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Big Brother 15 – Sunday Slowday In The Big Brother House

Amanda is accepting her fate

When I look back at Big Brother 15, I can tell you what went wrong in just 3 letters… M, V, and P.  While I love a good twist that can shake things up, the MVP twist this season only sucked the excitement from the game.  The HoH meant very little the first 6 weeks, the ‘Most Valuable Player’ sat around the house and did yoga while receiving votes because of her sister, and the floaters got an easy ride.

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Jeremy was a strong personality, strong player and a great source of entertainment.  Love him or hate him, nobody can deny the house was more interesting when he was in it.  He walked out of the house mostly because two of his early allies were sent packing due to the MVP twist.  Nick was a thinker and schemer who reminded people of former winner Dan.  If he remained in the house, would he have created his own version of ‘Dan’s funeral’?   How would the house look right now if the MVP was never introduced this season?  Nobody knows, but I have a feeling it would be a lot more entertaining than it is now.

On day 21, I thought we were in for a killer season.  Nick was just blindsided and fights were breaking out all over the place.  Beds were being flipped, people being physically carried away from others, and I couldn’t turn away from the feeds the entire weekend.  By day 24 or 25, everyone was calm and the only drama in the house was more reminiscent of hemorrhoids than anything else.  There were some flare ups at random occasions, but for the most part it was a dull itchy feeling.   Kind of a weird metaphor, but whatever.

Now 70+ days into the season, we have a cast full of people who couldn’t really play the game if their lives were on the line.  The only one who really seems to be trying (for better or worse) will be walking out the door this week, and the rest will just be a shooting gallery the remainder of the season. I don’t think there is a strategic bone between Elissa, GinaMarie, Andy, and Spencer combined.  Judd is the strongest player remaining, and he’s only in the house due to another twist that let him back in. McCrae may be the smartest player when it comes to Big Brother, but without Amanda doing the talking for him, I have no doubt he’ll be leaving the second he doesn’t win a competition.

Look, it’s hard not to like McCrae, even though he strapped himself to a ticking time bomb this season.  He is laid back and genuinely seems like a very nice, down to earth type of person.  The problem with his game is he needed to take some public speaking lessons before entering the house because every point he tries to make is full of him saying ‘Yea… Yea… Yea… ‘ while using ‘I don’t know’ as word filler.  I couldn’t imagine him lasting the first 3 weeks in the house without Amanda pulling the strings for him.

I don’t expect a summer full of drama, that would be tiring and almost torture for the players, but when Julie quoted Rachel’s “floaters, grab a life vest” line on opening night, did anyone expect the final 5-6 to consist mostly of floaters and weak players? Here is an idea for Big Brother 16.. instead of casting weak players and hoping a twist will get them out early, try to cast a bunch of strong players.  Go with an All-Star season, I think the show needs it at this point.   Big Brother 7 (aka Big Brother: All Stars) is widely recognized as one of the best Big Brother seasons of all time.  I think it’s time to bring a bunch of great players back and actually have them face other great players (instead of newbies, like in BB13 and BB14).

Anyway, veto meeting is today, should be over within 2 hours and I expect McCrae to be off the block and Spencer to be on.  No last minute shifts, it will be a simple swap, Spencer will brag about how many times he’s been on the block (congrats?), and Amanda will walk out the door this Thursday.  Depending on who wins HoH, she will be followed by either McCrae or Elissa… just my early prediction.

I will start a daily update thread shortly, had to get my morning thought out of the way.

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  1. Comments (1)

    I actually loved the MVP twist. It made me feel I was involved in the game & also gave me a insight on who America was pulling for. It boils down to who you are & aren’t pulling for as to whether you liked the MVP twist.

    • Comments (90)

      Big thumbs up for SteveBean’s post this morning!

      MVP was stupid so early in the game.
      Throwing a winner’s sibling in there was lame.

      Jeremy did have a fun personality, when he wasn’t trying to be mean.

      We didn’t get a chance to know Nick.
      (beyond his being chased by GM & Jesse & ?)

      Not mentioned in blog, but hey, they sure didn’t represent many different age groups this season.
      (get off my lawn!)

      • Comments (160)

        I think MVP would’ve been better if the players didn’t have any connections to prior BB alumni. They shouldn’t have done it every week as well.

        I disagree with you, Stevebeans. I’m totally not looking forward to another Allstar season. I think they should do an allstar every 4th season or something. I hate these back to back Allstars or newbie/oldies mixers.

      • Comments (10)

        I too don’t care for another allstar and I hate it when they put newbies with previous players. People complained about Elissa being in the game this year but I would prefer a relative of a former player rather than see a former player return. I a so glad Jesse (muscle guy) didn’t show up this year. Until David I thought he was the dumbest guy. I liked the MVP but America did not follow the instructions. The majority voted for favorite player or who they saw as underdog. I can understand the 1st week or two while they waited to see who they thought was playing the best game, but I was surprised Helen or Amanda didn’t get the MVP vote by the 3rd week. My pick to win has changed several times during the game. My pick a week ago was Judd but now I am actually rooting for Gina Marie. She isn’t as dumb as people say. Her problem is lack of education and the neighborhood she grew up in. She is a very loyal person & she has more balls than the rest of them. She is smarter than we give her credit for.

      • Comments (74)

        YES!!!… To no Jesse this year!! Thank you, Big Brother!!

      • Comments (16)

        First let me say that BB14 was in no way BB All-Stars 2. Shane and Danielle both in the final 4 in an AS season? HA! It was a “newbies season” where they threw in 4 All-Star-type players. 12 newbies vs 4 All-Stars.

        BB13 was not either. It was 8 newbies vs 6 former players (not All-Stars…only Rachel, Dick, and Danielle even qualified for that and Dick left early).

        BB7 was another thing all together. From the pool of the 6 other seasons, they chose 20 of the best players and let America pick 8 of the 14 people who’d be going back in. Of those 14, only 2 were not top-notch, and even they would have made jury on any season with ease (and in fact both made BB7 jury).

        But I think what I liked most about BB7 was Dr. Will. Never before have we seen such domination, especially from a player who never won anything. You really have to watch the season twice to appreciate it. Of the final 9 HouseGuests, 8 people were in Dr. Will’s alliance and would never have put him up unless they had no other choice. The other person was Dr. Will himself.

        He was cruising to another $500k when he slowed down his gameplay (it was the Final 4 after all, and his showmance, Janelle, just won HoH) and Erika jumped in soon enough to show Janelle just how much he had been playing her the whole season.

        Janelle evicted Will that week, and herself left the week after after losing to Mike and then Erika in the first and second parts of the final HoH competition, respectively. She later admitted (during BB14 for sure, probably elsewhere too) that eliminating Will was a mistake. Her line of reasoning was that even though Will would have sent her home and went to the F2 with Boogie if he had won HoH, Erika would have taken Boogie too, as Janelle was by far the jury favorite, and Erika is a much bigger competition threat than winless Will.

        Boogie was not nearly as influential, or strategically sound, as Will was that season but he did play the sidekick role as well as can be expected. You can’t discredit him for riding Will’s coattails if that was his smartest game move. Had Will not been there, Boogie wouldn’t have made jury…but that’s not to said Boogie didn’t deserve the win. SOMEBODY in Chilltown did.

      • Comments (8)

        still time for him to pop out of Pandora’s Box if it makes it’s appearance. He did tweet that he is expected to make it into the BB house again this season. Please BB gods do NOT bring Jessie back, lol.

      • Comments (33)

        It would have been better if you didn’t have in idiot like Helen telling everyone to vote with the house.( Amanda) Helen thought she was that she could read PSOE better than anyone in the house. She got played by every person she got in alliance with( except Elissa & she was ready to throw her under the bus) Helen has to be one of the best players in BB history.She helped vote ALL the people out that was on side. Amanda & Andy played like a violin. Helen Should go down in the BB hall of Fe for the DUMBEST PLAYER

      • Comments (1288)

        Just think what Helen is doing in the jury house. Do you think she has changed? I would bet that she has them all divorcing their emotions from the game play and while we got used to them during their time in the house they are probably acting differently now.

      • Comments (4411)

        Dan, I think Helen (another legend in her own mind) is doing just what she did in the BB house…trying to run things and play the “earth mother” role. Since she didn’t cut it in the BB house, maybe she’ll try to control the votes in the Jury house.

      • Comments (60)

        MVP twist – bad idea and all the players should all be first time players and not relatives on previous players.

        The spoiler rumors of Amanda being BFF with the producer and the show rigged for her to win is sickening not to mention of rumors that Amanda found a Diamond Veto during the luxury comp. Not sure what truth there is to that.
        I hope that Julie Chen works over Amanda in her eviction interview, that is if Amanda goes.
        If Amanda and Mcrae do stay and make it to the final two than that will confirm fixed. Hope America vote for favorite has no one votes and no one gets it. What a statement that would be on national TV.

      • Comments (1288)

        Amanda’s interview will be brief as they have the second eviction to get to.

      • Comments (120)

        I am not Gonna say it yet because this is Big Brother but it looks like “DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD”
        Bye Amanda

    • Comments (293)

      (1) The MVP twist would have been a good idea if the MVP was not allowed to reveal her- or himself, and (2) there should not have been a switch to giving America the vote. That led to Judd’s eviction, which was unfair; fortunately, he had a second chance–not because he’s that great but because of the “unexpected” twist in the twist. Making America MVP was a huge misstep because America knows too much about what is going on in the house.

      Why is everyone assuming Elissa was chosen because she is Rachel’s sister? One the one hand, there are these adamant statements there are no conspiracy theories, yet on the other hand, there are strong convictions Elissa’s wins (no matter what they are) are because she is Rachel’s sister. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

      Elissa was a good choice for MVP when she was picked and her nominees were good choices. If they had not been, she would not have been chosen again.

  2. Comments (74)

    I disagree with your thoughts on MVP. Elissa has proven she can play and win when she wants, and the players that went home earlier than you expected played too hard too fast and would’ve been going anyway. I, for one, was more than happy to see Jeremy go. Nick could’ve stayed longer. And the game… is plenty entertaining, though not in a great way. I can’t wait for some if these people to get back to reality and their ‘life lessons’.

    • Comments (651)

      I think the best thing that could have happened to Kaitlin was getting evicted early in the game. She is a Mean Girl and would have been a part of the disgusting aftermath. By going home early she can say her I’m sorry and take a good look at who she is and wants to become.

      Their were 4 Mean Girls and Aaryn was the power in the beginning with Kaitlin number #2 and GM #3 and Demanda was at the bottom. Demanda hooked up McStinky and got him to turn on his alliance and got rid of #2. With Aaryn’s David gone she moved into the #1 position of Mean Girl and played the other as all Mean Girls do knowing that the others will do or say anything to be included in the group.

      Lucky you Kaitlin. You may still have a future but I’d advise against going to Vegas with this group–nothing good can come from this.

    • Comments (160)

      I agree about Nick. I wish Nick stayed. He seemed like a decent player. His plan would’ve worked if other people in his alliance weren’t so wishy washy.

  3. Comments (45)

    I would have liked to see more playing time from Nick, David, and Howard. Definitely bring them back on a BB All Star show!

    How Andy and Spencer survived this long I’ll never be able to figure that one out.

  4. Comments (14)

    Since all the power players left so early in the game, nothing but floaters and weaklings are left. I don’t see how the MVP twist would had worked anyway. America picks our favorite player, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll only put up floaters. They’ll put up whoever is the bigger threat. Duh.

    Seriously, who thought up and or approved this idea? I really need to know.

    • Comments (378)

      Crazy when reality t.v. shows how silly our society has become eh?? Yes the sadsack losers and rejects have been empowered enough by mob rule to tear down the strong HA! Good plan y’all 😛

    • Comments (16)

      The MVP twist would have been better during an all-star season. We already know the personalities of most the players, and they would have known how to use it.

      On top of that, the MVP would have been different every week bc everyone has a favorite veteran player. It would have been a toss up every week instead of the same ppl having it.

      • Comments (378)

        You gotta keep in mind..the ppl that make those calls are part of the problem. Supported by the degenerated movement of “modern types” they applaud themselves for their work. Lmao when the MVP was won by a non MVP, you figure some sort of concern would’ve crept into their addled mined….but not these folks lol….the top decision makers will close their eyes and pretend that they’re doing the peoples work!! Heck…maybe they’ll get a Peace prize for their efforts….if Obumas done staining it with his fraudulent ideology 😀 jus sayn lol

      • Comments (4411)

        Political room is down the hall, third door on the right.

    • Comments (293)

      Power players??? Who knows how good they would have been? Why are they gone? They formed alliances too early, fell in showmances too early, and revealed too much about themselves to other house guests too early.

      McCrae has a better “better” half and Spencer doesn’t have one, so they are still around.

      Amanda and McCrae have stayed this long because unlike other seasons, there were a lot of showmances to tackle (David and Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlyn, Nick and Gina Marie, Judd and Jessie–although not fully realized, it was a potential showmance.)

      While the showmances were being handled, McCrae and Amanda simply had a lot of time to rise to power.

    • Comments (120)


  5. Comments (10)

    They should do a Big Brother: Champions Edition. Where the contestants are all past BB winners.

  6. Comments (378)

    Elissa should be next cuz she’s such an idiot. Nice job with your HOH Elissatard lol and before the Elissa nazis attack, it was your idol that wanted to keep the hated Aaryn….and why?? Not for game play….no game play is the furthest thing from that morons mind…she wanted to keep Aaryn cuz she longed to be accepted by the mean girls and only when she had power did that acceptance come lmao cry your tears for the sad Elissa she is so pathetic 😀 jus sayn GO SPENCE!!

  7. Comments (5)

    Elissa &the MVP combined ruined this season for me.

    • Comments (1288)

      It was an unfair advantage for Elissa but Helen/Amanda/Andy/McCrae figured out the right strategy for it – bring the freak Elissa onboard and use it to protect a weaker majority from the stronger minority winning HoH. Poor Helen, as the only one who could stand extended exposure to Elissa she became the snob wrangler. That association made her culpable when Elissa’s attempts to backstab the alliance could no longer be ignored.

      It is strange how GM’s continuing racist behavior is ignored now that she is BFF with Elissa.

      • Comments (46)

        @DanDaMan, trust me, most of us have not forgotten that GM is a loud mouth racist! Her bring it on bravado attitude is going to have some bring it up her ass tracks by a lot of folks who will want to see if she is as bad ass as she thinks when she is on the outside in public.

  8. Comments (7)

    So who watched after dark last night. ….seriously..GM needs to shut her mouth
    While chewing….that was so disgusting….all I could see was the food
    Inside her mouth and could hear it through her mic I actually had to switch channels
    That’s how gross it was

    • Comments (3)

      I couldn’t agree MORE!!!! It’s disgusting!

    • Comments (30)

      Shama….I agree….tthat was soooo gross….she kept going back for 2nds,3rds,…then went upstairs and smacked on something else……THEN……..excused herself to the bathroom to puke it all up probably. Many hgs have noticed vomit on the toilets…..hope she gets treatment after this show…so sad.

      • Comments (7)

        I agree and the fact that you could hear her chewing it all up was the worst part
        I mean if they showed any more of that I would have thrown up I dnt knw if she knows that everyone is watching her its just so disgusting I think production should have told her “GM please shut your mouth while chewing” lol

    • Comments (41)

      She also wiped her mouth with her arm (twice), burped loudly, and farted. So charming. And the amounts of food she was shoveling into her mouth each time (while still chomping on the previous amount she had shoveled in) was like some 250 lb. linebacker in a food-eating contest.

    • Comments (120)


      • Comments (30)

        that’s because they both smell like asshole… she was tired of that stank

      • Comments (41)

        What is so disgusting about two people who are in a relationship showering together? It’s a shower, for heaven’s sake! So if you are guessing that something else was going on behind that glass shower door, SO WHAT? There’s a shower head, water, and probably soap and shampoo suds washing everything down the drain. Don’t you think couples everywhere shower together? And in hotels, too!!! 🙂 If you haven’t showered with a boyfriend or husband, Sweetie, you’re missin’ out!

  9. Comments (140)

    I wildly have to (respectfully) disagree that it’s hard not to like McCrae. On the contrary, I find it hard to like McCrae. He is a self proclaimed super fan, and while the kid knows his stuff about the game, he doesn’t have shit on Ian. Ian went in that house desperate to take in and soak up every bit of BB experience he could. He had watched the show since he was a small child and he was finally in the house, and he loved every minute of it. While I didn’t expect McCrae to voluntarily take Dog Suit punishments, the way Ian did “just for the experience”, I did expect him to leave his damn bed every once in a while. I did expect him to have better sense about what happens to showmances in the game. I did expect him to… HAVE BETTER SENSE, period! I can’t respect McCrae’s decisions, or his game, and game play aside for a second, I think he’s an all around gross person. He seldom showers, wears the same dirty clothes, and just sort of sloths around the house.

    People can say what they want about whether or not Ian deserved the win last year, but I don’t think if anyone is truly looking at McCrae that they could say he was capable of winning this year, with or without Amanda, I just don’t see that it could have happened.

    • Comments (45)

      McCrae could have done with some coaching on not biting his nails, not slouching, personal hygiene, not saying “you know,” “yea,” and “like” every other word.

      Spencer needed coaching on not picking his nose.

      Also, production should have coached Judd on not mumbling.

      I would like production to pick people who don’t talk profanity every other word.

    • Comments (231)

      Absolutely agree! As each week rolled around I thought they would have to bring a wheelchair in for him and the way McCruds lived in their bed was disgusting. McC of all Hg’s should know that a power couple needs to be broken up. He lost all respect from me just watching how he talked about others (on par with Spenser), conducted himself with Amanda, lived in filth and played no game.

    • Comments (3)

      I agree. In fact, I haven’t seen McCrae actually play the game at all this season. He has followed nsty Amanda around like a puppy on a leash.

    • Comments (60)

      What can you say about McCrae. I think I would be a little embarrassed to have my occupation title “Pizza Boy”. And it is hard to swim in this game when your anchored to the likes of Amanda. He has not played the game since the first HOH. and then down hill from there. He should have got a dog suit that came with a leash for Amanda to hold.
      The only out come for this week would be Amanda out first and McCrae out second on the double eviction.

    • Comments (48)

      I agree Amanda – I was waiting for someone to say it. While the main article calls him ‘laid back’ and ‘down to earth’, I would call him ‘lazy’ and ‘boring’.

      • Comments (4411)

        How can you root for somebody who’s only aspiration is to go from Pizza Boy to Pizza Man….Maybe one day he will graduate from Delivery Boy to Cab Driver.

    • Comments (120)

      Mcrea needs to go right after Amanda he & she are both disqusting
      If I have to see Amanda walking through the HOUSE in her underpants one

  10. Comments (6)

    I personally think the mvp was a cool twist but they should of started it later on in the season when we actually knew the players instead of basing it off of who is related to a good player. Just cause Elissa is Rachael’s sister everyone assumed she was going to be a power house like her. oops is all I can say about that. America should of been the mvp from the start and then secretly have a hg be the mvp, it would of been a bigger twist and no one would of seen it coming. I think Nick and Jeremy should actually have a real shot at playing the game… it would make for great tv cause love them or hate them at least they could play instead of majority rules the vote. I miss the good old days when nominations where met with fear and people really tried to win over votes 🙁 oh well here is to hoping for next year. I also think that I see great ideas on the boards from people who watch the show and I think it would be in CBS’s and BB’s best interests to put up a suggestion thread instead of use having to vote for a chicken costume or chick peas… come on its been 15 years give us some more credit. ok done my rant for the day. Here is to hoping Andy goes up as replacement nom just to make it interesting.

    • Comments (651)

      I’d also like them to bring back food comps and lose the Have Not BS. And stop telling them what the vote count is so they can stop this voting with the house crap.

      • Comments (48)

        I wish they’d bring back good ole’ PB&J, sick of people complaining about slop, slop just sounds disgusting and at least peanut butter has some protein, it may be a fat like butter, but a somewhat better sounding punishment than crappy oatmeal and other garbage slop! Some of them just wouldn’t eat and then worried about being able to compete. Have nots is stupid too, although I do wish Howard would’ve succeeded with his throwing that rotten milk comp so the mean girls could’ve had a taste of slop LOL

      • Comments (30)


      • Comments (78)

        I’m 100% in agreement with you !!!!

    • Comments (87)

      They only had the MVP for 3 shows… I don’t think it was that big of deal and it did not “ruin” the season for me… Elissa was targeted right from the beginning… so maybe she got the votes due to the fact she was in such jeopardy early on… the producers need to continue trying new things… no big deal.. I did like the America MVP twist to..

      • Comments (4)

        I think the MVP wasn’t in theory a terrible idea. I feel like it was the only real way of giving elyssa a level playing field. She had a target on her back before even playing the game. Granted her social game has been much weaker then it could have been. But you have to give her credit for still being there dispite numourous attempts to get her out. I don’t see her winning by a long stretch, but she’s also probably the only one who won’t look back in shame on this season.

      • Comments (120)

        I cannot wait to see Amanda’s face when she finds out AMERICA was the MVP who voted her up for evection twice she really
        thinks it was Judd. Stupid Amanda don’t you know what a disgrace of a person you are.

    • Comments (55)

      I believe BB in England the house guest put up people for eviction and then the English audience vote whoever out. That might be a little interesting.

  11. Comments (7)

    ME…..finally someone who hates elissa as much as I do….

  12. Comments (624)

    They gotta get rid of McCrea next.

    • Comments (15)

      I would actually like to see McCrae finally in this game without Amanda. As long he doesn’t become the “I’m doing this for Amanda!” guy. I’ve always like him but he too quickly became blinded by the, um, girl parts. I only hope that she at least puts on a good act for him after the show for a while. She won’t have any real feelings for him in the real world but I hope she keeps the illusion up for his benefit until letting him down gently. I don’t know if the b***h has it in her to do so though.

      • Comments (651)

        I still think Demanda’s family is going to have her go to a “spa” to rest and recover from the “stress” of being in the BB house. Hope there is a good mental health profession at this “spa” who is more than a Dr. Feel Good.

      • Comments (3)

        I can’t imagine using her as my real estate agent at this point. If you don’t buy a house from her, she may turn psychotic

    • Comments (30)


    • Comments (120)


      • Comments (1288)

        Why would a floater report to anyone? Let me clue you in, Andy is(was) in an alliance with McCranda so it is perfect gameplay to give them info.

    • Comments (120)


  13. Comments (19)

    Jeremy was an ass. I was never happier than watching him leave

    • Comments (4)

      me too

    • Comments (60)

      I agree Kathy. Though..this season, to be honest ….there really isn’t anyone i want to win..I do know the ones I DON’T want to win…McCrae…Amanda..Andy….possibly Spensor. The one I think I want to win is GM..she looks like she needs the $. One thing with GM…she needs to stop this “nick” thing…am I the only one that thinks shes delusional when it comes to her and Nick?

      • Comments (407)

        Martin, I think she is totally delusional. Another BB site Saturday posted pictures of Kaitlin, Jeremy, Nick and a girl in Vegas. Posts on that blog that day said the girl was Liza Stinton from BBCanada. There were several pictures and they seemed to be having a great time. Nick had his arm around her in one and sunbathing with K & J in another. He seems to have totally gone on with his life since BB and it does not seem to include GM in any way whatsoever.

      • Comments (55)

        I feel sorry for GM, she is so desperate when it comes to Nick. She needs help with self esteem issues. She even called herself a big ho….that is sad.

      • Comments (4411)

        Geez, if someone tells GM about that other girl, she’ll have a nervous breakdown.

      • Comments (120)


    • Comments (624)

      I got so tired of his chest-beating, alpha dog personality. Him and his “whatcha gonna do about it?” attitude.

    • Comments (20)

      I really didn’t mind Jeremy until he went off the deep end when they were confronted about the missing bottle of wine!! That showed his true personality and I never liked him after that!

      • Comments (55)

        That’s when I started to disliked Aaryn. She only thought about herself and her own needs which showed her character.

      • Comments (120)


  14. Comments (226)

    Problem with the MVP early on was that it wasn’t being used for the player who was playing the “best game,” (to discourage floating) it was used as a popularity contest that Elissa won due to being related to Rachel.

    Had the MVP vote gone to the best player (of that week) the twist could have worked some good drama. Also I think Elissa revealing she was MVP ruined it as well-if she’d kept it to herself things could have been different.

    I agree it would be interesting to see what/how Jeremy, Nick and Howard would be at this stage in the game, but getting those strong players (threats) was good gameplay.

    • Comments (50)

      I don’t necessarily see floating as being bad all the time. I remember in season 10, I felt that Dan could have been seen as a floater bc he never really had a set alliance besides the one with Memphis. No one ever really knew where his head was at and he kinda played his game on his own for the most part. IDK, maybe I’m wrong. Being a floater could be a strategy. What I do hate is floaters with NO game and they get carried into the end. Just my 2 cents.

      • Comments (226)

        I agree that floating can be a strategy and it seems to happen that the HG’s with no game get further in the game bc they are not seem as “threats.” But I’ve always felt that there should be a requirement to win at least one comp or HOH to qualify to be at the end to encourage the HG actually compete. Maybe the game has just been on so long that if you are really a superfan you know the tricks of the trade to get to the end.

  15. Comments (1)

    I don’t think the problem was MVP. I think it was having Elissa in
    the house. MVP would have been good if no one in the house was known or had a following from Rachel. We would have been able to vote for the MVP by their game play instead of Rachel followers making sure Elissa won it every week.

    • Comments (55)

      I think Elissa had the right to play just like everyone else. She went in the house with a big target on her back because of Rachel. I was never a fan of Rachels, her big mouth always winning was too much. Elissa was placed on the block right away just because she is Rachel’s sister. I would have liked to see how that all played out without MVP.

  16. Comments (3)

    I agree with all. Boring year. Need. All stars only next yr. HOPE someone in “production”reads this blog!!!!!!

    • Comments (624)

      They can do a LITTLE better with the booze. One bottle of wine and a couple cans of beer. Really?

      • Comments (651)

        When the house is on controlled substances and you have a true mental case in the house you can bet the lawyers were telling them to limit the booze.

      • Comments (30)


      • Comments (624)

        Yes. I’m not saying get them trashed every night, but maybe even just one more bottle of wine or maybe a case of beer instead of a couple cans? One beer is just enough to piss you off that there’s not a second one.

    • Comments (160)

      No not another Allstars!!! Ahhhhh.

  17. Comments (16)

    I still maintain the idea that for the next big brother all stars it should be all the past winners. Just think about it Will, Boogie, Dan, Evil Dick and Rachel all in the same house yikes 😀 Not sure how Jordan would manage without Jeff but for the majority of the players I think that would make an awesome season.

  18. Comments (3)

    Awesome blog!! I couldn’t have said it better!! You nailed all the points for BB15! Here’s to hoping they get a new casting crew all together or the old casting crew gets slapped upside their heads and do a better job next year!! This by far was the painful and disappointing season yet.

  19. Comments (15)

    I believe this to be a very accurate summary of the game thus far. I look forward, every year, to this show. It’s a big part of my summer but, this season has been mostly disappointing. I have been disgusted by the bullying and horrific behavior of most of these guests but, it is true that when the nasty people left so did everything that made this show interesting. It is unfortunate that the cast was not more diverse. I don’t know if they were trying to appeal to a younger audience but the result was a house almost full of vapid, immature bullies. I do think that this absolutely proves that the show is not controlled by production, there is no question that they do steer some events in certain direction but if they were working the viewers for ratings things would have turned out much differently. I agree that it is time for another all star show, at least in part or possibly a show where we get to vote on the top 7 or 8 guests that we feel left too soon like Nick this season and some feel, Frank from last season. Just an idea but my point being- DO BETTER NEXT YEAR CBS!

    • Comments (10)

      You took the words right out of my mouth! BB has always been a big part of my summer as well & this year I can’t find anyone to cheer for. As long as it’s not Amanda, McCrae or Andy

      • Comments (30)


      • Comments (120)


    • Comments (11)

      Not another all star show but for more excitment, which the show needs badly, is to bring in Jeff to host the show and do not bring in siblings of past winners. It is time for Julie to go. She along with Production allowed all the racism to be accepted & no one got reprimanded. I am a minority and I take serious offense to all the negative stuff being said about other classes of people by these house guests. I cannot imagine anyone of these HG winning half a million dollars. I still cannot imagine that anyone was allowed to call Candace a “rat” and made fun of her adoption status. Candace was the epitome of class. Wow, I am just so speechless, I feel like calling the Sponsors and try boycotting the show.

      • Comments (111)

        1.) If Jeff hosts the show I will stop watching. Did you not know he too was a bit bigoted?
        2.) LOL how did Julie let the racism and hate go on? She is the host.

    • Comments (55)

      I think these blogs have more excitement then the house.

  20. Comments (12)


  21. Comments (231)

    Gee, even though the season was difficult to watch, bloggers got cranky and chats got nasty over the facts n who they liked, I still want to see the season out. Who cares if the people left are not your favorites ——– there are some scrappy peeps who just might make it interesting. BEANS why such a negative post?

  22. Comments (30)

    So is anyone else annoyed with Amanda’s gaping mouth??? She breathes through her mouth for a few seconds then closes it…..DRIVES ME NUTS!!!

    • Comments (60)

      When she blows out smoke from her mouth when she’s smoking…reminds me of Godzilla..*sorry Godzilla no disrespect*

    • Comments (624)

      Yep, she’s a mouth breather.

    • Comments (166)

      Gaping mouth, sits like a dude when smoking, pale faced, no longer wears makeup, hair not done any more, shifty eyes constantly watching every move of everyone when they are talking & she doesn’t like it, green eyes of jealousy & hate for Elissa..damn Amanda being soo hateful & mean & filthy has really caught up with ya..hate that (wink..wink!)

      • Comments (293)

        Well, at least McCrae sees her as she truly is before he marries her.

      • Comments (120)


    • Comments (120)

      A BIGMOUTH AND A PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Comments (15)

      Uh, yeah! She is disgusting. I don’t know how she can let herself say the personal things she does. She does not believe in karma. She attacks Elissa in such a way that seems so dirty and lowdown. Hey, I get that Elissa does say things that gets her going but she takes it to whole new level. Her parents must be so horrified.

  23. Comments (10)

    Most Jerks get a rise of some sort out of others!!!

  24. Comments (90)

    IMHO, here is the BB I have been wishing for:

    1. All houseguests are players that were voted out in their first 2 weeks
    (we didn’t get to know them & eviction reasons were lame)

    2. Go back to the rule of season one. AMERICA votes people out, not the houseguests.
    (no alliances, no boring game talk…just play and let us spy on you)

    3. If not #2, then at least let America vote as one of the HouseGuests each week. (not with a zillion ways to vote, just a free phone number of votes per phone number with a decent window of time to call in…like, 24 hours before eviction)

    4. Nobody is evicted for the first 2 or 3 weeks.

    • Comments (160)

      I agree to your 1 & 4.

      I’m not sure how putting the onus of BB houseguest evictions in the hands of America would work in regards to game play. It would just be players trying to look good for America so that they won’t be voted out. I think the alliances and game talk are huge part of big brother. It adds a whole other level to the game.

    • Comments (12)

      IMO America shouldn’t decide who goes because we are not in the house .We only see what producers allow us to see (feeds ,and all).BB would be another “Glass House “.I think no America interference is just find . Voting on simple things doesn’t impact the game ,but as long as you have open voting it’s going to be a popularity contest . AI ,DWTS ,people will vote on emotion ,and not game play ,or talent .We all have favorites . I hope America never votes on TAR ,Survivor ,or BB .

    • Comments (293)

      I don’t like America voting players out of the game. The current problems exist because of too much viewer involvement. Let the house guests play the game. America can choose the type of competitions, the food, the have-not room decor, and things such as that–things that don’t interfere with the house guests playing the game.

  25. Comments (1092)

    MVP would have been a great twist if there would have been double evictions each show for a month.

    The stress and paranoia would have been incredible.

  26. Comments (87)

    The early players voted out.. I don’t see any of them being “power” players at all… if that was the case Jeremy would not have acted like an idiot to start.
    I do not see Judd as the most intelligent player either, although I do like him. Amanda is not a power player- at all- she knows what would be best for her and her little boy toy… and she strong-arms everyone that can give her what she wants- but not in an intelligent way to make her game progress…
    Helen had the most strategy in her head.. unfortunately she trusted Andy to much. GM thinks for herself much of the time as well as Elissa… gotta disagree with most of SB game proclamation..

    • Comments (10)

      How was Jeremy a power player? Do some think that being 6 ft 5 ” gave him power in the house? He thought it did and his attitude, personality and actions caused the others to vote him out. I didn’t see him having any power, just a big mouth! “answer to him” with the wine drinking…LOL … the answer was go home Jeremy! You cannot class people to be power players when they last only a short time.

      • Comments (140)

        I think you should read the opening of Carrie’s post one more time. They clearly state that they don’t see any of the earlier houseguests who were voted out as power players, using Jeremy as an example to say IF he were a power player, he would never have acted so arrogant right off the bat. IF he were a power player, he would have had the social game to match any physical abilities he had.

  27. Comments (1)

    Is it just me or does no one else sees Andy winning this whole thing off the backs of every one else. Take his [email protected]@ out while you can.

    • Comments (120)

      Yes ANDY IS A RAT he spends more time popping up room to room to
      listen and report everything to Amanda. He has not played this game.
      AFTER AMANDA MCREA GET ANDY AND VOTE HIM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (4411)

        He kind of reminds you of “Where’s Waldo” doesn’t he? He could pop up anywhere…lol.

      • Comments (2)

        andy reminds me of a elf with those wierd ears and those bunny like teeth……as far as amanda goes what girl in her right mind marries a guy she met 62 days on a show

  28. Comments (45)

    I hope Amanda stays!!

    • Comments (316)

      I wouldn’t mind if Amanda stayed a little while longer . Otherwise it will be a snooze fest. I don’t want her to win though, too mean and nasty.

    • Comments (7)

      I hope so too I think out of all the players remaining she has played
      The best so far Gm was carried by aaryn and so was elissa by helen
      I guess andy is not bad either but I don’t think any of the rest deserve to be ther

    • Comments (120)

      have you fallen down and hit your head??? AMANDA BETTER LEAVE if
      I have to watch the Amanda Mcrea SHOW instead of Big Brother 1 more
      week I will boff.

  29. Comments (1)

    I think thanks to all the publicity that TMZ and the news has given BB this year CBS considers it a success regardless to all the complaints they received from fans.

    I think your idea of a BB all stars would be great. Maybe they should do a BB villains episode. Then we could see how well Amanda does against people who don’t back down once they get started or run off and cry when they don’t get their way.

  30. Comments (41)

    I agree that the MVP did NOT help the game. It was a bad thing for the “game” and I hope they never do it again. I also think it’s not right to bring back a player who has been evicted. The house guests’ actions and votes mean nothing if “production” lets one of their evictees come back into the game. I don’t think “production” should have the right to undo what the house guests have done on their own. Once you’re out, you should remain out.

    And I don’t care to see another All Stars season. I would much prefer to “meet” all new people. I find it more interesting than seeing people I’ve already watched play the game. I also think those people have already had their chance to win prizes, money, etc. Rather than give them yet another chance to do so, why not give all new folks that opportunity? I DO think, however, that “production” needs to be more selective in casting the show.

    • Comments (407)

      I agree Lynelle. Once evicted they should stay evicted. I love Survivor, but I do not like it when they bring in former players. I think “Reality Shows” should always have new people…not people who have an advantage over the new players.

    • Comments (226)

      I don’t mind evicted players being brought back-with expect the unexpected they are foolish to think an eviction is solid, ever. Imagine the game if it was always a possibility someone could come back…-all of the floaters would be evicted first!!!!!!!!!

    • Comments (4411)

      I think that one thing that bothered me the year they had the “pros” coach the “newbies”, was when they reset the game and let the pros enter to play the money. I think that put the newbies at an unfair advantage, as the newbies had previous experience playing the game. They can bring in the pros as coaches, but they should stay just that.. coaches.

      • Comments (4411)

        Sorry…that should have been ‘I think that put the newbies at an unfair disadvantage, as the pros had previous experience playing the game.’

  31. Comments (1)

    I would love to see Elissa take it all the way to the end…..I feel she received a raw deal because of her being Rachel’s sister. …no one wanted to work with her because of it.. except Helen but she got power hungry and greedy…..if I was in the house she would bave been my first allie….someone who has talked to someone who’s been there twice!!…hello houseguests it was your loss. ..instead of hating you should have allies

  32. mccrae all the way
    Comments (10)

    Ok next season of big brother they should bring back all the winners of big brother plus two new people in the house and see who wins have a twist that the two new people are related to people that won big brother not elissa cousins or sons or daughters that be a great big brother

  33. the shit flies mcranda have created
    Comments (1)

    Lets go Judd and Elissa , stick with GM and Spensor, and take out the rat, the fly and the yeast monster one by one!!

  34. Comments (42)

    Mc used POV on himself..i wished he wud have used it on Amanda wud had been some twist..Spencer replaces Mc.

  35. mccrae all the way
    Comments (10)

    They should have Americas player and the sabatour back in the same season but two different people like evil dick the sabatour and like Hayden or Rachael or Dr will or mike boogy be the Americas player for next season

  36. Comments (1162)

    Beans, I’m disappointed.
    You’ve used the same photo of Amanda from your last page.
    A photo of Amanda drinking from the wine bottle would have been
    a fantastic choice.

  37. Comments (1)

    this season hit its mark of showing us that CBS cares more about ratings than the lives of the Hgs. few lost their jobs over their actions in the house and CBS let Hgs continue with their behaviors even though words hurt other Hgs and america. this “social experiment” went wrong. last year frank went after ian but with no threats of death,rape etc and vulgarity. this season was disgusting and yes i watch to jump with joy when the racists and bullies are tossed from the house.

    personal attacks should never have been allowed in the house. internet says amanda’s parents are being harassed and possibly with death threats and FBI is involved. i say why? why is this behavior NOT allowed in the outside world but is perfectly accepted by CBS in the BB house. CBS should be held 100% responsible for the criminal actions within the house. slapping a disclaimer at beginning of show or live feeds just shows they know what is going on is wrong but will ALLOW it to continue. I lost ALL respect for julie chen (host of show and married to CBS owner) and allison grodner. this is definately the last season i watch this “reality” show

    i believe amanda was slated to win big brother but america found out the truth and in order to make the show look like reality amanda will have to go so wont look like cheating on part of production. we all know production doesnt interfere..hahahahahahaha. glad the dominatrix,slut,racist,foul mouth, unlady like person is leaving thursday. julie better call her out on the racism and picking on asians..she is WORSE than aaryn ever was. CBS lost all credibility this year.

    to use people on a show so CBS can pocket more money with higher ratings and more advertisement is despicable. where have their morals gone?

  38. Comments (1162)

    If only GM surprised all of us and put Rat Andy up as the replacement ……..
    She doesn’t trust him at all. Imagine his shocked expression combined with
    GM revealing a few tidbits regarding Andy’s Game Play.

    I think Amanda would still be evicted on Thursday and Rat Andy’s Game
    would be beyond repair.

  39. Comments (10)

    I think it would be great if america would get a vote on who gets voted out one season maybe during allstars the first half of the season maybe all of it?

  40. Comments (1162)

    Reports – Amanda is taunting McCrae because during the POV Meeting, he kept
    saying he was sorry. Don’t understand why that would upset her but apparently it did.

    Also, GM was shouting out about Amanda being on various kinds of medications.
    Gm heard from Judd that Amanda planned on taking Nick’s hat with her when she’s
    evicted on Thursday and GM is angry as heck.

    No Wine or Beer Tonight????

  41. Comments (2)

    In the begining I was on team Amanda. I thought she was funny and actually was the only one playing the game. In the begining, she was there to play the game, and aware that “calling people out” would just make your own alliances question every situation. The problem wasn’t the MVP, these people started “calling out the house” whenever there was a “lie” they worried about. Instead of just being open with their alliances and letting them know the lies they tell others, they were “open” with the whole house. Where’s the scheming in that???

    I’m not a fan of Amanda anymore. She has started this whole mean streak and maybe she just went CooKoo for Cocoa puffs. I can’t wait for her to leave and after she will be kicking herself when she see’s where she went wrong.

    I’m not sure whose side I am on now. I really liked Judd and when BB Canada brought back a Jury member, I was pissed. I didn’t like that at all. (I wasn’t a huge fan of Gary though either) But this time, I really hope Judd makes it and maybe even GM. Not a fan of GM, but at least she win’s stuff. Although Spencer is the only one I know that has been on the Block and I may be wrong, but he hasn’t even had any votes against him, except once….that says something….

    This season is not the most exciting. To be honest, I would have loved it if Howard and Nick were still there. I sure hope BB16 will be better and mabe bring in long lost chilhood friends or something….I don’t know, but anything would be better than Elissa as the MVP twist…I mean seriously, who on BB staff didn’t see that coming?? Which tells me, maybe it was planned that way. Just saying.

  42. Comments (82)

    The show is going to be TERRIBLE to watch now. For Amanda fans and Amanda haters. The villain is out…..whats left? Floaters that all get along. That doesn’t make for good TV at all. CBS will be losing money the last few weeks….they better find a special power to keep amanda in the game……cuz I guarantee 50% of their ratings/ live feed money have come from Amanda haters…

  43. Comments (1)

    If GM has any sense she will put up Andy as the replacement nomination. Also, if the game is showed to be fixed with Amanda’s role in it then that will be the end of a great show. Even if Amanda doesn’t win, I hope the production does not pick house guests on personal relationships to the show (like Amanda and Elissa).

  44. Comments (13)

    I hope McCranda leaves in the double elimination and then they switch the main focus to the jury house!! Hahaha

    • Comments (407)

      I just hope they show the jury house when Amanda walks in. Wonder how many hugs she will get? Remember what Jessie told her when she fell off the ledge and was walking off, so I don’t think she has any great love for Amanda.

    • Comments (30)

      Okay……CBS needs to split the airtime now…….half on BB house–half on jury house! …..tired of watching them wash dishes, playing pool, McRabies sayin’, mmyeah, GM binge & purge, showing new HOH room pics of nieces and nephews, same ol’ speeches before ceremonies, Andy’s white legs and awful combinations of shirts/ shorts,etc…..what about a BB Seniors show ( hgs aged 45 +) ???

  45. Comments (13)

    Every time Andy comes on screen, I’m thinking “this one time, at band camp”

    He talks exactly like that girl.

  46. Comments (15)

    I just want new rules and proper gamesmanship. This is what makes the game fun and exciting for me. Disclaimers should not be necessary, and those who conduct themselves inappropriately should be banned from the game. Go Elissa!!!

  47. Comments (651)

    Okay just had a Mean Girl thought.

    What if DE you take out Spencer? Why you ask? Because if McStinky goes he’ll be in the house with Demanda and she would like that. If Rat Dog goes they’ll be crying together. If Spencer goes, he’ll be in a house full of women (his biggest fear)and you make sure there is no guys alliance. At best you have Rat Dog and McStinky vs Elissa, Judd and GM and Demanda finds no comfort in the jury.

    What do you think?

  48. Comments (610)

    Amanda & McCrae are the most gross, digusting, vile players ever, followed by Spencer. Ugh, CBS should just burn the set after this season ends. Oh, and when McRanda are both in jury house, if I were the owners of that place, I’d make damn sure there is a huge cleaning/security deposit to clean up their biohazard messes after JH is vacated.

  49. Comments (10)

    Steve,why don’t you post Elissa’s drunken antics from last nite? Her true colors come thru loud and clear. Perhaps you are an Elissa fan and don’t want people to see that she can be just as much of a mean bitch as Amanda.

  50. Comments (302)

    Just as I feared … Andy now pushing the Exterminators to get rid of Elissa during double eviction. I just can’t stand this little ratboy and I fear he is going to cruise to the finals. Elissa has pegged him as the weasel he is … Judd still doesn’t seem to grasp that but at least he is pushing McCrae over Elissa as next to go. The most surprising thing to me is Spencer. I know he’s been behind the 8-ball much of this game since the Moving Company was broken up and going on the block 7 times without leaving is an accomplishment in itself. But now he has a chance to influence the outcome of this game. Instead he seems happy to float with Andy right in the middle. Maybe this will become the ultimate floaters paradise. Here’s Spencers final 2 speech “I didn’t do anything the entire game, thanks for not voting me out.” Andy’s speech “I tattled on all of you the entire game, that’s got to be worth something.”

    • Comments (610)

      I think at the beginning of this season, the whole MVP twist etc was supposed to get rid of any floaters and make people actually play the game. Instead, it seems like it just encouraged more floaters than ever. And who started (and kept it going), the whole vote with the house thing? That also encouraged people to float. At this point, I agree NoRatsAllowed, it could easily end up with Spencer & Andy at final 2. To which I respond: big whoop.

      • Comments (4411)

        It was Helen that started that vote with the house crap….a so called united front…that eventually led to her untimely demise.

    • Comments (166)

      NoRatsAllowed..I totally agree, you nailed it with Spencer & Andy’s final 2 speech..LOL on that one!!

    • Comments (120)


  51. Comments (8)

    Are these HGs getting more booze than what is being shown? How can they get drunk and out of control with 6 beer and a bottle of wine??? American beer to boot…. As a Canadian, who could drink all their booze and not even get a serious buzz… gotta wonder about these lightweights. Maybe it has something to do with lack of brain cells to begin with????

  52. Comments (6)

    Is it just me or does TVGN play 50,000 commercials during BIg Brother after dark giving us only 15 minutes of coverage. This frustrates me like crazy. My opinion has changed from my last comment. I wanted Elissa, GM & Judd to be the final 3 but after GM’s comment….that all Chinese people look alike, really messed up her game and Julie Chen will get her when she gets voted out. C’mon Elissa you got to get the house to see Andy’s double alliance game (what a snake). Production please whisper this to Elissa (wishful thinking).

    • Comments (1288)

      Everyone in the house has multiple alliances, why single out Andy? He got in his main alliance with McCranda on day 5 and he has been loyal to that alliance ever since. He was loyal to Helen and Elissa as well until Elissa’s repeated attempts to break up the alliance came to light. The Exterminators is the first time he has kept significant info from McCranda.

      I really do wonder how much of the rat/weasel/snake/sneak meme is just a cover for homophobia.

    • Comments (120)

      JONN C


    • Comments (4411)

      The first commercial is 10 minutes in, then about every 15-20 minutes up till the end, with last commercial starting 6 minutes (1:54am, east coast time)before the show ends.

  53. Comments (166)

    “Expect the unexpected” this season..why didn’t they continue MVP the whole season..that way the HOH is putting up 2 people & America has a hand in it the whole time with the other would have totally messed up alliances & showmances instead of every week being SO predictable..for example if they would have continued it the HG would have finally figured out that the viewers were the ones nominating Amanda.

  54. Comments (1)

    I was just in you tube and I saw a video of Miley twerking at mtv awards and the camera swithced to the audience and I was sure it was Elissa and Gina Marie in front row. Did they win a trip to that?

  55. Comments (1288)

    I wonder if McCranda will come up with a Hail Mary strategy? The only one I can think of is to go to Andy and say they want to expose where GMs real loyalties lie. Offer Andy 2 solid jury votes (McCrae should say he knows his time is limited) if he will secretly vote Spencer to create a tie and make GM be the final vote. McCrae will then publicly thank Judd for his support, tarnishing Judd with the remaining HGs and making Andy’s position with them better. It will be imperative for Andy to keep this quiet so the other HGs don’t find out the truth. Then McCranda should go to Judd and sell him the same deal – jury votes and outing Andy for the tying vote to expose GMs loyalties.

    It is a longshot but if Andy and Judd both got greedy trying to stack the jury house secretly it could end up Spencer going home on a 3-1 vote much to the surprise of everyone. It would be a blindside from a totally unexpected direction.

    • Comments (1288)

      Oh, this would need to be done on Thursday, 4 or 5 hours before the vote. Give them less time for reflective thought.

    • Comments (50)

      But I don’t think it’s really that much of a secret who GM would vote out. She wants one of Mcranda to go. Everyone knows, even McCrae. Amanda is the only one too delusional to believe it. Plus, I don’t think the other HGs would believe that the vote really came from Judd. Also, these dummies are too lazy to come up with something like that. That might require that they only sleep 18 hrs a day instead of the 20 that they’re used to.

  56. Comments (111)

    I wouldn’t like it if America could vote out the houseguests. The season would be too predictable, especially if it were an All Stars season. Personally I would like a celebrity addition 😛

  57. Comments (4)

    Melissa was treated like garbage for the first few weeks. Amanda used her and then beat her to a pulp for winning and Amanda losing. What has Amanda done other than threaten people and flap her lips. Big deal she won a competition. The way she speaks to people is horrible. If she worked for me she’d be fired. Then she breaks into tears because no one is paying attention to her or she didn’t’t get her way. McCrea lays in bed all day and let’s lips speak for him. You can’t understand Judd so I really Don’t know where his head is. Spencer and Andy are floaters. I am surprised Spencer’s still there. I liked Andy but his true colors come out saying how much he hates everyone and then kissing behinds so doesn’t go up. I hope Elissa wins. She’s taken so much grief and has handled herself well. I would have punched Amanda and gotten thrown off show.. Would be well worth it.

  58. Comments (8)

    hhhmmm, absolutely disagree with pretty much everything in this blog.
    Jeremy was a disgusting, self centred piece of work. He rubbed enough people the wrong way that he would have been heading out the door before too much longer anyways.
    There must be others finally playing the game or Amanda wouldn’t be heading out the door on Thursday. McCrae will be a better player, if he lasts, without his precious showmance. She has done nothing but bring his game down. I had high hopes for Amanda in the beginning but once she forgot the camera’s were on her, and her true personality was able to shine, watching the live feeds, she has made it vurtually impossible to enjoy watching her. She’s vile, seriously insecure, a baby when she doesn’t get her own way and mean, just mean. So many other things that could be said but I’m trying to keep it clean.
    The MVP was a saving grace for Elissa, but I’m kind of enjoying watching her now. When she’s making her snyde remarks at Amanda (and she deserves to after what she had to go through during her HOH)it’s priceless to watch it all unfold and finally see someone who isn’t fazed by the bullying.
    GM has redeemed herself somewhat and I like how she’s playing now. I see her and Judd in final 2 with Judd winning.

  59. Comments (1)

    I’m new to BB, but it appears to me that Andy and Spencer have been in a secret alliance for a long time, I been playing catch up watching the previous episodes. I think you guys are wrong, I don’t think they are floaters at all!

  60. Comments (2)

    I don’t think having the MVP was the problem. I think the problem was Helen and Amanda convincing everyone that they had to vote with the house. Lame game play! No one thought for themselves. Jessie tried to stir up the house but Amanda would just threaten everyone to vote as one and that would be the end of that.

  61. Comments (1)

    Maybe some of the bloggers should be on BB #16

  62. Comments (3)

    I think Big Brother 16 should be Heroes Vs. Villans, bring back all the “good” guys and girls and all the “bad” guys and girls like dick, will, etc. I think that would make. Great season!

  63. Comments (143)

    Next season should go back to the earlier formats that produced good drama like season 2 and 8.

    1) Bring less people, all stranger, have a short game, more interesting and strongly opinated people, more older players who prove time and again to be more entertaining to watch (evel dick (44) boogie (30) and dr will (28)). Make sure you cast the foul mouth bar manager. And no more chef joes or Adam’s or porsche’s or shelly’s who are weird and pussies and do whatever someone else says. Put in more assholes like jeremies or kent who have strong opinions and short fuses and won’t back down and who are impulsive. No one wants a frank or a willy hantz to win, but they are entertaining villians before the house kicks them out


    2) Make a house with all the old entertaining house guest who never won. There are alot of good players who got kicked out for playing the game too fast or being in too many arguments. Bring back all those psychotic loud mouth opinated people and toss them in one season. You know the people like jeremy and frank and russel and ronnie. There are just too many entertaining players who we never got to see enough of because they went so quickly.

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    I’ve read elsewhere that Elissa told Amanda she wants Amanda to stay because it will help Elissa’s game. Elissa wants Andy to vote for Amanda to stay.

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