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Big Brother 15 – Another Week, More MVP Paranoia

July 27, 2013 | 90 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans



Update: Wow, big news out of the Big Brother house today.  Apparently Amanda was named the MVP nominee which could possibly create a lot of drama inside the house this week.  I’m still hosting the baby shower, but I’ll be posting much more details about this and the PoV a little later.  Sorry about the lack of updates today.

At 11:27pm last night, Howard decided to call an impromptu house meeting, which turned out to be more awkward than enlightening. Don’t get me wrong, Howard appears to be a pretty solid, stand up guy, but his public speaking can use some work.  Watch the speech here, and use the flashback feature.

Once it was over, people spent a majority of the time trying to figure out what he was actually saying versus absorbing his words.  That’s never a sign of a good speech, but hey at least he got whatever it is he had to say off his chest.  I’m no great speech writer either, but I’m going to try and decode what we really wanted to say…

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“look, I feel like an ass for swearing on the bible, outside of the game I never would have done that, and I hope you don’t hold that against me.  Also, despite the fact that Aaryn has said some pretty shitty things in the house, I respect that she had to put me on the block because she was forced to by Amanda. This is an eye opener for you guys to see who is actually running the house, and it’s best to take that out before you watch her walk away with your prize money at the end”

I think wording it the way I did would have created some massive drama, but it also may have helped Howard remain in the game (depending on the MVP nominee).  The house can see she’s a big threat, they’ve discussed it, but every week they sit on their hands is another week they lose the numbers to get her out.  Unless Andy, Helen and Judd flip as soon as this week, Amanda should be cruising to the final 4.

While I’m on that subject, I’ve seen a lot of people mention this theory that it’s rigged for Amanda to win this year. Apparently some anonymous person posted how Amanda is bffs with the producer and it’s a guarantee she’s going to win this year.  I call bull on that.  Every year I see people say certain aspects are rigged, including silly things like Jeff (BB’s sweetheart) given fewer shoes in some competition he had to win (the comp was to search for shoes in a pile of balls).   His fans said that BB wanted him out, but why would they?  They love him.  He’s a charming, funny guy who may say dumb things on occasion, but he’s the perfect type of person they’d like to win the game.

I look at the Amanda situation like people claiming it’s rigged for the Yankees, Patriots or Heat to win championships.   By saying that about strong teams that have a good chance at winning every year, it’s so much easier to ‘prove’ your theory correct if they win.  I want to see someone claim the game is rigged in favor of Jessie or Candice, and then I’ll believe it if they win (nothing against those two, they’re both just kind of floating along).    Yes, Amanda worked on some show ‘Big Shot Live’, and there is a very good chance that helped her get ON the show, but the producers are not stupid enough to rig the game like that.  They’re not going to risk 15 seasons of history for a person who used to do occasional reporting on a show nobody has ever heard of.

That’s my take on the Amanda rigging situation.  Disagree with it if you want, but I won’t be talking about it again because it’s silly.


With that out of the way, MVP nominee and Veto should happen today.  There is plenty of paranoia on who the MVP will be this week, and I am at a loss for who could be the nominee at this point.  I’m going to guess Elissa once again, or maybe Amanda.  I am hoping Amanda just for the massive amount of drama that would bring, and I love drama like mosquitoes love ruining my summer nights.

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