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Big Brother 16 – Nomination Episode Recap


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Big Brother picked up right where it left off on Thursday night, with the houseguests finishing the HoH challenge. Their goal was to stick their fingers through chicken wire and transport an egg behind a fence.  All they needed to complete was a dozen eggs, and the team of Zach/Amber were cruising through the competition until Victoria struck!  Just kidding, she broke a ton of eggs and didn’t even have a chance. Coming from behind were Frankie and Cody who found a rhythm and pulled out the HoH win despite Amber/Zach needing just 1 more egg to win.

This was Frankie’s second HoH win of the season, but the first time he would receive a basket from home.  His other win was the first of the season, and they did no baskets for those winners (Frankie/Caleb), so we didn’t have to hear much about his sister.  I was certain Frankie was going to walk around in a complete panic thinking the houseguests were going to enter the HoH room with a life sized cardboard cutout of Ariana Grande, but he didn’t. In fact, he didn’t really mention it at all except for his relief when the only picture he received of her was when they were kids wearing makeup. Where did the Frankie from week 1 go?  He would namedrop Ariana every chance he got, but surprisingly he hasn’t mentioned her in awhile.  Is this a new Frankie?

Moving on, we had alliance #4,289 of Big Brother 16 form this episode, and this is a spin-off from the ‘Bomb Squad’ group. It’s basically the same group minus Devin, Caleb and Amber, and this group is called the ‘Detonators’. A little fun fact for those of you who don’t follow along, despite making it seem like the alliance was formed after Devin was evicted, it was created a day or two prior. CBS just edited it to make it seem like it was after, I guess for consistency.  To be fair to CBS, it’s hard to cram everything that happens from Sunday-Thursday into about a 15 minute segment on Thursday night.

Nominations were pretty uneventful. Cody chose Victoria and Brittany and Frankie chose Amber and Jocasta. That means 4 of the remaining 6 girls in the house were nominated, yet they are too busy arguing over who shares a bed with Victoria rather than worry about how long they’re going to be in the house. Even Amber asked why she had to be the pawn when they were so many other good options, and she’s right. She is starting to see the writing on the wall, and it’s not looking good for any of the females in the Big Brother house.

Also, Team America was given their second mission. We had to vote on whether or not we wanted them to try and nominate a floater or a strong player. We chose strong player, so they immediately thought of the perfect person – Amber!  Wait, what?  Amber?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Amber is a pretty strong player, but I don’t think that’s who America was picturing when they cast that vote. I suppose she is considered the strongest of the females simply because she may be the only one who realizes her days are numbered, despite being ‘safe’.  The show revealed a ‘mission accomplished’ check, but I know many fans didn’t really feel this mission was completed. I suppose it’s all subjective because Big Brother can’t tell them who to think is a strong player, but it’s still a cheap win for them.

Finally, the episode finished with a really cool battle of the block. It was a chess themed game where each of the four nominees were to stand on a chess board and act like knight pieces. They then played Wizards Chess from Harry Potter and the last one standing won! Just kidding, the game was cool, but not that cool.

The object of the match was to move in the Knight’s L shape and flip the piece you end up on. Nobody else can move to that piece and if you have no more moves, you are out of the game. I don’t want to play this game, I NEED to play this game. I am typically not jealous of the Big Brother cast members for the carnival style competitions they do, but this was great. Finally a competition that didn’t completely rely on luck, strength or endurance.

Jocasta was pretty quickly eliminated from the game making it Brit/Vic on just Amber. Things were not looking good for Caleb’s Queen but suddenly Brittany was out of the game and it was just one on one. Amber made a solid move, and Victoria was left to basically put herself into ‘check’.  Game over, Amber and Jocasta are off the block and Frankie lost his HoH crown.

Tune in Wednesday to see who won the Power of Veto or keep checking this site for spoilers before they’re on tv!

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  1. Comments (266)

    On BB after dark tonight, the new 5 alliance (detonators) were up in HOH room talking game and what would be best for them.. Along with Nicole. Does Nicole realize those 5 are in an alliance?! Has Christine told Nicole about it?

  2. Comments (110)

    So what does Victoria do that no one will sleep in the same bed as her? And seriously what was with that loud noise Jocasta made during BOTB?

    • Comments (143)

      Not sure, they just said she was very demanding. It could just be alot of little annoying things. Either that or she farts alo

    • Comments (1288)

      She is inconsiderate and will continue talking when people are trying to go to sleep, this is the other women’s main issue. While being a self-confessed virgin she is the Queen of inappropriate cuddling with the guys. A couple of guys have described receiving OTPEHJs as she ground in to their crotches with her elbow. Even Frankie said she wrapped her legs around one of his in an intimate manner.

      • Comments (692)

        Dandaman…….OTPEHJs?? What??

      • Comments (1288)

        Over The Pants Elbow Hand Job

      • Comments (692)

        in all my years of living I have never ever heard of that! I’m not even sure what that is. Lol
        I’m completely speechless, that’s extremely rare for me!

      • Comments (110)

        omg well I can see why that’s all an issue. Thanks for replying. Never understood the appeal of cuddling with strangers myself. I don’t even like to hug people I don’t know.

  3. Comments (110)

    And Frankie is just getting on my nerves every episode. I don’t know why people think Brittany is causing drama like that convo she had with Frankie that he ran and told Cody as if if was fascinating.It really wasn’t.

  4. Comments (843)

    I can’t understand why HG think voting Caleb or Zach out will hurt their game. They will be gone and won’t be on jury so how is that going to affect anything? Sounds like rationalizing to get girls out. What is the big deal about Christine? She has never been nominated for ANYTHING, has never WON anything, has never been a Have Not. Talk about floating!

    • Comments (401)

      They think keeping them is a vote they can count on . Christine’s time will come and she will be shocked. They’ve deliberately not made her a have not because she’ has to eat gluten free (which means she can’t eat slop) and seems to have other dietary restrictions as well.

      • Comments (198)

        I am sorry but if she can be in BBH she can be a have not!!!! It is bulls**t. Who is really playing the sympathy card !!

      • Comments (469)

        Connie I agree with you 100% – Christine’s glutten problem – and Frankie’s supposed arthritic problem – that is B.S. – the players know what is expected of them before they apply – and BB knows what they will put the players through – why allow a player to enter the game if they can’t handle the game tasks. The next thing you’ll see is a player enter the house with extreme self image problems so they can never be put on the block or voted out.

      • Comments (10)

        Great points, I agree 100%.

  5. Comments (68)

    I really want Cody to put up Donny and then the house evicts Britany.

    I really want Britany gone and if anyone other than Donny goes up, there might be a chance that Britany stays. But if Donny is sitting next to her, there is no way she is safe.

    I’m really not a fan of her. She seems highly condescending and she manipulated Devin in a way that not only put a huge target on his back, but also evicted Paola, all the while she didn’t even give Devin a pity vote. I mean, you convinced Devin to keep you and in return you promise to keep him safe, but the first chance you get, you vote him out. As for Paolo, i mean yea she threw the comp, but what was the point of calling her out when Paola was on the block and Britany was already safe. If she kept quiet, maybe Zach would of been gone.

    All this to say, Brittany has to go, she doesn’t add anything to the game. Victoria and Jacosta are the other useless folks in the house.

    • Comments (42)

      I dont understand why people are against Britany, her and Amber are the only 2 girls that can do anything, That said the girls need to get some balls and do something QUICK!

    • Comments (10)

      I agree with you Johnny. I would like to see Britany go home this week. I did not like her from the start and she has gradually pissed me off more as the game has gone on. I think there is a balance of entertainment value and detracting from the game. I would love to see ether Amber, Cody, or Caleb walk out the door next week! I am over the whole love/not love triangle going on in the house. I have picked Donny to win the game. I would support him going up as the replacement nominee. That is because, I know he would not go home.

  6. Comments (1)

    Who will wash dishes/clean kitchen if Brittany goes? Other then Amber I have not seen any of the other women lift a hand. I have seen Cody and Der wash dishes.

  7. Comments (2)

    I am so annoyed with Jocosta. What the heck noise was she making with the BOTB. I think she is a total fake with the holy attitude (and yes I am a believer but she is over the top) and the bow ties are horrible!

    • Comments (13)

      totally agree!! I 1st thought she was cryin ‘cuz her team was losing the game and she didn’t want to stay on the block. She, to me, is the most annoying 1 still there & HAS to go!

  8. Comments (12)

    It is called talking in tongue. I didn’t like it either.

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