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Big Brother 16 – PoV Results, Zankie Reunited


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A little late on the update, but watched the last few episodes of S3 Game of Thrones.  Wow. I know it’s old news to many of you, but the ending to that season was a shocker.  I’m sure you understand why I kept watching it.  Season 4 next, but I need a few days to recover from that madness.

Madness is the perfect segue into what is going on in the Big Brother house this week. I come back from GoT, turn on my feeds and I see Zach and Frankie in the pantry talking about being back in the bomb squad again and hugging.  Like an old married couple, they fought, but now I guess it’s make-up time. I wonder if Christine should let them use the HoH room tonight for some wild make-up sex.

More on that later, but for now, you’re looking for veto results…..

It was the OTEV competition and the person who won it means the entire team Zankie is safe this week.  Yup, Zach won the veto (and Frankie safe from BoB).  This means Christine has a tough decision ahead of her. Who to put up against Donny.  Should she target Donny, or put someone up who will go home before him.  With the BoB competition going this late into the season, here are her options with early possibilities (without hearing any Christine conversations yet)..

Cody – The crush.
Chance to go up, but I believe she’ll ride her alliance a little longer and also keep him around to play with his hair more. (5% chance)

Victoria – The easy pick.
Much like Jocasta, Victoria is always around for an easy nomination.  Someone who has been up so many times, her revenge list is too long to worry about (78% chance)

Nicole – The friend.
They promised each other not to backdoor one another should this situation unfold, however Nicole was tossing around the idea of giving Christine the ole backdoor. I have a feeling word will get back to her (if it hasn’t already – I’ve literally been away from my computer most of the day), and Nicole will suddenly become a major target. (97% chance if Christine hears about Nicole’s plan and is feeling spiteful. 7% chance if Christine is going to let someone else get Nicole out so she’ll have a jury vote)

Derrick – The mastermind.
In her alliances, smooth talker. No real reason to put him up (3% chance)

There you have it. It should be either Victoria if Christine plays it safe, or Nicole if she wants to send a message.  I have a strong feeling the guys are going to talk her into putting up Nicole, but I’ll know better after watching/listening to some conversations.

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  1. Comments (120)

    Derrick is going to go to bat for Victoria. Frankie was thinking about saving Donny, but Derrick was able to convince him it’s better for all of their games to keep Victoria. Frankie agreed, so most likely Donny is going home.

    • Comments (1)

      Frankie is still a liar him and Christine I think Derrick and Cody are still the power players I am disappointed BB handed the BoB to FrankieVERY DISSAPOINTED they are minipulating this game

  2. Comments (1288)

    Sending Nicole out now would put her in competition with Hayden for any return spot. If they let her hang around she could still be there if Hayden wins the back-in chance.

  3. Comments (1)

    dont put up nicole she going all the way

  4. Comments (1288)

    Wacky Zach is back. He is repeating the “come clean speech” that he had with Nicole to Victoria and said he plans on giving the same info to Donny. Laying out all his alliances. He pointed out he was in two different alliances that included Derrick. Derrick has repeatedly told Victoria he only talks game with her. Can her miniscule suckerfish brain realize she has been played by Derrick? No, she still trusts him.

    • Comments (1288)

      FINALLY! Victoria has had a come to Jesus moment and is in tears over Derrick’s blatant lies.

      • Comments (120)

        It was smart of Nicole to tell Victoria to let Derrick protect her this week. She should just let him take care of her, then next week IF she wins HOH, target him.

      • Comments (1288)

        But then Nicole turned right around and told Cody that Zach had told her everything. Does that girl’s mouth have an off swithc?

      • Comments (120)

        For being a superfan, I would have thought she would know when, and when not to, talk.

      • Comments (1288)

        And just after telling Cody everything she complains that people in the house don’t know how to keep their mouths shut. I’d like to throw a pot and a kettle at her.

      • Comments (120)

        She will end up taking the fall for it. Zach told Victoria to tell Derrick (if he asks about it) that Nicole was the one who told her. It’ll make Nicole look in the wrong, and she’ll be the main target (she already is, so it won’t matter much).

      • Comments (644)

        Nicole is too naïve. She should have stayed quiet and not talk to Cody.

      • Comments (11)

        I agree with you Consuela. And Victoria’s 2nd target should be Frankie. That would really be a power play and rattle the house to it’s rafters!

        Let’s all cheer for Victoria becoming HOH next week.

      • Comments (120)

        I am so hoping it’s an endurance or luck comp, so she would have a chance at winning. It would be so crazy for her to be the one to end up evicting Derrick. OH ESPECIALLY IF IT WAS A TIE VOTE (but that would have to be in 2 weeks). I feel like if it were Derrick vs. Cody, it would be similar to Eric vs. Maggie in BB6. It would be great.

      • Comments (1)

        I’m worried that Derrick will be able to smooth talk his way back into her good books… she is easily manipulated and she has nobody to turn to. That being said, if she has the guts to put up Derrick, I WILL NEVER AGAIN COMPLAIN ABOUT HER NOT MAKING BIG MOVES AND BEING IN IT TO WIN IT!

      • Comments (120)

        Derrick lost all of my respect. He was able to convince Victoria that all of this is HER fault, and that he won’t be able to trust her again.

      • Comments (1288)

        Genius move on his part, he has been grooming her since the beginning and that is paying off. Derrick is building quite the resume and if he wins he will be considered the best BB player of all time.

      • Comments (328)

        I just spat out my beloved latte in hysterical laughter! Dan, YOU are da man! I am Pentecostal but hubby Jewish so this was pretty freaking funny!

  5. Comments (875)

    Who ever gets HOH next time needs to put up 2 out of these 3 Derrick/Cody/Victoria. But I agree with Donny It would be hard to vote for any for these people to win BB, with the exception of Zack, or Nicole.

  6. Comments (14)

    i am really getting sick of Vickie whining and crying-she says she doesn’t talk about anyone and then we listen to her talking to Zack- I am getting tired of all of the-evidently Zack didn’t believe fakior so he told Vickie-mlk

  7. Comments (343)

    It’s embarrassing, to say the least. Zach and Caleb were HUNTING for Franky’s head — UNTIL HE TOLD THEM HE IS A MINOR CELEB WITH A FAMOUS SISTER. Now, both figuratively suck him — Caleb wanting to be near fame and money (and a possible country career. ha!) and the same thing for Zach. Usually, on these shows, anyone with an even moderate amount of fame and money gets voted out early — because they already have fame and money (or, in this case, a rich/famous sister who can hook you up). I wasn’t rooting for Derrick, but now I am. Because he has been bloodlessly running the show and deserves it, AND because Im sure he’s not into the Frankie suck-fest.

    • Comments (1288)

      Zach seems to want to throw in with Derrick/Cody/Victoria and Frankie is #1 on his hit list so I am not sure what the huhu is. He told Victoria everything Frankie had just said to him.

      • Comments (343)

        Point is — Zach and Caleb wanted his head on a pike UNTIL they were told about Frankie’s sister. Why does that change ANYTHING?

  8. Comments (1288)

    Oh it is getting tangled. Victoria explained to Zach she was betrayed by Derrick and Zach realized his monumental F-up in telling her. He tried to calm her and finally just went with telling her to blame Nicole as the one who clued her in.

    Which is fine except at about the same time Nicole was telling Cody about Zach telling Victoria and how upset Victoria is. All I can see is Gomez Addams laughing maniacally as he controlled the two model trains into one another.

    Zach will probably abandon his plans on coming clean to Donny but the information should get to Donny though Nicole or Victoria.

  9. Comments (692)

    I just wish the dual HOH CRAP had ended last week. It is so ridiculous!! it has done nothing to make this game any better, as a matter of fact it’s made it hard to watch.

  10. Comments (487)

    Derrick is showing what great liars and manipulators a police officer can be. Derrick has played everyone in the house including the once biggest liar Frankie. Now Derrick and Frankie are targeting Nicole because she is such a threat. The threat is that she wins HOH again and puts one of them out the house. The one thing I don’t like about BB is he way that everyone thinks its okay to go after another HG’s character because it’s a game. It may be a game but it’s a game where honesty and truth don’t count. Look at what’s happened to Amber, Jocasta and Hayden. Next season BB should only cast Liars, cheats and people who will demean another for fun. And advertise it as the show where the biggest liar wins.

  11. Comments (45)

    At this point I’m so ready for Frankie, Zach, and Christine to go home. Donny’s my favourite but looks like he will be going home. I like Nicole but wish she would get a clue, instead of complaining how someone has hurt her feelings and then she’s best friends with them again and telling everything. At this point I’m probably rooting for Victoria. Who would have thought?

    • Comments (487)

      Victoria is this year’s Elissa. If this girl makes final two, she’s wins.

      • Comments (1092)

        It depends on the nature of the jury.

        If you are a true fan of the game, and someone like Derrick this year goes to the final two with a floating Victoria, then out of respect of his gameplay, and to be able to manipulate so many from week one, then he should be voted to win.

        Even Hayden, who was completely blindsided on Jocasta’s eviction, and had that “we just lost the game ” look on his face when he looked at Donny, would vote for the mastermind.

        How could anyone possibly vote for Victoria who has done nothing all season except making sure the mirrors are working properly ?

      • Comments (644)

        There’s no way you can compare Victoria to Elissa. Elissa played the game and she even won the OTEV competition. I’d like to see Victoria winning that one. Victoria was the only person who couldn’t complete the competition with the super heroes in the 35 minutes given. Everyone else did with a lot of time to spare.

  12. Comments (1092)


    Out of everyone left, Cody, Victoria, Caleb, and Zach have played the weakest steategic games. Cody has floated, being Derrick’s yes man. Same for Caleb, and Victoria. Zach has been confrontational, has a little game, but doesn’t control the game.

    Nicole and Donny are a tier better, as they have tried, but a little late, not enough numbers, and are just too gullable.

    That leaves Derrick, Christine, and Frankie as the three most deserving to win at this point based on game.

    Curious when some real ugly caniving backstabbing game turns this upside down and inside out.

  13. Comments (2)

    WHY would anyone want Victoria to win the next HOH? She has done absolutely nothing this entire competition! She can’t even finish competitions that every other player finishes without timing out. She is the worst competitor. I think she needs to go. She is the biggest floater I have ever seen and looks like a lost puppy dog most if the time.

  14. Comments (2)

    I love Zankie!!!

  15. Comments (92)

    I think Frankie’s and Zach’s friendship is beautiful. Alas this couls be the final day’s of my Princess Victoria. Christine is to smart and needs both sides. She, along with Frankie and Zach are playing the best games. I see Frankie and Zach in the final two with Frankie not only winning the 500k, but America’s favorie player.

  16. Comments (492)

    No, I need Zach to win. Frankie needs to go. Thank you.

    • Comments (1092)

      Hi mom, when you say you need Zach to win, and your affection for him on other threads, I am just curious:

      Are you his real life mother, or just infatuated with him ?

      Thanks in advance, mom & have a good day.

      • Comments (1276)

        Thanks dmc, I just brought this up on today’s posts. I’ve been biting my tounge for days about this, I try not to feed into this type of thing. But it’s pretty obvious that there is something up. Plus the fact that there don’t seem to be responses to these types of questions. Anything against Zach seems to get a pretty quick response, but to this… nothing…

      • Comments (1092)

        Right. Not even a denial.

        Trying to win support for the Favorite Player prize.

  17. Comments (19)

    I wish someone would call out Christine already… horrible player

    • Comments (92)

      Christine is playing a great game and she is one hot player. Donny the traitor needs to go. He is a horrible player and is clueless as to what is going on.

      • Comments (1288)

        Wow, not a word about your suckerfish squeeze Vicboria. She has firmly reattached herself to Derricks backside is again moving forward in the game.

      • Comments (61)

        Bill is just a troll. Nothing he says has any speck of logic, just being a contrarian. No wonder he loves Victoria, they’re cut from the same dumb cloth.

      • Comments (1288)

        Oh I know, never feed a troll. But poking one with a stick can be fun.

  18. Comments (1799)

    The double HoH is now doing what the wanted The POV has become so important and you are starting to force alliances to feed on each other Who will be used as a pawn You win BoB your safe for the week This has also given the producers more power They can easily effect the game by what type of compatiton they play As they play As they did when they knew Caleb was going to lay down The game was changed to give Frankie a better chance to win To his credit he came thru Now Head of House are being painted into a corner with who is left to be nominated

  19. Comments (7)

    I found it too funny that Frankie feels his revelation has made this BB season so amazing. Who cares! I cant take Victoria anymore. So naive, gullible and clueless. Stop crying and play girl play

    • Comments (383)

      I’m with you on that one. I hope he honestly IS building schools in Africa, but come one, using your sister’s fame and the big speech about doing it all for charity, and btw I’m super famous on Youtube, just rings hollow. I’m big on charity and firmly believe in sharing my wealth with those who need help. But I don’t tell the world about it and expect to be worshipped for it.

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