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Big Brother 16 – Battle of the Block Results


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Last night, Frankie and Zach ran it by Christine to she would throw the BoB competition should she be put up. Christine said no, and that really upset Zach because Christine has really done nothing for the alliance so far this season.  Christine has basically been able to relax all summer while the guys do all the dirty work, so they wanted her to put some risk in. Personally, I think it’s a weird request to get mad at, and honestly she kind of has done some things for the alliance. Christine has been the Andy (from BB15) of the group.  She is part of one alliance, while maintaining a sub alliance and good standing with the house (she has also been quick to run to her main alliance and tell any info she learns).


With Zach’s anger, Derrick was easily able to talk him into making a scene at the nomination meeting (which will probably satisfy team america demands). When the feeds returned, Nicole was crying about some of the comments Zach made, and she and Christine spent the afternoon hating Zach. They think he’s a saboteur and just doing stupid moves to mess with people. Because of the nomination meeting, they badly want him gone this week, so that gave them extra motivation to fight for the BoB competition.

The feeds cut, and when they returned, Nicole was hugging Victoria as we learned the ‘geek crew’ indeed won the battle of the block.  This means Victoria and Jocasta will remain on the block, and Frankie will remain HoH.

What does this mean for the week? It’s going to be a very boring few days. Frankie and Zach have a plan to backdoor either Amber or Caleb, but I’ll believe that when I see it. What I do know is most people in the house would use the PoV should they win it, so there are only a handful of people who would completely destroy any excitement this week should they win.  I’d say that’s basically Caleb and Amber.

What does this mean for the house? It means girls are getting picked off one by one, and the only one who really noticed that is now watching from home (Brittany). It will be far too late to do anything about it by the time any remaining girls figure it out.

If we want some excitement this week, we’re going to cross our fingers and hope Amber replaces Jocasta or Victoria Monday afternoon. If the PoV isn’t used, it’s going to be a long week.

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  1. Comments (1799)

    Frankie and Derrick need to start working to keep there alliance together and do damage control

  2. Comments (1288)

    Now Zach can explain to Nicole and Christine what this has done. They both have a comp win to add to their BB resume and to show they are helping the cause of the alliance. They are also both totally safe this week – they cannot be backdoored. They and Frankie are the only people currently guaranteed to be around next week.

    Zach does not have that protection and he is OK with that, it is what the alliance needs. Will those two dunderheads realize this is what being in an alliance requires? Or will they blow it up when they push for revenge on Zach?

    Caleb has already been told the plan is progressing fine with Victoria the target and Jocasta a fallback if Victoria wins POV – he is ripe for the picking. Frankie has told Derrick he does not want to backdoor Zach so any talk contrary is most likely camouflage to mollify those with hurt feelings. Frankie is hunting big game and wants a respectable pelt out of this HoH, Victoria or Jocasta would be considered a waste of his HoH.

  3. Comments (274)

    I don’t want Amber to leave.

    I am truly disappointed in Cody for even allowing her name to be brought up. When any and every person should get out Caleb. Besides, I have other ideas as to why she needs to stay.

    Yeah, I personally want a showmance between her and Cody. I do think they make a cute couple. Not to mention I’d much rather watch them than Nicole and Hayden.
    Plus I think Cody does actually like her but won’t dare ruin his alliance by admitting it and putting himself at a bigger risk by having a showmance. Derrick’s authoritarian personality has really helped him. It is amazing how well he works all of these people. Cody listens to him like any good officer would a sergeant.

  4. Comments (412)

    Darn! Christine is safe for another week. I really want her out, but I never get what I want. Lol

  5. Comments (1288)

    Frankie and Derrick were talking and apparently today did not satisfy the TA challenge. I guess Zach created a spectacle that upset Nicole and Christine but it did not devolve into an argument. Nicole apparently responded with nervous laughter, no word on Talkatoos reaction. They said they have one more chance to satisfy it by instigating an argument at the POV ceremony. Most likely will be goading Zach into taunting a surprised backdooree.

  6. Comments (412)

    I wouldn’t mind seeing either nom go home. Even though I’m warming up to Victoria(I can’t believe it myself) I definitely would not mind seeing Jocasta walk out that door. But hey, a back door would be nice too!

  7. Comments (1288)

    Victoria could easily wind up in a GinaMarie position and get $50k out of her summer glam camp. Jocasta on the other hand has only recently gotten in the game and not very well at that – slight leg injury in today’s BoB. It seems for her this is a chance to Witness and she has little drive to actually win it all.

  8. Comments (162)

    I can not believe Christine and Nicole won. Wonder it Frankie will have the balls to put up Caleb?

  9. Comments (1799)

    Can I say it one more time they need to get Caleb OUT NOW !! The votes are there

    • Comments (22)

      I know, but watching him pine away for Amber is watching the proverbial train wreck. (But – I don’t want him to win money; he has a lot of maturing to do)…These kids need to manufacture some interesting stories & dynamics. Most boring season I’ve seen.

  10. Comments (22)

    You are so right, blogger!! I’ve felt like pulling my hair out; these girls have been so air-headed. They were told early and at least twice (that I’ve seen) that the guys are running the house. Probably too late for them, but it’s ok b/c I hope The Beard has some tricks up his Harvard Medical sleeves – for the Win! 🙂

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