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Big Brother 15 – Veto Meeting Results

July 8, 2013 | 60 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

bb15-jeremy-pov-winnerIt may have been a wild night in the Big Brother house, but things are a bit more serious today as the veto meeting is underway, and we get to find out how it goes when an MVP nominee removes himself.  Note, I am typing this while the meeting is taking place, so by the time I’m done, I hope to give you results.


Update: Nick is the replacement nom (if you want to skip the rest of the post)

Hopefully this will be one of the last times it’s talked about (I doubt it), but I did want to mention one thing.  While GinaMarie, Aaryn, Spencer, and Jeremy have all repeatedly said stupid, ignorant comments, I want it known that those 5 are probably the worst in the house by far.  There are two people I want to talk about for different reasons.

First, Amanda.  She is coming across as someone who hates the way Aaryn talks, but she has said a lot of stupid comments herself, mostly about Andy.  Her mother posted somewhere that Amanda is not a bigot and has many gay friends out of the house.  The problem is, she’s not out of the house.  She’s in the house with thousands of people watching her on live feeds, and she’s saying stupid stuff.

I don’t care if all your friends are gay, you march in gay rights parades and have human rights bumper stickers all over your car. Don’t make gay jokes about the one gay guy in the house, even to his face.  Just because he laughs it off doesn’t mean it isn’t bothering him. It just means he’s not confrontational and is trying to keep his head in the game.  You likely think you’re not doing harm because of how close you are with the gay community outside the house, but the rest of the country doesn’t know any of that.   Amanda is just lucky that there are worse people in the house, because Jeff was ripped apart for even less.

Another person is Kaitlin. Despite spending time with Aaryn and GM, Kaitlin has surprisingly said very few dumb things, and has even told people to stop occasionally.  The thing I have with Kaitlin is that she mostly just sits there and laughs at the remarks people make.  She has been around for a big portion of the lousy things said, but just stays back and doesn’t say anything.  I understand she’s trying to win the game and doesn’t want to make enemies, but there are tactful ways to tell ignorant people they’re being dumb.

That can be said about a lot of the house who has just sat back, but I bring Kaitlin up simply because she’s been around for a large majority of it, is part of Aaryn’s ‘crew’, and is dry humping Jeremy every night.  People needed her to stand up and tell them to cut it back on the slurs, but she didn’t.

Ok, my rant is over… hopefully the last one.  Back to the game.

There have been a lot of talk about the cracks in the Moving Company, and even some mention of kicking McCrae out because of his connection with Amanda.  She is a bit threat to them, and they may end up ditching the pizza boy for … ugh .. Aaryn.  Things could get real tense this week, and the pot may boil over a few times before eviction night on Thursday.

Now, I wait for the PoV results…..


The feeds are back, and Nick is sitting in the re-nom seat with GM mourning nearby.  I am really not sure who is going home out of the three, it’s going to be a wild few days…

12:55pm – People mostly sitting around relaxing right now.  Amanda is in the pool talking with McCrae and Aaryn. Apparently Aaryn didn’t realize that some weeks the HoH is picked live on the show (like trivia competitions).  She thought we always had to wait for Sunday to see who the HoH was.  Yes, this is the same girl making fun of Kaitlin for being recruited.  Even my cat knows CBS viewers find out the HoH during the live show like 3 out of 5 times.

2:00pm – Nick is chatting with Howard to get things straight for the week.  They are really focused on splitting up Amanda and McCrae, and she could be the target next week if one of Moving Company wins HoH.

Meanwhile, Jeremy is up in the HoH room with Kaitlin, so grab your puke bucket.


Hatred makes me happy!

2:48pm – Andy and crew are talking about things like gay marriage, etc outside.  Andy mentions how he is sometimes called a ‘faggot’, and Aaryn replies “To your face? We don’t even do that” –  First off, ‘We don’t even do that’ makes it sound like you do a lot of mean stuff to him.  Secondly, you’re right, you don’t.. you do it behind his back or mask it with a joke.

3:15pm – GM and Kaitlin talking on the hammock.  Gina decides to take this time to compete with Aaryn for the biggest douchebag of the year award, but that’s going to be tough.  GM mentions how much she hates Candice, blah, blah, but then brings up how she ‘talks white’, but when she gets mad, she turns all ghetto.  Now would have been a great time for Kaitlin to tell her to stop, but nope.

6:33pm – Jumped ahead a few hours after dinner and a nap.  Spencer is chatting with McCrae about the volatile situation with Amanda and the Moving Company.  McCrae keeps working him to keep her, and that conversation goes on for a bit.  Spencer then  pulls Nick aside and mentions an alliance of him, McCrae, Amanda, Howard going to merge with ‘his 5’ (I assume, Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin, GM, and Nick) for a solid 9 to pick everyone else off.

If that group comes together, I’m not sure I can hold up the puke for the rest of the summer

Keep checking back for updates

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