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Big Brother 15 – PoV Ceremony Results; Live Blogging


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The PoV ceremony has been fairly uneventful over the past few seasons, and I don’t really expect it to start this week.  Kaitlin won the PoV this week after also nearly winning the HoH on Thursday night, so despite a few moments of stupidity, she is pretty set to use it on herself.  By doing so, she gains protection of Helen and Elissa for as long as they can do so, but the protection offer didn’t sit well with the rest of the house (future drama potential!).

livefeed2Watch Jeremy’s reaction to being on the block
Will he need the diaper all week long?

Jeremy replaced Kaitlin as expected, and barring any miracle by Team Ignorance, that alliance will be down to just the three most hated people on reality TV right now.  After Jeremy leaves, I have a feeling those three are just going to be insignificant to the game until they’re pegged off one by one. Two of them are acting like lost souls with their boyfriends gone, and the other just has no soul.  Seeing as they managed to have the entire house hate them, it’s unlikely they’ll be in any alliance other than an extra vote.

Forgetting about Team Ignorance for now, this is starting to look like another future blowup will happen when McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Judd have to go against their friends at some point in the near future.  The interesting part will be seeing whether or not the other side of the house forms up to get them out before it’s too late, or they just sit on their hands and enjoy the summer with free food.

From an entertainment point of view, losing Jeremy and Nick hurts because they were 2 people serious about making it far, but I have a feeling there will still be no shortage of drama once the male side of Team Ignorance is out the door.

Update – Someone asked about Jeremy in the diaper outfit.  Last night, the houseguests dressed up in crazy outfits and Jeremy decided to wear GM’s diaper she got for hosting one of the vetos.  If you want to see it, turn on the flashback to about 7:30pm


Post Ceremony Updates:

11:01am – Amanda and Elissa are in the pantry talking about how stupid it was for Helen to offer Kaitlin protection for the rest of the season.  Amanda is frustrated because Kaitlin suddenly gets sympathy after being nice for a week, especially since they’ve all been loyal the entire time.  Horrible offer by Helen to be honest.

11:15am – The girls are all up in the HoH room talking about the MC alliance again. They keep mentioning the ‘all boys alliance’ while talking about having a ‘girls party’ later on in the day.  Candice has also mentioned a girls alliance a few times.  Double standards!

12:25pm – Helen talking to the camera apologizing to Jeremy’s mother for evicting her son.  Andy also feels bad about voting out Jeremy considering he’s been nice all week, but that’s what people do.  They get nominated and they’re nice.


12:35pm – Jeremy is outside in the pool with a few other people and he’s talking about his situation in the house.  Candice – STILL bitter about the moving company – starts getting worked up at him about being used for a vote.  She thinks Jeremy is lying about his early votes and when he calls her a fibber, she jumps from the towel and starts getting in his face.

1:50pm – Candice talking to Aaryn outside about the whole guys alliance thing again.  She is really proud of finding out about the MC.  I’m sure she’ll be talking about it for years.  She then goes on to talk about an all-girl alliance, then takes some time to bash Jeremy again.

Candice’s issue with Jeremy is that he told Helen about the MC after it had broken up, and as he is scrambling to stay in the house.  I hate being forced to defend Jeremy, because he is indeed quite the tool, but the obsession of him is getting annoying.

2:25pm – McCrae, Amanda and Judd think of an alliance name – The Goof Troop.  It consists of those three and Andy, and Helen is the fifth who will be part of an extended second alliance.  Name tbd

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  1. Comments (18)

    After Team Ignorance is gone, I think the season will either get a lot more interesting or a lot more boring.
    Especially because everyone wants to get TI out. Once their out, almost all the hatred will be gone, but I have a feeling that then Helen and Elissa are going to be the targets afterword’s.

  2. Comments (453)

    Helen is going to find herself on the block and not as a pawn. She promises Kaitlin for the season, she can’t expect all of the future HOH’s to abide by her promises, silly, silly girl. Team ignorance are all narcissists, and we thought it was going to be just a season of type A personalities, HA!

  3. Comments (1)

    Call CBS and complain. Leave a message. CBS programming: Call 212-975-3247 between 10am-11:30am & 2pm-3:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)

  4. Comments (195)

    Here’ a thought. Whenever one of the “Team Ignorance” gets evicted… as they are leaving the house the audience stays quiet. Because as you know this is team ignorant and if the audience Boo’s then they will think (especially Aaryn) that oh America’s mad because I got evicted and if the audience claps then they will think ohhhh America loves me! As they say silence is golden. Then Julie can ask… are you wondering why the audience is so quiet?….because America hates you!! Aaryn would probably answer because I am soo nice and kind and they are shocked that I got evicted. I am sure Julie wouldn’t say that…but wouldn’t it be wonderful!

    It amazes me how much Aaryn doesn’t think she is a racist. She mentioned last night that she has “black friends” and they will know what I mean. She really does live in her own little world and I can guarantee she is not going to learn from this at all. She will twist it around that because she is blonde and blue eyed America targeted her. Even if she watches herself she will find a way to blame everyone else…I am sure. I really hate bashing people but she really does make my blood boil!

    • Comments (528)

      I was totally thinking the same thing! What will the audience do? They usually go apeshit when a guest comes out like its Brad Pitt or something but people like Aaryn – America HATES her so…will they clap? Boo? Stay quiet? Something tells me they’ll be told not to boo so the only other reaction that makes sense is to stay perfectly quiet…I think that would be great.

      • Comments (768)

        I guess I’m not the only one anticipating her eventual exit. I’m pretty sure the audience will be prompted to remain calm before she exits the house. Guess we’ll get a preview when Jeremy leaves this week.

      • Comments (30)

        When she comes out, Julie should get her talking about her ‘job’….Get her on the subject…like “Well, at least you have your wonderful job to retur…..OH WAIT!!!! Guess what Biotch?!!???

    • Comments (2)

      She can call herself the “blue eyed blonde” all she wants but I saw those pre-HOH roots. Am I remembering correctly from seasons past that hair dye is included in their HOH basket?

  5. Comments (528)

    People seem to think that once Team Ignorance is out of the house the rest of the decent folks will turn nasty because, well, that’s the game. It doesn’t have to be! If anyone watched BB Canada these people rarely got into it with one another, even up until the final two…it just so happens BB America likes to fill their house with a-holes and sociopaths in order to generate as much drama as they can. Hopefully they’ve learned a little lesson this year.

    If the other houseguests really are decent people who can manage to respect their housemates, I don’t see why they all have to suddenly turn on one another and get nasty…this past fall I watched a whole season of BB that proved you can play the game and still come out looking like a normal human being, capable of ethics and empathy.

    Makes for a less exciting season but also adds a little more faith in humanity than typical BB fare.

    • Comments (195)

      Did you notice Sadie that they kind of changed Julie’s stage like we had here in Canada. Also there were some neat twists….loved the moose and it was neat to see Dan…glad I caught that episode.
      Can you imagine some of these players in BBC. I didn’t get the chance to watch a lot of BBC and wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but it wasn’t too bad at all. This ignorance team would of had a field day with all the diverse people in BBC and they would of been gone gone gone.

      • Comments (3)

        I am a proud Canadian and I live in Florida because of my husband work he was send to work here, no offence to people here but I have experience what I never have in Canada…Some girl asked me where I was from I said Canadian and she laugh pointing out I look latin and I said my parents are Latin American but I was born and raise in Canada, again she laugh I was latin!! I said ok whatever ….This would never happen in Canada at all!!, when you say you are Canadian you are whether you where born in Canada or you became one by citizenship!!

      • Comments (137)

        that is just relaly sad. Amazing what Americans allow these days. Look at our kids and their self entitlement issues. Case in point, AARYN!!

      • Comments (137)


      • Comments (528)

        Yeah, it’s really odd considering they’re both countries that have mass amounts of immigration and yet somehow Canadians don’t seem to react at all the same way to immigrants or minorities. Many of those Americans visiting Canada will say it’s not even the obvious outward racism or insensitive comments in the US, but just a whole FEELING of being more comfortable and at ease in canuckville.

      • Comments (274)

        This I have to say isn’t always the case. No matter where you go you are always going to find some who are not nice to outsiders. When I was in Canada with my family a few years ago, they were rude with us. Speaking French and thinking we couldn’t understand them. Sad but true. We are from Canada and my grandfather went there to visit his sisters. It sucked when they heard me answer back in French that I didn’t appreciate their attitude of Americans. They just laughed and kept looking at us laughing as they walked away. Wanna guess how old they were? About my parents age which is late 60s. Like I’ve said I’m Indian, my mom isn’t but my dad’s whole family is and you can tell.
        But when I took my children to Florida we ran into a lady on holiday from London and asked her to join us for dinner. She commented how nice everyone was in the States. Just depends on who and where.

      • Comments (768)

        I had a real eye opener about the intolerance in Florida when I spent a month there this past April… my vehicle was keyed during the last week I was there in the underground parking of the condo I was staying at … for no other reason than the fact that it had Ontario plates on it! Won’t be staying at that condo anytime soon. Hopefully the rest of Florida isn’t as intolerant, but so far there are two posts I’ve read on this forum that indicate that may not be the case. :/

      • Comments (528)

        How did you know that’s why they keyed your car? Did they tell you that?

        Also, @Jill, I was talking about Canadians. Not French Canadians. Big difference 😉

      • Comments (768)

        Because I did absolutely nothing to have pissed anyone off there.

      • Comments (195)

        By no means are there no racists people in Canada but the overall consensus is that we are much friendlier and tolerant. Even they joke about it on American channels how “nice” the Canadians are. However it does irk me when you go to Quebec and they refuse to speak English and some stores are even fined for putting English signs in their stores.

      • Comments (528)

        lol, Rob, sometimes people don’t need an excuse to be douchy. You could have just as easily been picked at random while they walked by.

      • Comments (768)

        Sadie, I thought of that too, but then there were a couple other things that happened to my vehicle so I had to discount that it was a mere accident. Anyway, I going back in November, so it didn’t deter me…. yet!

      • Comments (3)

        Out of curiosity were u in Quebec? I am Canadian and still live here an I ind that you will find a lot of snobby rude people in Quebec more so then anywhere else. Not all are rude but I have run into my fair share

      • Comments (1)

        Canadians are tolerant… Unless your French. ROC hates them and are quite open about it.

      • Comments (528)

        I’ve never watched the British BB…all I remember reading about as far as controversy (other than some random houseguests doing stupid things) was the over abundance of sex, sex, sex. I did notice the set was closer to the Canadian one, maybe they found it to just work better. The Canadian BB was really diverse too…they had a Native Canadian, two gay guys (the Moose were both voiced by males doing a female voice which I thought was cool) , several races and basically the meanest contestant was about as mean as American versions nicest, lol.

      • Comments (195)

        sorry Sadie when I wrote BBC I was referring to Big Brother Canada…just short form.

      • Comments (195)

        The moose was my

      • Comments (151)

        I loved big bro canada, too. But this one is much more entertaining. It’s fun to watch people’s downfall’s, and it’s just better when it’s someone like arryn!

    • Comments (4)

      This game is designed to get people stirred up.They have to lie. They have to be cutthroat at times. Nobody wants to watch a house full of people sitting around being polite. Not going to happen.

  6. Comments (137)

    Why is Jeremy in a baby outfit?

    • Comments (137)

      Thanks Beans for the update about why he is in a diaper!!

      • Comments (1162)

        I assumed Jeremy, to one up Nick, had given Kaitlin his entire wardrobe as Keepsakes and
        Sobbing Cloths. lol

        BTY – Why is Helen apologizing to Jeremy’s mother?

      • Comments (137)

        I thought that was Elissa who apologized to his mother for getting him removed from the game this Thursday. maybe I am wrong???

      • Comments (1162)

        My info. is from the 12:25 notation….. above.

  7. Comments (96)

    Did anyone has laugh out loud last night when Aaryn made that comment about karma and how it gets the mean people after the have not competition? Oh, AAryn, you’re karma will be waiting for you when you leave the house.

  8. Comments (2)

    Helen truely surprised me with the amnisty gift to Katelin. D U M B. It instantly triggered McCranda into defense mode, which it should have. I do think she’ll vote Katelin out at the proper time though. The racist isn’t long for the party. No way for surprises there. This game will next change severely in two weeks I think. The next two HOH and MVP noms, after next week, we’ll see the emotions reek havoc again. That’s why we love Biiiiiiig Brroooother.

  9. Comments (231)

    I like what Helen did this week. She identified her target and now he will be evicted. Helen is the queen of misinformation and this is not surprising because she works in politics. I luv Helen and I hope she has weaved a very tangled web. Also, Elissa has expressed that she doesn’t want to be controlled in the game by anyone through the MVP or or her game.

  10. Comments (5)

    Aaryn is making a fool out of herself when she’s “apolagizing” to Candice , but then makes another racist comment. And about that K.A.R.M.A. comment , Aaryn is the once who is being rude and racist. Shes just lucky she’s not a have not this week.
    If McCrae would have gone faster in the have not competition it would be Aaryns team who would have to feel the pain some of the houseguests have been through for two weeks. I’m glad Howard got a full bucket of raw milk and splashin it in Aaryns face because she deserves it.

    • Comments (137)

      It was very funny watching him try to throw that competition. He was doing everything he could to make sure they didnt win. It was sweet music watching that go right into her face. And I am sure Howie loved being the one to do it as well and him and Candace are probably sitting back signing the tune of KARMA BITCH!!

      • Comments (768)

        I laughed my head off watching that! The only time he would fill the bucket up was when he knew he could toss it right in her face! Another priceless moment I’ll remember from this season.

  11. Comments (1162)

    Helen needs a WAKE UP CALL!!!
    It’s time to rescue her from her idiosyncratic HOH belief that “All Is Well!”
    Hopefully Elissa and/or Andy will take Helen aside and let her know that by her giving Kaitlin a
    Free Pasa, she has put herself in jeopardy.

    • Comments (231)

      Elissa tried but Helen did not listen, as usual.

      • Comments (1076)

        helen sees herself as a benign dictator…i think she just talks too much….as a matter of fact they can all use a good lesson in counting to five before spewing what ever is on their minds….contemplation would be a wise choice….

  12. Comments (1076)

    i barely understand a word judd says….i understand he has a lyric southern drawl but why does he talk with his mouth closed…in my house he is known as the mumbler………….

    • Comments (137)

      I was told her has a lisps and with his southern drawl it makes it harder for us to understand him.

      • Comments (137)

        I must be having trouble typing today. Him not her.

      • Comments (1076)

        ah….maybe he is also shy about the lisp….i wish tvgn had closed captioning………….

      • Comments (233)

        I’ve used closed captioning on BBAD on TVGN, but it’s pretty worthless when every other word is a curse and it’s bleeped…

  13. Comments (1076)

    i also wish howie would stop all the religious nonsense…i don’t think (and i may be wrong) that god gives two sh&^s who wins BB…

  14. Comments (178)

    I think the house will shift once again with the upcoming HOH competition. Look for Amanda, McCrae, Howard or Candice to win it. Part of an allegiance? Don’t count on it. Amanda and McCrae are working their own angle. They may decide that Helen and Elissa don’t need to be a part of it and put them up as “pawns”, with the intention to really get Howard out. Amanda would threaten Elissa that she’ll evict her if she doesn’t use her MVP to put Howard up. Perhaps this is why Helen is suggesting that they “throw” the HOH competition to McCrae or Amanda. Elissa or Howard would be evicted and Helen would have “clean hands”. But, surprise, Howard will end up staying in the house.

    Now, as a second scenario, if Big Brother decides that Candice or Howard should win the upcoming HOH, things in the house will turn as well. Howard knows that Amanda has been out for his eviction and he will put her up against McCrae, telling McCrae that he is only the pawn. If Elissa gets the MVP award again, they’ll insist that she use it on someone from Team Ignorance; but the real target will be Amanda.

    A lot of strategic gameplaying coming up in the next few weeks as well as a LOT of Big Brother diary room manipulation.

    • Comments (231)

      I think that Elissa will put up aaryan if she gets MVP again and Aa isn’t hoh. She has been tortured by that alliance from day one and will take her out. Right now it seems as if mcC and Amanda have a gruge against Elissa because she didn’t put up Howard for MVP. So, they are talking about voting her out???

  15. Comments (1)

    Why does Andy always wear a shirt? Is there a tattoo that is in bad taste?

    • Comments (1276)

      Some people just don’t take off there shirts much. Plus, with him being a red head, with that fair of skin, he probably gets sun burned pretty easily.

    • Comments (216)

      My question is what guy just walks around all the time without a shirt on? I reaize they do it here to show off their abs, but I’ve never known a guy in my life to just hang out all the time shirtless (I’m a guy, all of my roomates were guys, and I worked with a major football team in college–i’ve NEVER seen a guy that committeed to going shirtless just for the heck of it, not even when hanging out in a locker room). It’s bizarre.

  16. Comments (4)

    I am so disappointed in CBS for letting this hatred with the Zimmerman trial and bullying constantly.For sure this show will lose the popularity it once had.I am so done with this show just like American Idol.Sick of people putting others down.Maybe we should all turn off the T V

    • Comments (12)

      Sarah – you do need to turn your TV off! Why mention the Zimmerman case, which is real – when we all are trying to comment on a “GAME”.

  17. Comments (5)

    If you click on the link theres a picture of Jeremy in the shower wiping his butt against the glass for Aaryn and Kaitlin. I dont get why people in the Big Brother house do things like this, and theres cameras around!

  18. Comments (2)

    yea, i dont like the team ignorance but i actually did like David and Nick. The only two on that side that were nice. They made the show better and with them gone and soon Jeremy, the show will get very boring. All girls show will not be good to watch

    • Comments (151)

      Yes they will! Girls turn on each other over nonsense. It will at least give you something to do Sunday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s!

    • Comments (528)

      We’ve had to be stuck watching all boys shows after they weed out all the girls…besides, once they get the bitches out the rest of the girls might actually prove not all reality TV has be to a bunch of a-holes. Might. Not a guarantee.

      Also, something tells me when things start settling down the producers will always find a way to get everyone’s back up for ratings.

  19. Comments (2)

    Helen is starting to irritate me let her reign be over . She has made so many promises that she surely won’t have the power to keep. Also, Aaryn does a great job playing like a dog with his tail between his legs.

  20. Comments (4)

    Chris;so you are saying because I drew a example of the Zimmerman case;bullying is not real.And I was only commenting;no need for harshness,I am 69 yrs old and I guess I will keep my opinions to myself

    • Comments (528)

      No, Sarah. It’s just the two don’t have anything to do with one another. The people here want to talk about Big Brother, not get into deep political discussions about bullying and justice. I don’t mean to sounds condescending, but having an opinion on the Internet comes with the danger of ticking off strangers that don’t care who you are, how old you are, what sex you are…just be aware. Try not to take it too personally 😉

      • Comments (233)

        Well said, Sadie. Sarah, don’t let it stop you. The differences in perspective are what make this forum interesting, just as it used to in the BB house. Now it’s mainly a lot of low-class, very young, good-looking, wannabe’s with a few older people thrown in to cook and do the dishes. They get picked off when the amount of dishes gets manageable. LOL Some people here just get a little over-zealous in “correcting” others.

      • Comments (768)

        Vic you forgot about picking up after them. Man, I’ve never seen such a bunch of slobs in my life with clothes and towels spread out all over the place!

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