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Big Brother 16 – The House Unfolds Even More


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What happened last night in the Big Brother house is funny to me on a fan of the show level (and not a blogger). Last week, Cody and Derrick formed an alliance with two good people – Hayden and Nicole. It sounded like the perfect final 4 where regardless who won, at least it went to someone you liked.  Adding Donny would have just been icing on that happy alliance cake. Things were going smooth until Caleb randomly asked a question “Why are we getting rid of a number”, and the wheels started turning in Derrick’s head which ended up spinning the entire house around to voting Jocasta out.

Good for entertainment purposes, bad for Derrick’s game

It took only a handful of days until that decision already came around to bite Derrick in the butt.  Last night around 10:15pm (flashback here), Zach must have been bored, so he pulled Victoria into the beehive room and decided to come clean on some alliances, like his own (the detonators). Why? It’s Zach being Zach, but that move set off a chain reaction of drama that went on well into the night.

Victoria was hurt by Derrick’s side alliance (did she think he was a floater, too?) and said it felt like a boyfriend had cheated on her (a little dramatic). Victoria runs to Nicole and tells him everything she knows, who then tells Cody who confronts Zach.  Zach denies it and denies it once again when Derrick confronts him on it after he heard about it.  Zach tried spinning it that Nicole told Victoria everything Zach told Nicole, but that was short lived.

By around 2:30pm, Derrick was up in the HoH room with Nicole and Victoria clearing the air and Victoria ended up crying because she was so upset over it all. Derrick leaves the room, calls the guys up into the HoH room for a house meeting where Zach admits he was the one who told Victoria.  Some yelling went back and forth between Zach and Victoria, but it’s a typical Zach situation where everything gets blown way up and a lot of yelling about nothing happens.

This is why it’s all funny to me. Derrick and Cody knew how much of a loose cannon Zach was, but they decided to keep him and stay with an alliance full of untrustworthy people over Hayden and Nicole.  It’s hard to completely blame him because they were with Christine, Frankie and Zach from the beginning, but I think they had a really solid opportunity and wasted it.  Although, I know I’ll be eating my words if Derrick and Cody are sitting in the final 4 with Zach and Frankie or Christine.  As a game player, I’d much rather take Zach to the final 2 than a likable Donny, Hayden or Nicole.  At the end of the day (damn you Caleb), Derrick or Cody will be better off taking a bunch of snakes to the final 5 than they would good people. They’re there for the money and that’s the best path to win.

On that note, the fan in me is still enjoying watching it blow up in their face – at least for now.

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  1. Comments (191)

    I would like to see Donny and Nicole make it to the end but there’s no chance of that happening. Derrick seems to be able to talk his way out of anything. He will win.

    • Comments (7)

      My thoughts exactly Bobby Joe He’s all talking about how I’am who i say i’am blah blah blah and he still yet hasn’t told anyone he’s a Cop.

    • Comments (644)

      Bobby Joe, Nicole and Donny are my favorites, but like you I don’t think they have a chance of winning. The guys are going to take out Donny, Nicole, and then maybe Zach because he’s a loose cannon. And unless the house wakes up from Derrick’s spell, he is going to win this game.

      • Comments (191)

        I think calling it a “spell” describes it perfectly

      • Comments (1288)

        Svengali – a person who manipulates or exerts excessive control over another. From a villainous hypnotist in the novel Trilby (1894) by George du Maurier.

      • Comments (3)

        What you call “spell” others call good game play. I love Donny too, but Derrick is playing the game all the way. Nicole just started making moves and aliances and she did this way too late in the game.

    • super duper bb fan
      Comments (34)

      Best case scenario is that Donny gets evicted this week. But wins the chance to come back in the house.

  2. Comments (9)

    Too bad 🙁 I wanted to see Cody, Derrick, Hayden and Nicole (and maybe Donny as well) go all the way.

  3. Comments (4)

    I honestly believe Victoria is in love with Derek.

  4. Comments (49)

    Golf already in a delay! With this being a major, CBS will cover until the end. Depending on the length of the day….coverage could go to sunset in Louisville. Get the DVR set for shows after originaaly scheduled times and keep checking CBS for programming announcements. Hope the delay isn’t long, but there is no CBS Evening News to preempt. Golf goes right into 60 Minutes tonight.

    • Comments (4)

      Besides zach and my grandpa who watches golf lol. Lucky in canada bb is on at 3 different times on different channels. Yay. Finally, the blood bath is starting. This season will end much batter than it started, opposite of last year. I wouldve liked if frankie didnt reveal the secret though. Good game move though.

  5. Comments (6)

    CBS has a service that texts you when the Sunday shows are delayed. It’s called EYE alerts. Very handy for those of us who are obsessive about Big Brother, Amazing Race, etc.

  6. Comments (120)

    This shouldn’t have a major impact on Victoria’s game (for this week atleast). Donny will still be going home. The only person who may benefit from this is Nicole, because Zach may be the bigger target for next week.

    • Comments (130)

      Isn’t Donny the only one that doesn’t have any drama on his hands? No alliances, no deals?

      How sad that the one player playing the game straight in the house is going home?! Thats life in BB I guess.

      • Comments (1288)

        I choke a little bit every time I hear Cody describe Donny as the biggest schemer in the game.

      • Comments (19)

        I totally agree about Donny, I feel they all alleinated him. Noone ever asked him to be in an alliance. I feel bad for him.

      • Comments (644)

        They alienated him because he was older, not nice of them.

      • Comments (1288)

        I actually think Derrick stayed away because he knew Donny’s life experience would make it difficult for Derrick to control him. Isolating him has worked much better.

      • Comments (875)

        True…Cops know how to identify “weak” and “stronger” individuals…Most of the people left in the BB House are folks that Derrick can intimidate, or control, except for Donny. Donny has had Derrick, & Cody pegged from week 2.

  7. Comments (88)

    Derrick is not going anywhere. he may be losing it right now but he has been in control of the entire game. Derek reminds me more put together Dan. I’m really think Derek will be in the bottom three at least. it seems like more has happened this week in an entire season . but I haven’t watch live feeds

    • Comments (1288)

      Derrick has already smoothed over the upset of last night and Victoria is once again firmly attached to his backside. If he wins it all he will be the greatest BB player ever. The only HG with enough intelligence to stand in his way is Donny but Derrick has worked hard to keep him isolated.

      • Comments (7)

        So true. Derricks advantage, a weak mind is easily manipulated. Victoria is clueless.

      • Comments (21)

        If people would just watch his mannerisms they would see clearly he is a cop. For crying out loud, there are a million reality cop shows out there to see how they handle themselves.

  8. Comments (46)

    This is the best chance any maybe the only chance to get rid of Derrick. If Christine only had the brains or the balls to make the move.

    If Zach uses (he should but never know with that cat. He said he wants to go) Christine puts up Derrick, Nichole get Victoria to see Derrick has been playing her. If she reveals Derrick was also in an alliance with her and Hayden (that he then double crossed and back stabbed) Zach could be another vote to evict Derrick. Zach already knows Derrick is running game on everyone. Even if you can’t get Frankie on board this three would cause a tie and bird brain (and beak) Christine boots Derrick.

    Now that would shake it up. If Derrick and Cody get through to next week it is all over for the rest of the house. The frat pack will have total control.

    If Derrick drags the drama queen to the end they may just give her the money to spite Derrick. By then they will realize he played and used them all. Hell I would give her the money for being the most clueless and useless to ever make it to the end. (Hopefully she takes some of the loot to fix her own beak so she is not such a butterface)

  9. Comments (1799)

    Paranoia is the only thing standing between Derrick and the final It will be a tough call for him between bringing Victoria or Cody with him Will be fun to see when one of the other minions try to make the move on him Yet he keeps them distracted with each other So Christine is plotting to evict Zach or Frankie He has Frankie looking at targeting Nichole and or Christine All the while he sits back pushing them into each other

  10. Comments (92)

    Donny the Communist must go up. Get rid of him. I feel bad for my Princess Victoria, but my other hot pincess Christine is really plaing a great game. I believe Cody really likes her. To bad she will put the stake in his back. He could be as dumb as Donny. Derricks game is over. My main men Zach and Frankie are taking over the house with my hot babe Christine.

    • Comments (61)

      You think Donny is a Communist.
      Christine is a ‘hot babe’
      Victoria is your ‘princess’
      and it seems you’re upset that cody and christine aren’t hooking up.

      I know I shouldn’t bait trolls, but something tells me you’re 100% serious.

      • Comments (92)

        I’m very serious. Since Donny didn’t want to do what Americans wanted he can only be a Communist. Chrisine and Victoria are beautiful women. If Christine did what she did at home (walk around naked) there is no way Cody could resist her. There is no doubt in my mind thar Derrick is a crooked cop. Zack is the man. Does the job when he needs to. How can anyone not think Frankie is going to win and will win the 500k and win America’s favorite player. He is giving all his money to the poor. Donny of course would be selfish and keep the money for himself. Plus how can any true American vote for a Communist. I can’t wait until this satan worshipper is out of the house. A vote for Donny is a vote for Satan and Communism.

      • Comments (492)

        Zack is the man.
        I fel the same way,

      • Comments (692)

        Mom, you cannot seriously agree with this guy. Pleassse say it isn’t so.

      • Comments (492)

        It is not so,
        I just like Zach
        Donny is NOT a communist
        Are you kidding?????

      • Comments (692)

        Mom, thank you!! I know you like Zack and that’s cool. I was afraid you were agreeing about Donny and the rest of the CRAP he was spewing.
        I kinda enjoy Zack!!

      • Comments (27)

        sardonic wit – people are taking it as you really mean this.

      • Comments (492)

        Good catch
        SARDONIC wit
        adj. adjective
        Scornfully or cynically mocking.

        Donny is as American Christian
        As you can get.
        He prays with is girlfriend before her eats.

        Now I know people read…

      • Comments (1092)

        So you think the guy is a communist because he didn’t carry out “America’s Mission” ?

        I bet you have a photo of George W on your wall which you salut every night before you hit the sack and every morning when you wake up.

        You do realize that this is a gameshow right ? and they are playing for 500k. They are playing for themselves and their families. Not for you. Not for America.

        It is a gameshow. It is not a mission to Iraq for Uncle Sam. It is just a gameshow.

        So take a breath, comrad, their isn’t a commie invasion od the Big Brother household.

      • Comments (469)

        dmc – bill is a liberal so no he would not have a picture of G W on his wall – it takes a wise man to understand that G W was a damn fine Pres. (in spite of his faults- we all have some) and deserves the respect of the American people

      • Comments (644)

        Completely agree with you john ruth!!!

      • Comments (4)

        Agreed, John Ruth. Both you and George W wise indeed!

      • Comments (528)

        Aaaand this is why the rest of the world looks at Americans like you’re all loons.

      • Comments (644)

        We are not loons. And many people risk their lives to come to this country, so there must be something good going on here.

      • Comments (4)

        People look at americans as loons because everyone hates everyone. It is sad, true, and human nature. You should see how people look at canadians lol

      • Comments (469)

        sadie – and in what corner of this America hating world do you hang your hat?

      • Comments (4)

        Zach is the man! And at least buffalobill isnt putting anyone down based on their looks. Although, your opinion on donny is silly lol

      • Comments (843)

        Look up the word libel. I sincerely hope Donny’s family is, not only reading and copying it, but use it in a court of law.

      • Comments (1276)

        Totally baiting the trolls here. No one who wasn’t trying to get a rise out of people would say any of this.
        Plus, he must not even watch the show enough to know that IF somehow the houseguests ended up voting for Frankie to win, he CAN NOT win America’s favorite as well. I would go on about why this post is a perfect example of trolling, but it’s just not worth the time.
        Also, has no one called out “mom” for either being related to or friends of Zach? There is no way anyone would be 100% on bored with him all of the time, entertaining or not, he’s done some really dick moves… i’m guessing a troll in training.

      • Comments (92)

        Christina. The only thing I can say nice about you is the first six letters of your name. My Savior Christ. As far as BB I have been watching this show since BB1 when Eddie won. The first season the winner was picked by the public. It was on 5 days a week. Even Dr. Drew had a section where he would do analysis of the players. The second season is when the greatest player Dr, Will won and he won when there was no Power of Veto. I watch BB Canada, BB UK. I don’t watch the BB in communist countries. That is reserve for communist like Donny. George W. was a great President, but President Reagan was our best. You might not like what I say but I’m an expert at this game and have picked every winner. I know America picks America’s favorite player and this year it will be Frankie and winner of the 500k. Donny the Dumbo, the Satan worshipper and Communist will win nothing. Why people like this evil person and liar like you I just don’t understand. All I can say is maybe you should chage your name to Satantina.

      • Comments (1288)

        So how much are the dues for the John Birch Society these days? And what happened to all the love for your suckerfish girlfriend Victoria?

      • Comments (528)

        Some people are just mentally unstable. They’re going to show up in the internet from time to time. Try not to overengage them.

      • Comments (1)

        I forgot to say that I am the #1 BB fan. No one is better than me. All of you are below my intelligence.

      • Comments (1092)

        You carry a gun with you at all times, right ?

      • Comments (692)

        Hahahahehehe, you’re not worth even making a comment. I see you really are a troll, a self righteous troll.

      • Comments (92)

        Frankie, I mean Franko that was someone else using my great name. Of course thanks for the comment. Donny is a card carrying Communist who prays to Satan.

      • Comments (1276)

        Oh buffalobill, you are an idiot. Thanks for proving to everyone on here just what you are, a sad little troll man with no one to play with but your keyboard. Have a great night.
        Lots of Love,

      • Comments (3)

        I guess you need a lesson on what a communist is …in their country the govt has control over their lives and freedom…. being an American means that Donny has the freedom to do as he chooses… and go with what he believes. Being an American( and one,unlike you) who has good morals, he is free to go against team america and do as his heart dictates so he can live with his decisions.

        On another note
        remember THIS IS JUST A TV SHOW! It is generated for entertainment only. You need to get a life and take a course on manners.

      • Comments (692)

        AMEN, PREACH ON!! Well said!!! Thank you!!

      • Comments (469)

        Christina – of course you meant – on board – but then in the buffsters case – bored – is quite appropriate

      • Comments (1276)

        yes I did john ruth, sorry lol

      • Comments (492)

        I guess you don’t have kids…… He is a real kid..
        Boys do these things….. Sports, fantasy football, cus,
        ….you are too funny,
        I wish
        I knew Zach

        Have a nice day.
        Thankful for making my day.

      • Comments (1276)

        oh, and if you are “Lol”ing, why on earth would you need to come back at me with 3 different comments? Seems like I must have touched on something you didn’t like.

      • Comments (492)

        Call me out,
        What are we 5 years old?
        Too funny?

      • Comments (492)

        Zach might be hyper, but just watch his body language
        He is a genuine nice kid. Not mean. Frankie has been around the block and can corrupt him.
        I don’t like Frankie.
        Donny is older, he should know better and odes.
        Caleb is , well Caleb.
        Need to go and christine is a b&$&ch.
        Victoria is spoiled.
        So, Zach is a nice kid and tries hard, is a little adjacent and polite to what he has been give in this situation
        . Trying to be a “man”. That’s all….

      • Comments (1276)

        Actually, yes mom, I do have kids. However, I’m raising mine not to talk to people the way your Sweet little Zach has. The way he has gone off on the women in the house is sad. Someone blindly supporting every move he makes is even more sad.
        I have said that he’s been trying to turn it around, however, his game play the weeks he practiced going on on the girls, is anything but being a “man”. Plus, he’s what 23? He should already be a man. But don’t worry, I’m sure if he met you, he would go off on you as well. It’s always easier to attack the “weaker sex”.

      • Comments (1276)

        oh, and my 12 year old nephew is more of a “man” then Zach has been in this game. I hope it is a matter of being under pressure, and not processing that well. That doesn’t change the things he’s said and one.

  11. Comments (182)

    Nicole and Hayden had a stronger alliance with Donny and Jocasta. Derrick and Cody were right to break that up by evicting Jocasta and keeping wild card Zac.

    Nic and Hay would of play it either way, but would of turned on Der and Cody first, the tighter bond with Donny and Jocosta was apparent.

    • Comments (644)

      Raysay, Nicole and Hayden together with Donny would have played a great game. I hope Hayden is the returning player.

      • Comments (182)

        I know Lilly, I was just responding to SB’s commentary on Derrick and Cody, making a mistake evicting Jocosta, I believe that they had no choice, because Nic, Hay, Donny and Jocosta, could of shifted the power their way and the Der and Cody would be on defense no longer offense.

        I think Hayden has a good chance of coming back, but I am Derrick/Caleb/Cody fan, from the beginning. I think Caleb has a big heart, but a straw man’s brain.

    • Comments (469)

      Ray – Nic. and Hayden did not have an alliance with Donny and Jo – they probably should have.

      • Comments (1288)

        john ruth is correct, they cooperated with Donny but nothing was ever formalized.

      • Comments (182)

        ‘Formalized’, you mean like giving themselves a name. We know how well that works in the house. 🙂

      • Comments (1288)

        I don’t think they should be allowed to name an alliance until it has a least one kill to their credit. But no, it was just talking about those nominations. Donny had talked game with Hayden in the mornings but again no agreement to share game plans and coordinate tactics.

      • Comments (182)

        The real problem is that there are so many shifting Alliances I think they are even confusing themselves on who not to say what to.

        You got to love Derrick, everybody is a liar in this house, but Derrick does it with class. Must be part of his cop integration training. 🙂

      • Comments (182)

        Based on some BBAD conversations I saw, I believe they were closer to Don/Jo at least in spirit, but of course they would swayed with the power as they should if the opportune arose like with Der/Cody.

        I believe Derrick was right, they were going to try and be picked them off one at a time starting with Zack.

  12. Comments (644)

    The women this season are all afraid. When are they going to cast women that stick together? The men have alliances and get into betrayals and disagreements but mainly stay together.
    And please if anyone wants their secrets to remain a secret, don’t tell them to Zach. He tells everything to everyone. He plays kind of odd, either he is the best actor in the world or he has some type of problem. But anyway I like him, he is funny and entertaining.

    • Comments (1092)

      It is so true. They cast one or two out of eight women that can play. The other ones are are weak and vulnerable.

      I think bb is more interested in casting women that might hook up with some guys so they can sell more after hours subscriptions.

      They can do so much better.

    • Comments (875)

      What I don’t understand is when the Male Cast Members get wind of one of the Females HG wanting an “ALL FEMALE” alliance, she is immediately voted out, with the help of the females?!?!

      But when all the HG “know” of an ALL MALE Alliance….NOBODY bats an eyelash, its ok with everyone!!!….smh!

    • Comments (875)

      Lilly, can you imagine Amanda Zimmerman on this season of BB…LOL! Amanda would have rode Cody to the end, and told Derrick “to go the F away?!”

      • Comments (644)

        Yes, mello_one, Amanda was tough but I didn’t like her she was a bully. We need strong women in BB but not bullies and mean people like her! I think buffalo bill loved her last season.

  13. Comments (383)

    Zach is definitely growing on me. At least he’s not afraid to DO something! I hope he really does target Frankie. Frankie’s “confession” was ridiculous. Really? it was weighing on you so heavily that you hadn’t told anyone your sister is famous and you’re on Youtube? That isn’t a deep dark secret. Puh-leeze.

  14. super duper bb fan
    Comments (34)

    These last couple of days have been confusing. Way too many flip flopping. If nicole goes on the block? Its a wrap for her. If vic goes up…i guess its a wrap for Donny. This game has changed sooooooo much over the years

  15. Comments (18)

    I gave up on this game yesterday. It’s been obvious from week two who was going to make it to the end. I haven’t been enjoying the past couple of years. CBS is doing a disservice to American women. There is not one strong female role model in the whole bunch. I’m sick of seeing female eye candy floaters being led around by strong men. OR we get the nasty, petty, vicious women like Amanda last year. What a poor reflection on women.
    I’ve just discovered BB UK on YouTube. I am thoroughly enjoying it!!! Instead of focusing on alliances, backstabbing and lying, it’s about having fun, trying to get along with people not like you and dealing with the curve balls BB throws at you. I love their group shopping competitions. All our competitions are about fighting for your life. It’s just not fun anymore. Sorry CBS, but you’ve lost another long time viewer!

    • Comments (1276)

      They had one strong female, and they gave her the boot the first week. The next strongest was Britany, and they got her out ASAP. I think Nicole was playing a smart game, trying not to rock the boat until she had the power to do it, she just trusted the wrong people.
      But you are right about one thing, they seem to really want Frankie to make it far, it is a smart publicity move from what I’ve heard others say, most of us had NO idea who Ariana Grande was, people have looked her up and her name is out there to ALL Big Brother fans, so she really is getting the hype they wanted to give her by putting Frankie on the show.
      I just want to see how Frankie was able to when he BOTB with no help from his partner. I have a feeling it’s going to open some eyes as far as how the comps are going. In the past BOTB, you need both people to win, a wink link was enough to cost them the win, but somehow, by the grace of the BB Gods, Frankie could pull this one out with NO help??? Seems very off to me.

      • Comments (91)

        wrong. Ariana didnt need publicity from BB. Frankie may have gotten a foot in the door because of her though. And BB needs to draw in a younger demographic or face the problem American Idol has. CBS doesnt care about you. They DO just want to make money. and the only way they can do that is being relevant to that late teen early 20’s demog. That is the age group who grew up with her on Nickledeon. She is red hot. I see many here discounting how really huge she is. If you haven’t heard of her before, you’re prolly just not in that target age bracket. The advertisers arent looking for you.

      • Comments (1276)

        What I’m saying DingDong, is a ton of people didn’t know who she was, until she was brought up on BB. It was a great publicity stunt, and it’s worked, people, like myself, and a good portion of the people on her, if I might add, had NEVER heard of her.
        I never said she wasn’t popular with the tween/teen age group, in fact I have in other comments said the that she was. Most of the kids in the BB house are in their 20’s, and when only, what 2 or 3 of the girls, and Derrick (because of his little sister) had heard of her, well, I don’t think I’m off base here at all.

      • Comments (469)

        Christina – do you smell the rat – pretty easy when you put the pieces together — think about who Julies husband is.

    • Comments (875)

      I’m sick, and tired of Big Brother casting weak, weak, African-Americans players?! Year in, and out Allison Grodner, & her crew cast Black cast members that don’t have a clue what BB is all about, how it is played, or they are weak competitors, i.e., like Jocasta.

      From Luwon, Keith, Devin, Jocasta, Chima, to Libra, all weak, only one Black person in the 16 years of BB has made it to F2…Danielle Reyes.

      • Comments (1092)

        In all fairness, Devin was a physical beast. But they must have known he was mentally fragile. I wonder if they get pschological evaluations done during the casting process.

  16. Comments (1799)

    Funny to hear Derrick call Nichole a pathological lier or for him to complain about anyone lieing

  17. Comments (91)

    I love this season! It’s great that its full of flip-flopping alliances, backstabbing and lying. LOL It’s what’s supposed to happen! Except for one or 2 out the door already, i find everyone in the house interesting. The only floater left is Victoria. She’s pretty and nice, but she is content to do whatever she’s told, or cry. Reminds me of Danielle, #3 behind Dan G. and Ian,who thought she was goin hard but really just riding coattails. No one needs victoria in their back pocket really.

  18. Comments (27)

    If Christine were smart, she’d put up Cody, putting up Nicole would seal her fate because she’s also a big target, next to Donny .
    I would much rather see Cody go, then Donny because I feel Cody just floats beside Derrick like a puppy dog. They need to break those two up asap .

    • Comments (332)

      There are 3 America team who have to get a pawn up and send that person home, that is Cody, Victoria or Nicole. Now Nicole isn’t doing it so there are two left. Donny is not going

    • Comments (1799)

      Wid you are expecting a lot saying if she was smart All season she she has been laying back just hiding behind the house Up to this point her biggest move was refusing to go on the block for the team She is looking at the numbers and trying to see when she can make her big move More likely she is hoping for Nichole to do her dirty work to nom Cody or Derrick

    • Comments (469)

      Wild – problem with Christine putting up Cody is she would lose her cuddle buddy – but then it would probably be best for her marriage if she did ——- I was reading the live updates on Morty’s TV – at one point it said Cody “motorboated” Christine – and Derrick remarked – “Cody you know you just motorboated Tim’s wife on national TV don’t you” — OK – i’m 71 and unhip – but what the hell is motorboating in todays world – I know years ago we used to pick our babies up – put our mouths on the tummies and blow making a motor boat sound but didn’t call it that – it was designed to tickle and made them laugh out loud – Hey maybe that’s where LOL started – lol

  19. Comments (332)

    As for the joker calling Donny communist, you are stupid. Money is not worth your integrity. America quit picking stupid missions.

    • Comments (528)

      Their other choice was no better. It’s the producers trying to sabotage the game and find a way to spin it how they want while having America do their dirty work for them.

      • Comments (1288)

        The TA mission was doable if it had been properly handled. It was doomed from the beginning by Derrick and Frankie drawing attention when they woke up Donny during a time he regularly sleeps. That was followed by trips to the DR and HoH. This strange behavior was noticed by the house and Donny immediately picked up on that. In game parlance it was “sketchy”.

        If they had simply told Donny but left him in bed and told him to sleep on it they then could have talked about it the following morning with plenty of time before the vote. Sadly Frankie and Derrick got buck fever, rushed things and then acted all butthurt over Donny’s concerns. In their defense, at that time they were totally running the house and feeling fairly invincible – Donny in his less secure position was more cautious.

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – funny you should be discussing TA – we certainly remember (hell Derr. and Fran. won’t let us forget) how they were POed at Donny for refusing the very mission of which you speak – well (once again correct me if i’m wrong) – I have heard no talk of this present mission – and certainly not with Donny – it would seem the obvious reason would be that it would involve BDing one of their own – so now where is all the self proclaimed loyalty for TA Derr. and Fran. have alluded to that turned them against Donny?????

      • Comments (1288)

        I haven’t caught a lot of talk about it except that they all thought it impossible because none of the three of them is HoH this time around. Caleb would have been eligible for completing the mission if he and Frankie had lost BotB because Derrick helped convince him to go up. With that result the mission is dead in the water. Last night Derrick and Donny were speculating that maybe the missions got harder because they had been successful and now maybe it will get easier due to the past two incompletes.

  20. Comments (492)

    Ok, maybe I missed something? In New York , CBS
    There is golf?
    No big brother?
    At 8:00pm now

    • Comments (383)

      stupid sports getting in the way of my vapid tv show!!! 🙂
      I never learned to care about professional sports. I watch the Superbowl for the commercials. I can’t understand why so many people are so invested in who hits/throws/kicks a ball the right way. But clearly I’m in the minority. I’m sure CBS will broadcast BB in full whenever someone gets done hitting a tiny ball into the last tiny hole.

      • Comments (528)

        lol sports r dum

      • Comments (492)

        Real dumb
        People get hurt!!!
        Sports injuries????

      • Comments (469)

        Jenny – I can’t help but notice that you and all the responders are of the female persuasion – so it occurred to me since all of you are less than sports fans it may be a gender issue – then a lightbuld lit and I realize where the problem lies – non of you have ever been fitted for a jock strap – next time you are shopping – stop by the local sporting goods store and pick one up – when you get home slip it on and turn on ESPN – you will be amazed – and when hubby finds out he will be ever so grateful – who knows he may even invite you into the huddle and call one up the middle for you – Sorry I couldn’t resist!!! – oh one more piece of advice – get the x-large jock – the bigger the better.

      • Comments (328)

        LOL! Hilarious!

      • Comments (383)


    • Comments (401)

      Golf is being watched at my house and I think they announced that 60 min would follow the end of the golf and then Big Brother. But to be sure I’d keep checking back.

      • Comments (492)


        Thank you,
        I see the goal game,
        It is 8:85 pm
        How can they see the light is camera light
        Not sun light
        It is over!!!

      • Comments (492)


        I mean. 8:35

        Finally over..
        Please done with golf
        There is not sun light
        So bb is coing on around 10:00
        Way late for me

  21. Comments (332)

    Also if this A team mission isn’t done the do do birds are Derrick and Frankie! Donny seems to be keeping focus.

  22. Comments (469)

    I mentioned Julie in a post above – so on a whim I googled her – oddly the first thing to pop up is Ariana doing a selfie with Julie – low and behold Ariana was in the studio audience last night (Julie made sure the social media was aware of her presence) – the reason for Ariana’s presence was in case her brother was voted out she would be there to support him????? – first of all no one was being voted out last night – and secondly any one being evicted since Jocasta will go to the jury – they are still in the game and are not allowed to have contact with a loved one – but I suppose if you are Frankie and Ariana an exception can be made – this is just another spike to add to my post on the previous update – is there a doubt in anyones mind that this season is being totally manipulated and controlled by CBS – 3 month free promo for their rising star – not so subtle move (But probably profitable) by Les Moonves – Julie’s husband

    • Comments (383)

      Yup, the show is rigged. I watch it for fun but don’t have any emotional investment in it, ever since they brought back Rachel and made sure she won the second time around. When they cast her sister I quit watching. Donny is the only reason I am watching this season. None of my friends watch this show so this blog is the only place I can compare notes with anybody about it. I liked Frankie at first but now can’t wait to see him get his @ss handed to him as he’s thrown out the door. Also Julie, seriously, get a new stylist. I thought she was over 50. All of that makeup and big hair isn’t doing her any favors!

    • Comments (120)

      That picture was from the DE. It may just have been posted at a later time. I first saw it on Friday.

  23. Comments (1)

    CONGRATS RORY REALLY but pls gtfo my tv

  24. Comments (45)

    They totally skipped over big brother where I live because of that stupid golf.

  25. Comments (4)

    I am so sick of Frankie!!! I liked him better before his reveal because we didn’t have to hear about his sister or his “career” every 2 dang seconds!!! He is arrogant and I wish someone would just duct tape his mouth shut!!! After last nights BBAD I am done watching!!! I get more info out of this blog!!! I wish we could have an entire season of true average Joes/Janes!!!

  26. Comments (343)

    Ive said on here for 4 weeks exactly what the man wrote! Why in the friggin hell did they keep Zach TWICE when it was so easily and bloodlessly able to cut him loose when he was conveniently on the block. I said ad nauseum that keeping him would cause people great regrets! Do you think Pao or even the thoroughly despised Devin had ANY power to cause ANY problems?! Of course not! dumb He should have been let go last week, you stupid @#$%^[email protected]#@&&**&^’s!

  27. Comments (875)

    I wish Allison Grodner would give Donny a “special power” for this week so that he can remain in the BB House.

    But after whomever is evicted this week leaves the House on Thursday, Jocasta, Hayden, and the new evicted HG are going to come back, & play for the HOH. Just like BB did last year when Judd came back.

  28. Comments (1443)

    Derrick drives me nuts. I can’t stand looking at him. He can’t keep his hands off his face. So irritating!!!

  29. Comments (1799)

    Now that I see the BoB Why did Caleb just sit their He should have been up messing with the chains to secure the win for Zach & Donny

    • Comments (1288)

      Caleb had it set in his mind what he was going to do, he said it when they came up with the plan “I will just sit down and let him go it alone”. This is part of Caleb’s problem – he has a twisted sense of honor and a one-track mind. No matter that the plan was for Frankie to lose – Caleb had announced his intentions and was going to stand by them even if it allowed Frankie to slip away to safety.

      I think he also liked the prize and the safety he got with the win. After Frankie’s big reveal Caleb pointed out to Frankie near the end he had been coaching Frankie some about where the ball was in relation to the target – I wish they had shown that in the CBS episode.

      • Comments (692)

        I liked the idea of him just sitting down and refusing to play as he had said he would do BUT in this comp he could’ve done more harm by participating rather than just sitting down. he could have totally blown any chance of winning. he’s just not very fast when it comes to thinking in the moment. He had promised to sit down and refuse to participate and at least he kept his word but it backfired on everyone and ruined the plan.

      • Comments (1288)

        Derrick should have caught what he was saying and what the implications were. He could have made Caleb agree to making sure Frankie did not win.

      • Comments (401)

        I just said this in another reply but since Caleb wasn’t smart enough to see that this plan wasn’t going to work, why didn’t Nicole tell him to get up and “help?!” Sounds like that might have been a fatal mistake for her the way they’re talking now about her being the renom.

    • Comments (1276)

      He for sure would have been able to keep Frankie from winning if he had stepped up. Granted, I actually fealt a little bad (a little) for Frankie, it’s never fun watching someone feel that way. But old Beastmode was too headstrong (is that possible for Caleb?) to just stand up and grab a chain and keep the balls from heading up.
      Honestly I think the game looked easier with just one person. Then communication isn’t a factor.

      • Comments (469)

        Christina – normally I would feel real compassion for someone in Frankie’s predicament – but after watching him (Frankie) excoriate Nicole in front of the house and do so with such vemon (look at his eyes and and mouth) and to relish and delight in the way he was making her feel – NO compassion here – it was like looking into a dark abyss of pure hatred and evil – this is the self proclaimed philandthropist who is doing all this for charity – this is the person who claims his only goal and joy in life is to spread happiness – peace and love throughout the world – well this is really the person whose only real purpose in life is to use-abuse-confuse the world in order to fulfill his greed and insane passion to outdo his sisters success and feels NOTHING for the people he feels he must destroy to achieve this pipe dream – even to the point of using his sister as a stepping stone

      • Comments (692)

        You are so right. The way he talked to Nicole was beyond belief even for the nastiest of players. I think that in the heat of the moment he showed his TRUE personality as a conniving, self righteous, self centered, self serving jerk. Even his facial expressions were those of a totally evil person. Not even Amanda or Rachel looked that evil.

      • Comments (1276)

        that’s why a said a little bad for him. I don’t like seeing anyone honestly hurt and upset. But he manages to crush any compassion when he goes right back to using his sisters fame to try to contol the game.

    • Comments (469)

      dan – absolutely – Caleb could have made it impossible for Frankie to win – wonder why he didn’t do it?????????

  30. Comments (27)

    I think Production constantly pushes people to believe certain things about how they are perceived, and what they should say about themselves, etc. I totally believe that Production encouraged Caleb to believe Amber was really interested in him, and to continue the pursuit of her.

  31. Comments (1799)

    Very true about production There is always the fact of them calling people into the DR After they come out they start asking questions about things they never knew of before

  32. Comments (92)

    For all you people who hate sports. Wasn’t it wonderful the BOB comp. Was related to sports. Being a conservative I love sports. People who don’t are communists. I guess Donny doesn’t like sports. He really suckedd at that competition. Frankie was unbelievable. He is the best competitor this season. USA USA USA USA USA USA.

  33. Comments (59)

    After watching the episode, this solidifies that the game is totally scripted. Caleb just happens to literally sit down in a comp where it would have been better for him to play if he wanted to throw it. Donny and Zach had to be instructed to lose to the solo Frankie. Production did not allow Caleb to play as they wanted the drama of Frankie pulling this feat off himself. And HOWWWW would it help Frankie’s game by telling the house who his sister is?? 100% scripted and now just pushing his sister’s career.

  34. Comments (1288)

    Well clearly that was a comp designed for two people and it was the lack of cooperation that sank Zach/Donny, not any changes production made to the game to allow one person to compete. They started out quick with the easy short targets but their conflicts really showed with the higher targets.

  35. Comments (332)

    Caleb had more power to ruin that bob pulling the chains, he is a dorko. He needs to go! I’m done with hid whole beast mode cowboy crap.

  36. Comments (23)

    Frankie is getting terrible press! I love it. When he’s evicted, will the audience boo?? Will Julie be brave enough to say, “Frankie, if you are so famous, did you think it was odd that no one recognized you? And when you finally told them who you were, did you think it was weird that it took some of them a while to understand who Ariana Grande was?”

    • Comments (383)

      yup! lol

      • Comments (1288)

        It would be funny if Frankie’s HoH wins are over and he never gets a chance to get her cd in his HoH package.

      • Comments (692)

        I don’t “hate” Frankie but I’m SOOOOO tired of him and his drama. He’s self-serving and he just wears me out. I wanted to see more of him and Zack but now I just want him to go away, don’t go away mad…..just go away.

      • Comments (1288)

        We do deserve to enjoy a little schadenfreude with him since we have had to put up with his divaness all season.

    • Comments (1092)

      You can see the stress getting to him. He isn’t the happy little flamboyant gay from the first week.

      He knows he is wanted out of the house. He now has that serious look to him. When he was talking yo Caleb before the botb, he was quite authorative with him.


      • Comments (1092)

        But, I am sure cbs will wait until he is evicted to have the comp to bring a hg back. They want him to have the best chance to tay as long as he can.

  37. Comments (1)

    Derrick has got the best game going. Still, I would love to see CBS throw a “curve ball” & have another double eviction this Thursday. They would never expect that and it would really be awesome.

    • Comments (1288)

      That would also allow them to feed the returnee back in right away, maybe the second HoH could be an endurance including the 4 evictees with a chance to get back in. But Julie would have been pimping that at the end of Thursday’s show.

  38. Comments (4)

    So lame that the producers suggested Caleb just sit out the BoB. He could have easily thrown the competition by tugging a little more here and a little less there – guaranteed loss. So very lame. My wife has complained about me watching this show, if Frankie doesn’t go next week. I quit!

    • Comments (401)

      I don’t see where this was the producers suggestion but regardless, once it appeared Frankie could go it alone why didn’t Nicole encourage Caleb to “help” him?

      • Comments (4)

        While in the DR, Caleb “checked” with producers about throwing the competition (unless he could get off slop or other reward). He discussed this with some HGs, specifically that it would be OK to sit out.

      • Comments (401)

        Ok but I thought he or Zack came up with the idea. Regardless, it didn’t have to work out the way. Also, this is a tv show so the producers can do whatever they want. We can choose to watch the show or not.

  39. Comments (1288)

    Frankie and Zach seem to agree that Donny is not coming after them so better if he stays. They’d like Nicole up there to vote out but would also send Victoria out over Donny. With Nicole up there the vote would be easy, if it is Victoria they would need cooperation from Caleb or Christine.

  40. Comments (1799)

    Frankie is pushing hard for Christine to put Nichole up He has gone power crazy

    • Comments (692)

      Frankie is just too huge, in his own mind, to beat in this game. I hope he gets evicted VERY sooooon!

      • Comments (1288)

        If he engineers a rescue of Donny and sends out Derrick’s suckerfish I foresee a clash of the titans and no telling if Frankie or Derrick would come out on top. My money would be on Derrick though.

    • Comments (120)

      Something is going down tomorrow, one way or another. Christine is telling all of the guys she’s definitely putting up Nicole tomorrow. She’s told Nicole no way, no matter what anyone says, she would never put her up as a replacement. Either Nicole is going to feel betrayed, or Christine will draw a line in the sand with the men.

    • Comments (492)

      GONE power crazy
      WAS and IS power crazy!!

  41. Comments (12)

    Buffalobill and others like him is one reason I don’t visit another site anymore. I was checking occasionally early in the season. He was a regular on there last year, but not this year. Hmmm!

    • Comments (1288)

      If buffalo bill offends you, then simply avert your eyes. I find him worth a chuckle and occasionally fall to the temptation of poking him with a stick or two. But he is not obscene or off-topic so I do not mind his posts. If you stop reading this blog, then the terrorist has won.

      • Comments (92)

        Thanks Dan. This is a free country. Well said. Dan you are the man. Cindi must be like a. Donny a Communist. I will not swear like Donny the Satan worshipper. Now isn’t that Frankie a great player. Zach would have won if Donny didn’t throw it. At this Caleb was honest to Frankie and not a liar like Donny. Please people don’t believe in Donny. He lies like the liberals. Think right like conservatives like me do.

      • Comments (1288)

        You are the biggest contrarian I have seen since I last saw Little Big Man.

      • Comments (332)

        Excuse me but Zach played it alone, he threw it to Frankie! Donny tried hard. It is all scripted just like derricks speech. It the Frankie show!

      • Comments (27)

        You might, unfortunately, be doing a fair job at giving real conservatives, who would not agree with 99% of your comments, a bad name, by calling yourself one. You obviously are only going to call your self whatever you want everyone to think badly of, since your comments are so………….

      • Comments (27)

        Everyone else, so sorry. I meant to address the above to everyone in general, not specifically to someone who will take any response as an encouragement to continue.

      • Comments (692)

        I love that you call buffalobill a terrorist in your comment and he thanks you for your comment…..nuff said. Hahahehe

      • Comments (1443)

        I just skip over his posts when I see his name. Not worth reading and almost everyone else her just posting their feeling about game in nice normal way. Bill delusional or stupid or just trying to stir someone up so just best to ignore and skip over his non entertaining posts

  42. Comments (2)

    It’s funny how girls are all emotional & crazy over the stupidest things( Nicole, Vicky ) the guys squash shit, work their shit out & move on…….girls are crazy jealous of Frankie being Ariana Grande’s sister……everybody goes on the show for money, and also”FAME” some of the ugliest chicks they’ve had on in years……ugly outside & inside ! It’s funny how when they first went on the show Nicole was supposedly just finished becoming a RN, and VICKY owns her own company, now all the sudden, they’re all living in the gutter( we need the money Frankie is building schools for impoverished kids) he doesn’t need the money, they say…..but I am damn sure any monies given to charity for underprivileged children is a better reason for playing then needing a new Mercedes , ala Vicky ( Victoria ) bragging week 2 about her Mercedes , now all the sudden these bitches are from skid row………..I’m sure poor children living in a 3rd world country, need the money more…….get ova yourself bitches, you’re UGLY !!!!!!

    • Comments (1092)

      If CBS want to do an allstar swason, where the money goes to charity that is fine.

      But part of Frankie’s master plan is to get paid by his sister to plug her name as much as he can. Therefire he can play for charity & get sympathy votes from the jury.

      Even for this backstabbing show, it isnt fair.

  43. Comments (92)

    Frankie, I mean Franko or should we say Franco relating to liberal French. Take a look at Donny’s beard. That beard looks very similar to a beard of one of the most hated men who Special Seal Team 6 got. Now tell me who is the real T and I’m not talking about Mr. T. HateNow Dan you had kind words then followed by hate. Tell me who is the real Jack Crabb? Go frankie, Zach, Victoria and Christine.

  44. Comments (29)

    Zach is a lose canon which make the show more interesting!!!! Derrick, Frankie, Zach and caleb deserve to be in the final 4. They all played a great game by winning competitions and Derrick and Frankie played great socially. By getting rid of Hayden was the best move for them they are all playing to win the big money… get out the bigger targets… Most interesting cast way better then last year!!

    • Comments (1443)

      The only big target they got out was Hayden and that was not even planned. Would not have happened if not for de and pov. I love Nichole and Donnie as they r the ones with any integrity at all. I’m in the minority and think the one that can play the game in the most honest way should win. This seldom happens but I also believe how ppl act in house is their real personality and how they would be at home if they can get away with it. Nichole and Donnie have problems cause they are honest and have lots of integrity. They lead their life that way so they have hard time being different in house. The others are dishonest out of house so in bb house they can let their real ways go into action. Would not put it past Derrick to plant evidence or lie to advance his career. We know Caleb exaggerates or lies about everything and is delusional. Cody is follower and Frankie acts his way out of everything. May the biggest liar and most dishonest person win!!

  45. Comments (92)

    Ariana, Frankie and Zach are going to Party after Frankie wins and Zach takes second place. Derrick is just playing like he does in real life. Like a dirty cop. Donny will go home and just stare at old photos of Stalin and Lenin. Donny is the anti-Christ. Beware of his false words. Frankie and Zach are the true hunks of the BB house

  46. Comments (92)

    By the way this is the best BB16 site. Don’t forget to donate.

  47. Comments (92)

    Dan the Man and I might agree to disagee. But I respect his posts and consider him a friend and a true Anerican. As far as Franco of Franko he is probably related to Donny and both are card carrying Communists. I’m watching the replay of the BOB competition. Anyone who doesn’t think Frankie is going to win the 500k is crazeyyyy. He also has my vote for America’s favorite player. He is a true American. A true winner. From the greatest country in the world America. As far as Donny is concern, I believe he is an illegal alien.

  48. Comments (92)

    I hope Nicole is next to go. She is a cry baby.

  49. Comments (1799)

    Looks like the house is flip once more After people go up to Nichole telling her how they want to work with her as they can’t trust old allies Derrick works his voddo Zach is telling Christine how Nichole planed to Backdoor her Frankie is talking about how Nichole is a lieer Caleb talks about how this is what the house wants All the time Derrick stays close to Nichole so the others can work on Christine How can any of these people complain that someone lies to them Worse yet that she was going to Backdoor someone Beside Donny who haven’t been involved in backdooring tha majority of evicted HG

    • Comments (61)

      Christine really has a chance to make a gigantic move today. Too bad she’s under Derrick and Cody’s thumb. She’ll play safe and be gone next week. But that’s what she gets.

  50. Comments (92)

    Donny is the biggest liar in the house. But that is how the anti- Christ works. He is not fooling this Christian. Donny reminds me of Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev, leonid Brezhnev and Pavel Chekov all roll into one. Go back to your mother land Russia Donny. Bye Bye Nicole.

  51. Comments (328)

    What’s up with the odd conversation between Derrick and Donny last night? I only caught a tiny bit. Derrick was telling Donny what he would say when he would describe how he feels about him when he is ready to “diss” him. Gonna have to hit the rewind button to make sure I wasn’t hearing things…

  52. Comments (17)

    I’m starting to get worried about SB… He usually updates more than this. Are you alright Steve Beans?!?!

    • super duper bb fan
      Comments (34)

      I agree! This is my 3rd season following SB. This is not like him at all. Hope all is well with you SB

      • Comments (17)

        Me too! I’ve been here since he started! This whole season has been off for him.but only updating once in 24hrs when tons of stuff has happened.. so not like you SB.

  53. Comments (328)

    Thought about this as well, but he mentioned picking up a marriage license a couple of days ago. Where I live, and as memory is correct, you only have a few days to use the marriage license before it is voided or you have to get a new one. Now I am gonna have pull it out and check. I hope all is okay with SB.

  54. Comments (1799)

    What a sad life BuffalowBill must live have fun fishing troll
    Derrick is just trying to stay close to Donny as Donny is one of the few HG he has not found a way to control him I will say some of these talks between HG are bizarre and that’s not even talking about the moral gymnastic they do trying to convince themselves and others they are not a lieing backstaber It seems everyone wants to paint themselves as an innocent pawn That it’s the mystery house that comes up with all these plans Good job Derrick

  55. Comments (492)

    Zach might be hyper, but just watch his body language
    He is a genuine nice kid. Not mean. Frankie has been around the block and can corrupt him.
    I don’t like Frankie.
    Donny is older, he should know better and odes.
    Caleb is , well Caleb.
    Need to go and christine is a b&$&ch.
    Victoria is spoiled.
    So, Zach is a nice kid and tries hard, is a little adjacent and polite to what he has been give in this situation
    . Trying to be a “man”. That’s all….
    Oh and Derrick is nice too…but he has a job.
    Thanks for reading.

  56. Comments (492)

    Hope SB is ok too

  57. Comments (78)

    I do not believe Derrick is a dirty cop. He has had training in reading people and in assessing situations which makes him effective in this game. I would wager that he is very successful in good cop/bad cop. I personally don’t care for him but must give credit when credit is due.
    I am a Christian and a conversative and do not think Donny is a bad person. He appears to me that he is just a down home country boy who enjoys the simple life.

    • Comments (492)

      Dear retired,
      Ditto to that!

      And I have a question , although I am not retired, ” would you like to see more older people
      Play this,game”.?
      Just a question
      (Not yet retired- but wishing)

  58. Comments (78)

    Dear Mom,
    Yes I would like to see older HG play a season of BB.
    I would think a series of BB that a certain age brackets were used for the HG would work.For example a group that were 20 to 30, group of 30 to 40 so on and so on.
    I think the Senior BB would be hilarious, older people are set in their ways, stubborn, wanting things their way.
    I also think an all female or an all male HG would work too.
    I also like Zach, he reminds me of a teenager with all his antics.

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