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Big Brother 15 – Overnight Report. Bathing, Bashing, and Boinking


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I am a little late on the overnight report today because I decided to go out for breakfast this morning, but catching up on the overnight report seems more interesting if you’re a guy, or into bashing Elissa.


The live feeds had a lot of skin, from Jessie and Aaryn taking a bubble bath together, to very short shorts worn by both Jessie and Kaitlin.  Anyone starting to notice a trend with Jessie?  I’ll give you a hint… she uses her body for attention.  I mean take a look at this…

Hey guys, look at me! Look at me!

That’s how Jessie gets stuff from the fridge.  I bet she’s going to be real disappointed when she finds out that Nick and Judd didn’t even notice her doing that. It would be almost sad if she didn’t come out right away and act like she was the prettiest girl in the world.  Now it’s just funny to see the attempts at attention.

In other skin news, Jeremy and Kaitlin had an interesting night under the covers.  I guess it’s more of sheets than skins, but those two took their ‘showmance’ to another level when they fooled around for quite awhile.  It gets pretty hot and heavy around 3:30am, if you want to flashback to it.

On to the actual gameplay side of things, like I mentioned in my previous post, McCrae won the PoV (apparently spelling the word delivery – irony at it’s finest), and now he has some big decisions to make.  There is a small alliance in the house featuring the lovebirds, along with Nick and his crew will vote out Dave while they have a shot.

Voting out strong players is never a bad idea, so Nick is clearly thinking further down the line which could be scary as the weeks go on.  McCrae, however, appears he wants to just appease the house and take someone like Candice off the block and replace her with Elissa.   The reason for this is, even if Nick does get his way with Dave, McCrae can make himself look like the ‘good guy’ by doing what most people want.  He thinks he’ll get out of the HoH with his hands clean, but you never get away from being an HoH with clean hands. As a superfan, he should know this.

Right now the house can swing either way on Dave or Elissa for completely different reasons.  Dave, as I mentioned above, simply because he is likely a strong competitive player.  Elissa, well partly because she is rubbing people the wrong way, but also because she’s Rachel’s sister and already had an advantage because of that with the MVP this week.  The house feels Rachel’s fans will continue to vote for her on a weekly basis regardless of her performance.  Sadly, they’re absolutely correct.  Are those fans enough to keep impacting the vote remains to be seen, but the house doesn’t want to take that chance.

What to do with Rachel's sister?
What to do with Rachel’s sister?

McCrae also did mention a legitimate fear about being the person to get Elissa out.  The same fan base will likely see him as the enemy and he will have 0 shot at winning MVP for the rest of the season.  Again, sadly he’s probably right about being seen as the enemy.  The fans kind of have an argument, however. Elissa is definitely a target to many simply for her bloodlines, and that isn’t really too fair to her.  It’s a sticky situation indeed, and I’m glad not to be in McCrae’s shoes right now.

If the vote were to be held today, I honestly have no clue where the house would go, which is pretty rare.  There are still a few more days for me to get my finger on the pulse of the group, but these first few weeks will play a big role in how the season unfolds.

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    Its a long time to Wed eviction time but i believe that David will be leaving…that’s who Pizza Boy wants out… he wants to put Elissa on the block to please the HG’s but he doesnt want her evicted…he has most of the guys agreeing to evict David…so lets see…☺…

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    F-ck this crap this may worse than last season (THE WORST EVER) they need to get a new producer and director.

    Survivor ROCKS!!

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