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Big Brother 15 – PoV Results


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After about 4 1/2 hours of veto competition, the feeds finally went back up and players were left scrambling to figure out what to do.  Why?  Because Kaitlin won the veto which gives her a little bit of power, but still not much.


In the most likely situation, Kaitlin should be removing herself from the block, unless she wants to call Helen’s bluff about risk going home in order to save Jeremy.  Little does Kaitlin know, Aaryn is definitely the #2 target in the house, and it would actually be better to not use the veto.  Obviously with the power of the feeds, we know that, and she doesn’t, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised for Kaitlin to use the veto this week.  The big question is… who will replace her?

The early money is on her boyfriend, which in an ironic turn of events, would break up the 3rd straight showmance of the season (watch out Amanda/McCrae). It would also break up the couples in order of controversial comments this season, but I think that’s just a coincidence, or karma if you believe in that.

Another option could be Howard, but I do think that’s a long shot. Helen, McCrae and Amanda were quite upset that Elissa didn’t use the MVP nomination on him, but Helen still somewhat considers him a friend, while everyone really dislikes Jeremy. It’s going to be a pretty rough week for Kaitlin, but it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person…   I know, stay neutral, stay neutral.. kind of hard this season, but I’ll try.

For those who don’t have the feeds, I’ll keep watching them and update you here or on twitter, but feel free to sign up – they’re free for 2 days!


– Kaitlin went to the HoH room to face a pretty annoying version of Helen who tried to comfort her when revealed that Jeremy will be the replacement nominee and most likely going home.  Why is it as soon as someone gets a little power, they get more annoying?

– Jeremy and Kaitlin were in the pantry talking about the situation, and they’re pretty much accepting reality.  That said, he is handling it better than I thought.

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  1. Comments (169)

    She’s Marcellas 2.0 if she doesn’t use it to save herself. Heck, I’d be tempted to vote her out just for not saving herself and this giving her a prominent position in the BB Hall of Fame of Dumbest Moves. Lol. But either way, one of the nasty people are gone this week. I hope Jeremy, he’s cocky, and can win stuff.. As much as I cannot stand Aaryn, she’s a non entity as far as comps go.

    • Comments (1276)

      I’d still rather see Aaryn leave, even then jerk. but that’s just me. Is it just me, or is Helen getting a little annoying? Don’t get me wrong, I still like her better than most, but, i’m getting sick of hearing her voice, she seems to be a on a power trip.
      Is it just me?

      • Comments (195)

        Nope not just you Christina…I have had my reservations about her for awhile. Like you absolutely she is one of the better ones but really bothered me when she went on and on about Howard especially when we all know she talked to Aaryn about aligning with her….so if you are so upset about Howard not telling you about the MC why did you keep your talk with Aaryn a secret…well because that is how you play the game but she only thinks it is ok for when she is doing it…if this all makes sense lol. Plus when her and Elissa were on the block there was one night she was throwing her under the bus and that is ok too just don’t be a hyprocrite..think I spelt that wrong but you know what I mean. lol

      • Comments (1276)

        I just think it’s the getting super upset at eveyrone for lying. Sure, get pissed when the people you are actually close to (as in, Andy and Elissa) lie. But, everyone in the house doesn’t owe you honesty.
        It’s part of bb to check your concience at the door, (I think I spelled that wrong, but whatever). You are going to have to lie, you are going to have to have alliances, you are going to have to turn on each other. You also have to put people on the block and vote them out. SHOCKER!!! lol
        It’s just too much from her, she’s basically badgering people, and beating her feelings and opions on everyone who comes to talk to her. Furthermore, she’s barely letting anyone get a word in edgewise. People had talked about Elissa’s voice being annoying (who by the way, we’ve heard less out of then anyone else, someone should count her words, seriously) but Helen’s is driving me nuts today.
        But then again, maybe it’s just my PMS can’t deal with it. lol

      • Comments (195)

        I hear ya girl…except mine is the change and pms lol But even before Helen got HOH she was crying all the time. She seems a little weak to me and as you pointed out everyone seems to be able to sway her. So glad Elissa stuck to her guns and nominated who she wanted…but wish she would keep it a secret Plus Helen seems to be a mature educated women why is she talking like the rest of them. I swear between Andy Mcrae and her this afternoon I bet they said the word like about a thousand times. As soon as they start a sentence. Sorry that is just a pet peeve of mine!

      • Comments (169)

        Seriously, I’ve never heard so many “likes” in one conversation whenever McCrae talks, sounds like a valley girl LOL. But I like McCrae though. He seems like a good enough guy. Amanda is ok, too… But she is the very definition of a loose cannon, IMO. And I can’t stand “like” as a filler word, either…even though I’m sure I’m guilty of using it when I’m nervous haha.

      • Comments (302)

        I’m with you guys. Already getting sick of Helen after loving her just two days ago. The more I watch the live feeds the less I like her. Complete hypocrite … she’s all upset at Howard for concealing information but then mocks Nick for being stupid and not lying to Ellisa to save himself. That’s when I start hating this game when players are high and mighty and super offended when their lied to but turn right around and play the same game. Because that’s what you do in Big Brother! Also Helen crying at the drop of a hat gets a little annoying as well .. but still can’t compare to the evil racist bigots in the house.

      • Comments (302)

        oops I meant they’re not their .. I hate when I do that.

      • Comments (302)

        One more thing. I can’t understand a thing Judd says on the live feed. It doesn’t even look like he’s moving his lips when he talks. It’s like the old Charlie Brown specials when the teacher speaks and all you hear is “Wah wah wahhh.”

      • Comments (768)

        No it’s not just you Christina. I’ve just been watching the feeds and thinking that very same thing. And I thought Jeremy was cocky when he got a bit of power. Helen is just as bad!

        They all still seem pissed off about the MC alliance…good grief! This is Big Brother… it’s not a first!

      • Comments (1076)

        hey guys, ever read “animal farm” by george orwell? 115 pages of sheer genius. all human disappear and the animals on the farm decide to govern themselves as a collecive…all animals are created equal soon devolves into some animals r more equal than othersuntil a dictatorship finally develops…or pick up “lord of the flies” by william golding about a group of boys shipwrecked on an island and how soon it swings from every boy an equal member of the tribe to survival of the fittest….power corrupts absolutley and that’s all there is too it…steinbeck believed in the innate goodness of man (“the pearl”)blaming outside forces for the cruelty that develops…innately ggod or bad, inevitably power is always a corrupting influence….

      • Comments (1076)


      • Comments (1076)

        good not ggod….sorry again….

      • Comments (4)

        Lord of the Flies. Absolutely. Not novels though, there are actual psychological tests that shows this occurs. We have an innate, natural tendency towards this.

      • Comments (169)

        Yes, Helen is way too wishy washy, I cannot ever tell when she’s being sincere with the other side regarding deals or not. She acts like she wants everyone on one side, but that’s not POSSIBLE! Everyone can’t be in one big happy alliance…and Elissa just told her that. She’s suppose to be a superfan but I’m getting disappointed in her gameplay. She way over thinks things ugh. I DO want Aaryn to leave, I’m just saying from a game perspective, Jeremy is best to go now, he can win things. Aaryn can’t… She was given hoh by him. That said, I will be perfectly fine if she goes Thursday. I hope she’s booed whenever she does leave.

      • Comments (1276)

        You know I can’t stand any of the hate group, but… i do feel a little, tiny, teensy tiny bit bad for kaitlin. just because she apparantly worked really hard and kicked everyone butts for Veto, and then due to saving herself, it will send her boytoy home.
        The only way they won’t put up Jerk is if they don’t have the chance. I think if she were to not use it (which I’m not saying she should) then I think they would all vote out Aaryn. With everything that girl has said I don’t want her to get to jury and get a check for the rest of the summer. Aaryn needs to go, “like” yesterday (that was for you Sambella).
        I’m just annoyed with the constant tears and pep talks, maybe I’m more of a negative person then I thought. Because I can’t stand a Pep Talk! So that (which I thought was endearing before and kind of her to do) along with the crying and whining that she feels betrayed, and topped off with promises to everyone about keeping them safe, and making them say they will take her to finals or give her a vote from jury, ugh…
        Sorry, again, I’m just moody today.

      • Comments (195)

        LOL good one Christina….now next post use literally…forgot that one in my post that they tend to use all the time and mostly not in the proper context either..think I took one of your moody pills lol….fun isn’t though that we can vent on here!

      • Comments (1276)

        Like Literally, use literally, like all the time? lol

      • Comments (195)

        You just made me laugh out loud…literally hehehe

      • Comments (195)

        Thanks Christina for starting my day off with a smile!

      • Comments (1276)

        I’m like literally so glad I could literally like make you laugh, like out loud and all! 😉

      • Comments (169)

        I believe it’s in the air, today… I’ve been pretty darn moody myself, and I’m a guy, lol. All these HGs crying… It’s something else, lol. And they say Rachel cried too much? Haha… There’s enough tears falling in that house at any given moment that a new ocean could be created from them… what shall we name said ocean? 😉

      • Comments (1076)

        helen is not perfect…she is the one who talked elissa into putting up jeremy week 2…if they had back doored him instead of nick, jeremy would have gone home last week…..i think cabin fever affects all their minds….

    • Comments (2)


  2. Comments (453)

    Highly doubtful she will use it, knowing her boyfriend will go up and go home. They think they can make a deal with Helen to keep them safe and back door Howard, sure hope Helen keeps her head and doesn’t agree to it.

  3. Comments (6)

    Did you say that Racist Kailtin is a nice person at the end of your article??/She means and racist so no she isnt nice but im really starting to dislike Amanda why does she want howard out so bad even before Jeremy and is trying to break up him and Candice saying he is in her ear.she wants all the couples gone but her and Mcrae. Helen needs to stop letting her influence her so much

    • Comments (216)

      He said “couldn’t have happened to a nicer person,” which means he thinks she’s horrible and deserves to be in a no-win dilemma. It’s snark.

    • Comments (53)

      Amanda is not with helen and elissa if the votes stay the same she will turn on them and get the house to vote out spencer only one who can stop her is if andy isnt for it and that might not even stop her cause she has the vote cause jess and judd inher pocket with mccrae and jeremy and gm are no brianers she want him and howard out so she can have the votes and the strongest guys if jermy doesnt want to work with her then they’ll vote him out then its just mccrae andy and judd and mccrae the strongest that would leave helen elissa and candice at a disavantage thats why she needs to go she trying to make deals with the next side to and with them she will run the game she needs to go

      • Comments (53)

        Some of the house guess are getting to cocky now that they have power like andy whos already losing points for siding with aMANda over his original allies helen and elissa he said to judd and helen he thought there were people how desire to be there for their game play but yet he want to get out two of the best gamers in howard and spencer yea that make sence my list of the only gamers in the house helen elissa howard spencer the next three i dont like but respect their game aMANda jeremy and aryn thats it all those people played the game everyone else are just floater and flunkies who mite win but just because they will be no competitors left how boring would a andy judd jess mccrae kaitlin gm candice final seven be i wouldn’t watch it bores me just thinking about and i like candice lol

      • Comments (53)

        On that note do they really feel candice someone way more loyal to helen should go home before jess really dont even think she should go home before judd at least she put things together she not a gamer at all but shes more of one than them just saying

    • Comments (18)

      Niki, she isn’t the one making racist comments. She’s just trying encouraging it by laughing. She may be different on the inside, but she doesn’t want to say anything.

      • Comments (1276)

        No, the other night, during the argument with Candice she said “she’s (Candice) letting her blackness out”. I think it might be more of being around really rotten people, is turning her rotten, and bringing out her worst side, but she still said it.

      • Comments (1162)

        IMO, Kaitlin, through her own words & actions, has earned the classification –
        Mean Girl – with a capital “B.”
        Will she take herself off of the block? You bet!!!
        She does understand that if she doesn’t, she will be voted out.

        Hopefully when/if her “boyfriend” is evicted from the BB House, Kaitlin doesn’t
        come down with “GM Sobbing Psychosis.” There isn’t enough Kleenex in the world……….
        Oh, perhaps Jeremy will leave her a pair of his dirty shorts …….lol

    • Comments (1076)

      because his religious bulls^&t is driving amanda crazy…it’s bad enough being cooped up in the house without having to listen to billy graham all the time….when howard talks my eyes glaze over and my brain tries to escape my head……

      • Comments (11)

        I agree IIoyda, it’s one thing to be spiritual, even in the house, but (1) don’t wear it on your sleeve every minute of the the day. (2) leave religion/God, out of your deal making commitments. Even your bible says don’t swear on anything in heaven or on earth.

  4. Comments (48)

    Hopefully Helen will see that they will never have this opportunity laid out so perfectly to get rid of Jeremy this week. If not then I think he will go far.

  5. Comments (3)

    I think if Kailtin chooses not to save herself then she choose’s to go home, as much as I want Aryn,Jeremy and GM to go!!! that way everyone knows they mean what they say with actions!! just saying!!

  6. Comments (169)

    I swear, if Helen puts up Howard as a replacement, that’s gotta be the biggest waste of HoH. This week SHOULD be simple… either one of Aaryn, Jeremy, or Kaitlyn should walk out the door. I like Helen, but she’s wishy washy, wants everyone to like her,,, she worried me when she has power because I don’t know what she will do until she does it. The plan has always been to BD Jeremy… Why change it now? Don’t play personal, sending someone home because of a petty dispute, at least Howard came clean about his vote (finally)… you have to send one of the bullies home. Ugh… End rant.

    • Comments (1276)

      I don’t want to see howard go, that being said, i wouldn’t mind spencer going home either. the whole hitler thing still turns my stomach.
      i would prefer aaryn or GM go this week, but i do want jerk gone, i just think they are more toxic then he is. but he’s so much stronger at comps, so he’s a bigger threat.

      • Comments (216)

        Right. You take at Jerk because he’s toxic AND you may not get this chance again. Without him, Kaitlan, GM, and Aary[a]n are sitting ducks.

      • Comments (1276)

        I hope so, and honestly, watching the feeds, he seems fine with going on. He actually seems like he’s more worried about protecting kaitlin after he’s gone, then trying to save himself.
        It’s really weird watching it, it’s like he’s transforming into a human.

      • Comments (169)

        He said he had a plan earlier, but he wasn’t ready to put in into motion yet.. This was before veto. He might be trying to be uber nice, moping around looking like he knows he’s gone,and the. Maybe everyone will feel sorry for him? Who knows…

      • Comments (1276)

        that would make soooooo much more since then him being an actual human. “expect the unexpected”

      • Comments (768)

        Cause he’s finally eating a slice of humble pie!

      • Comments (15)

        Jeremy is going home Helen and Kaitlin already told Jeremy he is going home.

      • Comments (11)

        The “Hitler” comment was taken totally out of context. Hitler, was and still is to this day a monster, however Spencer, was never praising the mans character, he (Spencer), was merely commenting on his speaking ability. After all Hitler did persuade a nation to follow him in his crusade of hatred…it’s in your history books.

      • Comments (224)

        What was the Hitler comment? I missed it, but I’d heard all he really said was that Hitler was a good public speaker. Was there more to it than that?

  7. Comments (1)

    Doesn’t the MVP choose the replacement nominee?

  8. Comments (123)

    all i have to say is…Jerkney’s line he has been saying all day today…it is what it is….lol 🙂

  9. Comments (233)

    If they sped up the eviction show, they could squeeze in a triple eviction, and just maybe the 3 worst could go in one night. Yeah, I’m daydreaming.

  10. Comments (29)

    OMG, Aaryn just asked GM, “If we have double eviction, does that mean two people go home on the same day?”
    Stupid, stupid, stupid!

    • Comments (453)

      That is right up there with 3 x 9 when she didn’t know the answer.

      • Comments (1162)

        “AND, that’s right up there with …………….”

        Overnight – Aaryn told Kaitlin that someone emailed her saying
        he wanted to become her “Sugar Daddy.”
        Kaitlin’s response – You don’t want that.
        Aaryn – said she wasn’t sure (lol) because she hadn’t seen a photo of the guy.

        *I didn’t know the house guests could receive emails. BB must monitor the
        content or else Aaryn would know she’s jobless & have said, “YES!!!!” to the
        guy, sight unseen.

      • Comments (768)

        After listening to Aaryn’s excuses all the time, she would probably say that she knew what 3 X 9 was, she just didn’t know what 9 X 3 was!

  11. Comments (53)

    Some of the house guess are getting to cocky now that they have power like andy hows already losing points for siding with aMANda other his original allies helen and elissa he said to judd and helen he thought thought there were people how desire to be there for their game play but yet he want to get out two of the best gamers in howard and spencer yea that make sence my list of the only gamer in the house helen elissa howard spencer the next three i dont like but respect their game aMANda jeremy and aryn thats it all those people played the game everyone else or just floater and flunkies who my win but just because they will be no competitors left how boring would a andy judd jess mccrae kaitlin gm candice final seven be i wouldn’t watch it bores me just thinking about and i like candice

  12. Comments (53)

    *fix* Some of the house guess are getting to cocky now that they have power like andy whos already losing points for siding with aMANda over his original allies helen and elissa he said to judd and helen he thought there were people how desire to be there for their game play but yet he want to get out two of the best gamers in howard and spencer yea that make sence my list of the only gamers in the house helen elissa howard spencer the next three i dont like but respect their game aMANda jeremy and aryn thats it all those people played the game everyone else are just floater and flunkies who mite win but just because they will be no competitors left how boring would a andy judd jess mccrae kaitlin gm candice final seven be i wouldn’t watch it bores me just thinking about and i like candice lol

  13. Comments (29)

    OMG teamunderdog if you want people to read your comments you have to use punctuation do you see how annoying this can be we want to read your comments buy you make it so difficult we dont know where a sentence begins or ends i realize that in the world of text messaging this is acceptable but to do this when posting long comments it just sucks for the reader in fact its so annoying that i dont stop to read your comments anymore im sure others feel the same way if you think you have something to say that you want others to read or would be of interest to us you must stop running all of your words together like this do you see how annoying it is

  14. Comments (3)

    Helen has everyone fooled
    She flat out lied to Elissa when she said “I like your Sister” when in fact on her bio on the CBS Big Brother website she says Rachel is her least favorite player of all time and that Rachel has “serious issues”
    She is deff not to be trusted

  15. Comments (48)

    I do not understand why anyone looks at Howard or Spencer as a threat. Howard seems to be physically fit but in the competitions in the past those are the ones that do not seem to win (even endurance comps). The only danger in Spencer has been his ability to keep his alliance together but play the other side too. I don’t think this will happen again since the MC alliance was exposed. Jeremy on the other hand has done great in the comps. Even putting the “baby mobil” together (which surprised me). I don’t think there will be another chance like this week to get Jeremy out so they had better take it. Then work on Aaryn and then Amanda. In spite of the actions of Kaitlin and GM, I do not see them being hard to get out.
    IMO, it should be Jeremy this week, then Aaryn then Amanda. Those are the biggest threats.

  16. Comments (48)

    I forgot to add that when Jeremy goes up, he will come out fighting. This nice side is in place as long as he is trying to stay off the block. After he goes up, I think we will see something besides this nice side. After all, we know he is not nice. He can be very nasty.

    • Comments (216)

      Not so sure. If he’s thinking, he’ll turn off the Jerk, play the resigned role, and try to convince folks that they don’t want Aaryn around another week. Probably still goes home, but that’s his best play.

  17. Comments (40)

    Can some please explain why Helen wants to put up Howard? Please?

  18. Comments (48)

    I didn’t know Helen wanted to put up Howard. I thought Amanda was trying to get her to put up Howard.

  19. Comments (40)

    I don’t know confussed so I just purchased the live feeds. Im like dang what time do they wake up they are sleeping so long.

  20. Comments (118)

    Can CBS PLEASE change GM’s and Aaryn’s work titles to “Ex-pageant coordinator” and “Ex-model” when it comes up on the TV? That would be fitting true and hilarious!

  21. Comments (118)

    Also can’t wait for the mean girl exit interviews especially aryan

    • Comments (29)

      I predict she will respond like she did twice to Amanda. She’ll say that her words were twisted and probably that it was the way she was edited.

  22. Comments (178)

    I think the reason Jeremy is behaving so calmly after being told he is about to be backdoored is becaused he feels he can convince Kaitlin to call their bluff about using the veto on herself. He knows that Kaitlin is not the primary target and, if she doesn’t remove herself from the block, in all likelihood the house will seek to evict either Aaryn or Spencer. I think Jeremy would push to get Aaryn evicted by promising alliances with the other men in the house who, by now, are probably nervous if they’ve caught wind of Helen’s possible plan to have an all girl house. We’ve seen how devious Spencer is and his remaining in the house would be problematic. Somehow I feel Big Brother will have the power shift again on Sunday with one of the “troublemakers” becoming HOH.

  23. Comments (1)

    Aaryn is so vain she actually thinks America likes her. I sure hope they don’t edit the boos from the live audience when she gets evicted. And I hope Julie presses her on her remarks and even replays them for her. If America was asking for her eviction and we have to wait for the house to do it, the least CBS should do for us is let us watch her get called out. She’s so racist that those remarks came natural for her and to this day she’s too arrogant to realize what a bigot she is. And then when Amanda tried to educate her she sarcastically said, yeah i wish I cared more. Yeah, someday you just might care!!

  24. Comments (1)

    Helen Helen Helen….lest we all forget what you have hidden from ALL the houseguests..what a master gamesmanship you play. As we all comment do NOT forget Helen’s first Diary Room…she was going to play the MOMMIE card all game long. She has not told anyone she has been a Chicago Political Consultant for the past 12 years. Has no one asked about her education? College? They don’t ask relevant questions in this season of each other. Nothing probing. While a lot here talk smack about Helen’s HOH, I think she has been the smartest. If you truly know on a personal level anyone in the professional political world, she is amazing. Regarding her seeming need to have watched the BB Feed from Friday where Elissa and Helen discuss PRODUCTION and it seeming like they tried to sway them not to put up Howard. REGARDING MVP: I think CBS has manipulated it and the audience a bit. Just like HOH MVP should not be able to be the same person more than one week in a row. I think besides putting someone secretly up for nomination you need to EARN the MVP by your actions, words, etc. It is valuable, not popular. THIS would most assuredly make the unexpected list. This twist should also not be revealed to the Houseguests. Let America truly have a say. As it stands Elissa will “float” all the way to jury because of Rachel fans. Unfair advantage. Let me put this out there…would you like this? who would you voted or voted for if not Elissa for MVP? Amanda? Howard? Candice? Andy? Judd? McCrae? The bucket of Slop? How long until Pandora’s box?? Some of these guests would be jumping on it right about now. Of course I think that happens when there is 8 or less in the house. I would also like more contests where they wake their asses up in the middle of the night and the don’t expect it. Or how about when they mess with food…like only give them foods that are not prepared but take away all cooking utensils for a day…or all plates and silverware and glasses? just for a day. I see these people in here living a VERY luxurious and pampered time…I like the struggle when faced with a real challenge. Ok Can’t wait to hear any response. Thanks for posting this has been my fav post to read!!

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