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Big Brother 15 – Another Week, More MVP Paranoia


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Update: Wow, big news out of the Big Brother house today.  Apparently Amanda was named the MVP nominee which could possibly create a lot of drama inside the house this week.  I’m still hosting the baby shower, but I’ll be posting much more details about this and the PoV a little later.  Sorry about the lack of updates today.

At 11:27pm last night, Howard decided to call an impromptu house meeting, which turned out to be more awkward than enlightening. Don’t get me wrong, Howard appears to be a pretty solid, stand up guy, but his public speaking can use some work.  Watch the speech here, and use the flashback feature.

Once it was over, people spent a majority of the time trying to figure out what he was actually saying versus absorbing his words.  That’s never a sign of a good speech, but hey at least he got whatever it is he had to say off his chest.  I’m no great speech writer either, but I’m going to try and decode what we really wanted to say…

“look, I feel like an ass for swearing on the bible, outside of the game I never would have done that, and I hope you don’t hold that against me.  Also, despite the fact that Aaryn has said some pretty shitty things in the house, I respect that she had to put me on the block because she was forced to by Amanda. This is an eye opener for you guys to see who is actually running the house, and it’s best to take that out before you watch her walk away with your prize money at the end”

I think wording it the way I did would have created some massive drama, but it also may have helped Howard remain in the game (depending on the MVP nominee).  The house can see she’s a big threat, they’ve discussed it, but every week they sit on their hands is another week they lose the numbers to get her out.  Unless Andy, Helen and Judd flip as soon as this week, Amanda should be cruising to the final 4.

While I’m on that subject, I’ve seen a lot of people mention this theory that it’s rigged for Amanda to win this year. Apparently some anonymous person posted how Amanda is bffs with the producer and it’s a guarantee she’s going to win this year.  I call bull on that.  Every year I see people say certain aspects are rigged, including silly things like Jeff (BB’s sweetheart) given fewer shoes in some competition he had to win (the comp was to search for shoes in a pile of balls).   His fans said that BB wanted him out, but why would they?  They love him.  He’s a charming, funny guy who may say dumb things on occasion, but he’s the perfect type of person they’d like to win the game.

I look at the Amanda situation like people claiming it’s rigged for the Yankees, Patriots or Heat to win championships.   By saying that about strong teams that have a good chance at winning every year, it’s so much easier to ‘prove’ your theory correct if they win.  I want to see someone claim the game is rigged in favor of Jessie or Candice, and then I’ll believe it if they win (nothing against those two, they’re both just kind of floating along).    Yes, Amanda worked on some show ‘Big Shot Live’, and there is a very good chance that helped her get ON the show, but the producers are not stupid enough to rig the game like that.  They’re not going to risk 15 seasons of history for a person who used to do occasional reporting on a show nobody has ever heard of.

That’s my take on the Amanda rigging situation.  Disagree with it if you want, but I won’t be talking about it again because it’s silly.

With that out of the way, MVP nominee and Veto should happen today.  There is plenty of paranoia on who the MVP will be this week, and I am at a loss for who could be the nominee at this point.  I’m going to guess Elissa once again, or maybe Amanda.  I am hoping Amanda just for the massive amount of drama that would bring, and I love drama like mosquitoes love ruining my summer nights.

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  1. Comments (682)

    I hope Amanda goes up too. Even though she has the votes to stay (unless something huge changes that) the drama trying to figure out why she was put up can be fun to watch. They pretty much know it’s America’s vote so maybe she’ll quite down a little if she sees America wants her on the block.

    • Comments (51)

      i agree. i hope amanda is the 3rd nominee. i’ve voted for her as the mvp nominee.

      if she’s not nominated (or evicted in the next 2 weeks, well the rumours that bb15 is rigged for Amanda to win.

      • Comments (140)

        Tell me how it’s rigged. She has not won ANYTHING.

      • Comments (53)

        ^^^exactly ! It the perfect cover (conspiracy theory) lol
        l l l

      • Comments (178)

        You’re correct. Amanda hasn’t won any competitions. And yet she has managed to control every HOH (and their choices) since the beginning. That entire house can’t be that stupid not to realize Amanda has been in their ear continually telling them what decisions to make. And, they’ve faced her anger when they’ve dared not to comply with her instructions. Case in point: Elissa when she refused to nominate Howard. Anyone who doesn’t do her bidding is next on her list for elimination. Amanda needs to go. I hope the house gets a shakeup this week and Amanda finds herself eliminated. Enough of her entitlement attitude. Her elimination this week would also squash the “rigged for Amanda to win” rumors.

    • Comments (140)

      I agree. I hope Amanda goes up too. I’m not sure if I want to see everyone rally together and flip to get her out (it would be smart of them to do so), because she is entertaining and I like her. The only reason she’s able to run the house is because people let her. She’s getting a lot of heat for it, but come on, every time someone gets some power or info they run to Amanda first.

      What I’m hesitant about, is everyone blaming MVP on Elissa. That would be horrible for her since Amanda is such a big threat, if she didn’t get knocked out (and even if she did), it might seal the deal for Elissa going home because they’ll think at any point they could be targeted by her next.

      At any rate, I think this week should be interesting 🙂

    • Comments (126)

      Self-centered Amanda will refuse to accept that it was America, but somebody in the house was the MVP, probably harass Elissa for the remainder of the week as the culprit. After all how could America not like her egotistic ways.

      • Comments (1162)

        IF Amanda is chosen as the MVP ……you’re right about her never believing America doing it
        to her.
        She might choose to go after Elissa as the culprit or she’ll go after Candice.
        After all, she hates Candice. In fact yesterday, she said she would like “to KILL HER!”
        And then, followed that up with calling her a “bit*ch face cu*t.” Like the other
        MEAN GIRLS, Amanda never said those hateful words to Candice.

        She is suffering from delusion….BIG TIME!

      • Comments (27)

        I agree, I also cannot understand why some pleople oversee the comments she makes or why is ok for her to say it… to me she is as bad as Aaryn..just saying

      • Comments (126)

        I think this blog is a good consensus of how America is thinking, odds are good she will eventually be put up on the block since we see and hear it all literally 24hrs via the Live Cam subscribers relaying the highlights to us like Steve Beans, who does a pro job synopsis of whats up.

      • Comments (41)

        “Self-centered Amanda”? How so? Please elaborate. I haven’t seen ANYTHING from her that shows evidence of being “self-centered.” The only “self-centered” one I’ve seen on the show is Aaryn. Amanda is playing a great game. As she said, “I’M playing Big Brother. What game are YOU playing?”

      • Anti-Ignorance Fan
        Comments (16)

        Watching the live feeds is more than enough to know Amanda is self-centered. She isn’t any nicer than Aaryn is, that is for sure.

      • Comments (3)

        I think Amanda is playing the best game in the house. She has manipulated every single eviction. I hope she wins the lot.

      • Comments (1276)

        I will agree that Amanda is playing the best game, she has controlled the house the whole time, and hasn’t won crap. But, she has really managed to go from someone who has a since of humor to making some pretty horrible remarks. As mentioned above, she’s made horrible comments against Elissa and Candice, wanting to cause them physical harm, upto and including a rape comment.
        I’ve tried to like her, she is gaming, but, I can’t continue to support someone who keeps saying that sort of thing.

      • Comments (14)

        I wouldn’t say Amanda is any more self-centered than most of the other house guests. She is aggressive, loud, and narrow-minded (she is like a dog with a bone as far as getting Howard out), but she does seem to show empathy to others in the house. That is not being self-centered.

    • Comments (53)

      Please everyone let root for candice to pov and flip the house in in biggest underdog move of the season! amanda is up if candices and take howard they have the number so root for please

  2. Comments (6)

    I hope it’s Amanda too! I think the brenchal army has to come together and vote on one person or the majority votes will go to Elissa again b/c of hate for rachel.

  3. Comments (40)

    I hope Amanda goes up and a smart move would have been for Aaron to put up AmanaCREA (Amanda and McCrea) I do not feel like the speech was needed. He should just let it go and keep focused.

    • Comments (160)

      I’m glad he decided to give a speech. I think it makes it interesting for it to be out in the open. It will solidify everyone’s opinions about Amanda’s power in the house. For Howard to say that in front of the Amanda lovers no matter how inelegant it was, is such a risky move. They either love him for it or hate him. I actually like the fact he said it bluntly without crème because it allows the truth to sink in much deeper than being polite. Anyway, we’ll see what happens =).

  4. Comments (25)

    Omg! Yes! Please let it be Amanda!

  5. Comments (7)

    A new fun thread cuz I’m tired of all the negativity…
    If you were on Jury…let’s say the house waits too long to make their move and “McCranda” makes it to the final two. Do you think the other houseguests would vote for her or McCrae?
    If I was on Jury, I would vote for Amanda, and I think the house would too.

    What about if it’s Judd and Jessie? (not likely, but…)
    I would vote for Jessie and I think the houseguests would vote for Judd.

    Helen and Elissa? (if Elissa doesn’t totally screw it up)
    I would vote for Helen and I think the houseguests would too.
    Any thoughts?

    • Comments (1276)

      Unless McCrae does something horrible, I’d vote for him. 2 reasons, he’s actually won something (but needs to start winning more) and because I couldn’t in good concience vote for Amanda.
      I’d vote for Judd 100%, again he’s actually won something, and Jessie, well, she’s nice and all, but Judd is super nice too, but she’s basically a floater.
      Helen and Elissa is the only one I couldn’t say for sure right now. They’ve both won 1 thing each. If one of them wins more I’d pull for that one. Personally I like Elissa better, even with the break down the other day, and I just don’t like that Helen seems to think she can use guilt on EVERYONE.

  6. Comments (68)


  7. Comments (25)

    Hope it’s Amanda as MVP vote too. What time will it be revealed?

  8. Comments (216)

    “Yankees, Heat, and NY Giants.”

    Fixed it for you, Beansie. (I kid, I kid.)

  9. Comments (16)

    Hope there is one of the other twists this week but doubt is since CBS didn’t announce it like they usually do… but one could hope.
    And I agree with stevebeans that the Amanda rumor is just that… a rumor… but wonder is small small truth ignited it?
    I think it is great we don’t know for certain the next evicted as in past years… so that makes it an interesting season.
    Could go without the extra amounts of bashing that has been going on.

  10. Comments (316)

    GM needs to be put up and sent packing! If they don’t get her out now she will be in the final 4. Mark my words!!

    • Comments (160)

      It’s better to be in the final two with one of the mean girls than someone who seems to get along with everyone lol. But of course, we all DON’T want any of the mean girls to win any “worthy” monetary prize. even second to the grand prize.

      • Comments (12)

        If GM makes it to final two, then all the hypocrites that scream injustice for the racial comments need to sit down and shut it.

        She has been more offensive than Aaryn, she was the one that made the Asian comment about nails that Aaryn added on to and used the N word to note a highly offensive remark about government assistance but all the posters on here rarely bring her up…
        and oh.. did you know that GM noted she had eye shadow for colored people.. ya, that was sweet Thursday night…

      • Comments (1276)

        I for one try to remind everyone that she’s just as bad if not worse than Aaryn. Aaryn has said more, but I think what GM has said is worse. She’s terrible. I think people just don’t consider her because she should be super easy to pick off. She hasn’t even come close to winning anything.

  11. Comments (1162)

    Steve – I think your version of Howard’s speech is “Spot On!.”
    However, I think Amanda and McCrae understood everything Howard said but
    they are hoping no one else did.
    : D

  12. Comments (65)

    Amanda HAS to go up. If you look at the poll on Big Brother Network site, she’s leading everyone by more than double the votes! If Elissa or GM go up, they are rigging it.

    • Comments (316)

      Just because you say they are rigging it won’t make it so. I can make crap up too. Ian won the Shark Fin game last year because it was rigged! NOT!

      • Comments (65)

        I don’t believe in rigging competitions. Nobody can interfere with them in such short time. Now picking nominations or America’s vote is a different story. The producers can switch the votes/lie about who is chosen. It’s not hard to see that Amanda is the one chosen to be nominated by America.

      • Comments (12)

        over a millon votes were cast last week.. BBNetwork poll is what a tiny one thousand.. they don’t represent the cross section of voters.

    • Comments (1162)

      I don’t believe BB is rigging it. I do wonder why the Real Estate Agency Amanda
      works for has NOT FIRED HER!
      She deserves the same condemnation given to Aaryn and GinaMarie by their, now former, employers.

      • Comments (12)

        Real estate agents are self employed first off and I would dare to say that Howard should be not fired and jailed for the Dog Fighting….
        where is the outrage for that?

      • Comments (3)

        What was said about dog fighting and Howard? I totally missed that!

      • Comments (36)

        I have searched all over and haven’t been able to find any evidence of this either. Can you enlighten us?

      • Comments (160)

        Howard is a dog fighter?

      • Comments (1162)

        Howard isn’t a dog fighter.
        I think the guys were talking about it one night and Howard
        may have told a story about something he heard or read……NOT participated in.

      • Comments (768)

        They were talking about it and Howard allegedly commented that there was a lot of money involved in dog fighting. That’s it! Of course some people have to blow it wayyyyyyyyyy out of proportion to try to make it something it wasn’t.

      • Comments (1)

        He said he has a friend that runs dog fights out of his house. He said that’s smarter than doing it in the woods because its harder to get caught.

        Then he talked in detail about the fights including an exact price for a shock collar you can get to pull your dog off before it kills the other dog. He finally talked about the money involved and said “if you got a prime time dog, I’ll put 20k on it tonight”

        He never flat out confesses to it like it’s a court of law, but he definitely talks about betting on dog fights.

      • Comments (1162)

        Real Estate Agents are self-employed, however if they work for a Real Estate
        Brokerage (Firm), they can lose their employment within that firm for any number
        of reasons and Amanda’s vicious comments on BB would be a total embarrassment
        for any reputable Real Estate Brokerage.
        I can’t imagine Coldwell Banker, ReMax or any high end firm keeping Amanda in their offices.

      • Comments (3)

        I believe it’s bc she works for her Mommy.

  13. Comments (44)

    It’s frustrating to watch really.Jessie is happy she isn’t the most hated HG, I forget she’s even in the show most times(brilliant strategy) . McCrea just wants to makeout and buy pizzas. The remaining HGs are just happy to make Jury.

  14. Comments (111)


  15. Comments (191)

    I like Amanda I think she is a good player and entertaining. GM, Elissa and Helen drive me crazy. I would be happy to see any of them put up.

  16. Comments (1)

    It’s official a new “Mean girl” alliance… Amanda/Andy/GM have been brutal. The things they have been saying as of lately have been just as bad as Aaryn’s comments. I need the house to get flipped upside down!

  17. Comments (43)

    all i have to say is that i am sick of everyone ragging amanda because she’s “running” the house. now i don’t have live feeds so i am not privy to all of her behaviors but when dr. will and mike boogie completely ran the house and played everyone it was awesome and everyone loved them. why is amanda being treated diffferently? please someone explain to me the difference. may i also add i am not rooting for amanda hardcore or anything, i am just confused by people not approving of her game. in my opinion she is doing it right. i’d rather back someone like her who is playing well and actually paying the game instead of just following the house. imo, thats good gameplay to have everyone under her thumb.

    • Anti-Ignorance Fan
      Comments (16)

      Probably because the live feeds show her for how she really is…yeah, she’s funny but she is also pretty mean.

    • Comments (160)

      You are so right about her gameplay. But to be fair, I didn’t like Will and Mike to begin with although they were great players.

      • Comments (43)

        i used to think they were so funny. kinda cold hearted but their dr’s were epic. probably not the nicest people but they played a great game.

    • Comments (651)

      Jenny this will show you just a bit of the real Amanda

      • Comments (43)

        ok, so Amanda is not a nice girl. i am so dumbfounded as to how BB managed to find the biggest group of a$$holes this season. i really think almost the entire house has said something completely inappropriate at one point or another with exception of just a couple. now as far as Amanda, i think her game-play and strategy is on point and really good but yes, she is just as much of a mean girl as Aaryn and GM and all the rest. so not cool.

  18. Comments (41)

    Amanda IS funny, and she has a sharp mind. I hope she goes all the way!

  19. Comments (4)

    bean, why aren’t the profiles for kaitlin, mccrae, nick, and spencer not up yet??

  20. Comments (45)

    Amandsa is nominated i knew it. Now howard need to win the POV. #Beastmode

    • Comments (1162)

      Thanks for the GOOD NEWS!!!!

    • Comments (1162)

      BTW – Amanda and McCrae, both, thought they might be nominated.
      Amanda said she was “scared.”
      “Too bad, you, MEAN GIRL!!!!

      • Comments (126)

        That’s a packed answer.

        Xmas comes early, let the lobbying begin.

        I think this is impetus to flip true feelings into reality about Amanda from the house. America has given the guest a shot of courage to do the right thing, let’s see if they take advantage of it, I think they will.

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree with you.
        Fingers are crossed.
        : D

      • Comments (126)

        Amanda has her work cut out for her for votes, the B.S. will pour maybe some tears will flow, but one thing for sure her wing-man Pvt Pizza will be smooching away and he delivers 🙂

      • Comments (233)

        I’m carrying a grudge against those bigots, and I’d like to see them go out one-by-one: Amanda, Aaryn, GM, Spencer. Wasn’t McCrae laughing heartily at Amanda’s throat-slitting, anal raping scenario about Elissa? Truly sick. Then they can finish the game with people who are at least a step or two above that filth. It feels like CBS was giving fans the opportunity to clean house. It would be great if fans would say THIS IS NOT OK.

      • Comments (233)

        I just watched that clip again (yes, nauseating). Judd is the one who was laughing at Amanda’s sparkling wit with Spencer. Sad what passes for funny these days.

  21. Comments (316)

    Let’s hope Amanda wins the veto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Comments (25)

    This next 24 hours should be funny. I can’t wait for an update. In Amanda’s mind she probably thinks Howard’s speech did something. I don’t have 24 hour feed, have they figured out its America voting because I know some of them figured it out????????

  23. Comments (1162)

    Amanda told Jessie and Aaryn that she wants them to drop out of the competition at
    certain times, so she can win the Veto.

    Looks like Amanda isn’t able to play at anything with integrity.
    She is a total loser!

    • Comments (25)

      Omg really? I hope they don’t throw it. POV can be an amazing tool even if Jessie and aaryn can’t go up. And how does Jessie know that MVP won’t just put her up for saving Amanda or throwing the competition for Amanda.

      • Comments (160)

        I so totally agree with you! It would be a bad move for Jessie not to play for veto AND keep the nominations the same. It’s not likely that she is second runner up for MVP nominee but to risk it is not worth it IMO.

  24. Comments (453)

    Ya think McCrae will build a shrine on Friday?

  25. Comments (195)

    What is faster than a speeding bullet? Andy trying to get from room to room before he misses any of the conversation. It is starting to get a little annoying…..everywhere you look there is Andy. Instead of find Waldo….find Andy lol.

    • Comments (768)

      LMAO! I commented the same thing a couple days ago. It’s just uncanny how many conversations that guy can butt into every day. It’s like there are two of him in the house!!

      • Comments (195)

        I know it is crazy. Today he was in the HOH and then I’m not sure I think he flew off the balcony to get to the kitchen to be part of that conversation lol.

      • Comments (160)

        He’s the little spy for McCrae and Amanda lol.

  26. Comments (96)

    Come on Candice or Howard!!! Win pov

  27. Comments (18)

    Putting Howard and Spencer up isn’t such a bad move, and Amanda right next to them on the chopping block is great. If Amanda is next to them it will be a VERY interesting Power of Veto competition. That’s for sure.

  28. Comments (768)

    If Helen/Andy don’t take advantage of getting Amanda out this week then they deserve the third and fourth place they end up with.

    • Comments (1276)

      I think he being up might be enough to kick start the house and make them realize that they won’t have too many chances to get her out. If she doesn’t get VETO (assuming McCrae isn’t playing Veto and can’t get it for her) then it’s the perfect time to strike.
      I have to say, if they do get her out, I think there is a good chance that Helen will take her place as “Queen B” and will just start telling everyone what to do. The one thorne in her side will be McCrae, he’ll be gunning for anyone who went against Amanda.

      • Comments (453)

        What Amanda leaves out to tell the puppets what to do, Helen picks up the slack and gives the rest of the orders. I would like to see GinaMarie go up as a replacement nom for who comes down, actually anyone but Elissa and Candice.

  29. Comments (45)

    Aaryn thinks howard is being framed for MVP she thinks its elissa. Elissa also promised to aaryn she wouldnt nominate her next week.

  30. Comments (36)

    Silly Helen thinks it’s a little too early to get Amanda out. Good grief! I hope she can gain some clearer vision before the vote…

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