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Big Brother 16 – Back Door Is The Only Door


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Last week around this time, Devin was sitting pretty in the Big Brother 16 house. He still had his alliance, safe for the week, and was taking control of the house. Then he was told Brittany didn’t have the votes to go home, and lost his game.  Only a few days later, two of the many people who want him out won HoH, so it was inevitable he was going to be the target this week. As Big Brother fans know, wanting someone gone and getting them out is a completely different story.

Leading up to nominations, the main talk of the house was who to nominate and how to get Devin out. This wasn’t just on the CBS episode, but also on the live feeds. Getting a strong player out of the house either requires plenty of strategy, or even more luck. Nicole and Derrick did not want to rely on the latter, so they needed to make calculated moves on who to nominate, how it will further their game and so forth.

In order to get a better perspective of the situation, Nicole turned to the resident wise man of the house, Donny. They sat in the beehive room and had a talk where he gave her some sound advice, but he then made a critical mistake. Shortly after their meeting, he went to Jocasta and spilled things that were told to him in confidence.  Donny would later use the line ‘Did you tell me not to say anything?’, but he is a student of the game. Donny is no recruit who had no clue what Big Brother was a few months ago. He knew very well what he was doing by warning Jocasta what he heard in the beehive room.

This gave Nicole the final push she needed for her 2nd nomination, and the meeting was set:

Nicole nominated: Amber and Donny
Derrick nominated: Caleb and Jocasta

There were a few reasons for nominations this way, and some weren’t covered on the episode tonight. Here is a small bullet point list on how these names were thought out…

  • They really didn’t have very many people to choose from without pissing people off.  They watched what happens when you nominate someone and don’t get him out (Zach), and didn’t want to make that same mistake. Considering their target was Devin, they made sure most of the house members knew what was happening.
  • Instead of putting Amber and Caleb on the same team, they split them up with the potential that Devin draws for the veto and wins it.  If Amber/Caleb are on the same team, Caleb is going to give it his all to save them both. By splitting them, they were able to convince one of the strongest players in the house to throw the botb competition to save a girl who doesn’t even like him. If Devin wins veto and Caleb is on the block, he would have been another option to go home.
  • They put Amber and Donny for Nicole because the two decided to work together, and with Caleb throwing it, Nicole will have a chance to play for the HoH competition this week. They haven’t had an endurance challenge since the first week, so if that is the HOH competition this week, they feel Nicole would have a better chance winning over Derrick.

These were probably the most thought out nominations of the season so far, and that’s not too surprising coming from two really intelligent people. Were they perfect?  It’s hard to say, but they were very well thought out.

The battle of the block competition was a Harry Potter theme with each teammate tied to another. One person runs (and raises their teammate) to get puzzle pieces and the other sticks them to the wall.  This was actually a really tough competition to throw for Caleb, so I’m actually surprised they lost, but he clearly didn’t give it his all.  He had a casual run back and forth to the pieces and didn’t help nearly as much as Donny did to Amber. Despite giving it about half effort, Caleb and Jocasta managed to catch up and had a legitimate shot at winning until Amber finished off the puzzle.

One behind the scenes note today.. Jocasta was not kidding when she said she felt sick (and looked it). After the competition, she remained in the diary room for quite some time, and was finally escorted to the bathroom where she threw up. She remained in bed most of the night and was pretty out of it the next day as well. That is also why she looked like complete hell during one of her DR sessions tonight. They must have done that interview shortly after the competition when she was sick.

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  1. Comments (274)

    I am getting worried about Donny. He is so nice and so laid back that for them to target him seems illegal.

    Devin is trying to get his foot in but MAN he screwed up royally by throwing people under the bus earlier that nobody would believe him now.

    Poor Jocasta! Can’t be good being that ill with $ on the line. I hope she gets better soon so she won’t have to self evict. No matter her game play or lack of, at least she can have a shot by being in the house and not out by something completely out of her control.

    • Comments (1288)

      I seem to recall seeing that Donny commented on the feeds that Jocasta’s dehydration was from too much laxative use. He really does like to share. If that is the case her issues should be fixed readily and her game (as little as it is) back on.

  2. Comments (469)

    SB – I must respectfully disagree with you on your assessment of Donny’s telling Jocasta of his convo. with Nicole. Yes Donny is a student of the game – but so is Nicole. I believe if Nicole had asked for Donny’s silence he would have honored that given his history of honesty throughout this game. But since she didn’t ask he felt no problem speaking to Jo (his good friend) since her future in the game could be effected by this move. I will say this, I am excited by Nicole and Donny’s meeting after the nominations – I truly believe both were absolutely sincere as they spoke – and the result was bringing Donny into a genuine alliance that could totally change the dynamics of the house. Think about it – Nicole/Christine/Hayden/Donny/he would bring Jocasta/and I am convinced Brittany would jump at the chance. If this would happen it would pit them against Derrick/Caleb/Amber/Cody/Zach/Frankie – Victoria would be anyones guess – and I am not so sure Amber woudn’t be open to the Nicole etc. alliance. (in this scenario I am assuming Devin is gone). This would definately completely change the game and shake things up. I believe Nicole is by far the best gamer in the house and Christine is a very close second. Have you noticed the last few BBAD airings how Nicole just sits and listens with her eyes constantly moving around the room – seldom speaking. She is studying everyone – their words-voice inflections-body language-who they are speaking to-and how each is reacting to each other – this girl is a dynamo – and the beauty of it is no one has a clue-not even Christine completely. I also believe the new allince woild stay strong and secretive – why – no big egos – no big mouths and no hot heads.

    • Comments (1288)

      That alliance should fire the first shot and take out Caleb this week. Devin should be good for at least a one week deal of going after the BS remainders.

      • Comments (1799)

        If Donny has watch ANY old BB he KNEW that conversation should be kept secret As for Devin if history proves anything Get the person out as soon as you can Too many people out think themselves Your first target is normally your smartest move So get Devin now that the votes are their

      • Comments (21)

        Donny’s bad move was not making sure that no one else was around when he told Jocasta about the nominations plan….And also there’s a lot of other rooms he could’ve told her, you know like a closed one and not a living room…

    • Comments (5)

      She actually said to him “Donny, this stays between you and I” And he didn’t honor that. Kinda sucks because I really like Donny and want to see him go far.

  3. Comments (1)

    Don’t worry about Jocasta. I’m watching After Dark and she is fine now.

    I was just going to say, all of these people who have won Hoh keep saying they don’t want blood on their hands. But one of the greatest players of all time, Dan Gheesling, in his last go around, always talked about how he was practically drowning in the blood of all the house guests whose throats he cut to make it to final two with Ian. It’s a necessary part of the game. And Derrick with Nicole, both of whom are so called super fans, should know this. So when does the cutting start, cause all of them are just a house full of pussies too afraid to make big moves.

    Also, Donny can’t be just 42. He must be older. Cause I’m 40 and he acts and looks like he is more like in his late 40s. I think he lied about his age. All those people in the house keep acting like he’s a really old man but 42 is not that old!

    • Comments (469)

      Think back Rubicon – when you were early to mid twenties a 42 year old was ancient – What you are seeing is a laid back southern country boy who doesn’t get in a hurry for anyone or anything – unless it is dinner time.

    • Comments (110)

      I so agree. I hate that expression first of all but play the game already. It’s a part of the game to make moves. And plenty of people who have won made big bold moves and really shook up the house but didn’t care. I mean Evil Dick was always doing something. They didn’t sit around whining about blood on their hands.

      I agree with John Ruth, Donny is a laid back country guy.

  4. Comments (875)

    Devin could have been sitting pretty this week if he had just included his alliance in all of his decision making when he was HOH?! Thats why you have an alliance for, to support you & your decisions, especially early on in the game. Dumb, dumb, dumb…smh!

    • Comments (1799)

      He talk of an alliance yet he did ever thing without talking to his team members Bringing the girls in who to nominate Making the deal with Paola Than taking Britney down All done without talking to his alliance members Beside day two was way to soon to make that big of an alliance Half the house was part of it Doomed from the start

    • Comments (68)

      I think Devin feels as if he has to show his power and dominance. When he formed the bomb squad it was meant to be the 6 strong guys. He added the 2 girls because he felt it needed a female presence. He is right on that one; you need a good mix in the alliance for it to work. But it was 8 people, that is way too much. If anything you could have removed Zach and Cody and had an alliance of 6 people and you could have ran the house.

      The real issue happened when he won HOH. I think he felt as if the whole house was supposed to follow his orders at that point. He makes Amber nominates who he wants, he makes a deal with Paola but doesn’t keep it, he flip flopped on Britany for whatever reason, and worst of all, he keep blowing the alliance every time he gets a temper tantrum. Then he leaves it once he realized that the alliance is actually making decisions on their own and live without him.

      Really poor gameplay but hey, he is still in the house.

  5. Comments (110)

    So team america got its first challenge but I don’t watch the feeds, did it work?

    I thought Nicole made it pretty clear that convo was between them however if Jacosta is his friend that put him in a tough spot. Regardless of why he did it he still seems like 1 of the few genuinely nice people there.

  6. Comments (162)

    I wish they would leave Devin in this time and see how things play out next week. Still say you need to watch Christine cause she is sneaky. She has already formed an alliance and left out Nicole once. Will it happen again?

    • Comments (274)

      She has been behaving so jealous of Amber it makes me dislike her A….LOT. She is so insecure about it, and you can tell especially after her convo on the hammock with Victoria? I believe? Then she tells Frankie-“everyone at church asks my husband,”how did you land this girl””
      Frankie responds with a pretty priceless response, he waited and then asked “why?” LOL
      Amber is a very pretty girl and the girls getting jealous is going to cost them a lot more than just the potential money. Driving me insane! Victoria can’t stop “assessing” Amber and her “psychological problems” c’mon chicas- I’m a woman and see right through your verbal attacks.

      Ironically their assessment fits with what they’re doing, not her.

      • Comments (162)

        I agree. What has Amber done to any of them? Jealousy is all it can be. I do believe Victoria has issues. She wants to be the prettiest in the house. They better just watch Christine!!!!!!

      • Comments (110)

        Yeah that’s so annoying when women come into the house and proclaim themselves the prettiest there.I think its 1 of the reasons the women can never work together, they are too busy assessing and criticizing each other instead of just playing the game.

        That convo you mention sounds hilarious.

  7. Comments (25)

    What is up with Cody wearing women’s high-heels?

  8. Comments (68)

    I really hope Donny uses the veto on Jocasta and Devin gets put on the block and then leaves.

    2 things can happen and ruin that. First, Donny doesn’t use the veto and either Jacosta or Caleb leaves. This will guarantee that Donny has a big target on his back because the whole house kind of came together to get Devin out. The second possibility is that Donny does use the veto and Devin somehow manages to get the votes. This could happen because at the end of the day Devin vs Caleb isn’t a fight where one has the clear advantage.

    Either way, i really believe this game will start to pick up once Devin leaves. It sort of reminds me of the first Big Brother where the guy (i forgot his name but he was a kindergarten teacher or something) was intimidating the house. Everyone was walking on egg shells but once he was evicted, people started being friendlier and opened up.

    • Comments (316)

      Yeah I agree, once Devin leaves the houseguests will be much more comfortable! There is always one person in every group that ruins things.

  9. Comments (162)

    Didn’t Donnie tell Devin he would never vote for him? And Donnie is pretty honest so far.

    • Comments (469)

      You are right Charlotte – I thought the same thing – but using the POV is not voting for Devin – it is merely taking his friend (Jocasta) off the block. His hands will remain clean and his word intact. But also remember he has learned that Devin tried to submarine his game and that should be enough to cancel any D&D promises. It will be interesting to see who he votes for in the eviction vote.

  10. Comments (42)

    I think you’ll are all wrong about Nicole, i think shes a DUMB blond, And even more boreing than a box of rocks.

  11. Comments (343)

    I still disagree putting Devin in the “strong” category. He has no friends, and is hated by all. Plus, the chances of winning POV and BOB (if he had been put up) are there, but not that sure of a thing at all. Especially POV. Most challenges aren’t super physical and many are involved. To me, he was the lamest duck left in the house. No power, game destroyed. But, yet, people are rushing him out of the house. They made the same mistake last week — now I see Zach making alliances left and right. They kept the wrong person there, too, instead of weakling, in every sense, Pao..

  12. Comments (25)

    Devin needs to go home and let the BB game start again.
    Devin did too much too early, too fast and being a big bully.
    He didn’t play the game well at all. Good riddance.

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