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Big Brother 16 – Friday Night Donny Bash Session


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Warning, if you have a low tolerance for being annoyed, you may want to skip this article entirely.

I have a feeling this week on the feeds is going to be pure ugly, and not in a fun sort of way. Just mean and ugly, especially if last night was any indication.  Right now it’s 6 versus 2, and those two are a 42 year old groundskeeper and a 21 year old nursing student.  So naturally, being underdogs and upset about their situation, the two banded together and did nothing but talk shit about the group of six all night.  Just kidding!  It was the other way around.  The group, minus Victoria (who is never really anything) sat up in the HoH room around 2:15am and had a nice Donny bash session.  Feel free to flashback the feeds if you can stomach it, but I’ll also summarize..

Cody and Christine did a majority of the bashing, but even Derrick chimed in with some comments about how much of an outsider he is, how big of a generation gap there is and how he’d rather hang out with a bunch of cows than them (my take – He’d rather hang out with cows than douchebags, so yes). Christine chimed in how evil he is, and then they obsessed over a paper frog Donny remembered how to make.  Cody mentioned how he’d vote for Victoria in the final 2 over Donny and how he’d put him in a choke hold if they were in the jury together (sure you would buddy, sure you would).

The group stopped talking about Donny for a few minutes to then talk about how amazing they are. How they’re the best alliance in the history of the game, how they survived two loose cannons (Devin and Zach) and are still together, blah blah blah. It’s quite funny in a sad way, and it will be even better when they realize only two of them can make it to the final 2, and there is no way they’re all going to be gracious losers when the time comes.  Note to players, the ‘bomb squad’ fell apart. The only reason you still consider yourselves the ‘bomb squad’ is because you realized Caleb is loyal and he was the only one who thought that alliance existed all season long.

Ok, back to Donny.  There have only been a handful of genuinely nice people to play Big Brother, and Donny falls in that category. I hope each and every person who talked crap about Donny this season feels absolutely horrible about what they said as they re-watch the show and re-watch the diary room sessions.  Christine not only threw the competition with him, but tried to sabotage it by helping the opponent and his reaction was “I don’t like to brag, but I have to say I think I won the competition on my own”. If that was my DR session, it wouldn’t have been so polite.

Anyway, the power of veto competition is being held today. I’d like to say it’s a big one, but it’s not.  The ‘Bomb Squad’ may pretend it’s a big one, but Nicole or Donny are leaving this week regardless, and the other will likely follow next eviction.   The survivor may stretch it out one more week if they can win HoH, but they’re doomed as soon as the house gets a chance.

I have a few errands to run this afternoon, so if it’s an early PoV competition, I won’t post the results until later. Hopefully they do a night comp so I don’t miss anything.  Enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. Comments (692)

    Stevebeans. How’s your family? Your mom doing ok?

    • Comments (610)

      Yeah, I hope things are going better for you & your family. Please update us periodically so we can keep you all in our prayers. (don’t pay any attention to the negative nellies on here).

    • Comments (407)

      Hi there, thanks for the comment. She is doing ok for now, waiting to be scheduled for surgery and then the nervous part kicks in 🙁

      • Comments (692)

        What kind of surgery, if you don’t mind telling us? our prayers are with you and just don’t give up because miracles do happen!
        in April 2012 I went in for a triple bypass that should take 4 to 5 hours. it took almost 16 hours and the surgeon told my family to go say goodbye to me when I came out. he said he had no hopes of my ever waking up. Obviously, he was better at his job than he realized. He said it wasn’t all his doing. I do have major health issues, still. I’m still alive!
        just don’t give up!! make sure your mother knows how much you love her!
        best wishes to you and all your family!

      • Comments (722)

        Oh wow Franko. Thanks for sharing that. What an ordeal! Im so glad you pulled through!
        Take care of yourself Franko.. dont get back in the hospital. Youve had it rough so youre back in my prayers…

      • Comments (692)

        I did end up back in the hospital this year. I went in the day after Christmas and was in heart failure and had pneumonia. I spent almost all of January in the hospital. that hospital stay almost killed me and it completely changed my life. my heart could not and will not ever function properly again. I am working part time again after 4 months off but I am on disability now. I’m extremely limited on anything and everything I can do. I’M STILL ALIVE, THO!! there is no telling what my future holds because my doctors want me to have a heart transplant. thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
        now, to all readers, I very sincerely apologize for being so off topic

      • Comments (722)

        Im so sorry to hear that. Pneumonia is no joke.
        I hate that you still have to work when you should be resting, but disability doesnt cover everything.

        I guess we have another thing in common. I am unable to completely care for myself as well. I will always need help with doing basic things. I am able to support myself by doing notary work and investing in tax liens. My mama started some easy at home businesses so my brother and I would always have a way to make an income.

        I hope the heart you get is as full of love as the one you already have!

        I guess were off topic together!

      • Comments (692)

        I have not let them put me on a list for a heart yet. I’m not really sure I want to go that route. there are many people who need hearts who have family and children who need them much more than I need a heart. I have no immediate family left in this world, I do have very good loving family just no immediate family that I need to be here for.

      • Comments (722)

        Oh gosh. Well, as someone else looking at a deadline (my brother and I may have 10 years left, if were lucky), its a gift and a curse.
        Good luck Franko. Its a hard choice. I encourage ppl to donate whatever spare parts can be used..

  2. Comments (57)

    Wow Derrick. He had this in the bag. He outplayed and duped everyone in the house to follow his every command, to vote out allies and all without a making a single enemy. Why’d he have to become such a d-bag? BTW, not the best time in the country for a cop to be making statements about putting people in a chokehold. I hope that Donnie not only gets America’s favorite player, but that he also blows them away by the largest margin ever. Derrick played a great game but he turned into another “ugly” player (maybe he always was and duped us too). I wouldn’t be upset if EVERY Detonator got booed on their way out ala Aaryn.

    • Comments (5)

      Cody said the thing about the chokehold but I agree. Bunch of bitches.

    • Comments (610)

      I agree Fred. I think Derrick has forgotten that even though he is not in uniform, he’s still “representing” his department and his profession. These last few days, he seems to be deteriorating into one of the disgusting frat boys (include Christine in that group too). Love his game play, but now I would rather someone else win.

      • Comments (372)

        Derrick did not make the choke hold statement , Cody did …and if he tried that with Hayden in jury… I hope Hayden would punch Cody in the nose …and mess up his pretty face
        Hayden is probably to kind to actually hurt Cody …. But I know he would stand up for Donny

      • Comments (843)

        Cody is a pretty boy pansy and only talks ‘big’ around the others.

    • Comments (1799)

      And watch the shock on there faces when they realize just how hated they are

      • Comments (722)

        Christine will get booed and the rest will hear it. (Like Aaryn)
        Im waiting for the boos. Its my next joy.

      • Comments (412)

        Oooh….. I can’t wait! I really want to hear the audience boo Christine. Like soon.

      • Comments (722)

        Probably next week or week after.. but its coming.
        There I go speculating again!!!

      • Comments (23)

        I always wondered about audience reaction. There have been other nasty players yet for the most part, when they are evicted doesn’t it seem they get a pretty decent reception after walking out the door? Have actually forgotten about Aaryn since she acted the way she did. When she was evicted, did the audience boo? Christine, Cody, Frankie.. those three in particular should be booed off stage.

      • Comments (722)

        Oh yeah she got booed and some HG s heard it.
        Whoever was left, and they spoke on it too.

        Christine will get booed. Cody wont get booed. Caleb should get booed.
        Idk about Frankie. Seems like hes in CBS back pocket, as if they owe him for his “big celebrity connection”..
        Hell, Willie Hantz had a much much bigger celeb relative in Russell!

      • Comments (1443)

        Amanda got booed also

      • Comments (722)

        I thought she did too. I have such a spotty memory about these things..

      • Comments (75)

        I like Frankie!!

  3. Comments (610)

    Ya know, they can say “its a game” as their excuse for many situations in the house, but when it comes down to bashing other HGs, especially Donny & Nicole, and totally trashing their character, that’s beyond inappropriate. Wait until they all see the tapes & we’ll see who really stays friends after the show ends.

  4. Comments (722)

    Within the next few wks, each and every one will find out exactly their “place” in the house and have a glimpse of how the real world sees them.

    I will no longer stress, sweat, worry, contemplate, speculate. I am accepting the fate that (once again), my player did not win.

    Its only a game. And its a shame that these children cannot see that at this time. Some may grow up and live to regret their actions. Others will see no wrong and continue with their ways.

    It hurts to see the nice ppl were treated badly, but such is life. They took a chance, tried to live their dream. I hope the nice ones have no regrets themselves and dont hold a grudge. Karma and the universe have a way of settling debts. And many have a gift or two coming from karma.

    That being said, i will still watch BB. Ill watch next season and the season after that. Heres looking to the future and whatever it holds.

    SB, I hope things are well at home. Take care.

    • Comments (1799)

      Could not have said it better great job Willie Jones Jr

    • Comments (692)

      Very well said Willie Jones Jr.
      I, too, can accept the inevitable for this season. I can deal with the fact that derrick is going to win because he has controlled the house so far this season. I just wish that some of the players were not so disgusting in the way they talk behind other peoples backs. its really sad that they have such I need to make themselves feel better by putting others down so much. Donny has done nothing to any of these people to deserve the way they are treating him and neither has Nicole. I am surprised at the way Cody is acting. as far as Christine is concerned, I expect nothing better because she is obviously I very low class woman. If I were she I would be ashamed to show my face in my church when I go home. caleb is very much a follower and the type of person who tries to fit in with the in crowd. Victoria is just nothing in this game, she’s a very insecure little girl with a major crush on a married man. I do hope that derrick has the decency to cut ties with her as soon as possible.

      • Comments (722)

        Thanks Franko. Yeah its inevitable. Derrick does deserve the money because he played the game. But he got dirty and personal. That makes him unlikable. Derricks no dummy. His win is sealed with crazy Victoria as his number 2, although he would easily beat any of his crew.
        I doubt Christine even goes to church. Maybe a Satanic church because truly Christians do not act or talk like she does. Elissa and … Howard last yr were Godly. Jocasta is Godly. None would pull Christines moves. True followers of Christ would not bash someones religion. The boos will be sooo loud for her.

        Victoria is a joke.. a little girl.. a child. Caleb is a joke. Cody is a joke. Frankie.. dont get me started on him.. actually weve robably

    • Comments (19)

      I think you summed it up perfect I agree 100% and as much as I have gripped and complained I will watch year after year until they cancel it is entertainment and has us watching. I just wish the cameras rolled when they all watched themselves and especially CHRISTINE hope her husband meets her with divorce papers

      • Comments (722)

        Thanks. I plan on watching and being unhappy about it years from now!

        **actually weve probably said all that needs to be said about him.
        Darn phone!

  5. Comments (266)

    Well said, Willie!

  6. Comments (1799)

    I ask before If you knew one of these people before the game what do you feel about them now Very true Marie2 these people have taken it past just game play Nrver thought much of Christine’s character She always defaults to being snaky. Mango Frankie just takes to much joy in down grading others It must be so nice to have all these younger players to feed his ego off of as he desperately try’s to hang on to his youth So sad that he can’t age gracefully Cody is so one dimensional look at me the women love me and a few men What ever it takes to get bye without having to think or work Caleb no one in your alliance respect you You make dumb outlandish statements People have stop calling you out for them Derrick I respect how you have manipulated these people all summer but your personal attack on Donny is crossing the line What will you be more proud of wining the money or laughing at all your bomb squad members when you tell them they were all played by a cop?

    • Comments (722)

      I honestly think this is how they are in the real world, too. “Wherever you go, there you are”..

      I really blame this generation.. the Millenials… and their sense of entitlement and utter disregard for common decency. Cody and Caleb represent white dudes of that age, just as Christine and Nicole represent white girls. Unfortunately Ive concluded that the future of BB will be less maturity and more ignorance.

      Your assessment of Frankie is dead on. He is ultimate Peter Pan. I draw a lot from what he hasnt said. Im sure he has much deep seeded resentment over his sisters success. Hes the less talented older brother and his best days are way behind him. Also, I know a little about Hollyweird and children, I imagine he was abused, as well as his sister (she wouldnt be famous if she wasnt) ..which explains his promiscuity and outlandish behavior.

      I would be angry about being played by a cop. Id feel betrayed and set up, like he was building a profile on me or some other paranoia!

  7. Comments (23)

    Yuck, this is like watching a movie about high school mean kids bullying a bunch of nice kids and in the end the mean kids WIN. Our movies don’t go like that. It’s making us uncomfortable. But, then, that’s also why it’s hard to watch reality TV sometimes. Stupid reality.

    I just really hope the relatives of those people are grimacing and hanging their heads as they watch this.

    • Comments (15)

      They raised them. The bomb squad are all trashy Donny is way above them!!! Nichole was very easy to manipulate by Derrick I bet he is a bad cop who would frame someone, he is not at all a good guy like all them idiots think ..

      • Comments (23)

        I don’t like the way things have turned out either but you have NO CLUE what kind of policeman Derrick is. “Them idiots”?

      • Comments (1288)

        Spot on Mike. It seems some around here think they have a mystic power to read in to the player’s souls. Somehow they cannot process the fact that the players in the house do not have the benefit of knowing everything the viewers know. They are acting from limited/skewed knowledge and that is what makes Derrick’s influence and Donny’s intuition so amazing.

    • Comments (224)

      Is it really bullying if it’s done behind his back? Bullying is usually done directly to a victim. If Donny doesn’t know what they’re saying about him when he’s not around, is that actually bullying?

      • Comments (487)

        Oh you should have heard Derrick’s godfather II Michael to Alfredo speech the other night. You hurt me with the things are saying behind my back. I am saddened that you don’t believe in me. Paraphrasing, but it was crap like that. Derrick is the definition of a passive aggressive cop. I only treated you that way because you let me. I hope is wife is happy with the person he has shown himself to be in this game. Now her friends know what she has to live with.

      • Comments (372)

        I think you might be right, bullying is not the right word …degrade maybe would be more accurate.

      • Comments (1288)

        Try looking into relational aggression. Now that traditionally takes place among adolescents but I believe the game creates an artificial societal framework and we get “group bonding through bashing”. The group wants to stay together as long as possible for safety and creating “enemies” keeps them working for a common goal rather than turning on each other before necessary or wise.

      • Comments (34)

        When it’s done in front of cameras, is it really behind Donny’s back?

      • Comments (1288)

        Donny doesn’t see the feeds so it is “behind his back” or simply out of his view. When they speak with Donny present they are never confrontational. Donny actually pokes more at Cody, in what Donny probably considers is a friendly manner, and that is a lot of what Cody is over-reacting to.

      • Comments (722)

        Because Cody is a child and cant take a joke…

  8. Comments (412)

    I’ve known since the beginning that Derrick was playing this game better than the other houseguests, but I’ve never understood why everyone likes him. Why he won Team America? Why no one in the house can see that it’s him manipulating everyone? Why doesn’t anyone realize that he is the only person that has NOT been on the block? I just want his game blown up already! TEAM DONNY!

    • Comments (30)

      I too would like to see Derricks game blown up. Was he voted to be part of Team America because he is a cop and people thought he would be a good guy – a trusted person? I wonder if he will have a hard time going back to his profession. Is he someone that people will feel they can trust in the real world as a cop? Or will they think, he will lie and manipulate to win this game….would he do the same in his profession? What about credibility? I can see someday an attorney using this when defending a client as to why he shouldn’t be trusted. It won’t hold up, but they will throw it out to see what sticks.
      I hope somehow Donny can pull it out!

  9. Comments (10)

    Donny had already won 15 grand as a member of team America and is a lock for another 25 for favorite player so 40 grand is a lot of cash for someone who lives a simple life Frankie could spend that in a night I’m sure but it will last Donny a long time he has already won in my books other than Ian terry my player never wins but I will continue to watch just the same

    • Comments (722)

      Thats quite an accomplishment for a good ol boy. He got very far in the game. He will enjoy the jury house, where he has a few buddies.
      Lets not mourn for Donny anymore guys. It torture for him to stay in the house. Its almost a punishment.

      • Comments (692)

        Willie Jones Jr, this is becoming a regular thing between you and me. Lol
        I have to agree with you again. As much as I like Donny, I see no way for him to win this game he seems to be miserable in the house.
        I think going to the jury house now would be good for him, he could rest, relax and enjoy the rest of the summer. well, at least until the other idiots come in one by one as derrick picks them off. even then, he can hold his head high because he has played his game well and kept his dignity.

      • Comments (722)

        I like you Franko and I enjoy our good cyberconversations!

        Yeah Donny needs to take the vacation CBS is giving him before he goes back to work. I think the castoffs will be kissing his behind when they get to jury one by one (or 2 in one night). “oh Donny you were right about Derrick”

        By then he will have his Army behind him (Jo, Hayden, Zach)… Donny is a big boy and will be ok.

      • Comments (692)

        didn’t I read that he doesn’t have a job to go back to? I can not imagine that he could not have gotten a leave of absence from his job after working there as long as he has.

      • Comments (722)

        Im sure he will get his job back, right?
        A groundskeeper at a high school? Im sure theyll hire him back.. right?

      • Comments (23)

        Good points. Cash from the Team America missions. And I don’t see how anyone but Donny could win the 25K. Wouldn’t it be fun if some season they let the viewers choose the winner? 🙂

      • Comments (644)

        I think Donny for sure could win America’s Favorite, unless Ariana Grande’s fans vote for Frankie (if Frankie doesn’t get to the top 2).

      • Comments (722)

        Does she really hold any weight?
        How many of her fans really even care?
        Shes no Rick Springfield.. or Michael Damien.

      • Comments (75)

        She has a lot of fans but they are all teeny boppers! I have 3 daughters and they all love her!! A lot of kids do watch but I’m thinking not to many of them will vote!!

      • Comments (2824)

        I say let the viewers choose who goes up, and who goes out.

      • Comments (23)

        Yah.. maybe a couple times per season the viewers choose. That’s a good idea. But Julie doesn’t tell them until the last minute. LOL. That’s actually a great idea. CBS should be thinking of things like that. They said this year was really gonna be something. Well, it’s not.

      • Comments (722)

        “Expect Nothing”

      • Comments (722)

        Yeah Donny won AF.. not Frankie..
        The first season the viewers picked the evictees (right?).. Id love to vote on something besides what they eat!

    • Comments (1443)

      Plus the $1000 they get a week!!

  10. Comments (4)

    I really hope that they air all the hate comments on TV , so that the non- feeds watchers can see how lovely this “bomb squad” crew really is. & I hope they all get boo’d as they each get eliminated because the disrespect that they are showing to Donny when he has done nothing wrong seriously makes me so angry.

  11. Comments (19)

    I am so sick of this house, it has been one of the worst seasons of BB to date. There are no big blind sides or people making big moves, and when they think they are, they aren’t.

    I really like Donny and to be honest he is the only one I would really like to see him pull this game out of the hat, we can hope he becomes a beast and just wins all the POV’s when put up. I can’t believe the way they treat him, its sick /:

    (Off topic) have been reading your blog site since I think season 9? I am not 100% sure, but I always drawn into how you write it. And I hope you continue as long as BB runs, even if it does get boring. Also I wish your family luck, its hard when one is ill.

  12. Comments (1)

    It absolutely breaks my heart and makes me sick to my stomach the way they bash Donny. He’s been nothing but good to these people and this is the way they repay him? It’s sickening. All I can say is that Donny has played a clean, honest game and he should regret nothing. Love you Donny!

  13. Comments (266)

    I had to laugh out loud when stevebeans said “well yes, Donny would probably want to hang around cows than douchebags.”

    Let’s hope Julie interrogates Christine/Cody either about these two things (heck, or both!)
    1) their nasty, immature, trash talk towards Donny
    2) their disgusting need to flirt like 12 year olds. (Actually, I take that back. When I taught 5th grade, those kids flirted with each other in a much more classy way than Codine*)

    *Cody and Christine

  14. Comments (162)

    I hope Donny wins America’s Player. I hope either Donny or Nicole wins POV and then Pandora Box saves the other.. That would make for some good rating. I know they all have to go eventually but hey shake it and make them sweat for a week or so,

  15. Comments (17)

    They are horrible people this am waiten to see how scared they are when have to turn on eachother!!! ,derrick&cody prob throw caleb 1st,then mango.(thank for nickname fits him to the T).then it might be funny watchen them cry.hope jury house peope ignore them!&treat them like crap they are.oh ya hagatha(christine&victoria will go 1st)

    • Comments (692)

      the people in the jury house have more class then the majority of the people playing the game right now and will not be mean to them even though they deserve it.

  16. Comments (692)

    nobody has mentioned it but is anybody sleeping in the HOH bed with Cody?
    I just wondered if there had been a cat fight between Christine and Frankie to see who was going to snuggle up with him.

    • Comments (644)

      The first night of Cody’s HOH , Frankie went up to sleep at HOH room but Cody told him he wanted to sleep alone. After Frankie left Cody said (I think it was to Chritine) that he hoped Frankie didn’t get mad at him for him saying that he wanted to sleep alone.
      I’m tired of Frankie always thinking that he has a right to sleep in the HOH room.
      If Christine were to sleep even one night with Cody, I think that would be horrible for her marriage, even if she doesn’t touch Cody that night. She was warned by the Zing she got the other day about how she is viewed by everyone. Bit anyway, she continues to touch and flirt with Cody.

  17. Comments (1)

    I think if Donny does not win pov, his speech Thursday should be, Derrick congratulations you have won since you have twiddle die and twiddle dumb, turn to Frankie and say well Tinkle Bell and Captain Hook, I guess your be next to take your fairy dusk and fly away, then turn to Christian and I say i guess you’re like what my mother warnmed me about woman like you, there screw you then take you for all you got, then turn to niccole and say just close your eyes and click your heels three times and say there is no place like home, so you can get away from all them. or if someone can come up with something else.

  18. Comments (240)

    I would’ve rather seen Derrick on Survivor. Although he’ll win here his game seems suited for that show & who would have had to physical challeges. And Hey he didn’t shave all summer anyway!

  19. Comments (628)

    After last season’s fiasco, I wasn’t sure if I could watch BB again. But, I did, and just like everyone here, I’ve been rooting for the underdogs all along. However, in the last few weeks, listening to Derrick command everyone has been a bit hard to swallow. And now it’s come to this. At least with the disgusting slobs on BB 15 they were obnoxious and nasty to your face. Not like these little a – wipes who have nothing better to do than sit around and back stab a 30 (?) something year old man.

  20. Comments (19)

    The first night Frankie came up ready to spend the night and was told Cody just wanted to sleep alone for the night since then not sure. And good lord who would want to sleep in that bed. I was glad someone even if it was Cody finally told Frankie NO about the HOH room he has acted like it was his all season. Wish BB would make a rule the HOH is for the HOH only to shower and sleep. They can come talk and scheme but showering and sleeping for HOH only

    • Comments (722)

      That bothered me too. He just invites himself. I would tell everyone No. I dont like to share a bed, especially not with another man like Frankie constantly touching me.

      I would not let them use my toilet (and stink up my hard earned private room) but maybe id share the shower with a lady (in the beginning).

      • Comments (75)

        Why do yup people care where Frankie sleeps!! Sorry but none of them seem to care about Frankie touching them

    • Comments (692)

      That’s what I thought it was supposed to be. Why have the HOH room if it’s just a hang out spot for EVERYBODY. I thought the treats and all the extras were spose to be just for the HOH. ALSO, in years past I seem to remember the door stayed LOCKED. this year it has been like a revolving door should have been installed. people just come and go as they please.

      • Comments (722)

        Yeah why have a key if its a common area?

      • Comments (1799)

        This crew has just run rough shot on the rules That’s why I like the UK & Auk versions House guest had comp to win food for the week If they loss they were on min food rations Also had more diverse group of people both age size color and sexual orientation Made for a better show

      • Comments (722)

        Welcome to America.. where age is a disability, only white males are relevant, and any 2 digit size makes you fat…
        And its cool to be stupid

    • Comments (644)

      San Antonio Gal, I wish the HOH was also only for whoever won the competition. So they could sleep comfortably by themselves and have their own clean bathroom. The HOH room is something you earn. This season it has basically being meaningless.
      The worst was when Christine won HOH and she decided to sleep downstairs because she didn’t want to sleep with Frankie but didn’t want to tell him that he couldn’t sleep up there with her. That’s so stupid. She earned the right to that room, but was so afraid of Frankie she gave the room to him.

  21. Comments (1288)

    Cody has already spoken his fate during last nights slam fest “I sure hope Donny is a genius or I am going to look like an idiot”. To late Codybear. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    As for Derrick’s input, going back and rewatching it looks as if he is still just echoing the group. He has done this all season and a main reason why so many trust him. Rarely does he contradict or openly disagree even though inside he might. He just keeps the discussion going until the decision is one to his liking.

    • Comments (233)

      That’s it exactly. He plays them very well, and they let him. At no point was there really any attempt to fight back by the others. Sadly, I feel they are getting what they deserve. Donny has played an honorable game, but barring a miracle, he is not going to win. I know some of us would like a game where the most decent people are rewarded, but that just is not this game. I’m finding it pretty boring this season, but I’m relieved this season doesn’t have nearly the racism we watched last season.

  22. Comments (118)

    I’m wondering how the others will find out derrick’s a cop. Will he tell them at the finale? Will the others find out on their own when they return home? We’ll probably have to wait for the after show interviews to get their reactions.

    • Comments (644)

      I’d love to see a reunion show about a month after, when they have catched up with everything. It would ben ice to know how they reacted to everything they found out about.

  23. Comments (69)

    Now if I were either Nicole or Donny in the house knowing that I would be out in a week or so I would play their dirty little games – would approach Derrick, and then Frankie, and then Cody and say please vote me out this week so I can go back and spread the word of everything that I have found out – and get every one to vote on Victoria who will be in the final two – would set some people scrambling – if nothing else save one of them the following week when Victoria went home – just saying

  24. Comments (372)

    Yikes…I think Nic just found Vic on the floor in the bathroom sweating badly ….called for help from Derrick …anybody here watching the live feed…
    the stress of this game is too much for this girl, I hope she is Ok

    • Comments (692)

      I hope she’s alright. I don’t like her but I don’t want anything to happen to her either.

      • Comments (118)

        Toothache hair extensions or both?

      • Comments (692)

        Don’t kick someone when they’re down!

      • Comments (266)

        She had a bath towel on her head all night last night. Her scalp could be infected, but a tooth infection is way worse. Infection in the jaw can seep into bloodstream and she could be hospitalized.

        Sorry to bring this up in a worrysome moment but if Victoria has to leave the house, Welp, that could keep Donny and Nicole in the game. 😉

      • Comments (722)

        Is that how it works?
        Or would they still go through with the eviction?

      • Comments (1288)

        Not likely to help Donny/Nicole. The week they ejected Willie they still had nominations and an eviction. Chima’s leaving, because she was on the block at the time, was counted as completing a cycle and a new HoH was immediately chosen.

    • Comments (644)

      I hope Victoria is fine, I wouldn’t want her to suffer. The other HGs (except Donny and Nicole) were talking about how good it would be if she got worse and had to leave the game, they were happy about that. I don’t know how they can be so cruel. A tooth ache is horrible, I don’t know how they didn’t get Victoria help any sooner. They just waited for her to be on the floor helpless. They should have known better. She was getting worse by the minute.
      Well, I hope Donny and Nicole win #1 and #2 in the game! Miracles do exist, I’m just hoping.

  25. Comments (1288)

    Victoria MAY be on the way out for medical reasons, she collapsed on the toilet floor and Nicole doing makeup at the mirror heard her call for help. She found her and called for more help, Derrick rushed in and we have had fish for 25 mins. She appeared sweaty from fever and in great pain. Tooth infections are no joke.

    • Comments (692)

      No, they are not!! She needs to take care of herself.
      Please keep those of us who don’t have live feeds updated.
      I REALLLLLY hope she’s ok.

      • Comments (1288)

        I tried to see how long she had been in there but the feeds didn’t cover when she went in. Still got fish, they started at 11:15AM PST for anyone else flashingback.

    • Comments (722)

      Thats awful to hear. She seems like she went downhill fast. I saw on BBAD she was pretty miserable, her jaw and ears hurting.. so most likely tooth related.

      Has anyone ever left for medical reasons?

      • Comments (372)

        I saw her too, one side of her face was swollen REALLY bad.

      • Comments (644)

        I saw a video of someone having a really bad allergic reaction (don’t know which season it was)and her tongue was swelling and she went to the DR. It was very scary, she got injected with an epi pen. Then it was weird because a few minutes after that, another HG fell to the floor and had seizures, then they had to call the same nurse who was attending to the first HG who was sick. Both of them returned the next day to the game.

  26. Comments (5)

    Victoria is hung over.

  27. Comments (5)

    She needs more wine to Whine!

  28. Comments (401)

    Christine was worried what her pastor would say after the zing regarding her and Cody. I think the pastor is probably far more concerned that she’s completely missed the message of Christianity. If anyone is going to judge Christianity based on how Christians act, please look instead at Donny.

    • Comments (722)

      Well Christianity is also about forgiveness. But yes, she wasnt listening the week they covered the commandments about committing adultery and bearing false witness against your neighbor.
      Her pastors probably praying she doesnt mention the name of the church!

      • Comments (401)

        I apologize if you somehow think my comment excluded forgiveness.

      • Comments (722)

        No, no,no. I was being nice to Christine … i wasnt trying to be mean to you.

        Ppl in her life will forgive her, was my point.

        We shouldnt sit here and judge… blah blah blah..
        But daggone it shes asking for it by acting the way she does on national TV!!

  29. Comments (1288)

    Feeds back, they are not talking about Victoria but they also don’t seem upset so perhaps not as serious as it seemed.

  30. Comments (79)

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Instead of adding so many lame twists into the game, CBS needs to fire their casting directors and get some more likeable people into the game. The biggest problem with the last 2 seasons is having nobody to cheer for. The only people I want to win the game are Donnie and Nicole and last year, I wanted them ALL to lose (except maybe Howard). If they can have a cast full of people that we actually want to cheer for, it could be a great season

    • Comments (1288)

      So how exactly do they decide who is going to be likable and who under the pressure of the house/game will expose unlikable traits? I do not for a minute think they knew about Aryan’s racist leanings or any of the other HG’s peccadilloes.

  31. Comments (1288)

    Team America rides again. BB has told TA that America voted to allow them to make up their own mission. America will then vote as to whether or not it is worthy of being rewarded. It has to be completed by the Veto meeting. Donny of course wants the mission to be getting him off the block and safe for the week lol.

  32. Comments (843)

    Anyone with live feeds have any idea what is going on with Victoria? She collapsed in the bathroom stall and Nicole yelled for Derrick to come help. She was sweating so may have a temperature. Nothing on jokers except she collapsed. HG don’t seem real concerned and everyone is chatting or going back to bed.

  33. Comments (1288)

    Derrick has said that Victoria has been take to the ER.

    • Comments (692)

      does that mean she’s out for good?

      • Comments (1288)

        Not necessarily, she will have a monitor along to make sure she doesn’t get any game-related info. If it is something they can treat and release her I would expect her back. But if she is admitted and held for any extended period of time her game is probably over. She might be allowed back in to jury though.

  34. Comments (487)

    If Victoria has an infection in her jaw, she should go to the jury house to recover. POV can be played without her since she was not nominated. So it w

  35. Comments (487)

    If Victoria has an infection in her jaw, she should go to the jury house or in some other isolated location to recover. POV can be played without her since she was not nominated. Bring her back before the HOH is played if the physicians say that she is well enough to play. I would hope that TPTB have a contingency plan. If not shame on them. I hope Victoria gets better soon. And takes those extensions and clips out of hair because a bleed scalp is just a breeding ground for more bacteria.

    • Comments (1288)

      Playing POV without her would be unfair for two reasons. First, if she is chosen to play, she is less of a competitor for Donny and Nicole to face. Secondly, as a possible replacement nominee (pretty much definite but you gotta stay neutral), she should have a chance to play for the safety of winning POV.

      • Comments (487)

        If Victoria was the replacement nominee she wouldn’t have a the chance to play the POV. She would nominated because either Donny or Nicole came off the block. And I didn’t see anything about them having picked the POV players yet. When did that happen?

      • Comments (1288)

        It has not, that is why I said “if she is chosen to play”. If she were chosen and won, she could take a person down and be safe from being the replacement or she could choose to leave them the same and be safe that way.

  36. Comments (3)

    I don’t get the Donny bashing at all. He is the most real and sincere player in that whole house. He doesn’t talk much about the other house guests even in his diary sessions. I don’t think he even cusses. Last night he spelled A-s-s. lol

    On finale night, I wished they would bring them one out at a time. See who really gets booed. I didn’t even like Zach at first, but he grew on me. I use to like Derrick and Cody, but they turned me against them with all their hateful Donny talk.

    Is it me or is Cody all mouth? How many people has he said he’s going to call out? HE NEVER DOES. lol He thinks he’s a big player, but really he hasn’t won much. He finally won an important HOH. Big deal. He’s a slacker.

    I hope hope hope that Donny gets the fan vote, at least. I don’t know how many times they have said he won’t win it. They think people will like them better! Ha, they will be fooled.

    I hope Nicole wins HOH this next week. Break up the big aliance. Then see how they feel about it.

    If they were smart they would align with Donny/Nicole. They don’t even realize that they are playing for 5th or 6th place. Esp. Christine and Victoria. You know they won’t go far after Donny/Nicole is gone.

    Oh well, I will get off my soapbox for now. Thanks for listening. lol

  37. Canadian Redhead
    Comments (11)

    I think with this group the immaturity level is off the charts, which makes Derrick’s goal so much easier. He has a bunch of followers who are easy pickins for anyone with a stronger personality. They all want the in crowd to accept them. …” pick me to be your friend” and will do anything to stay popular. Donny, sweet Donny, is not frat boy material, never was, never would be. He is a good, decent man who will never fit this pack of lemmings. The girls, can’t call them women, were for the most part, willing to follow the group, not much independent thinking here. Victoria works off survival,she doesn’t have the smarts to play the game on her own. So she attached herself to Derrick and he plays the game for her. But that’s pretty much what the boys have done too.

  38. Comments (174)

    Derrick really showing his true colors of be a self center person. This is what he said when he learns Victoria is in ER and maybe not coming back.

    It’s a benefit to have her here. Always a pawn to put up with a target.” Then he takes it back

    • Comments (1288)

      He acknowledged the reality of the situation, so what? Her illness does not mean the others are no longer competing for $500k, so talking about how it effects the game is only natural. When Victoria was discovered Derrick was among the first to run and help before the feeds went down.

      The GAME is the only thing they have in the house, it is not like they can talk about the plane shot down over the Ukraine or the craziness in Ferguson.

      • Comments (401)

        Derrick was among the first because Nicole who discovered Victoria called him. He is the dad of the house. Funny how they didn’t call Donny, the doctor/army medic. 🙂

      • Comments (198)

        Nichole just graduated from nursing school.

      • Comments (426)

        I think she called him because he was the only guy out of bed and in the kitchen.

      • Comments (469)

        Derrick’s first reaction was selfish game play – the real Derrick – when he realized how it would look on air he retracted it – simple as that. Initial reactions mirror your true feelings.

  39. Comments (174)

    I also watch Survivor and over the years they have had players go out or injured and i can’t remember a time when others didn’t have concern about the other play that was hurt. He truly has shown that he is a very shallow type of person.

    • Comments (644)

      ginfrcali, I don’t like Derrick but he showed some concern for Victoria, I got it from Joker’s:

      maybe the POV won’t be played today. Also says maybe Victoria won’t be able to remain in the game. If she has an
      infection and needs to be hospitalized. But he hopes it’s just dehydration and nausea because he doesn’t want to see anyone go out like that.

      • Comments (174)

        At least he showed some concern.

      • Comments (722)

        Sounds like he just realized he was on camera..

      • Comments (843)

        Like we don’t already know he is a two faced weasel.

      • Comments (843)

        Caleb showed more concern than Derrick did. He said Victoria should get to go to the jury house afterward, if she ends up in the hospital. All Derrick is concerned with is planting seeds in Caleb’s mind to better his chances.

      • Comments (25)

        I like Derrick, he’s played the game very smart and he deserves to win it all. He’s is older and more mature than the twentysomething HGs and thus playing better. He’s made no real enemies and frankly the other HGs are so self-absorbed they don’t pay attention to his game play.

    • Comments (372)

      Survivor is so differant …they play in teams for one…they have to deal with the elements so they are snuggling for warmth …depending on each other for fire, food, water, safety …survival

  40. Comments (644)

    Derrick is really a Master Manipulator, he told Caleb how badly he (Derrick) has done in comps, and that Cody is a beast and is smart. Then a few minutes later he asks Caleb if he thinks Christine heard their conversation. It’s clear he is trying to tell Caleb to pick him over Cody and that Derrick is with Caleb, not Christine.

  41. Comments (843)

    Derrick is trying to use the Victoria deal to improve his chances. What a jerk.

    • Comments (1288)

      No he is not. He is talking about the possibilities and how it effects the game. Perhaps you think he should be discussing the weather but the game goes on no matter the illness/injury. Someone is still going to win $500k and it will not be anyone who loses sight of that. When Victoria was down, Derrick ran to help – what more do you expect of him?

      • Comments (25)

        Pure focus on the game play is what Derrick is doing. He is far from being jerk like so many of the other houseguests.

      • Comments (401)

        Agreed. (I think watching the feeds vs. reading others’ comments here and there makes a big difference on one’s perspectives of the house guests.)

      • Comments (401)

        (I was agreeing with DanDaMan)

      • Comments (1288)

        I got that, though the threads weaving in and out does sometimes get hypnotizing. As an undercover cop Derrick had to meet people and gain their trust as quickly as possible. He had to judge which were likely to fall for his rap and which (DONNY) would be likely to suspect him with close contact. I think that is why Derrick has kept Donny at arms length the whole game.

  42. Comments (1443)

    Ok. Here’s what I think. If Vic went to ER it’s almost an impossibility to keep her isolated. First of all there is the waiting room itself. Always a tv on!! Then someone could recognize her and even if she has someone with her they can’t control who talkers to her and what she might hear. Even the ER patient rooms usually have TVs. The ER personal are not going to give her special treatment so she may be waiting a while. It’s a summer Saturday in ER and it’s going to be packed. Even if they manage none of those things to happen staff talks and she could overhear something. What she really needs is dentist but no dentist office open on sat so ER only choice unless cbs can get someone to see her in privacy of office. At the very least they will put her on antibiotic pills mad maybe give her an antibiotic shot. And send her out. If that’s the case it’s still going to take more than day for her to be better. If they have to put in IV and give fluids/IV antibiotics that’s going to take longer exposing her to even more chances of some kind of exposure. If wisdom teeth infected and impacted she needs more extensive treatment and then extraction and she would be out of game. If she is exposed to anything it’s really not fair for her to come back in game. I am Retired RN with experience in ER so I know what I am talking about. Also it seems to me that if she goes out of game then she should count as the one evicted this week. I don’t know if that would happen but isn’t that what they do on survivor etc? Some HG have been kicked out of house but I can’t remember what they did about the block and what happened that week. Anyone remember?

    • Comments (1288)

      This is Hollywood, the arrival of a “star” is handled differently to avoid any large incidents. This is for the safety of the hospital as much as for the celeb. She was accompanied at all times by a handler just like when they went on the NFL trip. She is back and it looks like no undue contact took place.

  43. Comments (1443)

    She’s back!! Just said she got Iv

  44. Comments (6)

    Victoria is back from the ER. She had an IV, was checked over and apparently released. They told her to drink juice and eat something with sugar.

  45. Comments (12)

    This is a game and Derrick is playing like it should be played…And I bet hes a very good cop and will stay a good cop….Look how Dr.Will played…and hes still a good Dr….This isnt Sunday school and Im sure everyone knows that coming in…I want someone (Derrick)to win thats been playin the game..unlike last yr with Andy the Rat winning… Steve I hope your Mom gets well soon….

  46. Comments (644)

    Which of the guys hasn’t cuddled with Frankie? Did Hayden or Devin ever cuddle with him? I’m sure Donny hasn’t. I thought Derrick wouldn’t but the other day they were both in HOH cuddling. I know Derrick probably didn’t want to but as we all know it’s always Frankie’s idea. It’s sad that none of these guys will tell him anything for fear of not looking good or winning the money. I think they all look bad cuddling with Frankie, except Zach, because it seemed that he really liked Frankie.

    • Comments (692)

      I believe that Zach truly cared about Frankie. I think he enjoyed being with him and having fun with him and even exploring his sexuality with him. the others seem to want to cuddle with him after I found out who his sister is. It’s sad. I think the only two men in the house who are sure and confident in their heterosexuality are Derrick and Donny. I’m surprised that derrick was cuddling with Frankie.

      • Comments (722)

        Zach liked him. Caleb is using him to get to his sister. Cody doesnt know what planet hes on. Derrick.. well irdk what thats about!!

      • Comments (692)

        You made me smile, my friend!!
        Like your derrick comment especially.

      • Comments (644)

        franko, I was also surprised when I saw Derrick cuddling with Frankie, I saw it on BBAD. They were in the HOH room with other people and Derrick was on the nest bed and Frankie just went up to him and cuddled. Zach is a different story since he genuinely cared about Frankie.
        I don’t get why Frankie always has to be talking about his sexuality and the things he does sexually, we don’t care about that. We don’t see the heterosexual men talking about the things they do sexually all the time. That is gross when people talk about that stuff to others, especially on TV. It should be a private matter between two people that do it. Doesn’t he realize that his family and millions of people are watching the crap he says? I don’t think that will help him to get many jobs, unless it’s in a gay strip club. He’s a bad example for the gay community.

    • Comments (722)

      Omg. First off, there is something fundamentally wrong with a grown man needing held constantly. It lends to my abuse theory.
      Second, I know very few straight men who would cuddle another man for any amount of money.
      Especially a man like Frankie, who takes cuddlig as a sexual gesture.

    • Comments (875)

      Imvho…Cody, Caleb, Derrick, and Zach are gonna be questioned about their heterosexuality by friends, and relatives. First there is nothing wrong with any of them cuddling with a Gay dude, but with Frankie it went way beyond that on national tv.

      Just like last season’s HG were questioned about there blatant racist views, this seasons sexuality of several young men will be questioned also.

      • Comments (487)

        these young men brought that on themselves by their questionable behavior. I know of no heter males that will cuddle with another man. Some men are uncomfortable about cuddling with their own children because they don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. As for beyond that on national tv, can you just imagine what the live feeders witnessed?

      • Comments (487)

        I meant to say ‘no hetero males’

      • Comments (692)

        Let me just say….I’m GAY and I would NOT cuddle with Frankie!! His talk about his sexual exploits is a major major turnoff. I find it disgusting and a disgrace to the gay world in general.
        would I cuddle with the other guys in the house? You better believe I would!

        however, if they have had sex with Frankie, I hope they go get tested for any and all sexual diseases when they get out of the house. apparently, he is extremely promiscuous and not ashamed of it!!

    • Comments (692)

      Devin did not cuddle with Frankie. Devin DID tell Cody when they were in the backyard that he would cuddle with him.
      I doubt Hayden ever cuddled with Frankie. His eyes were on only Nichole from the beginning.

  47. Comments (10)

    Forget about beast mode cowboy I want to see Donny go into beard mode and win the veto again!

  48. Comments (401)

    Good. Victoria wasn’t picked to play POV so the fact that she can’t is a moot point.

  49. Comments (412)

    Donny told Derrick that their Team America mission, they could pick themselves, and they all agree, run the idea by production and production would approve or not approve. Has anyone else heard about this?
    Anyway, Donny suggested that Team America should save him. That they should stick together because America wants it that way.

    Here’s the possibilities:
    A. Production couldn’t think of team missions for America to vote for.
    B. Production is trying to save Donny.
    C. Donny made the whole thing up.

    What do y’all think is going on?

    • Comments (130)

      No matter what Donny says or CBS says, there is no way that Frankie and Derrick will agree with the mission of saving Donny. It’s only a matter of $5k, and believe me, they both think they have the $500K in their pockets.

    • Comments (722)

      Production trying to save Donny. They dont want to pull out the dusty DPoV, its too late for the coup d’etat to work to Donnys advantage.

      Or, production ran out of ideas (surprise surprise)

  50. Comments (692)

    I really hope that Victoria is OK. She certainly is not my favorite player in the game and I wanted to go to jury as soon as possible BUT I definitely don’t want her to be hurt or sick. I hope she’s not taking a risk by staying in the game. Her health is more important than any amount of money!

  51. Comments (875)

    Why is Victoria still in the game, its “more” than obvious that she has some very serious medical issues?!?!

  52. Comments (487)

    Victoria is okay so all is right with BB16 world. Now I have a question where in the he&* does Derrick get off saying that Donny is always throwing him and Frankie under thus bus? I know it’s game play and all that junk, but how about some truth some time come out of that cop’s mouth once and a while. Just venting.

  53. Comments (487)

    Cody won the POV

  54. Comments (182)

    Biggest lie so far, is that Frankie telling Cody that America will love him for taking out Donny, because Cody is concerned after just winning POV that America will hate him for evicting Donny.

    Does Cody think for himself or is Frankie and Derrick his alter-ego?

    • Comments (722)

      Maybe Cody gets it. Maybe he did a head count and realized not everyone can win.
      But yeah, we do hate him for participating in the Donny ousting.

  55. Comments (644)

    After winning the veto Cody finally showed some compassion and picked Donny and Nicole to be his companions to watch the premier of the show “Scorpions” with him. He said he did it because they are have nots and that way they’ll be able to eat something. Maybe Cody’s conscience is waking up a little. I hope Derrick doesn’t reprimand him for it.

    • Comments (722)

      Oh you know Derrick will.
      Cody just put a big ol target on his back.

      • Comments (1288)

        Not at all. Derrick pointed out that he will keep tabs on Frankie and Caleb so they aren’t game planning behind Derrick’s and Cody’s back during the reward.

  56. Comments (401)

    Cody chose Nicole and Donny to join him for a reward he got. Smart game play for jury votes? Nice guy? Maybe both.

  57. Comments (487)

    they threw the comp so that Cody would win. Nicole almost had it.

    • Comments (487)

      I am watching the live feeds. Derrick and Frankie talked about their plan to make sure that one of the alliance stayed in the game. Frankie dropped out first, then Christine (but they didn’t tell her what was going on), then Derrick. Christine folded on her guess too soon twice or she would have won the POV.

  58. Comments (6)

    I still hope that Donny or Nicole as they leave the house tell Derrick you ran the BB house but you don’t run the jury house. Hey thanks for sending me there, by they way welcome to second place Derrick. I bet he will break out in a panic then all his hard work for second place.

    • Comments (644)

      BoniO that is a wonderful idea. I would love if Donny said that!

    • Comments (79)

      Why would you want that? If the final 2 comes down to Derrick or Frankie, you want to see Frankie win? If the final 2 comes down to Derrick and Christine, you want to see Christine win? If the final 2 comes down to Derrick and Caleb, you want to see Caleb win? Come on now, Derrick isn’t exactly my favourite but I’d sure as hell rather see him win than any of those other mindless nitwits.

      • Comments (224)

        Agreed. I think the majority of the jurors, especially the so-called “superfans”, will be able to be objective and vote for the best player rather than just being spiteful.

  59. Comments (75)

    Hopefully they go out before the veto ceremony. Maybe Donny will take so sense into him.

  60. Comments (75)

    Than again if Victoria leaves Derrick would probably take him to the final 2

  61. Comments (2)

    I would like the house to interact more with the houseguest
    Or take note from bb canada when a player could choose to give letters from home to her housemates or take some cash
    That made for some serious drama and I loved every second! Lol

    • Comments (1288)

      That would be nice but that is not the way CBS will allow the game to be played. In the US version, CBS insists the game be player versus player. In most other versions it is the players versus Big Brother. But if Big Brother were the adversary on the CBS version, something they did to the players could lead to the public being upset with CBS.

      So we have the peculiar to America version that enhances and encourages conflict between players. CBS is a bigger p*ssy than Cody.

      • Comments (79)

        That’s not true. Production interferes with the game ALL THE TIME on BB US. Or have you forgotten about that convenient Pandora’s box twist on BB13?

  62. Comments (343)

    I have to say that it is probably one of the lamest seasons ever — if not the lamest. People want to say Derrick is a genius, but the contestants are pretty sorry players this year. And the two HOHs twists just helped Derrick along — if one person could have one HOH like in seasons past, Nicole and others could have challenged Derricks Army. However, the two HOH never really let “outsiders” challenge the other side by never allowing one person to have complete control; it always had to be shared in the beginning and that seemed to throw water on any strong plans that could have been put in place because you were always worried about losing BotB comps. Plus, “throwing the comp” has gotten taken to a new level because of this twist. Bad season, getting worse.

  63. Comments (10)

    I can’t believe what a bunch of idiots !!!!!
    Unbelievable …. If one of the bomb squad wins the money …. may u have the worse luck with it! I wish what I have written here they could see it. And if Christine thinks the guys r going to let her win … she’s she’s stupid !!!!!!!!!! LEAVE DONNY ALONE !!!!!!!!

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