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Big Brother 16 – Fans Show Zach Support


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Zach being evicted this Thursday is already signed and sealed, and now we’re just waiting for it to be delivered from Julie’s mouth.  Zach knew it immediately after Caleb won the power of veto but tried to prevent himself from going on the block. Much like Nicole last week, there is/was little chance for them to be safe after the veto meeting. Avoiding the chair would have been their only safety, and both failed at that.

However, Zach can take solace in the fact that at least he’s well liked on the outside, and received some proof of that last night.  If you flashback to 10:19pm, Zach Frankie and Caleb are outside talking about how much Hayden is slamming Nicole this week (yes, this is what you get with mostly guys in the house) Caleb hears some yelling and we are able to pick up “Zach we love you, Frankie you’re disgusting” before Zach runs around the yard yelling back at them that he loves them too. It’s kind of nice to see Zach finally receive some support, even though it’s from people on the outside. Inside the house it’s a different story..

Around midnight, Victoria decided to go on a Hate Zach rampage and rage about him non stop before stealing his hat. She was given a knife, and the feeds went down for a few minutes.  I don’t know if she actually destroyed his hat, or hid it, but he couldn’t find it for the rest of the night. Zach searched for it, but had no luck.  This bullying of him will only be more fuel for the fire when Julie lets everyone know Zach will join Hayden and Nicole for a chance to re-enter the house (Jocasta too since I’m obligated to pretend she’ll compete).

I will be creating a live feed thread shortly, but right now it’s just Cody and Donny on the couch outside. Cody is retelling the Victoria/Zach hat situation.

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  1. Comments (1276)

    My guess is they let Victoria know that she is not allowed to destroy anyones property. It’s been a problem in past seasons, but honestly I would have thought it would have been Zach getting told to behave, not the one who fades into the background, letting everyone forget she’s playing (well, that is if she even knows she’s playing a game???).
    And sorry, but I LOVE the fact that they didn’t just yell that they love Zach, but that they don’t Love Frankie. I’m not even a huge Zach fan, in fact, I actually think he needs to act his age, and not like a 12 year old brat born with a silver spoon, but the kids isn’t the devil. He seems to actually have a good, however miss-guided, heart.
    Now maybe the houseguests will realize that Frankie being Ariana Grande’s brother did NOT increase his likability to the actually BB fans. If anything, real fans of the show are just annoyed by it.

    • Comments (412)

      That was Victoria’s hat. She bought it before entering the house. Zach took it and told her he wasn’t giving it back. Victoria didn’t want confrontation and just said, you can have it. But I guess it’s been boiling up inside of her and she cut it up with a knife. She’s crazy. I love Zach and I am so glad the fans told him they love him and think Frankie is disgusting. That’s awesome.

      • Comments (1276)

        Well, I don’t think they have any rules about cutting up your own stuff. lol

      • Comments (23)

        Is that really that funny?

      • Comments (832)

        It’s pretty childish, but Vic seemed determined to get to Zach. She’s like a dog with a bone & once she gets started on something she can’t let it go. Maybe that’s her weak attempt at gameplay. On BBAD last night she went on & on about the hat.

      • Comments (1446)

        She also went on about Zach trying to throw boiling water on her…she’s psycho.

      • Comments (1288)

        Derrick spent a whole day revving Victoria up about what Zach had been saying about her a couple of weeks ago when Zach was on the block and they thought he was going. Then there was the change of heart and the following day Derrick had to tell Victoria they “needed” to keep Zach. Victoria reluctantly voted Jocasta out. This has been boiling for a long time. She had better buckle her seat belt because she might just be in for another case of BB whiplash.

        Zach may be able to work the fan interaction to his advantage. The house already thinks Zach is the saboteur/America’s Player. They realize if that is so, Zach must be a large fan favorite. Having that reinforced by the “over the wall” love along with negs for the people targeting Zach could get them rethinking the Zach situation. Perhaps it is too early to cut the “Fan Fave”.

        If Caleb and Frankie begin thinking this way, they know they have Donny’s vote to save Zach so all they would need is Christine. Christine is having to deal with the ZingBot issue. Donny has been poking about it and if Frankie were also to lean on her she could be convinced that it would be better all around for her gamewise and personalwise to let Cody go.

        It would be early for it to happen today but if the house spends the day reflecting about the wall talkers there could be a Tuesday night shift in the tide and Wednesday could be another flip day. Derrick would not be happy but could fall back on his F2 with Victoria … or Frankie … or Caleb … or Zach.

    • Comments (12)

      Its Victorias hat,n if she wants to destroy her own hat so be it!

  2. Comments (12)

    You mean Frankie

  3. Comments (412)

    As much as I love Hayden & Nicole, I am so wishing Zach comes back in the game on Thursday.

    • Comments (1276)

      idk, it would be funny to watch all of them panic when/if Zach were to walk back in. However, I think it would be a better bet to get Hayden and Nicole back. They seem to be much better at the comps than Zach, so they have a better chance at taking down some of the core group.

    • Comments (875)

      I like Zack also, but Zack “Trust” Derrick, and may hook up with him again. The same group that has stabbed him in the back time after time?!

  4. Comments (46)

    Oh shit SB! You said above that CALEB won the POV when it was Frankie who won. I think you are talking about the veto was USED on Caleb.

    John-Ruth is going to point out this mistake to “just give you a heads up!”

    I figured I would beat him to the punch. He will find somewhere else a mis-quote was I am sure.

  5. Comments (46)

    Just when I though Frankie-boy could not sink any lower or discust me anymore. I believe on BBAD he was talking about how since his ass is so lose when he farts it just makes a whooshing sound! He kept going on and on about it with Christine who thought it was so funny! Hey Frankie we all know you take it in the ass and are all stretched out. we do not need to hear about how it makes your farts sound or that your ass leaks so you have to wear a panty liner! Dude is just too gross. I am sure his parents and fugly sister are so very proud and love to hear about it.

    Then he is all over Zach after stabbing him in the back telling him “I just made you hard” and pawing all over him.

    • Comments (138)

      Watching him spoon Cody and rub his hands last night turned my stomach. I’m straight and I don’t do that to my female friends because I naturally reserve that kind of intimacy for people I’m sexually compatible with. I can’t imagine that it’s ok with Cody either but he’d never say it out of fear of being deemed a homophobe inside and outside the house.

      • Comments (843)

        Cody has “orders” from Derrick to do whatever it takes to get Christine and Frankie on their side. Nothing like being pimped out on BB.

      • Comments (875)

        I have watched BB since Season 1, and there have been plenty of Gay house guest, Female, & Male that I have utterly loved. But this is the first season of Big Brother that I have watched were a cast member is an overly aggressive Gay Man who fondles, rubs, & touches basically half of the other male straight HG?!

        Idk…while I am an Adult, the issue is that a lot of children, and adolescents watch BB during the summer, and it might not be suitable for their viewing. I have no issue with LGBT members of our society, I have friendships, & relatives who are gay, but this season of BB is just odd with Frankie, imho.

      • Comments (722)

        I was turned off initially when, on an early-on BBAD, Frankie , pretending to be a “drunk female”, was falling all over Hayden and put his mouth on Haydens clothed genitals. I know I mentioned it before, but it was so incredibly offensive to me.. Hayden didnt even react!

        His comments at the nom ceremony last wk visibly offended Donny. In sure hes not used to that type of person.

        I guess Christine and Cody have no integrity. Thats not how you win BB. Play a masterful game, win a few comps, make some good moves.

    • Comments (412)

      Frankie is gross. But from what I heard, Christine likes anal as well. So she probably thought it was so funny because she can relate.

  6. Comments (1)

    Of the 4 that will compete to return:
    Nicole is the only one who deserves it.
    Zach is an annoying puppy that shits all over everything.
    Hayden is too pushy with Nicole – like an octopus. If she were my sister, I’d want to bust him in the mouth when the season’s over.
    Jocasta is all personality & no talent. Nicole is as nice as Donny PLUS she has skills.
    I would like nothing better than to see 2 decent human beings in the final 2.
    I’ve only been waiting 16 fucking years.

  7. Comments (1092)

    Curious if and when they will introduce Pandora’s Box this season.

    If so, I hope they have some kind of punishment where the whole house has to play a skills game. Lowest points gets immediately sent to jury, or exchanges place with a jury member.

    • Comments (832)

      BB was better when they had punishments more frequently or had to play for food etc. Every year, CBS touts “expect the unexpected,” or this yr was to be the most twisted. It seems production makes 1 change & otherwise it’s the same predictable game. The HG’s are able to figure out pretty easliy when DE takes place, when zingbot comes etc. CBS may have to change BB’s tagline to “expect the expected.”

  8. Comments (332)

    Steve, you may want to fix in the blog that Frankie won the veto and Caleb asked to be taken off.

  9. Comments (28)

    What do you all think Frankie’s sister thinks about all these people not liking her brother? Where are all his thousands or millions of followers like he said? Being a mogul or Youtube spectacular… Just amazing how they act, for Fame? And before you no it, its over.

    • Comments (1092)

      I would think it is a non issue. They know they have fans, as well as people that aren’t fans.

      I am sure the marketting machine caters to the fsns they have; trys to increase the following they have; and either ignore or incorporate damage control to those people who dislike them.

    • Comments (722)

      Im sure shes unaware of his unpopularity/ unlikability. Im sure shes unaware of her own unpopularity and unlikability.

      They are a showbiz family and are most likely so preoccupied with image and posturing that they have no idea of reality or real life. Frankie is no exception.. remember, hes the child that didnt make it big, his little sister did. He definitely has deep seeded resentment over that..

      Being a child star is nothing to be proud of. So very few turn out to be productive adults. Plus they abuse they suffer just to be on TV is almost inhumane. Disney and Nickelodeon are the worst.

  10. Comments (332)

    I was upset with Nicole going and now with Zach leaving. I have grown to like that boy! And if Victoria makes it to final three because of these stupid guys, she deserves the prize money. Derrick is a do do bird! Caleb is delusional and Frankie is just stupid. Cody and Christine just go along with the flow and those two votes count.

    • Comments (23)

      I don’t know what you mean by do-do bird. I doubt anyone knows. Caleb delusional? Yes. Frankie isn’t necessarily stupid. I think it’s arrogance and entitlement.

      • Comments (843)

        The do do was a large flightless bird from the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. It has been extinct since the 17th century. Today it means someone who is entirely out of date or stupid. Haven’t you heard someone called a dodo before?

  11. Comments (138)

    People are going to start boring ME with conspiracy theories regardless of who re-enters the house Thursday. First, every interaction between people is going to have some influence over one or both. I’m sure the diary room sessions aren’t any different. Second, if production was deliberately pulling string for houseguests, some greedy or disgruntled person (houseguest or CBS employee) would’ve blown the whistle with a book or a lawsuit by now. You can’t contract your way out of court.

  12. Comments (412)

    Conversation between Cody and Donny

    10:15am – 10:55am Cody gets up and joins Donny in the backyard. Cody says Victoria and Zach.. let me just tell you its about to get loud in there then next couple days! He went into her stuff early on in the season and took it from her without asking and last night she took it back and tore it up! last night he was asking for it back and she wouldn’t give it to him. Don’t tell Zach. Donny says I wont tell nothing. Cody says man she had some built up anger towards him! Donny asks and he knew she took it? Cody says yeah. I don’t know where she put it and I don’t want to know so I don’t have to lie to Zach when he asks. Donny asks are you okay with 6th place? Cody says nope. Donny says I know there are a group of 6 and Caleb’s not one of them. He’s been used to take the fall when they needed to blame something on. Donny says Christine is going to play handsie with you and play with your hair and then send you out the door. Cody says I’m already on to that. I need to start winning HOH’s to start making decisions or I know I will be going. Donny explains how he already figured out before Zach went up that he was the real target and not Victoria. Donny says I wouldn’t bank on Derrick to save you if I were you. He was close to Hayden and look where he is now. The three of them – Derrick, Frankie and Christine .. you’re not going to break that up. Cody says I know that Frankie lies to get people out. The thing that I’m worried about is that there are still 2 days left. Donny says Victoria is going to be the GinaMarie.. she is going to ride it out and last longer than you and me. She’s done nothing to be here. Cody says that Caleb has already mentioned things that make me think he wants to go to the end with Frankie. Caleb is a crazy, crazy loyal guy. Donny asks how are you going to make to the end? Cody says I know where the game is and I know I need to start winning. Donny asks if you win HOH are you going to waste trying to get me out or are you going to start helping yourself? Cody says I am going to start helping myself. Donny says if I’m here, I can help you. Cody says I could be then next to go. Donny says if we don’t win HOH, we will probably be sitting up there together. Donny talks about how Cody shouldn’t trust Derrick. Cody says Derrick is the one in that group that I trust the least. Cody says that Hayden was crazy loyal and I wish he wasn’t gone. Cody says Thursday there could be a buy back Hayden could come back. Donny says you only hope might be to turn Derrick against one of them two. Donny says I need someone that I can trust. Cody says you can trust me. Donny says you can only make it to 5th or 6th. Do you believe me? Cody says I know I’m next. Donny says if you win HOH they’re going to want you to put me up but you could tell them you want to back door me just to pacify them. You could says I’m so good at the veto you didn’t want to put me up and then when the veto is won you backd*or one of them. I need to trust someone or I’m gone and I want to trust you.

    • Comments (412)

      Donny is the only person seeing things for what they are.

    • Comments (1288)

      And afterwards under his breath Cody whispers “Donny, most of the things you said are very very wrong” What a freaking idiot, his mind is a vacuum tube.

      • Comments (412)

        Cody is a douche bag. Sorry to say it because I dislike saying negative things about people. BUT, if he doesn’t listen to Donny, he’s and idiot. Donny is the only one who really aware of what is happening. Cody has literally done nothing all season long but sit there and do what he has been told to do and have an inappropriate relationship with a married woman.

      • Comments (426)

        Hindsight will be 20/20.

    • Comments (843)

      Cody never said he trusted Derrick the least. He said he trusted Derrick the most. He will go straight to Derrick and tattle on Donny. Donny knows they are all in on getting him out.

    • Comments (1092)

      It’s a shame. If Donny had said Christine Victoria final three, Cody might buy it. But Cody knows Defrick wants Donny and Frankie on the block, so he might not be convinced.

  13. Comments (722)

    Im ready for Thursday.
    I wanna see this go down.
    I wanna see the evictee (prob Zach) fight it out with 3 non- fighters and get brought back in.
    Then I wanna see some good old fashioned butt kicking and real game playing.

  14. Comments (25)

    I like how Caleb turned the shouts over the fence to be about him. He said he heard “We hate Beast Mode Cowboy!” when they actually said “We love you Zach, Frankie is disgusting!” How he hear his name in that is beyond me.

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