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Big Brother 16 – Derrick Looks Ahead



During Big Brother 14, Dan had a ‘funeral’ where he made amends with some, and pissed off his closest ally in the house, Danielle. He did this to break up their friendship publicly so the house thought they were done.  The clever part is that she didn’t know what he was doing, so her shock that night was a complete surprise and the tears were real.

Derrick is planning the same thing, except he let Victoria know beforehand.  He told Victoria he is going to ‘tell her’ that he’s voting for her to go (he really is), and for her to act mad at him.  This is because Victoria really has no shot in the game, and both of them know it.  That’s no secret.  The reason he’s doing this is so the guys don’t think she’s a guaranteed vote for him if he’s in the f2 and will help his chances along.

I am not sure how I feel about this strategy, but hey it could work. Cody and Caleb are dumb enough to believe Victoria really wouldn’t vote him Derrick, and Caleb already thinks he has a few guaranteed votes in the final 2.  I don’t think Frankie would buy it, but I also think Frankie is the next to go unless he wins every HoH and every PoV when he’s not HoH.  Winning so many competitions and having a decent social game is dangerous, and everyone knows it.  There is a small chance Frankie would still beat out Victoria to the real final 4 should things switch up tomorrow, but no chance he makes it to the final 3 unless he wins. It’s that simple.


It is pretty weird that this season has boiled down to telling people they’re leaving and just working them for a vote before they go.  This is something you don’t see very often, and just shows how little fight most of the players have had this season. I seen more fight out of the Broncos last Super Bowl (is it too late to use SB jokes since a new season started?).

I’m off to the dentist (aghhhhh, save me!) but I will have a live feed thread up later on! Have a good Tuesday, I know I won’t.


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    Sara (17 comments)

    Alright Steve you’re really dropping the ball on this one.. They got a dog??!??

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    Rocco (69 comments)

    Dogs name is Izzy I thnk

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    Rocco (69 comments)

    Yep – her name is Izzy – HHG sleeping as usual when door bell rang making them all jump up and run to see who was there

  4. Jannie

    My feelings for these players changes weekly. I said it on the last thread. I’m almost hoping that Cody and Caleb make it to the end. From there I don’t care who wins it.
    As much as I hate watching the antics of Mango – he has won the most comps, by far.
    I also think he and Derrick are the only ones with any brains in the house.
    Derrick and Victoria’s scheme just shows her undying devotion to him and the lengths he will go to use her to win the money. Last night he told her that they will definitely be hanging out after the show is over and that she should go on his family’s next cruise with them…yeah right.
    Doubt Victoria is skilled enough to pull off this scheme. If anyone figures it out, it will be Mango. And if he wins HOH again, he may just put up Vic and Derrick.

    But something still really bugs me about the way he has used Victoria’s feelings for him. He’s worked it a little too much and, while not a fan of Victoria, I hope she’s OK when it’s all over.

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      Derrick knows Victoria is young and naïve and has a crush on him but he continues with the BFF scenario. One of the many reasons I fell off the Derrick bandwagon sometime ago.

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      Let’s say you auditioned and were cast to be on bb.

      Would you go into it thinking you are going to be everyone’s best friend, and have no game ?


      Would you try to think of a way to get to the final two, and ultimately win ?

      Two things have happened. Derrick went in with a plan to win. He got into an alliance, and found a hg who he could manipulate. It is pure bb game at it’s best.

      Also, if Vic is this stupid in the way that she is allowing herself to be controlled in the Big Brother house, then she deserves to be used and manipulated by someone that wants to win.

      • Jannie

        After being on these blogs for two years, no way I would want to be on BB- I see what we all do to the them! 🙂

        I totally get Derrick’s strategy and give him props for being a mastermind, but I don’t think he has had to lead Vic on quite as much as he has this season. He knows that she would do anything for him and he takes full advantage.

        Do you think he is taking her on a cruise with his family and/or having her visit his family in New England when this is all done?? Well, that’s exactly what he’s told her is going to happen.

        Frustrated that she is the last standing girl when there are others who worked harder to be in that position.

      • Avatar

        Hi Jannie,

        I know what you mean. Mom and Willie would be destroying me if I was there. lol.

        But, with respect to Derrick, I doubt if he is serious about vacationing with her. And once she sees how he played her, I doubt if she would even want to go. She is bound to be furious.

        Does he have to continue to manipulate and use her ? Sadly for her he does. Once the charade started he has to play it to the end.

        Hoping for Anyone but Frankue on the reset !

        Have a good afternoon,

      • Avatar

        I would. LOVE. , love to be on BB,
        I would be good , no GREAT at the puzzles. But physical comps no.
        I would not put up with any ,sh,,,t
        And lie to you face and smile.
        But do they want old people?
        Why NO

      • Avatar

        Plus, I would be telling Frankie off, in a good old fashion way!!!!

      • Avatar

        Okay, mom.

        You and I are in for a final two.

        I wont stab you in the back. I promise !

      • Avatar
        ofcourseudo (70 comments)

        Ofcourseuwould. It’s easy to be a blustering fool while hiding behind a computer screen.

      • Jannie

        Thanks, you too.
        C’mon, Mom and Willie seem like pretty reasonable people 🙂

        I agree, Mom…good at puzzles, not good at the physical.
        I want a BB 40+ season!


      • Avatar

        You seem very good at it, fool.

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    • Avatar

      Same, Jannie. I do think Victoria is a sweet girl, despite her immaturity (it is eerie to me just how much she acts like a 14 year old girl at times, despite being in her early 20s). I’m hoping BB will be an extreme growing experience for her, and that all the manipulations played on her in the house will help her to learn and mature.

      That said… I think she’s going to be pretty messed up once she’s out of the house and learns how Derrick played her. Plus, she’s going to be experiencing heartbreak as well being separated from Derrick – she has quite a bit crush on him and reality is going to set in once they go back to their regular lives and she realizes he’s no longer around and is instead with his wife.

      • Jannie

        From what I get, she has been VERY sheltered by her Jewish parents.

        Kinda sad she is so emotionally immature.

        And Derrick knows it, shame on him.

      • Avatar

        This is what I have felt about Victoria all along. I think she has been really sheltered by her parents. You don’t see her do a whole lot on the show at night. She has waited for people to wait on her like that is what’s she’s used too not in a spoiled way but just genuinely thinks that’s how the world operates. She got on my nerves at first because of it. Not wanting to go to sleep alone in a room or anything. I sheltered my girls but not like this. I think her parents have done her a disservice not teaching her to become self-reliant.

      • Jannie

        Gotta at least give it to her for sticking it out all summer w/o her parents. Must be hard on both of them.

      • Avatar
        Jenny (383 comments)

        Janni I absolutely agree with you. She acts immature because she hasn’t had the independence most Americans her age have had. I expected her to be a spoiled little princess at first, but she’s really not that bad. The only thing she has done that I dislike is the way she bad-mouths the outgoing house guests. I worry how she’ll react when she finds out how little respect she really had from the rest of them. I think part of her knows it and the rest of her really wants to believe that as Derrick told her, she’s the best competitor of the girls.

  5. Avatar

    Good luck today, Steve. Thanks for the updates.

  6. Avatar

    What is interesting about all of SB’s post above is the reset button.

    Even though we are talking about Vic, the reset will still breathe a miniscule amount of life into her. Perhaps even enough for her to want to actually compete for the hoh Wednesday night.

    What is also great about the reset, is that the hg’s know that the meaning of the button will be revealed tomorrow at 5:36 bb time.

    That’s enough time for the mock eviction. Enough time for Frankie to try to convince Caleb to vote- out Cody so Frankie can break the tie. Doubt that that would happen, but it would be interesting game.

  7. Avatar

    I feel SOOO bad for that poor dog.

    I may call the Humane Society or Animal Control.

    • Avatar

      Why would production do that to the poor dog? They can’t even clean up their mess.

      • Avatar
        franko (692 comments)

        I wonder who’s gonna clean up after the dog??
        They don’t clean up after themselves!!

      • Avatar

        Where will it “go”?
        Isn’t that astroturf?

        Production is just lost this season…

      • Avatar

        I can see nobody cleaning up after the dog and it smelling after a couple of weeks. Thank god there is only a couple of weeks left. And what is going to happen to Izzy after the show? Who is she going to go home to?

      • Avatar

        And where did they get her?

      • Avatar

        Izzy is only there for the day ….I think even these @$$hats can handle a small dog for one day…I hope

      • Avatar


      • Avatar

        CBS needs to clean house with the production team after back to back lackluster seasons.

      • Avatar

        No kidding. Its weird and boring at the same time.

        I blame Grodner. Rumor was she was friends with Amanda. Makes sense since a lot of comps etc were thrown her way.. I thought so anyways. .

      • Avatar

        Yes, that was the rumour last year and I believed it too.

      • danmtruth

        That’s why HG must watch and pickup after the dog. Harder yet when it Pee’s than they need to blot the water up. Doubt if any of them understand or can do it

      • Avatar
        ofcourseudo (70 comments)

        You all sound like idiots. I bet you are a hiding behind the persona of a lemming. Not one of you produced any proof. Do you really believe that a police officer with a wife and child is incapable of taking care of a mutt? Hell, even people south of the Mason-Dixon line can take care of a dog.

      • Avatar

        Hope you’re feeling better.

      • danmtruth

        Franco hope this early comment is a sign your feeling a bit better

      • Avatar

        I know. Its cruel and almost abusive.

      • Avatar
        ofcourseudo (70 comments)

        Are you referring to your comments?

      • Jannie

        That may be it – my dog is pretty good at cleaning up whatever the kids drop under the table. He’s probably there as a maid.

        At least the HG’s seem to be animal lovers and Izzy will get plenty of attention. Well, except Victoria. She has said she is scared of animals, has never had a pet, and even told Derrick the other night that he should consider selling his dogs because they are just an added expense for his family.

        As an animal lover myself(cat and dog owner), that blew me away.

        Izzy, steer clear of Victoria!

      • Avatar

        Sell the kids?!
        Ok Vic. You’ve lost my vote.

        Dogs aren’t disposable. They’re living breathing things. I’m so against profiting off nature, etc.

      • Jannie

        Derrick had mentioned that one of their pugs had a few bouts with skin cancer and Victoria said that he should sell their pets because they are too expensive when he has a child. Derrick was shocked and told her that they are like their kids and Victoria just didn’t get it.


        I never trust people who don’t have pets.

      • Avatar

        The fact that she thinks you could sell a dog shows how clueless she is. The shelters are over run.

      • Avatar

        I guarantee if she had a pet Vic wouldn’t be falling for Derrick.

        Pets give so much love .. almost too much!

      • Avatar

        Look this a girl who was told by her parents that she was carried off by a crow at the beach and she believed them. She’s never had the opportunity to own a pet as a child. She just doesn’t know any better.

      • Avatar

        If you have never owned a pet you can’t understand the strong bond and love you have for them they are art of your family. It’s just like ppl who don’t have children. There is a lot they just don’t understand what goes into raising them and what you would do for them and that you would give your life for them

    • Avatar

      I have to add my ‘what were they thinking’ to the thread. Really??? A dog??? Wait until the first time it has to go to the bathroom! There isn’t a place for it to do that…the back yard is astroturf and is often closed for hours at a time when production is building sets for the competitions. And where’s the dog gonna go for a walk? That back yard is not very big. Another fail for BB production!

      Oh wait, maybe the dog will bring fleas into the house to go with the ants they already have…

  8. Avatar
    Rocco (69 comments)

    You are right Jannie – the dog is eating up all the scraps of food the lazy hhg drop on the floor under the kitchen table – even Mango has said maybe we should get a vacuum cleaner and clean up the mess – what pigs – poor dog.

  9. Avatar

    I am giving BB one more season. After 16 seasons of watching, if this next season is as stupid and boring as this one, I am done watching BB. Cannot believe they got them a dog, really production. You are grasping at straws and this is the best you can come up with. Should have named the dog twisted.

  10. Avatar
    Peggy (453 comments)

    Read on Morty’s that the dog is only there for 1 day, can only hope that is true. Can also hope it goes and pees on Frankies things on the floor when no one lets it outside. CBS is going to have to get Ceasar Milan to re-boot poor Izzy’s brain.

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  12. Avatar
    Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

    This dog thing is so random. Does anyone else think this maybe some kind if twist this week?. It just seems so strange.

  13. Avatar

    I am just glad it has been confirmed that Izzy the dog is only there for one day. Thank god, I do not have much faith in these people and trying to take care of a dog. They are already so lazy with themselves and the house itself looks horrible.

    • Avatar
      Peggy (453 comments)

      Beyond lazy! Did anyone else hear Christine tell Nicole that she hadn’t done her laundry since she moved in except the week before she was evicted? NASTY!!!

  14. Avatar

    I’m even surprised production would even show
    The ant problem on tv. It only makes all if them look
    Really bad. Isn’t that a health issue if the houseguests
    Can’t keep it controlled whee production would need
    To send cleaners in? I thought in the beginning Amber and
    Brittany were cleaning all the time and the ants were still there?

    • Avatar
      Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

      Ants have always been a problem since BB 1. Jeff was right to tell them it stunk, at least they finally cleaned the kitchen, bathrooms and floors. This also maybe came from the producers to get them off there rear-ends.

      • Avatar
        Lilly (644 comments)

        To be fair to the HGs, the night before Jeff and Jordan came, Frankie said they were going to clean the house the next day. But they should have done it sooner and often, then the house wouldn’t be so dirty and smell so bad, that was embarrassing when Jeff made the comments.

  15. Avatar

    Also, I thought it was rude of Jeff to say the
    House smelled. He’s a vision coming into the houseguests
    “House” at the moment and I’m sure Jeff wouldn’t
    Of said that to someone else’s house he was visiting.
    He came there to propose to Jordan, not to embarrass
    The others. I dunno. That guy rubs me the wrong way.

    • Avatar
      Collin (10 comments)

      With the way the house guests have been cleaning that house they deserve it. Also it’s not their house, their living there for 3 months much like how someone might rent a vacation home for 3 months. and it’s considered incredibly rude and disgusting to leave a home looking like that because believe it or not somebody is going to have to clean up after them.

    • Avatar

      It had to be pretty bad for him to say it stunk. I think he should have said it. Jeff just is person who tells it like it is. You know where you stand with him in real life. In his bb interviews he can’t say what he really thinks and can’t ask the questions we all really want asked. He has guidelines he has to follow in that job. Unfortunately. Cause we would have loved to hear him ask Christine about the boos and anybody about hor Frankie comes on to other men in house etc

      • Avatar
        ofcourseudo (70 comments)

        Why can’t Frankie come on to other men. That’s what gay men do. It is part of being gay. Homophobic much? Your comments reveal so much about yourself.

  16. Avatar
    Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

    I actually think Frankie would take care of the dog and Derrick too. Frankie adores the fish and takes very good of them. Although I think Derrick, Cody and Caleb would end taking the dog to the bathroom. The only danger the dog would be in is Frankie feeding it too fish.

  17. Avatar
    Shawn watson (38 comments)

    Who hopes Frankie steps in dog crap (barefooted)?

  18. Avatar

    I know there are a lot of Victoria fans so don’t slam me for saying it would be funny if she stepped in [email protected]@t. Poor Victoria I watched her last night on BBAD. She just doesn’t belong in that house and is actually lucky that the rest of the house has taken her under their wing. I honestly do feel like Derrick cares for her but at the same time he’s there to win. He just had her all excited about their plan to try to fool Frankie into believing that Derrick has no votes in the BB jury house. All the while letting her know that she was getting voted out, and she’s happy to go before him. She’s just on a whole nother planet. Bless Caleb’s heart he has blips of a moment that he has a very good idea and then bloop it’s gone. So if Victoria is on another planet Caleb goes to visit. Then you’ve got Derrick and Frankie both playing the social, manipulation game, just different from each other with Cody kinda floating between them all. What do y’all think?

    • Jannie

      Totally agree, but be careful…

      Like the Elissa fans last year, they come after you quickly.

      You said it – nice, naive girl who doesn’t belong in the house.

      Best line from her last night: “I don’t wanna leave the house thinking I didn’t try my hardest.”


      • Avatar

        I know. Poor girl she just doesn’t have a clue. I felt bad for her last night but like a train wreck I couldn’t stop watching him (Derrick ) spin this story around her leaving and she just accepted it. I really don’t want her to get hurt but you just have to have alittle common sense.

  19. Avatar

    Good thing Izzy is not staying or she would be on the block with Victoria and Victoria would be voted out.

  20. Avatar

    About Jeff and the smelly house comment, maybe production asked them to clean up and the HG’s can’t be bothered so that was productions way to get them to cleanup by embarrassing them

  21. Avatar

    Franko if your out there do you feel better today?

  22. Avatar

    Sandra isn’t about time for a new house?

  23. Avatar

    It’s been the same layout with the same awful furnishings and decorations for way too long

    • Avatar

      Yeah they just make new covers for the furniture. I think it was Evil Dicks season where someone un-zipped the covers on the furniture outside and it was furniture from year before. I get that it’s expensive but come on they could do a little better.

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