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Big Brother 16 – HoH Thread


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Will Frankie have a repeat?

Well, here we are again.  Deja Vu.  Waiting for likely the same results from the same HoH competition that took place last week.  I don’t even know what to think about this twist.  The same competition, really?  I should have expected it, seeing as it’s a complete rewind (including Cody putting on the dinosuit for a few more hours or whatever), but the same comps?

With that all said, here are the updates…

  • 6:30pm – Feeds still down for the HoH competition
  • 6:37pm – Feeds back, Caleb won HoH.  Up on the block this week will likely be Cody and Victoria!
  • Here is the next few hours.. the house staring at the memory wall preparing for the veto.
  • 8:03pm – The house sitting around chatting about the live show and HoH competition. Apparently Cody had 25 and it fell. Shocker.

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  1. Comments (28)

    Please NOT Frankie again, he was not ahead… what a total waste it will be…. ugh!

  2. Comments (1)

    i sure hope they get frankie out this time ugh

  3. Comments (1137)

    I gotta know who one?

    • Comments (682)

      Caleb. And yes Stevebeans, he will probably put up Cody and Victoria BUT I bet he back doors Fakie if he can after Veto.

      • Comments (1446)

        Not sure…

        Does he want to toss out a huge connection he would have to fame and fortune?? Mango may work that angle, and I wouldn’t blame him one bit if he did.

        It’s what Derrick has been doing all season.

        It’s all a matter of who can control Caleb’s mind this week…Mango or Derrick.

      • Comments (682)

        That’s why Derrick needs to win and take one of them down. Caleb would have NO choice then.

      • Comments (1443)

        Caleb needs to put up franki and Vic or Cody. If he doesn’t he has Derrick and Cody against him. Plus all HG know answers for face puzzle. If they change it is that reset?

      • Comments (1446)

        Now that I think about it, Caleb is Mr. Honor and Integrity.

        He will try and keep the final four as himself, Cody, Mango, and Derrick.

        And Derrick would really screw himself with the other guys if he took Victoria off of the block.

        Unless Victoria wins Veto(and she won’t) she will be heading to jury.

        I think the Veto will be played the same way – just new freaks.

      • Comments (1443)

        But the plan they all had was to take out franki. If he doesn’t he goes against Cody and Derrick he made deal with. If he puts Frankie he breaks trust with Frankie. Time to go against final 4 or it will be too late

    • Comments (12)

      Calab won HOH

  4. Comments (2)

    Yeah, I get that it’s a complete rewind, but I really wish they would have come up with different comps. I’m afraid we’re just going to get an exact repeat of last week which was awfully boring. I’d rather see a new competition with the potential to really shake things up this week. Of course, just because it is the same competition doesn’t mean Frankie is going to win. But still.
    I’m just really pulling for anybody but Frankie to win this time.

  5. Comments (1137)


  6. Comments (682)

    I hope Frankie goes Chima in the house this week.

  7. Comments (1137)

    I hope he puts Frankie but I kinda doubt it.

  8. Comments (1)

    Will it be the same veto comp too?

  9. Comments (492)

    Please put Frankie up.

  10. Comments (1)

    If they don’t get Frankie out this week, they never will!

  11. Comments (1137)

    At least Derrick can play for Veto. He was only 23 seconds away from Frankie last time. I knew dan would love Derricks gameplay. Come on Derrick or Cody win that pov.

    • Comments (682)

      OMG that would be great! Cody and Victoria on the block. Derrick wins Veto and takes off either (probably Cody to stick with his pretending Victoria is mad at him) Caleb has no choice but to put Fakie up, Derrick and Cody vote out Fakie.

      Everybody wins!

    • Comments (1443)

      They all know the answers this time. It would be who was fastest going back and forth to buzzer?

      • Comments (682)

        They have to change the pictures or it would be too easy.

        But Victoria would probably still be in last place. Sadly.

      • Comments (1443)

        Seems they can’t change faces cause it would not be reset or rewind. I hated that it was same comps. But they all know answers to faces now. At least Derrick and Frankie do. Frankie guessed at many and Derrick didn’t seem to but they seem to know them all now. Don’t know about Vic but she moves so slowly

      • Comments (1137)

        Victoria doesn’t get in a hurry on any comp.

      • Comments (682)

        On the live feeds they said there were 5 more seeds for the HOH comp. Maybe there will be more pics for the morph comp.

  12. Comments (1137)

    Send Frankie home Caleb. Sending him vibes right now. Lol

  13. Comments (174)

    Lets hope Derrick does win POV and will take off either Cody or Victoria. Celab will have no other choice but to put up Frankie.

  14. Comments (24)

    The look on Frankie’s face is priceless, ” oh crap, I’m going home”. Bye bye. I girl can dream.

  15. Comments (1446)

    Everyone wants Mango gone.

    I am in the camp of sending home one of the worst players in BB history:


    I want the final two to be a “title fight”, not Victoria just telling the jury to hand Derrick the check.

  16. Comments (1799)

    I miss spoke in anther post ( yes I was wrong once more ) it was the freak show pictures How soon will they be playing ? First the nom Than the game I’m sure a lot of starting at the photos on the wall

  17. Comments (3)

    Frankie is not that big of a threat… derrick has never been put on the block is anyone else playing the game besides derrick and frankie ….. everybody is going after frankie while derrick sits and smiles to the money

  18. Comments (138)

    Loved Christine’s face after hearing Hayden and Donny’s comments about dinosaurs and attorneys.

  19. Comments (211)

    Derrick better win PoV, because there’s no way Caleb’s putting up Frankie – Caleb’s put this alliance thing before his own game, and I think he and Frankie as the Final 2 is his dream.

    • Comments (1443)

      I think he will put up Frankie. He agreed to do it and if he doesn’t he will have two ppl against him in house. Everyone is going to be up his ass this week. He’s going to have to decide who he is most loyal to. The two others or the one other. He can do like when he put Nichole up. Win pov and free yourself.

      • Comments (211)

        He agreed to put Frankie up last time around, too, and ended up wimping out (and then tattling to Frankie about what he was planning on doing!) Don’t get me wrong, it’s the obvious move to make for his own game life, but for some reason, he’s still in “alliance mode” instead of waking up and playing for himself.

      • Comments (1443)

        Yes he can be a loose cannon but Cody and Derrick will be after him up til nom. But he said on jokers tonight to Cody that Derrick needed to take one for the team since he’s never been up. Maybe he’s thinking of putting him up with Vic or better with Frankie

      • Comments (1137)

        Hmm I hope not.

  20. Comments (77)

    BB could have waited till after the vote to make it interesting.
    Victoria is gone, and i guess now, the “action” (yawn) begins.

    Will somebody tell me what happened on Utopia. At least that show is not predictable. Yet.

  21. Comments (2)

    This whole twist that’s not really a twist, is stupid, to be honest. Same comps? Let’s just try to set Franki up to win again. Ridiculous. #NotaFrankieFan #GoDerrick

  22. Comments (3)

    Caleb needs to make a power move for his game .. put derrick and frankie up.. I’m tired of people bashing frankie . Derrick has played a great game but it becomes a point where is the logic in the housegests… cody has no chance same as caleb .. they didn’t make any big moves for anybody to give them the money… and victoria doesn’t count .

    • Comments (211)

      Caleb will never put Frankie up. Heck, he couldn’t even keep from telling Frankie that he was even considering backdooring him last week, LOL.

    • Comments (178)

      I think a power move would be for Caleb to put Derrick and Cody up; but he won’t. He’s easily persuaded and Derrick has pulled his strings for the entire game. If anything, Derrick will convince Caleb to put Frankie up or backdoor him.

      • Comments (1443)

        I hope Frankie goes. Everyone wants franki to go

      • Comments (7)

        Yes! Derrick will have Caleb do his bidding to backdoor Frankie and have no blood on his own hands. Caleb MUST put up Derrick and Victoria now or forever forget about landing the half million. If Derrick is to survive and win, then he’ll have to win POV. Then Caleb will have no choice but to put up Frankie and avoid bloodshed.

    • Comments (1443)

      I agree. Only chance they have to win is get rid of Derrick but Caleb thinks he and Frankie would beat Derrick cause Derrick has told Caleb he would beat him. Plus Caleb thinks he would beat them all in final two

    • Comments (1137)

      If Caleb puts up Frankie and gets him out that’s a big move for him. Or if Derrick wins veto takes himself or Cody down ( whoever is up there) forcing Caleb to put up Frankie and the other ones vote him out that’s a big game move for them. So he better think about it carefully because right now Derrick, Cody and Victoria are a voting block against Frankie and Caleb and since he can’t vote they’ll have the numbers. Look a lot of us just don’t like Frankie as a person. He hasn’t exactly been the nicest guy there. A lot of what he says about other people is cruel. IMHO

    • Comments (1443)

      I agree with you

  23. Comments (1799)

    Caleb puts up Vic,and Cody Telling everyone Vic is his target leave it up to winning comp to get to the final 3 than final 2

  24. Comments (692)

    Just a quick comment. I HAVE NOT read anything posted since I was sitting in waiting room at the doctor’s office. If you sent me a comment I will read it in a bit.
    I’m in the E.R. I’ve been here for four hours and I’m still in an examining room. apparently I have pneumonia and the doctor saw a mass also. I will update later I’ve had a large dose of morphine and I’m waiting for the quacks here to decide if I’m staying or not. My primary physician is ticked at them here, I’ve been texting him from here.
    Getting kinda looooppppy. Lol

  25. Comments (843)

    It all hinges on Frankie not winning POV. Derrick is the only one who has a shot at beating him.

  26. Comments (178)

    Well, it looks as though CBS might get what it wants and that’s Frankie out the door..either from being on the block or from a backdoor. That “re-wind” was ridiculous. It served absolutely no purpose. I know I’m in the minority on this site; but I’ve enjoyed Frankie the most this entire season. Yes, he’s extremely effected and over the top at times with some of his comments; but he’s very bright and I wanted him to win. I don’t like Derrick. I don’t like the game he’s played. He’s a snake in sheep’s clothing. Isn’t it amazing how Derrick seemed to “guess” what the button push would involve? Personally, I’m hoping Hayden and Donny can persuade the jury house the type of con man Derrick was during the entire game and, as Hayden said, that Derrick was really the one responsible for putting ALL of them in the jury house. Derrick is already counting his $500,000, so I hope he’s out before the final 3; but if he makes it to final 2, then I hope he only gets second place. If and when Frankie is gone, this season of “Big Brother” will be over for me.

    • Comments (178)

      Oh, and one more thing…all you “pro Derrick” fans and Frankie haters can now enjoy yourselves by giving my above post the thumbs down. I personally don’t use those indicators on a person’s post as I believe they are silly. People should be entitled to express their opinion(s) and views, whether they agree with your own or not. But, hey, whatever floats your boats.

      • Comments (682)

        I don’t use the thumbs down option very often and never just because I disagree with someone’s opinion. I do hit the thumbs up quite often even on days when I don’t post anything as I love reading what everyone has to say.

        I liked Frankie at first. After watching the live feeds (probably way too much) my opinion of him changed and I have had my fill of his all-about-me attitude.

        Derrick came to play the game and try to win BB and $500,000.

        Frankie came in with an agenda, to get more Twitter/Instagram followers and become “famous” even if that meant using his sister.

        I don’t see how you can compare the two but you are entitled to your opinion.

      • Comments (178)

        Rita – I tend to agree that Frankie had an agenda by coming into the “Big Brother” house. He, like his sister, is in show business. Publicity and or self promotion is the name of the game in that business. But Frankie is a good player. I thought out of all of them he would be the first to suss out Derrick’s tactics. Unfortunately, he has let himself be swayed far too long by Derrick. I really wish Frankie had been the first one to make a big move in the house, e.g., get rid of Derrick or one of Derrick’s pawns. Instead, we’re left with house members who have basically played solely for the benefit of Derrick all season long. I find Derrick’s insincerity to be overwhelming at times. He is constantly talking in the diary room about how everyone is there to be good for HIS game. If he doesn’t think they are, they’re gone. The world of “Big Brother” is supposed to revolve around him. Apparently, no one else (in his opinion) should be entitled to win the $500,000 and, if only for that reason, I dislike Derrick’s attitude and his game play. Thank you for your comments, Rita.

      • Comments (682)

        But see? You just pointed out why Derrick is a better player than Frankie. Frankie is one of Derrick’s pawns.

        And I see from another one of your posts that you do not watch BBAD or the live feeds so I will tell you Derrick is not the only person who uses the term “good for MY game”.

        Caleb just told Cody that putting Frankie up on the block is “not good for my game”. CBS chooses what you see 3 nights a week. We share what we see so others can form an opinion after getting ALL the info. It doesn’t have to be the same as ours. We’re just letting you know what you are missing.

      • Comments (1446)

        Anita –
        I am by no means anti-Mango or Pro-Derrick.

        I think Mango is annoying, but I give him total respect for his game play this season.

        I want Victoria out this week – she is the most undeserving player I have seen make it to the final five EVER!!

        And there are other here who agree…

      • Comments (178)

        Jannie — I also prefer that Victoria goes sooner rather than later; but I’m concerned that Derrick will spend a lot of time convincing Caleb that he’ll win “Big Brother” but ONLY if he makes a big power move by getting Frankie out this week. Caleb loves having his ego stroked and I’m sure Derrick will lay it on really thick. The only possibility of Caleb not putting Frankie on the block at some point this coming week would be if Frankie “promises” him a meeting and/or audition with Ariana.

      • Comments (1446)

        I keep hearing about Mango and his “all about me” attitude.
        That’s because he is out there and flamboyant.

        Derrick has an ” all about me” attitude also…it’s just a lot more subtle.

        No one has used people the way Derrick has…

      • Comments (682)

        They do both have the “all about me” attitude.

        Derricks’s is regarding the GAME.

        Frankies’s is about FRANKIE.

        And to me, this is a game not Star Search. (showing my age a little bit here.)

        I started out thinking I could explain the difference easily but it would require too many examples and unless you have the live feeds and can rewind to see for yourself you probably wouldn’t get it.

        Flamboyant is NOT a word I would use to describe Frankie. Self absorbed is better.

        It doesn’t matter to me who your sister is, I’ve never been a fan of a BB HG who was in the house to get famous for being on Big Brother. It reeks of desperation.

      • Comments (1446)

        Sadly, I think a lot of them are in the house to get famous…
        All they ever talk about is how many followers they will have when they get out.
        I hope that it is not the way it’s going to be next year.
        All the kids want an easy way to fame.

      • Comments (1799)

        Anita your opinions are yours and as far as I’m concerned just as valid I like when someone has an opposing view point As long as they can express and bring up good points
        Derrick and Frankie played very similar games. Frankie was more aggressive in winning games He was much more up front Than again that was his game A lot of his over the top antics was also part of his game . Early on he set his play as everyone’s crazy uncle. Yet him and Derrick both downplayed how much older they were compared to the other players Most in there early 20’s While the two of them are well past 30 This might not seem like much But in game play being able to manipulate people and situation to there gain
        What I did not like about Frankie was the joy he took in screwing people over . I still feel the whole grandfather death was so fake emotion No doubt he loved his grandfather but he seem to use it When Jocasta had the memorial for him and Frankie laugh about it and rolled his eyes was so him.
        Sorry for the length I just don’t care for the person Frankie portrayed as for him I hope that Isn’t the real him

      • Comments (1137)

        You just did. Everyone is entitled including those of us that just can’t stand behind Frankie. I don’t think I’ve heard the word hate out of anyone’s mouth when they talk about Frankie. Just because you don’t agree with how we feel is no reason to just take your ball and go home.

    • Comments (1443)

      Cbs wants Frankie in final two. They are giving them same comps as before which he won. Derrick is everything you say but he has played the best game. Jury knows he got them out but that’s why they will vote for him and it will be unanimous. I don’t like Derrick either. Do you watch bbad? If not then you don’t know the real Frankie. He has come on sexually to all the other men. Is this type of behavior that you think is appropriate. Is talking about getting an innocent girl drunk and taking her virginity something that entertains you. Frankie has been to the men worse than Christine was to Cody. Everyone has right to their opinion I just didn’t know there were others out there that condoned that behavior. Many ppl liked him in first week or two. That’s why he got one of TA. But as they watched everything he has done they have changed their mind. That’s why everyone is against Frankie gone

      • Comments (178)

        Trudy — I don’t watch BBAD nor do I have the live feeds this season. I watched the live feeds last season and those houseguests left a really bad impression. I don’t condone some of the comments I’ve read that Frankie has said; but I tend to think most, if not all, of it is said in jest by him. That’s his sense of humor. You might find some of his comments to be offensive and/or in very poor taste, and that particular comment I’d be loathe to disagree with you; but do you honestly believe Frankie was serious and that he was encouraging the men to gang rape Victoria? As for coming on sexually with the other men, they’re all adults in that house and certainly capable of telling Frankie to his face, “Cut it out. I’m not comfortable with this.” But they don’t because they know that’s part of his personality. He is touchy feely. We’ve watched seasons when couples have had sex with the cameras on them. So Frankie purportedly makes passes at the men. He’s going to try. It doesn’t mean he expects anyone to take him up on his offer.

      • Comments (1137)

        Rape is never something someone should jest about. It’s not funny wasn’t then isn’t now. Other houseguest who’ve not said anything about his inappropriate touching are probably afraid of the way they’ll be perceived outside of the house like last years houseguest were. Frankie knows their not gay and that should be enough of a boundary for him but he keeps doing it. Now why do you think he does that? I would bet money on the fact that it’s because he knows he can and it’s just as inappropriate as Cody and Christine’s touching. Touching should only be done when both parties consent and I don’t think that just because they don’t tell him to knock it off that it’s okay.

      • Comments (1137)

        I’ve said this before Anita I think your walking a very fine line when you say things like their all adults and should basically just take up for themselves. We as viewers have no idea whether some these other houseguest have some form of abuse in their past. When you say things like that it’s almost the same as saying ” if that girl didn’t wear those skimpy clothes she wouldn’t have gotten raped.” The guys can’t even shower without him coming in and watching. Would you feel the same if that was a girl instead that couldn’t take a shower without being stared at? It’s wrong on so many levels.

      • Comments (178)

        Wow, Sandra. Blow things way out of proportion much? I’m walking a thin line? I won’t even bother trying to explain my post(s)to you because you obviously don’t comprehend the points I was trying to make in them and you’ll only end up twisting my comments to suit your own personal vendetta.

      • Comments (1443)

        Some of them have moved his hands and told him quietly to stop but he doesn’t. If u saw last years bbad you know how cbs did not show the gross activity that went on. The sex etc. well that’s how this year has been with Frankie. He’s older than Cody and Caleb and they are afraid America will call them against gays like they called ppl racist last year if they make big deal about it. And there are some things you don’t joke about it was not just short comment. It went on and on while he demonstrated by humping all over for some time showing how it would be done.

  27. Comments (3)

    I read the comments all I see is frankie needs to go ….. I’m laughing because if you’re a big brotherfan u will love to see derrick vs frankie … anything else is boring …. derrick wins against anybody … well if he is up with frankie then you have to think… I love bigbrother .. I’m tired of the housegest. and people targeting person makes the season look pathetic .

    • Comments (1443)

      We want to see big moves and there has not been big move made in game yet Derrick has the jury vote unanimous no matter who he goes up against. So bb fans want to see big moves. Big move would be to get Derrick out also. It’s just that because of Frankie’s inappropriate behavior ppl want him gone. This season has been a bore and the worst ever. We just want it over but would like to see at least one big move before finale

    • Comments (1446)

      Agree wholeheartedly!
      Any combination of Derrick, Boastmode, or Mango is good with me!

  28. Comments (1137)

    Okay is everyone excited that Frankie might go home? I am

  29. Comments (1)

    So Team America has to do their mission again too right?

  30. Comments (37)

    clab needs to get a clue and do the math a double evic week. if clab don’t get Frankie out the season is over. Frankie will win its just did vic and derricks plan work and will she stick to it. clab has played a good game since amber left and is funny to boot. he wont take cody. so its clab or derrick. for now we can hope clab will walk to talk hes done all week.

  31. Comments (843)

    Caleb really is a pretty good guy. If he would just learn to quit the bragging and going bonkers over a woman. He carried the loyalty to new levels this year. Too bad freaky Frankie doesn’t have the same loyalty.

  32. Comments (1137)

    I loved how Donny really burnt Christine in the jury house. That was great

    • Comments (1446)

      To see Donny making fun of Christine’s laugh as she was walking in the house??

      Priceless 🙂

      • Comments (383)

        yeah it looked like they really were caught off guard when they heard her laugh and turned around — like they were about to tell someone omg you NAILED IT and then oh SH*T that was actually her and she’s here!!!
        And Donny’s lawyer comment. Wow. You know he is angry with her if he would say something like that, after being the quiet gentleman all summer. So funny.

      • Comments (1443)

        He was joking when he said it and so funny

  33. Comments (8)

    Cody is gunning for frankie but never wins he was just a hype man this whole season for derrick nothing but derricks puppie….

    Caleb stalked Amber into she walked out the door.He made some big moves he probably didnt notice…I think Caleb is scared if he gets rid of frankie then he wont meet Ariana Grande.

    Frankie he played a solid but up and down game i think he shouldnt have got rid of zach but he wanted to look for his alliance.He told the house his sister was famous about a month ago and his still in the house …. I SEE WHY PEOPLE HATE HIM…

    Derrick made deals with everybody anybody that catches on to his game gets evicted. never really needed to when a comp.. his game is 100% talk and he does a great job of using everybody hoh but doesnt want to seem like a controller.

    Victoria …… the ghost of bigbrother this season …. to be honest if she makes final two this season will be the season of I SHOULDVE DID THIS ….

  34. Comments (174)

    Are next Tuesday and Wednesday live shows?

  35. Comments (1)

    A win for Caleb is a win for Frankie. Predictable! A smart move for Caleb would be to get Frankie out. Oh wait Caleb and smart should never be used in the same sentence. Frankie is the only threat to him in a physical challenge.
    But I think Caleb would miss Frankie’s personal touch too much!

  36. Comments (1443)

    Ok what’s schedule next week? I got all excited looking at how many ball ppl had and kind of missed it plus have heard different things

  37. Comments (25)

    Would frankie get booed???


    I dont like the guy, but i dont see a reason why he boo him if he gets voted out

  38. Comments (12)

    LOVED what Donny said to crusty! OMG it was the best! I hope she realizes how she played the game n burnt her bridges! It was the best!

  39. Comments (83)

    Yeah that kind of disappointed me. I mean Donny
    Is supposed to be a kind guy but when he insults someone
    He goes all the way. He didn’t have to cheer with his arms when
    Christine said she got booed. His actions just confuse me
    Sometimes. Even when he said to Cody when Cody win HOH,
    He said he thought Cody was stupid all along. I dunno.
    Anyone agree?

    • Comments (1443)

      No. Christine was so nasty about saying how she hated Donny all the time. She’s really the only person he ever said anything about in house because of her inappropriate behavior with Cody. They all wanted Christine to come in jury. Think he just got carried away. They all did not greet her. First time I have ever seen that

    • Comments (1443)

      Donny was kidding with Cody when he told him he didn’t think he was smart enough to win the comp. Cody took it wrong ang got all bent out of shape went around saying he had a college degree. Donny actually liked Cody but when he tried to tell him how he was getting played Cody did not believe him and immediately went to tell Derrick. So Cody not too bright as Donny was telling him the truth. Reason Derrick wanted Donny gone so badly cause Donny knew about Derrick and Derrick could not control him

      • Comments (1276)

        idk trudy… I think donny was being pretty serious when he said that to cody. I don’t think he realized at the time how harsh it sounded, or that it came across as such a burn. And probably meant something more like I thought you were just a pretty package or something more joking like that… and it just didn’t come out that way.
        That said, I don’t think Donny said it to try to be mean or hateful, I think it just came out wrong.

      • Comments (1443)

        That’s what I thought that’s what I as trying to say. He didn’t mean to insult Cody to his face. He doesn’t do that sort of thing I think he was trying to give him compliment and it came out wrong and then Cody over reacted about it.

      • Comments (1446)

        Give Donny a break, Annette .
        Poor guy, he put up with a lot this season. He was insulted by Christine and Victoria all summer. He finally got his sweet revenge seeing her walk into that house.
        And he was having a beer with Zach and Hayden. He could finally be fun, relaxed Donny…good to see!

    • Comments (1137)

      When Donny said that to Cody he was trying to make him mad so he would put Donny on the block and not backdoor him so he could play for veto. I think he’s entitled to get alittle excited about the fact that Christine got booed. I mean she went after him so only fair. Plus he didn’t like how she hung all over Cody when she was married.

  40. Comments (1443)

    Just read on jokers that Caleb told Cody Derrick should take one for the team. Meaning he should go on block because he never has

  41. Comments (8)

    Wow this season ending is shaping up pretty bad

  42. Comments (8)

    Why are my comments still awaiting moderation

  43. Comments (7)

    Now Caleb is using his noggin.

  44. Comments (26)

    Derrick is way too smart to go on the block willingly-especially being this close to the finals-honestly this sounds like a Frankie idea that Caleb is spewing-really hope he can get out of doing something so stupid..if he willingly goes up-well quite simply he needs to be the next to go..-I think he could talk Victoria back up there and probably Cody with backdooring Frankie, but we will see-oh and what did everyone think of Dan giving Derrick compliments-pure greatness-can’t wait that Dan has been a Derrick fan all this time and is rooting for him to win-Frankie might be the one who has a coronary upon hearing that and to all you Frankie fans-HELLO HE IS ALREADY A MILLIONAIRE, if it isn’t Derick winning-I want anyone but Frankie to win solely based on that..Cmon Derick get the win already and tone it down around Frankie, he knows you are his only competition-right now is the most dangerous time for you..oh and do the house guests know that next week two people are leaving the bb house?

  45. Comments (383)

    I believe Derrick has earned the top prize in this game. But really I don’t care who wins… at this point I am more interested in seeing Frankie NOT win. I want him to get booed. I want him to realize, on camera, that he’s not as charming as he thinks he is.

  46. Comments (1137)

    You know I heard if the eviction on, what was it Sunday and Tuesday. But I didn’t hear about another HOH comp after Caleb. I wonder what gives. And does anybody else think this season is ending earlier? It seems like they always give us a finale date but it’s always sooner.

    • Comments (1443)

      Date is a wed 24th. It’s the longest season they all think it ends sunday21st or earlier. So two evictions next week? Thought I heard that but did not catch the days. They are having special show next Friday. Heard that

  47. Comments (7)

    If he told Frankie about the backdoor plans last time he was HOH he would like a jerk to nominate him this time. Has to let Derrick take one the for the team Derrick so loves to talk about.

    • Comments (1443)

      He needs to put Frankie up but he could put up Derrick also since he’s never been up with Frankie as his target. None of them have a chance against Derrick in final two but Caleb thinks he would beat all of them which makes him loose cannon but he’s been loyal and he was in deal with Cody and Derrick to get Frankie out

  48. Comments (426)

    Derrick and Cody now trying to convince Caleb that if he doesn’t put up Frankie against Vic that if he wins Veto he could use it on Vic and force either Derrick or Cody to be evicted. At this point he is agreeing, but we will see.

  49. Comments (20)

    Caleb (i.e. anyone but Spankie) winning HOH has made the end of this season somewhat interesting again. I can read the excitement in some of your comments, too. ;^>

  50. Comments (1446)

    Oh for crying out loud Victoria is complaining to Derrick about having her period and how much pain she is in and how she hadn’t gotten it for three months. Laying around moaning. When Derrick leaves the room they exchange hugs and “Love yous!!”

    If that isn’t an emotional affair, I don’t know what is…

    And Vic’s period talk is as gross as some of the things Mango says…

    • Comments (151)

      Calm down jannie lol. Sounds like youre on youre rag

    • Comments (211)

      I know it’s been said before, but I’m sure his wife is loving this (not!). I realize he’s going to explain his behavior away by saying it was just him playing the game, but as a female, his wife has to be somewhat pissed off at him leading Victoria on this way. (It’s clear that Derrick’s behavior is more than just game play to her…)

  51. Comments (8)

    why is caleb even thinking about this … frankie never even thought about going after caleb… watching the feeds and stuff make me a little angry because derrick and cody are using caleb.. once frankie is gone caleb who you think there going to want to go home next ….. YOU. CODY thought he was slick to because if the girls stayed he wouldve have floated to the end … only frankie and derrick are this game

  52. Comments (8)

    caleb needs to think if he gets rid of frankie he is done. they are using caleb to advance there games. frankie never will put caleb up i hope caleb understands this . because derrick is hoping this week frankie next caleb .. then he beats who ever is sitting besides him. plus caleb cant play next hoh …

  53. Comments (8)

    @trudy / frankie and caleb need each other …

  54. Comments (832)

    So sorry to hear of your turn of events. Why, oh why can’t life be easy, just once. I’ll say some extra prayers for you. Please know all of us here worry about you & wish you better days!
    Love & prayers being sent your way.

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