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Big Brother 15 – Paranoia Is Hitting The House Hard

Is he the secret mastermind behind the MVP? (hint: no)

There was something Jeff said to Julie Chen on the live show last Thursday night, and it completely made sense why veterans of these games tend to go pretty far despite the target on their back. He said when you’re in a house with all the same people and rumors spread daily, even crazy things like Elissa nominating herself can sound legitimate.

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The reason why veterans can go deep is because once they survive the initial target, they end up forming an alliance and keeping it tight. They reassure the members that rumors are just rumors and people are just paranoid, and this is because they’ve seen it before.  Right now, there are no veterans to reassure anyone, so alliances are going crazy and turning on each other every other hour.

Watch the paranoia in the house here

Last night, Judd was the target by many in his own alliance.  Amanda came up with the idea that Judd has been the secret MVP the past two weeks and was able to convince herself that he first put up Elissa and GM to frame Howard, and then he put up Amanda this week because he really wants her out. It doesn’t help that Judd has been making fake alliances with many other people, but it really does seem he has been loyal to the ‘goof troop’.  He has been able to get a lot of information from those fake alliances, and that’s why he did it.

Amanda went into full paranoia mode and is now convinced she’s going to go home this week.  This could be good for Howard because she may end up driving so many people crazy that they just send her home anyway, but as of right now she’s pretty safe.

Spencer has been doing more campaigning for Howard than Howard has, but he has about 2 1/2 days of nothingness to continue securing votes one at a time.  As it stands, he’s still at 1 (himself).  He doesn’t exactly strike me as a big negotiator, so I’m still expecting Howard to walk out the door this Thursday, but anything can happen before then.

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  1. Comments (22)

    I like Howard, but he makes alliances with the wrong people! He tried making big moves too soon.

  2. Comments (25)

    I think Howard and spencer did good with GM. It’s a good sign that she didn’t just run and tell mcpizza and Amanda.

    Judd and Helen are smart enough to do this last second while mccrae and Amanda sleep til 3.

    They woke up early sunday and agreed that Amanda needs to go before jury. Judd didn’t run and tell mccrae and Amanda. Andy however is with Amanda and pizza cuz he has been telling them EVERYTHING.

    I want mccrae to be alone in this game. He seems like a pretty weak guy without her.

    And spencer Howard and Candice are stuuuuuuuupid. I think Helen would give it a thought if they would approach Helen seriously and say “hey, we win HOH next couple weeks, u can have our votes. ” and then it would be done.

    • Comments (1162)

      I disagree with you.

      IMO, the low level intelligence on BB15 right now is Helen’s.

      Since she considers herself to be a “leader.” she should have approached them
      getting Amanda out, now.
      After all where in the BB House are you going to find like-minded guests?
      Answer – On the Block and Those with Targets on their Backs!!!

      IMO, Helen’s ego has blinded her from game reality.
      Her idea about having any loyalty toward Amanda doesn’t make a bit of sense at this
      point in the game.

      IF a coup to get Amanda out of the House happens this week, IMO,
      Spencer deserves the “Kudos – 100%!”
      However if the coup is successful, I can guarantee you that Helen will try to take the credit.

      • Comments (140)

        I think they could totally pull this off (voting Amanda out).

        Helen and Elissa have already talked about it and it looked like while Helen was discussing it with Elissa she was doing a lot of eyebrow work as if to say “come on, let’s do more than hypothesize”
        So if they could finally clue in, there’s 2.

        Judd and Jessie, I know they’re both smart enough to see this and part of me is wondering if perhaps they’re not acting because it’s too early in the week. If that’s the case, there’s 2.

        Spencer is a given, 1.

        Boom, 5 votes needed. They don’t even need GM but something tells me they could strong-arm her if they need to on the chance one of the couples I mentioned above has an iffy member.

        While Amanda has been bugging me a lot lately, I definitely give her props for her game play, but damn it would just be too good to see the house react to her eviction. I’d also like to see how the remaining guests play the game in her absence. She has been such a strong personality who has managed to run most HOHs and POVs without winning a single competition.

      • Comments (651)

        Demanda’s game play has been pure middle school bully. She’s been practicing her speech and she going to say that she can’t go home because they haven’t had their BB wedding yet! The more I watch the more I think McCrea picked Amanda because she is mean enough to do his dirty work while he keeps his hands clean.

      • Comments (1162)

        IF Amanda is around for her BB Wedding, I’m sure she’ll
        manage to turn it into a double ceremony – Wedding / Coronation.
        “All Hail Her Highness of Meanness!!!!!”

        Lordy, I hope she is OUT THE DOOR, this week!

      • Comments (1446)

        OMG – did you see Helen on the hammock with GM last night on BBAD telling her that she thinks she got Aaryn all wrong and that she is a nice girl(Aaryn!) and things(with the racist comments) were all blown out of proportion?? GM answers by putting it all on Candice being the aggressor and Helen agrees. I’m really starting to dislike Helen. There she was again running to Amanda last night with every single thing she heard.
        Thity minutes later GM and Aaryn are in the hammock absolutely trashing Elissa(GM says she looks better than Elissa on her worst day), Jessie(they said she has gained so much weight she looks pregnant) and Candice (couldn’t believe she was Miss Louisiana and was on Oprah). Mocking and laughing about others while actually believing themselves that they are the victims of “mean girls.”
        I don’t think any of them have the brains or guts to get rid of Amanda and if Howard and Candice don’t have the gameplay to save themselves then maybe one of them should go home. Can’t wait for a “coup de’ tat” or some sort of twist to make things less predictable. Although it will be fun to watch Amanda’s paranoia for the next few days…

      • Comments (1162)

        Amanda was mocking Elissa’s voice and said she sounds like she is autistic.
        With that said, she proceeded to “act” out her impression of an autistic Elissa.
        Of course, Amanda did her Mean Girl routine without Elissa being there.
        BB Fans – bloggers are outraged over Amanda’s DISGUSTING behavior.
        Candice asked Amanda if she could borrow her tweezers. She said, “Yes.”
        Then as soon as Candice left the room, Amanda said she hoped Candice
        would fall and the tweezer would blind one of her eyes. GinaMarie laughed and laughed.

      • Comments (1446)

        Middie – You have GOT to be kidding me!! I don’t get the live feeds, just BBAD. As someone who is raising two kids with Autism(very high functioning, thankfully), that is so offensive to me. Any inolerance towards any minority of any type really angers me to no end. Her stupidity and arrogance never fail to astound me. And what was the comment she made about one of the houseguests and rape?? Never quite heard the whole story on that one. And isn’t Amanda the one who went to Aaryn a few weeks ago to discuss her bigoted comments? I guess she didn’t disagree with them, she just thought it was better for her(Aaryn’s) game if she toned it down – Amanda needs to take her own advice. If her realty company still employs her after this game is over, they need to get flooded with angry mail from anyone who is offended by her outrageous mouth.

      • Comments (610)

        I agree, Amanda’s behavior is just as bad, if not worse, then Aaryn and GM. Horrible!!! Is there anything that these mean girls won’t mock?! Re: the rape comment, I don’t get live feeds either, just BBAD, but my daughter gets live feeds & apparently Amanda said Elissa needs to be raped… how could anyone say/wish that upon another person?!

      • Comments (77)

        Jannie, I heard the realty company she works for is family.

      • Comments (1446)

        Then the good people of south Florida need to boycott.

      • Comments (407)

        I don’t know if her family owns the company, but the name of it is Prudential Florida Realty in Delray Beach, Fla.

      • Comments (1162)

        “Any intolerance towards any minority of any type really
        angers me to no end.”

        SPOT ON!!!

        I’m outraged at Amanda’s comments and behavior and truly
        understand your personal outrage over her latest hatefulness.
        She is beyond disgusting.
        Now if only CBS/BB would recognize that the bigotry and hatefulness
        within the BB House has continued non-stop and action needs to be taken.


      • Comments (407)

        The CBS CEO, Les Moonves (Julie Chen’s husband) said some of the controversial comments on BB were “Absolutely appalling” but he felt the network handled them appropriately. He said “We didn’t comment until they affected things in the household.” What a load of bull! When the racist comments were made that hurt so many people, what “appropriate action” was taken? I love the show, but this year has been very disappointing.

      • Comments (651)

        She works for her mother’s real estate firm. Mom’s not going to fire her. If you Google her, she talks about how her family is multi-million real estate agents so she doesn’t need the money. She just wants to be famous.
        Be careful of what you wish for or you shall surely get it 🙂

      • Comments (1446)

        I would be curious to know if her mother is horrified or defensive about her daughter’s comments and actions.

      • Comments (26)

        Wow. Amanda’s self esteem is so low. I don’t understand how CBS can slow such inappropriate comments and behavior.
        I can’t wait til their little crew starts to turn soon each other. Amanda’s relationship with McCray is going to dissolve. He is going drop her n Helens will turn on E. Andy will turn whatever way the wind blows.

      • Comments (453)

        BB needs to give them all one warning, you use any negative remarks against race, religion or negative comments on mental or physical conditions you will receive a penalty vote for each and every comment. Amanda, Aaryn, GM and Spencer would be out of the house in just a few hours. Only the lowest of the low make comments against others like these lowlife’s have.

      • Comments (27)

        Wow I cannot believe this women are so mean and hipocrate…It makes me so angry they are getting away with it!!

      • Comments (195)

        Is there no end to this girl’s horrific behaviour! And I am calling her a girl because her actions show she is acting like a little girl or a teenager…not a women. I am so upset by her and I do not believe in violence to solve issues but if I was ever to come face to face with her I know I would come close to slapping her across the face. She just makes my blood boil!!! I am glad my daughter so far has been fortunate enough not to be judged by her disability and I am sure in life she will come across a few which is reality and it will break my heart but ohhh words could never express the anger I feel hearing the hateful and hurtful comments that come out of Amanda’s mouth.

      • Comments (651)

        Sambella I know it’s little comfort but think about where she comes from–Palm Beach county FL. Lots of millionaires (her family included). She think Puerto Ricans don’t shower and stink. She has repeatedly made anti-Semitic remarks and on and on. She is an equal opportunity bigot.
        Your daughter will meet people like her but I believe she will meet MANY more who will embrace her and stand up to the entitled bigots like Demanda.
        Maybe I’m just a silly old hippie but I still believe.

      • Comments (195)

        I agree Jackie and it is comforting. I make sure we surround ourselves with good people but unfortunately like I said she will have a few I am sure in her lifetime that are Amanda’s but if we make sure to keep to our values and morals that hopefully will not happen too often. Also when she is able to understand more….(It is her 11th birthday today!) how to stand up and believe in herself as she is one of the most beautiful people put on this planet. She is sleeping now and I am having a party for her on Sunday surrounded with people that love us. So glad I have ear buds for the computer….never would want her to hear what they are saying. Oh yes and I have a good friend that lives in Palm Beach and thank goodness is nothing at all like Amanda. In fact just talked to her today as she called for Bella’s and she is just as appalled as all of us about Amanda and said she is giving their community and surrounding area a bad name. She also said there are a lot like herself that feel the same way. So hopefully she will get a rude awakening when she gets home too…to Boca or wherever she crawled from lol.

      • Comments (453)


      • Comments (1162)

        Sending my Birthday Wishes, too!

        Enjoy the Party on Saturday …….

      • Comments (195)

        Aww thank you guys. That is so sweet and I will pass along your wishes. You just put a huge smile on my face. Thanks so much!

      • Comments (624)

        GM thinks she looks better than Elissa? heh. Fat drunken Snooki doused in a bucket of orange paint looks better than GM. She’s a fright without all the warpaint on, and those mall-bought extensions….yuck.

      • Comments (50)

        Jessie and Spenser both have had noticeable weight gains since the show began; but this is not unusual because some people react to stress with overeating. The fact that Aaryn and Gina Marie are laughing about is a sign of arrested emotional development and immaturity. Amanda also suffers from this problem. I believe that it is because Amanda is employed by her mom. Amanda needs to shake off the umbrella of protection that occurs when protected by a parent and she need to struggle a little for survival. This is why we see the dichotomy of the funny buoyant Amanda mixed with the arrogant nasty entitled Amanda. I think Amanda and Gina Marie, with the proper guidance can turn their lives around much easier than Aaryn. Aaryn is not only mean, racist and arrogant, when confronted about it she is oblivious to her faults which means everyone in her environment finds this behavior acceptable. That is why her parents are foolish enough to believe it is just a perception problem. Amanda and GM know that this behavior is wrong and feel shame when confronted. That is easier to fix.

  3. Comments (40)

    Your right Nick Can,How,Spenc should definately approach Helen and become more serious. Howie is also playing an emotional game. I love him but its emotional. Howie should start campaning and stand up by showing everyone how Amanda is a threat he needs to become smarter and use what he has got because at this point he has nothing to lose. I understand why he stays quiet but there comes a time to stand up and talk. Maybe the pressure has not hit the fan just yet.

    • Comments (1162)

      “…..more serious.” ?????
      Candice, Howard and Spencer seriousness is 100% clearly visible.
      They can’t be more obvious.

      Helen is afraid of a McCrae backlash against her.
      Unless she finds some gumption, she is a lost cause at this point.

      • Comments (140)

        The thing is, I don’t understand at all why they’re worried about McCrae coming after them. If they can pull together to vote out Amanda, they can stick together another week to get rid of McCrae. Even if McCrae wins HoH, it could mean absolutely nothing with this seasons MVP twist.

        Actually, the MVP twist in itself should be enough to push people to play smarter this season as it makes future HoH promises less significant. Look at Aaryn, she promised her nominations to Amanda and Helen and Amanda still ended up on the block.

        Just sayin…

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree.
        It doesn’t make any sense for Helen to be worried about a
        backlash from McCrae, but she has said she is and more than once.

      • Comments (453)

        They have very short memories, they banned together and got Jeremy out, very next week got out his partner, Kaitlin. They could do the same with Amanda this week and McCrae next week. Then they could start playing their own ways.

      • Comments (1162)

        Hope so ……..

      • Comments (50)

        Without Amanda and McCrae or McPizza as someone called him (hysterical) this house would be like a circle of wagons with everyone shooting at each other. McCrae is the stabilizing force in the house. How ironic that a 24 year old pizza delivery boy is handles the stress of this psychological experiment better then any one else in the house. His innate talent is more important in this game then all the strategy and education in the world. His inner serenity is priceless. Howard and Elissa and Candice try to find it in religion, but it is not their nature and all the praying in the world will not enable them to achieve it.

      • Comments (25)

        I agree. Why are they scared of mccrae? They even said he is so far up Amanda’s ass that he is not playing a good social game so I really think mccrae would be a non factor in the game if Amanda left

      • Comments (50)

        you couldn’t be farther from the truth, no matter how many thumbs up you get. McCrae has the exact inner peace to handle the psychological hurdles of this game…

      • Comments (1)

        When exactly did Aaryn promise her noms to Amanda? I thought she promised them to Elissa and Helen only? Did I miss something?

        Best move for everyone in the house right now is to back door Amanda. If they don’t take her out now I doubt they will be able to get her out before jury. She is too manipulative a player and with McCrae’s lips firmly planted on her posterior, she is a double threat for HOH and Veto everytime. I would not be surprised to see McCrae on the block with her win Veto and use it on her. He is her toe jam.

      • Comments (768)

        That’s a good point about the MVP. It will also be interesting to see how they react when they know for sure that the viewers are the ones selecting the MVP. It makes me wonder if they will make an effort to change people’s perception of them.

      • Comments (1162)

        “Too little – too late.”

      • Comments (651)

        Not too late for America to vote Demanda MVP every week we can. She may not go home but the meltdown would be classic. Yes, I do have a bit of evil in me but casting my MVP votes are the only way to show how much I dislike this person.

      • Comments (1162)

        Demanda’s getting my 10 votes!!!!
        : )

      • Comments (407)

        She’s definitely getting my 10 votes. I heard her say on BBAD that she hopes she hasn’t embarrassed her family in any way…WOW! If they can be embarrassed they are probably all in hiding by now.

      • Comments (25)

        I haven’t heard howard or spencer once say to anyone that they would give their HOH nominations up. Aaryn did that and not one person voted for her and she’s the most hated. They atleast have to offer Helen and Judd their HOH nominations if they go with the plan. It would be sooooooo tempting cuz Helen and or Judd would immediately have a lot better chance winning the game.

        If Candice howie and spencer said “any of us win HOH u have the nominations. That would be so tempting cuz Jessie and GM would go for it. But they haven’t done it yet!!! All they are doing is pointing finger at Amanda saying she’s running the house.

        I hope they get smart quick. It would be impossible for Helen not to take that. She wants aaryn and Amanda out by jury so how the hell else is she gonna pull that off?????

      • Comments (651)

        They aren’t willing to give their HoH power away. Aaryn talked about how she was a slave to the house. No she was a Ho to the house and neither Howard or Candice are willing to sell themselves. Good for them! If Helen wants Demanda out then now is the time to do it.

      • Comments (50)

        It is very hard for the heterosexual male to cede ground. Females and gay men do not this machismo ingrained in their character and thereby are more flexible in these situations. It is comparable to getting lost while driving. The majority of men will drive around for hours without asking for help. The average female will pull onto the first gas station they see to ask for help and regain their bearings. It is just the way we are wired.

  4. Comments (1)

    Helen is the one running this house her game is just too tight I love her

  5. Comments (768)

    Looks like Judd just made another $100 holding up that shirt.

  6. Comments (528)

    So Elissa is the sister of a reality star, Ginamarie was on the Tyra Banks show getting engaged and Candice was on Oprah to meet her mom (this according to a BBAD convo) any other giant fakes this season? God, I wish they’d go back to putting NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS on the show instead of scouting attention whores!!

    • Comments (25)

      You are so right!!!!! I heard Candice and Judd talking early Sunday. They were talking about cell phones. Blackberry vs iPhone. Judd asked what phones everyone at Disney and that so raven???? maybe??? dont remember.

      Then Judd commented “at nickelodeon………”

      And I was thinking damn I’ll never make it on this show cuz I’m not in TV business.

      • Comments (1162)

        Fear Not —- You can always bartend in a Strip Club and become
        a BB House Guest like Kaitlin did.
        : D

  7. Comments (16)

    I really hope they all pull together and stop being sheep led around by Amanda, Mcrea and Helen. Play the game already and get Amanda out. This is your chance to do it you may not get another chance. And as for Howie saying if the right person does not go out on BBAD that he is going to self evict that is just silly

  8. Comments (11)

    The power is going to shift and the whole house will want demanda out like what happened with nick and kaytlin

    • Comments (50)

      There would have to be psychological make-up changes in over 10 people over the period of a few weeks. Most individuals take years of therapy to achieve this. I can’t see your theory taking hold. The entire house would have to undergo a sea change at the same time. Very unlikely with this immature bunch. Helen is the best candidate for this, but not in this environment.

  9. Comments (12)

    I hope Amanda gets evicyed on Thursday!!!

  10. Comments (453)

    GM SHOULD GET A PENALTY FOR SNEAKING a not allowed drink in the storage room, around 8:30 she got a clear soda bottle out of the fridge, opened it, (it hissed) and she took a few drinks, put the cap back on and back in the fridge!!!

  11. Comments (17)

    I can’t believe how innocent Aaron is portraying herself as right now . What a surprise it’ll be when she gets out and has to face reality…

    And as for Amanda….I really hope shes out on Thursday …I’m sick of her freaking bloated ego…

    • Comments (50)

      Her reality is a return to a hometown that most probably agrees with her every statement. She will be greeted with open arms, the key to the city and probably a job offer by a local republican politician or papa john’s or denny’s or home depot or cracker barrel or carl juniors or chic-a-fil or any other right wing organization. I am sure governor perry or senator cruz thinks she is just cute as a junebug………..

  12. Comments (2)

    I would love for the house to flip this week. Send Amanda home!!! A shake up is needed. Kinda boring the way it is.

  13. Comments (45)

    To be honest in my opinion i liked bb14 way more than bb15. I rooted for frank the whole season he almost made it but lost. Ian won but so many crazy things happen. This season is dull with helen telling everyone to vote with the house. WTH someone needs to shake up the game. asap

  14. Comments (77)

    With the exception of the first HOH, I don’t think McCrae has won anything other than the $5000.00 in POV competition. I think since he hooked up with Amanda it has affected his game as well. I guess “Ms. Bossy” told him he could not play his own game.

    I think if Amanda goes home this Thursday (I HOPE, I HOPE) the game might get more interesting. Everyone in that house except Howard, Candice and Spencer will finally have to start playing their own game. Might make for some fun.

  15. Comments (96)

    I hate to say it, but if Howard is not doing anything to stay in the house, then he should go home. It’s a game and even though I think he is a nice person, he hasn’t made any moves. But maybe his plan is to speak to everyone tomorrow.

    • Comments (651)

      Howard has been in a strange position. Early on when the Mean Girls were going after Candice with racist sh*t, he talked about how he was afraid of losing his temper so he had to pull inside himself. I think there is still a lot of anger because there has been a lot of horrible things said and done. Maybe he is just afraid of the anger getting the better of him.

      • Comments (50)

        Excellent observation. Black men and women spend entire lives suppressing justified rage. He is a wonderful human being and definite friend material (discussing politics and literature and art and science and religion with him would be fascinating and enlightening within the context of a friendly relationship). But, this is not a good atmosphere for him to shine. That is why happy-go-lucky McCrae is a better player opposed the 10 times more substantial Howard. Sad, buy that’s just how it is.

    • Comments (9)

      Its a hard situation to be in. Knowing that your dealing with racist people & then you have to sit & look them in the face on a daily basis. I think that its hard for him, i know because it would be hard for me to sit up & be fake after somebody disrespected me. He is doing the best he can with what he has to work with.

  16. Comments (191)

    If they get rid of Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, GM and Howard (like everyone seems to want)it is going to get boring real quick. Yes, I will still watch but it won’t be the same.

    • Comments (651)

      If they get rid of Demanda then people will have to start playing the game instead of jockying for a jury position. McCrea will be on his own. Andy will be lost and the others will have to stop this stupid vote what the house wants crap.

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (140)

        lololol omg Andy. What on earth would he do without a figurehead? All he’s good for is gathering information, he’s not one for processing it.

      • Comments (651)

        Every time I see Andy all I can think about is a little yapping, ankle biting lap dog. At the beginning I was rooting for him but now I really can’t stand to see him.

      • Comments (407)

        I agree Jackie. He gathers information and then snitches it to Amanda, McCrae and Helen (or anyone else that will listen to him.) He still reminds me of Howdy Doody. I can’t believe he’s actually a professor.

      • Comments (50)

        Every season the house usually votes as a block. This year it took four eliminations before the house voted as a block. Amanda has nothing to do with the house voting as one. Why stick out like a sore thumb if your vote doesn’t change the outcome. It is easy to be brave as a commenter, but stupid strategy in the house; otherwise it would be done all the time.

  17. Comments (453)

    Voting the way house wants is like saying, I came into the BB house and checked my brain at the door, my head is now full of jelly, just shake it in the direction you want it to go!

    • Comments (50)

      You are very brave but you are not the one standing alone. Your “High Noon” attitude is very noble but all it would get you in the BB house is a guaranteed eviction in the next round. “Do not forsake me oh my darlin'”…not one of the townspeople came to Gary Cooper’s defense. It would be no different in the house.

  18. Comments (3)

    Would be more fun to see Helen on the block! She is really the leader.

  19. Comments (651)

    Can someone who gets the live feeds PLEASE tell me what’s going on? I just heard Candice called a house meeting and all hell broke loose…what’s happening????

  20. Comments (195)

    Well Candice just ruined any chance that Amanda will go home. But, Howard said a great speech and of course because most of these houseguests including Helen who is now Aaryns best friend did not get what he was saying. Went in one ear and out the other. They only choose to hear what they want and spin it in a way that is against Howard. I understood completely what he was saying without him coming right out and saying it. He no longer wishes to play with these bigots….end of story! Good on you Howard!

    • Comments (195)

      Candice called out Spencer that he told her he wanted Amanda out. Really bad move on her part. There is no way now that Amanda will go home. Howard in the meantime kept repeating that you all need to play your own game and stop doing what people want you to do. And then went on to say how it is difficult for him to play with people that just do what someone wants them to do and all the awful things that have been said. He referred to the house as a soap opera. Then Helen was over with Aaryn and bashing Howard and saying now he is going to tell America that we will sell our souls for 500,00. I loved Howards speech and because these houseguests are too immature to realize what he is saying they will continue to be puppets on a string!

      • Comments (1162)

        Candice really raked Howard over ……….BIG TIME!!!
        Earlier this afternoon, he did tell Amanda that he wanted Candice to go home & Howard to stay.
        Amanda said she was up for Candice leaving.
        During that same conversation, Amanda and Spencer went at each other …..Word Battle!!

        *IF only Candice and Spencer were acting to fool the Superfriends …………

      • Comments (768)

        All those idiots are thinking is, thank goodness, it’s not me this week! They just aren’t thinking down the road and how soon it will be before they realize they should have ousted Countess Demanda when they had the chance! Pretty much everyone has figured out that the viewers are MVP yet they refuse to act on it. Idiots!

    • Comments (50)

      Howard’s speech was as confusing and ridiculous as the first speech he made. For a thoughtful person he definitely has a problem putting words into sentences and sentences into a meaningful paragraph. I know u like Howard, so do I, but he is a horrible speaker and he makes no sense when he talks. His well intentioned ideas comes out as gibberish, and he is giving up, which makes for horrible gameplay. Spenser is just playing the game and Candice, Howard and Amanda are losing their minds. Candice said that Spenser wants Amanda to choke on her own spit. Amanda got so mad and said “how could anyone say this about another person”…this from the same girl that said Jessie’s throat should be slit so she couldn’t scream while being raped and wished for Candice to fall and poke her eye out with a pair of eyebrow tweezers…god I love this show…

      • Comments (195)

        Yes his speech sounded confusing but I think that is because he was trying to get his point across without calling out all the racists. Being an older mature women I understood him fine and knew what he was trying to get across even though confusing at times. I also don’t believe he is giving up but I do however think he has had enough and it is probably killing him inside having to suppress all the anger he is feeling. Just my thoughts. I definitely don’t think he had the potential to win the game but you are right he is a good person.
        I think it was actually Elissa’s throat she wanted to slit and I think she also wanted to bash her teeth out or something to that effect. There have been so many violent threats she has made behind peoples back it is hard to keep them straight. And now this last one about Candice. It just never ends with her. She is one of those people that has no problem dishing it out but can’t take the heat when it is directed at her.

  21. Comments (25)

    Hey I’m trying to get together a greatest hits for Americas sweetheart Amanda together.

    Does anyone know what day it was that Amanda said she wished “Jessie would get gang raped and her throat slit” ??????

  22. Comments (25)

    This is sickening to watch. Helen and Amanda explaining to spencer how they “know his dream has always been to get in jury house”. They explain it to him how they can make his dreams come true.

    Haha. Amanda and Helen think that everyone should thank them for letting them play.

    I can’t wait til mccrae and Amanda have the conversation where Amanda points out that he floats through the game because of her.

    • Comments (1162)

      Helen and Amanda were telling that BS to Spenser before Candice called the House Meeting.
      Right now, Amanda is overjoyed since Spencer and Candice battled each other in front
      of most of the House.

      Oh, how I wish Spencer and Candice were acting during that House Meeting ………..
      It would/could have been great subterfuge.

      • Comments (195)

        I was dreaming that that would be true Midwest and that they have a couple of other people that are with them too. Now that would be a blind side epic show….bye bye Amanda. Sometimes dreams do come true right? Here’s hoping and hoping and hoping and hoping…

    • Comments (768)

      I can’t wait until she’s talking with Julie!

  23. Comments (651)

    OMG!!! Had to budget this summer and it was a special gift for my best friend or the feeds. Had to go with the friend but soooooo want to see this…

    • Comments (1162)

      I’m on a budget and don’t get the Feeds.
      By checking several blogs, I manage to keep somewhat up to date on House news.

      • Comments (768)

        You’re not missing much on the feeds MM. I subscribed for the first time in years, but can only stand to watch about 5 minutes at a time. Better to check Jokers or here, to find the time that something happened, then go back and watch it.

  24. Comments (651)

    Okay so even though I have to get up at 5:30 am I’m going to have to watch BBAD. This will either shake things up or cement the stupidity.

  25. Comments (1276)

    Oh good lord, Just now on the feeds, Amanda is complaining that Spencer told her that he “hopes she chokes on her spit and dies”. She is so “disgusted” with him saying that… I mean, who would want someone to “choke on their spit and die” over a game??? OH MY GOOD LORD, hey amanda aka “pot” meat “kettle”, this girl is insane.
    She has said she wants to cut Elissa’s neck, so she won’t scream while being raped, and has said so many other threats of things she’s like to do to the house guests, much, much worse then telling them to choke on their own spit.
    I tried liking her for her game play, but this girl is NUTS. She can say she’s joking all she wants, but the perfect way to tell if someone is really joking is if they can take one, and she CAN NOT! I’m over Amanda, please let someone get the back bone to get her out.

    • Comments (768)

      Problem is no one else in the house has a spine and the only one with testicles is Amanda!

    • Comments (216)

      Those were totally different. Those were comments BY Amanda. This wa a comment ABOUT Amanda. Totally different thing.

      • Comments (1276)

        You are 100% right Faust! Great point. I don’t know why I didn’t see that part 😉

    • Comments (74)

      I’ve choked on my own spit once. It was scary.

    • Comments (682)

      THIS IS WHY I NO LONGER LIKE AMANDA!! I liked her game earlier, about two weeks ago, but she HAS turned into the mean girl. The most recent is the Autism comments and the tweezers (hoping Candice fell and be blinded) yet she is appalled when someone says something like that about her. Arrrrggg!! Then saying how she would never say something like that about anyone EVER! Maybe she is hoping for some selective editing for those who do not get the live feeds.

      • Comments (50)

        She has been receiving special editing. If you just watched the three hours of CBS coverage weekly you would never know that Amanda was just as immature and self-delusional as Aaryn and GM…

      • Comments (1276)

        It’s just sick. What is wrong with people to think saying that kind of thing is even close to ok??? It just makes me so mad.

  26. Comments (74)

    The ones that are always paranoid the most are usually the ones that lie the most in the house. Amanda was sitting pretty on Mccrae’s junk not thinking of the impact it would have later. She focused her energy on Howard which was pointless because he can’t game talk. There’s really no TRUE THREAT in this house. It’s like Soap Opera hour. I love that BB isn’t telling houseguests about the America’s MVP nom. I love when people speculate.

    When I saw Jeff with Julie Chen all I said was CLOWN SHOES!!!!!

    I’m kind of bored because there’s really no one to root for anymore. Arguments are the best because I start yelling with them LOL. They should bring Jeremy back for the hell of it. At least he got under people’s skin.

    • Comments (682)

      Today I’m rooting for Judd. But tomorrow I may change my mind.

    • Comments (1276)

      I know what you mean. At this point, there are very few today that I can still root for. I’m still loving Elissa, I know lots of people will thumbs down that one, but I do like her. She seems like a nice person, and honestly I have an amazing girl crush on her body… it’s rediculaus!
      Andy, yeah, he’s running back and forth, but hey, he’s sweet, and I would love him in real life, it would just be nice for him to win… something.
      If McCrae would detach from Amanda (which won’t happen) I would pull for him again, but I can’t support him being that he’s supporting her. Again, what someone posted the other day, by the late great JFK “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing”, being with her is supporting the things that keep coming out of her mouth.
      I still like Judd, I think there is more to him than people give him credit for.
      And holy hell, even Jessie doesn’t seem bad anymore. Maybe this cast is just slim pickings.

      • Comments (1276)

        Crap, I forgot that as annoying as I can find Candice with the talking in the 3rd person, and “it is what it is” every other sentance, I’d love to see her in the end.
        And I wanted to keep rooting for Howard, the fact that he’s not even talking with anyone to try to stay. Topped of with the threat to self evict, he needs to go. I really CAN NOT stand that threat, boo hoo, whoa is me, I’m going to self evict. It’s like people that threaten to stop watching the show, every other post, or threatening to not come on the blog anymore, while typing it for the 100th time. Good riddens, threats are empty, it’s pretty easy, stop watching, stop blogging and self evict. Sorry, off my soap box… for now lol

  27. Comments (15)

    New poster but long time BB fan. I just can’t get I to this season. Between the racism, stupid game play and now HG’s rationalizing that the racism either did not happen or was blown ou of proportion by Howard and Candice playing the race card, I don’t like anyone. I have gone down the list and one by one they have all disappointed. As much as I hate to say it! I think Howard and Candice should both self-evict as the game is rigged against them at this point. I am giving Spencer one more chance as he holds out the last hope to really stir things up with these dumb-dumbs.

  28. Comments (528)

    I just want Aaryn out while the memories of the things she’s said are still fresh. The houseguests are already starting to forget and America has a pretty short attention span. I want the wounds fresh when she comes out to get her comeuppance!

    • Comments (407)

      Sadie the houseguests may forget and some may not even be aware of all that Aaryn has said and done, but America won’t and she still has to face the music when she does come out of the BB house.

  29. Comments (71)

    I still can’t figure out what Amanda’s real beef with Howard is. He is by far the most honest one out of all of them, and easily the nicest. Of course, Satan hates the righteous too, so maybe that explains it. Maybe she’s a bigger racist than Aaryn and GM. Maybe he spurned the sleazy bitch. He sure isn’t a “huge threat” in this game, as she keeps saying. She’s been WAY too focused on him for a sane explanation!

    • Comments (68)

      i so agree with you! what is her beef with howard?? if they are wise they would get her out now! i think a lot of them have gone a little “batty” and crazy over the past few days, including Helen. She’s working for the McDevils(amanda&mccrae) and doesn’t even realize it!

    • Comments (15)

      Amanda is the biggest racist in the house. Aaryn is bad but I think Aaryn is channeling her parents without realizing that she has a choice. I am not condoning Aaryn’s behaviour but I think Amanda is more educated and she chooses her racism. Amanda is also smart enough to cover it up and she knows how to deflect it. More sinister, she knows how to blame the victims of her sniper attacks and turns the table. Amanda’s style of racism is the result of decades of evolution and allows the racist to advance their agenda covertly. CBS calls BB N experiment but this season is an experiment we have. Seen repeated too many times. Sad really.

    • Comments (30)

      While I don’t think that he spurned her or that she’s “sleazy bitch”, I’m also confounded as to why Amanda wants Howard out so bad. Howard certainly isn’t a threat and hasn’t won any competitions. Maybe she just wants anyone who was in the moving company out? Except for McCrae? If she wanted to target a stronger player, it would be Elissa or Helen. They’ve actually won.

  30. Comments (651)

    Okay now from other places it seems Amanda went into the kitchen and told Andy and Judd that Howard said to her that “He said when we’re both out of here i’m going to f*** the sh!t out of you because you are so f**** hot.. “.
    She was called into the DR.
    I’m I losing my mind?!?

    • Comments (15)

      Predictable, if you think about it.

    • Comments (16)

      what the hell is her problem … that comment should be enough to get her expelled immediately!!! That kind of a comment could cause serious repercussion for Howard. There’s nothing funny or game play about that!!

      • Comments (651)

        Other sites are reporting that Howard whispered something to Demanda that couldn’t be heard but they did hear her reply “Thank you”. Then she went into the kitchen and made the accusation. They say she left the DR with her head down. This is going beyond crazy.

      • Comments (1162)

        It’s, also, reported that when she told Andy & Judd about Howard’s comment(?) –
        she was smiling. Huh?

        I’ll bet Howard said something nice to her, hence her response, “Thank You,”
        however, when she realized no one was around to hear her conversation with Howard,
        she decided to fabricate a lie about him, right then and there.
        Her deceitfulness has no bounds.

      • Comments (453)

        Just another sick ploy to keep her in the game and him out.

      • Comments (1162)

        About 1 hour later, Amanda is shown, online, romping around the kitchen
        wearing a tank top and TOTALLY SHEER, BARELY THERE, PURPLE UNDIES.

        Definitely, NOT HOT – Indigestion was probably the only response from the HGs.

    • Comments (126)

      Two big lies, Howard wouldn’t had said that and she ain’t hot. Unless we are talking walrus comparisons.

      Game or not this is defamation of character on national t.v. Producer’s should make her apologies to house for this whopper.

  31. Comments (15)

    And the eviction will be the symbolic lynching.

  32. Comments (16)

    How many HG get voted out before Jury? 3 or 4 I think? Amanda, Aaryn, McCrea & … it’s a toss up between GM and Helen … Non of them deserve to vacation in the Jury house and earn $ as well. C’mon BB15 HG, play the game will you???

  33. Comments (651)

    I think the bloggisphere needs to call out CBS and BB about their editing of Amanda. If you’re just watching the show you don’t see any of the horrible things she’s said. I’m wondering if they’ll try to cover this up? We shouldn’t let them get away with this preferential editing.

  34. Comments (3)

    Ah, but they don’t want to break up the showmance that they consider good for the ratings!

  35. Comments (9)

    Im highly pissed at Amanda lying on Howard about what he said to her. She know dang well he didnt say that. He doesnt even seem like the type of person. She needs to chill because that can get someone in trouble!

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