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Big Brother 16 – Double Eviction Live Thread!

victoriaVictoria should be one of the people making it to jury

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I’ve rambled on quite a bit this season, and that’s pretty much because I’ve needed to as filler content.  Big Brother 16 has been very dull, but I’m hoping that changes tonight.  In fact, I expect it to change tonight!  So, there won’t be much of a ramble from me here.  If all goes to plan, Jocasta will go home, and Nicole/Hayden will sit there in shock before realizing they have to collect themselves and try for an HoH.


Before I get into the show, here are some quickies…

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Here we go…

  • 5:15pm – 45 minutes until showtime. Keep in mind that many areas will could impact your live show.  CBS is completely awful when it comes to sports and their regular programs, so check your listings to make sure you’re not screwed. Either way, you can follow the coverage here.
  • 6:00pm – Here we go! Time for the live double eviction to begin!
  • Julie says not only is it a double eviction, but an evening of surprises that are sure to shake up the house. Guesses?  Mine is they’re dropping the double HoH. Would be cool if they actually added something else.
  • 6:05pm – Julie “You are about to witness an entire week of Big Brother in one night. Plus, the jury begins tonight with both evicted members joining jury
  • Highlights begin from the past few days, will update again when done.
  • The highlights are now showing the clips from last night. Pretty impressive they were able to edit it in time.
  • 6:13pm – Julie tells the house that the double HoH is done. But, only for the next hour.  It’s double eviction tonight and the person leaving will be going to jury.  Just because you’re out of the house doesn’t mean you’re out of the game”
  • Jocasta speech – Praise god, shoutouts to same people she does daily, I hope you keep me, shoutouts again
  • Zach speech – He recites a poem and tells people to use hashtag #zachattack


Donny – Zach
Caleb – Jocasta
(not unanimous yay)
Christine – Jocasta
Derrick – Jocasta
Cody – Jocasta
Hayden – Zach (poor Hayden)
Frankie – Jocasta
Victoria – Jocasta

Jocasta is evicted 6-2

  • Hayden turns to Donny with a shocked look on his face. Then walks to the table to look at Derrick who had his head in his hands.
  • Julie tells Jocasta there may be a chance for her to return
  • 6:20pm – Commercial break
  • 6:24pm – Live look at Ariana Grande in the audience when they return.

HoH Time

Math questions based on events taken place in the house.  More, less or exact are the options. Last one standing is HoH

Round 1 – Everyone but Caleb, Christine and Zach eliminated
Round 2 – Zach out
Round 3 – none

Commercial Break

  • 6:32pm – Nominations. Zach dancing around the house
  • Nominations are:
  • Hayden
  • Donny

Commercial Break

  • 6:38pm – We’re back for the power of veto. Zach, Victoria and Christine were selected to play.  Racing and finding something in balls competition.
  • Retrieve 3 rubber duckies from the ball pit, one at a time.  (Donny is screwed)

Zach – 2
Donny – 3
Hayden – 1
Christine – 1
Caleb – 2
Victoria – 1

Holy crap!  Donny wins POV!!!!

Zach found 2 real quick but Donny pulled it off. Rigged!!! Just kidding.  Congrats to Donny

Commercial Break

  • 6:45pm – Veto Meeting
  • Donny uses it on himself. He can barely get the words out
  • Replacement nominee = Nicole

Commercial Break

  • 6:50pm – Hayden stands up and throws Frankie and Christine under the bus about planting seeds. He said keep either of us and we’ll fight against them.
  • Nicole – People are playing super dirty. I hope you vote to keep me


Cody – Nicole
Christine – Hayden
Derrick – Hayden
Donny – Nicole
Frankie – Hayden
Zach – Hayden
Victoria – Hayden

Hayden is eliminated 5-2

  • 6:56pm – Nicole started giving Christine crap before the camera shifted back to Hayden. Hayden said he was completely surprised.

HoH will likely be played later tonight.  I will start a new thread to talk about the feeds when they return.

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  1. Comments (2)

    I’m screwed tonight due to football. Is there a way to watch it online live?

  2. Comments (120)

    That’s the perfect picture of Victoria, because that’s her face most of the time. I do sometimes wonder what’s going on in her head, because she’s able to put some pieces of the puzzle together, i.e. Frankie’s sister. She was telling Jocasta that she wants Ariana Grande to wake them up in the morning. Also, there’s a pretty funny gif online where Victoria asks Frankie his sister’s name, and when he says, “Ari” she looks like she’s connected the two together.

  3. Comments (2)

    Thank you Michelle!

  4. Comments (120)

    Ugh, how many more weeks will the Dual HOH twist last? It’s just getting annoying now…

  5. Comments (492)

    Yea!! Jocasta is out of the house ,,,,,,
    My kid ….Zach is still in the house..
    I am so very happy….
    No more crying

  6. Comments (45)

    Victoria never bothered me much but now that she voted for Zach I hope she goes home right after Christine

  7. Comments (492)

    There goes Donny……

  8. Comments (88)

    In that picture Victoria looks like a cast member of Shahs of Sunset

  9. Comments (120)

    I’m on the edge of quitting this season of BB. Caleb winning was whatever, but it seems to me that production is favoring The Detonator’s the way they’re keeping Dual HOH’s around after this DE. No matter what, one of The Detonator’s will have won of the HOH slots, and they will convince their nominees to throw it so they can have a the power for the week. Just terrible.

    • Comments (21)

      Yeah…I get addicted usually to the craziness, but this year is sooo boring and Zack is just too stupid…it’s getting hard to watch. Not sure if production has a hand in it, but it seems like just the mention of back-dooring Frankie, and now the tables have turned quick…He may be their fav to win. In any case, this may be the first season I’m done with the show.

    • Comments (45)

      I feel the same way. I guess on the bright side I guess it will be fun to watch these losers stabbing each other in the back. At least only one of them can win.

    • Comments (228)

      Somehow, I suspect that Production eliminated some of the rubber ducks in the challenge so Donny stays in the game. How do we know that all 3 rubber ducks were actually in that pile of balls????? I know Zach had the energy to find the ducks, but I suspect he didn’t have all 3 in his section. Just Saying

  10. Comments (4)

    I hope Nicole plays POV and wins, then she can take Donny off and if anything Victoria will go up and go home!!! I am sick of BB this season but I keep watching hoping for something short of a miracle!!! It only took 1 person last season to really throw a wrench in EVERYTHING!!!

  11. Comments (492)

    Wow! Look at Donny go….

  12. Comments (492)

    I would put Nicole up!

  13. Comments (111)

    I thought Caleb and Donny were on “even ground” now…. *moon emoji* *side eye emoji*

  14. Comments (111)

    There’ll be more drama if Nicole stays over Hayden

  15. Comments (328)

    Nicole is completely surprised! Her face is so sad looking.

  16. Comments (174)

    I hope Haydan stays. If its double HOH again I hope him a Donny win it. Watch the others start turning on each other.

  17. Comments (27)

    I hate that Christine was able to throw people under the bus so successfully. I feel bad for Caleb, because the person who one the HOH tonight immediately makes 3 people mad.

  18. Comments (27)

    won, not one

  19. Comments (487)

    Nicole just told Derrick that she voted for Hayden. Isnt’ that cheating?!

  20. Comments (21)

    Now all a**holes playing. Thanks for giving me my summer back, production!

    • Comments (4)

      I mostly agree!!! If they aren’t a**holes then they are spineless!!! Victoria is useless, Caleb and Cody are idiots, Derrick is losing his mind but at least he is playing a decent game, Frankie and Christine are rats, Zach is obnoxious. I want to see Derrick, Nicole and Donny as final 3.

  21. Comments (487)

    AD will be interesting tonight because Nicole is pissed!

  22. Comments (2)

    This has been a really really really really boring season. Why are fringe alliance members so dumb when it comes to this, you know your gonna be the first one’s put on the block as soon as the numbers go down and yet you still do nothing but do what the major players want. So annoying, shake it up you morons!

  23. Comments (2)

    They had the chance to put Frank up against Zach but Christine pulled a bonehead move that sealed the fate of all the women on the shower, including herself.

  24. Comments (42)

    Looks like it was Caleb who put some senses into The Detonators :)…which HG is dumb now :)…loll..jk

  25. Comments (328)

    Gonna have to load up on extra Caffeine in the morning because I plan on staying up for BBAD! Wishing I could put off school clothes shopping, but it’s TAX FREE WEEKEND!

  26. Comments (2)

    By the way, even though she is not my type I think Victoria is beautiful in a Deanna Troi kind of way. My tyope was the girl with the blue hair. I should have stopped watching after the first eviction. The show has a way of hooking you in.

    • Comments (1092)

      Good call.

      Remember the first season she was pretty homely. But after the third season, she was getting to be pretty sexy. When the hair and makeup were done right, she was pretty hot.

  27. Comments (1799)

    Funny last thing is Derrick talking to Victoria and in the bee hive Christine , Frankie , Zach and Caleb talking about Derrick and Cody having a final two The rats are turning on the puppet master Derrick We can only hope In the end only 3 out of 5 votes need to evict someone

  28. Comments (88)

    Wow I’m shocked Hayden. Thought he would gone further

  29. Comments (27)

    I think Derrick, Donny, Frankie and Cody have played good games. Caleb would have been considered a good player if not for the whole A thing. I can’t believe no one has seen through Christine – of course Hayden and Nicole do now, but it is too late. How many more times will people change their game plans because of her lies?

  30. Comments (1092)

    The only good thing about tonight is that Nicole planted the seed that Christine wanted Zach out.

    At the end of the show you could tell that they are going into back pedal mode.

    And Zach has such a weak suspicioys mind, that sooner or later he will want to talk to her to find out het sude of the story.

    Hope Nicole and Donny win again. It is thw only chance to save their seasons.

  31. Comments (18)

    Hayden’s demise is all on Nicole and Donny’s heads. Perfect opportunities like they had last week sometimes never happen in this game, and you can’t waste it. I said it from the beginning, they made a huge mistake not putting up Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Zach. They could have been non threatening and said ” sorry guys, but everyone should have time on the block and you are the only three that haven’t” and Zach because he put up Nicole. Then if one comes off the block, back door Caleb. Then at least they have Haden still and one less Detonator.
    For this bonehead major mistake, I don’t want to see either of them win. I really don’t want any of the remaining house guests to win. Hopefully the twistiest twist will be to evict all the rest and bring in all new players!

    • Comments (1092)

      Very true. But Donny suggested it, and Nicole said she was scared about putting four guys up because they would get mad.

      She screwed herself for not having the guts to play the game.

      If a bombsquad member was eliminated, then there would have been a chance to having two sides of the house.

      Now, the squad seem unstoppable.

      • Comments (21)

        As in society in general, hmm- all white men in control. Can’t wait to see them vying for a place in LA. Better have those B.A.’s, M.B.A.’s or talent! So sorry! (Door slammed in face)

      • Comments (1092)

        I really don’t know how to reply to that.

        For me, the Bombsquad were just a bunch of cast members on this show in an alliance. I didn’t disect the social makeup of it to determine if it was controlled by gender or skin colour.

        I don’t wear rose tinted glasses, but I definitely don’t look upon this world in the same fashion as you.

  32. Comments (110)

    I hated everything about tonight’s episode. I hate DE nights because it is inevitably someone I like leaving as it was tonight. I can only hope Nicole sees there is a big alliance working against her. I am not really in favor of bringing someone back. They just vote them out the same week. If they are going to do that give them safety for 1 week. And then there was the blatant cheating with Christine and Derrick. The show obviously does not care that fans saw it. If we saw it surely they did too.

  33. Comments (228)

    Someone commented that Christine looks like Squidoo on Sponge Bob. I googled it and geeezzzz, it’s a twin!!!

  34. Comments (228)

    Anyone suspect production didn’t put all 3 rubber ducks in the challenge for Zach!!! How do we know that each household contestant had them in their pile of balls….Zach had the energy to find them because we know he high energy crazy….I don’t trust production because they have such an influence in the diary room

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