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Big Brother 16 – My Date From Hell

July 23, 2014 | 50 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


The other night, I stumbled on a TV show called ‘My Date From Hell’ (or something like that.. anyone know exact name so I can dvr?). Last night, it looked like Caleb was doing an audition for that show when he announced to the house he had a date set up for Amber, and asked if she would like to go. Considering it was in front of everyone, and Amber doesn’t want to look like a major bitch, she said yes. Caleb’s sphincter puckered up as he happily brought a clearly embarrassed Amber to the back yard for their very romantic beer and wine date. Flashback to 9:26pm for all the awkward glory. 


As you may have noticed, I mentioned beer and wine. That’s because production likely reads my posts and got the idea to give them booze finally. Just kidding, even they can see how insanely boring the house has been and needed to do something to spice it up. Would it work?  Well, compared to other nights of BB16, I’d say so, but it wasn’t exactly the bed flipping, skinny dipping, topless birthday dance type of night they probably hoped for.

Quick note, I have to run to the doctors in 45 minutes, so I am going to publish this early and then keep updating when I return and can flashback more highlights from the feeds.  This will likely look more like a live feed thread, but it will be all flashbacks as right now (6:45am), they’re all snoozing.

  • 9:27pm (c3) – The house waits about 3 seconds after they shut the door to relentlessly make fun of how incredibly awkward that was. Frankie jokes that Caleb waited until Cody left the room for a few minutes.
    Meanwhile, poor Donny looks so out of place with all the youngins drinking…
  • 10:06pm – Zach and Victoria walk back into the house together.  He compliments her on how she is looking and asks the chances of going on a date after the show. She said he’d have to apologize to her parents for all the bad things he has said about her… Zach replies “So probably a 0”.
  • That wouldn’t be the end of Zach and Victoria. He continues hitting on her every chance he gets, asking her to make out.  She said she doesn’t make out with anyone she isn’t dating.

Sorry for the long delay.  Had to run errands after the dr.  I’m home now and going to try and finish the last night report while also checking in on the house live

  • 11:08pm – Christine goes to the HoH and Cody immediately starts venting about Zach…
  • Apparently Zach went up to Brittany and said that Cody/Amber are working together (perhaps all the snuggling gave that away?). Cody also said Brittany is on his last nerve as well. Cody is stuck in a cycle with Amber and Brittany where he tells Britt something to keep the peace with her, but she runs and tells Amber who runs and tells Cody.  Amber then asks Cody about it who bitches to Brittany who goes to Amber.  Confused?  Don’t worry, it’s silly stuff.
  • Amber joins and Cody bashes Brittany and Zach to her.  Sounds like a game of telephone they need to clear up
  • 2:45am – Cody is laying in the HoH bed with Brittany.  This house is crazy. Although, if she’s trying to seduce him, she picked the wrong time. Should have done it Sunday night when he still had a chance to keep her.

With that, I’m going to close this up and start a new thread about the feeds update today.  I had a busy morning so wasn’t able to fully recap it. My apologizes.

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