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Big Brother 15 – Veto And MVP Nomination Talk


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When Big Brother 15 is over, they should just end up calling this season the Elissa twist. She came in as the sister of one of the most popular Big Brother players in history, and did so in a season where America picked a person who could nominate one person.  While some were scared of such power, others embraced it and kept using it to their advantage for as long as possible.

That ended this week



Once Aaryn was nominated along with Kaitlin, this resulted in a potential big shift in the MVP vote this week.  As I predicted in another thread, there was a very high probability that Elissa would then be nominated by those who thought they were voting like usual.  Perhaps they missed the episode and failed to read the fine print, perhaps they stumbled on Rachel’s twitter where she’s linked to the MVP vote quite a bit, telling people to vote for her sister. Perhaps there were some just sick of Elissa being in the house and actually voted so they can cause drama.  I’m hoping the latter because I love me some drama.

In addition to Elissa, Judd, Aaryn and Kaitlin playing in the PoV, McCrae and Helen were also picked to play, and I have a feeling 5 out of those 6 people are actually going to try.  Helen will probably throw it, and I don’t blame her, but with the recent heat Amanda has received, it may be in McCrae’s best interest to actually try and win.

As of 3:50pm, they were still playing the POV, but I will update this thread when we find a winner.  Aaryn winning could create quite the interesting situation in the house. Anyone else, not so much simply because Aaryn is still the biggest target.   Check twitter or this page and I will let you know who won the pov!

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Ok, check back in shortly…

Feeds are back, it was the reward competition thing….

Elissa won the PoV
McCrae won $5,000
Helen got 8pm curfew
Elissa can’t play veto next week
Judd got solitary confinement 

4:05pm – Howard thinks that he will be backdoored through this MVP thing, but he’s going to be for a surprise when someone like GM is nominated.   Spencer, Howard and Candice are going to go hard on Amanda and even bring the ‘gay slurs’ she’s used to try and convince Andy on it.

4:30pm – Kaitlin and Amanda are talking in the HoH room and everyone is blown away about the mvp choice.   When Elissa went up, I think they threw away the idea of America voting, so now people are still wondering.  Little do they realize, America probably screwed up by putting her up.

6:20pm – What happened?  I was watching the feeds and then I was watching the show behind my eyelids.  Busy day.  Anyway, people are still super paranoid about what’s going on in the house.  Nobody is sure about the MVP twist, and this is how it should have been since day 1.

It took a whole week, but now the house is starting to do a lot of whispers behind each others back.  Last time this happened, it resulted in a major blowup!  I can’t wait!

6:40pm – Candice talking to Elissa about how she shouldn’t target Howard if she’s MVP, she should remember Brendan and Rachel and give them (Can/How) some time in the house.  Jeez, they’ve been hooking up for like 2 days.

6:53pm – Aaryn chatting with the girls about the competition. She said Elissa’s ‘lane’ or whatever was stacked with high numbers and speculate the veto was rigged in favor of Elissa.

7:40pm – GM, Spencer and Howard still talking about getting rid of Amanda.  I like the girl, but they’re probably right.  Amanda is the most dangerous in the house right now.


8:00pm – Aaryn and Kaitlin have joined Spencer and crew in the bathroom area, so the game talk has stopped down there. Meanwhile I’m hearing Elissa is making a seran wrap bikini.

Helen came out of DR and said she can’t even talk to other houseguests. Her curfew at 8pm is rough, but not as rough at Judd’s punishment.

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  1. Comments (22)

    shaping up to be quite the season.

  2. Comments (1276)

    I’m already hoping that Elissa Wins HOH next week, and if it’s endurance, she stands a good chance. That way the not getting to play in the Veto won’t hurt her.
    I REALLY hope enough people voted for GM to get her up.
    On a side note, I honestly don’t think most, and I stress the MOST of the “gay slurs” that Amanda says are actually slurs, so much as jokes that are in bad taste. There is no venom in her voice when she says it. And if she is, which I believe, friends with a lot of gay guys, there is a good chance that it is the way she talks with them. I’m not saying it’s ok, it’s just not meant the way it comes accross to people who don’t know her better.
    I’m guessing that her gay friends don’t find her offensive, but just dry and funny. I don’t like a lot of what she says either, but I joke around with my friends like that (just not nearly as bad) all the time, and they pick on me all the time.
    I guess my only point is, due to how nasty so many comments this year has been, I think people are being a little over sensitive. I think most of what Amanda has said, wouldn’t have even been brought up in years past, like if Janelle had said any of them to Wil. But, people are looking for anything that could be offensive and jumping all over it.
    Just my opinion of course, but I just don’t think she’s as hateful as people are making her out. She seems to be playing the crap out of the game, sure, she’s even strong arming people to do what she wants (hmmm, like and Evel Dick) and if she was a Man, no one would say a word about it. She did feel instantly guilty of hurting GM’s feelings with Nicks crap. She’s not my favorite, but she is far from my least.

    • Comments (38)

      I agree that Amanda is playing the game well, but I think that the homophobic comments hurt Andy’s feelings and he’s not saying anything about it because he also has to play the game. When she made the Raggedy-Ann reference and laughed at the Kermit-the-Frog joke Spencer made, you could tell it stung Andy a little, but he let it slide. It may be alright to joke like that with her close homosexual friends, but when you’ve only known someone for 2-3 wks, it’s inappropriate. However, I think her friends can school her about it when she gets home. Also, feel like her family and friends will talk to her about it; however, I don’t feel that the other folks that have said things are going to go home and hear that what they said was wrong from their family and friends. I believe the other folks are surrounded by people that condone that behavior at home.

      • Comments (1276)

        You are right Rocky, I think I could have worded it better. I HATED the “Kermit-the-Fag” comment, and it made my skin crawl. I would have NEVER said that to ANY of my friends. The “Faggedy Andy” was just as bad, maybe even worse.
        And I hated seeing him bothered by it, but I would have been too. The difference is, if I had been sitting there, Andy wouldn’t have to have said anything. I would have, even more so if I had noticed his face at the time. Even if it was just something to the extent of “that’s harsh” or something.
        I just think she’s not using the proper filter. She’s not doing it in a malicious way, and trying to hurt him or others. She’s just not taking into account how others will view what she’s saying. It’s from a much different place than what the others are saying. The racist and truely homophobic comments are so much different.

  3. Comments (453)

    I for one am glad that Elissa is getting to play and especially that she won POV when she and the house needed her to win it. Now for the most viewer watched show of all, Thursday’s elimination when Aaryn gets a dose of reality.

  4. Comments (96)

    OMG!! I can’t wait to see who America picked next!! Also, as a punishment, since Elissa can’t play veto next week,does that mean she can’t be HOH or nominated?

  5. Comments (1)

    I’m confused from the thread. So Elissa was voted to be the third nominee? We know this? Or people are still speculating and we don’t know for sure? Thanks

  6. Comments (26)

    Aaryn has to dye her hair too! hahahahahah

  7. Comments (48)

    I hope this wakes Elissa up to start playing the game. I am so glad she got the POV. I really would like to see some gameplay out of her now. She can’t be that different from her sister that she is just going to lay low and do nothing. Rachel was one of the best BB players (and I could not stand her when Brendon was in the house) that I have seen. I know there are different types of gameplay (physical, muscle, etc.) but I have not seen any out of Elissa yet.

  8. Comments (1)

    I’m glad Elissa won POV too. It’s a shame that she had to go on the defensive day one and hasn’t really been able to relax and enjoy herself. I’m glad America has been giving her the MVP but I do think someone else needs to get it once in a while. As for Aaryn, I just don’t like her one bit! I know her type, the kind of girl who thinks she’s better than everyone. And for God’s sake Aaryn, CLEAR YOUR THROAT EVERY NOW AND THEN! I’m so sick of hearing her gurgling voice! I wanna scream at her to cough!

  9. Comments (216)

    So I posited the “America messed up” theory on another thread, and I still think that happened to a great extent. But there’s another possible explanation here that doesn’t require you to accept that America just changed it’s view of Elissa on a dime: the people who were voting Elissa MVP are by and large the people who voted for Aaryn and Kaitlin this week. And when you subtract those people from the voting population, you’re left with a pool tilted against Elissa (because few are agnostic as to her, due to her lineage). As I said, I think it was probably a combination of the two. But taking out the Aaryn and Kaitlin votes had an obvious affect on the vote, the same way stripping out Dem voters leads to results in GOP primaries that are markedly different from what you would see if the same slate of candidates ran against in a general election.

    Again, it COULD be that “America” just had a sudden change of heart on Elissa. !ut if you’re going to posit that, I think you need to offer some event that might have caused such a sudden, dramatic change.

    • Comments (1276)

      She did nothing to cause people to turn on her. So I think the theories of either the votes were split, leaving some for elissa or what we’ve seen people admit to doing, which was voting wrong thinking it was to give her MVP.

    • Comments (682)

      I think it was a combination of two things…
      1. Rachels fans probably don’t watch the shows every night and automatically thought it was to vote her for MVP.
      2. Eliminate Aaryn and Kaitlin and Elissa was next in line.

      The big question is who is the next one in line.

      Originally I was hoping for GM but now, even though I really liked Amanda before and thought she should win the whole game, she is turning into the new Jeremy of the house. Her threats to evict Judd next week if he didn’t do as she says were over the line. Who knows what I would be thinking if I had not been watching the live feeds. Right now I wish I voted for Amanda to go up. I still want Aaryn to go home this week but Amanda needs a reality check.

    • Comments (1)

      Why is the mvp math so hard for everyone to figure out.

      Rachel is polarizing, 30% of people love earachel, 30% hate her. If the rest of the house is evenly divided, that’s 5% per player. So Elissa will win Good Votes, and Bad votes, by a large margin every time.

      It’s not rocket science, it’s basic stats

  10. Comments (2)

    America’s vote was not well thought out! We did not have the opportunity to know HOH’s noms before we voted; hence Elise probably wouldn’t be on the block! All votes for Aaryn and Kaitlin were a waste since Judd put them up!

  11. Comments (240)

    I think CBS is scrambling in a panic and not thinking things through. Didn’t realize Ellisa would win every week. Didn’t expect back lash from America about Aayrn. Wanted to give America a vice to put Aayrn up but didn’t think of the fact that people were already in a habit of voting Ellisa MVP. Didn’t’ give America.enough time to catch on there was a change.

  12. Comments (41)

    I posted before and I’ll say it again, I wanted all 10 of my votes to got to Aaryn but accidently voted Elissa 3 times – since my votes for Aaryn were essentially negated which was BS on CBS’ part to handle the voting the way they did, anyone that voted for Aaryn and Kaitlin didn’t matter at all – 3 votes went against Elissa which would never be my intent. That said, I can only pray GM really got the most votes after Aaryn and Kaitlin but unfortunately think that Aaryn, Kaitlin and GM voters are all potentially the same voters!!

    • Comments (682)

      If they do this again next week you can do like I did and split your votes. Something I learned watching Survivor.

    • Comments (1)

      I also accidentally voted for Elissa a few times. Her photo was right below Aaryn’s and I was voting quickly. I clicked on Elissa instead of Aaryn because I didn’t wait for the page to load fully. That probably hapened to more people than just myself. So alphabetical order may be part of the problem….

  13. Comments (453)

    BB fan’s sweet dream is Aayr

  14. Comments (453)

    Sorry, my cat thought she should be typing instead of me! The dream is Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie all on the block and a double eviction on the spot, not the usual double where they do all of the steps, better yet, a triple instant eviction. Poor Judd, he will have to sanitize his beddin!g before he can sleep in HOH when he gets out of jail!

  15. Comments (22)

    i can only assume a huge drop-off in votes after aaryn, and another after kaitlin. while it’s dismaying that america is letting ginamarie off the hook – despite her offensive behavior (and UTTER lack of gameplay) – things have worked out pretty damn great.

    i don’t have feeds, so correct me if i’m wrong: the house believe the mvp is an anonymous houseguest, and that this person put up elissa. wow, the overthinking that must be going on. awesome.

  16. Comments (6)

    Why is Amanda and McCrae always in the HOH bed/room? Does the HOH get to sleep in their own bed?????

    • Comments (1276)

      They stay up there most of the time either way, but Judd in in solitary due to the luxury comp. He has to be in the parlor for 24 hours with a loaf of bread, something to drink and a porta potty. So everyone has just kind of taken over his room. I’d even go as far as to say that McCrae and Amanda will sleep up there.

  17. Comments (12)

    OF COURSE the veto was rigged in Elissa’s favor…says the one who will stay nominated and likely be talking to Julie in one awkward conversation on Thursday.

  18. Comments (16)

    Once Aaryn is out and maybe GM, the house should start thinking about breaking up McCrea and Amanda. Those two are running the house, mainly Amanda, and have been for weeks. Wake up BB15 houseguests and look at the real threats of winning. And, I’m glad to see Helen off of her HOH pedestal. Man she got annoying and very demanding!! I know she won HOH, but I don’t think that included Queen of the House as well!?!? SO READY TO SEE AARYN OUT OF THE HOUSE — what a pompous little girl she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Comments (78)

    I am so tired of you all complaining about Aaryn. She is trying to play the game. Ellisa on the other hand is just floating by because of her sister. I’m so tired if her. She makes me sick. And as far as Aaryns rude remarks. Remember this is a game. Not a personalityv

    • Comments (22)

      lol. aaryn’s bad at comps and horrendous at social game. she ain’t playing squat.

    • Comments (83)

      If your a fan of Aaryns u must be a racist to, that girl is nothing but a racist big mouth bitch, I dont understand why Judd would not put GM up, she is a freakin nut job, Amanda can come later,but I like Amanda she stood up to them bitches.

      • Comments (1276)

        I’d say ignorant, or even that she’s someone who knows (or wants to know) Aaryn.
        And I second the Amanda part, the only reason people don’t like her is because she has more balls than most of the guys in that house. When she seems something wrong she says it, but instead of calling her a strong woman or a gamer, she’s called a B, but if she was a guy, she’d be called Dan G, Dr. Will or even Evel Dick.

    • Comments (682)

      RUDE remarks? You meant RACIST remarks right?

    • Comments (1276)

      Debdeb, Aaryns remarks aren’t rude. Aaryn’s remarks are racist and homophobic. She’s not playing a good game, heck, she’s not even playing a good life. She’s a rotton person, with a wicked core. Don’t get me wrong, I think GM is just as bad as her, but Aaryn is horrid.
      Furthermore, Elissa probably wouldn’t have been on the block 3 out of 4 weeks if it weren’t for her sister. But she is actually a good person, and can manage to win a comp without being on a team with a strong player. Aaryn is playing the game, and badly, that’s why 3 of the 3 guys she’s been alligned with are home now.

    • Comments (36)

      The trouble is, that it seems as though she’s only now beginning to get to grips with the whole “game” thing. She blew it BIG TIME in the beginning playing it all personal and nasty and peoples memories are long. If she came in at the beginning, like she is now, people would have a different take on her.

      • Comments (14)

        I didn’t start watching BB until one week ago. So, I am seeing Aaryn “lite”. She is still self-centered and unaware of how to socialize and empathize with others. She reminds me of a 5th or 6th grader. She also seems to be living in a bubble where she was the centerpiece of the “cute” girl click in high school.

        Her life experiences are showing, and making it hard for her to fit in and play the game.

  20. Comments (78)

    Get over it everyone. Aaryns the best. Ellisa sucks!!!!!

    • Comments (22)

      What has Aaryn done to make you think she’s the best? I was personally offended when GM and she mocked Candice in the bedroom last Thursday :/ .. She has done NOTHING except what? Cheat? You clearly don’t know how it feels to be discriminated against. And yes, this is a game, but I think you are oblivious to how things work socially.

      • Comments (1276)

        Toni, Debdeb is obviously a troll. Someone who goes from chat room to chat room, rattleing off a bunch of crap, they would never say in person, to try to get under peoples skin. Not worth your time.

    • Comments (1276)

      Oops, sorry Debdeb, and everyone else. I usually spot a troll quicker. I won’t my time on your trolling comments anymore.

      • Comments (78)

        Nothing to be sorry about. Justo giving my opinion. Obviously you are not educated to understand we all have rights to speak our mind. If you want. I know of a couple schools that might let you enroll in. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

      • Comments (22)

        i wouldn’t send anyone to the school where you studied grammar.

      • Comments (1276)


      • Comments (14)

        Debdeb, How ironic that you are lecturing Christina about your rights to an opinion. What about her rights to an opinion about your opinion? LOL!

        Have a nice day!

  21. Comments (48)

    Aaryn is far from the best. My thoughts on Aaryn are that the only people who could possibly condone her are maybe her family and friends. I don’t think I have ever heard any houseguest make the disgusting remarks she has made in all the years I have been watching BB. But then again you have people who are not well educated and do not know another way of talking.

  22. Comments (78)

    Lol. I’m not a troll. Sorry. :). This is the first time I have wrote in any forum. I am not white and I am not prejudice either. Don’t get me wrong. I do not agree with some of the things Aaryn has said. I just think some people are naive and don’t really mean what their saying can hurt other people. I’m mature and don’t take things seriously. So Christine go blow your horn up another tree. Lmao ;).

    • Comments (169)

      You must be working for the new PR firm Aaryn’s mommy hired on her behalf.. LOL. Grrrrrrrear job if I’m right… Grrrreat job! /sarc/

      • Comments (1276)

        Trolls, like this Debdeb really do just go to rile people up, they try to say the most annoying or offensive things just to get under peoples skin. They don’t admit to being trolls, and do stupid things like going and hitting dislike on any comment, even if it is a simple answer to a question, from anyone who had the nerve to disagree with them.
        I don’t think she works for a PR firm, since she can’t even spell my name right! 😉 People in PR usually manage if nothing else spelling.
        The funny part is they come on these pages to tick people off, but they usually can’t handle getting called out, so they are the ones who end up being all bent out of shape in the end.

      • Comments (78)


    • Comments (624)

      You are not prejudice? Is that a proper noun? Oh wait, I understand…won’t even go there…heh

  23. Comments (74)

    LOL oh America and your twisted thinking. “Let’s vote for Elissa to be MVP triple times ok we’re so over that let’s nominate her for eviction muahahahaha”. Vomit. On that note watching Spencer on the hammock with Aaryn really creeped me out. When Amanda isn’t dry humping Mc she is all game. The house must be overly crowded with all the egos! CBS should do a celebrity BB like the UK.

    • Comments (71)

      Hey, Anti-Aaryn: I don’t feel America has “twisted thinking.” My thinking is that Elissa has a huge pre-game BB fam base that consists of lots of Elissa’s sister’s fan base plus previous players’ fan base voting Elissa for MVP. Now that the pre-game fan base CANNOT vote for Elissa as MVP – we are seeing America vote to nominate Elissa for eviction – whereas the pre-game fan base will not vote Elissa a for eviction. So, my way of thinking is that the votes for voting for a 3rd nominee are now on a more fair scale as America’s vote counts towards the results – versus Elissa’s pre game fan base voting lots and lots of votes to vote Elissa as the MVP. It America actually voted for Elissa to be MVP – then I think that there would be very limited votes to vote her as the nominee this week. That’s just my thinking and I understand I could be wrong. I like Elissa as a person. I get the feeling that she is a really sweet girl but I have not understood her game from day 1. I hear her when she is talking but I don’t understand what she’s saying. I understand Judd better than I understand Elissa and I don’t understand a word that Judd says. There’s nothing wrong with Elissa having a pre-game fan base – but there’s also nothing wrong with America voting for her as the third nominee.

      • Comments (71)

        I think that what I’m trying to say is that Elissa’s pre-game fan base has no control of the votes with America voting for the third nominee. Whereas, when “America” voted for the MVP x 3 times, most of the votes were controlled by Elissa’s pre-game fan base. If “America” actually voted for Elissa to be MVP 3 times – then I don’t think America would be voting her as a nominee — her pre-game fan base can’t vote to keep her from being nominated so now we’re seeing a more “fair” vote? Anywho, I don’t think America is “twisted”, “dumb” or incapable of “understanding” instructions. That said – I still think Elissa is a nice girl – I just don’t think she’s playing a good game at all.

  24. Comments (35)

    Wow, for someone who thinks they are educated enough to remark on a stranger’s intelligence,
    you have no idea how to write correctly, do you?

    For the record, go learn how to use proper tense and punctuation.

    @Toni, I agree with you 100%. When these people adapt to the cameras, they reveal their true selves.

    @Christina, don’t worry, no one here will give this desperate attention seeking fool another minute.

    Thanks to all of the true fans commenting!

    • Comments (1276)

      Thanks Justified, trust me, this one isn’t going to be keeping me up at nights. I’m just the kind of person that has to call a troll a troll. Usually with the hopes they will go back to the bridge from which they came. But it is pretty hard to bother with someone, like a Debdeb that can’t even spell my name right, even more so since it’s right there, but I’m the one needing education? lol

  25. Comments (4)

    So what was said about Amanda on BBAD to make her so upset and cry? And why does Arryn have her nasty ass in the middle of it? Did Candice tell something about her that wasn’t true or what? I missed something! I honestly hope to see Arryn leave this week… that bitch should of been packin and out of that house 3 weeks ago! I CANT STAND THAT NASTY BITCH! She cracks me up cause she said she had implants… bahahaha what size?? -A??? She clearly has no boobs at all! Shes just a little girl that needs to grow up and stop living off mommy and daddy. Everyone is talking about how Amanda is venom in the BB house… and can someone please explain to me what Arryn is? I love Amanda and Judd they are my 2 favs and I hope to see them go really far into the game.

    • Comments (38)

      I think the MVP twist has gotten to Amanda so she’s using a new strategy. There was a party and Amanda is lying and twisting things that were said. She’s saying that Elissa was being really nasty to her and saying bad things about her when she was just trying to have fun. People in the house are starting to see she’s a strong player and I think this is a move to make her look weak and take some heat off of her. I think she’s trying to have everyone feel sorry for her and villainize Elissa so if it’s a choice between her and Elissa, people will pick Elissa to go home. I use to like Amanda, but after the lying and manipulating, I’m starting not to like her. Especially since Elissa has been helping McCrea make a ring for her. If she goes up as the 3rd nominee, I want her to go home. Aaryn can go next week. I think having Amanda in the house another week will poison the house into thinking Aaryn is the victim and the real villains are Elissa, Candice, and Howard.

  26. Comments (4)

    And who is Arryn to be giving anyone advice about the game or the things going on in the house with other houseguest? Omg Amanda she is just getting information so she can run and talk horrible about you. It might be wise to hush while you can. I think you’ve said enough to her for her to run and start trouble!

  27. Comments (74)

    Hair extensions are gross and distracting me from watching. I just want them to take them out and give their real hair a good scrub. There’s always someone in these forums that like to stir the pot just to sit back and watch a flock of fans lash out. Anonymous is sweet that way. Aaryn is racist in denial as I’m certain her family condone this behavior. I think BB should get older houseguest as my fav seasons were a cast of 25+

  28. Comments (191)

    Aaryn’s comments are racist and homophobic and CBS loves it. Check the ratings, people are watching. Sponsors are not leaving. I believe CBS would like to see Aaryn stay around a couple more weeks. A good player would want her around at the end because nobody would vote for her.

  29. Julie's Camel Toe
    Comments (1)

    I don’t feel at all that Aaryn is racist.
    Just plenty of ignorant.
    Definitely fun to watch ,though.
    I’m torn between keeping her in the house for entertainment purposes, and watching the interview between her and Julie if she gets kicked out.
    What’s up with Helen’s infatuation with ” Judd the Studd”?
    Great season so far.
    They picked a good cast of characters
    I agree that Amanda is playing the best game so far.
    Hell, she’s a saleswoman with big fake boobs!
    I’d buy anything from her!
    I’m picking Pizza Boy for the win!.

  30. Comments (143)

    Amanda needs to go, she is too strong, mccrae was a coward for backstabbing mc and Amanda is homophobic you can’t go around calling people fag this and fag that and think its cool. Its not like she just said the word or used it against a non gay, calling a gay a fag is clearly homophobic.

  31. Comments (71)

    I found a photo of McCrea and Janell (BB). Looks like they’re at a book signing. Also found information that McCrea does more than deliver pizza. I knew it! Go McCrea. Go Amanda.

  32. Comments (9)

    You mentioned Elissa talking about Kaitlen’s abortion and implied you thought that it was wrong to talk about it on national TV but then you turn around and mention it yourself. I realize this site is not national TV but seems a little hypocritical to me. Something like that is so personal and Kaitlen needs to filter but you didn’t need to repeat it.
    You do a great job and I enjoy your writing (other than the abortion) lol
    thanks for keeping us informed.

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