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Big Brother 16 – Nomination Results – Feed Updates


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The nominations are in!  They are:

Christine nominated: Zach and Donny

Nicole nominated: Caleb and Frankie

Live feed updates:

  • 11:40am – Caleb had a brief talk with Frankie in the fire room and then reported it to Cody/Derrick in the HN room.
  • Frankie feels real good about his chances at the BoB with Caleb.  I am really hoping to see Caleb just sit on the ground and throw it. Would be hilarious.
  • 11:50am – Derrick is in the pantry telling Donny about the plan for Caleb to throw the competition.
  • Victoria enters, Donny leaves and Derrick gives her a hug saying “I told you I was going to do it”
  • 11:55am – Now Derrick and Frankie are in the pantry and Frankie says he feels he got played by Hayden and Nicole.
  • That was a brief talk.  On to the bathroom where Caleb, Zach and Donny are talking about the upcoming BotB competition and the show Caleb is supposed to put on. Donny is a ‘let’s wait to see the competition first’ person.
  • 12:10pm – Zach is upstairs with Nicole and she is telling him a few more things Frankie has said about Zach (his game plans). “I hate him right now. I really hate him right now”
  • Zach said Frankie is taking credit for him still being there (actually, it was Caleb, Derrick and Cody who decided against voting him out)
  • Note, I feel like I should have ramble up prior to the feed updates. I guess my brain isn’t fully functional today for some reason. 
  • Nicole said she’d vote for Zach to stay over Donny because she’s working with him, which is still surprising her.
  • 12:30pm – Christine and Derrick in the beehive room.  Christine is frustrated because she’s constantly linked to Frankie
  • He gives her a pep talk about stuff Zach has said to her.  He said that wouldn’t fly in the real world but she has to remember it’s a game.
  • 12:37pm – Derrick is in bed and Zach approaches him still pissed about stuff he’s learned from Nicole. Derrick appears to always be in the middle of these conversations.
  • 1:00pm – Christine and Nicole laying in the HoH talking about how much they miss Hayden.
  • People are laying around resting up for the BotB competition.
  • 3:45pm – People are still lounging around. No competition yet.  I am heading out for a few hours. I should be back around the time (if not before) the competition finishes.  I will create a new thread when that happens.
  • 7:50pm – Battle of the block finally began!
  • 9:45pm – Competition still going on


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  1. Comments (120)

    Not really happy with Christine’s nominations (Donny shouldn’t have been nom’d), but Nicole’s nominations are on point. I was afraid she was going to do the obvious Victoria nomination, but she actually showed so guts. Props to Nicole!

    • Comments (95)

      No..Donny definitely shouldn’t have been nominated, but my fingers are crossed that Caleb and Nicole’s plan works out with outing Frankie and then we won’t have to worry about it. Kudos Nicole for being the one person in the house to do something smart and edgy. Damn, I was getting so bored and this was getting so predictable!

    • Comments (1443)

      Wish Derrick and Cody had gone up. Why doesn’t she know they are the ones who flipped the house

      • Comments (875)

        Plus Donny’s ankle is injured from the POV, I don’t understand why Derrick, or Cody could not have gone up in his place. After all the real target is Frankie, Donny & Zack are supposed to be safe?!

    • Comments (1799)

      I wonder if the producers change the BoB so Frankie can compleat on his own Like the chess move comp earlier this season with the 4 women This can make for some great video Caleb sitting down Frankie freaking out

  2. Comments (26)

    Nicole: “I seriously owe you so much!”

    Caleb: “What?”

    Nicole: “I owe you so much!”

    Caleb: “oh I thought you said you owe me lunch. I was like okay when I get off slop you can make me lunch.”


  3. Comments (5)

    Lol under the pictures at the top it says Donny under Donny and Donny under Zach. Surely Donny wouldn’t nominate himself, SB?

  4. Comments (21)

    This plan will only work properly if the veto is used on Caleb. If not, it is highly risky for him.

    He already volunteered to be on the block next to Devin and he almost got blind-sided.

    • Comments (158)

      It doesn’t require the veto at all. The goal is to get out Frankie. If Caleb throws the BOTB, mission accomplished.

      Only monkey wrench that could go into this plan is if Frankie wins the Veto, in which case Christine takes his place.

      Or if Derrick changes his mind again and tells the house he changed his mind.

      • Comments (21)

        But is the whole house dead set on voting out Frankie? It seems to me that he might still have the votes to stay. (Derrick, Cody, Zach, Christine)

      • Comments (13)

        Derrick and Cody have some F2 thing going on. They said earlier they need to get Zach, Frankie, Nicole and Christine out, and they would keep Caleb because he proved his loyalty. So that’s two votes against Frankie.

        Zach keeps going to Nicole and Derrick about how upset he is that Frankie played him. Another vote.

        Christine is on board to get Frankie out, mainly because she hates how she keeps being tied to him and getting thrown under the bus with him. Another vote.

        Victoria is Derrick’s pawn. Another vote. That’s 5 solid votes if nothing else happens and everyone stays on board.

      • Comments (1443)

        She should have put up Cody and Derrick. They need to go and only way they will get voted out is if both are up at same time

      • Comments (875)

        Derrick & Cody have an F2 with everybody, that’s why nobody is willing to put them on the block…LOL!

      • Comments (20)

        It will depend. Personally, I would evict Caleb mainly because Frankie isn’t winning anyway. The jury would never give him 500k, but they would give it to Caleb.

        Besides, Caleb is a much bigger threat, since he has allies and Frankie doesn’t.

      • Comments (1)

        But isn’t Derrick trying to complete team america mission? Which is to get rid of a pawn, and in this case would be Caleb

      • Comments (20)

        At this point, we don’t know.

      • Comments (1443)

        They didn’t talk him into putting himself up though. Nicole asked him. So if he went it would not be their doing

      • Comments (13)

        I think Frank is right. People might just look at Caleb sitting on the block next to Frankie and say, “Who’s the bigger target here?” Then Caleb could easily go and Frankie lives another day. To ensure Frankie goes, they need to use the veto on Caleb.

      • Comments (401)

        Who is going to vote out Caleb over Frankie? Caleb has proven his loyalty. Frankie has proven the opposite. He’s of no use and if he won HOH everyone is at risk.

  5. Comments (34)

    If Caleb doesn’t throw it, Nicole is in real danger of losing her HOH & being back-doored. Anyone know how serious Caleb really is about throwing the comp.

    • Comments (182)

      I hope he isn’t serious, I want Nicole to be with Hayden 🙂

    • Comments (13)

      Completely serious. He found out that Frankie knew Amber was getting blindsided and convinced Nicole to lie. He’s creating a whole speech about how he’s the king of the castle and not to mess with his queen or whatnot before he sits down and lets Frankie perform the BOTB by himself.

      • Comments (182)

        Right I heard that on BBAD, but I missed the particulars. Caleb loyal but very naive I guess you call that a ‘Clueless Cowboy’ didn’t even know that Amber had zero interest. I still want him in the F2

        Well i guess it is time to backdoor Christine, her usefulness is due soon to expire.

    • Comments (158)

      He seems pretty serious. His plan is to just sit down and refuse to move and tell Frankie “You did this to yourself home-slice”.

      Watching Frankie’s reaction and frustration would be pretty awesome TV.

      • Comments (152)

        Oh if he will just really do it! That would be awesome!

      • Comments (383)

        That would be SO AWESOME to see!!!! Maybe Production could encourage him… you know, if they meddled in the game, which they obviously don’t. *cough cough*

  6. Comments (1446)

    This when the real game begins.
    Agree or disagree, I want to see someone win the game who:
    A). Has been playing hard – I get that there will be lies and backstabbing, it’s a strategy that works a lot of the time. Also someone who is able to win competitions when it counts. I do like the “nice” players, but it’s all about who’s really working to stay in the BB house and not floating or riding coat tails.

    B). Is an average Joe(or Joanne) who could really use the money for education or to better their family. For these reasons, I would not like to see Frankie, Victoria, Zach or Caleb win. Also, last night Zach said he was only in the house to “get his name out there” and was thrilled when Julie mentioned his instagram name. I want Donny, Derrick, or Nicole to win the $500K

    As for Christine and Cody? Yes, they lie and back stab, but I also think they are playing Derrick’s game, not their own. They ride any coat tail that comes along – I will love watching them scramble this week. I also don’t like Christine being married and molesting Cody, and I don’t think Cody has won much in the way of comps.

    • Comments (1092)

      Completely agree with your post, except I wouldn’t be disappointed to see Caleb win. He seems like a good guy, despite his ocd with Amber.

      I liked Donny from day one , and have been rooiting for him, as I usually go for the underdog in most sporting competitions.

      Nicole is sweet, and would probably use the money to help friends and family, and keep a nice nest egg for herself.

      My girlfriend picked Derrick day one, because he is a cop. She figured he would be the best strategist. He also comes across as a good guy. He seems like he would be an honest cop, and not one of those on the take that you occasiomally hear about.

      Hope the botb finishes as planned. Francines makeup will be running bigtime !

      • Comments (1446)

        I just can’t get past Caleb’s narcissistic, ego-maniacal personality. He is SO into himself. Plus he loves to brag about how successful his family’s hunting business is and how much land they own. Blah, blah, blah.
        But better him than Victoria, Frankie, or Christine.

      • Comments (1092)

        I see your point. I don’t get the feeds, so I haven’t noticed that. I can’t stand people who brag about money. Just the other day I was over painting my mom’s fence, and the neighbour chewed my ear off about how much money he makes on the stockmarket. Like I give a rats ass !

      • Comments (1276)

        I think it might be a lot of bragging and not too much to back it up for Caleb. If he’s got it so good, I don’t know why he keeps needing to brag about the 5k he won. I think he makes it sound like he’s got it way better than he actually does.
        Don’t get me wrong, a hunting business can bring in some money, but land and upkeep and insurance can drain a ton of it. I don’t know anyone that is a hunting/fishing guide that makes a ton of take home. Just my opinion.

      • Comments (469)

        Christina – my best friend has a huge wetlands in Okla. for duck hunting – although it requires a tremendous amount of work – he does VERY well financially- yes there is money to be made in the hunting guide business.

      • Comments (1276)

        I am sure there are for some. I just found it odd how if he’s doing well, he seems to need the 5k so badly. For someone doing really well financially, I just wouldn’t think that 5,000 would be something he talks about so often. But again, just my opinion.

      • Comments (469)

        Christina – I agree with you on Caleb’s over the top reaction to winning 5k – and even bragging about being the richest guy in the house after he won it – I was merely pointing out that a properly run hunting camp can be a profitable enterprise. That being said – who knows whether Caleb’s family has a properly run hunting camp.

    • Comments (224)

      I definitely agree with A. I only kind of agree with B. If someone who is doing this to try to get famous is the person who played the best game, they should still win. Although if your so overly concerned with your image and how you’re appearing to the audience, you probably won’t be playing the best game.

    • Comments (1443)

      I would rather Christine stay in house longer I don’t care for her but at this point I think she would be Nichole’s only friend. Donnie has been going with house I hate to say

  7. Comments (19)

    This is what I love about a house under control, once something changes, people are so quick to throw others under the bus, and then this happens. It’s been slow so far, but I think (Hope) from this point on things get really interesting.

    Caleb has an interesting game strat going for him, and honestly it might work in his favor. If he truly throws this comp, and it results (Whatever way the veto is used, mind you) in someone strong going home, he may have himself a trust record in which he throws BotB comps, ensuring HoH’s (Though that will probably end soon) and showing himself as a great asset in terms of others controlling power.

    On top of that, with Donny being up there again, and if he wins, that just puts another comp win under Donny’s belt, should he be sitting in final two. If anything I think he has one of the highest win records this season thus far, so he’s building a very firm resume.

  8. Comments (182)

    If Sergeant Derrick wins the whole thing, he should be inducted into a BB Hall of Fame, as probably the best thinking players so far. I bet he plays the ‘good cop’ in interrogation room at his work

  9. Comments (138)

    Shouldn’t it be Christine’s name under Donny and Zach (not Donny’s) in the cast picture?

  10. Comments (95)

    Goodness gracious it’s about time the game gets played the way it’s supposed to! Now, I am excited! Let’s do this!!

  11. Comments (332)

    I don’t trust any of it, Zach throws comps and now Caleb is throwing a comp?! Poor Nicole out she will go. Only Donny will be playing against Frankie. At least they got brave and put up four guys. That is a surprise. And Victoria skates by again. They better watch her before she slides in first place.

    • Comments (13)

      Did you see Zach’s meltdown during POV? No way is he throwing another comp for a while. Besides, for some reason, Zach and Nicole have a really solid partnership going on, so he wants to make sure she stays HOH by evicting Christine. He also really hates Christine and wants to evict her right after Frankie. So I think he’s going to play this game hard.

      They might run into some trouble though, because Donny was limping earlier and said he had to take some meds. We’ll see.

      • Comments (492)

        Thank you for writing this… Zach likes Nicole and will want to win her heart.
        Christina and frank need to go…..

    • Comments (158)

      Zach offered to be nominated in place of Caleb and throw the BOTB, but then it was decided Caleb would be better. Nicole didn’t quite trust Zach to throw the comp but she trusted that Caleb would.

  12. Comments (198)

    Don’t forget TA’s mission. Get one HG willing to go on the block then evict that person. It will be Caleb!!!! So frankenstein won’t be going to jury yet.

    • Comments (26)

      Doesn’t TA have to work together to accomplish their mission? Donnie and Frankie had nothing to do with convincing Caleb to volunteer, only Derrick…

      • Comments (20)

        They didn’t say anything about it. I don’t think TA has to convince the person to go as a pawn, the person just has to be convinced to do so and get evicted.

      • Comments (1446)

        I don’t like the whole “Team America” twist – don’t care if they succeed or not. Seems the last couple of missions could really screw up their personal games.
        Did anyone catch Julie’s opening line last night…”the most twisted summer EVER!” Yeah, right.

      • Comments (20)

        I don’t like it either. And if this makes Frankie stay I’ll like it even less.

      • Comments (26)

        Here is how it reads:

        “all three members of Team America must be involved in convincing an HG to volunteer to be a pawn, and then they must all vote that person out.”

        I really don’t care if they succeed or not either but I don’t think using Caleb will qualify as Connie Sue thought.

      • Comments (492)

        That’s just stupid!

      • Comments (1276)

        I think they just have to get someone to do it. And since the whole point of Caleb throwing it is to get Frankie out, I don’t think they will be able to pull Frankie in on the planning.
        Plus, did Derrick have anything to do with it? I must have missed that part. Sounds like it has been a Zach, Caleb and Nicole move. Am I wrong?

      • Comments (1443)

        Derrick really had nothing to do with it either. He was pushing zack Bo
        It Nicole said no and asked Caleb.

      • Comments (26)

        Yah, ur right that Derrick didn’t really have anything to do with it. I guess I was thinking because he was there while it was being discussed 🙂

      • Comments (1276)

        thanks Trudy and ImaBlackctt. I was relly not getting where the Derrick part was coming from.

  13. Comments (20)

    I just want Frankie evicted. He’s the only reasonable player there that has a clue that Derrick runs the house, so if he gets evicted now, nothing will be on Derrick’s way to victory.

  14. Comments (9)

    I officially give up with this house. I still like Nicole and Cody but they are dumb, especially Nicole. How can you bash someone, than an hour or whatever later, work with them? I don’t understand and it is infuriating! The only one I am truly rooting for now is Donny.

    • Comments (20)

      Nicole lost the opportunity of actually making a big move this week. Evicting Frankie is easy, she should target the ones who betrayed her, which are Derrick and Cody. But Derrick is just too smart for her. She just can’t handle it.

      • Comments (875)

        I agree with ya on that one Wally, I can’t believe that they all don’t see who exactly IS running the house!

      • Comments (20)

        I don’t understand how can’t she see it. Jocasta was evicted 6-2. If Derrick and Cody, who were on her Rationale alliance, had voted with Hayden and Donny, it would’ve been 4-4 and Zach would walk. It’s quite obvious that their betrayal costed her boyfriend’s head.

        Though maybe she just can’t handle math either.

      • Comments (401)

        She can see it but at least Cody feels, or has convinced her he feels, he made a mistake.

      • Comments (487)

        I believe that Nicole is not as stupid as people believe. She refused to put up Victoria something that Christine wanted her to do. She refused to put up Donny something that Christine wanted her to do. Don’t be surprised if she wins the POV she could leave things the same, take Caleb down and put up either Christine or Derrick as payback to Zach and Caleb. Thereby getting two people on her side while splitting up Cody and Derrick. Sure Frankie stays, but he would be really worried because I don’t think he knows that Zach knows that he lied to him. If Zach could win a HoH he could be the one to put Frankie in the jury house.

      • Comments (401)

        She will never put up Derrick.

      • Comments (4)

        She’d be stupid to put Derrick up. No point in putting up a target that you do not have the numbers to get rid of. People see that he is running the house, but they also see that he is well liked, so it would be hard to get enough people on board. Frankie however is not only a strong player, but he left himself open to be vulnerable this week it is a smart move to play on that weakness while you can.

        As for the 6-2 Jacosta vote, Derrick explained to Nicole that he learned just prior that the rest of the house had flipped and they didn’t want to vote against the rest of the house. Not sure if he sold out Cody, but in his words, his vote wouldn’t have made a difference, Zach had the 5 votes he needed to saty. It’s weak, but Derrick can be convincing.

      • Comments (9)

        She’s not dumb, I’m just sick of everyone playing for everyone else and not themselves. It would be amazing if Nicole back doored Christine! It’s just, last night after HOH they were buddy buddy again, like Christine wasn’t in line on getting Hayden out. Is that her game? To be really nice than kick her out? I really hope so! I would LOVE to see Frankie’s face is/when Zach takes him out!

      • Comments (469)

        Kristin – if you will play back the Beehive session with Nicole and Christine – and just observe Nicole’s body language – especially her smile as she talks to Chris. – it is very clear she is not buying Chris’s B.S. – the smile is stoic and hard – much diff than her normal happy smile – remember Zach has already reinforced how she and Frankie screwed she and Derrick – and she told Frankie (during his “totally honest” cofession to her – that Hayden was the most trustworthy person in the house “more trustworthy than me” – no she has not forgotten – or buying the B.S.

      • Comments (469)

        my bad – not she and Derrick — she and Hayden

      • Comments (1443)

        I agree. Love Nicole but how can she not realize it was Cody and Derrick who scammed her

      • Comments (469)

        Time will tell Wally – time will tell – Nicole is directly and solely responsible for the chaos in the house for the past 8 days- I agree she must find out and deal with Derrick and and Cody – but there are several avenues at her disposal – Zach continues to spill the beans – Donny talking to her – and Christine panicing after Frankies eviction and making full confession to her (Nicole)- I will also say as I said Wednesday – I will believe Frankie will leave when I see his butt walking out the door – everyone gives Derrick a lot of credit for his game (and deservedly so) – but once again don’t forget about his paranoia – and irrational decision making – it is getting closer to biting him

  15. Comments (3)

    Steve you have the nominator incorrect for Donny and Zack I think the name under theirs should be Christine.

    I also am not happy with the house continually putting Donny up, they seem to be some of the dumbest people I have seen lately. I will exclude Donny from the youngsters that don’t have a clue at who is actually running things.

    Derrick has played a great game I can’t wait to see what the house guest think when they find out what he really does for a living.

  16. Comments (92)

    Finally a woman with balls. This is what I want. I want Donny gone. For all you Donny lovers out in the BB world. I can’t stand this un American Communist. If Donny had it his way Jocasta would be in the final two with him. I want a blood thirsty players like Zach, Frankie, Derrick or Victoria (because she is so damn hot). I don’t want Cody or the dumb blond Nicole to come even close. I’m really starting to like Christine. She is looking more hot to me every day. She is blood thirsty. This game shouldn’t be won by someone nice. I want another Dr. Will, Dan G. Who probably teaches his football players how to cheat because he is all about winning. A person like Evil Dick. A personal hero. That is why I like Derrick who is probably a crooked cop in real life. These are the people young people should learn from. Cheat and lie. Can’t wait to see Donny the Dumbo go. Yesssssss!!!

    • Comments (1092)

      The best possible season would be a season where they cast 8 alpha males, and 8 alpha females. 16 mentally tough, and physically fit houseguests.

      The don’t all have to be loud and obnoxious like evil dick or zack, but intense without being offensive.

      For the babes, 8 strong women who aren’t sheep, that can think for themselves.

      The same old same old cast some strong sharks with a bunch of weaklings has gotten boring. It takws 8 weeks to weed out the wealest players before it gets exciting. A season without a flamboyant gay, slow country bumkins, no damsels in distress. 16 great players and the blood will get spilled week 1. That is what this show needs.

      • Comments (492)

        I agree
        So, put in more adults…older people who won’t put up with anyone’s
        Sh-t.. Older people are funny , set in there ways and are NO T sheep

    • Comments (383)

      You want a woman with balls?

      Sorry, inner 12 year old is giggling.

    • Comments (3)

      It is people who think like you, who give America a bad name. This is JUST a tv show….get over it. No one in the BB house is a bad person….they are just regular people trying to win a game. Your comments are rude and slanderous. I hope you do not have kids of your own if you truly believe your own rants. I would hate for you to teach this to our next generation!

  17. Comments (12)

    not liking these nominations… Nicole should have put up derrick and caleb both who have lied to her. Frankie is probable the only player left that deserves to win. derrick does not deserve to win he is lying to everyone and is not loyal to anyone. I hope this week Frankie and caleb win the battle of the block and then Zach wins veto and send derrick to jury.

  18. Comments (332)

    Well, I am waiting for something to happen not on the grapevine. This nonsense of going around in circles and making sure they are all clued in is ridiculous. Sorry but put your BIG PANTIES ON PEOPLE!

  19. Comments (332)

    And that live voting for DE was stupid, they were all telling each other who they voted for in the hallway. So the next person doesn’t need to go in until the door out is opened. But it was funny as I couldn’t figure out what Victoria was doing on her way out of DR and it is what Caleb said, LOOKING IN A MIRROR! That girl is too much.

  20. Comments (332)

    Any one else glad Caleb changed clothes for DE. Those hanging overalls were not attractive on prime time. He is an odd duck. Guess he earned it serving his time in the military, now he thinks he can do whatever.

  21. Comments (875)

    Derrick and his wimpy wingman Cody spent almost all night up in the HOH room with Christine, and Nicole, making sure that they would not be the ones to go OTB.

    Its is now Eight Weeks, and running that Derrick and Cody have not been on the Block, when is someone going to have the backbone to put them up?! No one seems to see that they are the one that are running the House!!!

  22. Comments (23)

    Yeah… meanwhile… Victoria stays invisible and merrily floats along to next week. There really is something to be said for that strategy – even though, for her, it isn’t intentional. Plus, it seems the jury wouldn’t give the money to a Victoria AT THE END OF THE DAY. But, still, what do you do? Have a giant personality and get targeted or be a mousy (yet, egotistical) invisible floater and go forward every week?

    I guess they’ll get rid of her during a quieter week, when there’s less revenge motivating the noms?

  23. Comments (528)

    These people sure want Derrick to win, don’t they? I mean, they certainly don’t seem to be playing their own game…

    • Comments (1276)

      They realy don’t. People can say all they want agaist Derrick, but he’s been pulling it off so far. He doesn’t “appear” to have the blood on his hands, but keeps getting his way. He’s some kind of Evil Jedi Mastermind, without being a mean horrible person towards everyone else, and he will probably make it very far, if not to the end.

  24. Comments (1)

    I really hope the Americas mission is not the one that has someone throwing the comp and then backdoor them. That could be bad news for caleb.

  25. Comments (27)

    Nicole and Christine both won HoH, meh.
    I can see Nicole nominated Caleb and Frankie and Christine nominated Zach and Donny, poor Donny .
    There planning to out Frankie but then again, they could always change there minds at the last minute
    It doesn’t take much to put people against each other. Nicole was surprised when Jocasta went home and then when they ended her showmance with Hayden, she was so poed and now she’s working with them. If it keeps her in the game then so be it, wish Christine would blow up the detonators, doesn’t she realize once they get out Donny,Frankie,Victoria and Nicole, they’ll get her next. Wow for someone who claims to be smart, she sure isn’t

  26. Comments (383)

    I’m watching last night’s BBAD now. The Caleb Show is HILARIOUS. I might have to watch that part again! Several minutes of him walking around in overalls with one side undone and no shirt underneath, cowboy boots, and that stupid scarf around his head. Telling everyone how awesome he is and how shredded he is after 4 weeks on slop, demonstrating how he puts soy sauce in it, as if he’s on a cooking show… “and this is why they call me beast mode cowboy”. More like Freak Show Cowboy.
    He probably thinks he’s got millions of fans out there falling in love with him and hoping he’ll get his own show.

  27. Comments (843)

    Frankie told Caleb he has something BIG to tell him about himself and that he’s playing for a ‘group’ of people. Pretty positive Frankie is planning some sob story about his disease and how he’s going to donate the money to children having the same disease. That way if HG vote him out it will look like they are denying children help.

    • Comments (401)

      Didn’t Caleb tell him to save the story for when they’re out of the house ? 🙂

    • Comments (487)

      Frankie told Caleb he would only tell them after they win the BoB. I think he is trying to give Caleb a reason to fight to win the battle. But I don’t think Caleb is buying into Frankie’s lies anymore.

    • Comments (644)

      Frankie is really going to give the money so they can build some schools in Africa. He said he was going to name the first one after his grandfather. That is his true story. I hope when he tells the HGs this they won’t go soft on him. But anyways I don’t like him and hopefully he’ll be evicted.

      • Comments (644)

        Well it happened. I’m watching BBAD and Frankie said who he really is, a social media person with 1,500,000 followers, his sister is Ariana Grande, and he wants to use all the money he wins to build schools in Africa. He needs to go.

  28. Comments (644)

    Nicole and Donny for final two. But I know it probably won’t happen.

  29. Comments (5)

    I’m starting to like Caleb… I hope Donny is safe this week and they backdoor Frankie 🙂

  30. Comments (469)

    SB or anyone – what happened to the 166 comments on the update -POST EVICTION FEEDS – dated Aug. 7th – they are gone and a few new ones took their place – wanted to go back and reference some – but alas they are gone.

  31. Comments (492)

    It should be there , just keep scrolling down. The number might be higher than 166 by now.

  32. Comments (401)

    BB finally found a way for them to clean. Delay the Battle of the Block until most of the, are SO bored, they clean.

  33. Comments (487)

    If the plan between Caleb and Nicole works. Nicole will be in the unique position of having a choice of who to backdoor: Christine, Derrick, Cody or Frankie. Derrick and Cody will out Christine and Frankie to save their own butts. I just hope that there is no Pandora’s Box or Coup de tat this week.

  34. Comments (469)

    Well as of this moment I am a happy camper – if this all goes down as planned (and the ground work has been set- with the noms) – it quite possibly the most memorable and game changing blindside in BB history – Oh yeah and who might be the author of of this earth shattering event = none other than the UBLEY UNDERTAKER – my new name for our little farm girl – she is single handedly killing the fancy named alliances – you can take the girl out of the country – but you can’t take the country out of the girl – and folks this is good old fashion boot in your ass – mud in your face country pay back.

    • Comments (487)

      I am loving Nicole right now. She has shown more guts and realized that she needs to play the game for herself not someone else. She reminds me of Jordan. Many thought that Jordan didn’t have what took to turn the game on its ear, but she did and won it.

  35. Comments (843)

    Caleb boasts a lot about what he is going to say to Frankie during the BOB. Braggarts are a lot of talk and no action usually. Wish they had chosen someone besides Donny. He hurt his ankle on the last comp and it’s swollen. Really hope this doesn’t backfire on them and Zack and Donny lose.

    • Comments (1276)

      I think Caleb refusing to participate, will probably cancel out Donny moving slower due to a bad ankle. So it will be Zach, with help from Donny, against Frankie. So unless it something one person can do alone (which wouldn’t be like most of the other BOTB’s, and would look very suspicious) then there will be no way for Frankie to pull it off.

  36. Comments (692)

    I hope that Caleb has the balls to actually pull this off. I hope he does not double cross Nicole! this whole setup is a bold move unlike anything so far this year with this group.

  37. Comments (843)

    Posts on Jokers: LOL
    Looks like the yellow fish got dethroned of HoH! Blue is now patrolling the bottom tank! NT – Squirrels
    Fri 9:16 PM BBT The other fish are fed up with the yellow fish and all start coming to the bottom of the tank! Calico jumps right in front of cam. NT – Squirrels
    Fri 9:07 PM BBT Calico fish makes a daring move coming down while the yellow fish isn’t looking. NT – Squirrels
    Fri 9:06 PM BBT Yellow fish patrolling the bottom tank, the blue fish comes down but makes a sharp turn up to avoid the upcoming yellow fish.

  38. Comments (487)

    Looks like Frankie and Caleb won the BoB which makes Christine HoH. Ugh Hope I’m wrong

  39. Comments (20)

    Seems like Frankie won it by himself.

  40. Comments (487)

    so so sick of the fish and that theme song in the loop. Couldn’t BB production be a little original.

  41. Comments (266)

    Frankie looks so different (and healthier?) in this video, I can’t put my finger on how his face has changed, but one thing is for sure: it has changed. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  42. Comments (20)

    And he won. Wow. That’s just insane.

  43. Comments (15)

    Frankie won by himself! It’s getting good

  44. Comments (20)

    Here’s hoping for a big move and not an Victoria eviction this week.

  45. Comments (182)

    Just backdoor Nicole and be done with it, sit her right next to Donny and there she goes.

    Her and Hayden need to be back together ; )

  46. Comments (487)

    Nicole will be voted out if she doesn’t win the POV. The guys are scared of her because they realize they can’t control her. But Frankie spilling his ‘truth’ is too funny. And the only guy not in the room is Donny. So now does Christine have the guts to keep her deal with Nicole or will she do what Derrick and Cody want her to do.

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