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Big Brother 15 – Veto And MVP Nomination Talk

July 20, 2013 | 80 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


When Big Brother 15 is over, they should just end up calling this season the Elissa twist. She came in as the sister of one of the most popular Big Brother players in history, and did so in a season where America picked a person who could nominate one person.  While some were scared of such power, others embraced it and kept using it to their advantage for as long as possible.

That ended this week



Once Aaryn was nominated along with Kaitlin, this resulted in a potential big shift in the MVP vote this week.  As I predicted in another thread, there was a very high probability that Elissa would then be nominated by those who thought they were voting like usual.  Perhaps they missed the episode and failed to read the fine print, perhaps they stumbled on Rachel’s twitter where she’s linked to the MVP vote quite a bit, telling people to vote for her sister. Perhaps there were some just sick of Elissa being in the house and actually voted so they can cause drama.  I’m hoping the latter because I love me some drama.

In addition to Elissa, Judd, Aaryn and Kaitlin playing in the PoV, McCrae and Helen were also picked to play, and I have a feeling 5 out of those 6 people are actually going to try.  Helen will probably throw it, and I don’t blame her, but with the recent heat Amanda has received, it may be in McCrae’s best interest to actually try and win.

As of 3:50pm, they were still playing the POV, but I will update this thread when we find a winner.  Aaryn winning could create quite the interesting situation in the house. Anyone else, not so much simply because Aaryn is still the biggest target.   Check twitter or this page and I will let you know who won the pov!

Also, join the live feeds or donate 🙂  Your donations helped me buy a fan yesterday that I will always remember was paid for by the generosity of my readers.  Love you guys!

Ok, check back in shortly…

Feeds are back, it was the reward competition thing….

Elissa won the PoV
McCrae won $5,000
Helen got 8pm curfew
Elissa can’t play veto next week
Judd got solitary confinement 

4:05pm – Howard thinks that he will be backdoored through this MVP thing, but he’s going to be for a surprise when someone like GM is nominated.   Spencer, Howard and Candice are going to go hard on Amanda and even bring the ‘gay slurs’ she’s used to try and convince Andy on it.

4:30pm – Kaitlin and Amanda are talking in the HoH room and everyone is blown away about the mvp choice.   When Elissa went up, I think they threw away the idea of America voting, so now people are still wondering.  Little do they realize, America probably screwed up by putting her up.

6:20pm – What happened?  I was watching the feeds and then I was watching the show behind my eyelids.  Busy day.  Anyway, people are still super paranoid about what’s going on in the house.  Nobody is sure about the MVP twist, and this is how it should have been since day 1.

It took a whole week, but now the house is starting to do a lot of whispers behind each others back.  Last time this happened, it resulted in a major blowup!  I can’t wait!

6:40pm – Candice talking to Elissa about how she shouldn’t target Howard if she’s MVP, she should remember Brendan and Rachel and give them (Can/How) some time in the house.  Jeez, they’ve been hooking up for like 2 days.

6:53pm – Aaryn chatting with the girls about the competition. She said Elissa’s ‘lane’ or whatever was stacked with high numbers and speculate the veto was rigged in favor of Elissa.

7:40pm – GM, Spencer and Howard still talking about getting rid of Amanda.  I like the girl, but they’re probably right.  Amanda is the most dangerous in the house right now.


8:00pm – Aaryn and Kaitlin have joined Spencer and crew in the bathroom area, so the game talk has stopped down there. Meanwhile I’m hearing Elissa is making a seran wrap bikini.

Helen came out of DR and said she can’t even talk to other houseguests. Her curfew at 8pm is rough, but not as rough at Judd’s punishment.

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