compare the two.

      • Comments (13)

        again its Big Brother, always watching and listening to what is going on in the REAL WORLD. its a social experiment. if everyone was nice and respectful, then who would watch it. and they wil keep them in there cause its good for the ratings. and yes calling someone a bitch is a bad thing. cause amanda is one! and she is someone who needs to go. and to watch helen cry over a bottle of wine. glad she is a have not this week. welcome to reality people! people no matter where they live in the world say racist things.

      • Comments (1276)

        First off, Helen wasn’t crying off a bottle of wine. She was crying over how aggressive Jerk was and how uncomfortable it made her feel.
        Second, there are plenty of bitches in the world, there are plenty of jerks and other things as well. But, if you honestly can’t see the difference between calling someone a bitch and what racist comments are being said, you have your own issues!

      • Comments (528)

        Jacqueline, maybe in your household saying those kinds of things is “normal,” but tha isn’t – nor should it be – the norm elsewhere. If they had cameras in my house 24/7 you bet your ass you’d NEVER hear that kind of hate speech.

      • Comments (1276)

        Not in mine either. And mine is a house in North Carolina, not only would you not here it here, but I have turned away from people that I used to call friends, due to some of the opinions they thought it was ok to air during political issues like gay rights and racist remarks they’ve made. And I’m sure over time, I will delete others from my life for the same thing.
        I personally refuse to stand by and ignore comments like these people have made. If not for the people it hurts, but so my daughter will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is never ok to degrade people due to race, sexual orientation, gender or religion (of course there are many more, but those are the ones I’ve seen on BB this year)

  15. Comments (1)

    On this season of Bigot Brother the offenders need to be taken off or at the least, exposed! Grow a pair CBS and stand by what is right…maybe we should all take note of the sponsors and write THEM a note….that’s who pays the bills!

  16. Comments (4)

    So did Elissa get MVP again? And Aaryn is seriously about to piss me off. Someone needs to punch her in the face!!!

  17. Comments (140)

    So many people are demanding the bigots be removed from the game but I think that is actually more damaging for the game as a whole than leaving them in.

    What is the point of BB? It’s far more than people getting voted off every week until the lone victor receives a cheque. BB in its essence is a social experiment. It is only a game for the people on the inside where they have to try to decipher truth and reality from deception and manipulation. As for our role? We’re the audience, simple as that. We tune in a couple nights a week to watch this all play out, to see how savvy or clueless people are; to see scheming. People even pay money to tune into these people 24/7 which, by the way, is purely optional (meaning if you’re offended – don’t log on!).

    If suddenly BB starts dictating how the guests are allowed to act and what they can say, we’ve lost a huge element of the game. BB remains by far the most real of all reality shows on the air. How many times have you watched Gene Simmonds, Storage Wars, etc only to sit there and say “wtf this is so scripted”. Reality TV has lost it’s reality and it has become as mundane as other lackluster shows (only worse because the stars aren’t actually trained actors, which is wildly evident in their execution). I want to see people being REAL in that house, whether they be a decent human being or an evil racist bitch from Texas. How boring would this game be if only honest and kind people entered the house?

    “Guys I don’t want to fight y’all for HOH, you get it!”
    “No, no, you take it”
    “Omg are you sure? Can we share it?”

    BORING! This game is in it’s second week and it has already garnished THIS much attention – are you kidding me? Personally speaking, in past seasons I am a bit of a floater fan. Each week I’m captivated by someone new, I see potential in someone new, I lose faith in someone new. Seldom am I with one person from start to finish. This season is the first time I have ever been so vehemently again one person (or group of people in this case), and I find it absolutely thrilling.

    I have no concerns whatsoever that Aaryn or her team of like minded individuals will walk away the winner of this season, so I am completely fine with them remaining in the house because I am beyond eager to tune in each week and watch them get picked off one by one each week (twice in the case of double eviction nights – twice the sting for any who remain from their group). You all have to admit the look on Aaryn’s face when David left was priceless and it created complete distrust and confusion among their group. That will never get old. I want to see their numbers lessened each week and watch them as they become more and more vulnerable as they lose their numbers and they come to terms with the inevitable.

    This could not be a better season to implement the MVP because even with Aaryn in “power” as HOH, it can mean absolutely nothing. BB15 – the season of Karma, perhaps?

    They cannot be untimely removed from this game. It’s just too good!

    End rant.

    • lynne quinsland
      Comments (3)

      very well said. my thoughts exactly.

    • Comments (768)

      Nice rant! I agree too!

    • Comments (528)

      CBS is supposed to be screening these people. As much as it soul be a cross-section of America, it shouldn’t include BAD people. Bad people don’t deserve to be on TV. Bad people don’t deserve the opportunity to win a half million dollars. Bad people shouldn’t be allowed to spew their filth to the world. Instead, CBS decided (a while ago, really) to skip the American cross section and instead go to acting and modelling agencies and look for the most attractive and volatile people they could find…this is the result.

      And by the way, doesn’t make your country look too great. If these are the people representing BB America? Yu should not be okay with that.

  18. Comments (2)

    Honestly your “southern thing” comment seems a little bigoted itself.

    • Comments (1276)

      What I find funny is people have brought up Aaryn being southern and that’s why she’s a racist, but what about GM? She’s from up North, but I guess that’s different???

      • Comments (2)

        I know. People are being hypocrites blasting people for their ignorance while displaying biases and prejudices of their own.

  19. Comments (4)

    Personally, I feel that for CBS to kick any of these people off of the show would not be as much of a punishment as if they remain in the game (likely continuing to be offensive). The longer they spew their bigotry in live feeds, the harder it will continue to get for them to escape their reputations in the real world after eviction.

    Also, has anyone else noticed Aaryn’s name is basically a scramble of the word aryan?

  20. Comments (1)

    They really need to show this shit. Once upon a time during season 6 I didnt have cable and cbs AKA Free tv. I thought Ivette was the greatest player ever and I didnt understand why America kept giving kaysar/janelle all the goodies. Then I found out that she said some pretty racist things towards kaysar years after. SO air the bs to get america’s true reaction.

  21. Comments (274)

    Get her out! I hav e tallied up over 350 votes so far through social media just to see who likes or dislikes her & NOBODY wants her. Its all about Rachel, which for Elisa is bum deal, it will and was never about her but her sister. Let it go cbs, she has to move on now. Just break up with Rachel already! Geez cbs your almost stalker-like at this point.
    And people really have to grow some balls. Can’t cry every time someone says something you don’t like or makes you sad. Cry babies just get bullied more. I guarantee you Helen, Howard & Andy will NOT make it a big deal when they find out what was said. It is people just trying to get attention for making a fire out of a smolder. I’m going to guess that the ages of people throwing a fit are teens. Before you attack my words, I do have a platform from whichbim speaking. I have been attacked for my race MANY times. It doesn’t end there either. My sex, sexual orientation & faith too. Even smaller things that I can run around and try to get everyone up in arms over screaming racist etc etc. America needs to GROW UP.

  22. Comments (48)

    It is obvious that Aaryn’s problem is that she is jealous of Elissa. From the beginning everyone zeroed in on the fact that Elissa was Rachel’s sister. That is all everyone talked about. Aaryn could not handle all the attention given to Elissa. Attention given to Elissa means attention not given to her. She has a problem with this. She has no confidence in herself only in her looks (which there others in the house that look better) so she is lashing out at the one obvious thing that is taking her attention she thinks should come to her (ie, Elissa). When Elissa is gone she will lash out at the next second biggest attention getter. She just sees Elissa as the biggest threat right now.
    The sad thing is that somewhere along her short-lived life she had to learn all this ugliness from someone. I grew up around people that did not believe in using the HATE word towards people (only hate spinach, liver, etc.) I also grew up being taught we were all created equal. Hopefully anyone that had a part in teaching Aaryn the ugliness she is displaying is seeing her in action and will see the part they played in her being this way and how ugly it is.
    I truly believe her ugliness will not stop with Elissa being evicted. She will move on to the next one who threatens taking her attention away.

  23. Comments (1)

    All the racism aside (since all the comments already touch on that) what is Jeremy’s deal? I thought he was in alliace with “the moving company”. Why is he in alliace with Aaryn and company now? Is he playing both sides? I don’t get to watch live feeds, so I don’t know what is going on with that. was Elissa the guys’ target as well?

  24. Comments (1)

    What is wrong with people these days stop making her MVP she sucks just like her sister does cant stand either of them it’s going to make me stop watching.

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