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Big Brother 16 – Post Eviction Feeds


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Well then, what a night.  I’m going to recap the night a bit, but I need to jump right into the feeds…

Watch with me here

  • 7:10pm – They are sitting around the table still talking about the eviction and Nicole is having a real hard time dealing with it. She’s already snapped at Frankie and I expect her to do more.
  • Donny is in the living room with Derrick and Cody.  He is pretty shocked about it. They’re all kind of clearing the air but I don’t think anyone believes people.
  • Zach jokingly to Nicole “Hey Nicole, want to be in alliance?  I want to just be in an alliance and make lies about people”
  • Nicole “Zach, you know I don’t like you. I’m not going to pretend to like you. Stop saying my name”
  • 7:18pm – Nicole and Christine head into the beehive with Nicole crying and wondering what happened.
  • Christine is trying to play innocent
  • It is painful to watch Christine do damage control and play dumb.
  • Be back in a bit, need to eat dinner
  • 8:40pm – Back from dinner. It appears Cody pulled Zach aside and told him how Frankie was selling him out all week. The detonators are together, but I don’t think they’re very tight.  This house has the potential to shift dramatically after this night. Christine seems off (probably feels awful about Nicole), and there is a lot of bitter feelings still.
  • 8:47pm – Derrick, Cody and Christine are in the HN room talking about it.  Christine says as a person, she feels absolutely awful about the Nicole situation. However, her boyfriend Cody cheered her right up.
  • Nicole asks if she’ll look like GinaMarie if she keeps Hayden’s sweatshirt and wears it.
  • Cody is upset that Christine is trying to play the nice one to Nicole and throw the rest under the bus.  They’re talking about sending her home this week, but it’s early talk
  • Caleb recalling how he told Nicole to sit next to her boyfriend and the crowd reaction. He loves the spotlight
  • Derrick is telling Victoria that Christine apparently threw them under the bus and those two were the ones who flipped it
  • 9:30pm – Feeds went to Jeff loop (or should I say horrible Christine laugh loop). HoH competition must be underway. I’ll try my hardest to stay awake until feeds return.
  • 10:00pm – Feeds still down
  • 10:30pm – Feeds still down. Trying to stay awake!
  • 10:40pm – Feeds are back.  Nicole and Christine are the new HoH’s.  I am way too tired to see who they’re going to nominate, so I’ll watch some overnight feeds tomorrow morning to see where they’re leaning. As for now, the guys need to worry.

Check back for more updates

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  1. Comments (9)

    I missed the end. Does Zach believe Nicole or is he making fun of her?

    • Comments (487)

      He doesn’t believe Nicole. That’s how stupid he is. When he finds out that Christine wanted him out then flipped he will be really pissed. Wonder what limerick he’ll come up with next.

  2. Comments (1)

    I thought they weren’t allowed to talk to each other once voting had started? I clearly looked like they were talking/ mouthing who they voted for as they were leaving the diary room.

  3. Comments (6)

    Nicole and Donny need to alternate HOHs every week and just pick off these losers and sit in the final two together.

    That’s assuming that Hayden/Jocasta aren’t the returning HG (probably not) and that they themselves don’t land in jury (probably will) and then whatever one of those four goes back in the house goes right back to jury.

  4. Comments (487)

    Zach is mad at Nicole and she never promised him a thing. He better watch his back with Christine because she’s the backstabber in this bunch. If Christine gets one of the HOHs tomorrow, I would not be surprised if she put up Derrick and Donny with the hopes of backdooring Zach. I am hoping that Donny wins one of the HOHs and stays HOH for next week.

  5. Comments (487)

    I just looked in on the other site and Zach is bullying and brow-beating Nicole. Frankie is telling her how naive she is, admitting that he lied to her because he was keeping Zach all the time. Christine is acting like her best friend. ugh. I feel so much empathy for Nicole right now. She is playing this game by herself because she can’t trust anyone. I wish Donny would take her aside and calm her down before she really loses control and self evicts.

  6. Comments (19)

    I said before and I’ll say it again, “CHRISTINE is the biggest troublemaker in the bunch.” Its one thing to have ‘gameface’ but its another to be totally two-faced to your supposed ‘bestfriend’. Nicole here never had a prayer. She is really lost now and has noone except maybe Donny. Little does everyone else know, Yes, Christine is working the whole house in a dirty way. I hope she doesn’t make it to the end. I don’t like her game. and I don’t like her.

    • Comments (492)

      I don’t like christine either ditto

    • Comments (152)

      Whoa. What a night. I was torn because I knew keeping zach, which I wanted, would put them all back in an alliance together. Wish they would wise up and see the rat snake Christine is. I wanted to slap that stupid grin off her face. Come on Donny! Fight for yourself and make a difference!! Poor Nicole! Just a crazy night on BB

    • Comments (11)

      Christine AND Derrick are the skunks in the house. Get Derrick out now, and Christine next week … please!

  7. Comments (1446)

    Will they still be playing HOH tonight??

  8. Comments (42)

    Christine is unbelievable..she is throwing Cody under bus now…Nicole needs to trust or confess someone else other than Donny and Christine…Christine is total snake..

  9. Comments (182)

    Talk about a blind-side of a whole alliance. Detonators did a full-nelson slam on Nicole’s little band of dim-wits.

    Because of that she said they are playing ‘super dirty’, is that because your ‘super dirty’ didn’t work Nicole

    • Comments (1443)

      Nothing Nichole did was dirty. She was up front on what she was going to do

    • Comments (66)

      Yeah, I don’t think Nicole was ever really super dirty. She has never lied to someone’s face. Her biggest mistake was trusting the wrong people. Sure maybe she planned to attempt a backdoor, but she was never fake or two faced about her intentions. She never gave Frankie any concrete answers or anything, always vague. She’s had clean gameplay, which is unfortunately what screws you over in this game.

  10. Comments (1)

    Hands down Derrick runs this house. He masterminds everything and still manages to not be a target for anyone. His game play is incredible with this totally oblivious bunch. I personally think that if Donny, Victoria and Nicole don’t link together they don’t stand a chance. Eventually Christine will be exposed, noone completely has her back anyway. She’s an idiot for playing Nicole! At least tonight there were hands shown. Makes for more interesting feeds for the up coming week. I’m rooting for Donny and Nicole!

    • Comments (224)

      I think Victoria is pretty firmly in Derrick’s pocket. And she probably will get far, since it looks like the BoB will be around a little longer, you want her around as an almost guaranteed loss so you can remain HoH. And unless she’s sitting next to Zach in the end, it’s a sure win for whoever she’s with in the final 2.

      • Comments (1288)

        She is not in his pocket … she is a remora with her lips firmly locked on the belly of the Great White Shark named Derrick as he pulls he along through the game.

  11. Comments (11)

    All I hear is what a snake Christine is….. Ummmm…..what about Derrick and Cody who made an alliance with Nicole and Hayden.???

    • Comments (492)

      Yeah, but…”.christina is underlining mean about it… You can see it in her face. The boys are just game playing.

      • Comments (224)

        Right, it’s always ok as long as your a boy. Girls are supposed to be passive and nice and compliant. What is this, the 1950s?

      • Comments (1288)

        Tru dat. Why are Frankie and Christine the “rodent hearts of darkness” and Derrick/Cody/Zach just full-throttled game players? No “you can see it in their faces” or “you just have to look hard enough” type answers. How about specific examples of what they have said or done that is radically different from anything the others have done. They are all just different shades of grey.

        I do think most all agree suckerfish Victoria and Boast Mode Mushroom [kept in the dark and fed a steady diet of bullshiat] are just plain poor players, they may win some comps but they are most certainly losing the house game.

      • Comments (1276)

        Christine and Zach have both been flat out mean. Christine lying to Nicole about Hayden/Victoria, just to hurt her. And Zach when he’s practiced speaches to try to hurt the girls. Even Caleb being tacky about the “boyfriend” line with Nicole. He would have destroyed the entire house if anyone had done/said that about him and Amber, and she didn’t even ever care about him
        Cody and Derrick are playing the heck out of the game, dirty deals, and saying what they need to say to get far in the game. They aren’t just trying to tear people down and hurt them. That’s the difference.

      • Comments (152)

        I agree with mom! Christine is a little rat that rounds around and tattles on everyone. Her stupid grin just makes me mad! She has to go before Nicole. Come on Nicole….keep that HOH

    • Comments (528)

      I agree with the sentiments here that it’s BS to call Frankie and Christine dirty but Derrick and Cody are “playing the game.” They’re ALL playing the game and Derrick and Cody are being just as slimy and selfish as anyone else.

      Nicole is naive. That’s her downfall and that’s not how you play a successful game. I like her as a person, she seems sweet, but she’d never win.

      • Comments (1276)

        Don’t forget about Jordan. After seeing Nicole had won last night, it really did remind me of Jordan. She felt broken and alone after they got Jeff out (their first season) and ended up winning the whole thing. I’m not saying I think i will happen, but it’s always possible.

      • Comments (1443)

        The ones I would like to go first is Derrick and then Cody. Derrick is running the house and doing his best to keep his name out of everything. He is the most distrustful one in house

  12. Comments (487)

    As much as I hated Evil Dick, I have much more respect for him today than I did before because he was always upfront with you. He let you know he was in it for himself period. These kids, except for Donny and Jocasta are just a bunch of liars and hateful people.

  13. Comments (20)

    I find it funny that Nicole said they player “super dirty” when blindsiding Christine and Frankie was her plan for next week. Such a hypocrite!

    And this is BB. This isn’t a summer camp. I wish Dan would enter the house and give Nicole and her little band of future evictees that, in a game, the best player wins.

  14. Comments (9)

    I hope Nicole and Donny clean house. Derrick and Christine should be first to go. Then Frankie and Cody.

    • Comments (487)

      It would be so sweet if Nicole and Donny won HOH and they put up Derrick and Christine and Frankie and Zach. Derrick and Christine win the BoB and and Frankie and Zach on the block for the next week. The POV comp would have a whole of drama because only one of these jerks could come off the block.

  15. Comments (1)

    Go you fruit loop !!!! So glad they wised up and kept zach attack!!

  16. Comments (22)

    stop crying Nicole and start planning your Texas Chainsaw revenge. slap Christine while you’re at it.. hard.

  17. Comments (1)

    It’s a game people. Yes there will be backstabbers and liars. If I were to decide to give up three months of my life to stay with strangers for $500k, I’d do anything I could to win. Why else even bother to come in the house unless you want to win. I keep reading about all these negatives personalities and actions. Just watch the game and don’t try to psychoanalyst anyone’s actions.

  18. Comments (487)

    Caleb is on to Christine. Maybe he’s not as dumb as I thought. And Derrick is talking Victoria into throwing the BoB if she is put on the block with Christine.

  19. Comments (343)

    Once again one has to wonder the logic of houseguests keeping around a dangerous Zach — clearly playing the game HARD and doing anything to save himself — instead of a pretty harmless dupe like Jocasta. Yeah, yeah, I know — “the numbers,” that’s what Derrick was worried about. Hell, he has half the house in alliance with him now anyway! NUMBERS?! It’s time to start getting RID of some DANGEROUS numbers, not keep them around! Here again, they had the perfect opportunity to remove one with NO blood on their hands — and they didn’t. Stupid. And I know — some people watching like Zach. That’s beyond me, too, because the guy’s a major a-hole. And this comes from a Russell Hantz/Dr. Will fan.

  20. Comments (343)

    And Caleb and Victoria — do you two think at all?! You are both on the bottom of the totem pole, soon to be sacrificed. Caleb’s only chance was to shift allegiances, but he really isn’t smart at gameplay. No, he’s not a stalker or a racist, as some liked to claim — he’s just plain ignorant.

    • Comments (1276)

      Victoria only voted Hayden out because she’s scare of Zach. As if her voting to get rid of Hayden gave her ANY protection at all. Sheep, they are all just sheep.

      • Comments (1276)

        sorry, scared.

      • Comments (343)

        Im saying Victoria (and Caleb) should have voted out Zach. I wasn’t talking about the Hayden vote to evict. For Caleb and Vicoria to have any chance, switching alliances should have been done. THEN Caleb (when he won tonight) would have put up Derrick and Cody (or whoever in that alliance) and NOT Hayden and Nicole.

      • Comments (1276)

        I agree with you, that’s why I called them Sheep. If they had any brains at all they would realize that they need to work with the other side, not keep being at the bottom.

      • Comments (1443)

        She voted Hayden out because she’s a sheep and did what Derrick told her to do

      • Comments (1288)

        Even sheep give wool, Victoria is a suckerfish.

  21. Comments (1276)

    I really wish someone would get that nasty smug grin off Zach’s face! He is so dan cocky, with absolutely NO reason to be. He hasn’t done crap in this game, he didn’t even save himself, they idiots that can’t make a decision and stick with it saved him. And I’m saying this about a guy in the same house as Caleb! If you can look cocky next to Caleb’s ego, you are an all new class of jerk. I get the “he’s fun to watch” point of view, but sorry, I don’t agree at all. I think he’s painful to watch. He threatens all of the girls, he has more double standards than anyone I can remember being on this show, and he acts like he’s come kind of baller, when he has won how many comps????? And he keeps trying to say he’s playing an Evel Dick type of game… guess what, Dick would have had him out in the first few weeks. I could give him the excuse of he’s only 23, but wait… he’s the same age as Cody, and older than Victoria and Nicole, sooooo… he’s just a Jerk.

    • Comments (610)

      I agree christina, he is a major jerk and he’s in for a rude awakening once he’s out of the house and back to the real world. Dude, who’s going to hire a jerk like him?!

    • Comments (492)

      So,,,,get this then. I am a Zach fan. I don’t see the after dark .
      I like Zach.
      I see the tv show
      And I like the kid

      • Comments (1092)

        Zach has no class whatsoever.

        The live eviction is a sensitive time. When the numbers were read, he starts this thunderous clap, not caring about jocasta.

        Sure he was happy, but have some class, and give her a hug, and then thank the house.

        Anyway, mom, you might like the kid, but his days are numbered. He will be gone in a week or so.

      • Comments (1276)

        Thanks dmc, that clapping is exactly the kind of thing that I’m talking about. So friggin rude and childish.

      • Comments (1276)

        I wanted to like Zach, and kept trying to like Zach. But this stupid crap of giving his stupid tacky speaches, just to be hateful is childish and mean. He doesn’t have the ability to be an Evel Dick in the game, and he goes off on the ones that he doesn’t think will go off on him. He obviously has issues with Women, or why would he have put up Christine and gone off on her, she was in his alliance with all of the guys. But he’s too chicken to say that kind of crap to the full grown men around him. And he can’t take the heat from anyone else. He acts like a 4 year old who didn’t get his way.

    • Comments (27)

      I think that before the season begins, and then during the season in the diary room, some unsure players fall prey to strong ‘suggestions’\’encouragement’ by production’s emphasis on specific behavior/persona. Not that it is put to them by production in that straight forward a manner. For example, Caleb talks some about himself as ‘beastwhatever’ and production dwells on that when they talk to him. Production clearly attempts to orchestrate diary subjects. Players who are more sure of themselves in this social environment and more sure of how they intend to play this game, don’t always follow production’s emphasis, but players who don’t adapt as well or feel as sure of themselves in this social environment, go along with it more, seeking to find a way to feel more in control, comfortable, by doing what production is ‘telling’ them their role is,

  22. Comments (83)

    I can’t believe Cody believed Christine when he confronted her
    About her throwing his name up. I’m surprised Caleb didn’t
    Backdoor Christine. Why pick on poor Donny.

  23. Comments (1)

    I want Nicole OUT! “Playing dirty?” Really? When you signed up for big brother did you think everyone was going to be playing a “clean” game? NO. It’s big brother. Hate to say it but it’s not very often someone can go on this show and play a perfectly clean game. Quit your whining and get over it. You were blindsided and lied to, the same way Frankie or Christine would have been had your plan worked. Buck up and fight for your life instead of sitting there and whining and crying about how everyone has been playing you. It’s a game. I don’t like Christine either. Her games about to crumble here shortly at her feet.

  24. Comments (266)

    Can’t wait to watch BBAD. I feel bad for Nicole but I saw this coming from a long way, when she and Donny were talking about who to put up, all Nicole cared about was blood on her hands. I know Christine had a lot to do with Jocastas eviction but still. When you’re HOH you just can’t trust backdoor options.

    • Comments (18)

      I totally agree. Nicole and Donny tried to play it safe to avoid getting blood on their hands. They should have realized that if someone’s blood wasn’t on their hands, then most likely their blood would be splattered on someone else. And sure enough poor Hayden was the casualty, and I blame Nicole and Donny. I really wish Donny had been sent home. And I used to be a big fan of his.

      • Comments (875)

        Agreed!!! I said that all along…If Nic, & Donny would have put up 4 guys, then there wouldn’t have been all this Drama, and Nicole still would have had Hayden with her, plus Jocasta! They needed the numbers also, but are not looking at the big picture.

      • Comments (469)

        I feel I must respond to the three of you – Nicole never said she didn’t want blood on her hands – quite the opposite – she said she was ready for a big move and blood on her hands – also she didn’t play safe – she put up an “untouchable” Zach with the final goal of backdooring Frankie – in so doing she set the house on it’s ear and caused chaos among the 5 stooges.

      • Comments (224)

        I think Zach’s the only one who considered himself untouchable. Sure, he was a detonator (and that almost didn’t matter for him) but as far as Donny and Nicole knew, Zach’s only real ally was Frankie.

      • Comments (1288)

        So what if Cody/Frankie/Derrick/Zach went home…or even Caleb? Christine would still have won the show HoH (she was second to Caleb) and Hayden would still have gone out following the other guy (say Caleb, the Detonators wanted him out anyways). You would have a united group coming after Nicole and Donny instead of the fractured mess that USED to rule the house. The numbers sucked no matter what – now at least there is chaos Nicole and Donny can exploit.

      • Comments (18)

        You can’t assume that the only effect of putting the four guys up would have been one of them being evicted, and all the other events would have played out exactly as they had with the Zach/Jocasta route. That is faulty logic. Of course the events of the whole week would have been different. Maybe the boys would have turned on each other and Derrick goes out. And that makes Caleb so off balance that he didn’t win the HOH? Butterfly effect.

  25. Comments (1)

    Just remember this is a game…people are not there to be friends. They are there to win money. They are all playing a role and are doing and saying whatever it takes to make it to the end. They knew this going into the game. Not to mention they also do things for television. It’s a game & a show !!! Just sit back and enjoy !!! 🙂

  26. Comments (332)

    Anyone want to bet the two norms are Christine and Frankie? Boy Nicole called them out. What about your boy Cody he laid right there in the hoh bed and lied and schemed behind your back

  27. Comments (332)

    So proud of Donny, he was a big dog tonight. Pov winner yeah

    • Comments (875)

      Me too Karen, but wow was Donny puffing hard after that POV competition…LOL! I’m just glad he still in the BB House though.

      • Comments (469)

        mello – your right – he looked totally spent – in fact two HG’s helped him back to the house – this is odd since he walks and works out daily and his job back home is very physical and hot – makes me wonder if he has asthma or some related malady.

      • Comments (1288)

        I think it was because of the effort he made in the comp. He knew his butt was on the line and when Julie announced Zach breaking into the lead Donny went into double time on the digging. He knew this was not a marathon, it was a sprint and he competed accordingly.

      • Comments (224)

        Plus, I’m sure the stress of the situation made it worse.

  28. Comments (426)

    Can only comment that Nichole as HOH did stir up this game and made it interesting at this point. Derrick is the one they really need to catch on about. But very disgusted with the game right now and seriously considering not even watching the rest of the season! But this is good timing for me since my daughter is having a baby in the morning, and my grandson is staying with me the next couple of days between hospital visits.

    • Comments (469)

      Colby let me be the first to congratulate you – hope all goes well for MOM and the baby – your are watching the grandson meaning you will be a G.Father at least twice – any more G.C. running around – I have 6 and they are an absolute joy – you probably know this feeling – you think you couldn’t love anybody more than your children – but then grandbabies show up – and as crazy as it sounds you almost love them more – I explain it as a differnt kind of love – any way congrats – wish I could get a cigar.

    • Comments (487)

      Congratulations! I joined the grandma club in December last year.

  29. Comments (875)

    WoW…That POV Competition must have REALLY overly taxed Donny, because he is nowhere on Jokers having a conversation with any of the HG?! I don’t know about the feeds, because I don’t have them…But you would think, knowing how Donny is (compassionate), he would be consoling Nicole.

  30. Comments (1446)

    OMG I think Nicole just won HOH!!

  31. Comments (42)

    Christine and Nicole are HOH!! What an irony

    • Comments (875)

      I hope to gawd they put up 4 Dudes!!! Except for Donny, of course. 🙂

    • Comments (1092)

      Great news.

      Put up the 4 alpha dogs, and if one of them gets saved with the pov, then put up the fifth.

      • Comments (1288)

        Yes, then your line drawn in the sand alliance of three gets to face off the surviving four plus their suckerfish making five. Oh yeah, only two of you get to compete for the next HoHs against the five of them so good luck with that.

        A finesse move at least offers the possibility of multiple upsides. Or Nicole misleads Christine about her noms in hopes of backdooring Christine won’t help Nicole’s long game but might make Nicole feel better in the short run.

  32. Comments (1446)

    Nicole and Christine!! Back to the BOB…go Nicole!

    • Comments (610)

      Nicole, don’t drink Christine’s kool-aid!

      • Comments (1443)

        Not that I care anything about Christine but she is just as trustful as anyone else in house except maybe Donnie. Esp with Nicole. And I think all the allowance now knows they can’t trust anyone else. They would have been better off going thru with voting out zack

      • Comments (492)


      • Comments (152)

        Not sure who you are “mom”! but we think a LOT alike. I read your comments and go “Exactly”.

        GO NICOLE! Put up those boys and let them scramble. They will turn on each other. Then what?

  33. Comments (610)

    off topic,but is anyone else getting a “long running script” error on this site? It’s been happening off & on for a few days and initially was just on Comments. Now I’m getting it on Comments and on the actual site. It’s gotten very annoying, almost as annoying as Zach.

  34. Comments (266)

    I thought they ended 2 hoh’s and BOB for good tonight. Guess I missed something since both Nicole and Christine are HOH. Too bad… I’m sick of the BOB.

  35. Comments (1443)

    I hope Christine and Nicole both put up males except Donnie. That would be great

  36. Comments (120)

    Early word is Nicole is definitely putting up two guys (not Donny). Christine may be putting up Victoria (Derrick told Victoria to throw BOB if she goes on the block) and Zach or Caleb as the 2nd nom.


    Imagine if Nicole was the only HOH! This week would’ve gone so much better, but now Christine will most likely remain HOH after BOB and she’ll backdoor Nicole if she gets the chance.

    • Comments (1443)

      I don’t think she’d put up Nicole unless there was no other choice. I think everyone would be happy with putting up Christine except Frankie so Christine needs to realize that and get with Nichole and they need to put up 4 guys ( not Donnie.

    • Comments (224)

      I think Christine would try to go after Donny before she tries to get Nicole out. She wanted to get rid of Hayden so Nicole would have to start trusting her again.

  37. Comments (1443)

    This dual hoh has been the pits!! Ppl had to put up players they did not want to put up. It’s spoiled the game

  38. Comments (120)

    Update: Frankie just proposed a 5 person alliance of
    1. Christine
    2. Nicole
    3. Himself
    4. Victoria
    5. Donny
    He told Nicole and Christine to nominate:
    1. Caleb/Derrick
    2. Cody/Zach

    If that is the way the nominations go, this could be a fun week.

  39. Comments (469)

    WOW – the little Michigan farm girl just won her 3rd HOH – I see a lot of people are not Nicole fans – and to that I say you have every right to your opinion – but this girl last week for the first time this season set the little boys on their butts and had them scrambling for their BB lives and actually turning against each other – then after sticking the proverbial knife in her back and removing her closest ally – celebrated for a few short minutes – but that wasn’t good enough they chose to taunt her and ridicule her – So what does she do – wilt like a shrinking violet – go to her room and pout – NO she goes out and whips all their “macho” asses in the HOH comp. – well folks the celebrating is over and the kids are back in panic mode – yes paranoia has returned to the BB house thanks to the little Michigan farm girl – you can say what you want about her – once again that is your right – but nobody – I repeat nobody has has done more to change the tide in this game than she has while facing increcible odds – and possibly the best thing that happened tonight – while in the bathroom Nicole is listening once again to Derricks line of paranoid bullshit – he leaves – Frankie enters and wants to know what they were talking about -Nicole in so many words tells him to f**k off and for the first time in six weeks somebody found a way to shut Frankies filthy-vile-putrid mouth – I was unable to understand his responce – but from the tone of his voice it was childish and immature – should we expect less from this piece of garbage – later in the fire room Frankie pouts and accuses Nicole of throwing him under the bus on national TV – you bet she did you half-a-sissy – touche’ —– so in conclusion I now want Nicole to win this game – she has shown intelligence – bravery – and has outplayed everyone in the house so far while maintaining her dignity and self respect and not surrounded by a coven of ne’er-do-wells —– of course I don’t know if she will win – as she has stated she is pretty much on her own but she has already accomplished more than enough to win my total admiration and respect

    • Comments (610)

      well said John Ruth & I agree.

    • Comments (110)

      Very well said and I could not agree more. She kicks butt and is not afraid to make a move which is more than most of them can say. And I so love her willingness, despite being upset, to tell people off. I have loved her from the start.

      • Comments (110)

        Sorry I forgot to add, that the reason I liked her from the start is she’s a nice person. She doesn’t make a milion alliances, go around lying and backstabbing and seems very loyal.Yeah I know some like the big phony liars of the game but I do not. I root for genuinely nice people who can also play.

    • Comments (492)

      Nice… And I bet Frankie ( the baby that he is) has never been told off. Because he thinks he is so important,
      .lol.. Good for her!

    • Comments (1092)

      So well said.

      She has my vote for favorite player. The odds are against her to get to final teo, but with 3 hoh competitions, she deserves something.

    • Comments (487)

      Caleb told Nicole, this is what happens when you win competitions. Well Caleb look at Nicole now 3 times HOH. So what have you done lately! Team Nicole.

  40. Comments (120)

    Christine says she’s putting up Donny/Zach
    Nicole says she’s putting up Victoria/Caleb (with Cody as a BD option)

    What a waste of an HOH. I really thought Nicole would’ve tried to get even with all the people who back stabbed her, but I guess not. For being a superfan, she really messed this HOH up.

  41. Comments (4)

    Nicole and Christine are the new HOH’s….I hope Nicole gets first pick and puts Donny and Victoria up and leaves Christine in the pinch of having to put up two of her alliance. Lines will be drawn as to which two she is willing to put in the line of fire, it will not end well. Muwhahahahahaha! You’re going DOWN Christine….they will be coming after you!

  42. Comments (875)

    Christine and Nicole are going to give us some weak nominations again this week?!?! Christine’s -Donny/Zack and Nicole’s Caleb/Victoria…Sad!!!

    I can’t stand Frankie, but he told Christine & Nicole right, to put up Derrick/Cody and Caleb/Zack.

    You can tell that Christine is hedging her nominations, and you would think that Nicole had learned…smh?!

    • Comments (120)

      Right! Nicole is making the same mistake AGAIN with her nominations. She said she doesn’t want Victoria to go home, yet she’s going to nominate her (sound familiar?). If Caleb wins veto and it’s Cody vs. Victoria, Victoria is most likely going home, which means Nicole’s plan will backfire AGAIN.

    • Comments (610)

      I sure hope Nicole changes her mind and puts up 2 strong guys & makes them shake in the boots a little. Go big or go home!

  43. Comments (875)

    I sure would have liked to see Donny’s good-bye to Jocasta, his good-bye messages are always so heartfelt, and you can tell that they are sincere. I have gotten a little teary eyed on some of Donny’s good-byes, and I don’t even know him!

    Newsflash…Nicole and Zack are going to work with each other! If Zack starts spilling the beans about Derrick, Frankie, & Cody their goose is cooked! Especially about what they did to Caleb & Amber. Zack knows where the bodies are buried in the BB House’s backyard…LOL!

    • Comments (1288)

      Zach gave her book and chapter on Bomb Squad, Detonators, LTA, Zankie plus all else he knew. He rolled over and showed his belly. What is that kid up to? One of his endearing qualities, a natural chaotic and contrarian.

      No telling how much Nicole will believe until we see how her nominations go. She did seem bothered by Donny voting to evict her, but from his side Hayden would have seemed to be the more helpful survivor for Donny. I don’t think she is upset at him but she might not seek his input/cooperation.

  44. Comments (332)

    Well who ever hasn’t been up needs to be up. Caleb will be the target. He sent out Hayden.

  45. Comments (332)

    Cody should be in the hot seat as well. I think Donnie is safe, I think they trust him.

  46. Comments (1)

    We all knew this night could very possibly stir things up. Hated to see Hayden go but as soon as Mama J was voted out I knew that he and Nicole would be put up together. Nicole has become a force to be reckoned with. She laid low in the beginning because she had to because of the power of the guys. Once she got her shot…she made herself more than relevant. Now she (and Cristine) need to be smart and put the 4 strong guys up. The nominations being mentioned now will just result in another fail for her. And for God’s sake stop listening to Derek!!!!! If Zach truly does join in a TRUE alliance with Nicole, Donnie, Frankie and Chistine…the days of Derek running the game could well be over.

  47. Comments (492)

    Zach is not fool budding up with Nicole
    Playing like he doesn’t like her , when he Does!
    Go Zach!!

  48. Comments (875)

    I sure hope that Hayden will be the one HG to come back into the BB House, to kick some behind!

  49. Comments (492)

    You say that now… But what if it is Donny or Nicole?

  50. Comments (692)

    I was really really hoping that there would be only one head of house from this point on. I hate that there are still two. I do not like this twist at all this year.I hope that Nicole surprises everybody with her nominations and stays head of house, I cannot stand the thought of a week of Christine in the HOH room.

  51. Comments (1799)

    So if it is Christine’s – Donny / Zach and Nichole – Victoria / Caleb the puppet master Derrick has Victoria tank the comp Than worse case if anyone wins POV Nichole goes up & out People are out thinking themselfs in this game When will these other Alliances understand the only deal Derrick has kept is with Cody

    • Comments (152)

      NOOO! That just can’t happen! Oh, that just makes me crazy to think about! Vicoria and Calab have to win. Nicole has to win POV. She then pulls Donny from the block and replaces him with on of the “boys”, preferably Frankie. That would be a great eviction day! Of course, I would want Zach to stay. He is still one of my favorites. He tries to hard to be mean…but he really isn’t. Just ADHD! LOL

    • Comments (401)

      Not sure when in the night, but Caleb has offered to Nicole to go up with Frankie and literally sit down during the comp so they lose so they can oust Frankie. They all know (thanks to Nicole telling Zach who told the rest of the boys) that Frankie suggested to Nicole/Christine they put up Caleb/Zach/Cody/Derrick.

    • Comments (1443)

      Derrick is a straight Andy. Just as big of a rat but getting everyonene else to do his spying instead of doing it himself. Everyone’s best friend and confident

    • Comments (37)

      You like so many players overthinking and confusing yourself. You said….

      So if it is Christine’s – Donny / Zach and Nichole – Victoria / Caleb the puppet master Derrick has Victoria tank the comp Than worse case if anyone wins POV Nichole goes up & out

      Now by your logic Derrick has Vic throw the BOB comp (that Caleb already said he would throw so no need for Derrick to do that but anyway) If either one of them “throw” it and LOSE the BOB that makes NICOLE still HOH so how the hell would anyone use the veto and she go “up and out”?

      Please have a clue WTF you are talking about and think it through before you comment!

  52. Comments (1799)

    Cody has been a beaten whip dog since he put Donny up Has he come close to wining anything? Talk about a floater Why not just save time and have Derrick announce his vote
    How can Nicole still think she can trust Christine ? The Detonators must all reevaluate there position in the group Stop and think how many times a person was exclude from decisions Talking to you Caleb The Amber eviction they used you and trick you Zach all your Detonators were ready to dump you last week till of all people Caleb talk up to save you First it was Christine whispering in Nichole’s ear Than Derrick gave his blessing and formed a fall back alliance dumping all the detonators except for Cody

    • Comments (1288)

      Caleb is the Boast Mode Mushroom, he has been kept in the dark and fed a steady diet of bullshiat. Perhaps he will have a come-to-bigbrother moment and realize he is the only one still loyal to the group he thinks is around him. But he performed like a good soldier during the DE and did the bidding of people who want him gone soon.

      • Comments (332)

        Well he regrouped the alliance and got out Hayden so he has some power in the house. But if he can gain Nicole’s trust and oust some of the guys he will be sitting good. Nicole will not put up Caleb with Victoria again. She will insure she is the remaining HOH to put Christine out. She needs to put up Derrick and Cody

    • Comments (401)

      I don’t think Nicole trusts Christine. I do think she trusts Derrick. (Of course! Who doesn’t?)

      • Comments (1288)

        We will see. Derrick has Caleb volunteering to go on the block with Frankie as Christine’s nominations. He will then throw the BoB to make sure that Nicole is dethroned and they will vote out Frankie. Caleb doesn;t seem to be worried that Frankie might win POV. Perhaps this is part of the TA challenge. Hope so becuase it would mean Donny and Nicole are safe.

      • Comments (401)

        As Christine’s nominations? I didn’t get that as the conversation is with Nicole. That would mean Christine was going to put up Frankie?

      • Comments (401)

        Re-listening, Derrick just told Nicole “that’s why you need to stay HOH.” His idea is for her to put up Christine if she has the guts (probably not)!if Frankie takes himself off.

  53. Comments (528)

    When Nicole laughs it sounds like she’s crying. It throws me off every time.

  54. Comments (95)

    Regardless of what they decide to do at this point, I have to give props to Donny for totally killing it in the POV! I was so excited, I was sitting on my couch cheering him on. He didn’t deserve to be nominated. Now, if they’d get Christine the hell outta there! She is a total trouble maker, followed by Frankie. I did like him..alot at first. But he’s showing what he’s really like and I don’t like it anymore!

    • Comments (332)

      Christine is going, the BOB will be thrown in Nicole’s favor and she will put up Christine if the POV is used. So Frankie needs to be there, I expect her to nominate Frankie and someone and then take them off and put up Christine. That is the power move.

  55. Comments (27)

    I hate this double HOH with the HOH having to pick nominees partially based on who someone else is putting up and based on whether they need to stay HOH or not. This is taking away from true BB game play that made this show the initial success it was and continued to be. All these gimmicks – the robot, etc. Hate them all.

  56. Comments (27)

    Is Donny OKay today?

  57. Comments (152)

    Oh was sweet justice if Nicole could BD Christine. That would almost restore my faith in this show! lol . Let’s see if either of them are bold enough to make any kind of power move this week. It could possibly backfire but atlease some one is going out swinging and not just laying down and giving up. What happened to fighting to stay in the house? What happened to getting a little blood on your hands for the sake of $$$?
    COME ON! We need some good back door, down and dirty, playing. Well, okay, maybe not dirty, but you have to get a little dirty to make bold moves!

  58. Comments (18)



    • Comments (37)


      Take a couple of pills. It is just a stupid game that is at least 75% rigged. Smoke a fatty and relax. Everything will be OK!

  59. Comments (266)

    I have not been hearing any deals this season like, “I’ll keep you safe for a week if…” Or “if you don’t put me up, I’ll keep you safe…”

    Where’s this type of talk? Nicole needs to take advantage of this… She is on her own and needs any deals she can get.

  60. Comments (832)

    During BBAD last night, Nicole & Christine made an agreement to not backdoor each other this week. Does anyone think either of them will keep that agreement?

  61. Comments (37)

    I would still take Christine over Victoria any day. Christine clearly knows how to work the pole and has proven she is a whore. I would rather have a dirty whore then a fake princess who is afraid to get dirty. I like my girls stinky musky and dirty

  62. Comments (37)

    Christine is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen! I love her laugh and love her smile. She melts my heart. So many hateful comments about her big nose. I love a girl who can smell my ass as she licks my balls. She is perfect and does not need batteries! She is also a willing slut and those are the best kind. I bet she get passed around at her husbands poker parties and never misses a drop

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