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Before I begin the post, a quick reminder – no personal attacks in the comments section.  I have had a few complaints about it recently and don’t want to start banning people.  I’m very easy going with freedom of speech, but when debates get heated to a point more than Big Brother related and I start losing readers, that’s when I step in. People come here to chat about Big Brother, and there are a lot of differing opinions, especially this season, but if you can’t express your opposing opinion without nasty attacks, this is not the place for you.  This is my warning, not to sound like a hardass.  I love my readers, love the contributions you give, and it’s my responsibility to not let discussions get out of hand.

With that out of the way, today is the day we get to find out who replaces Spencer on the block (spoiler, it will be Candice!).  I know this is going to look absolutely horrible for Aaryn, and even she knows it.  On Wednesday night’s episode, I can just picture the tweets that will happen when Spencer is replaced by Candice.  This is a reminder to anyone just tuning in, Aaryn has almost no power this week.  She gave that up last week in a deal with Amanda and Helen to remain in the house over Kaitlin.  She promised them they can choose nominees and replacements this week as long as they vote for her. Sure, she can break the promise, but may as well self evict shortly after.

I know Aaryn has said some pretty stupid things this season, but I will defend anyone who is being bashed over a misunderstanding.  Aaryn wanted to put Elissa and Candice on the block this week, and that’s because those are the two people most likely to nominate her next week if they win.

This is turning into a pretty interesting week so far.  Howard is the favorite to go home, but by putting Candice on the block, this actually gives a glimmer of hope he can remain in the house.   Aaryn respects the hell out of Howard, and most other people like him quite a bit, but a few people are severely threatened by him, so they want him gone.  If he can sway those who respect him into votes (or if Spencer can do it for him), we may see Howard in the house for at least another week.  I will keep you guys updated on the house reaction after the veto ceremony, so stay tuned for a new post when that is complete!

11:15am – Candice and Jessie are having a heated discussion in the bathroom.  It’s going to be getting ugly as the week progresses…

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  1. Comments (1437)

    OMG – Amanda was SO cold hearted last night. Now I get that this is a game, but when Candice was trying to explain to her why it hurt that Aaryn was the one putting up her and Howie(because Aaryn has said such awful things to them), she just didn’t get it. Candice was pouring her heart out over how she and Howie bonded because of the raicst comments, and all Amanda could do was trash Howie to her and say how much closer her(Amanda’s) relationship was with McCrae and how McCrae would practically die for her and Howie didn’t really care about Candice. Amanda was being SOOOOO self-centered it was unbelieveable. Andy did the same thing – listen to Candice, (fake) cry with her, and then run to McCrae and tell him everything. And I don’t get how the rest of the house sees Howie as a bigger threat than Amanda. I actually can’t wait to see the looks on the faces of Andy, Helen, Judd and Jessie when Amanda gleefully evicts them and takes McCrae(duh) and Aaryn to the final. Arghhhhhh…

    • Comments (20)

      Jannie, Amanda is playing the game strategicly, while Candy is playing with emotions. Nobody has ever won this game with emotions. AQs for Howard, he has constantly bucked the house by going his own way. Candance has to play her own game, and quit worrying about Howard, who may be the worst player ever.

      • Comments (1437)

        And that’s fine, I guess that you, like Amanda can’t even see the pain(outside of any game play) that Aaryn caused to Candice and Howie, which ultimately bonded them together. She even used the example of, say there were two Jewish people who bonded over an anti-semite spewing hate in the house…Amanda just could not emit one ounce of sympathy FOR THE SITUATION. I think Candice is fully aware that Howie is not the best strategic player but she admires that he helped her thru a tough time, but for Amanda to not have any sympathy just was amazing. It was just bash Howie and brag about her relationship with McRae – is that stretegic, or is that just obnoxious? How was that strategy? There is a difference between being strategic and just being a self absorbed mean girl.

      • Comments (528)

        I think we can all recognize that the racism hurt Candice. I think the whole house and audience is aware and acknowledges it. Bt there is still a game to play and Amanda was just laying it out there for Candice to understand. Despite whatever bonding they’ve done over whatever issue, this is still a game about eliminating people and your little showmances and besties are going to get targeted so deal with it.

        Everybody gets pretty weh weh when they’re on the block or know they’re going up. No one is trying to diminish what happened but one still has to keep their head in the game or they might as well leave.

      • Comments (1437)

        No, Amanda was laying out her perception of what she thinks Candice needs to understand. The game is what matters 95% of the time, but not 90 seconds of sympathy towards Candice? It would not have hurt her game in the least. I just wonder if Helen or Elissa(who were sitting right there) picked up on Amanda’s coldness – neither said a word. I swear if someone was accidentally drowned in the backyard pool Amanda would just be like “oh well, that’s one less houseguest I have to worry about!”

      • Comments (10)

        Both Howard and Candace were quite willing to make a deal with the devil, Aaryn, both approached her to work with her to keep their butt’s off the block. Even Elissa was shocked that Candace would want to align with Aaryn … altho she shouldn’t talk, she hugged Aaryn twice, thanking her for putting Howard up. Amanda is working with Aaryn because it helps her game at the moment, and she is trashed for it. But when Howard and Candace, the two people so traumatied by Aaryn, try to do the same, no one says a word. The two of them are hypocrites, crying about the evil Aaryn and saying how dare everyone align with her, when they’d join up with her in a heartbeat to save their own asses.

      • Comments (28)

        I think Amanda was actually the one that confronted Aayrn and told her that her racist comments were causing problems… I know that doesn’t mean empathy etc… But she is the one who attempted to change that dynamic.

      • Comments (1162)

        You really should look up Amanda’s hateful comments.
        Try You Tube.

      • Comments (195)

        Actually I was really proud of Amanda the night she stood up to Aaryn. But unfortunately I saw the YouTube videos and my opinion changed. Don’t get me wrong I ams still glad she did that but the horrific comments she said about Elissa are unforgiving. Along with many other comments. And now she is Aaryns best friend…so really who is Amanda? Is she the girl that sticks up for people or the one that would like to see someone suffer by violence as she so blatantly wanted done to Elissa.
        Also, it is so annoying listening to these houseguests that say how Aaryn is being so nice. Well of course she is dummies…she doesn’t want that target on her back again. And yes she was being so nice (I’m being sarcastic) when she won HOH and in her room said how she has to target Candice because her and Howard make her feel like a racist and she is afraid to be in the house with them. And all of houseguests that were present went along with her. Does no one stick up for anyone these days? Aaryn is only one person and you are that afraid of her to say your peace. The only way anything is ever going to change in this world is if people start standing up for what they believe in and I don’t care if this is a game or not…there is a line…and these bigots crossed it!!!!!

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      • Comments (651)

        Early on Amanda warned Aaryn about her racists comments but not about causing problems. She warned her about the live feeds and America seeing it. But she didn’t take her own advice and the live feeds show Amanda saying even worse.

      • Comments (10)

        I didn’t see it that way at all. There have been a number of times when Howard has told people that he would get rid of Candace if it was to his advantage to do so, and at least once I recall him saying she wasn’t even his type. At the begining of their relationship, or whatever it is, she would hug him and he looked so uncomfortable and would barely return it, it was painful to watch. That is why Amanda originally warned her, and the rest of the house saw it too. As for the jewish analogy, Amanda has said brfore that she doesn’t let that get to her; Candace is more sensitive than Amanda, and that’s ok, but that doesn’t mean that Amanda was intentionally being mean last nite. I think she was trying to tell Candace not to give up her game to a guy whose not that into her, and that’s the truth. Her and MC do have a closer relationship, a different relationship. Even Elissa pointed that out the other nite when Candice was crying and Howard left the room. If you watch and listen to Howard it’s obvious Candace has deeper feelings for him than he has for her. I don’t know if this is the case with you, so don’t take offense, but it seems that a lot of people will find fault with Amanda no matter what she does. She gets bashed for lying but if, lets say Elissa or whoever lies, nothing is said. Everyone has lied, even Candice, its part of the game, but Amanda gets crucified when she does it. Amanda plays a strategic game but because people don’t like her she’s criticized for it. Amanda is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.

    • Comments (651)

      Candice and Howard started as friends and will probably continue to be friends after the show is over. Amanda is planning her BB wedding. Can you get anymore middle school? And did you see McCrea’s face when she was planning for after the show and telling him he would move to FL with her AND GET A JOB. I think Demanda is in for a few rude awakenings when she gets out.

    • Comments (1076)

      have u not been watching Howie and spencer throwing Candice under the bus? that is why Amanda went to talk to her in the first place. Candice is in there crying for howard and howard is campaigning to save his own ass. I find it amazing how everyone sees what they want to see. Amanda was just telling her to fight for herself no matter what AND SHE NEVER SAID that her relationship was better than candices because that would be stupid. please stop making stuff up about Amanda. she says enough garbage without your help. It seems that for some people on this thread Amanda is wrong no matter what she does. it couldn’t possible that she is bringing out certain viewer prejudices? Amanda and andy r playing the game and getting flak for it. I say if I was in the house i’d rather be working with Amanda than anyone else in this looney bin.

  2. Comments (316)

    Aaryns CLOWN is really creepy!!

  3. Comments (453)

    Most should be quite embarrassed when they find out that it is us who is MVP and not Howard. They want him out just like they did Elissa when she had MVP. Agree with you totally, Jannie about how cold Amanda is.

  4. Comments (2)

    why is spencer not smart enough to remove himself and put up anyone who will vote for howard for eviction? Helen, Jessie, Andy, Judd, McCrae….if you put up one of those, howard gets one less vote, and can actually stay in the game. if he puts up Candice, Amanda gains an extra vote for her. it doesnt seem logical

  5. Comments (1)

    Vote Amanda out!!!

  6. Comments (96)

    Here’s to the house flipping and voting Amanda out! Then let’s watch MCrae go bat sh** crazy!

  7. Comments (45)

    Candice is nominated as the replacement nominee for spencer. Amanda told aaryn to put her up. Judd made a fake alliance with howard and spencer and now Amanda doesn’t trust Judd.

    • Comments (651)

      That could work in favor of voting out Demanda. If Judd thinks she’ll be gunning for him next he’ll bring Jessie over and they can leave the dark side.

    • Comments (1162)

      Watching Amanda run through the BBH worrying that there just might be
      a plan to send her home is truly a SUPER HIGH!
      However, the greatest JOY will come if she is walking OUT THE DOOR on Thursday!!!!

      BTW – GM told Amanda about her discussion with Judd. He told GM that she might
      be approached to vote against Amanda and she shouldn’t do it.
      Amanda was soooooooo relieved to learn what Judd said that he is
      back in her Highness’s good graces for at least ………the next 15 minutes.

  8. Comments (2)

    I find it funny Aaryn puts up Candice and Howard up when she has been making all those racist comments. Its like her mind just wants the brown people out and can’t see the bigger targets like Amanda, McCrae, Spencer, Elissa.

    • Read Steve's Blog
      Comments (10)

      Mary, Steve addressed this already. Here is what he said, predicting the unfair comments like yours:

      “With that out of the way, today is the day we get to find out who replaces Spencer on the block (spoiler, it will be Candice!). I know this is going to look absolutely horrible for Aaryn, and even she knows it. On Wednesday night’s episode, I can just picture the tweets that will happen when Spencer is replaced by Candice. This is a reminder to anyone just tuning in, Aaryn has almost no power this week. She gave that up last week in a deal with Amanda and Helen to remain in the house over Kaitlin. She promised them they can choose nominees and replacements this week as long as they vote for her. Sure, she can break the promise, but may as well self evict shortly after.

      I know Aaryn has said some pretty stupid things this season, but I will defend anyone who is being bashed over a misunderstanding. Aaryn wanted to put Elissa and Candice on the block this week, and that’s because those are the two people most likely to nominate her next week if they win.”

      Steve, you may have to keep repeating yourself, altho some people will still refuse to be sensible, reasonable and fair.

      • Comments (195)

        I actually thought Steve meant about people on this blog saying bad things about each other…sorry maybe I am wrong…but when we blog about houseguests it is because we have seen it on live feeds whereas no reason to bash people on here as we do not know them or have any idea of their ideals…..but if you do follow live feeds we do know what Aaryn stands for and it is definitely not equality. Just my thoughts and sorry if I have misinterpreted what Steve was saying. I respect him and this blog.

      • Comments (768)

        That’s the way I took his comments too Sambella.

      • Comments (1276)

        He was saying to try not to attack each other on here. But he also said that while it will be said it’s a racist move on Aaryn’s part to put up Candice, and that it will look bad for her to do so, it might be a good game move. She promised her Noms to Amanda, Helen and Elissa (although I don’t think Elissa actually gets a say), if she wants to honor that agreement, she needs to put her up. In the long run it won’t help her game, but for the moment, she might get out of the target.

    • Comments (195)

      How sad that your comment Mary has gotten 13 down votes as I am sure that most people following this blog knows how Aaryn has been and it shouldn’t surprise us at all that this is what she would do. And I know some will say oh it is Helen and Amanda telling her to do that….she is HOH and can do what she wants but really, honestly, if that deal had not been made I am absolutely positively sure Howard, Candice or Elissa would be on the block.

    • Comments (1076)

      yeah, and u have 20 black people over for dinner every week.

    • Comments (1)

      Aaryn would have put other people up mary but she made a deal with elissa and helen that they could choose the nominees if they kept her in the house.

  9. Comments (40)

    So the alliance was fake? Oh I almost thought there was hope im watching now. Man its sad Howard and Candice seem like the sorta black sheep. It reminds me of everyday society when people say oh no Im not racist or I treat everybody the same ect but then just so randomly the “threat” is Howard who has not ran game and when he did it failed he sucks with lying and then Candice a darn speach therapist who is a “bully” seems so much like society they rather stay in there comfort zone than think and play the game. That darn Aaron is smarter than she seem and won the darn hoh 2X Amanda runs the whole game and helen also is running the show. Im sorry im trying to play my own game and Amanda and helen I no longer need your imput! The house guess has no clue that their decisions are not theirs!

  10. Comments (83)

    These ppl need to wake up, keep Amanda and u will pay for it , start play ing there own game, or giveAmanda half million dollars, these aren’t the smartest ppl this season

  11. Comments (40)

    You know what im so done. For now on I just want Amanda to win so they could all look back and be down on themselves. Be down for not choosing morals over the game, I say this because Howard deserves to go to jury before GM or AAron goes. Down because they actually let someone puppet them around. Have anyone saw how when Amanda walks in a room and see everyone talking she actually ask them what they were talking about she just walks around running them. Helen is a little nicer about her strong arming and she is more political with it but she called it if howard is not there than who will ever put up Amanda? Not the lameoz that r playing. I am over it.

  12. Comments (17)

    Its too bad the house guests don’t get to see all that we do. I think if they did…Amanda would be on her way out the door…which she should be. I’m really hoping Helen and Elissa take that plunge this week and make up the five votes needed to get Amanda out!

  13. Comments (3)

    Don’t bother to monitor, everyone here is an adult. For everyone else, there are a lot better big brother sites with blogs and spoilers. Jokers update is ten times better than this site. Don’t take any crap from this guy.

    • Comments (1162)

      Then …….”Bye!”

    • Comments (48)

      Drew you mentioned Jokers Updates. I have been reading it this year as well but I liked the way it was last year when you could talk to others and make comments like this site. I don’t see that this year. Am I overlooking it? I really enjoyed that last year.

    • Comments (17)

      I think its people like you Drew that he was referring to….

      Go away if you font like it here…

      • Comments (48)

        Pebbles, I like any site that is about BB. I am addicted. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I run to my computer and sign on the this site and Jokers Updates to read what is new.

        I am the same way about football every year. I watch one game after another. I almost make myself miserable because I know my family hates me being that way. But when I try to change up for them I am miserable.

        When it is BB time or football season at least I am easy to find.

      • Comments (17)

        I agree with you. But what Drew said was exactly what Steve was asking us not to do. He’s talking about don’t take crap from Steve…but all Steve is asking for is respect and common courtesy for all of us . Doesn’t sound like crap to me ….

    • Comments (651)

      Wow. This is his blog and I, for one appreciate a place where adults can comment without having to worry about being attacked. If that’s not for you then I’m sure there are plenty of places you can go.

    • Comments (1076)

      I was just saying the same thing. definitely smarter participants and less underlying hatred/anti-Semitism for Amanda.

    • Comments (624)

      Wow. I for one like this site. Good updates, complete with timeline and we can all comment. Great for folks that don’t pay for the feeds. I just watch regular TV and BBAD when it’s on.

  14. Comments (40)

    WHAT ARE OTHER SITES BESIDES JOKERS UPDATES? I would like to go on there when this one is slow. The guy who owns the reminds me of Andy in a way. but i like him and wish i had money to donate

  15. Comments (1162)

    “Expect the Expected” when it comes to Aaryn.

    Aaryn told Andy and Jude that her flipping Candice’s mattress was blown
    out of proportion. lol

    According to Aaryn, she was raised better and knows not to touch anyone’s personal items.
    *She shouldn’t have been given a Clown Doll when a Pinocchio Doll is most like her.

    • Comments (453)

      Aaryn’s perception of her behavior is like the house of mirrors at a carnival, all distorted!

      • Comments (1076)

        and how do u see yourself?

        Oh wad power the giftee gie us, to see ourselves as ithers see us…..Keats “ode to a louse”

      • Comments (274)

        Actually this is a very valid statement. Most believe they are good and righteous when in fact we are all flawed.

    • Comments (195)

      And did you see GM last night telling the story about the mattress. She of course left out about what she said “you gonna let the black out now” and made it sound like it was all in fun and Aaryn was just being Aaryn. She was right about that…Aaryn was being Aaryn…. the racists B##ch that she is. She also while telling about the incident made it alllll Candice’s fault!

      • Comments (651)

        Well Aaryn has said Candice is the one who made her look like a racist…still laughing at my vision of the PR firm her parents hired groaning as they watch that feed.

  16. Comments (231)

    Well, I think Jess is a fruit loop n needs to go n Helen has already set her up to go with the hair dryer talk about getting McManda out. Helen said that Jess said it. Helen is now protecting Elissa. That tangled web is getting somewhat hard to follow. Candice is coming out of the weeds with Howard leaving n maybe she will get her head back in the game. Perv, oh I mean Spenser, can only save himself for awhile with a HOH win then hopefully he leaves.

  17. Comments (48)

    I will have to say that I am disappointed with the houseguest this year. I feel like I don’t need to watch the entire shows this year, I only need to watch Amanda and McCrae. I am a big BB fan and will continue to watch but I am so disappointed this year. By watching these two everything is predictable. I feel like I don’t need to be in front of TV this year, only watch for Amanda and McCrae and I will know everything else that is going to happen.

  18. Comments (651)

    I’ve been thinking about next season. Yes I’m that tired of these people already. If BB doesn’t step up and cast a better group of HG’s then I’m done. I can’t go through another season of such hate.

    • Comments (195)

      I agree Jackie. I love watching the live feeds and as you know I am up most nights with my daughter and when she falls back to sleep it gives me a break to focus on something trivial. Last night she had a really rough night and when finally I got her back to sleep I started watching the feeds and had to shut them off. I just couldn’t stand listening to them all go on and on especially Helen last night. It has just been a terrible season. Terrible in the sense that they are not playing their game and terrible for us because of all the awful things that have been said. I think because we are all so upset with all that has happened and it has hit home with a lot of people it is making it hard to enjoy the show. I am so hoping that things get better and we have some great game play in the future of this game. But it is ok too if I don’t want to watch feeds….. have to catch up on my reading and do my crosswords ….being in my 50’s have to keep my brain active lol. This year BB has been frying it lol.

      • Comments (651)

        BB has always been a guilty pleasure without calories. And that’s the sad part. There is no one to root for–just against. Right there with you in age but sometimes just want to be entertained, Not this season.

  19. Comments (651)

    Okay we have no real power in the house EXCEPT MVP (as long as it lasts) so how about every week America is MVP and I mean EVERY week we put up Demanda. It really won’t change anything but it will make her crazier and crazier.

  20. Comments (10)

    Amanda can go home but only if Candace chills out. She turns people off by sounding irrational. She needs to hold in her emotions and let the house think without feeling the pressure to.

  21. Comments (35)

    A great site for reading spoilers is


    Its updated around the clock!

  22. Comments (40)

    Thanks JUSTIFIED

  23. Comments (3)

    Why is anyone saying HOWARD is the weakest player!!!! This is ABSURD!! MCRAE is the weakest player EVER!!! They started this game with a 5 man alliance which could’ve easily gotten them all to the end of the game. Mcrae threw that alliance under the bus and they fell like a deck of cards. Then you have the second weakest player, JUDD!! Judd gives up his alliance as if he’s in a confession booth talking to his priest!! I have never watched a season of BB with so many people exposing their alliances left and right. Again Howard is by far not the weakest…atleast he’s trying to play the game unlike Andy, Jessie, and Judd!!

  24. Comments (1076)

    anti-Semite. and a long winded one at that.

    • Comments (274)

      What?! How?! I am super sensitive to any comments being anit Semitic, please do share where this was?

    • Comments (1276)

      I think santiagoN was just being sarcastic. I know what he says usually isn’t put the best way, but I also think he does it on purpose. He’s just saying it because there are some that will say you are going to try to say you are anti Semitic (even though nothing you said was). I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t let it bother you, I think he’s just messing around.

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