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Big Brother 16 – Could A Big Move Actually Happen??


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Forgive me for my brief updates this weekend. I had to spend a day away from my computer to take a nice Big Brother break. When I found myself at TGIFridays around 11pm eating unlimited appetizers, I knew it was time to call it a night. Not like it mattered, this has been the season of hell when it comes to blogging. There are only so many ways you can write ‘The houseguests are sitting around chatting’. I think I’m almost at the point of just making up words to describe what’s going on in the house.

With that said, yesterday appeared to have the potential for a good week of drama ahead. Hayden won the PoV, and pretty much immediately let Victoria know he was indeed going to use it on her. Considering his outcast alliance of Nicole and Christine were safe, no reason not to I suppose. Maybe he can pull in Victoria and it won’t be a complete landslide of a victory by the detonators.  Oh wait, Christine is part of the detonators as well. Perhaps when she watches what could potentially happen this week, she’ll finally wake up (probably not).

Frankie has been trying to decide who should go up as a replacement nominee, and right now it’s down to Caleb or Amber.  Everyone is heavily leaning toward Amber, but if Caleb pulls a nutty, he will be the nominee and go home instead. I’m not sure that will happen, however. At 10:40pm, Frankie had a little chat with Caleb about the situation, and convinced the Beastmode Cowboy it was a good idea to put her up. Caleb got it in his head how brilliant of an idea it is because she’s going to come crawling back to him once she’s in the nomination seat.

Can I take a brief moment to give Frankie a ton of credit for hands down being the best player this season (with Derrick a close second). I’m not saying he’s going to go down as a Dan or Dr Wil, but watching him this season is impressive.  He and Derrick are playing chess, the rest of the house are playing checkers.  I’ll be absolutely surprised if those two are not in the final 2.

Back to Christine… I mentioned her earlier to see if she’s going to realize what’s going on if and when Amber is voted out.  This is not some easy Brittany or Joey situation.  Amber has been basically hand and hand with Christine backstabbing all the other girls in the house while the ‘Bomb Squad’ was alive. If and when Amber is nominated tomorrow afternoon and Christine doesn’t immediately pull Hayden, Nicole, Donny, Jocasta and Victoria aside to spill the beans on the detonators, she can kiss her $500k goodbye.

I will have a live feed thread going a little later, we’ll see how the house reacts as the news slowly spreads about tomorrow’s meeting.

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  1. Comments (5)

    To me Christine comes off like she thinks she’s the smartest person in the room thus not being able to accurately gauge what’s really going on in the house. Can’t wait for her hipster butt to go.
    As far as Team America’s challenge, I would like to see Amber blow up on Caleb. I really wish Amber and Caleb were put up at the same time. I really think that’s what would wake Caleb (and the audience) to Amber. That girls has a coldness and cruelty to her that we’ve just seen in small doses.

  2. Comments (1446)

    Caleb and Victoria are two of the most shallow, self absorbed people I have ever seen play the game. They deserve nothing.

    • Comments (120)

      Someone’s personality shouldn’t determine if they should get any money. Enough with this “deserve” nonsense. Brittany used that word so often how she “deserved” to be there and we see where that got her.

      • Comments (274)

        There’s a lot of people imho who don’t deserve anything good.

        Plus they don’t deserve it if they don’t earn it and they aren’t doing much to earn it. Neither are playing the game just off their emotions.

    • Comments (266)

      BB production doesn’t care who deserves money. They just cast people who they think will get them ratings.

      • Comments (692)

        I think they missed it this year! I look forward to Big Brother every year and I am not really enjoying this year. It’s okay but I have seen much better seasons.
        I have been enjoying reading the blogs more than watching a show. This is the first season I have ever posted comments on the blogs.
        the people on the blog can get really mean to each other. maybe they should be in the house!

      • Comments (266)

        I agree franco!

  3. Comments (98)

    Christine will flush the 500k down the drain.

  4. Comments (332)

    Caleb is playing the game but Victoria is Boring. I’m not thinking much if Hayden if he wastes it on Victoria.

  5. Comments (1)

    “With that said…” Used in two of three last blog posts and used a gazillion times a day in the house.

    With that being said, (wink), it’s time to retire that overused phrase.

    • Comments (610)

      That, and “thrown under the bus” and “get blood on my hands”. Getting tired of all those phrases! Also, I think it’s Caleb who seems to use “at the end of the day…” alot. And “it is what it is” is way overdone, no matter where I hear it.

      • Comments (383)

        OMG yes! “At the end of the day, it is what it is.” — I think Devin said that verbatim. Total nonsense. Caleb says that stuff over and over, too. So stupid and annoying.

    • Comments (528)

      I suggest “on the flipside of that coin…” Instead 🙂

  6. Comments (162)

    If they leave Victoria in there that’s just another one Derrick can control. I honestly do not know what Amber has done. I can’t stand the thought of Christine staying in there. The boys r soon going to start turning on each other and it can’t happen soon enough for me. Hayden, Donny, Jocasta, Amber and Nicole need to pull together.

  7. Comments (9)

    I use to like amber and was rooting for her, but now I hope she’s out the door Thursday. I think she’s on some dating came and playing every guy there with her looks. I bet if one of the single guys win it she’ll be all over them. Such a shame women like that have to use their looks to things in life. Go home Amber!! Also Christine is so Naive to think those guys are on her side, that cracks me up. I’m team Derrick and Nicole.

    • Comments (383)

      I really don’t see Amber playing every guy there. She isn’t playing Caleb. He’s delusional. She has told him repeatedly she’s not interested in dating him. She might be playing other guys — I honestly don’t know. I only see BBAD and the CBS episodes, and I know there is all kinds of stuff happening that I know nothing about.

  8. Comments (644)

    I like Amber. I remember when she nominated Hayden and Nicole she cried about it because she didn’t want to put them up. She was controlled by Devin. She also got the bad luck of having Caleb mess up her game. Caleb acts so self absorbed that I think he’s either a mole planted in the game, or completely nuts. I hope his family gets him some help when he gets out. I think they should get him out first so he won’t go to jury. I kind of feel bad for him because he said when his parents divorced he and one of his brothers went to live with his Dad and the other two brothers went to live with his Mom. That’s messed up. The 4 brothers should have stayed together. Maybe his upbringing has something to do with the way he’s acting, who knows.
    The 2 most entertaining players on BB right now are Frankie and Zach when they are together. They have a strange relationship but the things they say and the way they act make me laugh. But Zach by himself is the most entertaining player in the game.

    • Comments (1446)

      I don’t get the live feeds, but I think Amber is not nearly as needy and clingy as Victoria…she is always out in the backyard whispering with one of the guys. And what was up with that kooky story last night about her losing her hair?? She and Caleb both have some kind of personalty disorders, narcissism maybe??

      • Comments (274)

        Yeah I totally agree. She makes up so many stories. Did you catch her car accident ones? Oh and how a crow picked her up as a 2yr old off a beach? Yeah sure okay if ya say so Vicstoria.

        She is about to get really messed up with her flirtmance with Hayden. Nicole is not happy nor is she happy he doesn’t talk game with her but only Victoria. Christine won’t back her up though because she can’t see through the jealousy blindness of Amber. Man people really can’t handle when there’s a pretty girl with a good personality. She is nice and it is killing not only the insecure girls in the house but the insecure people who commented about her.

        Victoria isn’t winning anyone over that I talk to. She is making waves for herself with everyone there. Nobody cares about her and have been mean right to her face.

        Actually I think they all have been backstabbing each other.

    • Comments (692)

      I wish that CBS would concentrate a little more on the relationship that Zack and Frankie have. I don’t have the live feeds and don’t get BBAD so I dont get what some people talk about on here when it comes through the two of them. The only thing CBS has shown was on the one episode about them spooning. I bet they will show a lot more of Christine and Hayden in the bed together but I doubt seriously that they would show any more about A Zrankie relationship.

  9. Comments (274)

    SB, I think they are playing a good game, I do, I just don’t like them so much. I started to in the beginning but things bug me about them.

    ~is a mini-me Andy Herron the rat jr
    ~obsessed with getting attention
    ~obsessed with his sister
    ~he keeps targeting my beloved Donny

    ~also keeps targeting my beloved Donny
    ~Isn’t protecting Donny like he is Frankie
    ~I feel like he has a misperception of how America sees him so it makes him more arrogant imo. He bothers me.
    It can be that he is really good at his game & I’m jealous. 😉
    ~He is great at manipulating/controlling & that is my biggest issue. I don’t like manipulative people…he irks me. Yes yes it’s great for the game but I feel like he is just as arrogant as Caleb but hides it far better.
    How he played the throwing of the comp, it may have been heartfelt but I just see it as another game move to garner people’s support. Have people like him like they like Donny. You can’t pull one move & be genuine, it has to be consistent.

    I can see Derrick winning for sure as well as Frankie. Between the 2 Derrick is by far the best player. He started strong & is maintaining his hold over all of these guys. The only one who has ever mentioned to nominate him is Donny. That’s impressive that he’s that low of a threat to all the others.
    Will his lying about being a cop make them not vote for him in the end or will that seal it? Saying how well he hid it?

    Amber, I hope you don’t kiss Caleb’s butt to try to stay. I had wished he would have left first but nothing can be done about it now. She doesn’t need to hear any excuse he will give as to why she’s getting money or whatever he conjures up.

    Power Trip Stalker should feel some sort of repercussions after he leaves this house. I just don’t see a lot of “hoes” (his words) wanting to have anything to do with him. If people watch big brother from where he’s from, I hope they give him crap for his behavior. I know I’d have fun talking to him. “Hey Caleb, will you stalk the animal as much as you did Amber? Will you stay up all night pacing…quietly to not scare the animal away…figuring out how I can shoot my prey? Or will you think I’m going to get a better/bigger animal than you so you’ll ‘scare me’ straight?” I think it would be fun to watch him answer. I don’t know why I never considered th Naturally he would be a stalker in his line of work? No?

    • Comments (224)

      I don’t think any of the jury will find out that he’s a cop until after the vote. That’s why they get sequestered, so they don’t have access to information that might affect their vote. If only they’d done that all along, then BB3 would have had a much better outcome!

      • Comments (692)

        I wasn’t watching back as far as bb3. What happened on that season.? Did they not sequester the jury back then?

      • Comments (274)

        That was the only season they allowed all evicted houseguests to vote.

      • Comments (224)

        Danielle played one of the best games in the history of big brother and made it to the finals. But, the evicted houseguests (all the voters, no jury then) all went home and watched her diary sessions where she made fun of everyone. They awarded the 500k to a floater cause their ego’s got bruised over Danielle’s comments about them. After that season, Big Brother stopped allowing voting members to see any outside information about the game.

      • Comments (274)

        But don’t you think that as the finale is being aired that Julie won’t mention 2 houseguests have been hiding a “major” secret from the rest? I do. I can’t remember which season but I recall something similar happening with someone lying about their life, wife, something…anyone remember what I’m thinking of?

  10. Comments (35) are not watching the live feeds at all…so much happened last night that you are not mentioning or got wrong…you always have an excuse up front like..sorry, had to do errands last night…had to go out..etc etc….done with this stupid

    • Comments (198)

      Please don’t let the string slap you in the a**

    • Comments (95)

      @glk…was that even necessary? If you don’t like it, don’t come, and definitely don’t take time out of your life to comment. Stevebeans does have a life besides this website, you know. Of course he runs errands or goes out for the evening. He’s human. What do you think he does, just sit a the computer ALL day with a TV beside his monitor watching live feeds of BB? That was way harsh, dude.

  11. Comments (266)

    I don’t have live feeds. What does Christine do that makes viewers hate her? Also can someone recap the different alliances in the house?? So far I just know of the detonators.

    • Comments (274)

      Kraz I thought I sent an answer but it’s not here! Ugh I’m going to try to explain what I can and hopefully I’m right, hopefullyhopefully others will help out.
      Derrick has I believe something set up with each person in the house but here’s the “official, unofficial”
      detonators (obviously the 5, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Frankie, & the lovely Christine)
      Derrick’s TA
      Derrick’s final 2 with Cody
      Derrick’s final 2 with Frankie
      Derrick’s final 2 with Zach ??? Can’t remember the conversation with these 2 but there’s something
      Derrick’s somewhat alliance with Nicole, spoken of long time ago, not sure where it’s at.
      Hayden wants to join the detonators even though he doesn’t know that they are an alliance.
      Nicole & Christine
      Hayden, Christine, & Nicole aren’t technologically an alliance but something is there.
      Zach & Frankie

      People help me out here

      • Comments (274)

        Technically not technologically….. what!?! Lol spellchecker is my enemy sometimes

      • Comments (266)

        Haha love spell check. Thanks Jill for summing those up for me! I can see how Christine is so unlikable. I think you’re right Sadie … They thought she was going to be the geek of the group. BB needs to get to know their cast better before they sign them on!!

    • Comments (528)

      I don’t get the live feeds either but I can see what they’re complaining about. I was hoping she’s be a real representation of the geeks (like Ian Terry – he was perfect) and instead she’s just dorky-looking but has this flippant attitude like she’s got everyone under her thumb when meanwhile she does nothing to contribute to anything, ever. She’s the ultimate floater with a big mouth to boot.

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