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Big Brother 16 – Nomination Spoilers


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The Big Brother gods were looking out for me today. I had to do some errands this afternoon that turned into about 3 hours dealing with stupid people, and was freaking out wondering what was happening in the house. Much to my surprise, the feeds were down all afternoon as they ran the nominations and likely botb competition.

I am posting this as a placeholder until the feeds come back up. I’m sure many are refreshing this page at work wondering about the house, so I had to post something! I will post this link to twitter and facebook when the feeds return and I update it with actual info.  Until then, time to play some Clash of Clans!

  • 1:15pm – We’re back! Finally.  Here we go:
    Derrick nominated: Caleb & Jocasta
    Nicole nominated: Donny & Amber
    Caleb is going to throw the competition and remain on the block. Donny and Amber should be off the block after the next competition.
  • 1:20pm – Derrick in the pantry with Frankie and Donny about the Team America plan, and Derrick is also explaining the block situation to Donny. Devin is the real target and Donny understands that.
  • Listening to the conversation between Donny and Derrick, it’s very clear Donny has lost nearly all trust in everyone in the house, including Team America. Derrick has been lying a lot the past week, and it’s going to blow up in his face sooner rather than later.
  • 1:40pm – Derrick is still talking Donny’s ear off.  Derrick even pointed out the tension between them now.
  • 1:50pm – Caleb and Amber are in the beehive chatting.
  • 2:11pm – Derrick joins the HoH room to chat with Nicole, Victoria, Cody and Christine. They are all comparing notes on things Donny has said recently. Derrick is retelling their pantry conversation and how bad it went. He told Christine that Donny threw her under the bus. Team America won’t work if they are going against each other
  • 2:19pm – Caleb enters the room and tells everyone about the double D alliance (Devin/Donny). Donny is killing himself by not just letting them backdoor Devin.
  • 2:38pm – Everyone leaves the HoH room leaving just Nicole and Derrick talking.  Some notes:
    Derrick doesn’t trust Amber and thinks she’s still working with Caleb and possibly Devin
    The two still confirm their final 2 deal.  Nicole trusts Derrick more now that he actually did put up Caleb. She thought he was going to screw her.
    Nicole “I’m sorry America. You love him (Donny) but I feel uneasy about him even though he’s not my target”
    Devin comes up and asks if he can be the host for PoV if he’s not drawn. Devin Leaves.
    They wonder what to do if Devin wins PoV and pulls down Caleb
    2:55pm – Caleb joins the conversation and starts bragging about himself. He thinks he’ll be asked to join BB17 because of the crazy move he made that worked (it didn’t, yet).
  • 3:40pm – Feeds are down for the Botb competition
  • 5:30pm – Feeds are still down for the competition
  • 5:49pm – Feeds are back!
  • Like expected, Amber and Donny won the Botb and Derrick is the HoH for the rest of the week.
  • What wasn’t expected, Nicole gets to wear this for a week:
  • Nicole left the HoH room, Caleb and Cody joined.  Derrick is spending the entire time retelling the conversation he had with Donny. I don’t really understand Derrick’s game here. I know he needs to hide the Team America aspect, but throwing him under the bus constantly doesn’t help.
  • 6:30pm – Taking a little break after watching the feeds most of the day.  Be back soon!
  • Quick update before I go.  Looks like Jocasta has a stomach thing going on.  I always wondered why that doesn’t happen more in the BB house. She ran down the hall puking I guess

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  1. Comments (1446)

    Is anyone else bothered by the fact that all three members of AT are guys and the first two evictees are girls?? Nicole better keep her head on straight with the noms and not be persuaded too much by Derrick. He is just as manipulative as Devin, only he plays a MUCH smarter game.
    Remember, Devin is the one who brought the girls into the alliance. Not a fan of Devin’s, but I don’t think he is a violent threat to anyone. He’s just not a smart player.
    And why so many BB players on meds for ADD/ADHD? Lots last year, too. Seems Adderall is the new pharmaceutical for the kids these days, yikes!

    • Comments (8)

      @Jannie: took me a bit to get what “members of AT” is. Team America= TA.

    • Comments (68)

      Joey (a girl) was the first team America member. As for the evictions, Joey was against Paolo so a girl would have been sent. In week 2, Paola was sent because she was seen as a person that could be used by anyone.

      This is not a sexist thing.

      • Comments (1446)

        10/15 of the winners have been guys. Just sayin…the girls better watch their backs!
        If Devin plays in the Veto and wins, I hope they send Caleb packing…NEVER throw a comp! If he does, he deserves to go home.

      • Comments (57)

        Sorry Jannie but that’s their own fault. By Day 2 there was a 6 man alliance in the house (we’ll skip the part about how functional it actually was). How did the idea of an all girl alliance fly with the girls? None of them jumped on it and it sent poor Joey home. If the girls lose, they can blame themselves.

      • Comments (1446)

        That’s why they need to watch their backs! Embarrassed that the girls couldn’t get it together from the start.

      • Comments (68)

        It’s true that guys tend to win more but girls never seem to bond together…

        The only show where i see an all-female alliance work is in Survivor that is because it is only 30 days and the alliances are usually formed on day 12ish…which means that they don’t need to last long. (And they focus on eating and sleeping right)

        But in Big Brother, since you have all the food and sleep that you need and you spend 3 months in the house, you tend to flip flop a lot more.

      • Comments (1276)

        The girls feed on each other. It’s the same in the BB house as it is in life. For whatever reason, women tend to spend too much time judging each other, and not enough time lifting each other up.
        It is just what Joey said from the get go. If the girls had formed an alliance, and at least stuck together in voting, then MAYBE they would all still be there. However, they do have to win the comps (Rachel and Dani D style) at the right times to keep the power, and make the guys work against each other.
        But since they didn’t, and they won’t now, they will keep getting pecked off. The only thing that will save most of them is when the guys start targeting each other.. sure a 8/9 person alliance gives you numbers, but it is silly for any member of the group to think that it can last for long. They all have to turn on each other.

      • Comments (143)

        Why should gender matter? I think the men they select are generally more strategic thinking. Derrick was a undercover cop, 2 of the other guys work in sales, another one is a youtube sensation. I think it has more to do with the cast than the actual gender. The women include baristas like christine, now or Esthetician like Amber, who do you think will think better strategically? The best game in the house for females goes to Nicole, and she is also the most educated one, its not a surprise really.

        If anything, females have an advantage in big brother, just look at Jillian, she won a bunch of HOH and lied to everyone’s face and STILL didn’t get nominated once and won. No guy has ever pulled off as many lies as her and won like 6 hoh like her. Its alot harder for a guy who looks like Devin or Caleb to win than for one like Brittany to win.

      • Comments (135)

        Hernanday, what world are you living in?! Of course, gender matters! Comps where upper body strength wins would naturally favor men, as the male body is made with more upper body strength. Likewise, comps where lower body strength wins would naturally favor women, as the female body is made with more lower body strength. I can’t be the only one who looks at these things.
        Let me guess — you’re a man, right?

    • Comments (328)

      I don’t have the live feeds, but wondering if the house guests let the others know or is it somewhere published about their meds? Kind of odd if it is published. Adderall is used to treat ADHD, my son is a sophomore at Baylor University and is on it and his treatment is managed quite well. He doesn’t advertise his meds because of the potential abuse from others. That is the concern now days, abuse or theft from others or people nit properly diagnosed. I can see how it had become a popular drug the past ten years, but about ten years before that it was to be the “new” drug to replace Ritalin. I believe if you have the right treatment plan and an educated doctor some many people will benefit from this drug and so many others wouldn’t be misdiagnosed. 🙂

      • Comments (1446)

        My 16 yr old is also on Adderall for ADD. Took lots of time, money and effort to get him diagnosed three years ago. Others have told me that lots of college kids just go to the campus clinic, say they have trouble concentrating, and “voila” they have a prescription for Adderall. Others get the meds and then sell them for a nice profit. Seems pretty scary…

      • Comments (328)

        Yes, scary indeed! My son has been on it since he was 10. He is now 19 and we bought him a personal safe to keep his medication and wallet/personal items locked up because of the potential issues that might arise from dishonest people. We have discussed this several times and he understands the dangers if his medication were to fall into the wrong hands. I am quite proud of how he has grown over the years learning how to control his ADHD symptoms and learning the signs others give him when his impulsiveness becomes a “disruptive problem” for others. He is a good kid and working hard on his Nursing degree! Sic ’em Bears!!

      • Comments (1276)

        BB monitors their meds. They are given their doses and nothing more. So anyone taking meds has a dr’s script for them. Adderall and other ADD meds are highly abused, and given to many people who don’t need them, not just college kids, but lots of little kids that are simply hyper. That being said, it is odd how many of them seem to be on it.

    • Comments (182)

      Really, do you see women discrimination behind every bush? What a way to live.

    • Comments (343)

      Honestly, it’s over-prescribed. It’s dangerous and stupid trend because people/teachers/parents don’t want to have to deal with a hyperactive child at home/in class/etc….Better just to drug them in the good old USA anymore to keep them under control. I’m sure someone will hate on this post, but whatever. There are exceptions to every rule, but my wife is a teacher and I see the problem this has become.

      • Comments (49)

        I’m a teacher too and it does seem that way. People have to take more time though to calm the one kiddo down over and over again which is disruptive to those who really want to learn. I try my best to keep them focussed (there were 2) but I never promote those drugs! I honestly feel that people want the easy way out and don’t give attention to the kids and that’s why they are over active. Devin seems like he may needed this during the years in baseball. I kinda can see him being the one in outfield using his glove to catch a bug or his bat as a gun.
        My concern is that it shows others on the outside how eager everyone seems to be to take it. Amanda was on it last year, I’m drawing a blank on others? Are these houseguests just using to “be focused” during their stay? Is Devin really as aggressive as everyone seems to say and needs it to remain calm?

      • Comments (328)

        I am not an expert but know from my own experience with my son. His diagnosis took two months and monitoring from family, pediatrician, psychologist, and teachers to form the final diagnosis of ADHD. I do know that the drug does not affect people without ADHD the same as one that is ADHD. Chemically they are high as if they were on street meth (sad but true). For a child or adult who is ADHD, their brain is in a way slowed down for focus, impulse control, and all the other calming affects to be able to be in a classroom and not be disruptive. Being on the drug is ONLY a small part in the treatment and not a cure all per say. You have to have a combined affect of all involved for there be successful outcome for a child or an adult who is ADHD. I believe too that there are plenty of people on this drug and diagnosed who shouldn’t be. My son has and is in my eyes a success story but that is because we havery had wonderful doctors, teachers and myself and hubby working together as a team of people who want success for my son. I can only repeat that being on Adderall is only a small part of the treatment. But back to Big Brother… 🙂

    • Comments (1799)

      Devin & Calab are both playing like they are in middle school Devin keeps talking about playing for his daughter That he does not want her seeing him playing a cheaters game Yet he is always lieing Not sure if it’s how the show is edit But Devin when he was HoH he totaly ignored Nichole He talks down to the women He use his impressive size to keep them quit Than he just flashes that fake smile As for Calab he is another one with a high opinion of himself Yet his game play is often thought out by the little head Insted of the one between his shoulders

    • Comments (875)

      I am…Its the same old, same old every season?! These dummy girls let the dudes take over, and pick them off, one by one.

  2. Comments (162)

    I believe Derrick is as dangerous as Devin. He is getting things his way too. The girls better wise up.

  3. Comments (57)

    With the mutual understanding that Devin is everyone’s target, it really is the only play. He has ZERO game and has basically ruined everyone else’s game. Even Julie thinks he has no idea on how to play this game.

    I feel that the game will actually begin once Devin is gone.

    • Comments (2)

      Yes, Devin really messed up his game. He needs to go. The 2 HOH twist makes it even more challenging to keep alliances. Will be interesting to see how this season plays out.

    • Comments (1276)

      I was just thinking the same thing Fred. Once they all have lost their target, then we will start seeing which ones of them can actually work together. Seems like most of the guys are pretty solid, at least Derrick, Cody and Zach, with Frankie and Cody, IMO the most likely to jump. Frankie because he likes having his hand in the pot so much. And Caleb because, lets me honest, he’s loyal to Amber (which is sad, I think he’s a cutie, but has to get smarter about getting played.. sadly, I’m hoping she’s just playing hard to get) and it will end up putting him at odds with the other guys.

      • Comments (35)

        How on earth is she playing him? She has made it fairly obvious she is not interested but his over -inflated ego can’t take the hint. He is freaking creepy and obsessed. I feel sorry for her. What an uncomfortable position he has put her in.

      • Comments (24)

        Thank you for saying that. Everyone wants to put the blame on Amber because this immature fella can’t handle the truth, typical alpha male reaction. I’m sure Amber has someone back home she’s interested in, but it’s no ones business. It seems Nic-hole in the wall can do whatever she wants and still get sympathy, I don’t trust or like that girl or Christine.

  4. Comments (9)

    Not saying this will happen and i hope it dont happen but am i the only one that thinks devins name will get pulled for pov and he wins and takes off caleb so devin caleb and amber are safe. Has know one in the house thought about this. Would make for good tv though. But i havent herd anyone bring that up.

    • Comments (1288)

      He might be able to pull Caleb off if he wins but Amber would still be in danger as the replacement nominee. Considering Caleb’s devotion he might be the first person to refuse the veto if that is threatened.

      • Comments (401)

        Pretty sure if you win battle of the block (like Amber did) you can’t be put back up.

    • Comments (24)

      I want “this” to happen, but I want Nicole on the block and sent home, she rubs me the wrong way BIG TIME!.

  5. Comments (182)

    Derrick, may be the smartest brain so far in BB history that I recall. But he is wrong about Nicole, she has floater written all over her, if air was helium she would float away. May be Derrick is patronizing for better position.

    • Comments (843)

      I was beginning to like Derrick until he started in on Donny.

      • Comments (198)

        Me too. Why didn’t they put up Frankie instead he is more of a big mouth than Donnie.

      • Comments (182)

        BBAD, televised their plan last night, maybe it not work, but the big target is Devin all the way. Hopefully Devin doesn’t sniff ‘backdoor’ trap, for the votes are there to take out Mr. ‘I miss my daughter so much ‘

    • Comments (343)

      Its too early to say he’s so smart. His conniving might be about to be exposed soon. Mercilessly campaigning to get rid of no-threat Pao was a waste of his power that he should have held (and stayed under the radar) for something more important than saving Zach and axing helpless Pao.

  6. Comments (162)

    I’ve been reading other updates.. All I can say is Wow.. This people r plain stupid. TA is plotting against each other. Derrick is just as bad as Devin.

  7. Comments (198)

    Who are the have nots this week?

  8. Comments (1288)

    Big Brother finally decided to punish the losing HoH, about darn time. So far people have been willing to give it up way to easily.

    It does look bad but perhaps Derrick’s efforts are directed at hiding the TA alliance very deeply. He knows Donny is not the target and even if he wanted to he couldn’t make a real run at targeting him.

  9. Comments (49)

    Doesn’t everyone agree that Frankie has become Andy Herron’s prodigy? He has become so annoying! I really hope Donny is safe but I feel Derrick is trying to cause unnecessary issues for him.
    I seriously feel Devin will stay but Caleb should go! He is so high and mighty thinking that his arrogance has stunted his eyesight. He pulled a McCrea without getting any Amanda!

  10. Comments (198)

    Frankie just threw Donnie under the bus again. Between Frankie and Derrick I don’t know if Donnie has a chance.

  11. Comments (343)

    Okay, once again the target of the week is stupid. Devin?! Devin is the most hated person in the house with no one on his side. Why worry so much to get him out now? Just because you hate him?! That’s why u keep him for now! Vote out the strong — not the weak! He has no power! Pao was a non-threat, too, and was kept over Zach. Maybe not this week, but someone is going to regret leaving manic Zach in the house over helpless Pao. Dumb gameplay

  12. Comments (2)

    Derrick is turning out to be a devious little punk as well. Devin needs to go home soon before he blows up on somebody, he is seriously mentally unstable. The girls on this years show are going to go home one by one because they have no balls . Frankie needs to go because he is all mouth , he has no game other than telling people what they need to do .

  13. Comments (2)

    Finally a backdoor plan that will work. Can’t wait to see them wipe that fake smile off devins face when he walks out that door. Then a new house and game it will be. Bomb squad dead. Atomic bomb alliance to start with less members.

  14. Comments (875)

    Derrick is now the “head” HOH, and since he is a Cop in real life its more than obvious that he has that gift of persuasion that Policemen have…But IMHO, he is playing way too hard, and its gonna catch up with him! Some of his fellow HG do not trust him.

    I’m team Donny, I liked him the 1st time I saw his CBS Bio, he is just a nice guy. Too bad he wasn’t on last seasons edition of BB 15, he has a calming effect.

  15. Comments (401)

    Derrick and Caleb seem to assume that anyone who wins POV will take Caleb off the block. Hayden has said he wouldn’t use it. Probably true of others as well. What’d be really interesting is if they took Jocasta off and the house got to decide between Devin and Caleb to send home.

    • Comments (224)

      I think the majority of them would still vote out Devin, but that’s cause no matter what they say in the beginning, almost all houseguests end up playing the game emotionally instead of strategically.

  16. Comments (332)

    I think the houseguests are having to truly think hard with this battle of the block. And the reality of two already out sets in that they can indeed go home. Devin said that last night on the feeds. I hope Caleb or Devin go home this week but Jocasta hasn’t shown any potential to be a good player yet either. She is never on camera for us to get to know her.

  17. Comments (162)

    Why is everyone after Donnie? Frankie is totally a Andy!! Why r all the girls so upset with Amber. And yes Derrick is definitely running the house.. He is dangerous.

    • Comments (49)

      Yeah I agree, Donnie is such a non threat that they’ve created him to be one out of paranoia. I think the jealousy issue is why Amber is hated. She is beautiful and as any female knows, jealousy blinds ya. Derrick was a favorite of mine in the beginning but now, not so much. After he went after Donny I wasn’t happy. He is going to be outed for lying to the houseguests soon. The “don’t talk to so & so” because I’m telling you something (a lie) will backfire. How many guys has he made an alliance with but keeps backstabbing the last guy he talked to? I mean yeah that’s a good game play if you’re careful and capable but he seems to be getting hoh-itous. I’m hoping he’s not truly after Donny but is making it seem that way to cover the TA tracks. He wouldn’t tell Frankie because he can’t trust him.
      I really wanted the girls to just once show they could work together without jealousy but sadly we will be watching them pick each other off one by one.

  18. Comments (162)

    I hope the whole thing blows up in their face and Devin stays. Devin was vocally but they all wanted him to put those people up. Donnie hasn’t done anything but watch what’s all going down. I think they better be worried about Christine cause she is laying low too. They all just share too much, not really playing the game.

  19. Comments (15)

    Donny Could be the new single season record holder for the power of veto James is 4 Donny has 2 already

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