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Big Brother 16 – Monday Live Feed Highlights


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It’s Veto Meeting day inside the Big Brother house, but sadly I don’t expect it to be very eventful. Christine immediately said she was not going to use the veto, and hasn’t changed her position since Saturday.  It’s too bad because we could have had an explosive week, but instead we’ll just have to settle for Zach and Jocasta. Zach may try to cause a stir, but the house has pretty much been ignoring his antics and brushing it off. It’s hard to be the ‘villain’ when you tell everyone you’re going to be the villain.


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Feed Updates:

  • 9:45am – Feeds return from the morning wake-up call. Nicole is outside practicing her speech for today and Frankie joins her briefly.  The feeds weren’t on long enough for me to get what they were saying, so I won’t even speculate.  Donny then joined her outside and the morning routine is starting.
  • Miley Cyrus was the morning music, so Donny said to Victoria “They’re pretty catchy songs. And if you’re a guy, they’re pretty catchy videos too”.  Oh, Donny.
  • 11:10am – Veto underway
  • 11:45am – Feeds back, veto not used.  Zach or Jocasta will be going home this Thursday.
  • Everyone back to bed or getting sun. I am going to take a break for a little bit and wait for things to liven up
  • 2:30pm – I’m back, and nothing is still happening. Please don’t tell me this is how the week will be.
  • 4:50pm – Caleb is outside wearing farmer jeans and Amber’s bunny slippers while Donny, Cody, Nicole and Hayden do weird walks around the yard.

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  1. Comments (492)

    Is would like for production to have Ariana Grande-Butera come to the back yard and sing for the house guests. Then see what Franky would do.

  2. Comments (412)

    I am so over this season of Big Brother.

    • Comments (412)

      I hope the double eviction brings some excitement.

      • Comments (61)

        But it won’t: A detonator will win HOH and they’ll evict Donny. Derrick and Coday are gonna steamroll their way to the finale. zzzzzzz

      • Comments (412)

        I really hope Donny wins HOH for the second eviction. That would be ideal.

      • Comments (412)

        I also think they are going to stop with the 2 HOHs because that will take too long on Thursday.

      • Comments (61)

        I hope you’re right. Take away Zach and Donny and this is a boring ass house.

      • Comments (130)

        Who would Donny even put up if he won the double eviction HOH? I’m guessing Derrick and Frankie will get in his ear real fast and make it the weak girls going on.

      • Comments (92)

        Donny is a traitor to the United States of America and should be dishonarably evicted from the BB house for being a coward and not carrying out a mission that the American people wanted. I home my Jewish prince wins.

  3. Comments (400)

    I think this picture of Nicole is a perfect example of what most viewers faces look like while trying to stay awake during this season, plus an occasional yawn.

  4. Comments (401)

    Personally I enjoy watching a season where the majority of people aren’t a-holes.

    • Comments (332)

      You can not predict how anyone will act, last years folks were terrible. These seem to be having a lazy backyard party all the time. I think the entertainment should come from BB production. They need more action and interaction with the houseguests. Like the year they did the Pandora box or the wins for movie or special screening. They have even brought in a backyard concert. I think the clothing contests were fun too. That is all production. Lean on BB director not the houseguests.

    • Comments (138)

      You do know it’s possible to not be an a-hole and to play the game, right? Only 4 or 5 guys (plus maybe Nicole) are playing the game right now and that’s the problem.

  5. Comments (68)

    It’s true that this season hasn’t been very entertaining so far but i think it’s going to pick up.

    In past seasons you had a lot of excitements and big moves early and around the middle of the game. This made the endings quite dull because the last people around were boring or floaters.

    This year, we had a pretty boring show but that’s mainly because that other than Devin, all the evicted houseguests were floaters. I don’t consider Zach a floater so we are going to have another non-floater evicted, but what all this means is that we are going to have an exciting mid-point and ending. The alliances will have to turn on each other eventually and the players will have to make moves.

  6. Comments (1)

    I also like a friendlier house, but I think we are in the minority with that thinking, lol. I know sooner or later when they get down in numbers there will be plenty more of the scheming and drama. This season I think Caleb got a little scary with his stalker antics, he clearly does not understand boundaries and when a woman tells him she isn’t interested that she may really NOT be interested. His name should be douche-mode cowboy! Also, Victoria is driving me nuts, I hate when she starts talking, I wish the camera would change shots whenever she opens her super boring mouth. If Zach gets voted out I will miss him, but it is past time some of the guys started going too, although I would prefer it was Frankie going over Zach. I’ll be throwing a party when Caleb goes, and praying he does not show up on any other reality shows, which he clearly seems obsessed with doing.

  7. Comments (332)

    There has been a lot of scrambling for alliance this week. None of which include Jacosta. So my guess is she will go even though neither Donny or Nicole wanted her out. Nicole should have had the guts to put two guys up. It should have been four guys on the block with two left sitting in the chairs. Even Donny couldn’t seem to do that. So he may go out on double eviction.

    • Comments (50)

      I completely agree. I really wish they had both put up two power players. They’re already planning on putting up Donny (and have in the past) so what does he have to lose. They have to ruffle feathers… Now if Nicole wants to get a powerful player out of the house (someone who is coming after her hard next week) she’s relying on Derrick and Cody… if she’d put up both Zach & Frankie from the get go she could have guaranteed evicting someone that she isn’t aligned with. 🙁

      • Comments (8)

        I think the plan was good. Just Christine messed it up. Critizing their nominations in hindsight is easy.

      • Comments (50)

        Yeah, well that’s just my opinion and I’ve felt that way since I saw what the nominations were going to be, not just in hindsight… They both make great points about why they did it this way but just in my opinion I wish they had put up all power players so that there is a guarantee that one goes home.

  8. Comments (36)

    In an earlier post I said I didn’t want Zach to go because he’s entertaining. I changed my mind. Now he’s not entertaining just irritating. He’s trying to hard to be Evil Dick and instead just looks like the second part of that name 😉

  9. Comments (412)

    I just heard the veto meeting has already taken place and stupid rat faced Christine decided to keep the nominations the same. Which means Jocasta will be going home tonight. Which mean Christine is just allowing these boys to pick off the ladies one at a time. She’s so stupid. I hope she’s next!

    • Comments (412)

      Lol I meant to say Thursday night. Not tonight. I wish it was Thursdays already.

      • Comments (120)

        Derrick’s on board with evicting Zach, and Cody is on board too. Plus Hayden and Donny, that’s four votes right there. Hayden and Derrick have pull with Victoria, so that’s 5 votes. Zach’s most likely going home this Thursday, not Jocasta. Also, Frankie has been exposed for his lies (Victoria confirmed to Cody that Frankie made up all of the rumors about Amber that got her evicted). Hopefully Frankie will e gone in the second part of double eviction.

      • Comments (610)

        Yes! HG’s please get rid of Zach this week! And then get rid of Frankie in the double eviction. Then let’s see what kind of game everyone plays!

  10. Comments (400)

    I have a question that hopefully someone can answer. I’ve read through the posts and cannot find it, so if it’s been asked and answered, I’m sorry. When Caleb had to shave his head and was whining about not being able to because of a tattoo, was there really a tattoo or was that a lie because he didn’t want to shave his head. I’ve seen pictures of his shaved head and I cannot see a tattoo anywhere, but I haven’t seen anyone talking about it.

    • Comments (332)

      They talked about it a couple of days ago, something about religiously offensive. But I never could tell if he truly has one or was going to draw it on his head if they totally shaved it. I think sometimes BB production just stops crap from happening. And buzz cutting was enough, he is humiliated enough. Why I don’t know, he certainly had to get a military cut to serve in the armed forces. It shouldn’t bug him. He is far more handsome with this cut. And can wear a hat, those dumb scarfs or his hoodie too.

      • Comments (9)

        I read on another site that he was upset that shaving his head would ruin his modeling career. Don’t know if that modeling career is now or in the fantasy future.

      • Comments (383)

        I would think those ridiculous tattoos would get in the way. Also, most male models aren’t that muscular. Fit, yes, but biceps as big as their heads? No. I know there are women out there who find that attractive but I am not one of them.

    • Comments (469)

      Renee – Caleb was trying to get Vic to volunteer to cut her hair – so he used the tattoo as an excuse – when she refused he admitted he lied about the tat.

  11. Comments (332)

    Last year, I wanted Spencer to win and not that dumb Andy or GinaMarie. Anyone but those two. However, you can not stop the stupidity of the houseguests. They allow whom ever to get to the end by process of elimination. Then luck in completion kicks in and alliance. Now I do agree, BB production does sway the people through diary room chats but ultimately they can not keep them from doing things like with Donny and America’s Mission not being done.

    • Comments (400)

      I’m sure production messes with them in the diary room. I see this game just like any sporting event I go to. I officiate high school volleyball. However, when I attend as a spectator it is really hard not to be critical and think “I would have done that different”, when in reality I’m not sure that I would have if given the opportunity. It’s real easy to make decisions when you have a “bigger picture” of what’s going on. We see the live feeds and read the blogs so we have tons of information that the house guests don’t have. They have their own instincts then add other houseguests plus production adding paranoia to their decision process. It would be really hard to know how to make any good decisions without jeopardizing your game.

  12. Comments (492)

    If Zach does end up leaving ( I hope he does not). Then I sure hope he makes it back in the house and wins!
    On one of these , come back in the house box trick, like they did in the past. Pandora box???

    • Comments (152)

      I hope he stays too, mom! Oh to have him come back would be great but not a chance I want to take with all the crazy changes they have made this year. Haven’t even thought about Pandora’s Box and neither have the HG!

    • Comments (266)

      Confession: A strange part of me wants Zach in the house just so I can keep watching the awkward relationship between he and Frankie. I am intrigued by the Zankie… don’t deny that it’s so gross it’s good.

  13. Comments (332)

    Truly, I like Zach better than Jacosta but I am not in the house. The guys may be tired of him running their show like Devin did. Zach seems to delight in causing drama and if they can’t trust him than he needs to go. So far, Victoria and Jacosta seem to be taken along by someone. Derrick seems to have a hidden alliance cause he has final two with several people. I have heard him tell several don’t worry about it. And with him trying to get with Hayden and Nicole this week tells me they weren’t in this hidden alliance.

    • Comments (492)

      Karen-I guess you are right ….I just like the kid.

      • Comments (492)

        Hayden has also done well for being 21, living on his own in California. That’s if I have my facts right?

      • Comments (383)

        Yeah I think he is smarter than he let on at first. I could do without seeing his naked butt… but I like the kid. And I think the way he is around Nicole is sweet.

    • Comments (152)

      Zach may be crazy and unpredictable, but atleast he does something. And he really doesn’t run the show, people just laugh him off. Unlike Devin who truly intimidated people. Zach is just a joke. But an entertaining one at that. Jacosta is boring and riding skirt tails of whomever she can latch onto. He will make big moves, she will only make the moves others tell her to!

  14. Comments (8)

    I wish Nicole would have asked Christine to use the veto, so that she could see where Christine’s loyalty really lies (since she acts like she’s oblivious to Christine being with the boys)… I can’t stand the way Christine is playing this game.. she’s Frankie’s & Cody’s puppet!!!

  15. Comments (8)

    I just hope Donny wins HOH again this week…

  16. Comments (152)

    Frankie needs to go…Zach needs to stay. Send Jacosta home this week. Her wailing drives me up the wall. Even more so than Zach’s crazy antics!
    He is off the wall but she is just boring! UGH….I want Jacosta to go home. Hopefully the guys will keep Zach because he is an easy vote when they need it. she will never vote with them when it comes to a big move. She might cry about it but she doesn’t do anything worth a crap in the house. So, without sounding redundant….I WANT JACOSTA TO GO HOME!!!!

    • Comments (383)

      tell us how you really feel.


      I have had enough of the histrionics too. And the whole “I have faith so Jesus is on my side” crap. I respect people who use their religion as a way to be a better person and give back to others. Can’t stand people like her. Also the bowties and red lipstick are annoying. She’s a beautiful woman and looks SO much better without the heavy makeup.

      • Comments (152)

        I agree totally! Oh, but will the house see it our way….lol

        I don’t think so!

  17. Comments (21)

    Derrick is just screwing with Hayden & Nicole ..he would be stupid to get rid of Zach for so many reasons & he knows it. It’s going to be a 5-3 vote to evict Jocasta

    • Comments (332)

      If Christine did not use the veto than she was pressured to keep the alliance and therefore the guys will keep the alliance and not send out Zach. But Christine is being way loyal to Frankie at the expense of her game with Nicole and Hayden by not using it. She must be feeling safe with that alliance is all I have to say. She may go on DE if she doesn’t win.

      • Comments (120)

        She was never really pressured by The Detonators – Nicole actually told her she would rather Christine not use the Veto.

      • Comments (61)

        Whaat?? Nicole really said that? I thought she wanted to backdoor Frankie?

      • Comments (120)

        Well she had been going back and forth on whether or not she would have the nerve to BD him. That’s why she wanted Jocasta or Zach to win POV so nobody else would have to use it. In the end she decided it would be best just to leave the nominations the same and evict Zach.

    • Comments (120)

      He’s screwing with Cody too? I don’t see why he would tell Cody to evict Zach…I also don’t see why he would tell Victoria to evict Zach too if he’s just playing them…

      • Comments (224)

        Is this from the latest live-feeds? Every other site I’ve seen shows the conversation leaning toward keeping Zach as of last night. Has something changed as of today?

      • Comments (120)

        Yes – Derrick told Cody it would be best to evict Zach. Derrick and Victoria were talking late last night and Victoria told Derrick that Christine is voting to evict Zach. Derrick told her it would be best if she voted Zach out too. It’s most likely Zach is going to be evicted unless a few people change their minds, which is always a possibility.

      • Comments (21)

        lol No..Cody is in on it too. they were both talking saying “after this, nobody can fuck with us” they know if they keep Zach they have the numbers & they are both on top. Derrick also said if he went with Nicole & Hayden, he would be the bottom of the totem pole. Why would he switch when he’s king of the castle. Plus if they vote out Zach, they loose Frankie and Caleb and the BIGGEST target in the house…Zach. Other sites (no offence to this one)go more into depth of all the convos that take place. They must watch 24/7 lol

    • Comments (1799)

      Dump Zach he is no longer need Just like someone said These alliances are like those Russian nesting dolls One inside the other Start with 8 on the bomb squad Down to 6 next is 4 don’t think Zach is part of that Frankie won’t do anything to help Derick still thinks he can control and manipulate Nichole & Haydon He must know a double elimination is comming soon It all comes down to numbers and the people you can control This is the first thing Christine has won Frankie knows he needs to get back to HoH Caleb for some reason still thinks he is the one running things Codey is just trying to hang on That is what’s left of the bomb squad Evan as a male it would be nice to see a guy goes out this week

      • Comments (401)

        The “someone” who made the Russian nesting dolls reference is Steve Beans in his previous post.

      • Comments (1799)

        Thank you I felt it was a great observation Very fitting for this game All credit to him I was not trying to steal his credit

  18. Comments (332)

    The fun thing about double eviction is the toss up, it is so quick and impulsive so Thursday should be good. But then we will have to watch the feeds for who really gets HOH for the week. I always hate that the DE HOH gets cut out of the room and benefits but we will see. I loved Hayden eating his slop pie. Ole Donny must of figured out how to make it tasty as these folks have been pretty quite. Now Victoria and Caleb may get to complaining as they have two weeks on it.

  19. Comments (182)

    Sorry Christine, but those tattoos look silly, bet you thought they were cool at the time, must of been a drunken night you put them on, or did you lose at ‘Truth or Dare’?

  20. Comments (22)

    At 2:30 you posted “please tell me this isn’t how this week will be.” This is how the entire season has been

  21. Comments (38)

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if the guys (Caleb, Frankie, Cody, and Derrick) vote to keep Zack (as they should), then Derrick only needs to convince Victoria and Zack is safe.
    Why is everyone concerned about Zack leaving?

    • Comments (120)

      Cody and Derrick aren’t voting to keep Zach, as of right now. Derrick told Cody that it’s best if Zach goes. Also, Hayden could possibly have more of a pull with Victoria, because he did use the POV on her.

  22. Comments (644)

    At least this is the only time this season where we are not really sure who is going home. Is it going to be Zach or Jocasta? The latest is that Zach is going to be evicted but yesterday it was Jocasta. So it’s still a mystery. They could change again.

  23. Comments (1443)

    I really really hope zack goes. There is something not really right about him. Maybe it’s just immaturity but if so he’s on level of about 8th grader. Also he is NOT smart. Wondering if he really is a college grad. Hard to believe he is. Let’s hope Derrick and Cody don’t flip flop again. U all realize if zack goes it will really shake up the house! Can u imagine the scrambling Frankie and Christine will do? And Caleb will have no idea what happened. Who would he then owe his loyalty to..

  24. Comments (528)

    Did I hear Caleb say (on BBAD) that he’s a virgin? That might explain a lot about his extremely immature reaction to having a little crush. Boy needs to get LAID.

    • Comments (644)

      He is not a virgin he said he hasn’t done anything in a year and probably will not do anything until he marries. That is maybe one of his few admirable qualities.

    • Comments (182)

      Not sure why you would think being a fornicator makes you a better person.

      • Comments (644)

        I agree with you Raysay

      • Comments (528)

        Where did I say that? Also, “fornicator”? LOL. If he was still a virgin he’d likely have a much more naive view of sex and relationships, as most people with the weird idea of “saving themselves for marriage” do. It would just give that bizarre behaviour of his some context.

        But as it stands, I guess he is just a weird creeper.

      • Comments (182)

        Your implication were obvious, let’s not be naive Sadie, being a sex expert and all. : )

      • Comments (266)

        Sadie, instead of using this blog to offend fellow bb junkies, for example, implying virgins have naive views of relationships, saving yourself is a “weird idea,” and that’s the reason for bizarre behavior… Use this blog for Its intended purpose.

        Point is, offend only those living within the BB house.

      • Comments (76)

        That’s just Sadie’s opinion regarding Caleb ..I think some of you got ugly , out of blog .

      • Comments (76)

        Fornicater, that’s a little extreme .

      • Comments (76)

        I agree with you Sadie ..I find saying people having sex before marriage are fonicaters., will we burn in hell .WoW ,

      • Comments (76)

        Bring out the Pitch Forks & torches

      • Comments (26)

        RAYSAY~ being a “fornicator” may not make you a better person but neither does practicing abstinence.

  25. Comments (644)

    At least this season’s house guests are not as horrible as last season’s There are two exceptions Elissa and Helen who could easily fit in this season and maybe Caleb could fit in season 15 falling in love with Amanda. She would have knocked him out! The HGs now are angels compared to last season. Even Frankie is much more decent than Andy. Andy was vile, mean and disgusting, and he wasn’t even funny. Frankie is funny and entertaining and he cooks and cleans, but he has to be evicted soon!

  26. Comments (130)

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I’m Zach and the alliance I started just voted me out, wouldn’t you blow it up when you’re walking out? He has the type of personality to RAT everyone out in his alliance if he goes out. Shouldn’t the Detonators be thinking about that?!

    • Comments (1288)

      At this point Zach has been so random, extreme and off-the-wall that no one is going to believe a word he says. He will have less than 60 seconds … and no prepared speech.

      • Comments (130)

        Good point on the no prepared speech, but I still think people would listen and think about what he said. The clues are all there, it just takes someone to point a magnifying glass on them.

      • Comments (1288)

        If it ends up a split vote Zach will also have the uncertainty of who voted how. Derrick/Colby have talked about grabbing Frankie right before the live show and telling him that they really don’t have the votes to save Zach and perhaps Frankie will decide to vote with house. Hayden wants to tell Frankie it was Christine who flipped the script.

  27. Comments (412)

    I’ve changed my mind. I want Hayden to win HOH for the double eviction. I believe he’s the only one willing to try to get Christine out. I can’t stand Christine. I want her out preferably before jury so I don’t have to look at her rat face anymore.

  28. Comments (644)

    I’m watching BBAD and Derrick is such a good liar, he told Frankie things and I think Frankie really believes him and will vote out Zach.
    I want Donny or Nicole to win. I feel bad for Nicole because I think she believes everything Derrick tells her. Victoria definitely believes everything Derrick tells her, but somehow, I don’t feel bad for her.

  29. Comments (426)

    I have been becoming disenchanted with Derrick. And then tonight he tells Frankie that he thinks that America would be OK if they got rid of Donnie, and is now comparing himself to Dan. His head is getting a little to big.

  30. Comments (383)

    Watching Derrick shave Frankie’s facial hair to give him the same stupid style he has. NO. NO. And ew. Now you both look like d-bags.

  31. Comments (3)

    Derick is the biggest floater. What has he done? IMO this might be the dumbest season of BB ever. I swear if I hear “I don’t want blood on my hands” one more time. I might lose it.

    • Comments (1288)

      I see you subscribe to the Rachel Reilly definition of floater – anyone she doesn’t like. Derrick is playing the best game of the season and is currently the best bet for winning it all. Almost all trust him and few are thinking he needs to go. Now that can change in a days time but so far it hasn’t.

      • Comments (492)


      • Comments (469)

        Dan – once again as hard as it is for me to say – Derrick is playing the best “game” by far – I had said early on that he had made so many deals with so many HG’s it would come back and bite him – so far it hasn’t happened which is amazing – if you notice what he is doing now is setting up pre-preventitive damage control – telling everyone that if you hear a rumor about me it will be a lie – come to me and I will explain – I’m still waiting for this to blow up in his face (I would love it) but he has kept it together so far.

  32. Comments (875)

    Everyone current HG has been on the Block except Derrick, Cody who has no backbone whatsoever, and Frankie?! Who is gonna be the one to put these three up, they all act like they are scared, the people who would have put them up been evicted!!!

  33. Comments (15)

    has anyone else notice Zach has only worn his Lacoste shirt the whole season I think he is being paid

  34. Comments (198)

    If Cody is a have not why is he eating pickles? I thought all they could have is slop.

  35. Comments (843)

    Caleb says if you pay for dinner, RedBox movies, gas, and a sleazy motel then you have paid for sex.
    You are wrong about America being okay with voting Donny out, Derrick.

  36. Comments (492)

    ( I just pasted Tango Tango words). So … I missed last night. What’ s. The talk ? Can Zack stay??? Please,….

    • Comments (412)

      Momma J needs to be sent away.

    • Comments (1288)

      Not looking good for the ZachAttack. Here is a horror story for you, last night during a Derrick/Cody convo they said their dream F5 would be Cody/Derrick/Caleb/Jocasta/Victoria.

      Please remember, their objective is to win $500k not to entertain you.

      • Comments (492)

        Thanks for the update
        Now I will go cry in my coffee

      • Comments (1288)

        Don’t be sad … now things will be heating up. As soon as the HGs hear “jury” the targeting goes from the annoying / inconsequential / isolated to more dangerous targets. The knives will definitely come out.

        The first HoH will set the tone. An upside of Nicole getting this weeks HoH is it means Donny will have a chance at the first HoH of the DE. It will have to be quick so it should be carnival or quiz style. Donny will be playing hard for it because the second HoH will most certainly be physical / endurance and not his strong suit.

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – as much as I like Donny – I don’t want him to win HOH – he has shown a real weakness for making a BIG move – and a big move is in order right now – need Hayden to win and set the house on it’s ear. IMHO.

      • Comments (76)


      • Comments (1288)

        And when exactly has he had a chance to make a “BIG move”? He has been HoH once and has most likely helped engineer the eviction of Zach – what could be better than that?

        Please don’t tell me you subscribe to the idiotic notion that this weeks noms should have been 4 guys? While that may have resulted in the eviction of one of the strong players the side-effects would have been horrible for Donny. The Detonators would have been pushed together and would be going into next week as a solid front.

        As it stands Donny and Nicole discovered a crack and have exploited it nicely. The D-team is turning on each other and that is anything but bad for the rest of the house. Donny does need the first HoH for the safety it provides as he is a likely target for the D-team remnants.

        Hayden winning the first HoH would be disastrous as the second HoH is most likely a physical/endurance comp and Hayden will need to be there to compete with Caleb/Cody/Frankie. The best outcome is Donny first HoH sending Cody out and then he would have Hayden and Nicole who would keep him safe if they won the second HoH.

        I will take a smart move over a BIG move any day – it is the mark of a better player.

  37. Comments (492)

    Yes, and if Franky votes for zack to go , that will not look good for Franky! Inside the house and outside the house.
    Why is Franky believing what Derrick is saying????? I say get rid of Derrick too….

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