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Big Brother 15 – Sunday Slowday In The Big Brother House

September 2, 2013 | 239 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Amanda is accepting her fate

When I look back at Big Brother 15, I can tell you what went wrong in just 3 letters… M, V, and P.  While I love a good twist that can shake things up, the MVP twist this season only sucked the excitement from the game.  The HoH meant very little the first 6 weeks, the ‘Most Valuable Player’ sat around the house and did yoga while receiving votes because of her sister, and the floaters got an easy ride.

Jeremy was a strong personality, strong player and a great source of entertainment.  Love him or hate him, nobody can deny the house was more interesting when he was in it.  He walked out of the house mostly because two of his early allies were sent packing due to the MVP twist.  Nick was a thinker and schemer who reminded people of former winner Dan.  If he remained in the house, would he have created his own version of ‘Dan’s funeral’?   How would the house look right now if the MVP was never introduced this season?  Nobody knows, but I have a feeling it would be a lot more entertaining than it is now.

On day 21, I thought we were in for a killer season.  Nick was just blindsided and fights were breaking out all over the place.  Beds were being flipped, people being physically carried away from others, and I couldn’t turn away from the feeds the entire weekend.  By day 24 or 25, everyone was calm and the only drama in the house was more reminiscent of hemorrhoids than anything else.  There were some flare ups at random occasions, but for the most part it was a dull itchy feeling.   Kind of a weird metaphor, but whatever.

Now 70+ days into the season, we have a cast full of people who couldn’t really play the game if their lives were on the line.  The only one who really seems to be trying (for better or worse) will be walking out the door this week, and the rest will just be a shooting gallery the remainder of the season. I don’t think there is a strategic bone between Elissa, GinaMarie, Andy, and Spencer combined.  Judd is the strongest player remaining, and he’s only in the house due to another twist that let him back in. McCrae may be the smartest player when it comes to Big Brother, but without Amanda doing the talking for him, I have no doubt he’ll be leaving the second he doesn’t win a competition.

Look, it’s hard not to like McCrae, even though he strapped himself to a ticking time bomb this season.  He is laid back and genuinely seems like a very nice, down to earth type of person.  The problem with his game is he needed to take some public speaking lessons before entering the house because every point he tries to make is full of him saying ‘Yea… Yea… Yea… ‘ while using ‘I don’t know’ as word filler.  I couldn’t imagine him lasting the first 3 weeks in the house without Amanda pulling the strings for him.

I don’t expect a summer full of drama, that would be tiring and almost torture for the players, but when Julie quoted Rachel’s “floaters, grab a life vest” line on opening night, did anyone expect the final 5-6 to consist mostly of floaters and weak players? Here is an idea for Big Brother 16.. instead of casting weak players and hoping a twist will get them out early, try to cast a bunch of strong players.  Go with an All-Star season, I think the show needs it at this point.   Big Brother 7 (aka Big Brother: All Stars) is widely recognized as one of the best Big Brother seasons of all time.  I think it’s time to bring a bunch of great players back and actually have them face other great players (instead of newbies, like in BB13 and BB14).

Anyway, veto meeting is today, should be over within 2 hours and I expect McCrae to be off the block and Spencer to be on.  No last minute shifts, it will be a simple swap, Spencer will brag about how many times he’s been on the block (congrats?), and Amanda will walk out the door this Thursday.  Depending on who wins HoH, she will be followed by either McCrae or Elissa… just my early prediction.

I will start a daily update thread shortly, had to get my morning thought out of the way.

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