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Big Brother 16 – The Painfully Slow Week Ends Today!


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We made it! It’s Thursday and that means Devin (errr, someone) will finally be evicted from the house and we can resume playing Big Brother!

What a boring week it has been. I couldn’t even push the live feeds because they really weren’t worth watching. On the bright side, it was perfect timing since my girlfriend was on vacation and I wasn’t able to update as much as I’d like anyway. The Big Brother gods were kind to me this year.  Another thing, I want to thank everyone for their feedback on the Comcast vs DirectTV option.  I’ve heard awful things about the dish in bad weather, so I’m going to read through the comments and e-mails to see your experiences with it.

Enough about me, back to the house.  I will do an eviction prediction thread later, but we all know who will be going home (spoiler alert – not Caleb).  Devin basically threw in the towel last week when he outed his alliance and went rogue the rest of the way.  It was a poor game move at the worst possible time, and I think he knew it. I actually started feeling bad for him, and felt even worse after watching the PoV competition with the entire house cheering his defeat. Come on. The guy is an aggressive player, but he’s not a monster.  We’ve seen far worse bullies and/or douchebags the last few seasons alone (look at most of the BB15 cast).

I never wrote a PoV show recap, but I also wanted to mention a few things about the show last night:

  • Jocasta – That cry. Please, no more.
  • Donny – He’s such a great guy, like too good for this game. His kindness will send him home.
  • Caleb – Get the hint, she’s not into you. You’re embarrassing yourself.
  • Hayden – Another one, get the hint. How many ways can Nicole reject you?
  • Team America – Not a fan. They don’t even like each other and it will only last a few more weeks tops.

Like every Thursday, the house will likely spend the day prepping for the live show tonight, so there likely won’t be much live feed blogging, but if something exciting happens I will certainly create a thread and give you updates.

Be back in a little bit for predictions!

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  1. Comments (191)

    It’s sad that Devin is leaving without a fight. After all the build up he is giving up. That’s not what I would have predicted two weeks ago.

  2. Comments (5)

    Donny is too smart to get walked on like this. This is his time to pull the trigger on some of the stronger competitors. He could easily convince Jocosta, Amber, and Brittany to vote out Caleb. It would be a double power move, weaken the frat boys of the house while pulling in a strong competitor in Devin. Then they could all target the frat boys. It’s a bold play but sometimes you have to be bold, if they wait too long they will get picked off 1 by 1.

    • Comments (162)

      I wish that would happen.. Surprise the crap out of the “old boys”. Donny is going to have to pick it up or he will be gone soon. For sure they need to open their eyes. I don’t understand how you can be TA if you are consistently throwing each other under the bus. Donny was right last when he said why should I talk game with Derrick when he does not talk game to me. Very smart.

    • Comments (95)

      Wow! They’d crap their pants if Caleb got the boot and Devin stayed!

      Devin isn’t the worst in history, but something about him just makes me sick.

      • Comments (383)

        Devin creeps me out, too. I think it’s his resemblance to OJ. Or the giant freakish muscles. And the over-bleached teeth. I did see more humanity in him tonight, so I’m sure he’s not all bad. But he skeeves me out.

    • Comments (24)

      Four isn’t enough votes. He needs to win HoH and put up two Bomb Squad guys, he has no play right now.

  3. Comments (2)

    I think you’re wrong about Nicole and Hayden. I think Nicole is just a super shy girl and being that she’s only 21, she doesn’t want all the PDA to be on television. I think she really likes Hayden it just takes some time.

  4. Comments (95)

    I SO agree about Jacosta’s cry! My husband was in the other room and he was like “did someone die?!”

    And, sadly, I agree about Donny as well. He is too nice. Way too nice to be in the BB house, that’s for sure.

    And, seriously, Caleb? You’re mad because Cody is talking to Amber? Then he said if anyone messes with his “queen” he’d be all over them? She’s NOT your girlfriend, and doesn’t even like you! He seems creepy crazy!

    • Comments (2826)

      I never did like Jacosta much, but that self righteous, self serving, cry was the final straw for me. At this point I’d rather get her out than the Beast Mode Cowboy, Caleb.

      • Comments (78)

        Jacosta tis a good actor, good fake crying. It took 2 days to recover from overheating? I think she dbidn’t want to compete and just extended her little sickness. Not a strong plater. Adds nothing to the game.

      • Comments (469)

        Jocasta was suffering from dehydration due to constipation not heat exhaustion. This is far more difficult to recover from because of the medical treatment involved.

      • Comments (78)

        Thanks, John for the explanation. I thought she was totally faking it.

  5. Comments (152)

    Oh my, that crying was something else. I was like….seriously! What the heck!

    I want Devin out. His smirk drives me crazy. I know there have been meaner players but this year….he drives me crazy!

    I LOVE this website. I look forward to reading it every day!

  6. Comments (316)

    I think if Donny were to be the target to go home Production would somehow step in and not allow that. They know the public likes him too much. Anyone agree?

    • Comments (68)

      Yea, it happened with Rachel towards the end of her second season. It was painfully obvious that she was leaving but they brought in the Pandora’s Box for that week only, giving her a chance to win POV, and guess what the POV competition was… a competition that Rachel did twice and won twice…

      She won that POV, took herself off the block, and eventually won the whole thing. I mean people actually hated her but BB decided to give her favors.

      I think BB learned from the backlash that although it made for great TV, if left a lot of fans bitter. So now, if they ever decide to help someone out, it’s going to be someone that America loves…and that is Donny.

      • Comments (2826)

        I’m starting to like Donny less. The constant crying and the Mayberry RFD persona are starting to wear a little thin with me.

      • Comments (42)

        ME TOO…AIO_7

      • Comments (469)

        Donny’s Mayberry persona is not an act – it is who he is – did you not see his family – they are just simple southern folk – with real family morals and values. If you don’t like this I would suggest you stay north of the Mason-Dixon Line – cause there are lots of folks just like them – as for me I love that Donny is who he is and doesn’t intend to put on airs to gain points with the other guests. —- And I might add – Donny has a beautiful girl friend who appears to be very much in love with him and his family – Go Donny.

      • Comments (135)

        Good point, john ruth! If people don’t like the Mayberry persona, keep your [email protected]@ North!

  7. Comments (57)

    I agree when it comes to Donny. If I were playing, Donny would be my target real quick. Why? because I love the guy. There is NO WAY anyone can beat Donny in the final 2 which means he has got to go. Sad but that’s the game.

  8. Comments (21)

    I agree with Steve about Devin, to me he’s not the worst in the house and i would really like to see what he would do if he actualy stay in the house and if he would ally himself with a few other people i think the BS (love the acronym) would be really shaken up.

    I liked how Donny actualy try to figure out how to get some of the numbers when he was watching the others compete. Caleb had all the time in the world and still seem lost!

    • Comments (68)

      I think Devin should get evicted. It might not seem like it but he has the entire house intimidated. The girls don’t feel comfortable around him.

      Let’s not forget, he doesn’t seem that bad this week because he doesn’t have any power and he’s walking around like a wounded lion. But, if he had power he would be terrorizing the house.

      The only problem with Caleb is that he is blinded by Amber; it is horrible because everyone know that he would do anything for Amber and that he would create drama with any guy talking to Amber. The way i see it there’s only 2 end to this, either Caleb realizes that there’s no point and just gives up, or Amber somehow changes her mind (could be possible because if Caleb starts to ignore her I’m sure she would go crazy for him).

      • Comments (162)

        I think Derrick has everyone doing what he wants just like Devin did the thing that is different is that Derrick is not as big as Devin so no one is intimidated by him.

  9. Comments (50)

    Hahaha Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard when they showed Caleb listening to Amber and Cody (pic above). I laughed a lot during last nights episode actually! I loooove Donny, he is hilarious and so nice. I knew he was going to get the POV but it was nice to see him get both Devin & Caleb out. 😉 And I was also really happy when he refused to give Derrick any insight about what his plans are and basically called him out when Derrick tried to say “I think it’s obvious what I want to happen this week, the whole house knows what I want to do, etc” and Donny is just like actually no, I have no idea what you’re doing and I’m not showing you (or “the house” as Derrick loves to say) my cards. Go Donny! I hope he gets HOH this week and can rally the other side of the house to get one of the power players out (any of the bomb squad/detonator members would do).

  10. Comments (13)

    Can anyone explain to me why every year the people in the house live like pigs? Every room is covered with dirty clothes lying around on the beds, floors, couches in the bathroom, etc. Doesn’t anyone pick up after themselves? They have many hours each day that they do nothing. When I travel & change my dirty clothes, I put them in a bag for laundry, keep my personal items in travel bags, my shoes along a wall. I just don’t get how they not only live in their own filth, but the dirty, smelly filth of others!!!!!

  11. Comments (469)

    Has Christine told Nicole about her new alliance yet????????????

  12. Comments (83)

    Derrick is getting to cocky lately. I mean Devin may of been
    More vocal about it but Derrick is just as mean
    But in a arrogant way. He’s not as nice as people
    Think he is.

  13. Comments (83)

    Frankie looks like corky Romano no?

  14. Comments (162)

    Please tell me why Team America does not work together? They all have their side alliance. Shouldn’t they try to stick together for at least a few weeks?

  15. Comments (5)

    It seems to me Derrick and Caleb are getting very cocky for this stage of the game. They aren’t near as great of players as they think. Time to start playing Donny – please.

  16. Comments (1276)

    I am not a Devin Fan. And I do like Caleb, if we took Amber out of the picture. However, everyone keeps talking about Devin, again, I don’t like him but I kept hearing how he was creepy. That look that Caleb was giving is like Super Stalker, Crazy person looks. I just don’t get how you can become so overboard in LOVE with someone who isn’t showing any interest. Seems like what should have been an innocent crush is turning into something dirty and gross. Just my opion.

  17. Comments (843)

    Christine is riding the coat tails of everyone in the house. She hasn’t done anything and won’t.

  18. Comments (843)

    Sick of this beast mode/frat house group of “I’m the biggest and best.” The problem is, when a woman goes in to win, like Rachel did, they are criticized.

  19. Comments (9)

    I don’t like Devin but the way they cheered for him losing and how they were making fun of him last night on BBAD is just terrible. I think Hayden has a better change with Nicole than Caleb does with Amber. Nicole plays along with Hayden and they are so much cuter together. I hope they become something outside of the house.

  20. Comments (182)

    “Caleb, Texas Stud, common man, you are my FAV, but these slobbering looks you give Amber, borders on ‘starker eyes’. How can a handsome dude like you, be so heart-struck over a ‘She’s OK’ gal, barely a 7 in my black book.

    I bet your fellow cowboys back home would like to lasso you back to the corral and toss a cold water bucket on your head. Wake up before you go down because of your ‘love’ blindness, which has Cody already wanting you out over of your latent jealously.

  21. Comments (7)

    With the way Amber hugged C
    aleb and kissed him on the cheek makes me think there is more than meets the eye there. I think Amber leads Caleb on and the show is cut in a way to make it look like he can’t take a hint.

  22. Comments (843)

    Donny and Hayden could convince Nicole, Jocasta, Brittany, Amber, and Cody to vote Caleb out. That’s 7. I still don’t like Devin and he will never honor his word, but it would sure change the power in the house. Leave Christine out (have to convince Nicole on that) because she will go running to Frankie and blab. Victoria will tell her ‘loves’ Derrick and Zach.

  23. Comments (1288)

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    Tacky is a great one-take video:

    And Word Crimes has some relevance to the posts here:

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