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Big Brother 16 – Emotional Night On Feeds


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Last night around 4:30pm, the feeds cut for much longer than usual. Frankie’s grandfather had passed away, and it was announced by his sister on Twitter. Many were wondering if the house was going to tell him, but when the feeds cut for so long on a non competition night, I knew the answer.

Sure enough, when they returned around 5:00pm, Frankie was in the living room sharing the news to the fellow houseguests. Clearly very close with his grandfather, Frankie took the news incredibly tough, and it was emotional to watch (who was cutting onions?). Frankie said he will remain in the game and try to win for his grandfather, but the bigger question remains.. will he be able to leave for funeral? Typically in shows like this, the players can’t leave the house for fear of secrets being exposed by outside viewers. That said, they have had players leave under supervised gifts, like movie premieres, or even Shane meeting the gymnastic team.  If the funeral is in the LA area, I am hoping they will allow him to leave for a few hours and just be tightly watched.

In other news, nothing has changed on the Brittany front. Her strange week of campaigning that she’s not a threat while bragging about how determined she was to finish the soccer punishment didn’t work.  She will be heading home barring a complete miracle today.

I don’t expect much to happen on the feeds today, but if it does, I will be on top of it.  Eviction prediction thread later, and live feed thread after.  Have a good Thursday!

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  1. Comments (68)

    I still think Frankie shouldn’t have been told the news. I understand completely, but it does give him an advantage and i feel like he knew what he signed up for.

    His grandfather was ill before he walked in and he knew the show would last about 3 months if he goes all the way. It sort of feels like he was being selfish.

    Not trying to be a prick here, but it just feels weird.

    • Comments (843)

      I agree, Johnny. BB messed up on that one. Frankie either shouldn’t have been told or he should have been sent home.

    • Comments (19)

      I have to agree with you.

    • Comments (316)

      I couldn’t disagree more! Big Brother is just a game and he had every right to be told about a death in the family. What advantage does it give him having this knowledge?? What is wrong with you people?

      • Comments (68)

        Is does give him an advantage because like mentioned, some of the houseguests want to throw the comp so that he gets a picture of his grandfather, so if someone doesn’t throw the comp they that person will be viewed negatively. This sort of buys him 2 more weeks’ regardless of his gameplay and who knows what that game will look like then.

        Don’t get me wrong, if is horrible news to have, but he knew beforehand. There’s a thing called responsibility and priority. He knew his grandfather is sick and yet decided to go on a 3 month game show, he had to be expecting this news. The worst part is that although $500,000 will change anyone’s life, Frankie is already rich. Not even from his sister, he was way rich since way before. Zach even mentioned in the first episode that kids who went to Pinecrest in Florida were rich. Basically, he didn’t really need the money, he just went in for the fame so that he doesn’t live in his sister’s shadow. He chose his own egoistic goal rather than to be with his grandfather and his family.

        Now, not only does he get pity from the other houseguests and America, but the game has been changed going forward.

      • Comments (412)

        I can already hear in his final speech, “And even after dealing with the death of my beloved grandfather, I stayed and continued to fight.’ Or something along the lines of that. It’s just another thing the ignorant brains of the BB16 cast will factor in when making decisions.

  2. Comments (6)

    I heard somewhere (from someone who watches the feeds I think?) that they were going to have him Skype the funeral since he doesn’t want to leave the house.

    Take that with a grain of salt, though.

  3. Comments (43)

    I thought the same, especially when he was given time in the HOH room to speak one-on-one to the camera. Well have to see if Frankie brings up the passing in weeks to come, to use that possibly as a sympathy vote later. If so maybe the secret of his sister will need to be released in the house. ZingBot could easily do it.

  4. Comments (332)

    Yeah, mixed feelings. He could not snap back from grief but at least he wont be nominated for the sympathy card this week OR they will send him out thinking he should be with his family a toss up reaction. Also why should he say “I will build schools in Africa with the money” so he has enough money and doesn’t need the winnings? Some of the rest may be poor and truly need the money, right now Frankie is not being a smart player.

  5. Comments (1)

    I don’t remember who or which season, but another BB player lost a loved one on a past season, and he or she decided to continue to play the game. The only option would be to quit the game in order to attend the funeral. It would be impossible to allow Frankie to see his family without someone whispering something about the game to him. Not that it would matter anyway, since he is on the winning side of the game and the other side is a bunch of floaters. I do sympathize with Frankie. My grandfather died years ago and I was unable to attend his funeral but to this day I feel like he never passed, because I did not get to say good bye…

  6. Comments (220)

    As a viewer, I like to see back and forth between alliances.

    I’d like to see the weaker players get together and draw a line in the sand. It’s more interesting when there’s suspense and blow by blow from multiple players.

    Each year, the players play with this “house consensus” mentality and it makes it so boring to watch. I haven’t been able to even sit through the episodes and we’re early into the season.

    It would have been fun to see Cody put up Cowboy. Now that he hasn’t, if Cowboy wins HOH, I would not be surprised if he puts up Cody. It drives me crazy when players let the others control their moves.

    I’m starting to like Zach because he doesn’t seem so easily swayed.

    Derrick and Frankie seem to be controlling everyone.

    • Comments (49)

      I think it really will get interesting when/if Donny gets HOH. Where I think Derrick is the best player since Dan, I also think Donny is playing the best game since Jordan, with a ton of awareness thrown in. I know people are begging Donny to start playing the game, but I think he really has been since day one. Everyone likes him…with the exception of Derrick who I am sure knows what Donny is doing and is afraid of only him at this point. Seriously, I still wouldn’t be surprised to see Derrick attempted a late afternnon surge today to flip the vote and go after Donny instead of Brittany. That’s how much I think he is in control and understands the game.

      All that said, Donny also is keenly aware of the power Derrick has on would be his number one target if he gets HOH. So, the real task is building that “alliance” that will stand up to the remaining Bomb Squad/Detanator alliance. Until we get Donny or a weird combo along the lines of Victoria/Hayden/Nicole in charge it will stay status quo.

      Hopefully things shake up, but that is totally based on the outcome of the HOH comp.

    • Comments (21)

      I think for Zach we’ll really see how he is if he manage to win a competition. HoH we would see who he would put up and if he’ll stick to them, BOTB i don’t see him being on it for another couple of weeks and Veto if he would use it for his advantage.

  7. Comments (1446)

    He should have been given the news – it is a death in the family, after all, but that’s where it ends. No playing to the camera about the death. Even if he doesn’t use it for sympathy, the sympathy will still be there.
    I just don’t get why he wouldn’t want to leave. Both Evil Dick and Monica left the house when informed of a death of someone close to them during the game. It’s called priorities – everyone’s are different.
    Frankie could come back for an All Star season – he should leave the house and be with family, no matter what Grandpa supposedly said. The family was already wealthy(even before Ariana’s fame), so he doesn’t need the money. Let someone else have the money, Frankie, and go be with your family.

    • Comments (1446)

      And I’m pretty sure the funeral would be in Florida – no way he should be able to go unless he gives up the game. I think the letter he got said they would wait on a memorial service until the end of Sept.

  8. Comments (843)

    Most of the HG are already planning on throwing the competition so Frankie can win and have a picture of his grandfather. Those who don’t will be judged. Frankie is already receiving way too much preferential attention along with Christine. BB you are losing viewers!

    • Comments (412)

      That’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m starting to be really disappointed in big brother. :/

    • Comments (1799)

      As someone pointed out before as in surviver when the one player planed this trick Frankie is just taking advantage of others I’m not saying he did this as a plan but just that it fell in his lap Grief is one thing but he has made the calculated decision to stay in If these people throw it to let Frankie have the photo fine but Frankie & Derrick will take advantage for there game

      • Comments (2824)

        Actually, this week would be a BAD time for Frankie to win HOH. No one is going to put him up this week. If he had any sense, he would wait until next week to try and win.

      • Comments (35)

        I can’t even begin to understand this paragraph.

      • Comments (2824)

        Which one?

      • Comments (1288)

        glk, I believe they are referring to something I said in an earlier thread:

        I am in no way suggesting that this is happening now but remember the Survivor season where someone gamed the sympathy card? When they got the visit from friend’s and family one contestant had arranged for his visitor (brother or friend I think) to bring false news of a family tragedy of some sort. He did not win the luxury comp for time with his visitor but I seem to remember he was chosen by the winner to share in the prize – a decision that would have been different without the fake news. And god-forbid but what if another house guest has a mentally unbalanced relative who sees the sympathy boost this give Frankie and decides to commit suicide in hopes of generating a like sympathy boost for their relative?

  9. Comments (162)

    I believe it should be his choice. He doesn’t need the money that true, but if his grandfather didn’t want them to pull him then he should stay, he will always have his memories with his grandfather.

  10. Comments (528)

    I want it like Frankie, he seems like a real player who knows the game and I respect that, but I always take issue with producer pets and Frankie definitely is one. No, he shouldn’t be allowed to go to a funeral and come back. That sets a very weird precedent – other houseguests have had to leave PERMANENTLY after a death or similar situation (that 9/11 one, also I believe it was the reason Dick left, too) and I’m sure there have been former houseguests who have lost people while in the house and were just never told.

    The show made the decision to tell Frankie (who, from what I understand, asked to NOT be told in this situation) for a reason. And it wasn’t because they have such big hearts…of that I’m sure.

  11. Comments (692)

    I am so sorry that Frankies grandfather died. I do have very mixed emotions about how it’s being handled on Big Brother. I’m not sure what I think at the moment. I don’t think the other house guests should be throwing competitions so that he will get a picture of his grandfather, though. Someone said in an earlier comment on one of the blogs yesterday that CBS should just give him a picture so that it is not an issue when it comes to HOH competition. He does seem to be getting preferential treatment as far as not having to be have not, and I kind of agreewith the people who comment on here that is not fairthat he and Christine are exempt so far from that.
    having said all that, I know if it were a member of my very close family who died I would be leaving the house immediately to be with the rest of my family.

  12. Comments (843)

    Just read the most hilarious posts on joker’s about the fish on BB. The house is so boring they are starting to post/tweet about the fish. LOL

    • Comments (274)

      Lol had to look it up- that was pretty funny.

    • Comments (49)

      Still the best post (tweet) of the season came from Evel Dick. After Devin grew the Bomb Squad to eight Dick tweeted that “Breaking news….Devin just got the toaster, the refrigerator, and the pool table all to join the Bomb Squad.” Now that was classic!!!

  13. Comments (274)

    Well lets see here- let us count the ways…
    last year Amanda was kept around longer than the house wanted as was Elyssa
    Who am I forgetting about big brother?
    Now here we have our dear Frankie, someone loves him so manipulate manipulate manipulate and big brother gets it’s way.

  14. Comments (487)

    I wish someone would grow a pair and play the d&*n game. I’m so sick of doing what the alliance wants. Everyone is there to win the 500K anything else they said is all BS.

  15. Comments (332)

    I am hoping Nicole and Hayden step up their game to switch it up. I feel the two of them think they are safe and don’t want to rock the boat but need to make a play soon. And I hope someone takes out Christine she is on my nerves. But then my next two are Donny and Amber. I was a Cody fan but lately he just seems to be skating on popularity.

  16. Comments (11)

    ” The promotion of talk produces the anticipation, elaborate ongoing evaluations and retrospective judgements upon which the commercial success of the programme depends ”

    By having the event of Frankie’s Grandfather’s death promoted openly it created the ‘talk’/buzz on boards such as this that keeps the reality show viable.

    Now I personally suspect that the knowledge that the person was gravely ill prior to the show’s start was thoroughly discussed not only with Frankie and among his family members but also among the shows producers. Some sort of contingency agreement was more than likely reached prior to this event then happening.

    Myself I would prefer to see Frankie make a choice…stay in the house which then means no attendance at the funeral or leave the game to attend the funeral.

    • Comments (528)

      I agree. It’s that simple…if it’s too much for him, Frankie needs to make the decision to leave. If he wants to continue playing the game (emphasis on GAME) he should have to make that sacrifice. It’s only fair.

  17. Comments (16)

    I agree with most of you. I am glad they told him about the death. However, it should have stopped there. He is already given special treatment for not having to be a have or have not. On top of that he was given unedited time to personally address the audience? Quickly turned to a PR move, imo. If the other houseguests do throw it so Frankie can win HOH, they deserve to lose. Whoever wins, ask for a picture for Frankie, but don’t give him unnecessary power over your own game. I am disappointed BB.

  18. Comments (332)

    I am not watching tonight, have to work, and probably will be boring with Brittany going home. Hope then the HOH will put some new blood than this alliance into action.

  19. Comments (3)

    Haters……. Don’t hate on Frankie for being the smart one, and the rest of the house being so dumb. His grandfather passed away and let him be. If he wins is because he has a Brain…….. Stop looking for excuses now an saying is because his grandfather passed away. GET OVER IT!

    • Comments (528)

      I don’t think most of us hate Frankie as a person or player, I think we’re all noticing preferential treatment from Big Brother (which the show is notorious for and so this is all but expected) and THAT bugs us.

      • Comments (3)

        But you guys should know its big brother…… Frankie is that guy who gets along with everyone, but his going to get stab in the back sooner or later. I love him, but I will love for Donny to win.

      • Comments (469)

        Gaby – remember just last year – Andy got stabbed in the back with a 500k check.

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