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Big Brother 15 – Veto Meeting Results

bb15-jeremy-pov-winnerIt may have been a wild night in the Big Brother house, but things are a bit more serious today as the veto meeting is underway, and we get to find out how it goes when an MVP nominee removes himself.  Note, I am typing this while the meeting is taking place, so by the time I’m done, I hope to give you results.

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Update: Nick is the replacement nom (if you want to skip the rest of the post)

Hopefully this will be one of the last times it’s talked about (I doubt it), but I did want to mention one thing.  While GinaMarie, Aaryn, Spencer, and Jeremy have all repeatedly said stupid, ignorant comments, I want it known that those 5 are probably the worst in the house by far.  There are two people I want to talk about for different reasons.

First, Amanda.  She is coming across as someone who hates the way Aaryn talks, but she has said a lot of stupid comments herself, mostly about Andy.  Her mother posted somewhere that Amanda is not a bigot and has many gay friends out of the house.  The problem is, she’s not out of the house.  She’s in the house with thousands of people watching her on live feeds, and she’s saying stupid stuff.

I don’t care if all your friends are gay, you march in gay rights parades and have human rights bumper stickers all over your car. Don’t make gay jokes about the one gay guy in the house, even to his face.  Just because he laughs it off doesn’t mean it isn’t bothering him. It just means he’s not confrontational and is trying to keep his head in the game.  You likely think you’re not doing harm because of how close you are with the gay community outside the house, but the rest of the country doesn’t know any of that.   Amanda is just lucky that there are worse people in the house, because Jeff was ripped apart for even less.

Another person is Kaitlin. Despite spending time with Aaryn and GM, Kaitlin has surprisingly said very few dumb things, and has even told people to stop occasionally.  The thing I have with Kaitlin is that she mostly just sits there and laughs at the remarks people make.  She has been around for a big portion of the lousy things said, but just stays back and doesn’t say anything.  I understand she’s trying to win the game and doesn’t want to make enemies, but there are tactful ways to tell ignorant people they’re being dumb.

That can be said about a lot of the house who has just sat back, but I bring Kaitlin up simply because she’s been around for a large majority of it, is part of Aaryn’s ‘crew’, and is dry humping Jeremy every night.  People needed her to stand up and tell them to cut it back on the slurs, but she didn’t.

Ok, my rant is over… hopefully the last one.  Back to the game.

There have been a lot of talk about the cracks in the Moving Company, and even some mention of kicking McCrae out because of his connection with Amanda.  She is a bit threat to them, and they may end up ditching the pizza boy for … ugh .. Aaryn.  Things could get real tense this week, and the pot may boil over a few times before eviction night on Thursday.

Now, I wait for the PoV results…..


The feeds are back, and Nick is sitting in the re-nom seat with GM mourning nearby.  I am really not sure who is going home out of the three, it’s going to be a wild few days…

12:55pm – People mostly sitting around relaxing right now.  Amanda is in the pool talking with McCrae and Aaryn. Apparently Aaryn didn’t realize that some weeks the HoH is picked live on the show (like trivia competitions).  She thought we always had to wait for Sunday to see who the HoH was.  Yes, this is the same girl making fun of Kaitlin for being recruited.  Even my cat knows CBS viewers find out the HoH during the live show like 3 out of 5 times.

2:00pm – Nick is chatting with Howard to get things straight for the week.  They are really focused on splitting up Amanda and McCrae, and she could be the target next week if one of Moving Company wins HoH.

Meanwhile, Jeremy is up in the HoH room with Kaitlin, so grab your puke bucket.

Hatred makes me happy!

2:48pm – Andy and crew are talking about things like gay marriage, etc outside.  Andy mentions how he is sometimes called a ‘faggot’, and Aaryn replies “To your face? We don’t even do that” –  First off, ‘We don’t even do that’ makes it sound like you do a lot of mean stuff to him.  Secondly, you’re right, you don’t.. you do it behind his back or mask it with a joke.

3:15pm – GM and Kaitlin talking on the hammock.  Gina decides to take this time to compete with Aaryn for the biggest douchebag of the year award, but that’s going to be tough.  GM mentions how much she hates Candice, blah, blah, but then brings up how she ‘talks white’, but when she gets mad, she turns all ghetto.  Now would have been a great time for Kaitlin to tell her to stop, but nope.

6:33pm – Jumped ahead a few hours after dinner and a nap.  Spencer is chatting with McCrae about the volatile situation with Amanda and the Moving Company.  McCrae keeps working him to keep her, and that conversation goes on for a bit.  Spencer then  pulls Nick aside and mentions an alliance of him, McCrae, Amanda, Howard going to merge with ‘his 5’ (I assume, Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin, GM, and Nick) for a solid 9 to pick everyone else off.

If that group comes together, I’m not sure I can hold up the puke for the rest of the summer

Keep checking back for updates

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  1. Comments (29)

    Wow! Thanks for sharing. I don’t get BB after dark so I enjoy learning from you. Out of all the info out there with regards to several of the shows you provide blogging for I think you far outshine the rest. I enjoy your style of writing and speed of delivery. Thank you! Keep up the great work. As far as game — “expect the unexpected” seems to be holding true yet again. I’m hoping whoever is visiting this week has news that will address the behaviors in the house once and for all and hopefully silence it (as much as possible).

  2. Comments (137)

    I hope Elissa did not seal her fate in walking out the door. I would like to see her stay a little longer in the game.

  3. Comments (7)

    Totally agree with you! YOU are right on with your analyzing of these people! I enjoy reading your blog as you are not partial & show favoritism to any of them. Very fair reporting & truthful! NOW…how can we get rid of GM, Aaryn, Jeremy & Spenser??? I also hate their racist remarks like THEY are so perfect! Andy is such a sweet guy! SO WHAT if he is gay!!! Gay people have feelings too, & they get hurt!! I wish they would keep their remarks to themselves, because it makes THEM look like idiots!!!

  4. Comments (22)

    I think you forgot some one…Howard. They used him in the Diary Room last night like an Uncle Tom. He sits there telling how he has witnessed and heard all these racial remarks but he has done nothing. It shows him sitting at the counter, later, while all the remarks are flying nad he just puts his head down and raises his eyebrows. Yea, Amanda is wrong and I hope her gay friends give her a piece of their minds after the show and maybe not be friends with her any longer. But isn’t Howard, as a black man and a so-called Christian, even worse. He should have spoken up no matter the consequences. He is just as bad as AAryn and her bunch for sticking his head in the sand….you always have to do the right thing no matter where you are or what is at stake.That is the measure of a man or woman.

    • Comments (407)

      Why would I blame Howard? He is the victim in this situation. I blamed Kaitlin because we need more 3rd party bystanders of bullying to step up and stop it if they can. Friends of bullies, friends of racists, friends of a-holes. Those are the people who need to tell their friend it isn’t cool or funny to say stuff like that.

      We all hope victims defend themselves, but my point was that non-victims should be sticking up for them as well.

      • Comments (7)

        Is Howard the victim when they’re making fun of Helen because of her ethnicity? He was sitting right there for all of it and said nothing….

      • Comments (231)

        Corey is right and Howard could have left or made some kind of comment to them. There is a way to do it bc I’ve had to bc I’m blonde, blue-eyed, female, smart, Irish and petite. I learned how to refocus terrible statements made to me and others.

      • Comments (231)

        Still luv ya stevebeans!

      • Comments (216)


      • Comments (216)

        I don’t know Beansie. As others have noted, Howard’s not the victim of the Asian jokes. And his statement that he’s just focused on playing the game is pretty inculpatory–it means he knows he should say something but everything’s negotiable for a price. I think the suggestion that he’s as bad as Aaryn is a bit much. But he’s not blameless here. He’s at least displaying the same kind of cowardice as Katy.

      • Comments (22)

        Howard is not the victim when he sits by and says nothing to keep himself from becoming a target. He is a man of color and so he should have told them their remarks are racist and offensive and to stop it. Actually any of them, regardless of ethnicity,
        should have done the right thing. If they get voted out for doing the right thing, then they should walk out the door and tell Julie it was worth it. What is more important…winning the world or losing your soul??

    • Comments (7)

      14 thumbs down for this? She’s absolutely right, I don’t understand the worlds some people live in.

    • Keeping it real
      Comments (2)

      This is in response to the people who don’t understand why Howard has not said anything and I will say it from the black perspective. What you are witnessing in this house is what most minorities oftentimes experience when around whites this happens at work, school, etc… If Howard were to address Aaryn a few things would happen, let me break it down because it happens all the time especially when dealing with white some women.first Aaryn may say that she felt threatened by him even if he comes with his cool demeanor , and then Jeremy the bully would react although to be honest, I know that he cannot whoop Howard’s ass. The other thing that would happen is that if she responds with some old smart ass comment and he gets upset then he becomes the angry black man and now he becomes a target for nothing but standing up. So before you jump on Howard calling an Uncle Tom know people perspective. That is what is wrong sometimes with white privilege you don’t always understand and we as minorities know this and sad to say have just dealt with it.

      • Comments (2)

        I am a white woman and I could not agree with you more I love Howard and he is playing a game to win half a million dollars. I believe if he was in the real world being a Christian man and youth counselor he would say something, so would a lot of other people but it is a game and he has to play his cards right!

      • Comments (528)

        It’s called white privilege. All these people saying “Howard should have done this, Howard should have done that, he’s just as bad, he should know better BECAUSE he is black” are clearly white people who have never had of live this situation on a regular bases in their regular lives. You know why he kept his mouth shut? Because he knows better. Don’t speak as though you have any idea what he should or shouldn’t do when you have no idea what that side of the fence is like.

        Privilege is worse than racism as far as I’m concerned. At least a racist is clear about how they feel and easy to identify. Privileged people like to spout their wisdom – white people saying what black people should do, straight people wondering why gay people are always going on and on about it, men acting like women are being melodramatic about it – and pretend they can relate or know any better. Newsflash: you know NOTHING so either try to understand empathize or shut your mouth. You are not helping.

      • Comments (233)

        Thank you for saying what I was trying to think how to express. There’s no telling what he had to give up to be in the house. BB needs to address this situation instead of letting us see Howard in the DR saying he is just going to let it go by for now to stay in the game. I found it so sad and wrong.

  5. Comments (96)

    Nooooo!! Why did it have to be Nick? 🙁

  6. Comments (274)

    Kathy that’s exactly what I wanted to say but read your comment so now I just post how it is truth whst you say. Char-as for the blogger not being Seriously? Lol even better is people agree with this assessment. Lol

  7. Comments (1)

    Completely unbiased blogs tend to read like transcripts and are very dull. I like it when a writer states their opinion…it gives you something to think about and discuss. 🙂 Stevebeans does a great job.

    • Comments (274)

      Em I agree! I just pointed out that this person is claiming the blogger (which obviously I’m loving or I wouldn’t be here) is not biased.just had to point out that humor.

  8. Comments (4)

    I thought I heard at the end of the show last night to tune in for another twist or a announcement on the next show. Did anyone else catch that or am I just really wanting there to be a way to save Elissa?

  9. Comments (231)

    I completely agree with your rant ! It’s howard who is wanting to include aaryian into the group. I take back what I said about Spenser awhile back— I must have lost my ever loving mind!!!

  10. Comments (169)

    Julie and her co-hosts on The Talk, addressed the comments today… Julie said the Asian comments hit really close to home for her, that it took her back to her childhood in Queens when she would be bullied and everything. I didn’t watch the show but read about it. Whie I’m glad that the network finally decided to address these comments, I wished they had punished the ones who made the comments, in some way.

    • Comments (6)

      While I agree that there should be some punishment, I think that when they get out of the house, there will be enough punishment and more for them. They will find that they don’t have jobs, respect or friends after this. Making them a “have not” or doing something else, really won’t be as sweet as seeing the final outcome.

      • Comments (1276)

        You are right, but, it will be a lit easier to deal with a job loss or loss of friends if they are half a million dollars richer.

      • Comments (4)

        while I agree that some of these houseguests will get a rude awakening when they leave the house I also think that they should get some kind of punishment for some of the things that are being done against certain houseguests, elissa in particular. First Jeremy wiped his butt on her hat and then i heard that last night Spencer urinated in her shampoo bottle. Are you serious?? What is wrong with these people?? And why is production letting this kind of behavior continue?

      • Comments (274)

        Exactly! I hope they hit faartyn out of left field after everyone votes and says america voted you out!

  11. Comments (1)

    Thanks for the update. I am hoping that BB decides to remove Aaryn from the game and nobody goes home this round. Also, drives me nuts that they cheated and BB does NOTHING!

  12. Comments (111)

    Aaryn just suggested killing off fish after evictions…

    • Comments (169)

      This girl is some kid of sociopath, isn’t she? Just imagine how she’s going to be treated when she’s back in school.b almost makes you feel for the girl… I said ALMOST. Lol.

      • Comments (169)

        *kind, not “kid” 🙂

      • Comments (21)

        After reading some of her family and friends reaction, they aren’t surprised nor are they criticizing her. I believe that her attitude is solely due to environment in which she was raised and exist at home/school. I don’t believe she has a single African American, Asian-American or gay friend. Thank goodness she went on BB to show her true self; Once less bigot that is no longer hiding in plain sight.

      • Comments (274)


  13. Comments (1276)

    I think Elissa might have sent herself or Helen home by putting Nick up. I think if she had put up GM then the house that has heard her comments would have sent her packing, Nick would have sent her home as well. But now, you have Nick, who’s pretty good with creating the dan like “Mist”, and getting his way. Honestly I think almost anyone but McCrae or Amanda would have been easier targets than Nick. Maybe I’m wrong…
    That being said, Stevebeans, I love your blogs, I think you do a great job at letting us know what has happened while still giving your imput. If I wanted to read a play book of every word said without any opinion or humor, well there are places to go for that. I love my BB Junkies, and it wouldn’t be the same if Stevebeans wasn’t the Man in Charge 🙂

    • Comments (233)

      Happy Summer, Christina. You know I’m laughing at the “mist” comments. And as far as the MVP nomination, yes, I’m thinking that Elissa may go this time since she didn’t nominate one of the bigots. I actually voted Elissa for MVP the first week because her game strategy was to have an all-girl alliance. I always root for that idea, but every season most of the young female houseguests are so envious and devious about their “competition”, they just can’t play nice with each other, even for the half-million. So, it seems like the men usually prevail with their alliances. I can’t even pick a favorite player yet…where do they get these people?

      • Comments (1276)

        If I didn’t know better I’d say they had to have gone to some pretty serious hate group meetings to find some of them.
        I agree, there’s always a girl that knows that the girls will go further if they work together. Heck, the could even get a strong guy or two to be in a larger, side alliance to help with some of the comps that they would win anyways, but they can never make it happen.
        I’ve had the friends that thought everyone was jealous of them over the years, when in fact it really comes down to they are the jealous ones with no self worth. It some of the girls weren’t such rotten humans, I’d feel bad for them. Instead, I just want them gone.

  14. Comments (453)

    Thought making a threat against another house guest was cause for being kicked out. On BBAD Aaron made the comment that if Nick didn’t do what she wanted she would cut *** the rest was bleeped out.

  15. Comments (111)

    Is anybody else watching Wil Heuser’s (yes from last season 😛 ) parody series of Big Brother?

  16. Comments (123)

    for those who missed it, here’s Julie on The Talk adressing the Racial Slurs:

  17. Comments (23)

    I saw the interview of evicted David and he was so confident to believe Aaryn was not a racist.Ziiiiiiiiing!

  18. Comments (1)

    My comment is this aaroyn only started it the others followed suite. Howard has lived his life with this shit and knows what to do to get the prize and playing it smart. I applaud his restraint for seeing the big picture. She is freaking hoh thanks to jeremy’s ass the moving compamy needs to get away from him.believe you me if I was in I may not contain myself as has but he is doing awesome. I got to give him props.I want to see candice’s thoughts about it all.

  19. Comments (9)

    I blame anyone whose sitting there when rude and selfish remarks are made! Sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe and what’s right no matter what the darn consequence is! GM, Spencer, Amanda, Aaryn, Jermey, & Katlian need to GO
    But out of the three nom. I really think Elissa is sadly goiing home!

  20. Comments (31)

    First I’d like to say this is my FAVE BB blog! Second. Have I missed the post about who this “special visitor” and why they are coming??

    • Comments (169)

      I haven’t heard about that, what’s the scoop, Quita?

      I, like many others here, am afraid that Elissa sealed her fate by nominating Nick. Kaitlin was the way to go, IMHO…. Or better yet, Gina Marie. Heck, those two girls voted her out last week, Nick voted to keep her. Not sure what’s going through Elissa’s mind right now. I really like her, and think her, Helen, and Candice are the most mature of the women. I believe that Candice is the prettiest in there right now, going by both looks on the inside and out.

      If Elissa leaves this week, either Helen or Candice or both will get my votes. Elissa seems like a level headed adult, more so than her sister (even though am a Rachel fan), but i must say that she doesnt have the strategic “finess” that her sis had in the game. I kind of feel like the MVP power has been wasted this week. I cannot help but ask myself why didnt she nominate Kaitlin or Gina Marie initially, that way perhaps Jeremy would not have played, thus she (Elissa) would have had a better shot at winning PoV. i understand wanting to get Jeremy out and all, but she needed to worry about herself first nd allow herself the best possible odds of winning Veto. Nominating Jeremy automatically had him playing for Veto. I figured when she nominated him that he’d end up winning the PoV. Who knows, for all we know she may not even care anymore, might just want to get back home to her family after all the crap and garbage she’s gone through since entering that house. And if that’s the case, could any of us blame her? I think being in there being harassed by the likes of Aaryn and her minions would be the equivalent of being in hell, for me anyway. That being said, I hope somehow, someway, she finds a way to stay. Too bad there wasn’t a special twist that gave the MVP immunity for this week.

      I am not sure how many votes Elissa has to stay, if any at the moment. Candice & Andy, perhaps? Hopefully, as the votes are being cast this Thursday, the audience boos and cheers whenever a HG casts a vote, like last week. Give the HGs a clear message that the Aaryn Brotherhood IS NOT liked..

      And the comment from Aaryn, saying how they should kill a fish every time an eviction occurs.. that is just scary. It’s like, does the girl even have empathy? Clearly doesn’t appear so… A d that’s the definition of a sociopath, I believe. I honestly have not ever witnessed a human being that is obviously very attractive on the outside, only to be more rotten than anything we could ever imagine, on the inside. Very sad if her friends and family don’t care about her comments, either. Shame on all of them, if that’s true.

      Anyway, that’s the daily $.02 from this “good ole boy” in south Arkansas…. 😉 if there are any typos in this post or misspellings, it is a result of my deranged iPad that clearly has it out for me, lol. I’m too sleepy to double check and make sure it behaved itself in this post, so i won’t be surprised if there’s typos o’ plenty this time.

      Have a great Tuesday!

      • Comments (1276)

        Typo’s or not, we still love your posts Keith!
        I think sadly Elissa might be on the side of not thinking she has a chance anymore. Against Helen, I can’t see her wanting/trying to talk herself up too much, since Helen is the only one that has really had her back since she got there.
        It’s got to be hard feeling like you can’t trust anyone, and not feeling close to the house. Being away from her husband and kid… well if she had someone there with her, even Rachel, I think she could probably rule the house, but being alone might just seem like too much.
        I agree, she shouldn’t have put up Jerk first, but I think she just wanted to make sure he was on the block, in case the MVP wasn’t used. It was a risky move that didn’t pay off in the end.
        As far as Aaryn, she’s a crazy person, who talks about killing animals? Better yet, who puts themselves close to someone like her? That whole group is morally corrupt.

      • Comments (31)

        Well hello Keith!
        At the end of the episode on Sunday there was mention of an old houseguest returning. Here’s my wish…
        The old HG is going to say there will be a new HOH, that Aaryn cannot compete in. Wouldn’t that be lovely?!?! Or perhaphs straight out say the horrendous way they are talking will not be tolerated, tell Aaryn to pack her bags and they take over for her. I can deal with everyone else staying at this point because they are all wanted out, and everyone else will slowly pick them all off.

        Has it been confirmed that Jerk has lost his job as well for sure?

  21. Comments (77)

    It would be nice if just before evictions CBS would come out saying that Jeremy and Aaryn cheated by passing their cups instead of emptying them into one anothers cups. So as just punishment, Aaryn and Jeremy have to go up on the block along with nick. One of them would go, probably Jeremy. I would be OK with that.
    In response to Aaryn’s family and friends not being upset about what she has had to say against others (the slurs), that tells me that apparently she was taught and coached by some of them.

  22. Comments (231)

    Helen did not have Elissa’s back and it was her idea to put up both jerk and nick. Then, Helen goes to everyone and tells them that it was all Elissa and that E didn’t listen to her. She is aligned with Spenser and Howard who speak for jerk and last night she spilled her guts to nick and threw E under the bus again while E overheard. It was ugly. Yes, E could have done own thing but she thought she was working with a friend.

    • Comments (233)

      I hate to hear that. How they treat their ally who is suddenly a fellow nominee always tells you just about all you need to know about a person. Play on.

  23. Comments (83)

    I think BB should address the cheating, rewatch the tapes from the challenge, if there is definite proof then they should take action,it would be unfair to send someone else home if they are cheaters,Aaryn should of went home along time ago, can’t stand listening to her mouth, so cute but so ignorant.

    • Comments (31)

      I wish they would do it. I’m an Elissa fan, and if they called J&Aa out for cheating when it happened she would have won then and the house would be getting some justice!

  24. Comments (1)

    Hi Keith, I think the mic’s are off so the HG are not able to hear the audience boo’s.

    I also think that Elissa made a mistake in her nominations. She should have put up Amanda or Katilin. I hope she is able to rally the house to keep her but her chances are not that great based on her fellow chopping block members.

    The worst move Elissa made is trusting or McCrae with any secrets as exposing herself as the MVP.

  25. Comments (15)

    it will be nice next week if the alliance of Elissa if she is voted out that one of them wins HOH and MVP and also wonder what will happen if either Judd, Andy or Helen win HOH and same person Wins HOH.

  26. Comments (15)

    i meant same person wins HOH and MVP.

  27. Comments (2)

    Aaryn is a racist a bigot a cheater a bully! Send her home this week cbs

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