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Big Brother 16 – It’s Only A Game Feed Updates


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Every once in awhile, I like to put on my Father Brady hat and give lectures nobody really cares about. I just have to get it off my chest otherwise it will eat me up. Today is just reminding everyone that the people in the house are ALL playing a game.  Donny is playing for Donny, Derrick is playing for Derrick and Cody is playing for Derrick.. err, I mean Cody.  Take a look at the hatred for Christine… I understand why people would be upset, but being flirty while married is hardly the worst thing a player has done this show.  If it gets her far in the game and she actually ends up winning, good for her (I don’t think it will, but that’s her issue). As far as her relationship with her husband, that’s on them to deal with.

I am not making excuses for her, and if it were my wife, I’d be upset, but again.. it’s on them.  I can’t speak for him, but her husband may not mind, or he may be filing divorce papers.. it shouldn’t really matter to fans. That’s for them to deal with when she’s out of the house.  This post is mostly just encouraging my readers to not bother her husband on twitter or wherever else he is.  The most supportive thing you can do for him is leave him alone and let him deal with it however he decides.

Ok, rant done.. time for the updates:

  • 12:20pm – Cody and Christine are in the living room taking weird shots for the HoH camera. Nicole is roaming around and most others are sleeping or off camera.
  • 1:40pm – Christine and Nicole are laying in the sun together. Nicole tells her she has no hard feelings at all and still feels comfortable around her. Then they talked about how close they were at the beginning of the game.  Yes, a real potential powerhouse silent alliance that was broken up by Christine.  Oh well.
  • 4:50pm – Feeds were down for a little bit, and the houseguests were allowed to do the ice bucket challenge.  Kind of weird, but cool?  I can’t decide. I’ll go with cool.
  • It’s official – Feeds are extremely boring today.
  • 8:40pm – Watched some tv, but checking back on the feeds, Derrick and Nicole had a little talk about stuff earlier, and now she is talking with Victoria about random stuff.  Now they’re singing “Ironic” which is ironic because that song was playing on a movie I watched a few hours ago (The Internship)
  • 8:45pm – Caleb – “Deep down inside, Donny knows he’s leaving so he’s just chillin”
  • Caleb is telling the group he went to ‘states’ in darts. Frankie called him on it and Caleb changed his story to wrestling. The guy is a weirdo
  • Frankie is now explaining the concept of advertising and how CBS gets money for people watching (of course they also get revenue from the live feed subscribers)
  • 9:00pm – Derrick is upstairs in the HoH room chatting.  Cody says Christine is a huge liar.  He doesn’t want to see her or Frankie win HoH this week. He thinks they’d come after him, but Derrick said Christine thinks she has him in her pocket.
  • Derrick points to Nicole and said she’s scary. She’s going to win another comp if she stays. He compares her to an Ian.
  • Cody said Frankie and Christine need to go before Nicole.  They continue to talk and then Christine starts heading upstairs.  Cody pretends to be zoning out listening to his headset and she thinks she scares him.

Check back for more!

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  1. Comments (682)

    Every time I think of this I laugh out loud. Maybe Cody has hit himself in the head too many times.

    • Comments (487)

      that was so, so funny. I think he mentioned the other night on the live feed how he feels like someone is beating him up. Little does he realize he’s doing it to himself. Poor kid.

      • Comments (682)

        I just found it. 8/25 2:45 pm Camera 3

        Christine: I hurt my ears every time I sleep in this house. It’s weird.

        Cody: I hurt my face every time I sleep in this house. It feels like someone is like punching me while I’m sleeping.

      • Comments (1276)

        Oh my, that is AMAZING! I thought he realized he was hitting himself, but this is so much funnier. lol

      • Comments (383)

        omg almost spit my drink all over my screen.

  2. Comments (487)

    SB — I really liked your post. I bearly have enough time to post on this site or to watch the live feeds. I don’t have time to torment Christine’s husband because of her bad behavior. Hopefully when she gets home and watces the DVDs, she will realize how lucky she is to have a guy like Tim to hold things down while she is chasing her dream. Tim’s a special guy.

    • Comments (1276)

      I still can’t believe that people harrass her husband. But I have never understood people stalking castmembers families online, due to what the CASTEMEMBER is doing on TV. It’s like when people started threatening Shelly from Season 13. It’s just gross.

    • Comments (38)

      I hope she realizes too what a great guy Tim is (or at least appears to be). He seems sweet, funny, but also very very sad about the situation on his Twitter, however, he doesn’t go off on people and never says anything nasty about his wife. I wish the guy would just get off of social media all together while Christine is in the house, I think it would save him quite a bit of heartache in the meantime.

    • Comments (1446)

      SB – no one here that I know of is actually bothering Christine’s husband. But remember – he has chosen to put out videos and comment about the situation on Twitter. He has even announced that he AND Christine will be putting videos on You Tube when she gets out. He is doing pod casts discussing the situation. Just as SHE has chosen to be on BB16 and put herself out there. That is what happens… Seriously, don’t put yourself out there if you don’t want people to talk about you.
      Sometimes fame is a bitch – yet they all chase it with talk in the house of how many followers they will have after the show.
      I certainly don’t condone ANYONE bothering him.

      Derrick’s wife is no where to be seen or heard from – smart lady.

    • Comments (191)

      There are people out there that consider this more than entertainment. If her husband approves or disapproves it doesn’t matter to me. People need to chill!

  3. Comments (412)

    Obviously, I’m not a fan of Christine.^.^
    But I don’t talk bad about her husband. I feel sorry for the guy. But I really, really , REALLY strongly, dislike Christine. I dislike her gameplay. She thinks she can beat Derrick in the end? Can you say delusional? I dislike her humor. I don’t find her making fun of everyone else in the house all the time funny. I dislike Ier inappropriate relationship with Cody. I dislike that she makes fun of her husband on national tv. I dislike how she treats Donny and Nicole. I really dislike her laugh. Of course someone like Christine, someone that puts such an easy target on their back to not be liked, is going to be disliked by America.

    • Comments (682)

      As someone who watches the feeds her “character” is annoying. She watched the feeds so she should know what annoys people.

      Her nose blowing (I know it needs to be blown but be mindful of the mic)
      Constantly cackling
      Talking while cackling
      We can barely hear anything she says (unless she’s cackling while talking)
      Her vocabulary is lacking. It’s weird, That’s so gross, That’s disgusting, I hate him/her.
      And she’s a floater.

      The pawing and petting Cody? I could care less. That’s her deal and I already had enough reasons to dislike her as a player of the game.

      • Comments (7)

        Omfg ur such a douche. Why don’t u do some self examination instead of judging someone who is playing a GAME. Would u be this self righteous while critiquing her playing monopoly. Ur pathetic! As a wise individual just said…it’s only a game focker!!!!!

      • Comments (682)

        You need to look up the definition of “self righteous”.

      • Christine is a BITCH!
        Comments (1)

        Christine is a disgusting, filthy, whore, BITCH! Hate that ho. Her husband is using this publicity for his unlikely music “career”. So to everyone defending this little pansy, remember, he married Christine, so he can’t be that good of a person.

      • Comments (1288)

        Everything Rita commented on is within the bounds of the game and that is why we are here – to discuss the positives and negatives we find in the game. This game is held to entertain, part of that entertainment is getting to talk about the game. The people in the house are well aware of the examination and critique they face by the watchers.

        CBS is paying them for their trouble. I doubt anyone would pay Christine to play Monopoly for our entertainment so I do not think Rita would have any comments on it.

      • Comments (1)

        Tim Burton thinks he’s the greatest because he” blah blah blah, I’m the villain, I can say anything because no one can see me, that makes me a brave douche.”

      • Comments (1288)

        Rita, you forgot “it’s skeerrrry, he’s skeerrrry, that’s skeerrrry” ad nauseam.

      • Comments (66)

        I am so glad I’m not the only one who notices her lack of conversation skills. Ohhhh that’s so funnnny. Oh groooosssssss. And if she burps into her mic again, I’m going to hurt her.

    • Comments (17)

      wow christine is the worst.haha I 100% agree with ebery word.and do feel bad for her husband.

  4. Comments (54)

    Christine grosses me out.

    • Comments (1)

      Right?!?!?!I just find it so funny how she thinks that she’s sexy or cute enough to make anybody do what she wants in the game! flirt away but gurrrl you won’t get far! #youdonthavewhatittakes #bitchplease

      • Comments (644)

        Christine never in her life thought she would be touching someone as hot as Cody. So since he is captive in the house and can’t go anywhere she is taking advantage of it.

  5. Comments (722)

    I hope no one is bothering the husband. Hes got enough problems..

    Texting or posting to him (whatever its called) is just going too far. Hes not in the game, has no control over what is going on.

    Did he put his own web addresses out? Or did CBS or someone else? How would ppl know who he was or how to contact him? I would think families would want privacy from stalkers or obsessive fans or ppl meaning harm..

    • Comments (412)

      He puts himself out there[on Twitter] and responds to the fans. Most family members don’t respond like he does, or at all. He literally responds to every message[tweets] that he receives. I don’t know about you but wouldn’t you just ignore or maybe ends your social media source while this was going on? Not this guy. He actually brags about how many followers he has on Twitter now. He’s an inspiring musician and he’s using this publicity to his advantage.

    • Comments (38)

      He’s on Twitter publicly putting himself out there, talking about Christine etc. I agree that people need to leave him alone but he also should realize he isn’t helping the situation either by responding to the trolls.

    • Comments (722)

      Oh. Well then.. I personally wouldnt claim any relation to any reality cast member or celebrity… I enjoy my privacy and my anonymity.

      He sounds like he and Christine are very immature. I dont think he quite gets whats going on. Hes only looking at the possibility of becoming $500,000 richer.. what is that after taxes? $240,000? Ok. Here we go adults, lets do some math…
      Pay off student loans, buy a house, a new car..
      See you back in Starbucks! Hope your shift is still open…

      • Comments (426)

        I don’t want her fixing my coffee or serving me anything.

      • Comments (1446)

        Willie and Colby 😀

      • Comments (66)

        I saw some tweet from him saying 72 days sober or something. So he’s been sober about as long as she’s been in the house. That’s some big stuff to be going through at the same time, and to me might explain why he’s acting a little….shall we say crazy?

      • Comments (722)

        If hes 72 days sober, that means she drove him to drink and now he doesnt need it anymore…
        For 72 days she was someone elses problem

  6. Comments (130)

    The argument that any of the Detonators will have is THEY held the knife in all of the big moves. Frankie cut Zach out, Christine got Nicole, Cody got Donny and Hayden, etc…

    The counter-argument that Derrick will have is that he told them who to stab and when.

  7. Comments (137)

    Very well said SB. I was appalled at some of the posts I have seen and also how people could think it would be okay to contact family members.

  8. Comments (138)

    Christine’s husband has become the national face of cuckolded men, a position previously held by Dennis Quaid. Maybe he realizes that if they’re estranged before she wins $500,000, he’s not entitled to any of it. That’s why he’s not cursing her. Either way, it is our business and she’s the worst kind of woman.

    • Comments (130)

      Does anyone remember Season 2 of BB? Nicole was very flirty with Hardy and at one point a plane flew over with a message from her husband.

      • Comments (722)

        I thought it was the waitress, she was from Arkansas. The banner mentioed something that happened in the hot tub.
        I thought it was about Mike Boogie… not Hardy. Hardy was dealing with Shannon and her toilet scrubbing with the toothbrush…

        Btw, i mentioned i would keep the bathrooms clean in the BB house, but it wont involve using anyones toothbrush. I promise! I imagine BB will supply my bathroom cleaning materials anyways!!

      • Comments (38)

        Gosh. Season 2 was such a good season, wasn’t it? I remember Hardy’s toothbrush being used to clean the toilet and how she got in trouble LOL. I need to find season 2 somewhere and re-watch it.

      • Comments (722)

        It was the first season I really watched. It was the best season the show had.

      • Comments (644)

        Willie, I think the first season was the one where the viewers decided who got voted out. Am I right? Then I heard that viewers were always going to vote for the nice people to win so they decided to let the HGs decide who got evicted. That way anyone could win.

      • Comments (875)

        Yes, you’re right Lilly, we did get to vote out who was on the block that 1st season. But it became much like American Idol voting, where folks would garner loads of people to vote for 1 individual.

        I think its good they let the HG vote out the HG now. BUT…I think the viewers should be allowed to put HG on the block, because we see everything!

      • Comments (722)

        I think youre right. I didnt watch the first season regularly, but from what ive read.. viewers were in charge.

        Someone posted that CBS didnt want to be the bad guy so they put that task on the cast…

    • Comments (1288)

      When did Cody and Christne have sex? AFAIK, they have not gone beyond cuddling and if they have not had sex no one has been cuckolded. You are putting the cart in front of the horseface.

  9. Comments (2)

    I can’t stand Christine. I have a real problem with her promise back on show one when she says she loves being a nudist and looks forward to walking around the BB house in the nude. I thought that would make a very interesting dynamic all summer to see how people respond to her free nature and how it may affect the game. Would she be shunned? Would others join in? From a sociological standpoint it would have made for interesting TV. Instead, she was just a tease looking for shock value to get her in the door. (Watch the first show to see her say it) I do find it funny that she ended up not being naked for fear of embarrassing herself when ultimately she’s embarrassed herself so much more with her Cody cravings. My pick for a winner?
    ABC – Anyone but Christine.

    How funny it will be when Victoria outlasts all the girls? Donny said it best “she doesn’t even know she’s here!”

    • Comments (1446)

      What?? What??

      Christine in the nude??

      Thanks, Kenny…I’m cancelling my dinner plans.

    • Comments (407)

      I noticed that as well. Not that I was anxious to see Christine nude all summer, but clearly just saying that stuff for the shock value.

    • Comments (4)

      I don’t remember her saying that. I must have wandered out of the room right about then. But it doesn’t even make sense that she’d want to run around nude – have you seen her swim suits? She doesn’t even wear a bikini, it’s like something from the 40s or even the 30s. If you like to walk around nude, why are you covering everything up in the pool. The comment must have been for shock value.

      • Comments (644)

        If you go to Wil Heuser’s website, and look in one of the first videos he made for BB16, you’ll see him portraying Christine nude with a guitar and singing “and I like being naked.” You should watch his videos for seasons 15 and 16, they are very funny.

      • Comments (1446)

        Yes! Wil Heuser’s video’s are really funny – better than Zingbot!

      • Comments (379)

        His latest is really funny. He calls Frankie a [email protected] in it.

  10. Comments (843)

    Some people are so hungry for attention or fame, they will do anything to attain it, even if it’s negative. This is probably the only time in his life Christine’s husband has ever had anyone recognize him. I really dislike Christine’s actions, attitude, AND laugh, but her husband shouldn’t be harassed. Take a note from last year’s Spencer’s girlfriend and hide! Well said, steve beans. Hope your mother is doing well.

  11. Comments (644)

    Does anyone know who’s on the picture above?

  12. Comments (13)

    There is no reason to contact and harass any family members it only becomes a circle of hate over a game why not just post your opinions on sites made for that and if they choose to reply then fine Steve is right its not right to invade their lives and harass them they definitely didn’t contact all of us

  13. Comments (6)

    So agree with SB, leave Christine’s husband alone!!As long as she has a chance to win NOT, but whatever, half the money is his. I think they discussed all this before she entered the game

  14. Comments (43)

    On the live feeds…It says exclusive voting to impact the houseguests. Where do you do that? Thanks for the help.

    • Comments (1288)

      To the right of the video screen on the Live Feeds page there is a grey section with tab headers saying “Chat” “Highlights” “Houseguests” “Tweets” “Vote”. Click on the Vote tab and you get to help decide between Snot Roasts and Breakfast Eareal as the add-on to next weeks Have-nots menu. Snot Roasts has already won, voting this week is closed, and that should create a staggering impact on the house. Disappointing to say the least.

  15. Comments (412)

    I really don’t want Derrick to win, but then I think about everyone else in the game, other than Donny and Nicole, and then I realize that he may just have this in the bag. I would rather Derrick win over Frankie. I would rather Derrick win over Cody, Christine, & Victoria. Even though it would be funny to find out that Victoria has been the evil genius this entire time pulling the strings. But that is highly unlikely. Derrick vs Caleb would be funny just to see beast mode cowboy realize at the very end that he isn’t running the house. That would just be too hilarious. Derrick vs Nicole. Even if Nicole has the best come back and a perfect speech I think the houseguests do not respect Nicole enough and would vote for Derrick. Now say that good ole boy Donny somehowssaves himself and make it to the end, he has a chance of beating Derrick. Derrick knows that and has been gunning for him because of it.

  16. Comments (43)

    oh is that for slop…snot roast or breakfast eareal. voted for snot roast.

  17. Comments (266)

    You’ve got to be just as bad as Caleb if you’re stalking spouses on their twitter. I don’t mind reading crap talk on this blog but seriously… Trying to harass Christine’s husband says three words to those people: get a job. Apparently they have too much time on their hands.

  18. Comments (43)

    The HG’s took the ALS ice bucket challenge, live feeds went down.

  19. Comments (98)

    I can’t wait until the finale when the hgs realize how much Donny has captured America’s heart.

  20. Comments (644)

    I got this from Jokers:

    “Christine ask Frankie why does Caleb always wants to sleep with you? Frank replies probably for security”

    What was that???

  21. Comments (383)

    I’m sure someone has already mentioned it… But on BBAD the other day, Caleb was talking about the finale and how Amber might just come up to him and say “okay, the show’s over, what’s your number?” He wasn’t kidding.
    She really does need to be afraid. He is STILL telling himself she is going to come around. I really don’t think he will accept that she’s not interested. And there are some pictures of her floating around that show her breasts. He’s going to go ballistic when he sees those. Run Amber, RUN!!!

  22. Comments (248)

    Caleb, Caleb, Caleb poor confused,sick,bastard. I really feel sorry for him. Once he gets out of the house he will probably feel really stupid over the way he acted in regards to Amber.

    • Comments (426)

      I am really doubting that he will feel really stupid over the way he acted in regards to Amber when he gets out. He obviously hasn’t given up.
      He is a confused, sick, bastard, but unless his family is able to convince him to get some help, he can’t imagine anyone not thinking he is as great as he thinks he is and loving him.
      I have said all along that Amber needs to get a restraining order.

  23. Comments (240)

    I thought the ice bucket challenge was recent. After they went into the house. Am I wrong? If not, how did they find out about a current event?

    • Comments (426)

      According to Wikipedia it originated mid 2013 to early 2014. It went viral July or August 2014.
      But who knows if they may have explained it to them today or if any of them knew about it before. From what I have read, Caleb was the only one that said he knew about it and I don’t believe most of what he says.

      • Comments (722)

        Caleb started the ice bucket challenge, when he won the Olympics. That was before he invented the wheel and electicity.

    • Comments (1443)

      Because I think they saw Julie do it last week on tv

    • Comments (1443)

      They saw Julie do it on tv last week. They do not know it’s been going viral. In fact they seem to think they will get all of America doing it

  24. Comments (69)

    For those who are interested – Frankies sister that I had never heard of before – will be performing on Americas Got Talent Wednesday Night – maybe you can get an idea what she sounds like or if there is any look alike to Frankie – poor girl.

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