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Big Brother 16 – Eviction Prediction: Donny vs Nicole


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I made the mistake of creating a live feed thread today when I should have known the day would have been as dull as Caleb’s head (does that even make sense?). I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed with Nicole.  Don’t get me wrong, as a person she seems really fantastic and I wish nothing but the best for her, but as a Big Brother player? That was pretty much a failure. Well, anyone who doesn’t win can say they had a failure of a season, but the reason it’s a bit more for Nicole is because she has a good personality, appears to be very intelligent, somewhat fit, and is one of the few people in the house who know the game.

While Christine has positioned herself to be a far less likable Brittany Haynes, Nicole really seemed on track to be the next Jordan Lloyd. I guess that’s why I’m mostly disappointed with her season. I started expecting more out of her, but she went out with a whimper, just like everyone else this season.

Did Nicole even really have a chance? I’d say yes. Not a very huge chance, but a good player could have swayed Christine back to their side. They were allies for most of the season. Nicole just had to convince Christine why being allies with her was better than 4 strong guys (not a hard argument really). With Christine on board, it would have been just 3 votes. Still difficult to get, but not impossible.  Although, Derrick does have the house pretty well locked down, so the reality is, even picking up Christine (as the tie-breaker), finding 3 votes to reach that point would have been rough.

Nicole’s failures came before she was put on the block. She should have been by Christine’s side 24×7 leading up to the veto meeting. That likely would have been the best (and possibly only) way for her to remain in this week.

So my predictions:

  • Everyone votes for Nicole

I don’t think a player will return to the game tonight, although someone in the comment section did bring out a good thought. The whole zombie, resurrection theme the house went through last night could lead into a player return, but I am pretty confident they’re going to have 4 people compete to re-enter, not 3. I guess we’ll find out tonight!

Who do you think is going home and who do you think will win HoH?

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  1. Comments (22)

    I would give anything to see Frankie walk out the door. Poor Nicole

  2. Comments (9)

    If Nicole leaves, Donny NEEDS to win HOH. Some of the detonators NEED to start leaving.

    • Comments (1276)

      I would LOVE to see Donny win. That would get at least one of the guys out (maybe one more of the girls for that matter) and I hope there is only One HOH this week. This crap with the 2 HOH’s is getting on my nerves (honesty, Mainly because of Nicole getting HOH and still going home).
      My fingers are crossed that Donny Gets HOH, and somehow the evicties get to come back (really I just want Hayden and Nicole back). My dream scenario involves whoever the evicted houseguests are (so if it’s tonight Jocasta, Nicole and Hayden) all playing not just against each other, but against the current houseguests. If it was endurance, then if any or all of those 3 outlast the current houseguests, then the 3 bottom people, no matter who they are, get the boot 🙂
      That would make me SOOOOOO happy. You know Hayden would rock it, and Nicole could easily beat Christine and Victoria, even Jocasta for that matter, so no matter what, they would get back in.

  3. Comments (69)

    I vote to evict NICOLE – only because I always vote with the majority of the house – its safer that way – is that not the way these people play this year – maybe except for Donny – and I think head of the household this time will be CODY – do not faint – he has to pull something out of the hat.

  4. Comments (4)

    After seeing how well she fits in with the guys, it isn’t rational for Christine to think she should work/scheme with any females. She now needs that male attention, is misguided by it, more than actually playing to win the game itself. She’s become caught up in the male house. Ick!

  5. Comments (4)

    Nic’s going home. Time for Cody or Derrick to win HoH, although Caleb may win. I would LOVE to see Victoria win it. Now, THAT would rattle some cages, would it not? I have to LOL at the thought of it.

    • Comments (2)

      If Victoria Wins, she will just be Derricks puppet. Even though she feels betrayed by him, he is such a smooth talker she will end up right in his back pocket. And you can’t blame her she has no one.

    • Comments (843)

      Why would it rattle any cages? Victoria is completely controlled by Derrick. He tells her to sit, she sits. He tells her to go to bed, she goes to bed. She caters to his every need and he will decide who “she” is going to put up.

      • Comments (832)

        I’m guessing that Derrick is secretly hoping Vic wins HOH. That way he in essence is HOH & doesn’t get blood on his hands, much like he’s done all season. This season they’ve all worried about getting blood on their hands – what happened to the good ol’days when they wanted blood on their hands!

    • Comments (426)

      I think about the only way Victoria would win is if nobody else played. Even if she did, she might as well just hand it to Derrick since he will dictate it. But, in thinking about it the same would be true if anyone else besides Donnie wins.

  6. Comments (138)

    Joke’s going to be on all of us when Caleb leaves the house and does become a successful country music star/baseball player/model.

  7. Comments (682)

    Nicole is finished. For a few minutes last night I thought Donny was just going to tell everyone to evict him so he can get away from these people. But even if he did they would keeps him.

    I have a feeling the 2 HOH twist will play into the returning player. My hope is 2 evicted play against to remaining HGs in a BOB. The winning team stays in the house and play for Veto. We should find out next week.

  8. Comments (2826)

    Well, I’m glad Nic. kicked Christine to the curb. Besides, Caleb lied when he told Hawkface that Nic. would put her on the block.

  9. Comments (2)

    Zach all the way!!! Only entertaining houseguest left. Fuck Christine I hope she leaves next week and comes back in and leaves again lol

  10. Comments (1)


  11. Comments (401)

    So I was hoping Frankie wouldn’t be able to steal America’s favorite if his sister asked her followers to vote but I see just on Instagram that she has 15 Million followers. Not feeling so hopeful now.

    • Comments (426)

      I hate that! If BB is going to continue throwing the Elissa’s and Frankie’s into the cast, they really just need to do away with the America’s Favorite since it is not a true representation of what the actual viewers want.

  12. Comments (1)

    I have been thinking that they will bring someone back, maybe not this episode, but that when they do, that they should tell the houseguests that the person that comes back will have to battle to get there, and the winner will automatically be the HOH for the week. Tell them tonight, and that could throw a twist into the voting, and how next week plays out.

  13. Comments (6)

    I don’t see the Christine/Brittany Haynes connection lol.

    • Comments (266)

      I don’t think stevebeans was comparing personality, looks, or likeable factor, but the fact that Brittany aligned herself with all men. She lasted a long time with her male-alliance, and unfortunately for us, Christine will too. That’s the ONLY similarity. Haha.

    • Comments (426)

      It has got to just be that the guys kept her there until they didn’t need her anymore because other than that there is nothing even similar about Brittany and Christine. Brittany was attractive and funny and had morals. Christine is none of those.

      • Comments (6)

        Thanks, Stemmie and Colby. That makes sense. Although Brittany actually made game moves and played. Christine just sits around and does what she’s told.

        But yes, in all other aspects, no comparison 😛 . I like Brittany, and really dislike Christine.

      • Comments (407)

        Yes, what Stemmie and Colby said. They are light years apart with personality, I should have clarified that 🙂

  14. Comments (91)

    I like Derrick, but having him quietly waltz into the final 2 spot with Whimpering Vic does not sound very exciting at all. In fact it’s giving me the shakes and flashbacks to Andy walking a win for no reason last season.
    It’s not that they’re “bad” people, I blame it on production for not creating more obstacles and fireworks.

  15. Comments (266)

    After Nicole’s exit interview tonight, maybe Julie will tell Nicole to pick her bags up and head back into the house. Now that would be a twist.

  16. Comments (843)

    I want Donny to win POV this week so he will be able to compete in next week’s HOH.

  17. Comments (383)

    Okay, how is it nobody has mentioned Frankie and Cody’s dance routine from the beginning of last night’s BBAD? What WAS that? Are they forming a boy band? First time I’ve seen Cody show any sort of personality. And now I’d like to see Frankie teach Caleb that routine. lol

  18. Comments (412)

    I see how Stevebeans already put Nicole in place for jury. It’s really sad she’s leaving but glad it isn’t Donny!

  19. Comments (469)

    Something just occurred to me – last night or the night before on BBAD Derrick-Cody and Christine discussed for 30 minutes whether to tell Nicole it was over so she didn’t have to wonder – they decided yes – Christine didn’t have the nerve to tell her – Derrick volunteered but kept delaying – later Nicole approached Cody and spent 30 minutes stating her case for staying – Cody sits there listens and continues to lies to her and giving her false hope – while Derrick is just feet away using the fishing pole – they let her do what they just got through agreeing would be cruel and unfair — has someone yet actually told her straight up she will be leaving?

    • Comments (266)

      They are all dogs with their tails between their legs. Especially Cody. That kid makes me wonder why he’s so un-manly. The way he talks about people is worse than a teenage girl. His obsession with cuddling and touching girls makes me think he’s got issues.

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