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Big Brother 15 – Nomination And MVP Results (Updated)

July 6, 2013 | 49 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Just like her sister, always nominated

If you are just tuning in after the Wednesday night live eviction show, then you probably don’t even know who won HoH.  Spoiler alert, it was Aaryn (with Jeremy playing de facto HoH).  That’s right, America’s sweetheart was able to pull out a big win when she needed it most.  I mean who doesn’t love someone so ignorant, that even after likely given notice by production about her racist remarks, she goes on to make even more last night.


As Aaryn hung around outside, she made the remark that as Helen was evicting someone, she was going to say “No happy ending for you!“, to which her faithful oompa loompa companion (GinaMarie) followed with “just paint my nails first“.  I wish this was made up, but it’s not. Aaryn is just relentless with her ignorance and it appears she’s not going to let up any time soon.  I have been hearing a lot about wanting CBS to kick her out, but I don’t agree.  She is doing a great job at letting people be aware of some of the ignorance still on display in the country.  GinaMarie (from NY) is helping by showing it’s not an exclusive southern thing either..

Moving on, otherwise I’ll spend all summer talking about those dopes and ignoring the game.   It’s nomination day, and Team Ignorance sat in the HoH room calling everyone one by one to discuss who they’d put on the block next to Elissa if they were HoH.   Yes, despite half the house pegging off their alliance member, they’re still focused on Elissa which is playing right into the reason McCrae and crew wanted to keep her (Elissa) in the house.

Jeremy has been talking tough about their little group going after anyone in the house if Elissa is not voted out this week, but there are a few problems with that…

a) If Elissa is voted out, anyone in the house becomes a target anyway
b) Jeremy doesn’t have the numbers to toss around such threats
c) If Elissa remains, that likely means another of their alliance members are gone, and they become extremely weak

Needless to say, Jeremy is all bark and no bite, and I think the entire house knows it. Their focus on Elissa is horrible gameplay and they will soon be rewarded with a trip to meet Julie Chen, and then a very angry America.

With all that said, the nominations this week are:

Elissa and Helen


This was no surprise as they were discussing it all day with everyone in the house.  Their reasoning for Helen is they want someone who can have a chance to win PoV because they don’t want Elissa winning and taking herself off.  Terrible reasoning as there are bigger threats who have more of a chance to win PoV, but that’s Team Ignorance for you.

What are your thoughts about this nomination?

I’m going to be doing some live updating as well…


8:08pm – GinaMarie and Nick chatting in bed.  She is jealous that he looks at Kaitlin the same way he looks at her.  (yes, he looks at you both as trashy pawns on his way to $500k)

8:24pm – After a really disgusting conversation between GM and Nick, he leaves and basically tells her they can’t be seen together too much otherwise they’ll become targets (right.. wink wink), meanwhile Jessie has made her way upstairs to pretend she’s part of an alliance.

8:37pm – Kaitlin admits she didn’t even try out for Big Brother.  Never even heard of the show, but was approached in her bar and was told ‘we need you’. Skipped the entire first round of auditions.  Must be nice.


9:29pm – Camera leak to the diary room shows Elissa with the MVP card, and word is she’ll nominate Jeremy

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